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Posted by The Cheat (Citizen # 3042) on :
Does anyone play Warhammer or the Games Workshop LOTR game?
Posted by Nenya, the Ring of Water (Citizen # 2780) on :
I play Wood Elves in Warhammer. Does anybody play Warhammer 40,000?
Posted by Cadet Orange (Citizen # 3100) on :
40k: Ultramarines, IG, soon DEMON HUNTERS
Posted by Sauron- lord of the ring (Citizen # 3090) on :
i have just bought the two towers boxset and i am currently reading the rule book.

i collect dark elves for warhammer and dark elder for 40k.
Posted by Meneldil (Citizen # 417) on :
Try Here
Posted by Arador (Citizen # 3140) on :
I do collect lotr boxed game and would some one tell me why the Balrog of Moria is better than Sauron himself!!!!!!!!
Posted by Nash Balrog (Citizen # 2903) on :
I play WH40K, Dark Angels or Praedicators (my own Space-Marines chapter)

The only set from the LotR game I have is the 'Gandalf vs.the Balrog' box which I used to create a diorama based on the fight in Moria.

There's one thing that changes from the usual representation of it: I couldn't manage to create a 'bottomless pit' thus decided on making the fight having place above a lake of lava... I used a self painted and texturized glass to do the lava) and put a bulb [] under it... Now I've got a self-made 'LotR Lamp' []

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Posted by Radagast the Istari (Citizen # 3200) on :
Im thinking of starting to collect is there such thing as a 'beginners sunday' at games workshop
Posted by Carnelamoth (Citizen # 3417) on :
I play High Elves in Warhammer (somewhere between 2000-3000 pts.) and LOTR. I'm also starting Demon Hunters in 40k. I just have a squad of Grey Knight Space Marines, the codex, and a squad of Grey Knight Terminators (which I won in a Grey Knight painting competition at a GW store). I also think that the Balrog being able to school Sauron that easily is very absurd.

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Posted by Ankh (Citizen # 4175) on :
I play, Im currently painting up my first army..which happens to be high elves! []
Posted by Tar-Minastir (Citizen # 4001) on :
I play the LOTR game, though I have no one to play it with yet. I have been concentrating on getting my miniatures assembled and painted. So far they consist of 36 Warriors of Minas Tirith, and I am hoping to get a captain and standard bearer for them soon.
Also, a Games Workshop store just opened in my local amll, which is a huge help. Eventually I hope expand this force to include some of the mounted Knights of MT.

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Posted by Uriel (Citizen # 4034) on :
I play warhammer 40k, I have, Ultramarines, blood angels, tau and choas space marines (Lots init)

I'm hoping to start an army of Minas Tirith when I have the money, but most of it goes on converting models.
Posted by Crate (Citizen # 3930) on :
Just today I have finished building my Minas Tirith to make a Pelannor scene with. I built it on my own interpretation so its a bit different from the film version. It's about 3 foot high and took me a whole age of men to build but it is now finished. I only need to add a few finale paint details and I will be ready to put it onto my gaming board that is specially made for the Pelannor. It is a five foot square with mountains in one corner(I'm going to put the city there) and in the opposite corner I have part of Osgiliath. I am very proud of my achievments especially Osgiliath because that just looks brilliant, but when it is completely finished I shall post some pictures if anyone wants to see them. My army of Sauron is made up of orcs from the LoTRs game but mainly of the orcs from warhammer (As that was my army before the LoTRs game came out and is quite big), I don't have any Southrons or Easterlings yet so I am going to use soldiers of the Empire from warhammer. Does anyone know if you can buy the Mamukil yet? Or if not are they going to bring them out? If not I'll just have to buy some elephants from a toy shop and work on them or somthing. I don't need to worry about buying a Gronde because I have already made one out of wood from my back garden. I am going to use Knights of Britonnia for my Knights of Dol Amroth since they weren't in the film and I am working by the book. I am going to GW tomorrow to buy the Witchking and some more soldiers of Gondor and maybe some more Orcs. So once my scene is complete, I shall post some pictures on this thread if anyone wants to look at them.

Posted by Durthdil (Citizen # 3873) on :
I play Bretonia in WH, and I only paint the figures about TLOTR, does any of you know the collection "Mithril"?, it is from quite a long time ago, but they were really nice miniatures, too.

