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Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
(WARNING! The thread you are about to read may contain content that may be offensive to some. If you are a sensitive person then you may want to not read this thread. If you choose to read this thread further, do not complain of its content, for you were officially warned.)

After much burnt debris removal and rebuilding, the new inn opened near the west gate of Bree on the site where an inn that will remain nameless was burnt to the ground. Halasían, a Ranger of the north, used much of the gold he had dug out and panned from the upper Hoarwell, and the profits from his trading of wolf furs, herbs, and spices from the south to refurbish this old inn for business. Halasían would try to run a respectable inn, and invite all for a drink and a tale. If things get out of hand... oh well.

Halasían taps himself an ale and leans on the Bar and sips it as the musicians play a soft tune and the music fills the air.

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Posted by hef (Citizen # 20) on :
...stumbles in through the doors, glinting in the change of light at the surroundings...he likes the tune they're playing so figures a short stay might be on the cards...

ecce homo...

Posted by gram (Citizen # 24) on :
Ah yes, an ale after a long journey and a place to put up my weary feet.

"She is of the Tuatha De Danaans who are unfading...and I am of the sons of Mil, who are perishable and fade away".

Posted by Tinúviel (Citizen # 25) on :
Hearing the Music, Tinúviel enters the Inn and takes a seat at the bar and listens intently.

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Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Snowdog gives Tinúviel, hef, and gram a free ale as an opening day / first customers gift. Snowdog Lifts his glass of ale and says " Hail and Weel meet! Everybody enjoy the company and fire. Maybe if we ask nice we can get the Lady Tinúviel to sing us a song?
Posted by Caranthir (Citizen # 28) on :
A rather intoxicated man stood up from a seat at the bar. "Yes, lets have a song, woman!" he cried. " And I'll have another drink, barkeep!"
Posted by Myrdock (Citizen # 27) on :
Myrdock walks into the common-room and heads for the bar. He orders an ale and talks with Snowdog.

"What did you think of Ardeju resurecting you? Unexpected?"

He hopes his question is appropriate.

Posted by Tempest (Citizen # 31) on :
Tempest comes waltzing into the room and says hi to everyone. She goes over to Myrdock and taps him on the shoulder.

"Want to dance with me?" she asks.

Posted by Goatleaf (Citizen # 29) on :
A grouchy-looking Breelander saunters into the inn, though his face brightens considerably as he scans his surroundings.

Harry Goatleaf, gatekeeper of Bree, walks over to the bar to get some food and drink, muttering about his incompetent brothers...

HARRY GOATLEAF (fl. WR) Man of Bree, keeper of the western gate of Bree. He joined Bill Ferny and his ruffians as a bandit outside Bree during the WR.

--Robert Foster, The Complete Guide to Middle-earth

Posted by Luthien (Citizen # 17) on :
In walks Lúthien and she waves at Snowdog ...

"Hey there you old fart you!" as she walks up and gives Snowdog a big hug.

Posted by hef (Citizen # 20) on :
*starts supping his drink*

mmm, not bad, I might stay for a pool table though....hehe...

Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Snowdog 'enjoys' the hug from Luthien, and tries to stretch it out as long as he can. He then answers Myrdock before being dragged out to the dance floor by Tempest.
"I and Ardreju worked out the problem that killed me in the first place. Now the Resurrected, younger but still filled with knowledge and still has Ambrocianan's gift will be a real different guy (maybe)."

And the musician started playing a tune on his lyre and the flutist started the lyrical part. He dedicated it to Tempest as she started to dance with Myrdock. The song was 'Hurricane' written by Neil Young.

Posted by gram (Citizen # 24) on :
Music and drink and good company. The simple pleasures of life are sometimes the best.

"She is of the Tuatha De Danaans who are unfading...and I am of the sons of Mil, who are perishable and fade away".

Posted by hef (Citizen # 20) on :
*pulls his latest novel out his pocket and slumps down in the corner with his drink, on his own*

aha, Milton.....Paradise Lost....

ecce homo...

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Posted by Caranthir (Citizen # 28) on :
Caranthir stood up, and stumbled towards Luthien. "Hello there," he managed to slur out, "Can I buy you a drink, pretty lady?"

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Posted by Myrdock (Citizen # 27) on :
After a terrific dance with Tempest, they both sit at a table and begin to talk. Moments later, Myrdock leaps atop a table with the announcement, "WE WILL BE TAKING BETS ON THE WINNER OF SURVIVOR! COME ONE, COME ALL!"

But soon afterward he thinks how no one will probably even check this thread until the show is already over.

Posted by Elentari (Citizen # 18) on :

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Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Rudy or Sue
Posted by Sidhann (Citizen # 35) on :
The door blows open, revealing yet another visitor...
"Hmmmm...I bet a lot of you already know the answer! But since I'm West Coast, and haven't cheated, I'll play.

Kelley or Rudy."

Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
well, I was wrong. Anyway, a song from Lúthien would be a nice treat if we can be nice. Actually a song from Tinúviel would be greatly appreciated as well. Maybe a dance?

Snowdog gets a drink for Sidhann...

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Posted by Myrdock (Citizen # 27) on :
"Everyone pay up. You're all wrong."
Posted by Shadowfax (Citizen # 36) on :

I need a beer or twelve!

Watch your step!

Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Snowdog slides 12 pitchers of beer to Shadowfax saying, " Here a beer means a pitcher of beer!"
Posted by Goatleaf (Citizen # 29) on :
Harry looks up from his seat and mumbles.

"Innkeeper! Do you serve wine? And fish, I must know if you serve fish!"

Posted by Elentari (Citizen # 18) on :
Suddenly, Elentari rides into the inn on a large black horse singing a dirty sea shanty. Laughter and clapping fills the inn, but Snowdog sighs and tries to hide a smile as he attempts to deal with the situation.

"OK, Elentari-"

"Hey! Snowdog mate!" Elentari attempts to hug Snowdog from her vantage point near the ceiling.

"Yes,ok,fine, stop it, nice to see you too old friend. But WHAT THE F*CK D'YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING RIDING A BLOODY HORSE INTO MY INN?! Look at whats its done on the bearskin mat!Are you insane?!"

Elentari grins lopsidedly and slides off the horse. She turns to the horse

"OK, go outside now horsie! Byeeeeeeeee!"

The horse snorted, wheeled around and crashed out of the inn, cracking one of the doorposts on the way. Snowdog frowned.

"That's some horse."

Elentari grinned and explained it had been a present from a wizard. Snowdog raised one eyebrow. "Well you always were good at riding..."

Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
After cleaning the horse dung off my boot and getting over the damage, I gave Elentari a real friendly hug. While hugging and letting my hands rove a bit, I said to her, "Oh its good to see you here! I like the way you wrap your legs around uh.... the horse. Hey! Free drink for you my friend, and I will overlook the damage."

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Posted by Myrdock (Citizen # 27) on :
Myrdock looks up from where he has been drowning himself in his wine. "Let's try not to make this into another Nameless Inn, if you don't mind. The horrors of the last one are still etched into my impressionable little mind."
Posted by zilverboltz (Citizen # 40) on :
Then I come in gunz a balzing and offer everyone a drink on me lol.

Doctor Says I'm suffering from extreme self love, huh, suffering?

Posted by Tempest (Citizen # 31) on :
Why thank you! I gladly accept.
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
"Hey, the inn that shall remain nameless burnt down, and the Re-Nameless Inn was rebuilt outside of Bree where the local laws are nearly non-existant. It is located here":

"This place is a respectable inn, but if you want a pure inn then you should try another. I was only greeting my good old friend. I will take a load of Pipeweed instead of the drink you offer there Z!" And Snowdog takes a load of Longbottom and lights up.

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Posted by Shadowfax (Citizen # 36) on :

*Shadowfax downs 11 pitchers of beer quickly and decides to make the last one last*

"Thanks Snowdog!"

"By the way, theres something Ive always wanted to know. What kind of dog are you? Im guessin maybe a poddle or one of them "hot dogs".........

Watch your step!

Posted by Caranthir (Citizen # 28) on :
While waiting for the seemingly mute Luthien to answer, Caranthir walked over to where zilverboltz was standing. "Where I come from," he said, trying to sound as sober as possible, "we don't take kindly to you folk. I suggest you get out of this bar, and take your pistols with you. Either that or you'll have to deal with me."

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Posted by Nazgul (Citizen # 41) on :
A darkness covers the room as the Nazgul enters!

"Come back. Come back. To mordor I .............ah the heck with it!"

"Barkeep, a round of your finest for my good friends here!"

Nazgul looks about the place and smiles.

To Mordor I will take you.

Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
"Ok, a round of proper 1420 for everyone courtesy of the Nazgúl" Snowdog serves up the mugs and takes anther load of Lomgbottm for himself. He then says to Elentari who is sitting on the bar, "Have you ever tried a chair or barstool? The bar will do though."
Posted by Caranthir (Citizen # 28) on :
Unhappy that everyone was ignoring him, Caranthir walked back to the bar, hanging his head, and sat down at his stool.
Posted by Elentari (Citizen # 18) on :
"A pure inn? Hell no," thought Elentari. Then she realised that might mean she wouldn't always seem to end up in dodgy situations with even dodgier characters. "Hmm, might not be tooooooo bad..." Two halves of her conscience wrestled, causing a some kind of metaphysical explosion, splitting and doubling her in to two different Elentari's. Angelic-Elentari looked around and thought this Inn seemed nice and wholesome and decided to stay for a virgin Dragon's Blood cocktail or two.

Devilish-Elentari looked around and thought "Sod this, I'm off to find some fun." She downed a double Dragon's Blood and vodka and walked out "See you in the Re-Nameless Inn!"


Posted by Myrdock (Citizen # 27) on :
Myrdock saunters up to Caranthir, pats him on the back, and orders up an ale for the chap. He then shows him a small concealed door in the wall nearby with steps leading down into darkness. Techno music can be heard in the distance, and flashing lights can just barely be seen. A crude hand painted sign, "The Inn Within An Inn" can be seen against the wall.
"I've been working on it for some time," he tells Caranthir, "and would be honored for you to be my first guest."
Everytime Snowdog looks his way, however, Myrdock closes the door quickly as to avoid detection. How long can his silly tirade last?
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Snowdog stops the Elentari-devil at the door and gives her a pounding against the broken doorpost. "I just couldn't resist as I didn't want to be tempted to rape the Elentari-angel. I said this is NOT a pure Inn, just maybe a bit respectable, and if someone WANTS a PURE Inn, they should go to another. The Re-Nameless Inn is located in the heart of sin-city, and anything goes there. But if you, Elentari-devil, insist on leaving and going there, you will find your old friend evil Snowdog bartending there. He will try and out-evil you while good Snowdog drinks tea with Elentari-angel."

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Posted by Caranthir (Citizen # 28) on :
Caranthir descends the stairs, and stops at the bottom, staring in awe at what Myrdock has created behind Snowdog's back.

"Wowee," he says, not quite sure what to think.

Posted by Myrdock (Citizen # 27) on :
"Why think? Here, have a drink. The bathrooms that way."
Posted by Caranthir (Citizen # 28) on :
Rather confused as to why Myrdock gave him two drinks in a row, but not really caring, Caranthir sat down at the bar, and asked, "So, does anyone else know of this place, or is it just you and me?"
Posted by Myrdock (Citizen # 27) on :
As Myrdock hands Caranthir another drink he says, "No, few know of it as of yet. But I plan to change that. Soon it will be a crazy wild-house, feeding off Snowdog's patrons like a malicious virus feeds of its unsuspecting host! It's ingenious! MWAAHAHAAHAHAAA!!!!"

Posted by Jaxon (Citizen # 32) on :
...hello? I know this is an ale house, you by chance happen to have some Green Tea? It's for my horse, Bydand.

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Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
"Try downstairs"
Posted by Sekmet (Citizen # 45) on :
A tall golden haired woman walks in, and going straight up to the owner, says:
"Good evening, my friend. Do you perhaps have any food available, only I have travelled far and am in need of something to strengthen me. I would also like a whiskey, as it is rather cold out tonight, compared to where I am from. This seems a wonderful inn. We have none like this in my land."

In every heart there is a hunger...

Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
"Really Dear Lady? Yes, we have the usual burgers and chip and nachos and pizza and squirrels... what would you like?" Snowdog said as he slipped a shot of Solid Red Eye Whiskey to the pretty lady.

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Posted by Caranthir (Citizen # 28) on :
"Virus? Don't you mean parasite? And what's so funny?"
Posted by Jaxon (Citizen # 32) on :
After letting out a sigh, Jaxon heads downstairs in search of Green Tea, a little sad that her old friend from Freedomtown didn't recognize her....

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Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Snowdog watched as the woman walked away. "I do believe that is the Loin of the King! Wish I had tea for her horse, but this is a bar. Hope the King dont shut me down for being rather short. I wonder if Strider will show up?"

Posted by Jaxon (Citizen # 32) on :
It had been a long journey from Arthedain. Jaxon had not stopped save for a few short moments to rest since leaving the palace two nights ago. She hadn't read the sign above the door upon entering and thanked the Innkeeper and headed for the livery. She acquired some green tea leaves for her horse to add to his ration...the soothing effects on his digestion were almost immediate! She saw to Bydand and left him for the evening. She returned to the Inn and approached Snowdog again.

"My apologies, my good man. I have had a long journey and did not pay heed to your sign. My horse is well. Have you any rooms left this night? It needs not be fancy, for while I bear the mark of the King of Arthedain, I am on my own journey this time. I go with his blessing but not at his bidding." the lady sat in the corner ordered up a mug of hot brandy and rested her bootheels for a while by the fire. She thought to herself how comfortable it seemed in here, wondering all the while if any of her old friends would find this hidden treasure in the wilderness.

Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Snowdog walked over to where Jaxon sat and he too sat. "I'm glad you are here! There are several old friends in town, though some are not easily recognizable. The three Goatleaf brothers are around, the wizard Tharkûn, Elentari, Idril, except she is the lovely Luthien here, Shadowfax, and I think Arthedain goes by Arvedui here. And even the lovely Princess Anriel is here in yet another disguise. Please stay long if you wish, and I do have clean rooms."
Snowdog lit his pipe again and went around to see if anybody needed anything to drink.

Posted by Jaxon (Citizen # 32) on :
I am in good company then and many thanks for the room. I need the quiet to think.
Posted by Myrdock (Citizen # 27) on :
"Ah, nothing, my dear Caranthir," Myrdock gathers himself together, "There's nothing funny. Now if you will, shall we go upstairs and gather new patients-uh-patrons for our bootleg inn? I'm surprised Snowdog hasn't found it yet...(giggle)."
Posted by Shadowfax (Citizen # 36) on :
Hello Jaxon!

Let me buy a drink for you and we can talk about the old days.

Watch your step!

Posted by Jaxon (Citizen # 32) on :
Ah, Shadowfax another familiar face in the wilderness! Thanks for the offer of a drink...ah, the good old days...seems like months ago...wait a minute! LOL
Posted by erinhue (Citizen # 47) on :
Hello Snowdog. I hope here you are speaking to the Edain. glad to see you starting a new place in this new land. I could use that drink and a bard's gotta eat. What are ya doing for entertainment around here? Be glad to strike up the strings and play in exhange for room and board while I explore this new land. I promise to keep Agarak in a good mood for as long as I can.

Erinhue of Belfalas
Where ever you go, there you are. - Buckaroo Bonzai Adventures in the Sixth Dimension

Posted by Elentari (Citizen # 18) on :
Elentari sat at the bar, slightly depressed through having to behave here. Apparently slack morals weren't the thing anymore. Still, no-one said anything about getting outrageously drunk.
She ordered a double dragon's breath, added another single shot to that, before absent-mindedly topping it up with a double.
After downing that, (once her vision returned) the world started to look much more bright and cheerful. Hey, it was kind of spinning too...
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
"Sure, play some tunes, and if you are good, you can play again tomorrow."

