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Posted by Berguiss (Citizen # 971) on :
Did coffee exist in Middle-earth?

If it existed in The Hobbit, but was never mentioned in LotR, was Tolkien trying to backtrack and make coffee part of the 'fanciful' nature of The Hobbit?
Posted by Marcho Blackwood (Citizen # 270) on :
Yes! Coffee was served by Bilbo at the tea party with the dwarves and is specifically mentioned three times.
Posted by Earendilyon (Citizen # 322) on :
Coffee at a tea party? How odd!

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Posted by Nenya (Citizen # 238) on :
Coffee, tea, beer and wine they drank...
Posted by Aiwrendel (Citizen # 965) on :
They also drank mead. um...what else?


Oh yes. The drink the Elves gave them:

When they came to make their meal, they found that the Elves had filled their bottles with a clear drink, pale golden in colour: it had the scent of a honey made of many flowers, and was wonderfully refreshing. Very soon they were laughing, and snapping their fingers at rain, and at Black Riders.

And there were other liquors beside those two:

The orc-liquor.

'Drink this!' said Glorfindel to them, pouring for each in turn a little liquor from his silver-studded flask of leather. It was clear as spring water and had no taste, and it did not feel either cool or warm in the mouth; but strength and vigour seemed to flow into all their limbs as they drank it.

I guess they needed coffee after all the liquor that was consumed in TH and LotR. um.

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Posted by Tinelwen (Citizen # 261) on :
I thought that was a myth. If there was no coffee in ME, it would have been a sad, drear place indeed.
Posted by Gilgalad (Citizen # 576) on :
So thats why they are always hyper!

"Et Eärello Endorenna utÚlien." "Sinome maruvan ar Hildinyar tenn' Ambar-metta!"

"Out of the Great Sea to Middle-earth Iam come." "In this place will I abide, and my heirs, unt the ending of the world!"- Elendil after landing on the shores of Middle-earth.

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Posted by Luthien (Citizen # 17) on :
Coffee was a commodity that was dear to Hobbits, and was hard to get the good stuff until the reign of King Elessar, when the fine bean of the slopes of Khand became available to the West. []

Actually, I never realized that coffee was mentioned in the Hobbit.
Posted by Marcho Blackwood - MSS (Citizen # 270) on :
You should really hang around the trivia threads more often! You would have known this!
Posted by Silmarien (Citizen # 3121) on :
It was translated into Quenya as cuiveyulda I think (thank you Tyallië!)

The original wake-up drink!

*loves coffee*
Posted by Snaga (Citizen # 2945) on :
Does anyone know the Elvish words for "Star" (should be an easy one) and "Buck" (as in a deer). If so, please put them together and the new word would represent the biggest new evil threat to the uniqueness of communites in Middle Earth!
Posted by Meneldil (Citizen # 417) on :
Gil is star, I haven't got the Silmarillion enxt to me at the moment but I guess that buck wouldn't be in there anyway.
Posted by Snaga (Citizen # 2945) on :
Gil is star
Hey, I knew that! Well, your telling me reminded me that I think I once knew that. []

Let's see "Gil-bucks'?

As the power of the Dark Lord grew, in each small village or city of men alike there arose, like unwanted weeds and shrubs in a carefully tended garden, a chain of coffee establishments, all named Gilbucks. The power of Numenor wained as Men, both lordly and common, stood each day for many minutes in long lines while low paid lackeys of the Dark Lord stumbled through preparing dark and stimulating drinks and serving over-priced and yet stale baked goods. Those who dared to venture into the restrooms of such places saw with their own eyes the foulness and laziness of the incompetent servants and wondered how the "All employees must wash hands" order was carried out when the soap dispensers were almost always empty.
Posted by Vartalion of the Vanyar* (Citizen # 3122) on :

means star-something, right?
Posted by Khalid (Citizen # 3466) on :
'star of radiance' []
Posted by Mîrwen Ilúvëanna (Citizen # 3641) on :
I know that the proof has been given, but I still find it odd that there would be coffee in Middle-earth. It was a new-world beverage, wasn't it? And didn't Tolkien go through and try to remove references to new world things? (or is that just a myth someone told me?!?)

MI  -
Posted by Marcho Blackwood - MSS (Citizen # 270) on :
Coffee? New World? No, it was brought into Europe by the Turks, before Columbus, I believe in the 1300's, if memory serves me correctly. It originated in Africa and is documented as far back as 800 AD.
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
MMmmm.... coffee! Or Cuiveyulda as Tyallië translated from Quenya.

Where would the tea and coffee come from in Middle Earth? Luthien mentioned Khand as a source of coffee beans, which I agree with, but could the southern slopes of the White Mountains also be good growing areas? Or would it be too temperate?
Posted by The Flammifer (Citizen # 11407) on :
I used to be indecisive. Now I'm not so sure.

-Jerry Mander

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