Edit: Crate, that sounds really good, why don't you hung some photos?

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Posted by Crate (Citizen # 3930) on :
Durthdil, can you explain what you mean by hung? If you mean like post some photos then I will once I have the scene of the battle done. Or I might set up a scene when the soldiers arive at Minas Tirith, like from Dol Amroth and the other places. I'm going to make up some before, during and after the battle scenes, then once it's finished I'll take some pictures and post them up. I managed to get to GW today and I bought 5 more boxes of Mordor Orcs, the 24 pack ones, 2 boxes of warriors of MT and the RoTK bowed set. I also went to another modelling shop where I get all my scenery from, and I have bought some more modling clay because I had ran out.

Does anyone know about the Mamukil? I really need to know.

Oh and I forgot to say in my other post I was given a model pirate ship for christmas so I am going to work on that and make it into a ship from Umbar. Give it black sails and such. It's a brilliant ship, the scale with my LoTRs models is different but not by much so I can get away with it.

Now I have to think of an army to use for the Corsairs themselves. Anyone got any ideas for them I would gladdly appreciate them. I did think about using the Dark Elves, but I think they are too neat for the Corsairs of Umbar. I am going to paint all my Empire soldiers faces dark brown so I can use them for the Haradrim (sp?).


Edit: GONDERVONDER, I guess from your post that you don't like wargames such as Warhammer or the LoTRs, but they're really not bad. I myself don't play them all the time because I prefer to just make scenes but I do have the ocasional battle and they are really fun. As for ruining the minds of youths, well before I found this type of gaming my mind was already ruined but thats just genetic, plus, it's not just youths minds they ruin! The people who play these games can age from around 11 maybe to about (well I have played a person this age before so I know) 73, it's a brilliant way to keep your mind active and it's a hobbie. What are your hobbies? That would be nice to know.

(Edit: GONDERVONDER has been removed from this thread. - WGW)
Posted by Durthdil (Citizen # 3873) on :
Yes, post, hang, whatever! I'm interested in making scenes, I am doing one that tries to recreate a big battle of the spanish civil war, I love this hobby.
Posted by Crate (Citizen # 3930) on :
That's cool, my friend’s dad and I made a big battle scene of Stalingrad, and it was mint. We made buildings out of shoe boxes (It was a good job his daughter bought a new pair of shoes like EVERY week or else we would still be making it now with insufficient shoe boxes!) and we used Tamiya models of the 1:35th scale for the soldiers and tanks and stuff. It was really cool we made it up in his loft/attic and it covered the whole floor! We had loads of different scenes around the city, like in one point we had a couple of guys fighting with there hands with one knife between them, and in another bit we had it being bombed by seven Stuka dive bombers. We hung them from the ceiling with bits of string on every tip so they didn't move much. I remember one of them had been hit by AA fire and its left wing was snapped off, the only reason for that is because his youngest son decided to throw it down the stairs and it smashed so we just added it into the scene. Another scene we had was like that off the film "Enemy at the Gates", I don't know if you have seen it or not, but there is a bit when the Soviet soldiers just charge up a street and they all get cut to pieces by German machine gun fire. We even made little puddles of blood with glass and red paint. For the smoke we just used cotton wool and spray painted it grey. If you want to make bullet holes in scenery, use a pin to gouge them into it, that way is cheaper than buying a proper drill for the job.

I don't know very much about the Spanish Civil War. I am studying the Soviet Union at the moment but once I have finished that I might buy some books about the SCW, and then who knows, I might make a SCW scene myself.

Posted by Tar-Minastir (Citizen # 4001) on :
Well, i'm new to this whole hobby, but I am enjoying it immensely so far, even with the little that I have done. Crate's description of his work has inspired me to go do bigger and better things, so i'm off to look for shoe boxes! []
Posted by Crate (Citizen # 3930) on :
Acctually shoe boxes don't just make Stalingrad, no, you can use them for MT aswell, that's what I did. A combination of shoe boxes, card board boxes, polistireen and a bit wood here and there makes up my MT and Osgilieth. I feel my day is complete knowing that I have inspired you into modeling.

Oh well that's it from me tonight, I got a lovely lady calling my name so I'm off to bed.

Nighty Night.