Snowdog then told a serving wench to get the bard's order before he started playing.

Snowdog then went over and personally gave Elentari the drinks, and he kept an eye on her as she started getting hammered. He mixed up another double Dragon's Breath with his special Angmar Dragons Breath mix, made with real a Dragon's Breath. As he served her another drink he sat next to her at the table, and took advantage of her impared state and put his hand on her upper thigh. He said to her, "So you are the angel Elentari?, I wonder what the devil Elentari is doing right now."


Posted by Suzybelle (Citizen # 49) on :
The door to the inn opens, bringing a new face in along with a whirl of cold air.

"Hello, there...didn't I just see some of you in another inn? This is getting confusing for a stranger in a strange land..."

Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
"Ah yes, with all the evil/good splits, phase-shifting, reversal spells, etc. it is hard to keep track of everyone. What would you like to drink me lady?" As Snowdog retracted his hand from Elentari's thigh.
Posted by Suzybelle (Citizen # 49) on :
A quicksilver smile scatters across her face.

"Aahhh...a fine light brew should do nicely. My thanks to you."

She slides a silver coin across the countertop.

I wonder...

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Posted by erinhue (Citizen # 47) on :
Erinhue takes the unusually large tankard of ale and raises it in toast to Snowdog. The bard see's the new inn's keeper snuggling up to one young lady while eyeing the lucious lovely just entering the taproom. Up to your old tricks my friend.

The bard raises his glass again before offering a taste to the dragonharp. Agarak takes a quick slurp and lets out a contented purr. Sharing in the harps good mood, Erinhue sets fingers to strings and begins to sing.

Yo ho ho to the bottle I go to drown my cares and ease my woes.

It is the perfect song for the time and Agarak is in good voice. The notes sparkle in the air and help the drinks do their work. soon every one is laughing talking and a few even sing along.

Snowdog takes note and winks at the bard.

Erinhue of Belfalas
Where ever you go, there you are. - Buckaroo Bonzai Adventures in the Sixth Dimension

Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
The music has a good effect on the crowd. Everyone wants another drink and are happy. Snowdog breaks his tradition of having a pipe of Longbottom and draws himself an ale, and he lifts it to Suzybelle and sips it, then says,

"My pleasure Me Lady. I hope you enjoy your stay here!"

Snowdog then thinks to himself, 'yea, I am up to me old tricks. I should be good in at least one Inn. But there is so many fine ladys here..... '

Posted by Arvedui (Citizen # 16) on :
A voice from a dark corner speaks, "You are correct Snowdog, I am Arvedui of Arthedain, and I have been watching you play." He gets up and walks over to the table where Elentari is sitting and looks at her, then turns to look jealously at Snowdog and says, "And You will keep your hands off of the thigh of my Elentari!" And he swings his fist and punches Snowdog square in the nose, knocking him to the floor with a bloody.
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
picking himself up off the floor, Snowdog runs and tackles Arvedui as he yells, "YOUR Elentari? She came here on her own and we was talking!" And the two men crashed into the table where Elentari sat and spilled her Dragons Breath all over her as the table broke. Snowdog kept yelling as the men took swings at each other, "Besides, she is too fine a woman for the likes of you.. You wouldn't know what to do with her..." And the men stood up and traded blows to the head.
Posted by Jaxon (Citizen # 32) on :
Emerging from her corner of quiet solitude. Jaxon, draws her broad sword and holds it between the two men. "Peace, brothers. This is no way to impress any lady. Be calm, sit, enjoy the company and the fire. Do not tempt my sword tonight!"
Posted by Caranthir (Citizen # 28) on :
Caranthir notices that he hasn't moved for about a week, and decides he'd better do something before someone gets suspicious. So, as per Myrdock's "Request", he begins inviting people to follow him. Sadly, most deny his request.


Posted by Myrdock (Citizen # 27) on :
"You know what? Just scrap the whole dang thing, Caranthir. I'm going back upstairs to get meself a little something to drink."

As he leaves, he shuts the lights off in his unsuccessful boot-leg operation with the feeling of loss, as if he had lost a child.

Posted by Caranthir (Citizen # 28) on :
Not noticing the lights (or lake thereof), Caranthir wanders down the stairs, and trips near the bottom. He gets up, shakes it off, and begins wandering around in the dark.
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
"Ok My Lady, We will quit fighting. We will let the beautiful Elentari choose, if she desires either of us."
Posted by Jaxon (Citizen # 32) on :
I didn't say she must choose...why must there be choice. Simply put the quarrel away - save your anger for the fools of Mordor! Waste not your energy in the pointless quarrel of jealousy. Enjoy the company of others and let what friendships that may, grow. One can never have too many friends can they?
Posted by Arvedui (Citizen # 16) on :
"That is right, she dont need to choose. She is my Girl!"
Posted by Caranthir (Citizen # 28) on :
Caranthir finally discovers the stairs. He climbs up them, walks to the door, and leaves. He walks down the road, not looking back.
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Snowdog cuddles up to one particularly beautiful Rohanion wench and says to her, "Take care of the place babe, I will be back soon." And Snowdog stepped out the door.
Posted by Telmar (Citizen # 39) on :
"If Elentari is anyone's girl then she's mine!" screamed a loud voice as Telmar the Black appeared in the middle of the room.
"Don't you dare lay a hand on her, Arvedui, or I'll have your head on a stake. Come to think of it your head would make quite a nice ornament. Go on then, if you've got the balls, which I doubt."
Arvedui got up from where he leant against the bar and faced Telmar. A fight looked imminent so the Rohanion wench sped out of the door after Snowdog.
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Snowdog and Focmor came in the door in time to see Arvedui punch Telmar in the eye, giving him a new name.. Telmar the Blackeye. Telmar should have been ready for it but for some reason he wasn't. It must have been because he was gazing at Elentari in her wet clothes. Anyway, As Telmar started to get up, Arvedui kicked him repeatedly in the ribs and head, finally knocking him unconscience before he could muster up a spell. Arvedui the ravenous animal them picked the black up and hauled him out back and stuffed him head first in the outhouse hole and shut the door. He then went back in and grabbed Elentari, ripping some of her clothes off in the process, and picking her up and was going to haul her out the door with him. Snowdog broke a full bottle of Red Eye Whiskey over his head and as Arvedui faded into unconsciencesness, Snowdog caught the slipping Elentari in his arms and one of his hands slid high on the inner thigh. She tried to cover herself with her ripped clothing, as Snowdog set her down on a barstool, sniffing his hand afterwards. "You ok lady? Also, did you know the guy Arvedui thouroghly trashed?" About that time, the smell of dung permeated the air as Telmar walked in the back door. Focmor said, "Now there is a literal Sh*thead for you!" Telmar was of ill tempered as one would expect after getting trashed and having his head dipped in Sh*t. So he conjoured up a spell and the unconscience Arvedui disappeared without a trace.

(ooc: Arvedui is Arthedain from TORC, and he wont be returning to any Message boards for the forseeable future. If anyone is curious why, read the 'Blues' thread on TORC 'Talk' section.)

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Posted by dunedain lady (Citizen # 50) on :
In the midst of the chaos come the strains of a harp. Once more, music calms the inhabitants of the inn, and the combatants begin to smile again. Everyone looks for the harpist, then see a dunedain lady emerging from underneath a table. She had entered the inn in the middle of the fight, and fled after being walloped by a flying beer mug. She smiles, and introduces herself as a wandering harpist looking for work.

All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all who wander are lost,
The old that is strong does not wither
Deep roots are not reached by the frost

Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
[i]"Lady, You have a job making music here if you want it." Snowdog said to the beautiful Dúnedain Lady.
He then went and got a large bucket of water and dumped it over the head of the black to wash the sh*t away.
Posted by dunedain lady (Citizen # 50) on :
"Thank you," she says, bowing deeply. "I shall be glad work in such an interresting place."
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
"Dear Lady, let me warn you.. things can get out of hend here as you had the opportunity to see. I hope you do wonders for this place with your music and beauty."
Posted by Jaxon (Citizen # 32) on :
Jaxon moves away from the blows and trips over Shadowfax asleep in the corner.

"So! This is where you've been hiding! How about another drink...and a tale?"

Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Yes! A tale Shadowfax!" and Snowdog, a bit drunk, takes and buries his face into Elentari's..
Posted by Jaxon (Citizen # 32) on :
Jaxon kicks her old pal Shadowfax again...still no movement from him. She turns to Snowdog..

"Think he's dead?" she asks

Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
"Well, It's no use kicking a dead horse. Maybe if I get the squirrels in here...."
Posted by Beren (Citizen # 38) on :
Beren comes in and spots both Lúthien and Tinuveil.. Realizing he is seeing double, he has a cup of hot tea to get his head together.
Posted by dunedain lady (Citizen # 50) on :
The lady sitting at her harp in the corner looks over at Shadowfax. She sees him breathing when he thinks no one's looking, and shakes her head in amusement. He reminds her of a friend she once knew. She contemplates hitting him over the head with her harp to wake him up, then decides it would do more damage to her harp than to Shadowfax's head :lol

All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all who wander are lost,
The old that is strong does not wither
Deep roots are not reached by the frost

Posted by Beren (Citizen # 38) on :
Beren listens and is swept away by the beautiful music the the Dnedain Lady is playing.
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
The sound of the harp was stimulating to Snowdog, and he took his woman Focmor and they slowly danced around the center of the Inn's common room. The fire put out an orange-yellow glow about the room and the wall torches flickered in the movement. Elentari was passed out face down on the corner table and telmar was frisking her. Jaxon looked at a parchment and thought of her further journey. It was a peaceful yime at Snowdog's, the oldest Inn in town.
Posted by dunedain lady (Citizen # 50) on :
The Lady hands her harp to another minstrel to play and draws and draws Shadowfax, who has finally decided to stop feigning unconsiousness, onto the dance floor. The dancers continue to swirl long into the night, with all taking turns at harping, singing and dancing. Eventually, the dunedain lady ends up back at the corner table, playing her favorite dance tune, and enjoying the site of the others dancing.

All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all who wander are lost,
The old that is strong does not wither
Deep roots are not reached by the frost

Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Snowdog enjoyed his turn to dance with the lovely Dúnedain Lady. They moved and swayed to a slow meandering song played by Tinúveil, who got lost in her music. When the song was done Snowdog bowed graciasly to the Dúnedain Lady and kissed her hand, and went back to the bar to mix drinks for the thirsty patrons.
Posted by dunedain lady (Citizen # 50) on :
As the night wore on, most of the dancers became exhausted and left to their assorted homes. Some, reasoning that the Inn was like a second home, simply fell asleep under a convenient table. Others just kept energized on drinks and music, eventually gaining that glazed look that comes to someone who has not had enough sleep and too much caffine or alcohol.

The next day, most of the patrons returned, well rested, or at least woke up from wherever they had fallen asleep. They all discussed with great happiness the previous night's festivities, and resolved to continue it soon as the harpers woke up.

All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all who wander are lost,
The old that is strong does not wither
Deep roots are not reached by the frost

Posted by Tinúviel (Citizen # 25) on :
After being comatose at the bar since page 1, Tinúviel gets up and offers to play the harp for dunedain lady and allow her to mingle with the folks for awhile. She accepts and Tinúviel starts to play a slow weeping melody and sing a sad song of love.
Posted by dunedain lady (Citizen # 50) on :
The Dunedain lady sits and listens to the love song with a sad expression on her face. She has recently become rather besotted herself, and is waiting with great anxiety for next month when she may meet the young man again.
Posted by Myrdock (Citizen # 27) on :
Myrdock keeps up from underneath a table. "I'm not dead...yet." He grins.
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Hey Myrdock! Good to see you here!
We actually have an RP thread going on here!
Posted by dunedain lady (Citizen # 50) on :
Turning away from Tinuviel's music, the Dúnedain Lady notices Myrdock crawling out from beneath a table. "Good morning! I take it that you are an old friend of Snowdog's?"
Seeing that Myrdock is still a bit groggy and probably needs some breakfast before he is able to think straight, the Lady takes a spare harp and plays a harmony line to Tinuviel's melody.

All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all who wander are lost,
The old that is strong does not wither
Deep roots are not reached by the frost

Save the rainforest!

Posted by Tinúviel (Citizen # 25) on :
Tinúviel and dúnedain lady played an emotional renditionof songs together. After a bit Tinúviel put down the harp and started to sing as she got up and danced about the room to the playing od dúnedain lady.
Posted by Hyldan (Citizen # 109) on :
Hyldan cautiously enters the inn, but is relieved to see a few familiar faces. He nods to those he knows.

"Mead, please," he says to Snowdog. "And goose, if there is any freshly roasted."

He then retreats into a corner to await service.

Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Focmor gets the new arrival his mead, but informs him there is no goose. "They do have some rabbit stew ... would you like some?"

Snowdog looks at the guy wanting trouble and snorts, "So Telmar, what you think of this?" he said to the wizard.

Posted by Hyldan (Citizen # 109) on :
Hyldan gratefully accepts the mead.

"Aye, some rabbit stew would satisfy. Thank ye."

Hyldan slowly drinks his mead, contemplating, as he watches the goings on.

Posted by Jaxon (Citizen # 32) on :
" I know you?
Posted by Hyldan (Citizen # 109) on :
Hyldan rubs his chin and thinks a bit.

"Yes, you may know me...perhaps you remember me from Awakening Fyre on TORC."

Hyldan laughs as he sees recognition dawn on Jaxon's face.

"It took me a while, but I finally checked out the link in Snowdog's sig and found this place. I like it! The MB at TORC moves too fast - its all I can do to keep up on the events in the Prancing Pony!"

Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
"So how is the Lady, the Lion of Mendereth? And hope you enjoy your stay here both of you."

Snowdog said as he sat at the table with the two.

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Posted by Rían (Citizen # 128) on :
In stumbles Rían, looking around and seeing some familiar faces. She walks up to Snowdog the bartender and orders an ale.
Posted by dunedain lady (Citizen # 50) on :
The lady with the harp gives a welcoming smile to Rían

All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all who wander are lost,
The old that is strong does not wither
Deep roots are not reached by the frost

Save the rainforest!

Posted by Jaxon (Citizen # 32) on :
I am well Snowdog, thank you. Hyldan, I thought you "looked" familiar, yes a quiet place in the wilderness is always a treat!
Posted by Rían (Citizen # 128) on :
The harp music was beautiful and Rían gave a nod to the Dúnedail Lady who played. This place seemed to have some activity, so Rían toolk her drink and went and sat with a rather wild looking woman...
Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
There was a slight blue glow and humming noise outside the Inn. Rubbing himself down Edain took a deep breath and stepped through the door of the noisy, yet tuneful place.
Edain stepped up to the bar, saying "Err, Hi. I'm quite new around here, could I have my free drink. Not that rotgut stuff you usually serve newbies, I want a glass of good ale!"
Edain then looked around the inn and tapped his foot in time with the music as he waited for his drink.
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
"Here be your drink Ranger dude."

Snowdog looked around, and saw Elentari spread eagle across the table.

"Damm, too many Dragon's Breath's."

Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
Edain thanked Good ole Snowdog, and supped his drink gratefully. Fuelled with drink-instilled courage leapt into the throng of bodies and started to dance wildly.
Posted by JAYE (Citizen # 68) on :
Jaye strolled into Snowdog's bar.After glancing around to see who was around she stopped at the bar,
"I'll have whatever he's been having"she said as she nodded her head towards the man who was dancing.
Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
Edain was seriously enjoying himself, " Come on down everybody!" he enthused. "Get down and do that Jive!"
He yelled as he waved to the newcomer to join him on the dance floor. All the while slinking through some cool moves in time to the beat.
Posted by JAYE (Citizen # 68) on :
"There's always one.Does he belong to anyone?"she said jokingly.
Posted by Rían (Citizen # 128) on :
"I dont think he belongs to anyone."

