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Posted by Thorin (Citizen # 816) on :
New line has an official Hobbit movie blog. I was doubtful that it was actually from New Line when I first saw it because of the overall general suckiness of the site. But after checking whois I discovered that it actually is New Line.

Ugh. I guess the budget is pretty low at the moment.
Posted by The Dread Pirate Roberts (Citizen # 2117) on :
With one entry total and none for more than three months I can see why you would be skeptical.
Posted by Madomir (Citizen # 3084) on :
Hmmm.... New Line... general overall suckiness... seems a natural connection []
Posted by Wetwang (Citizen # 1508) on :
I've a good mind to sign up and ask in their chat forum, 'Will The Hobbit actually have anything to do with JRR's Hobbit or will it just be some sort of totally unrelated adaptation of the book pretty much like LotR was?!' []

I bet one of the first replies will be, 'JRR who?!' []
Closely followed by, 'You mean PJ didn't write LotR?!' []
Posted by Kat of Rina (Citizen # 4377) on :
Heh heh. Seriously. Although, the movies are just bad enough that I can see someone thinking PJ wrote them and not Tolkien. []
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Sadly, pop cultire of the 2nd decade of this century has more and more young folk believing that The Hobbit is PJ's story.
Posted by Hamfast Gamgee (Citizen # 5528) on :
Mind, now that it is many years later, if one was to ask your average man in the street about Lotr, would he think of PJ or Tolkien?
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
...or the average woman...
Posted by The Flammifer (Citizen # 11407) on :

The theory is from Roman artistry.

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