Posted by gamlingofrohan (Citizen # 4194) on :
does evry1 collect lotr warhammer
Posted by Durthdil (Citizen # 3873) on :
I think that warhammer is one game and the lord of the rings is another different
Posted by gamlingofrohan (Citizen # 4194) on :
i meant both does ny1 go to brent cross gw
Posted by Nolofinwë (Citizen # 4026) on :
Gamling, could you possibly change your name into spaces? I find it disturbing for some odd reason.
Posted by Tar-Minastir (Citizen # 4001) on :
ny1 go to brent cross gw
It took me so long to figure out what that said []
Posted by Nolofinwë (Citizen # 4026) on :
I still haven't figured what that that a bad thing?
Posted by Runya (Citizen # 4053) on :
I have no idea what that says either, so don't feel bad Nol!! []
Posted by Gil-galad (Citizen # 576) on :
I collect the High-Elves in Warhammer and the men of Rohan for lotr.
Posted by Carnelamoth (Citizen # 3417) on :
The Mumakil come out in the summer in Siege of Gondor with a lot of other stuff like engineer trolls, Guard of the Citadel, Gondorian Catapults, etc.
On another subject, I was re-arranging the sword on my King Aragorn model, and I lost it. I was thinking about buying another one and making it into Prince Imrahil of Dol Amroth. However, I don't know what exactly he looks like. Any URLs could help...
Posted by Durthdil (Citizen # 3873) on :
Carnelamoth, just make him look like in the way you want, I would use a figure with a horse, for example, and with a brilliant armor, but it's up to you!, that's the very best part of this!
Posted by Uriel (Citizen # 4034) on :
Has any one here been on they have a deal with games workshop to bring out replica weapons, They have "The Slayer of Kings" on salle now.
Posted by Carnelamoth (Citizen # 3417) on :
New stuff for the LOTR game!

Siege of Gondor
March 6th - Siege of Gondor book, Morannon Orcs
March 13th - Gondor "Battle Cry" Trebuchet, Orc Trackers, Citadel Guard
March 20th - Boromir of the White Tower, Gothmog
March 27th - Citadel of Gondor scenery, Beregond
April 3rd - Citadel Archers
April 10th - Mordor Catapult
May 1st - Gondorian Bolt Thrower, Mordor Siege Bow

Late ROTK models
May 29th - In The Cluthes of Shelob
July 24th - The Witch King on Fell Beast

Pellennor Fields
July 31st - Pelennor Fields campaign book, The Mûmakil, Haradrim Infantry box set, Forces of Good box army, Forces of Evil box army
August 7th - Prince Imrahil, Knight of Dol Amroth
August 14th - Forces of Good battalion, Forces of Evil battalion
August 21st - Knights of Dol Amroth on foot
September 4th - Halbarad, Rangers of the North
September 11th - Khamul, Morgul Knights, Morgul Knights on foot
September 25th - Axemen of Lossarnach, Forlong the fat

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Posted by Tar-Minastir (Citizen # 4001) on :
Haradrim Infantry Box Set! WOOT!

All the Siege of Gondor stuff sounds great too.
Posted by Carnelamoth (Citizen # 3417) on :
For some new pics, go here:

I'ts a German site, but you can tell what the models are. There's new 40k stuff there and there used to be Warhammer previews which were taken down from the site at the wishes of Games Workshop.

BTW, I'm going to enter a Aragorn painting competition at Games Workshop tomorrow [] I've got a good chance at winning too...
Posted by Tar-Minastir (Citizen # 4001) on :
I don't think very highly of my painting ablities as yet, so I would never show my face around a competition []
Posted by Carnelamoth (Citizen # 3417) on :
They changed the competition to "Mounted Hero" instead of "Aragorn," so I brought my (very well painted, I don't mean to brag) Glorfindel. I lost to some middle aged Korean guy whose Aragorn in my opinion, was NOTHING compared to my Glorfindel. This has been like, the third time I lost a painting competition when I should have won.

Two weeks earlier, I brought in a Prince Tyrion (a High Elf character in Warhammer) for their mounted Warhammer hero competition three hours late (the management changed earlier that week and I had no idea about the schedule change) and they said I would have won. The irony is that the person that did win painted a Dark Elf. I am seriously getting fed up with them... []

BTW, I might post some pics later if I feel so inclined...