Rían said sitting at the table where Elentart was face-down comatose.

Posted by JAYE (Citizen # 68) on :
"Why am I not surprised".
Posted by Rían (Citizen # 128) on :
"Im not either." Rían said giggling. "But he sure has nice moves!"
Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
Eventually the 'Dutch Courage' began to wear off. As it did so Edain decided that maybe it was time to chill and get another drink. He wandered what had come over him; dancing was usually beyond him. So he cruised over to the bar and ordered an 'Old Engine Oil' a newish brew fresh in from abroad. He grinned warmly. This was the place to be.

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Posted by JAYE (Citizen # 68) on :
"Hey Barman!"Jaye shouted,"Can I have a drink please?"
Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
"Come on, Barkeep!" Edain banged the table, "Can't you see the lady has a thirst to slake?"

Seeing that there was no response, Edain leapt over the bar and had a root around. Surely enough he found a rather iced up bottle of 'Old Engine Oil' at the back of the fridge. Making sure that he placed the correct money in the till. He rubbed his hands and opened it. "Wait I'm forgetting my manners." he said.

Turning to the strange lady he said in time honoured fashion; "Lady What'it be?" while polishing the bar clean with an ever present rag.

Posted by JAYE (Citizen # 68) on :
"Well,I believe I need something strong and to the point,"said Jaye."What would you recommend?"
Posted by JAYE (Citizen # 68) on :
"Well,I believe I need something strong and to the point,"said Jaye."What would you recommend?"
Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
"Strong and to the point, Ay? Beer or Spirits? Well if you want a strong beer then I would recommend Hen's teeth or Fuller's 1845(S.R. ) or a nice wee drap of Dragon's Breath as favoured by the more staunch amongst adventurers. Though Moose Drool seems to be popular around here. Maybe the lady fancies a nice drap of whisky? Single malt of course. Though if you want something with a little more kick then I would recommend the overproof white rum just in from overseas..." Edain finished by taking a slug from his stout.
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
......"Huh? Oh, you're hired Edain! You have a knack for bartending I see. Sorry I was ...8ahem* preoccupied with the drunk wild forest woman Elentari on the far table..."

She was still sprawled out on the table, obviously to tuckered to have another drink.

"When she wakes up she will kill me!"

Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
"What? Oh thanx Snowdog! I wasn't sure if any one was tending the bar as you seemed *ahem* to be busy..."
Bringing his mind back to the indicisive lady, he pulled a unlabled bottle from off the shelf and poured it carefully into a pre-chilled shot glass. "Here have a drop of this, it will sharpen you up." he said with a knowing smile.
Posted by JAYE (Citizen # 68) on :
Jaye took the bottle and put it to her lips and tipped the contents down her throat,when the bottle was empty she thumped it back onto the bar.
"By eck!That was something.I'll have another please!"
Posted by ranger13 (Citizen # 129) on :
The 13th Ranger of the Dunadain enters and sits quietly in the corner. Smoking a pipe and humming a strange toon. He sips at his mug and reflects his travels quietly.
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Snowdog sets another drink on the Lady's table, and goes and gives the quiet Ranger ansample of the smoke he aquired from a Hobbit trader the other day.
Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
Edain busied himself polishing the glasses, and took an appreciative swig of "Old Engine Oil". He wandered why he hadn't considered a job in a bar before.
Posted by Rían (Citizen # 128) on :
"so bartender Edain, how about another drink? i'll either take a quad Dragonsbreath or a triple Hornytoad.. either one will do!"

Rían sat down at a table and smiled at the bartender.

Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
"Oh Hi again Rían!" Edain said with a big smile. His eyes widened as she gave her order
"Are you sure? You don't wanna ask the audience?" She nodded vermently

"OK." Edain said wearily "A Quad Dragonbreath comin' right up."
He quickly fixed her drink and slung it down the bar into her waiting hand.

Posted by Rían (Citizen # 128) on :
" OOhhh... Nothing warms the bones like one of these. Thanks Edain!"

Rían sipped the drink and sat back and relaxed.

Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
Edain finished his "Old Engine Oil" with a florish and with a flick of his wrist slung it in the bin. His linings felt well lubricated now!
Having polished the glasses, he decided to restock the fridge with alco-pops before the clubbers and under-age drinkers arrived.
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
"Well bring them on!" Snowdog said as he encouraged the lovely Dunedain Lady as she played her harp.
Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
Edain listened as the soft music washed over him like a wave on the sea shore, he felt satisfied. Indeed he felt over indulgent, and announced that the next round was on him, (No over extravagant orders please. )
Posted by dunedain lady (Citizen # 50) on :
The Dúnedain Lady strikes some stirring chords on her harp in an effort to awaken the sleepiness that has fallen over Snowdog's Inn, and seemingly all of Minas Tirith. She plays a lively jig and beckons the rangers onto the dance floor.

All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all who wander are lost,
The old that is strong does not wither
Deep roots are not reached by the frost

Save the rainforest!

Posted by Rían (Citizen # 128) on :
"Since the next round is on you Edain, I will take a large mug of cool ale."

Rían sat back and had a coy smile on her face as she watched Edain tap her an ale.

Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
"Garn. You certainly know how to take advantage of my hospitality, don't you Rian?" The Ranger smiled back if a tad ruefully.
"Any more orders? Or is that it? You know I would much like to boogie on down on the dance floor with the other rangers..." Edain finished as he gazed wistfully in the direction of the floor.

Posted by Rían (Citizen # 128) on :
Edain serves up the ale to Rían and she then takes it and pours it over his head. "There, its on you." Rían starts to laugh....
Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
"Woahh, Whaat Yoou dooin'" Edain yelped as Rian poured the beer over his head with glee. Edain was surprised and way too shocked to say anything as he stood there dripping with beer. Then gathering what little dignity he had left said:
"Yes. I suppose you're right." Edain then burst into a broad grin. Belated he laughed as he shook the beer out of his hair.
Posted by Will Whitfoot (Citizen # 93) on :
The door opened and a diminutive figure appeared there, about 3 feet nine inches tall, barefooted and with a shock of curly brown hair on the head AND the toes.

"Greetings ladies and, er, um,... gentlemen. I've a letter here for a mister Gnorek Hornblower. I wonder if he might be a resident of these parts." He strode to the bar, clambered up onto a stool, and tossed down a couple of Shire Pennies. "Innkeeper, a tankard of your finest barley malt if you would. The 1389 Hardbottle if you have it, or whatever is good today." He looked around the bar for a moment then, at the dripping and disheveled lot that sat there... "and let's do try and keep it IN the tankard can we?" He smiled.

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Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
"Oh, Hullo there, Mister Whitefoot." The Ranger grinned ruefully, "I'm afraid that in Snowdog's absence I am one of the staff!"

"A 1389 Hardbottle eh? You're a true connoisseur!"
"I'll have a look. I'm sure that Snowdog should have some on tap."
Edain had a rummage around under the bar. Presently a muffled exclamation piped up.

"Aha... found it! A 1389, coming right up." Edain steadily drew a pint from the hand pump and handed the rich smooth ale to the grateful Hobbit.

"Err sorry about the mess." Edain exclaimed, "Some patrons are wasteful with their ale." He finished, whilst giving Rían a telling glance.

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Posted by Rían (Citizen # 128) on :
"Well you did say it was on you. I think I had too much to drink anyway. That is like ol Snowdog...... Holding out the good stuff."
Rísat back on her stool and turned and said to Mr Whitfoot, "I do recall a Hornblower being around, but not sure ..... it does sound familiar."
Posted by Will Whitfoot (Citizen # 93) on :
"Ah yes, poor Gnorek, I knew himm well..." Will chortled. "He's gone and registered his Hobbit name with Shire Post, then neglected to give me his forwarding address. Well, matters little. Good excuse to stop in for a pint or three. Thank you kind sir, for filling me up... did not realize you had been pressed into service for the duration. And yes... everybody tends to go on about the 1420... which is a good year I'll not argue that... but the barley around Hardbottle was exceptionally fine in 1389 you know. I'm glad to find a place that still has a cask. To life, love, and merriment, at all times and in good measure!" He raised his flagon to the ceiling in toast and then drank deeply once again.
Posted by Rían (Citizen # 128) on :
"Now I will not pour out a 1389, or a 1420 for sure, so I will have a 1389 with Mr Whitfoot here."
Rían sat and nodded at the Hobbit and was served, reluctantly the ale by Edain. She said to Mr Whitfoot, "Your knowledge of the ales is wise, for few know of the exceeding quality of 1389. Snowdog has held out some and there is talk he has more in storage."
Posted by Will Whitfoot (Citizen # 93) on :
"Oh, so he's got a cellar eh? I find the 1389 Hardbottle is a fine brew for getting jolly. If we later decide to become more serious in thought and word, the 1347 Old Winyards from down by Digby is probably the most thoughful red wine ever produced in the Shire. It fairly drips with reason and wit and elucidates the most fantastic tales and poems you've ever heard. I'd not uncork one at this moment, but it would be nice to know whether one were available. Few bottles are left in the Shire anymore, and they go for between twenty and twentyfour silver pennies (or shillings as some say) apiece. I'd pony up for one to share later if any is lurking down there. I used to stop by and visit with old Mad Baggins... Bilbo you know... at Bag-End in Hobbiton once upon a time. He had one of the finest cellars in the district, and had a batch of the Old Winyards that his father had laid by back when it was fresh from the vine. By Iluvatar... the stories he told! after we'd uncorked one of those!"
Posted by Will Whitfoot (Citizen # 93) on :
A long and thoughtful silence ensued. Will ventured to break the silence... "Have you heard the story about Mad Baggins and his farewell birthday party? It was, as I recall, back in the fall of 1401... September the 22nd to be precise... stop me if you've heard this one..."
Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
Edain had just returned from the back room where he had finished tiding himself up and admiring his now shiningly clean hair.

(Beer can actually be quite effective if used in this manner, or so I have been told. ).

Hearing Will's voice and reckoning that there was an inkling of a tale abroad, hunkered down on the bar in front of Will. Cocking his head to on side Edain raised an eye brow and said "Really? Pray tell..." with only a slight hint of amusement in his voice.

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Posted by Will Whitfoot (Citizen # 93) on :
Encouraged, Will continued... "Well, as we're in Bree you may not have heard this one. But I tell you, it was a party to end all parties! Old Bilbo Baggins was to be eleventy one, and his nephew and heir Frodo, was coming of age at thirty three... on the same day! Now, being Mayor you understand... it's my solemn duty, one which I take very seriously, to preside at banquets and show my face at as many gatherings as possible, so I've been to a party or two, or three... yes, well... but this one... Ahhhh! Preparations began, it is said, several months in advance. Provisions of every sort were ordered from all over the Shire, and even from quite a ways outside. The invitations were quite spectacular, and went out to nearly every household in The Shire. The expense in postage alone was well over ten crowns! I had to print extra stamps just to cover the demand. As the eve of the party dawned every inn from Hobbiton to Frogmorton and Waymoot was jammed with folk gathering from the South Farthing and the North, some as far away as Buckland and even Bree I'm told. Tent villages were set up along the roads to hold the overflow. Extra carriers had to be hired to carry all the responses to the invitations up to Bag-end." Will drained his cup and looked at it disappointedly. He spilled a small pile of Shire coinage, mostly coppers but with a bit of silver mixed in, on the bar and said. "Refills all 'round." He looked at the crowd.... "You're sure you haven't heard this one? I thought it had made the rounds ages ago."
Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
"Now that sounds like a Hobbitish tale, if I ever heard one!" Edain exclaimed. "Parties, eating, drinking. Your office of Mayor must be well acclaimed." Edain said to Will with a wily smile.

Edain quickly tapped himself a mug of the Shire's finest. Before swiftly attending to the orders of the clammering patrons.

Posted by Will Whitfoot (Citizen # 93) on :
"Ah, you've no idea how arduous a task it can be sir! Scouring the inns of the Shire without rest or surcease, forced always to sample the food and ale, to be sure it is fit for my folk to eat and drink... rousing out those lazy Shiriffs from their revelries. And the postmasters.. a wily bunch are they I assure you! I make the rounds to check up on their books, and you've no idea how they ply me with wine and ale, distilled spirits, and pipeleaf of the finest quality, all in order to cause me forgetfulness upon my duty. No, the Mayoralty is no easy task I tell you. One must be made of stern stuff indeed to stand up under the rigors." Will returned Edain's smile with a wink and a raising of the mug.
Posted by Will Whitfoot (Citizen # 93) on :
"Well, as I was saying.... it was touch and go the morning of the party. Some clouds moved in and it looked as though it might rain. Several follk nearly fainted with the stress of it all. But finally the sky cleared, the gates were thrown open, and the party began, with gifts given to all and sundry. Now, it would take ages to describe all the wonderful things there were to eat and drink... so of course I will try! An open air kitchen was erected and over a dozen pigs were set to roasting on spits. the children turning the spits had to be paid constantly with treats or they'd dash off to play. But I don't blame them. There were toys given to the children there the likes of which no Hobbit had ever seen, marvelous little mechanical gadgets and wind-ups, rope-climbing clowns and..." Will stopped and looked at the assembled crowd. "You're absolutely SURE you've never heard this one? You're not just humoring me are you?"
Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
"Me? Humour you? I don't think so." Edain tried to keep a straight face as he kidded the rotund Hobbit. The effort was too much the Ranger broke into a big grin, unable to control his mirth.

"Well, I might be a little." he conseded. "Indeed in the dark days that followed. That tale did much to raise the spirits of my father, and his comrades as they struggled to protect the Shire." Edain concluded.

"But enough about my family, tell me how fare the Whitfoot clan?" Edain enquired, as he took a sip of ale.

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Posted by Will Whitfoot (Citizen # 93) on :
"Ah, so you HAVE heard it before! Well, no harm done, tales of good times oft-retold may help us to forgive and forget the hardships that fall upon us all. As for the Whitfeet, we are not doing so badly. Most of my people are down among the Bracegirdles in Hardbottle and Tighfield. Brewing, viticulture and some light crafts tend to be our trades. I went for the Messenger service as a lad, loving to walk about the Shire and meet people so much. It has been a busy time as Mayor, so much so that I never married, but perhaps I can announce to you now that Miss Rosie Puddifoot of Overhill has agreed to wed me." Will raised his cup again to congratulations. "Aye, I've been something of a fool all this time I'm afraid. We met as tweens at the Midsummer's fair when I was just beginning my career as postal carrier. A vision of radiance she was... plump and saucy with bright twinkling eyes, a smile that would light up a room, and golden-brown curly hair on her toes that glowed in the evening light so's how I could scarcely contain myself. A fine cook as well mind you, as fine a wife as any Hobbit could ask for, but I held my tongue and didn't speak... why I don't know. Well, all these years I have been visiting her and writing as friends, and all these years I've yearned but felt too embarassed to speak. Finally I met two of her friends along the road who upbraided me for a fool and worse. Well, I got up my courage and spoke, and she said 'Of course I'll marry you, you fat fool.' So, this summer's fair will see one more wedding! Perhaps I'll retire and settle down, or perhaps Rosie will come and roam with me on my rounds, we don't know yet.... but say, are we not ready for another round here? My throat's beginning to feel a bit on the dry side. But what of you friend Edain? How fares your clan since the ending of the troubles that affected us all?"

