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Posted by Celoriand Elwëdhrim (Citizen # 4563) on :
Hey all. About two years ago my best friend's mom made me this AWESOME dress for me to wear on Halloween to be Arwen. It is a GORGEOUS dress and is very very very well made, and I have never worn it since. I was wondering if there was anyone out there who would be interested in learning more about it? It'd probably fit a size 12-14 girl. And I'm TALL(6'4")so, it would need to be hemmed because it dragged along the floor when I wore it. I'm also a guy, hence the reason a girl with larger than normal proportions need apply. Or another tall, skinny guy.

If anyone's at all interested, I'll further this thread and post pics of the dress. I'm only looking for like $150 for the costume. OBO.

[] Yes, I am gay. Yes I did dabble in cross-dressing for a while. If anyone feels the need to comment, well, they know where to go.... []
Posted by Eáránë (Citizen # 4671) on :
Hi! Im intrested in the dress. Im planning on being Arwen for Halloween this year and I cant seem to find a dress I like!

Thanx! []

AkA...Amber []
Posted by Celoriand Elwëdhrim (Citizen # 4563) on :
Sure, no prob. I can send you pics if you like. I'll have to wait until I get home so I can take them with my digital camera. Once I upload 'em, I'll email ya with them, and we can go from there. Thanks! []
Posted by Eáránë (Citizen # 4671) on :
That'd be great!
Thanx again!
Amber []
Posted by Tari Mithrandir (Citizen # 4536) on :
Wait a second, I need an Arwen dress, too; but if Eáránë wants it, that's ok, I would still appreciate it if you sent me some pictures though.
Posted by Deathy (Citizen # 4398) on :
If you dont mind even though I'm not intrested I would like to see the pictures if thats alright with you.

[] []

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