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Posted by Tar-Minastir (Citizen # 4001) on :
I'm painting up a Captain of Minas Tirith and the accompanying standard bearer at the moment, but no word yet on how either will turn out. THey're the first metal models i've painted, since all i've done before this is my first batch of 36 Warriors of Minas Tirith. Which weren't so bad, except the ones my little brother painted...
Posted by Carnelamoth (Citizen # 3417) on :
Here's Tyrion:


and Glorfindel:


and Glorfindel's front:


notice the golden flowers I put on the base (if you've read the Silm you know what I'm talking about [] )

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Posted by Uriel (Citizen # 4034) on :
Dude, how do you paint so well, what is your secret???????????????
I have been painting for over 4 years and i can only do very basic stuff
Posted by Carnelamoth (Citizen # 3417) on :
Heh heh...thanks...heh heh *blushes* I've only been painting for two years... []

I guess all that you have to do to paint well is spend time and don't settle for less.
Posted by Tar-Minastir (Citizen # 4001) on :
What i'm impressed with is all the shading on Glorfindel's horse-that must've taken time!

P.S.-do you use inks? I haven't gotten into using those yet.

P.S.S-I can't do highlights either. Will try on next model...

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Posted by Carnelamoth (Citizen # 3417) on :
I use inks, as they are ver helpful, but now no as often. Inks aren't very good if you're painting white stuff, but it works very well on metals and jems. The "judges" at the competition said the horse was too unrealistic and drybrushed. I, personally, think horses should look grainy (lots of tiny hairs). I guess they only like plain boring stuff...

Here's a pic of Glorfindel's left:


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Posted by Tar-Minastir (Citizen # 4001) on :
I was just reading an online article about how to paint Warriors of Minas Tirith. It was (seemingly) simple enough, and it looked great, but it used such a wide range of paints of materials that it'd break the bank just trying to get all the stuff needed.

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Posted by Carnelamoth (Citizen # 3417) on :
The only colors I would need to paint a warrior of Minas Tirith would be black, white, gold, silver, and a dark and light flesh tone. You can afford six paints, right?
Posted by King Eruanno (Citizen # 4325) on :
They are $3.50 each, but you can buy a box of paints with figures for $20.00
Posted by Tar-Minastir (Citizen # 4001) on :
Well, I use black, chainmail, dwarf flesh, white, gold, and brown to paint Warriors of MT. This guy was using way more than six paints. They don't look like perfect works of art when they're done the way I have been painting them, but they still look perfectly serviceable.

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Posted by Crate (Citizen # 3930) on :
The "judges" at the competition said the horse was to unrealistic
If that horse doesn't look realistic then I am the mother of the Pope! It isn't perfect but it is more realistic than any horse I have ever painted! I think those judges must have something against you!

Keep up the good paint work []

Posted by Tar-Minastir (Citizen # 4001) on :
Crate? Carnelamoth? Anybody?
I am alone!
Posted by Uriel (Citizen # 4034) on :
yay, I'm starting an army of minas tirith, I have my first model that I bought in nottingham at warhammer world [] [] []
Posted by Carnelamoth (Citizen # 3417) on :
Gandalf: Tar-Minastir stands alone.

Carnelamoth: No. Not alone. Eorlingas, to Tar-Minastir!!!! *insert trumphant music*

I come back to you now, at the turn of the tide... [] []

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Posted by Carnelamoth (Citizen # 3417) on :
(sorry for double-posting) I've made a new mounted High Elf Lord (for Warahammer), and I would like to know what any of you think of the following color schemes:

a.Mainly white with gold and silver for the "heavenly" look

b.Red (armor), white (robes), and gold (scale mail armor) for army coherence

Also, what color should I paint the horse?

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Posted by -Laurelin- (Citizen # 3717) on :
[] Thumbs up to your Glorfindel, wonderful job!

IMO - I like when most of the details are straight out of the book! (As much as possible)!

But I put no brake on your crafty hands!
Posted by Carnelamoth (Citizen # 3417) on :
Thanks Laurelin! [] But I really need some voice of opinion on my new color scheme! []
Posted by Tar-Minastir (Citizen # 4001) on :
Perhaps a pic would help us decide, Carnelamoth

Edit: Well, actually, that doens't make a whole lot of sense if you're trying to decide how to paint it in the first place. Never mind.