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Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
"Well, I..." Edain started to say, then said "Yes. Another round you say? Comin' right up!"
And Edain quickly nipped down to the cellar to fetch more ale.
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Snowdog had been sitting and listening to the yarn Ol Whitfoot spoke. He then said to the hobbit,

"I do indeed have the best hidden away, and I will galdly break out some of it if it is paid for up front. What would you like to drink again?"

Snowdog sat and smiled at the Hobbit.

Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
"Oh hullo Snowdog." Edain said as he returned from the cellar. He was a bit taken aback as he was carrying a couple of flagons of the "Ale" that Snowdog spoke of.

"I hope you don't mind, if I did seem to take the liberty. This gentlehobbit's coin seemed good." Edain gushed guiltily.

"Err I think that I'll go and collect a fews glasses and mugs." and with that Edain slid over the bar.

Posted by Will Whitfoot (Citizen # 93) on :
"Ah good sir, you must be our host. Greetings and well-met, I am Will Whitfoot, Mayor of the Shire. I assume Shire coinage is as good here as ever it was?" Will reached up and shook Snowdog's hand heartily. "We were just having a round of the 1389 Hardbottle Barley Malt. Edain managed to locate a small cask of it in the cellar... and I was asking after a bottle of the 1347 Old Winyards, if one were about we might uncork it later."
Posted by Boromir (Citizen # 239) on :
A man dressed in grey walks in.

"I am looking for good men, or women, to help me find the cleaved horn of Boromir, my uncle and nameright. I will only take the men that are brave enough to follow me where ever I go. Who will come forward?"

Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
"Why yes sir Whitfoot! Shire coinage is always good with me. And it is good Edain that you pulled a couple flagons of me good stores for I wish to celebrate. You see, the woman who has been passed out on the table over in the corner for some time now, the one who rode her horse in here shortly after I opened this place. I wish to celebrate her. Elentari is her name, the star queen. And though she has such an elven name she is mortal. And she is to go to one of the finest school of higher learning! That would be Oxford, the school of our Professor Tolkien! Yes Mayor Whitfoot, I have a bottle of the fair wine and it be right here."
Snowdog reaches under the bar and opens a hidden stowage and removes a bottle of 1347 Old Winyards and sets it in front of Mayor Whitfoot.

"We will indeed uncork it later."

Posted by Will Whitfoot (Citizen # 93) on :
Will's eyes grow damp as he picks up the aged brown bottle and inspects the ornate faded label. "Ah, the very thing! I scarce hoped that a bottle might yet exist. Name your price o' hound of the frozen north, for when this bottle is uncorked one never knows what strange tales may be forthcoming." He stood upon the barstool, almost meeting Snowdaog eye-to-eye and bowed low in Hobbit fashion. "And congratulations to Elentari on her accomplishments, I know nought of this Tolkien of whom you speak, but then... I know little of the lands they say lie beyond the borders of The Shire, though I greatly enjoy listening to the tales about them."

"And speaking of tales... Greetings o' weary traveller Boromir the Second." He offered a handshake and a seat to the newcomer. "There must be a strange tale indeed to tell of this ancient cloven horn, for if I recall the story, it was last seen upon the lap of Denethor before his strange and untimely departure from this world. Do you tell us now that the horn did not perish in flames in Rath Dinen when your grand-father died during the siege of Minas Tirith? What then, became of it that you seek aid in a quest?"

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Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
"Yes! It is good and my honor for the son of the Lord Faramir and Lady Eowyn to enter my place! Come and have a drink! Its be on the house."

Snowdog tapped himself an ale and looked to see if Boromir wish one also. Snowdog then said,

"I be too settled now for an adventure, for my old bones can take not the rigor of the wild as well as days of old. There may be some who wish to take up your quest here though."

Turning to Mr Whitfoot,

"Yes it is a rare find, and I unearthed it up in the North Downs while prospecting the valleys there. Surely it was some that was looted during the war and hidden by Ferny's lot. All as it should be to have it be returned to the Mayor of the Shire."

Posted by Boromir (Citizen # 239) on :
(OOC I will start a new topic for this adventure)

Turning to Snowdog.

"Thanx. As for what you said Halfling, I believe that it has not perished, just as people had believed the Ring to have been gone. I have been to many places to find it, and so far I have had no clues. But, if you are willing, you may help me find it. Are you up to it?"

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Posted by Will Whitfoot (Citizen # 93) on :
"Me?" Will exploded with a gasp. "Goodness gracious, I am too old for adventures! A two day ride out here from the Bridge of Stonebows is quite enough adventure for this old Hobbit I'm afraid. Besides, I've got my Rosie Puddifoot to think of, and my duties as Mayor. After all, someone has to keep all these postmasters in line and be sure the wine and ale and leaf is up to Shire standards. No I'm afraid that the only assistance I could provide might be access to certain hoards of ancient scrolls and papers that may prove to be of assistance in choosing the method of your quest. Surely you must have some clues if you have travelled hundreds of leagues and found yourself here?" While Boromir considered his answer Will turned again to Snowdog. "Sir, you have proven yourself a gracious host indeed. The discovery of a hoard of Old Winyards must have been exciting indeed, quite more thrilling than finding mere gold and jools I should think. Perhaps later you'll tell us the tale of that finding, as we sip from that nectar of reminiscence?"

Posted by Boromir (Citizen # 239) on :
"Then perhaps you know of someone that could help me in my quest, for I am journeying to the land of Mordor, for I do believe that somehow it was carried away to their, for all the leagues I have travelled the only clues I have recieved are speculations that someone may have found it and taken it to that evil land. I wil welcome anyone, especially if they are related to Meriadoc or Peregrin, for that will also be an honor, for I have heard of their feats in a song or two."

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Posted by Boromir (Citizen # 239) on :
"Snowdog, do you have any pipewead that I could use, and a pipe, mine broke about a league away from here. Also, serve me up a glass of your finest ale, and if it is better than old Butterber's, I will be happy indeed."
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
"Nay young Boromir, I have decided to stay put here for an indefinite time, but maybe Edain here, my barkeep wishes for adventure? Anyway Boromir, here is some of the coveted ale that is somewhat of a secret among folk. And I have many pipes broke in, but my pipeweed is scarce as I have a little. But for you, since I served but for awhile under your father in Ithilien, I give all two pipeloads I have to you with unhhh..."

Snowdog puts down the pipe he had and pulls out a long stemmed one with ornate carved designs on it and a worn place where it was always held and hands it to Boromir.

"Here, this pipe. A wiry old Hobbit gave it to me years ago when I was your age."

Snowdog wiped off the bar as Edain returned with some empty mugs. Snowdog then turned to Mr Whitfoot.

"There really not much telling of that adventure. I was in safe territory and as I looked at the hillsides I saw what looked as an out of place rock, and lo I rolled it down the hillside to uncover a crawlhole. Why it was never found before I know not.
I tell you what mr Whitfoot. Since it was probably looted from the Shire during the war, you keep that bottle and I will open the other one."

And Snowdog dug in and found another botle of the aged wine.

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Posted by Boromir (Citizen # 239) on :
"Thanks kind bartend, I thank you deeply, and this ale is of the best I have ever drank. I should come here for more than the looking of men. This pipe is also nice, I have never seen one of this quality in a long while. Yes, and I think that I shall take your barkeep for a while, thank you again. Now, will any one else come along for my journey," Boromir asks as he takes another glass of ale from Snowdog.

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Posted by Nenya (Citizen # 238) on :
A young lady in black, dusty clothes, walks in and turns to Snowdog:

May I have a glass of your best wine?


Posted by Will Whitfoot (Citizen # 93) on :
Will turned with the others, and heartily welcomed the newcomer to a seat at the bar. "The best wine eh? What say you Snowdog, it it time to pull the cork on one of these treasures of the old Shire?"

Will turned to Boromir. "Lore master of all that pertains to The Shire am I, and somewhat as concerns Breeland and Buckland, but little do I know of the lands beyond. Yet... I have access to hoarded scrolls and journals kept by the master of Buckland, one Meriadoc Brandybuck of whom you speak. There I have seen much that did not concern me, yet I do seem to recall a scroll written in Meriadoc's own hand of the events following the War of the Ring, principally of the disposition of the relics of Old Gondor and the dispensation of powers in New Gondor. I do not know why I bothered to read of it, for it dealt with The Shire only in the most obtuse way, yet there I do seem to recall now a mention of the missing shards of Boromir's horn. Some say they were consumed in the flames of Denethor, but other rumors say that ere Denethor entered Rath Dinen he cast the shards over the wall of the citadel into that quarter frequented by beggars. A search there by the guards revealed nothing, and none there admitted to seeing anything, except later, an old man who was afraid of the other soldiers, but who spoke directly to the hobbits Merry and Pippin. He told of a stranger in the quarter who said his name was "Goralf", who spoke with an uncouth accent from the far south and kept apart from the others, and who disappeared from the knowledge of the other beggars that very day of Denethor's death. Now I realize that all of this may be well known to you, but I thought I'd mention it as it may have bearing on your journey."

Posted by Nenya (Citizen # 238) on :
The newcomer turned to the others and introduced herself:

I'm Nenya, I'm from the far North.

Posted by Boromir (Citizen # 239) on :
"Yes, Will, I have heard of that from the source itself, but he said himself that he lost it in turn. I had gone out seeking him, but it has now turned into this journey, for I wish to be able to pass something of old down to my children, and it also would mean a great deal to me. I think I shall take a look at those scrolls as soon as I get some more people to join my journey, and again, I ask the question, who should wish to join me on my quest. I should warn you, we will be going into the land of Mordor, so keep that in mind. And what part of the south do you come from Nenya?"

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Posted by Fingolfin of the Noldor (Citizen # 156) on :
A cloaked figure walks in, surveys the room and sits down quitely at the corner table.
Posted by Boromir (Citizen # 239) on :
Boromir stumbles
over to the newcomer.

"I have a question, stranger. Would you be up to a little bit of an adventure? Hey, snowdog, get my friend here a glass of ale! Now, what is your answer? We will be journeying to the land of ordor in search of an object of great worth, at least to me, the cleaved horn of Boromir, my uncle and nameright. So, will you join?"

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Posted by Nenya (Citizen # 238) on :
Nenya follows Boromir to the corner and says:

I´m not from the South, I'm from the North, from a little village where the day is three month long in the summer and the ground frozen all year-round.

But, tell me more about your journey, and about Mordor, of which I had just heard frightening rumours.

Posted by Fingolfin of the Noldor (Citizen # 156) on :
I know you not, nor your quest.
I have no wish to journey to that accursed land. My fight is with Morgoth, not his underlings. He or I will fall dead before this week out, I would not take The Oath but now I make my own:

Within one fort-night either he or I will fall by the others sword. If I should for any rason fail and remain alive, my New quest a failure, then shall eternal darkness engulf me by the name of Iluvatar the

Would you care to join me on my quest?

I know, I know its pretty cheesy

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Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
Edain dutifully cleared the tables and returned the mugs to the back room, before serving the new customers.

Cautiously he asked after their health and was pleased to see the newcomers in the inn, as it had been remarkably quiet of late.

When Snowdog enquired about whether he felt like accompanying the young Boromir on his quest for his horn he smiled sadly and shook his head, " Ay me!" he said.

" As much as I would love to venture out. I fear that I must decline. My heart is not in it. The road is long and I wish for the warm fire and a cool ale. Better I rest here a while and recover my will."

Seeing the younger man brow fall slightly, Edain continued " But don't let me hinder you in your quest. I wish you well on your journey and may you never falter!"

Then he brightened and clapping his hands together said " Now who's for another drink?!"

Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
"Aye! we will open some wine, but for now I pop the cork of this 1389 Hardbottle. You sir save your bottle of the 1347 Old Winyards and I will save mine, at least for now."

Snowdog followed Nenya and Boromir over to where they sat and poured a glass of wine for Nenya. He then asked her as Edain brought Fingolfin a beverage,

"Aye Nenya, your lovely presence here warms the place though you be from the far north. I have been to the north much in my years. Few yet dwell there since the ancient war between Arnor and the Witch-King of Angmar. I have been much to the North Downs and the Ettenmoors, even entering at one time the evil fortress of Carn Dum. I have dwelled for a time in the dwarven caves in the north of Ered Luin and as a young man I found love and lost it near the shores of Lake Evendim."

Snowdog lost himself in thought for a time before looking again into Nenya's eyes and he finished saying,

"I am at home in the north as the blood of the Lossoth as well as the blood of Numenor runs through my veins, and at times they battle inside me. So tell of yourself Nenya if you wish."

Nenya raised the glass of wine to her lips and sipped gently some and savored the taste as she broke away from the stare of Snowdog and looked into her glass.

Posted by Boromir (Citizen # 239) on :
"Sorry Nenya, but I fear that at this moment my hearing is obscured by Snowdog's generosity, although I am gladly willing to thank him a million times. But I will tell you about the land of Mordor, for I have been told about from those that ventured into it. It is a frightful place, full of desolation. There are an occasional band of orcs crossing the land I have heard, although they run at the sound of a mouse, although there is still some that will fight anything, even a great army."

"Oh, and Fingolfin, I will accompany you on your journey if you promise to go with me on mine when we are done. And now it seems that who ever wanted to join me will accompany Fingolfin also, if he permits."

" And barkeep, I respect your wish, do not feel you let me down. Now, Snowdog, before I pass out and make this room my resting place for the night, may I use one of your rooms? The ale and wine have made it to where it is hard for me to take another sip. I thank you again for your generosity."

Posted by Nenya (Citizen # 238) on :
Nenya looked at Snowdog and said:

"It is told that my people once lived north of Carn dûm, but during the realm of Angmar, they fled north. They keeped going north-east until they met a freindly tribe living of fishing and of their reideers. During my lifetime we have slowly been moving down south again. But to late we noticed that there still were Orcs in the Grey Mountains..."

She sighed deeply, and took a sip of the wine before continuing:

" They killed my brother in law and two of my cousins and took my sister as prisoner. Since then I've tried to find out what happened to her. "

Nenya lost herself i thoughts looking into her glass of wine.

Posted by Boromir (Citizen # 239) on :
"Nenya, that is sad enough to make me sober, which it did. I guess you wish to continue on your own journey, so if you want to, go ahead. I will not pressure you into going with me, for I am also going with Fingolfin before starting my journey anew."

"Snowdog, when I said I was sober, I wasn't kidding. Bring me some of your hardest stuff, and I bet I could drinkl more shots than you. I plan to win a bet I have been having within myself tonight. So come and help me be at peace."

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Posted by Nenya (Citizen # 238) on :
" Boromir, I think I follow you and Fingolfin, for a while anyway. I have been searching the Grey Mountains, Misty Mountains and the Mirkwood, and I have been thinking of going to Mordor, but..."

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Posted by Boromir (Citizen # 239) on :
"OK. It will be pleasant to have someone to talk to other than oe other person. No offense Fingolfin. Now, Snowdog, can you hurry up with that contest?"
Posted by Fingolfin of the Noldor (Citizen # 156) on :
Are you sure you want to join me on my quest? For if you do you will most likely die; as will I.




Have you read about the fight between Fingolfin and Morgoth in the Silmarillion Boromir?

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Posted by Nenya (Citizen # 238) on :
"I have no fear of death, and danger chases unpleasant thoughts away."

She looked at Snowdog and asked:

"Do you have a room for me for the night?"

Posted by Boromir (Citizen # 239) on :
(OOC No not yet fingolfin, I just got the Lord of the Rings this Christmas.)

"I am like Nenya. My friends mom has a saying, When it is your time, it's your time. No fighting it, it will just come after you again, anything, be it good or be it evil. So I will come with you, and not faulter from you side until it is over or I am dead. But if we live, will you go with me on my quest to find the cleaved horn of Boromir? I will see ya in the morning, Nenya. Sleep well."

