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Posted by Miturian (Citizen # 139) on :
What's that thing about Arwens tole getting a lot bigger?
I haven't met it anywhere on the net, except here, and then it's only for brief notes. What IS all that crap about PJ making Arwen to a pornstar?

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Posted by White Gold Wielder (Citizen # 2) on :
The extent of Arwen's expanded role has been talked about a lot during the filming. Now that the principle filming is done, the talk has died down some, since it has already been talked to death.

Search some movie news site for news from the past few months or earlier to review what was said on this matter.

Personally, I don't think it will be that bad, but I'm really worried about The Two Towers. I have a feeling it's going to be a mess!

Posted by KingRichard (Citizen # 26) on :
So the principle photography (all the live, non-cg film footage) is completed for ALL three movies?

I really find that hard to believe. How does everyone here feel that will effect the final product?

There are some advantages to filming all at once (and I'm not talking financial) like continuity of how the characters look, and built-in death protection (incase say, Christopher Lee dies in two years) but what are the possible disadvantages?

I'm reminded of how Mark Hamill was injured in a car accident during the time between Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back - but in that case it actually helped because his face looked permanently affected by the Wampa attack.

There seem to me other possibilities, like not being able to adjust the look or tweak up anything if Tolkien fans balk after the first movie comes out.

It would just seem that you'd have more flexibility if you could film each movie after the previous one came out. It seems just a tad cheap to film them all at the same time...

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Posted by KingRichard (Citizen # 26) on :
Hey, how 'bout a response?


Posted by ranger13 (Citizen # 129) on :
i'm not worried about any of the movies. i think that PJ will do a fine job. as for what i've seen and heard everything seems to be going well. i can believe principle photography is done because a) it was all filmed in one location utilizing the locals and natural "sets" around New Zealand and b) the cast is also relatively small. sure there are plenty of extras but the core cast being the fellowship and main characters are very capable actors and actresses. the movie trailer although being pretty short is very sweet and gives life to the locations we've all pictured in our mind since "the hobbit" or even "the fellowship of the ring".


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Posted by Galdor of the Tree (Citizen # 260) on :
i'm not worried about arwens bigger part except at the fords of bruin cause i heard she replaces glorfindel there which sucks very bad glorfindel was one of the coolest elves in lotr and a great source of dicussion before hearing this i looked foreward to seeing how they portrayed him and bommbadil and they get rid of them
Posted by Mithrandir (Citizen # 292) on :
they had to cut out somethings to keep the movie from being 4 hours long (though i wouldn't mind...) The Two Tower's will probably be the least great of the three, but the Storming of Isengard is in there, so....but the Return of the King, wow, that one will be good.
Posted by Miturian (Citizen # 139) on :
You can't change the script of the second part of a trilogy, just because the fans didn't like the first, it would be most unprofessional, and you simply wouldn't have time.

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Posted by Mithrandir (Citizen # 292) on :
yep, if they did that the movie would take forever to come out...besides, most companies dont take feedback or ideas
Posted by Glorfindel (Citizen # 284) on :
WHOA!!! Did i hear replace Glorfindel Somwhere. What the Someones going to die!!!... Im really exited about these movies(or at least I was), but if they mess them up HEADS ARE GOING TO ROLL!!!

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Posted by Mithrandir (Citizen # 292) on :
RUMOR has it that he won't fight...but i'm not sure.
Posted by Fingolfin of the Noldor (Citizen # 156) on :
Also shooting all 3 at the same time helps to assure that you won't have the same part being played by more than one actor(eg if one of the actors or actresses were to die or refuse to do the sequel(s)). Now since the filming is completed we don't have to worry.
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
It's been 15 years! Time for a franchise re-boot! []
Posted by The Flammifer (Citizen # 11407) on :
Hear! Hear! Snowdog []

Since the original topic of this forum was "Arwen's role" - a word:

Arwen – Movie vs Book

There have been several defenses as to why Jackson discarded Glorfindel and replaced him (in part) with Arwen. I personally accept none of them. The main reason may be that he wanted Arwen to get more screen time. I say “Bosh!”. This simply shows a lack of directorial thoughtfulness. He quite easily, in many ways, could have given Arwen more time.

He portrays Arwen as a tracker, hunter, warrior-princess (more like a shield-maiden such as Éowyn), rather than the gentle, noble, elegant Elven Princess that Tolkien wished her to be - Undómiel the Evenstar of her people. In the Trollshaws, to have her stealthily sneak up on Aragorn “the greatest traveler and huntsman in this age of the world” is an insult and an affront to the very persona of Arwen, and in no way IMO justifies abandoning Glorfindel.

Much more could be said of Jackson’s improper portrayal of Arwen, but I’m sure the ‘book readers’ and the ‘movie goers’ have their own opinion.
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Much more could be said of Jackson’s improper portrayal of Arwen
yeah, the screenplay stunk, but it could have been a bit more enjoyable had someone elvish looking was cast in the jaxonized role re-write. []
Posted by faithfull (Citizen # 11417) on :
someone elvish looking
Now that one is up for grabs - I'm starting a new topic. []
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
.... which appears to have gone to dung already.....

Isn't it sad that the LOTRO game has a better depiction of Arwen than P.J. Liv?


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