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Posted by Carnelamoth (Citizen # 3417) on :
I decided to be hasty so I went with "a". I'll post a pic when I finish.
Posted by Tar-Minastir (Citizen # 4001) on :
Well, i've just done some touch-up work on my Captain of the White Tower and the accompanying standard bearer. They look quite good, but faces still baffle me.
Posted by Carnelamoth (Citizen # 3417) on :
I was thinking about making a painting website in the summer. Should I do it?
Posted by Tar-Minastir (Citizen # 4001) on :
Yes, if it will give me good advice on painting, which is what I need
Posted by Carnelamoth (Citizen # 3417) on :
I actually started making one last summer, but I got lazy... [] []
Posted by Éomer (Citizen # 2824) on :
I'm still not sure if I want to get into Warhammer. It looks and sounds intriguing (especially the Bretonnians), but I don't really know much about how the game itself works. Anyone want to enlighten me? []
Posted by Carnelamoth (Citizen # 3417) on :
My pleasure, Éomer!

Warhammer (also the LOTR and Warhammer 40,000) is a strategy battle game using miniatures and their stats to fight amongst themselves. You generally have two armies (but you can have more) per battle. Each model has its own point value and is organized into a unit. A normal guy would probably be about 10 points and an army generally is 2000 points.
In the game, models move in inches (but they also have a cm conversion) and take and inflict wounds based on the roll of a die. What they role on the die may depend on the WS (weapon skill) which may make the role to wound on a 4 or higher. There are many factors in the game like psychology, magic, more stats (leadership, initiative, strength, toughness, movement, and ballistic skill), and many more.

On the other hand, you could just collect and paint the models, which many people do. It is a pretty expensive hobby, but it's really fun. You also would have to find other players in your area or have one of your friends start with you.

For more information, you can visit:

Wow... I sound like I work there or something... []

Hope that helped! []

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Posted by Erlendil (Citizen # 4391) on :
For your colour scheme Carnelamoth: I would have used light brown for your little steed! Nice with red and grey instead of white maybe...
Posted by Carnelamoth (Citizen # 3417) on :
I could always change it if I really wanted to...
Posted by Éomer (Citizen # 2824) on :
Thanks Carnelamoth, that explains it all pretty well. I don't really have any friends around here who might be into it, but my local gaming store has a ton of Warhammer-playing customers (as well as employees) and thus a ton of Warhammer supplies (half their store is nothing but Warhammer and Warhammer-related games [] ). Maybe I'll stop by there on one night they're playing and see how it's done.

However, I am terrible when it comes to painting of any kind. So I don't know how I'd do in that area... []
Posted by Necromononoke (Citizen # 1385) on :
I used to be a Huge warhammer fan, got too costly too fast though []
Posted by Tar-Minastir (Citizen # 4001) on :
I'm having to space out my purchases quite a bit due to budgetary contraints-Paint supply is where the real cost is.
Posted by Carnelamoth (Citizen # 3417) on :
Actually, you can get pretty good quality paints (acrylic) at most art stores in small plastic tubes. They usually have 2-3 times more paint than the Games-Workshop paints at 200% lower price. Same for brushes.
Posted by lorgamer1 (Citizen # 4525) on :
I play Wood Elves for Warhammer and Chaos space marines for 40k. Many of my models are not painted nearly as wel as carnelamoth but I have a lot of them. I was also wondering what does somebody think is a good color scheme for wood elves. I can't seem to find the right one.
Posted by The Mouth of Sauron (Citizen # 4533) on :
I have: Warhammer 40k-Chaos Space marines about 200 pts
Lotr mixed army
Good: 2000 pts+
Evil: 3000 pts +
Posted by Carnelamoth (Citizen # 3417) on :
I've got a few of friends that play wood elves, and the color scheme I'd go with (if I had wood elves) would be primarily green, black, and brown. You could, however, try a brown-grey with black like the wood elves in LOTR movie. Wood elves are pretty limited to color schemes, when you note all the leaf patterns. One more color scheme could be autumn colors like red, brown, yellow-gold, and orange. I'm just a little bit objective to yellow, seeing as it is very bright and not ideal for camouflage.
Posted by Carnelamoth (Citizen # 3417) on :
(sorry, double post)

Behold! Prince Imrahil and the Knights of Dol Amroth! [] [] []

Posted by Tar-Minastir (Citizen # 4001) on :
Mmmm. Goodness.