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Posted by Fingolfin of the Noldor (Citizen # 156) on :
If I kill morgoth will I go with you to Mordor?


If I were to succede in my quest I would travel with you to the ends of the earth.

Morgoth CHEATED!!!!!!!

Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
Seeing that Snowdog was busy, Edain spoke up. "Nay Lady, fear you not! Here at Snowdog's Inn there is room for all!"

He continued. "As long as your money is up front, and you promise not to bust up the furniture." Edain concluded with wry smile and a wink.

Turning to Boromir he said "Now then! I'm sure that you have drunk well this ee'n, but surely you have taken your fill? I don't fancy having to heft you to your bed, lest you sully your late Uncle's name."

But seeing the man's determined gleam, Edain sighed and set up two lines of glasses and started filling them with "Ole Red Eye". As he did so Edain said to Fingolfin.

"Hey what happened to the joyful optimism of your merry folk? There is no need to talk of death, I bet a Elflord such as yourself can hold his own against those hoards."

Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
OCC Whoa! Slow down! this board travels at a pretty gentle pace. I reckon people only check it every few days.
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
"Aye Lady fair, the first door on the left up the stairs is your room, and Boromir you being of royalty get the first one to the right." As for power drinking, after we finish these glasses, I got just the stuff.... Edain, get the JUG! Ya know, the dusty one in the corner under the bar. I will be a bit busy so keep an eye on the place."

Snowdog sat down and looked at Boromir saying,

"So you wish to do some damage before setting out for Mordor?"

Snowdog again looked into the deep sorrow of the eyes of Nenya and could see the feeling of the loss of her family. Snowdog too knew the loss of one he loved, and not knowing what may have happened to them is the worst feeling.

"Lady Nenya, I wish you well on your quest to find your sister, and know that Rhuadur and the Coldfells are filled with places to hide, and the caves of Mt Gram are vast and still frequented by trolls and orcs. Do not look so far away that all the area close by is unsearched. Tell me Lady, have you seen sign of her at all?"

Snowdog scratched his beard and thought of the many times he had passed through the lands to the north, and he knew that the line that Nenya had come was hardy to have survived in the frozen waste of Morgoth. Snowdog himself crossed the frozen bay of Forechel long ago, but was thwarted in is attempt to cross the Waste.

Snowdog againg thouight as Edain brought a plain jug that was corked and dust covered. Popping the cork Snowdog threw the jug up on his forearm and lifted his arm and took a mighty chug off the jug. He then passed it to Boromir.

(OOC: I have to check in here more often as the activity has certainly picked up. I am however only able to get on during my day (Pacific USA) and on weekends occaisonally.)

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Posted by Will Whitfoot (Citizen # 93) on :
"Well ladies and gents, I think I'll not join yer contest." Will took another sip at his flagon of 1389 Hardbottle barley malt. "Drinking is a pleasure to me, not a game. Drink not unto death, for quests have been proposed and oaths taken that require ye to at least live to see the light of the morrow, even though it pain the eyes and strike the head as with blows of the war hammer of Thror. As for the three quests proposed... the seeking of the shards of the horn of Boromir is a worthy one, even if it is of meaning only to a few. The slaying of Morgoth in vengeance seems fraught with spiritual as well as mortal danger, for fantasies of blood are too often realized in ways not of our own making... But the seeking of the sister taken by the orcs... this is indeed a worthy quest, one which every warrior or hero in this place who holds honor for women should consider before seeking vengeance or lost heirlooms. Have you not heard tales of the torment of captured women in the dens of orcs? Can you imagine the pain and humiliation of being kept as a plaything by those brutish swine? There can be no greater service than the rescue of a damsel in distress, so say all the tales of yore I have ever heard. Will you let this poor lady search for her sister alone while you run off and seek glory in battle for lesser goals? Has Snowdog's drink so addled your brains that you heed not dear lady's plight?" Will shook his head sadly, then drained his cup, placed a generous pile of coin on the bar, and turned to Snowdog and shook hands warmly. "My gracious thanks kind sir for your gift of this bottle and your hospitality. Sorry to leave so soon, but I have lodgings for the night with the postmaster and her husband down the street. I really should be getting over there before they lock the doors. I will be in the district three days on business before journeying back to the Shire, and so hope to stop in again, perhaps tomorrow's evening." Will turned towards the door and stopped to talk to Nenya for a moment. "My dear child, please look me up before you leave town, I'll be over at the Post office going over the books. There are some papers kept there, journals of the Dunedain, maps, and some captured orkish documents that may shed light for you on the whereabouts of their dens. I'm sorry about these louts, heroes seemto be scarce these days. I'd join you myself but... these old bones don't sleep well inthe wilds, and my hand wields the pen better than it does the sword I'm afraid. May Illuvatar shine upon your path." Will then bowed deeply to the company and headed towards the door.
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
"Alright Sir Whitfoot! Remember, don't crack open that bottle until at least it be displayed in the Shire's museum... what's the name of it again?

Ah, well as far as joining a search for the fair Lady's sister, I still look for information to go on from the Lady herself, for I will not venture about the countryside chasing heresay. For I have in younger days joined on many a searches for lost loved ones in hopes that the search would bring me hope or closure on my beloved Rían. But alas, the stories told would dry up and sometimes lead into traps with the loss of the good people who set out. But Sir Whitfoot, I agree with your observation that since the war there seems to be a lack of adventure and heroism in part of the younger folk."

Turning to Nenya Snowdog said,

"You dear rest ant think back to all where you searched, and I too have many maps here we can look upon in the early light of the morn."

Snowdog then watched as Boromir took a slug off the JUG and immediatly started coughing and spprayed the table. He immediatly apologized to the Lady and decided to take another slower drink of the burning drink from the Jug.

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Posted by Will Whitfoot (Citizen # 93) on :
"It will be as you ask Sir Snowdog. The Old Winyards is a good vintner in any year, but this from the year 1347 is special far beyond the run of most seasons. Open that bottle only with the closest of friends, and then be prepared to share secrets you never thought you'd tell, for colours become more vibrant and the tongue is loosened in a strange and wondrous way. Peace be upon you and all your house." Will bowed again deeply and made his way out the door.
Posted by Boromir (Citizen # 239) on :
As he takes a swig, he thinks about what Will said and hands it back to Snowdog.

"Nenya, I once again say, if you want to go search for your sister, you can, but I have given my word to Fingolfin to go with him, and a man of Gondor never goes back on his word. Now, Will spoke true words Snowdog. I need to be able to get up tomorrow, so I guess this little contest need wait 'till I return, where upon, I will take and try to win this here contest. Here, I will pay you, no matter what you say. G'night everybody."

Posted by Roland (Citizen # 218) on :
A weary-looking adventurer walks into the inn, and after looking around the room seats himself at a table.
Posted by Eldfess (Citizen # 211) on :
I had travelled far to see my old friend. It had been so long since we had seen each other. In our last correspondence, he had told me of his inn. There I would meet him and rest. Old wounds die least, the kind of wounds that I carry do. Some people drown such wounds in drink, others in work. I choose to bury such sorrow in adventure. I admit, a large reason why I seek Snowdog out is because of how adventure seems to follow him wherever he goes. And whether he joins or not, I may. Aah, there is the inn up ahead. The lights from the windows pierce the darkness.

They say that the definition of insanity is asking stupid questions. I want to know who 'they' is.

Posted by Nenya (Citizen # 238) on :
" Thanks, it is very kind of you bothering of giving advise and help in my quest. But I do not think she still is in the east. By spying at the orcs I did find out that she was taken to thier 'great master'. I first thought this meant Dol Guldur or Mordor. But then I did found out that she as the matter of fact was taken west, over the Misty Mountains. Thats what I'm doing here. "

Nenya smiled and drank the last wine.

"And Boromir, before you go... I will follow you and Fingolfin just because you are going to fight one dark lord, using orcs as slaves..."

She yawned and got up.

"Godnight everybody"

she said, before she went for the stairs.

Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
"Greetings to you Quietmouse! There is indeed plenty of room in the stables at the moment. Your horse will be in the capable hands of the Ostler, and the part-time grooms. Hobbits all!" Edain said with his best welcoming smile. After that he quickly tidied up and showed the guests to their rooms.

"Now if that is all. This night, then maybe I can lay my head down and be ready for the morrow..."

Posted by Fingolfin of the Noldor (Citizen # 156) on :
Fingolfin gets up, walks up to Snowdog and puts two carved jewels in his hand.

"I must have a room"

Posted by Dúnadain (Citizen # 269) on :
A slim character smoothly sneaks into the inn totally unnoticed, and starts observing the silly and not so silly doings of the dwellers here
Posted by Rían (Citizen # 128) on :
Rían sees that several new people had come in, so she greets them with a rather drunken hello. She did not notice the slipping in of the one who stood quietly by the door in the shadow of the doorframe. She did notice the one who sat at the table and she grabbed an ale from a passing tray carried by a serving wench and she sat down at the empty chair next to him.

"Hi, have an ale on me, and may you enjoy your stay here. From where do you come?"

Her sea grey eyes beamed as the looked into the eyes of Roland.

Posted by Arvedui (Citizen # 16) on :
Arvanion steps in the door and removes his hood. His long dark flowing hair spills about his shoulders and he steps over to an open spot on the bar. "Good ale please" he asks the bartender, and turns and leans against the bar ald looks at all the folk gathered there.
Posted by Nenya (Citizen # 238) on :
Nenya came down the stairs, and looked surprised at all the people...

"I know that I wake up early in the mornings, but are you still awake?!"

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Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
"well Snowdog's is open 24 hours as there is always a friendmy drink to be served and travelers with money know no time. Dod you sleep well Nenya?"

Snowdog yawned but then he was asleep for most of the last few months. He would catch a nap when things slowed a bit.

"What would you like for breakfast Lady?"

Posted by Nenya (Citizen # 238) on :
"Pancakes would taste good if you have any..."

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Posted by Rían (Citizen # 128) on :
Rían came downstairs a bit hungover. She wasn't sure who's room she slept in or who shagged her, but she did know she had a headache. "Hey, along with those pancakes is there any coffee?"
Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
"For you there is whatever you want my Lady." he said Quietly.

Edain then dusted of the espresso machine in the corner and twiddled with it till it produced coffee. When all was to his satifaction he dished out coffee to all and sundry, before checkin' that the pancakes were coming along nicely.

Posted by Rían (Citizen # 128) on :
"Thanks sir." Rían said to Edain as she held her head in her hands. Sh ewas looking at the way edain was moving as he steamed espreso and flipped pancakes....real familiar looking.... but her head was in a dze and she couldnt be sure with his trousers on. She shook the thought away as the hot cup of coffee was set in front of her.
Posted by Nenya (Citizen # 238) on :
Nenya sat down, and said to Rían:

"Good morning. I don't know if we met last night. I'm Nenya"

Posted by The Dark Lord (Citizen # 277) on :
A sturdy man swathed in a black cloak stumped in. Very weary he looked, as if he'd ridden a great distance in a short time. "Coffee," he grunted, throwing himself onto a barstool. "and put a shot of the strongest stuff ya got into it." He let back his hood and sighed. "By the by, call me Magnus."
Posted by Roland (Citizen # 218) on :
After falling asleep in his chair, Roland awakes and orders dried meat and ale. As he waits for his meal he inspects his left arm where a bloody bandage is wrapped. He takes a scrap of cloth from his pack and proceeds to re-bandage his wound.
Posted by Nenya (Citizen # 238) on :
While waiting for pancakes and for Rían to answer, Nenya waches the newcomer. She thinks that he look familiar, and wonder where she have seen him or someone look-alike.

Then she looks at Edian, finishing the pancakes, and she feels that she is really hungry.

Posted by The Dark Lord (Citizen # 277) on :
"So..." said Snowdog, rather uneasily, "what business brings you to Bree, friend?"
Magnus, who until then was very quiet, looked up and gave a small smile. "I've some business to attend to with a band of elves supposedly passing through the area. I've catch them. Not the first time I've been here though, and it surely won't be the last." He looked around and noticed some inn patrons looking over their shoulder at him. 'Can't say I blame em'. Probably look quite a sight after such a journey" Magnus thought. He chuckled and took another swig out of his mug, which now contained more whiskey than coffee.


Standing Before Him Was A Figure Robed In White And At His Breast He Held A Wheel Of Fire

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Posted by Tinelwen (Citizen # 261) on :
A tall, graceful girl in a travel-stained cloak of pale blue slips in the door quietly, seats herself, and asks for a cup of tea. She has obviously been traveling for many days, and sits warily at the bar, hood still covering her long dark hair, hardly daring to look anyone in the eye.
Posted by The Dark Lord (Citizen # 277) on :
Magnus watches the newest patron out of the corner of his eye. "The only people who behave like that are incredibly timid or are being followed. I wonder what her story is." he mutters to himself. Looking around, he notices Nenya as she glances over at him. "Where have I seen her before?" he muses. Magnus began to grow impatient, for Snowdog disappeared through a door behind the bar and he wished to ask for a room as soon as possible, for in such a well known tavern, lodgings went rather fast.
Posted by Tinelwen (Citizen # 261) on :
Tinelwen, sipping her tea, glances around the room to survey the others there. She catches Magnus's glance and asks him, "Well, what are you wondering, stranger? The look on your face is very inquisitive, and while you are musing over that, would you be so kind as to give me the time?"
Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
After serving everybody and makin' sure everything was to their satifaction, Edain took a break.

"Phew!" he exclaimed aloud, as he went through the motions of brewing up some herbal tea for himself, and cutting a slice of the nice Chocolate cake that had been baked earlier that morning.

He noticed that Rían was watching him. Seeing that he beamed and asked "Now what can I do you for?" As he saluted her with his cup of tea.

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Posted by The Dark Lord (Citizen # 277) on :
"Oh, well the time is a quarter till nine. I am just wondering why you look at most of the people in here as if they were agents of Sauron. I can see that you are no stranger to a fight, but still, I think that there is nothing more dangerous in here than a group of rowdy Dwarves. If you wish to keep your reasons to yourself, I understand." he responded, giving her a small smile.


Standing Before Him Was A Figure Robed In White And At His Breast He Held A Wheel Of Fire

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Posted by The Dark Lord (Citizen # 277) on :
Magnus quietly hopes that he had not gone too far in asking her why she acted in such a manner, for he was loath to offend such a fair young woman. 'I always ask too much to strangers' he muttered, and took a large draught from his mug.
Posted by Tinelwen (Citizen # 261) on :
For the first time in awhile, Tinelwen laughed openly and grinned, changing her apperance from that of a wayworn traveler to a merry youth in springtime. "Do not worry, friend. I have forgotten how it is to be among people of good intentions, for my travels have taken me far and among many peoples, few of whom have treated me well," she said as her countenance became grave again, "but come now," she smiled again at him, "you have indeed not asked too much, for I certainly have been stealing about as if the Dark One himself were searching for me, but my danger is over for now. I would tell you my story but that would take long indeed, and I am weary. But before I retire, would you be so kind as to tell me a little about yourself and the area here? I am not from these parts, and my travels have never brought me here before." She hoped she could redeem herself for her stealthy, suspicious entrance, and perhaps make a friend or two.


Posted by Rían (Citizen # 128) on :
Rían sipped her coffee, and looked at Nenya,

"Hi, I was pretty drunk last night so I am sorry for not introducing myself. I am Rían! I been kinda livin' here and all it seems."

Rían saw Edain looking at her and she said,

"Didn't you already do me for? or wasn't that you? Anyway, I will take another cup of black coffee. She noticed the woman come in bundled against the cold morning air and also the one called Magnus. Hmm.... maybe I should see if they still have romms for tonight.

Posted by Nenya (Citizen # 238) on :
While enjoying the pancakes Nenya continue talking to Rían.

