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Smilies are a combination of keystrokes that are typed in the body of a message and are converted to the corresponding image when you complete your post. For simple smilies, use the standard universal symbols.
:) = :( = :D = ;) = :p =
For more complex smilies, use the Smiley Code. These begin with a semicolon (;) and end with a two-digit number (01 - 70).
;01 = Smiley Code=;01 ;07 = Smiley Code=;07 ;68 = Smiley Code=;68
You can find the Smiley Code for each smiley by hovering your mouse cursor over the images below. If your browser doesn't support tooltips, you will have to count manually. They are numbered from left to right.
Smiley Code=;01   Smiley Code=;02   Smiley Code=;03   Smiley Code=;04   Smiley Code=;05   Smiley Code=;06   Smiley Code=;07   Smiley Code=;08   Smiley Code=;09   Smiley Code=;10
Smiley Code=;11   Smiley Code=;12   Smiley Code=;13   Smiley Code=;14   Smiley Code=;15   Smiley Code=;16   Smiley Code=;17   Smiley Code=;18   Smiley Code=;19   Smiley Code=;20
Smiley Code=;21   Smiley Code=;22   Smiley Code=;23   Smiley Code=;24   Smiley Code=;25   Smiley Code=;26   Smiley Code=;27   Smiley Code=;28   Smiley Code=;29   Smiley Code=;30
Smiley Code=;31   Smiley Code=;32   Smiley Code=;33   Smiley Code=;34   Smiley Code=;35   Smiley Code=;36   Smiley Code=;37   Smiley Code=;38   Smiley Code=;39   Smiley Code=;40
Smiley Code=;41   Smiley Code=;42   Smiley Code=;43   Smiley Code=;44   Smiley Code=;45   Smiley Code=;46   Smiley Code=;47   Smiley Code=;48   Smiley Code=;49   Smiley Code=;50
Smiley Code=;51   Smiley Code=;52   Smiley Code=;53   Smiley Code=;54   Smiley Code=;55   Smiley Code=;56   Smiley Code=;57   Smiley Code=;58   Smiley Code=;59   Smiley Code=;60
Smiley Code=;61   Smiley Code=;62   Smiley Code=;63   Smiley Code=;64   Smiley Code=;65   Smiley Code=;66   Smiley Code=;67   Smiley Code=;68   Smiley Code=;69   Smiley Code=;70
When posting, the icons above are used for selecting a message icon. However, the tooltips are available as a reference for Smiley Codes.

Important!  If you don't want to bother with typing the Smiley Code manually, simply click on the smiley you want, and the code will appear in the body of your message.

- The filename has nothing to do with the Smiley Code. For example, the Smiley Code for Smiley Code=;69 is ;69, but the filename is icon22.gif.
- There is a limit of 8 smilies per message.
- You may disable smilies in any post you are making by checking the "Disable Smilies" box on each post page.

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