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Posted by Lorien (Citizen # 1373) on :
I have discovered several bands that have Tolkien themes in their names... just curious if anyone has heard of them.

From I have found:

Cirith Ungol
Cirith Gorgor
Posted by The Tenth Nazgul (Citizen # 2930) on :
WOAH! Those are real bands? That's cool!
*runs to go look them up*
Posted by Maerbenn (Citizen # 2140) on :
There are some more... The Tolkien Music List

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Posted by Aredhel Isilrá (Citizen # 3149) on :
I think Gandalf is a finnish band... I once read an article about it.. I'll check it out..

swedish style melodic death riff, finnish melancoly and darkness and Kreatorin Mill reminded trash-munch

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Posted by T. Morgoth (Citizen # 4371) on :
almost the entire black metal scene is inspired by Tolkien. lots of bands and bandmembers use names from Tolkien. I also use the name T. Morgoth in my band.
but not all those bands have Tolkien inspired lyrics.

here you can find lots of Black Metal bands:
Posted by Boromir of Gondor (Citizen # 4242) on :
I only know of two;

Led Zepplin did a couple of Tolkien Songs, including "The Misty Mountain Hop".

Does anyone know if former police band mate Sting got his name after Bilbo/Frodo's blade???
Posted by Harlow (Citizen # 4068) on :
That's a great list but somehow i highly doubt Midnight Rider by thr Allman Brothers was about the LOTR lol
Posted by Imbëar (Citizen # 729) on :
Amon Amarth
Ephel Duath

Posted by Anorien (Citizen # 4219) on :
The Gandalf , LP 'Gandalf' (1968,USA)

The Hobbits, LP 'Men and Doors' (1968,USA)
Posted by T. Morgoth (Citizen # 4371) on :
lots or more bands:

Mor Dagor
Burzum (former Uruk-Hai)
Amon Sul
Khazad dhum
Minas Morgul
Minas Tirith
Shelob's Lair
Posted by Valmordae (Citizen # 3796) on :
Dont forget Morgoth. I saw that band somewhere. I think they were German though!
Posted by Ringthane (Citizen # 3) on :
Shadowfax is another...
Posted by Valmordae (Citizen # 3796) on :
I saw "Flotsam & Jetsam" too. Hey wasnt that name in the "Little Mermaid"?? I was playing Kingdom Hearts and saw that the names of the 2 eels were Flotsam & Jetsam. Coincidence, or Tolkien Fans at Disney?
Posted by Ringthane (Citizen # 3) on :
I was just on and was notified that a new album called "Silmarillion" is coming out by a violinist named Jan Hruby.
Posted by T. Morgoth (Citizen # 4371) on :
Dont forget Morgoth. I saw that band somewhere. I think they were German though!
it was a german death metal band, but they don't excist any more
Posted by Morgoth the Merciless (Citizen # 5463) on :
Nightfall in MiddleEarth by Blind Guardian is the best Tolkien inspired music by far. Elvenking is a most excellent band, yet they have nothing to do with Tolkiens lore, they just like the woods and such. Another band worth checking out is Freternia, or nightwish. Alot of the bands suggested above really have nothing to do with Tolkien either, most are just idiotic black metal bands that couldnt think of a name so they took something from LORT or the Silm, or what have you. Gorgoroth is expecially the worst of them.
Posted by Beregond of Ithilien (Citizen # 5431) on :
the Brobsingnagian Bards have a good Memories of Middle-earth cd
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Posted by The Witch-King of Angmar (Citizen # 4899) on :
Long before the movie, Enya did a song called "Lothlorien," while Styx had a song called "Lords of the Ring."

I also use the name T. Morgoth in my band.

Are they a goth group? []

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Posted by The Witch King of Angmar (Citizen # 5516) on :
lol we almost named our band Rohan or The West Fold
Posted by Mithrennaith (Citizen # 5239) on :
[] [] []
Posted by Silmahtar (Citizen # 4806) on :
Just curious, does anyone know whether are there any copyright restrictions on using Tolkien's names?
Posted by Thorin (Citizen # 816) on :
Yes. There was a famous case regarding a guy using the name "Gandalf the Wizard Clown" getting sued by Iron Crown or Tolkien Enterprises or someone. Let me see if I can find it.

Clown, Tolkien estate square off over name
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, The, Jan 28, 1997 by LARRY MCSHANE
Gandalf the Wizard Clown sits, bereft of his sorcery and his smile.

Gandalf better known to his Long Island neighbors as 41-year-old Michael Kaplan has been waging a costly, three-year trademark battle against a powerful force: the estate of writer J.R.R. Tolkien. At issue is Kaplan's right to use the name Gandalf.

