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~ Minas Tirith Gear is t-shirts and hoodies offered to citizens at near-cost to promote civic pride. Since the goal of Minas Tirith is not profit, these items are being sold at as close to my cost as possible.

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• Order Form •
Please save this form, fill it out and include it with your order - either by mail or email.

• Item Descriptions •

• Ordering Instructions •

• Shipping Charges •
Shipping costs are as follows: USA: $ 5 / International: $10 / Charges are a flat rate up to 5 items Note: For multiple hoodies, each must be counted as 5 items. When mixing with t-shirts, hoodies must be counted as 3 items. (Examples: In the USA, 6 t-shirts = $10, 2 Hoodies = $10, 1 Hoodie + 2 t-shirts = $5)

• Payment Methods •
As stated on the order form, I can only accept payments of Paypal, Money Orders, and Cash - no checks or credit cards. If you Paypal it, be sure to email me your order form and, if possible, use the same email address as your Paypal account so itís easier for me to track. If you send a Money Order (Postal, Western Union, or otherwise), be sure to leave the "Pay To" field blank. Itís quite hard to cash a money order when itís made out to White Gold Wielder. When mailing cash, just take the precaution of wrapping it in a printed piece of paper and it should get to me fine. Lastly, when mailing me anything, be sure to put a clear return address in case I need to send something back to you (like an un-cash-able money order).

I hope you all appreciate the difference in buying MT Gear when compared to some other online places. I am handling each order personally, which allows custom sizes, delivery instructions, etc. It also means that I need to wait for a bunch of orders before I put in a job to the printer. It would take me thousands of dollars to order bunches of shirts, hoodies, etc. in a variety of sizes if I wanted them ready-to-ship when your order comes in. I canít even afford to order 50 XL t-shirts, since it would run over $500, even at wholesale! I ask that everyone be patient after ordering. I may have to wait a week or even two weeks until I get enough orders to make a printing job cost effective. Then, although I have been told that I can expect a quick turn-around from the printer, a week before I get the items would be standard wait. Then, I need to package and ship each order, which could take a day or two at the least. Add a few days for shipping, and a month seems to be a reasonable wait to get your stuff. You may luck out and place your order right before I call the printer, but this will only save you a maximum of two weeks wait. Iím going to try to keep everyone posted as to current printing job ETAs, but I wouldnít even think about asking about your order until a minimum of three weeks have passed. Better yet, donít ask.

Now, a word about detailed product specs. I donít have any at this time. I know everything is fairly heavy 100% cotton, so maybe a size bigger would be best if you have trouble keeping your stuff from baking in the dryer. For tall people, I would suggest getting a tall size since personal experience tells me that my shirts always shrink worse vertically and I end up looking like Baby Huey. The hoodie is the pullover kind with the big handwarmer pocket in front. The baby doll tee will be your basic ribbed material kind with a crew neck. If youíve never worn a hoodie or baby doll tee before, I would suggest ordering a t-shirt since I donít want you hating it and shipping it back to me. As far as sizes go, they are all standard American sizes. As an American, I donít have to worry about how different the sizes are in India or wherever. It is easier for you to ask around in whatever country you are from about what size you take in ĎAmericaní. Maybe someone can find an official online conversion chart for clothing sizes. Until then, may I suggest an XL?

Washing instructions! To avoid shrinkage and wearing away of the pattern, always wash your shirt inside out in cold water on as gentle a cycle as possible. Drying should be on as low a setting as possible. Try hanging it out on your shower curtain rod overnight if you are really paranoid about shrinking (just dust off the rod first). I have been told that using a good amount of care in washing, your clothing should still look good in a year if you wear it a often and wash it once per week. Mine has shown a minimal amount of wear and shrinkage, but it has gotten baked a few times in the dryer by accident.

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