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Posted by Belthronding (Citizen # 5113) on :
Anyone know any details on the deal?

What, exactly did they buy for the ungodly sum they paid?

And what will they do?
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
As far as I could find out, it appears to be a continuation of the rights that has led to the various early RP games, the Bass Rankin cartoons, the Bakshi movie, the PJ movies, and the various MMORPG games. I believe there was some sort of a 5 year clause in the contract to do the Hobbit movies, and it coming up to 5 years since th elast Hobbit movie was released, the option was running out. There was quite a deep discussion about the legal speak on another site that made for some dry yet informative reading.
Posted by The Flammifer (Citizen # 11407) on :
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Posted by Wandering Tuor (Citizen # 1685) on :
Everything we know about the Amazon LotR Prequel Series


(Map image is from the series Facebook page.)
Posted by Beren (Citizen # 38) on :
Interesting Speculation Here.
Posted by Belthronding (Citizen # 5113) on :
God cant wait.
Posted by Beren (Citizen # 38) on :
Well now! It looks like it will be a 2nd Age story! I did get a laugh that the article writer doesn't know the difference between an Eplogue and a Prologue. []
Posted by Wandering Tuor (Citizen # 1685) on :
“Begins with an epilogue”. Doh!

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