Games Workshop is doing a good job of releasing stuff that wasn't in the movie, so we have to give them credit.

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Posted by The Mouth of Sauron (Citizen # 4533) on :
July 29th for the Mounted Witch King¬¬, I just got more men of Gondor and a fell neast. The Troll Cheif better come out soon or I could make one.
Posted by Carnelamoth (Citizen # 3417) on :
See my second post on page 2...
Posted by Erufailar (Citizen # 3417) on :
(double-post, sorry) Wow, it has been a long time since I last posted here...

Storm of Chaos (world-wide Warhammer campaign) has begun (I think...)!

The chaotic forces of Archaon attack the Empire in the Old World! Armies flock to the banners on both sides. Whose side are you on?

(I play the High Elf Sea Patrol) You can download the rules for your armies for free at

In LOTR, the Mumakil and haradrim (including assassins and cavalry) are coming out. And also...the DUNEDAIN RANGERS!!!!! Look at on the LOTR sneak previews! []
Posted by The Mouth of Sauron (Citizen # 4533) on :
Aragron the King, non-mounted is coming out the same with Gothmog!!!!!!
Posted by Mavis (Citizen # 4652) on :
I'm a huge fan of the Clan Eshin rules for Skaven in the Storm of Chaos campaign. I don't like the Errantry War rules for Bretonnia however. Yeah, I'm a bit weird. In normal play my favorite armies are the height of chivalry and honor as well as teh bottomless pit of dirty tricks and backstabbing scum. I swear I have multiple personality junk going on here. []
Posted by Erufailar (Citizen # 3417) on :
YAY!!! The thread has returned!!! And, Mouth of Sauron, where did you hear that news?
Posted by Imrahil of Amroth (Citizen # 4809) on :
It's all on the GW site, you just have to look around in their news section and forums. I play tau in 40k and I have a huge LotR army, including a mûmak. Also, the troll chieftan comes out at the same time - this Christmas.

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Posted by Tar-Minastir (Citizen # 4001) on :
Yaha! I have Guards of the Fountain Court!

Now all I need is time to paint them...

By the by, does anybody have any tips as how I can get the helmets to really shine? They are mithril, after all, yet my spider senses tell me that just mithril silver layered over black certainly won't cut it. Some Tin Bitz in between the two may do it, but is there any way to make it even better than that?
Posted by Imrahil of Amroth (Citizen # 4809) on :
No idea. Guards of the fountain court are totally awesome, though. So are the Citadel guard and Knights of Dol Amroth. I flew into a rage at some guys who were making fun of the GotFC on the LotR movie pics thread. Check it out. (page 75 I think.)
Posted by Theoden King (Citizen # 4826) on :
I am debating whether to quit buying alltogether or just by a lot on ebay and some more riders

Imrahil check your pm's (how was the meet?)
Posted by Imrahil of Amroth (Citizen # 4809) on :
I got 22:33, I think.
The course was hard and really hot. The ground was so uneven in parts
it was like running through a corn field.
Posted by Mavis (Citizen # 4652) on :
just by a lot on ebay and some more riders
That is a good idea. My dad just started using ebay for non-LotR stuff a little while ago (a few months) and we have a whole cabinet of stuff from tons of armies, all painted and pretty darn cheap. Ebay is your friend.
Posted by Imrahil of Amroth (Citizen # 4809) on :
I can never find anything cheap that I really want enough to go through all the trouble to order and wait for.
Posted by Theoden King (Citizen # 4826) on :
sucks for you [] thats my favorite smiley
Posted by Imrahil of Amroth (Citizen # 4809) on :
[] [] [] [] [] [] []
Posted by Olson (Citizen # 4848) on :
I have 40 Imperial people and 1 tank. On the Lord of the Rings i have an elephant, 100 Uruks, 48 men of minas tirith, 48 orcs, 18 riders of rohan, 3 easterlings, 3 aragorns, 4 boromirs, the fellowship, Sauron, the witch king on a fell beast, and many others
Posted by Imrahil of Amroth (Citizen # 4809) on :
There are no elephants in LotR.
Use proper terminology. oliphaunt or mûmak .
Posted by Erufailar (Citizen # 3417) on :
I come back to you now at the turn of the tide...