"They've been bullying me," Kaplan says, surrounded by a raft of legal papers intermingled with videos of his clown shows. "I'm up against all of their money. I realize that." Kaplan has already spent $10,000 in his fight. A federal board must now decide: Is Gandalf exclusively a wizard battling evil in Tolkien's fictional Middle Earth? Or is he also a suburban children's entertainer? Kaplan's Gandalf has been twisting balloon animals at birthday parties since 1974. Kaplan says the two Gandalfs have one thing in common: Both took their names from 10th century Norse mythology. That, he claims, makes the name part of the public domain. He further asserts that his use of the name predates the Tolkien estate's trademark protection filing by two years. Daniel L. Kegan, a Chicago attorney for Tolkien Enterprises, strongly disagrees. "What he appears to believe are his two main points are wrong on the facts, wrong on the law, and stubbornly so," Kegan says. In his negotiations with the Tolkien estate, Kaplan rejected a deal requiring him to pay a one-time $3,000 fee plus an annual $2,000. He lined up a pair of historians to verify Gandalf's 1,000-year-old Norse roots. Kegan was unimpressed: "Ivory has been around as an English word for a long time. That doesn't mean you can make Ivory Soap." Tolkien's 1937 "The Hobbit" and his subsequent trilogy "The Lord of the Rings" introduced his heroic Gandalf. Kaplan argues that means nothing to his grammar school clients. "They don't know Gandalf from Bozo," says Kaplan, an elfin presence at 5-foot-5. Kaplan discovered his affinity for show business at 13 when he began visiting a New York City shop once frequented by Harry Houdini. He invented his balloon-twisting Gandalf six years later. It was an inauspicious start; because of a typographical error, his magazine ad promised "ballroom sculpture." "Hey, I got the ad for free," Kaplan says. In 1993, the Tolkien estate got wind of Kaplan's character in a direct-mail ad. A lawyer called. "I tell him I'm not Tolkien's Gandalf," Kaplan recalls. "He tells me there's only Tolkien's Gandalf, and they own it, and I shouldn't be using it. And I told him, `Why don't you bother somebody with money?' " A decision from the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board appears at least a year away, and appeals could stretch the not-so-epic battle into the next century. Kaplan has no plans to back down. "I keep getting angrier and angrier, madder and madder and madder," he says, no hint of the happy clown on his face. "And at some point I decided, `What have I got to lose?' "

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Posted by Mithrennaith (Citizen # 5239) on :
The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's journalist is committing an error often made by those not researching the subject properly: confusing The Tolkien Estate with Tolkien Enterprises. The two are quite seperate things: The Estate represents the (business) interests of the Tolkien family as heirs to his copyrights etc., Tolkien Enterprises is Saul Zaentz, who bought the movie and merchandising rights to LotR and (to a certain extent) The Hobbit (and licenses them to NewLine in turn). The lawyer, representing Tolkien Enterprises, has got nothing to do with the Estate, he represents Zaentz, not the Tolkien heirs. Zaentz is known for 'protecting' his business interests in an agressive way. He doesn't get away with it always, though. He tried to stop a small e-mail provider (who also has a separate Tolkien-site) from using the name 'Shire mail service' and related domain names, and failed.

There is another error of confusion involved: that of copyright with trade-mark. Zaentz (Tolkien Enterprises) has registered many Tolkienian names (and 'Lord of the Rings') as Trade Marks, mainly in the USA only (and possibly Canada). The Gandalf case was about Trade Marks, witness the involvement of the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. Kaplan's objection of "Gandalf" being in the public domain (which it undoubtedly is, just as "Shire") is a copyright defence, which has no real value in Trade Mark law.

So, no real answer to Silmahtar's question.
Posted by Thorin (Citizen # 816) on :
Here's Gandalf the Wizard Clown's website.

At the bottom it says:
Gandalf the Wizard-Clown is a trademark of Tolkien Enterprises and is used, under license, by Gandalf the Wizard-Clown, Inc.
It appears that Tolkien Enterprises got control of the entire name "Gandalf the Wizard-Clown," but he is allowed to use it.
Posted by Mithrennaith (Citizen # 5239) on :
Here is a reference to the affair.

Also, here is a long discussion that went on earlier at MT on copyright and related matters, that is probably relevant to Silmahtar's question.
Posted by Thorin (Citizen # 816) on :
I saw a poster for some DJ called "Bilbo Bagginz" today. Evidently he plays goa trance, whatever in the world that is.
Posted by Angband (Citizen # 6104) on :
Ive heard of a band called the Dunadain Rangers.
Posted by The Witch-King of Angmar (Citizen # 4899) on :
This is off-topic, but Styx had a song called "Lords of the Ring," while Enya had a song called "Lothlorien" long before the movie.
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Gandalf has been making albums for decades!
Posted by Artaresto (Citizen # 6089) on :
Marillion got their name from Silmarillion []
Posted by Angband (Citizen # 6104) on :
The band "Camel" has released two song related to LOTR called "The White Rider" and Nimrodel".
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
The Middle East has a song named Beleriand on their EP.
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Rush - Rivendell from 1975 on their Fly By Night album.
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
just a note here to say that while I was watching the video of the Omnia concert at Castlefest 2016, at the 26:15 mark, they talk about the legendary Tolkien artist Alan Lee. The singer/harpist/keyboardist Jenny is Alan Lee's niece! They wrote and perform a song dedicated to Alan Lee.

Also, their song 'Old Man Tree' kind of has a modern entish vibe to it.

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