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There has never been advertisement of any sort at Minas Tirith. I have taken on the burden of creating and upkeeping Minas Tirith, and with that comes the financial burden. I have accepted this, even as the costs have steadily increased, since my motive and desire hasn't changed since the beginning. I have always wanted to belong to a place where people could come together for in-depth Tolkien discussion without being bothered by advertisements or other distractions.

Since I couldn't find a place like that, I decided to create it myself.

Since many citizens feel the same way and have expressed interest in helping out, I have decided to make a donation service available through Paypal.

There is no requirement that any citizen has to donate to remain a full citizen. There is also no bonus or free gift for making a donation. Perhaps in the future there will be some material incentive to support Minas Tirith. Until then, the fact the Minas Tirith continues to exist will have to be enough!

The money will go directly into paying the bills of Minas Tirith. This means webserver space, domain registration fees for and, and my own internet access fees.

If enough money is given, I could spend the surplus toward upgrading the message board software, increasing webserver space, or even purchasing Tolkien items for use in contests! Perhaps we may even have our own t-shirt someday like TheOneRing.Net!!

Any amount will be gladly accepted. There may occasionally be a pledge drive if funds are running dangerously low. Every month there are always more bills to pay. Feel free to donate more if you come into an inheritance or win the lottery or something! ;)

Be aware that Paypal takes 2.9% + 30 cents of your donation. Here's a breakdown of what Minas Tirith gets to keep.

$ 1.00$ 0.33$ 0.67
$ 15.00$ 0.74$ 14.26
$ 50.00$ 1.75$ 48.25
$1000.00$ 29.30$ 970.70

Paypal NEVER charges YOU anything for making a donation. Again, the fee is taken out of what Minas Tirith keeps.

If you have read and understand everything above, click the Paypal logo below to make a donation. If you don't have a Paypal account, you will be asked to set one up. Don't worry, it's free and comes in handy when buying things online, especially on Ebay.

When filling out the form at PayPal, you will be asked to leave an optional note. Please make sure to include your Minas Tirith username so I can add it to the Roll of Honor. It would save me some trouble if you also included your Citizen #.

Roll of Honor
Thanks for helping to support Minas Tirith.

White Gold Wielder

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