"You've been here for long? What is this place like? I havn't been in these parts before."

Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Snowdog steps up on a chair and is glad everyone had a good evening! "EVERYBODY! Welcome to Snowdogs! A warm meal and beverage will be served up to everyone who desires it. For those travellers passing through May your road be smooth! You are all welcome to stay as long as you wish and I hope there will be enough rooms. I do have some others if the need arises! Again, welcome!"
Posted by dummble (Citizen # 264) on :
"thank you kind fellow. but im on a journey to find my friend. he was captured by gobblins and is injured badley." dummble says walking in, "i will just stay the night if thats ok."
Posted by Roland (Citizen # 218) on :
Roland stands from his table and calls out to Snowdog: "Innkeeper, I would like to purchase a room please. And do you recommend any shops nearby where I can buy clean bandages and a new canteen? I am fairly new to the area and do not yet know my way around."
Posted by The Dark Lord (Citizen # 277) on :
"I would be pleased to do so. First of all, my name's Magnus. I've been riding for several weeks from Rohan to intercept a group of elves passing through here. I was to speak of an important matter to them and I arrived here in Bree roughly an hour ago. Now I see that you are weary, as am I for that matter, so I'll just tell you a small bit about Bree. If you like, you and I can have a more in-depth conversation on our backgrounds when you are rested. Anyway, this tavern is relatively new by Bree standards. However, it was once the competitor to the 'Inn Across the Way' before it burnt down. Seeing as how I am not quite as wise as I'd like to be, if you have questions that I've no answers for about Bree, ask Snowdog or some of the characters in here. Well, I can see that you are as tired as I am, although not quite as tipsy, and here comes Snowdog, so perhaps I'll ask for a room and say morning, or whatever the case may be." he laughed. "I'd be pleased to be graced by your company when we are both a little more awake, so if you are inclined, give me a yell." The barkeep was drawing near and Magnus caught his eye.
"Oy, Snowdog! If there are any left, I'd fancy a room, as would this good maiden here." he motioned toward her. "I don't need anything fancy, just a bed and table will suit me fine." Snowdog chuckled and nodded.
"Aye, I've got at least that much, with another for the lady if she wishes to stay with us. The room at the end of the hall be yours." At this, Magnus excused himself from the company of the lady, smiled at her once more, and loped away in the direction Snowdog pointed him. Slipping the key he was given into the lock, Magnus entered. He smiled when he saw the merrily crackling fire. Taking off his boots he lay down with a sigh and fell into a deep sleep.

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Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
"Aye, a room for you sir, though you have your chronological order wrong. Snowdog's Inn here was built and opened before the Inn across the street. It did burn down and it was a sad day indeed for sure. But I will weary you not with tales, for you are tired. and though it is morning, you will find rest in the far room."

Snowdog flipped Magnus a key and he was soon up the stairs and gone. Snowdog turned to Roland and said,

"Well, there is Nob's trading post about 100 paces to the east, and the ol hobbit seems to have a keen sense of what people need and usually has some worthy things in stock. He has done well since branching out on his own and turning his Inn duties over to his little brother Hob. I do business with him and surely you will be well provisioned."

Turning to Nenya snowdog smiled.

"How is the breakfast fair lady?"

Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
As he slid Rían her coffee Edain whispered "I have no recollection of last night... But this marnin' my back is givin' me gip and ain't that the truth."
He groaned for effect and leaned back on the bar.
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Snowdog got a strong coffee and went to sit on the fireplace mantle and leaned back. He grabbed a couple logs and threw them in as it was a cold morning and the fire started to build. Snowdog leaned against the wall at the side of the fireplace and sipped his coffee and watched the patrons as they awoke and came downstairs and also some entering the front Door. "Damm, I still have to get that doorpost fixed. That tart Elentari rdiing her horse in here. She been passed out a long time maybe I should go and awake her and see if she is dead."
Posted by Tinelwen (Citizen # 261) on :
Tinelwen, after listening to Magnus's rather slurred introduction, suddenly realized that she was indeed very weary. She smiled with gratitude at him as he stumbled away to his room and then called to Snowdog, "So you do then have another room vacant that I may use?" She looked about the crowded inn doubting that there were any rooms left.
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
'Ah, my dear Lady! I do indeed have a place still vacent. Do you mind one with no windows? If not then you will like this room."

Snowdog looked for a key and when he found it, he turned again to the Lady Tinelwen and said,

"Would you like for me to show you the room? It is a bit hard to find as it is not up the stairs or down the straight hall. Come, I show it to you and see if it meet with your approval."

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Posted by Tinelwen (Citizen # 261) on :
Yes, thank you. I would be happy to have a room with no windows. There are many places one could stay with worse faults than no windows.
With that, she turned and followed Snowdog.

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Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Snowdog and Tinelwen walked toward the stairway and also the straight hall that led to the ground floor rooms. But before reaching the hall he turned left and pushed open a door that led downstairs. Snowdog looked back and saw Tinelwen following close so he said,

"This is a good room, and I hope you find comfortable as well. It is small, but it being underground it is really quiet. It also has a luxury no other room has."

Snowdog paused as he reached the bottom of the stairs and as Tinelwen stepped off the last stair he looked at her closely in the lamplight. He nodded his head in approval and said,

"Now you see this is a secret, and this wide space here is not yet developed, but I built this place as a special place. And though you just walked in here this day, I see in your eyes one trustworthy, and my gut has yet to fail me in my years."

He walked across the wide area that was used some as storage of goods, and on the far wall was a log door he unlocked and opened. Tinewen looked in the room and her eyes got big. There in the far corner of the room was a stone tiled bath with water making steam running slowly from a wooden pipe into the pool. It ran out a wooden pipe at the other side to prevent much spillage when one got into it. Snowdog said then,

"You see fair lady, A spring of hot water I found here when building my Inn, and someday I will have a large bath out in the wide area, but for now, there is this small bath, and since you looked weary of the road and tired, and the fact all the rooms are taken ahd I could not have one who seems so fair as you sleep in the stables. I hope you appreciate it and enjoy its comfort. I do ask you not to reveal this to anyone until I get the main bath built. There are clean linens in the stow over by the bed and if there is anything else you may need feel free to ask."

Tinelwen stood in the door in awe and Snowdog tried to slide by her to leave the room. As he passed he captivated her gaze and his grey eyes searched her but for a moment.

"Rest easy Lady. No one will bother you here."

And Snowdog started to head across the unbuilt area to the stairs, turning once to look back at her.

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Posted by Tinelwen (Citizen # 261) on :
As Snowdog turned back, Tinelwen smiled graciously at him.
Many thanks. Despite the lack of a window, this room is far better than any other I could hope for. And do not fear, for you have not been decieved, and this secret will be well kept with me.
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Snowdog's hard face smiled as he saw the glint in Tinelwen's eyes and he watched as she turned and went in and shut the door. He immediatly turned and stepped up the stairs and was back standing near the bar.
Posted by Nenya (Citizen # 238) on :
Nenya finished the pancakes and called for Snowdogs attention.

"Do you know if Fingolfin and Boromir is still asleep?"

Posted by Roland (Citizen # 218) on :
Roland pulls his cloak around himself and exits the Inn.
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
[i]"Well Lady Nenya, I try and make it not my business to know my patrons business as long as payment is made. Some sleep at day and move by night, while others sleep late and some arise early. That is why I have a 24 hour Inn with few closings, and either me or Edain are about with a serving wench or two. Has everything been satisfactory for you?"

Snowdog smiled slightly at the Lady Nenya, again looking like he would crack his face.

Posted by Nenya (Citizen # 238) on :
"Yes, I've liked it very much here. But I did get a messege in my dreams, and I really need to leave. If you see Fingolfin or Boromir, can you tell them that I'm really sorry that I can't follow them. And then, I wonder if I can get some food and water for my journey, from you, please?"
Posted by The Dark Lord (Citizen # 277) on :
Magnus was in the land of dark dreams. He saw a man in a hooded cloak. He knew the man well, for they were once friends. The hooded face looked up at him and caused Magnus to return to the realm of the waking with a terrific roar. He whipped out a dagger and threw it with all his might at the door, which he at the present thought to be the man. It buried up to the hilt in the hickory. Hurriedly, he rose, muttering to himself, and yanked the blade free. "It was only a dream, calm yourself, man." the sound of his own voice calmed him. He lay back down with a groan, and with dismay realized that he'd slept less than an hour. With a sigh, he drifted off again.

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Posted by Natasha (Citizen # 370) on :
Everyone heard the inn of the door of Snowdogs in open. They looked at the ivory colored hand that forced it open gracefully and in walked the most attractive woman they had all in there life......... Tinivel

"Smile it makes people wonder what your up too ;)"

Posted by Beren (Citizen # 38) on :
Beren, who had come into Snowdog's quite awhile ago already seeing double from athe ales he had across the street, had some slllpytime tea and he wa sout on the tiles for some time. He had recently awakened with the activity and had taken a seat near the door nd drank water, as he had a bit of a hangover. Upon seeing the beautiful woman enter, heads turned and beren's lower jaw hit the table. Gathering himself together, he arose from his seat and stepped over to where the woman stood. She was looking about to see if there were a place to sit, which there was as some were up for breakfast, and some were fast asleep. Tinivel turn and looked at beren as he stopped in front of her and he was struck deep. Trying to speak calmly, though his heart was in his throat, he said,

"La.. Lady, would you like a drink to wash away the dryness of the road? Alas Lady, I really mean... would you be gracious enough to sit with me a spell and talk, for it would please me to no end to be able to look... I men.... to talk and sip a beverage with you."

For Beren was smitten by her countenance and her movement. He was a nervous wreck as surely one as fair as she would give little heed to one as unkempt as he.

Posted by Natasha (Citizen # 370) on :
Looking in his eyes she pulled back her hood and in a kindly toned replied, "I have been through great troubles and I would certainly be delighted to talk with you it would ease my mind."
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Snowdog watch the young woman enter, and also the one who had slept in the corner for so long. It seemed he was smitten by her presence, and it seemed she was in no danger, so Snowdog walked over to them and interrupted their gaze into each others eyes.

"Greetings Lady, may I serve you a drink? And you sir, are you going to actually order something?"

They were startled a bit by Snowdog's presence, and they went to sit at a table. Snowdog followed and asked again,

"What would you like?"

Posted by Nrogara (Citizen # 347) on :
Sits in a corner and drinks a beer.Watching people.
Posted by Nenya (Citizen # 238) on :
After packing her few things and some food, Nenya leaves the inn, quietly.

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Posted by Natasha (Citizen # 370) on :
Tinivel looked at Beren and quietly whispered, "What were you intending on buying from here?"

"Smile it makes people wonder what your up too ;)"

Posted by Will Whitfoot (Citizen # 93) on :
"Forgive me for intruding my dear Snowdog" said Will popping in the door. "I must be off at once. I know not when of if I may be able to stop by again. Just wanted to stop in and say that I enjoyed my time here and to express thanks for the bottle of wine you so graciously gave to me. It will find a home back at the mathom house in Michel Delving. Be well and prosper!" Will bowed deeply and closed the door behind him.
Posted by Beren (Citizen # 38) on :
"I was thinking of maybe a bottle of fine wine, but I will only if you wish to share a glass with me my lady. If you prefer something else I will gladly get it for you, at least you must drink some water."
Posted by Natasha (Citizen # 370) on :
"Well if all is possible I believe I could go with a taste of water, because wine is too strong for me right now I believe I would possibly swoon." Tinvel's bright turquoise eyes were filled with drowsiness. Then she spoke to Beren, "I feel I may need to get a room soon because I am so weary or I may collapse here, perhaps you would know how to arrange that?? I would pay you if you could."

"Smile it makes people wonder what your up too ;)"

Posted by Beren (Citizen # 38) on :
Beren caught a serving wench as she went by and she brought a large picture of cool water and a couple mugs to the table. Beren remembered Snowdog telling another young lady that he had one room remaining and it was now taken. Beren did not know what to do but decided to ask Snowdog what could be done for the Lady. Getting up after pouring Tinivel some water, he said

"Pardon me M'Lady, I will return shortly."

and he walked over to Snowdog to see if there was any way to get a room. If Beren had just rented one when he came in when the Inn was empty. He could have let her have the room... oh well. He returned to the table and sat next to Tinevel who was slowly sipping her water and said,

"Lady Tinivel, no rooms are available. Snowdog offered blankets and all for a warm night in the stable for that is all he could do. He charges not for that but I know not if you would be comfortable there. Maybe I could make a makeshift place for you to lay your head over by the fireplace?"

He looked into her eyes and he felt that gut feeling of inadaquacy as he was not able to procure her a decent place to sleep.

Posted by Natasha (Citizen # 370) on :
"I think it ever the more kind of you to go out of your way just to please me, I believe though I shall stay the night in the stable." With that she wearily got up out of the booth and brushed back her golden-brown hair out of her eyes.

"Smile it makes people wonder what your up too ;)"

Posted by Beren (Citizen # 38) on :
"Then let me see to it that you find a place worthy of your beauty, and I will watch the night and know that you are safe and rest well."

Snowdog dropped over some thick blankets and Beren picked them up and offered to carry them out for her, but she hesitated and looked at him.

Posted by Natasha (Citizen # 370) on :
"Oh that is nice of you, but I believe you have done enough for me today thank you"

then she smiled at him

"Smile it makes people wonder what your up too ;)"

Posted by Beren (Citizen # 38) on :
"Ok My Lady, May you rest well."

Beren turned from her gaze and sat himself down at a table drinking down his mug of water.

Posted by Natasha (Citizen # 370) on :
Tinivel hurried to the stable as fast as her legs would take her and when she reached the stable she didn't bother to make a bed and just plainly put the blankets on the hay and slept a deep dream...

"Smile it makes people wonder what your up too ;)"

Posted by Tinelwen (Citizen # 261) on :
After a soothing bath and a wonderful sleep, Tinelwen came down to the common room. Her appearance had changed greatly, from a travel-weary voyager to a young maiden who had lived easily all her life. She had cast aside the worn, travel-stained clothing she had arrived in, and now wore a robe of brilliant white. All the cares and worries of her voyage seemed to have been miraculously smoothed away by just one night's sleep, and even she wondered about this.
Noticing that the room was notably less crowded than when she arrived, she sat down alone at a table and gazed absently at the people left in the room with a far-away look on her fair face.
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Snowdog yawned as the day wore on. Seeing Tinelwen emerge from downstairs was a sight for many eyes ans she was a ravishing beauty in white. After she sat and seemed contented as she looked around, Snowdog walked over to her table and asked,

"How did you sleep fair lady? Would you like a refreshment this fine evening?"

Snowdog's weariness seemed to slip away for the moment.

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Posted by Tinelwen (Citizen # 261) on :
Tinelwen smiled at Snowdog and replied,

I had a lovely rest, thank you. It seems to have amended for many a day of difficult travel. If it be not too much trouble, I should greatly enjoy a glass of wine.

Posted by Beren (Citizen # 38) on :
Beren sat at the table sipping the water and refilling his mug from the pitcher. He watched as the beautiful woman emerged from the hall and watched as she graced across the floor and sat. Beren was looking at her, but his mind was on the woman who left.
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
"Surely lady, would you like a fine white or red? Ah, I think I know of a fine bottle that you may like."

Snowdog went down the hall and into the door where the stores were kept. Tinelwen's room was across the way and Snowdog looked under some old crates and other old wrap, and found a bottle of wine. Emerging upstairs, he grabbed two glasses and stepped over to the table where Tinelwen sat.

"Lady, will you accept me pouring you a glass of this fine White Mountain Chablis of 3000? And if so, would you be so willing as to allow me to sit and have a glass in your company?"