Ok...Mouth of Sauron is coming soon...I saw a picture on the GW website

Scouring of the Shire is coming out Jan.-Feb. 2005
Battle of Five Armies is coming out (it's going to be in a warmaster/epic 40k style)
pics are up at

Oh...and about the fountain guard...if you want them to be REALLY shiny, you can "polish"/scrape the pewter to get a very shiny/mirrored look

On my fountain guard, I painted them mithril/hint of blue mixed in. I noticed in the movie that they seemed to have bluish armor, maybe because the sky is reflected off of them since they're up so high guarding the fountain. I found that starting with a basecoat of 50/50 regal blue and mithril silver worked well, building up the mithril.
Posted by Mavis (Citizen # 4652) on :
Awesome Erufailar! A Golden Demon! Even if it is youngbloods. I've seen pictures of some of those and they scare me with the amounts of skill involved. But then, from your painting tips you can tell you know what you're doing. []
Posted by Erufailar (Citizen # 3417) on :
Thanks, Mavis! The new White Dwarf with the Chicago results just came out (even though the event was in July...). You can also check out the stuff on the website. I'm just going to put a word in about the storm of chaos...

The Defeneders of Light a lot I think. In ranking of the most wins (I don't think GW published the percentage of wins to losses), first came the Empire, then Chaos, Orks, and High Elves (my army...WOOt.). The High Elves won a surprising amount of wins, being the highest winning "secondary" army in the campaign. I think many would agree that high elves are one of the most neglected armies. In addition, the campaign list they published was VERY inferior. In total, the wins of the Sea Guard list made up for something like five percent of the total wins. So...yeah...
Posted by Mavis (Citizen # 4652) on :
Yay for the high elves! Though I've always been a fan of the Bretonnians and the Skaven (I know, I know, I'm a walking oximoron [] ) I like the high elves as well.
Posted by Tar-Minastir (Citizen # 4001) on :
Ah, i've painted up my Guards of the Fountain Court. They look decent (especially from afar [] ) and they only need a bit of touch-up now. It's not a professional job in the least, but I am quite happy with them. I'll have the hang of this painting thing yet.
Posted by Erufailar (Citizen # 3417) on :
The Elven Lord on Griffon I've been working on over the summer

The Elven Lord on Steed that I was working on....
Posted by Mavis (Citizen # 4652) on :
Those are awesome! Well, on the first you can't see as much of how it will turn out, but on the second ... []
Posted by Erufailar (Citizen # 3417) on :
Pretty much my album with finished minis, including 6 new pics

They include the LE High Elf Hero (which I won a painting competion with; I also think I could've picked up a gold at the demon with it...), Inquisitor Lord Coteaz, two inquisitorial henchmen, and a Grey Knight Terminator.
Posted by Imrahil of Amroth (Citizen # 4809) on :
How do you do that [] [] [] [] []
Posted by Theoden King (Citizen # 4826) on :
I just missed out on getting a huge Daemonhunter lot on ebay for half price!!! [] [] Anyone willing to sell their armies to me cheap?
Posted by Eorulin Son of Derolin (Citizen # 4911) on :
Im playing the lotr table top for over a year now and evry week i buy new soldiers in a hobby store [] I have over 400 Uruk-Hai and alot of gondorian soldiers + some Mumaks and trolls...I even made Helmsdeep and Minas tirith (Im almost on the 5th level of minas tirith)
Who has Merry and pippin?They are the only heroes i don't have..
Posted by Erufailar (Citizen # 3417) on :
Hey! Welcome to MT! Sounds like you're pretty serious with the game. I've got 2 Merrys and one Pippin. I'd be glad to go for a transaction of some sort. The hobbits are from FotR, but one Merry is from RotK. I'm willing to get rid of the Shire hobbits as long as I can get Pippin in MT garb. PM me about it
Posted by Eorulin Son of Derolin (Citizen # 4911) on :
[] im serious ni it allright [] i just love that game!And i like giving my friend and his Uruk's a beating []
Posted by Theoden King (Citizen # 4826) on :
I wish it were that easy for me
Posted by Numenorean_guy (Citizen # 4944) on :
I just started so i don't know much.
sumone can u please give me some help?
Posted by Erufailar (Citizen # 3417) on :
What exactly do you need help with? Painting? Collecting? Strategy?
Posted by Smudge of Lothlorien (Citizen # 4984) on :
I have painted,collected,etc. a few Warhammer armies but never actually got into it!

