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Difficulty & Obscurity
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Novice Questions
General Questions
  - Did Shadowfax leave Middle Earth with Gandalf?
  - Invisibility and the Ring.
  - Is Sam the main character in The Lord of the Rings?
  - Did Gimli really leave Middle Earth with Legolas?
  - What really happened to the Entwives?
  - Were Ents plant or animal?
  - Who killed the Witch-King - Eowyn or Merry?
  - What happened to the other two Istari?
  - What was the 'Secret Fire' that Gandalf said he served?
  - Why was Gandalf more powerful after his battle with the Balrog?
Advanced Questions
  - Did Balrogs have wings?
  - Who / what is Tom Bombadil?
  - Did the Nazgul wear their rings?
  - Was Gollum a Hobbit?
  - Was the Balrog of Moria under Sauron's control?
  - What was the burgler symbol Gandalf scratches on Bilbo's door?
  - Do Hobbits share the Doom of Men?
  - What is the 'other side' Gandalf spoke of in Rivendell?
  - What was the black building material used by the Men of Numenor?
  - What happened to all the non-human creatures after the Third Age?
  - Where did Hobbits originate?
  - Why were the Rings of Power created?
  - What was Saruman's ring?
  - How did the monetary system work in Middle Earth?
  - Why couldn't Gandalf or Elrond sense that Bilbo possessed the One Ring?
  - How could the Witch-King have been a great sorcerer?
Complex Issues
  - Was there organized religion in Middle Earth?
  - How much was Tolkien's work influenced by his religious ideas?
  - Was Tolkien a racist?

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