Snowdog looked at the lady as she looked up at him. It was a sight to behold. The young lady in white and the gnarled greying old man, hardened by his years.

Posted by Tinelwen (Citizen # 261) on :
Gladly. And I would be happy to have you sit and talk with me for awhile.
She lowered her voice so that no one else could hear what was said next.
I feel I must speak to you regarding the room you have given me and that sectret which you have entrusted to me.
Seeing Snowdog's panic-striken expression at that, she laughed softly.
Fear not, I told you such a thing would be well kept, and well kept it will remain. And the room does not displease me whatsoever. I must warn you about this thing that you have found though. I am convinced it has some healing power that you yet do not know of. See how even after naught but one bath and a good night's sleep, I seem perfectly rested? Surely one night could not mend all the weariness of many years of voyaging.
Posted by The Dark Lord (Citizen # 277) on :
Magnus woke, reaching for his sword which lay concealed, but remembered where he was. Relaxed, but slightly disturbed after his dream, he went about cleaning himself up, using a basin of water on his bedside table. After he washed the grime of travel away and put on new vestments, Magnus looked more like himself than the scraggly drunkard he was naught but eight hours ago. He looked much more alert, his keen eyes taking in the room properly for the first time. Vaguely Magnus remembered a fair young laidy whom he chatted with before retiring. Tinelwen, that was her name. Making hardly a sound, he slipped out of the room, shaking his head as he viewed the deep score the dagger put in the door. Magnus stood in a shadowed door that lead out to the bar, observing the crowd there. He smiled slightly as he spotted Tinelwen and Snowdog chatting amiably at a table.

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Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Snowdog shot the cork out with his two strong thumbs and it nearly hit Edain behind the bar. He poured the fragrant wine into the glasses and slid one across the table. He said in a hushed tone,

"I would be lying if I said I didn't notice your illustrious beauty and renewed spirit. Yes, it works that way it seems. I always felt much younger and my bones dont ache as much as they did when I came here. I am glad you find it refreshing my Lady."

Snowdog sipped his wine and watched as Tinelwen took a swallow and looked into her glass. Snowdog changed the subject some as he was nervous discussing the bath in the common room. He asked Tinelwen,

"You Lady seem to keep strange hours, for you travel at night and now evening approaches again, tell me, will you be staying? I mean not to make your business mine but your company has put a smile on my face if ever so slight"

It was pretty obvious to anyone with senses that Snowdog seemed infatuated with the young woman. Though he looked hard, the corners of his mouth were held higher since Tinelwen walked into the Inn. He sipped the wine once more and then whispered,

"So what do you think of it? The water that is."

Posted by Tinelwen (Citizen # 261) on :
Tinelwen looked over and noticed Magnus standing in the doorway, his gaze fixed on them.

You are right; some things are better discussed in a more private setting, but we must talk about this later. For now, it seems we have company.

She spoke quietly, but not so much as to seem secretive, and continued in a louder voice.

Yes, it is sometimes necessary to keep strange hours when one travels. It can be difficult to find an inn in the wild lands often, so when I heard tidings of this one, I was more than willing to travel through the night if only to have the certainty of a warm bed and.... She paused, smiling. ...other amenities, in the morning. By the way, this wine is excellent. I don't
know if I've ever tasted its equal.

She was not sure if Magnus intended to come over to the table or not, so she continued.

I know not how long I will stay here. For now, I intend to stay as long as I may, but there is no telling what may chance in the days to come.

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Posted by Natasha (Citizen # 370) on :
Tinivel had slept so quietly on the hay at night that when she woke up she noticed that it was quite late in the evening...

She got out the small pack she had brought in and remembered she had not a shower to take because she was in a stable. She pulled out a brush she had kept at least tried to maintain her long golden-brown hair that definently needed a washing. Slipping into some new clothes she decided to join everyone....

"Smile it makes people wonder what your up too ;)"

Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Snowdog sipped his wine and listened to the woman's fair voice and said,

"Yes, travel in these parts can be tiresome. Well, the room you can use for now and we will talk much later."

Snowdog noticed the young woman whom Beren talked with come in looking well rested. She stepped in the door and looked about and Snowdog got up to go check to see if any rooms opened up. A few had left and the rooms now cleaned so Snowdog came back to the table where Tinelwen sat and he finished his remaining wine. He waved to the woman with golden brown hair to come sit if she wished.

Posted by Beren (Citizen # 38) on :
Beren took note of Tinivel's return, but he sat motionless in his chair leaning against the wall, still sipping on the water. He did not wish to torture himself by getting again so close to to her beauty and so with his eyes he followed every wave of her flowing hair and the gracefulness of her movement.
Posted by The Dark Lord (Citizen # 277) on :
Magnus decided to join Tinelwen and Snowdog. Silently, he walked over. May I join you? he inquired.
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
"It be fine with me if it ok with the Lady."
Posted by Tinelwen (Citizen # 261) on :
That would make me very happy indeed.
Posted by Natasha (Citizen # 370) on :
Tinivel noticed Snowdog waving at her and decided herself she might go over and sit with him and his partner.

As she came over to Snowdogs table she noticed the man the night before she had spoken with. Her eyes studied his appearance and she remembered how kind he was to her.

"Smile it makes people wonder what your up too ;)"

Posted by The Dark Lord (Citizen # 277) on :
Magnus sat down, ordering nothing, but joining in the conversation gladly. It felt good to be around people after a month on the open road, alone. The journeyer, even though having much on his mind, couldn't help noticing the beauty of Tinelwen now that she washed the marks of travel away. Laborously, he switched his mind to other matters, especially how to go about masking his true identity as a sorcerer. They need not know yet. he thought.
Posted by Tinelwen (Citizen # 261) on :
Tinelwen smiled at their new companion.

It seems you and I both keep odd hours. I have just had a wonderful rest, yet here it is already growing dark again. It tends to be that way if one travels though, doesn't it?

She finished off the last of the wine in her glass and sat back in her chair, taking a moment to glance about the room.

Posted by The Dark Lord (Citizen # 277) on :
Indeed it does appear that way. I think, however, that I shall reside here another night. He looked at her thoughtfully. I would like to talk with you more, for I sense there is a long tale entwined into your history. Now that I am more sober, perhaps I can take it in. He chuckled.
Posted by Beren (Citizen # 38) on :
As the woman paused in her smooth walk across th efloor toward the table where three now sat, Beren saw her turn and look at him. Beren nodded as he held his mug up and sipped it, all the while watching her.
Posted by Tinelwen (Citizen # 261) on :
Tinelwen laughed for a moment, but her face became grave and a little sad afterward.

You are certainly right when you guess I have a very long tale to tell, and if you wish, you shall hear it in due time. But come, we should speak of merrier things this evening.

But she still appeared rather grieved and a few years older.


Posted by Natasha (Citizen # 370) on :
When Tinivel sat down at the table with the others she noticed they merley ignored her like she was not even breathing.

Her eyes sighted Beren again still sipping his mug in his old common manner. Looking at the two men sitting there staring at the other lady, she felt lonesome and decided to go away.

As she slowly slid out of her chair she caught Beren staring at her in a caring manner... Her cheeks turned slightly pinkish and she brushed the hair next to her face behind her ears.

Walking calmly to his table she all the sudden felt very modest.. Deciding to turn back, she felt once more the urge to join him..

Posted by Tinelwen (Citizen # 261) on :
Tinelwen, felt terrible for her insensitivety, and when the lady seemed to be coming back toward the table she called out to her.
Come sit with us!
She still appeared indecisive as if she felt some other force tugging at her.

Posted by Roland (Citizen # 218) on :
The door to Snowdog's Inn opened and in walked Oliver. Almost everyone in the room looked at Oliver and at once noticed his peg leg. He limped into the Inn and looked for a place to sit down.
Posted by Beren (Citizen # 38) on :
She was beautiful and moved with a grace of a swan. Beren looked and moved not, hoping she would sit and talk for awhile. But it seemed she had the attention of the ones at the other table. Without thinking he lifted his eye brow as she wavered.
Posted by Natasha (Citizen # 370) on :
Tinivel looked at Tinelwen as she beckoned her to come over and sit, but a power stronger than Tinivel's own will seemingly dragged her over to Berens table..

With an embarrassed yet silly look on her face she drew out a chair and ordered a glass of wine.

Posted by Beren (Citizen # 38) on :
"My lady, you return, but why one as beautiful as you wish to spend the time to sit with one such as me?

Beren drank down his water and looked intently in her eyes, hoping to read her thoughts.

Posted by Natasha (Citizen # 370) on :
Her face was reddening because of her stupidity and when she heard him ask why she sat next to him she was dumbfounded.

Beggining in a rather disturbed voice she said, "I was bothered sitting with those men, because all they did was stare at her and not me.. I feel happy for her, but I don't enjoy being overlooked..", then whispering in a timid tone she answered his question.. "The reason being that I sat next to you is because, I believed you would listen. I wanted also to acknowledge you for trying to get me a room. I was so tired last night I really didn't think of thanking you.." Looking down at her dress she tried to re-call what she said hoping she didn't sound silly.

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Posted by Tinelwen (Citizen # 261) on :
Tinelwen stretched her arms above her head, yawned, and smiled. She just realized she was very hungry.
Snowdog, have you anything to eat here? I am simply famished.
Posted by Roland (Citizen # 218) on :
The peg-legged Oliver limped his way over to where Tinelwen was sitting, Mind if I sit with you?
Posted by Tinelwen (Citizen # 261) on :
No, not at all, please do.
Posted by Roland (Citizen # 218) on :
Thank Ye, tis very kind of ya. Nobody's been too nice to me since I lost my leg.

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Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
"Hey stumpy, what would you like to drink ay?"
Posted by Roland (Citizen # 218) on :
Oliver stared at Snowdog, Gimme a mug of ale will ya?
Posted by Tinelwen (Citizen # 261) on :
That's too bad, really. How did you lose your leg?
She looked at Snowdog.
Might I have a bite to eat?

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Posted by Roland (Citizen # 218) on :
Oliver looked at Tinelwen and thought for a moment. If I tell you, will you promise not to ask any more questions about it?
Posted by Tinelwen (Citizen # 261) on :
Yes of course, it that is what you wish. I promise.
Posted by Roland (Citizen # 218) on :
"alright then," Oliver leaned closer to Tinelwen as he said "It was bitten off". Oliver then took a long drink from the mug of ale that was placed in front of him.
Posted by Tinelwen (Citizen # 261) on :
Tinelwen looked horrified at this explanation. She sat with her mouth hanging open, and appeared about to speak again until she remembered her promise.
Oh! How very awful!
She had wanted to ask by whom, but did not on account of her promise not to ask anymore.
What is your name and business here?
She asked and then looked at Magnus who appeared to be in some sort of trance.

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Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
"Will this stew do for you My Lady Tinilwen?"

As Snowdog set the bowl down and had gotten ales for Roland, as he looked as if he would want another one.

Snowdog sat again and poured more wine for Tinilwen and himself and wanted to listen to more of Stumpy's tale.

Posted by Roland (Citizen # 218) on :
"My name's Oliver, I came here looking for a friend. I'm hoping he can find me some work." Oliver took another drink from his mug and nodded his thanks to Snowdog for the refill.
Posted by Arvedui (Citizen # 16) on :
In the door crashes a rather drunk tall man with long dark hair and grey eyes. He had been on a pubcrawl and was hitting #11, except he didn't realize it was also #2.

"Hey1 I remember this place! I beat the hell out of theblack and took his woman as my own. It sure gots crowded since I be here last."

Walking to the bar he gets an ale from the bartender and staggers around and sees a couple at a table alone making eyes at each other. The guy didn't seem to know what to do so he meandered his way over and sat down next to the golden brown-haired beauty and put his arm around her.

"Hi Lady! Dont blush as I think you are the prettiest thing I ever did see!"

Arvedui looked over at Beren to see what his reaction would be to him pawing at the girl.

Posted by Roland (Citizen # 218) on :
Oliver eyed the newcomer and put down his mug.
Posted by ZENITH (Citizen # 400) on :
One pint of old specled hen my good man I have been looking for a good inn for I while
ale pies and good company is what makes a good inn YOU have got it all!!!!!!
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
"Why certainly sir, I hope dark ale is ok as another keg of the pale needs to be brought up. Focmor, get the man an ale and something to eat."

Focmor finally returned to work as she took time off when things were slow, and she in her fine Rohanian wench style tapped some ale and got some of her mommade pie and served ZEINITH.

Snowdog sat with Magnus Roland, and Tinilwen but watched Arvedui closely as he had to bust a bottle over his head the last time he was here.

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Posted by Natasha (Citizen # 370) on :
Tinivel looked at Arvedui as he put his arm around her like a drunken fool.

She had no idea of what to do because she was very shy and had no notion what she should do about his absurd manner..

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Posted by Tinelwen (Citizen # 261) on :
Tinelwen ate her stew hungrily and sipped at the wine.
Many thanks, Snowdog, this stew is fantastic.
Turning to Oliver she said
I certainly hope you find what you are looking for. 'Tis a hard thing to be without friends as I have seen myself.
Posted by Roland (Citizen # 218) on :
Oliver nodded to Tinelwen. Indeed.
Oliver then ordered a loaf of bread to go with his ale.
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
"I'm glad you like it Lady Tinelwen. Focmor is quite a good cook along with being a good wench. Will you all excuse me. I have to take care of some business. Here Lady Tinelwen, have some more wine."

Snowdog pouree some more of the wine in Tinelwen's glass as she had drained it halfway, and he filled his own glass. Seeing the bottle was not empty, he sat it down and nodded to the Lady Tinelwen and walked away toward the table. Quickly stepping into Arvedui, Snowdog faster than an eye could see had a finger knife to his throat and slammed him down into the table, spilling Tinivel's wine on her but also causing Arvedui to unhand the fair woman.

"Listen Arvedui, we had a go before, and I dont want to hurt you, so you behave yourself or I will take you out. That means no fondling my patrons! Now, apologize to the lady."

Snowdog didn't let up the pressure and waited for an apology.

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Posted by Tinelwen (Citizen # 261) on :
Tinelwen was beginning to feel the effects of the wine, for she had drank the first two glasses rather quickly and on an empty stomach. She was not drunk, just a bit tipsy; everything seemed a bit funnier than it had at the beginning of the evening. Eyeing the third one she thought for a moment,
Maybe I ought not have another glass....
But she shrugged her shoulders and decided to drink up while she could. Watching Snowdog and his confrontation with Arvedui, she laughed a little and gestured in their general direction.
He's certainly in a fix, make no mistake of that. Oh well, t'isn't our problem.
She beamed at her companions, feeling much more at ease with them than she had before the wine. Raising her glass she said rather loudly
A toast to my new friends: Magnus's your name again? Oh, 'tis no a fine evening and such things.
She clinked her glass against Oliver's, but Magnus seemed still to be in some sort of trance. Shrugging her shoulders again, she took a rather large gulp of the wine and sat back, humming thoughtfully to herself.
Posted by Arvedui (Citizen # 16) on :
"Ok Ok.... let me up so I can apologize proper."
Snowdog let Arvedui stand but was ready to slam him if needed. Arvedui got down on one knee and took the lady's hand and said
"Many apologies lady, for a man long in the wild and filled with drink may forget to act civilized. I do apologize for touching you in an unkindly manner and spilling your wine on you. I hope you will forgive my transgression."
Snowdog let him go and Arvedui them whispered to the lady,
"You are beautiful as you caught my eye as soon as I walked in here."
And Arvedui walked to the bar and stood there wondering if Snowdog would give him another ale.
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
"As well you better be sorry. Edain! Only the swill for him."

Snowdog apologized to the Lady as he wiped the wine from her dress and she seemed content to sit here with the sleeping Beren.