I have also collected LotR:FotR models and didn't get into that! []

But I'm wondering whether to start again but only paint the models as that is what I am very good at and that is what i really enjoy!

I think I will just be getting the ones I like that I can then paint and display! []
Posted by Uriel (Citizen # 4034) on :
i can't get into the LotR from warhammer, tho i am collecting a men of Misastirith Army, but i'm getting a Huge Ultra Marines Army LOL
Posted by Erufailar (Citizen # 3417) on :
Wow, it's been a while...

Still been playing, got lots of stuff for Christmas. Oh I've pretty much got a Biel-Tan Eldar army. Got a great deal on eBay. I have two wraithlords, an avatar (started painting's looking great), Asurmen, Howling Banshees, and Striking Scorpions (with exarchs). All I need is transports...I really haven't had much time to paint though. High School is really hard...
Posted by The Fallen (Citizen # 4034) on :
well ya know the new plasic wave serpent is out now don't ya?
Posted by Erufailar (Citizen # 3417) on :
YEAH! I want it SOO bad! But it costs $40 and my parents are very reluctant to spend on eBay (even though I've saved more than 50% on lots of stuff). Right now I don't have much money I can spend either...Right now I do have a huge High Elf army and lots or LOTR minis that need painting!
Posted by The Fallen (Citizen # 4034) on :
then do what i do LOL

paint for ages, and save up for the big guns lol

its what i'm doing with the new rules, a 'vindicator' is a must have now []
Posted by peppe (Citizen # 5106) on :
hey i collect ultramarines and eldar. i need help on good ways to paint my figures
Posted by Stryder Wolfbane (Citizen # 83) on :
*Nudges Fallen on his way in*

if ya looking for an easy way to work out how they would look buy "Dawn of War" there is a army painter in it with some preset colours and to of the races on it is eldar and space marines

[ 11-02-2005, 07:39 AM: Message edited by: Stryder Wolfbane ]
Posted by Nash Rómerandir (Citizen # 2903) on :
hey i collect ultramarines and eldar. i need help on good ways to paint my figures...
Why don't you pay a visit to my friends at Bolter & Chainsword? You'll find more people interested in 40k there, and be sure they'll help you with your smurfmarines []

But if all you want are "painting tutorials", then here's one for Ultramarines and another for Iyanden Eldars.

[ 11-02-2005, 12:15 PM: Message edited by: Nash Rómerandir ]
Posted by Erufailar (Citizen # 3417) on :
So now time has passed since my last post, and I have a full eldar army. I also got that wave serpent i wanted!

Another good site for painting is Cool Mini or Not. Just navigate to the article section. You can find a lot of inspiration there.
Posted by Nash Rómerandir (Citizen # 2903) on :
I have a full eldar army.
Xenos Scum! []
Posted by Stryder Wolfbane (Citizen # 83) on :
I have a full Necron Army which includes a Pylon so now im starting a Nid army

[ 11-10-2005, 01:36 PM: Message edited by: Stryder Wolfbane ]
Posted by Nash Rómerandir (Citizen # 2903) on :
I have started to collect a 'nids Army too... I needed a Great Devourer fleet for a campaign I'll be attending where everybody who normally plays Imperial troops must also have a small 'nids force, the reverse being also true, this way everybody will be able to meet every other participant without having stupid Imperial vs. Imperial fights (or 'nids vs. 'nids --even if those can be excused by the fluff) which would not fit in the campaign at all...
Posted by peppe (Citizen # 5106) on :
hey i got a bigger army now and painted everything, and then the store that sells the stuff closed down!!! i also played warhammer40k there. the closest place to play now is 2 hours away! i need ideas on how to start a warhammer club and get people to come to it.

p.s. aparently the town that i live in is starting to ignore warhammer now!! plz help!!
Posted by Damrod (Citizen # 6471) on :
I collect Lord of the Rings and I have a Gondor army and some wood elves and treebeard, I recently got some gondorian rangers []

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