Lady, I do now have a room for you as some have checked out and the rooms been cleaned."

Not waiting for her response, Snowdog walked back over and sat down, noticing the happy and coy demeanor of Tinelwen as she drank still more wine. Snowdog thought he had best keep an eye out on the Lady Tinelwen as he sipped his wine.

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Posted by Tinelwen (Citizen # 261) on :
Welcome back, Snowdog, old friend. You sure took care of him!

She patted Snowdog on the back amiably and looked over at Arevedui sulking at the bar. Leaning over to Snowdog, she said quietly.

You mustn't let me drink anymore wine or I will have a raging headache in the morning.

Posted by Natasha (Citizen # 370) on :
As Arvedui spoke those words to her she was speechless.

Deciding to get out of the common room she looked at Beren once more and then left.


Posted by The Dark Lord (Citizen # 277) on :
Finally, Magnus looked up. He had a faraway look in his eyes, his thoughts turned inward until now. For days before his arrival, the Sorcerer felt uneasy, but his thoughts were banished temporarily when he entered the inn. Now that he was among friends, he decided to push his thoughts aside and enjoy the company. Not having ordered anything, he asked, Well Snowdog, I think I need a drink. Have anything with a moderate kick? I don't want to get drunk just yet. he chuckled.

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Posted by Tinelwen (Citizen # 261) on :
So nice of you to join us again, Magnus. I was afraid you had fallen into a coma or something of the sort.

She laughed at her joke, but stopped when she saw the troubled look on Magnus's face.

Come now, what's troubling you?


Posted by The Dark Lord (Citizen # 277) on :
He looked at Tinelwen, her smiling face, and said to himself, I can't trouble her with this, not now, anyway. It's my problem and she not need hear my tale yet. He said to Tinelwen, You shall know in time. Come now, let us speak of something else, for there is no reason to spoil the merriment. I've not had enough booze to fall into a coma, but the night is young. He grinned and winked at her.
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
"Have a dark ale, it will feel good but not hit too hard."

Snowdog wahed his hand and Focmor brought an ale to Magnus. Snowdog then turned to Tinelwen and smiled, but quickly ehad drained her glass of wine and was already thinking of tomorrow's head.

"Ah but Lady Tinelwen, enjoy this night, and it is well possible that tomorrow's pain will be soothed."

It seemed a lax day at the Inn, as darkness crept over the place there was some people about the place and Snowdog watched as the Lady sitting with Beren got up and left.

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Posted by Tinelwen (Citizen # 261) on :
You're right, both of you! This is an evening too merry to spoil with sad tales and worries about tomorrow's hangover.

She grinned warmly at Snowdog and Magnus.

More wine, Snowdog!

As Snowdog filled her glass yet again, she raised her glass for another toast.

To falling into a coma tonight and waking up with a headache tomorrow!

She then took a small sip from her glass, trying to make it last a bit longer than the others, and called for a tale.

Posted by The Dark Lord (Citizen # 277) on :
Haharr, I'll drink to that. So who's got a good yarn, eh? I'm sure we could scrounge up a few tales atwixt us. He took a draught of the good ale, smiling with satisfaction.
Posted by Natasha (Citizen # 370) on :
When Tinivel set foot in her room she felt completly at home.

As she walked past a mirror saw her appearance and slowly ran her fingers through her wavy, golden-brown hair. Turning her head to look at her bed she noticed a small, white piece of paper folded up quite neatly. Opening it she made out that someone had wanted to meet her after nightfall.. Her heart pounded wondering what creep would have wanted her at such a late time.....

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Posted by Beren (Citizen # 38) on :
Beren had perposfully and with much restraint sat and did not fight with Arvedui when he touched Tinivel. He was seeing how much this lady knew about being in the wild places. Apparently not much as she ran off to a room that Snowdog gave her, and Beren thought now he should have done something. Again his valor failed him, and he knew she as beautiful as she is would not wish him to bother her. He ordered a beer and looked again at hte drunk Arvedui.

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Posted by Natasha (Citizen # 370) on :
Tinivel rose off her bed and slipped off her dress ready to take a shower. When she had bathed herself she threw on a stunning black satin dress she had kept in her bag.. Being rather naïve she decided to look most certainly appealing when she would meet this man that had beckoned her to come to him.

Her heart still had a sense of insecurity, but she did not listen………..

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Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
" I have a tale that has not been told in long years. For it was from many years and generations ago, from the second mellenium of the Third Age. The tale is not overly long as much has been lost in its telling over the years. It is both sad and happy, and mystery envelopes its ending. If you wish, I can tell it as it was told me long ago."

Snowdog sipped his wine and took the bottle and drained the rest into Tinilwen's glass, and waved Focmor to bring another.

Posted by willhap (Citizen # 300) on :
The door to the inn opens and Raoline Darskbane throws back the hood of his dark cloak. His keen eyes take in the entire common room in one glance. He walks over to the bar and orders a mug of the finest ale.
Posted by Beren (Citizen # 38) on :
Beren had a few beers at the bar, not talking but turning often to look at the stairs. No sign of her. He turned and drank more...

Outside Snowdog's approached a tall man walking. He had long dark hair and sea grey eyes and stood tall with a fair face. Strong he was and had a large sword at his side. He wore no armor but was clad in tight black leather skins and he moved with purpose and determination. At the front of the Inn came riding 3 horsemen, and the man stepped into the night shadow of the building. But the horsemen pulled up and turned as to go to the Inn, but one must have saw him. Stepping out back he climbed the narrow stairs and with his knife, lifted the bolt on the door and entered. He shut the door and peered through the crack, watching the riders as they circled the Inn. Suddenly the door to the room behind him and out stepped a woman dressed in black. The dim hallway showed a startled look on her face, and the startled man thought she would scream.

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Posted by Tinelwen (Citizen # 261) on :
Oh, I would indeed enjoy to hear your tale, Snowdog. Please do tell us.
Posted by Natasha (Citizen # 370) on :
With a frightened look on her face her mind was spinning. She blacked out as someone had hit her in the back of her head.

Tinivel was sprawled out on the floor next to her bedroom. Not knowing what had happened, she was seriously hurt..

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Posted by Beren (Citizen # 38) on :
The man after the initial start saw what happened next. The Lady in black had pulled the door to close it but when she saw the man standing there she stopped in her tracks and the door hit her in the back of the head. As she fell unconscience, He moved to catch her, but he hesitated because he had his knife in hand. Sheathing his knife he looked down the hall and as it was clear he squatted and lifted the lady up off the floor and pushed the door to her room open with his foot. There was blood on the back of her head. He lay her on the bed asked her to remain still and be quiet, and quickly stepped back out. Looking out the back hall door he watched for the riders and stepped to the door and saw what hit the woman. Somebody wanted her dead to poison the rap.

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Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
"Ok Lady Tinelwen, but I hope I dont bore you to sleep and and I have to carry you to your room."

Snowdog stood and with one foot on his chair he spoke lodly for all to hear.

"For your mugs of ale be full and your wine glass be gleaming, for a tale was requested by the fair Lady Tinelwen."

A dark and trailworn man entered and stepped to the bar, Focmor served him an ale and he turned to looked about the crowd Snowdog went on.

"This tale is old, from the time long long ago when the Dreaded Witch-king of Angmar did contend with the Northern Kingdom of old. The people of Arnor wen hever many, and the wars and sickness had eaten away at them, til one winter the Witch-king attacked the city of Fornost. Long was the battle but King Arvedui was forced to retreat. So he and his guardsmen fought a rearguard so the people could reach safty in the west, and his sons too retreated with them. But Arveduiand his men were forced north and into the Ered Luin. they nearly froze there as they had no food or winter clothing, so King Arvedui and his guard sought help from the encampment of the Snowmen of Forochel. Sorel, the eldest son of the Chief of the Lossoth would not offer any help, food or otherwise, to them for they were uneasy with the foes of the Witch-king of Angmar and did not want to anger his cold breath.

But as the King pleaded for help fron Sorel, a woman, short and petite, with dark eyes as coal and long dark hair flowing out from her fur cloak, walked up to Sorel. For she was his sister, Sian, second eldest of the Chief's kin, and was curious of what the activity was about. As she looked at the King & his men, she saw one of his guardsmen, Halvaris, standing at the right end of the line. As she gazed into his bright blue eyes, she became frozen both in movement and in thought. At the same time, Halvaris looked into her dark, glowing eyes and was smitten, forgetting the sorrows of his family. As the tall young guardsman gazed into the beautiful dark eyes of Sian it seemed to the King and the other Guardsmen that a cloud was lifted from him. For even though he was starved and weary, and sick also with worry about the fate of his younger brother and parents from not knowing what had become of them in the retreat from Fornost, the sight of one appearing so beautiful to him as Sian had healed him at that moment in some way.

But Sorel would not help the King and his Guardsmen and demanded they leave their camp. Sian was shaken by her brother’s loud voice and scolded him for having no mercy or pity on the tired, hungry men. She then agreed with King Arvedui to give them some fish they had caught through holes in the ice, and to send a messenger to summon their father, the Chief.

Sorel was angered by his sister's boldness and her willingness to accept the strangers, of her usurping his leadership, and especially of her eyeing the strange man so. He struck her hard with the back of his hand with such force that she fell backwards in the snow. Halvaris quickly drew his sword, and some of the other guards near him did likewise.

But King Arvedui shouted to them,

"Men, sheath your swords, for do we treat as enemies ones who would feed us?"

As he said these words he stared coldly at Sorel, who, being terrified at the sight of the mighty blades of war, bowed in submission and moved away from the King & his men. Sian, recovering from the blow, was helped up gently by the hand of Halvaris, and long they stared into each others eyes before she turned to the King and invited them to share their food.

Before long, the Chief and his two younger sons, Sachel, and Syon, came to see the strange men who had appeared in camp. The Chief took council with the King, and agreed to help the King ere the cold arm of Angmar receded, but would not let the King & his men stay in their main camp, partially out of fear of angering the Witch-King, and partially to appease his sons. Instead the Chief called for his people that were skilled in building snowhuts and sent extra fishermen out for more food. Soon, the King & his men were set in an encampment of their own along the shore of the Bay of Forochel, and a fire was kindled using flint they found in the old dwarf cave, and from clothing, driftwood and animal fat given to them by the Lossoth.

Though the Chief forbade the King and his men from entering their camp, he did not forbid any of his people from mingling with the King's men in the King’s camp. He allowed this for the Chief desired to learn knowledge from the Dúnedain, and those of his people who were of a mind like Sian’s did so freely, and learned much. In this, the Chief’s council was divided between his three sons and his one daughter. Sorel wanted to abandon the King & his men saying,

"Why do we feed these men, who have nothing we value? Surely they are the enemy of the Witch-King, and we only bring his anger down upon us by helping them."

The two younger sons agree with Syon speaking angrily,

"They are trouble, already bringing colder winds from the north, for there is yet no sign of thaw or no sign of the strangers leaving....for this we will suffer".

But Sian, who was deemed wise by her people, spoke against her brothers,

"Though this winter is long and the winds of the north cold, we go with plenty, as fishing and trapping has been good, and has it not been spoken from the days of our forefathers that the kingdom of the south protected us much from the sickness of far off lands? We owe these people, for their existence alone has kept the wrath of the Witch-King from us, and for their sacrifice, we have given them nothing, yet they have always left us in peace."

Then Sorel breaks in saying,

"You, Sian would not be so eager to help them if you did not love the one."

Before Sian could reply, the Chief speaks up,

"Is this true? Sian, you keep this from me?"

"Yes father." she whispered, "I did not want to raise the anger Sorel has for the King & his men in you, so I spoke not."

With this, the chief holds his head in his hands and says,

"I must think, please leave me all".

As February waned and March came, the chief would sit up on a small hill, watching his daughter and the tall stranger together in the King's camp. Soon, the Chief himself came to the King’s camp, and at length would counsel with the King on various matters, but mainly about the love shown between Halvaris and Sian. It was during one of these meetings that Halvaris asked for Sian's hand in marriage, though they only met a little over a fortnight before. Her heart rejoiced in this, and he was glad and unburdened. Long they sat together that day, and the sun broke through the clouds of snow and fog.

The brightness of the sun on the snow outside the King’s snowhut aroused both the King and the Chief, as the sun has not been seen by either of them since before the attack of the Witch-king. They emerged from the hut, flurries of snow were still being blown in the breeze, and wisps of fog lingered, but where Halvaris and Sian sat, the sun shone bright.

As the sunbeam widened around them a cheer started rising from the around the camp
from mainly the Lossoth that were there, but soon the King’s men joined in.

“Hail Halvaris and Sian! For their love broke the grip of the Witch-King!”

And there was much joy as the sun chased away the remnents of cloud and snow. The sun’s warmth felt good and the gathered ice began to melt, and there was much happines among both peoples there.
However, watching from the small hill was Sorel and his brother Syon, and they were angered at what they saw, and they went back to the camp of the Lossoth and told lies and stirred trouble among the people who did not go to the Kings camp. For most of those who liked King Arvedui and his men were in the King’s camp on that day, and there was few to speak against the brothers.

The sun also failed to break through the fog over the camp of the Lossoth. In this way the smouldering dissention among the Lossoth was kindled.

Now the King and the Chief approached Halvaris and Sian where they sat, and they stood and bowed before the King and Chief. And Halvaris asked King Arvedui and the Chief for permission to marry Sian. The Chief spoke first,

“Sian, my daughter, has appeared as a spring flower in bloom, and her eyes are alight as burning coal. All time before this has not been so. Who am I to extinguish her flame by denial of this?”

Then King Arvedui spoke,

“It is not our doom to remain here, and ere the ice breaks in the sun in the days ahead. A ship awaits afar and has come and bear us back to our kin. Will you Halvaris then wish to stay here?”

“Nay King.” replied Halvaris, “For I am sworn to you, and I will not take leave of you in time of war, lest I be struck down in battle.”

Then turning to Sian, the King said to her,

“You have removed a vast burden from Halvaris, for he has suffered much for such a young age, and he now has the spirit of a young man again. But dark times are ahead still, and I cannot see them clearly."
for though King Arvedui had use of the Palantiri, their visions was murky and strange and could not be understood.
"Hard will be the days and unknown the dangers, for now we stand in the warmth of the sun, surely the night will see the return of the cold.”

And the marriage between Halvaris and Sian took place that hour, and they were the lifters of much burden and weariness, and the day seemed longer, and the sun was loath to set, and its heat broke the ice on the bay.

When night fell the cold fog blew in once again from the north, and the fire on the beach almost failed, but was kindled anew by the spirits of Halvaris and Sian as they lay together, and Sian conceived.

The early morning light was gray with cloud, but the fog was gone, and a great ship was seen out on the bay. The King signaled the mariners by reflecting firelight from a shined shield, and King Arvedui and his men made ready to board. Last to leave was Halvaris, as he begged Sian to come with him, but the Chief felt a doom on the ship, and conselled the King to stay ere the season lengthens, for the Witch-king was still strong. But King Arvedui did not heed his counsel. He instead thanked him, and gave as bounty his ring, the Ring of Isuldur. Sian wanted to go with Halvaris, but her respect for her fathers vision and her heart told her she felt death. Halvaris kissed Sian long and begged again for her to come. But out of fear of the great ship, she would not go and she begged him to stay with her. He would not break his sworn duty to the King and could not. For as glad it was the day before, the sorrow of the hearts of Halvaris and Sian weighed heavily on all there.

“I will come for you ere summer comes.”

Halvaris cried to Sian as he boarded, but Sian wept and would smile no more.

With the ship loaded and all aboard save one, Sian, they made sail toward open waters. And the counsel of the chief came to fruit when a great wind came out of the north, and the ship perished with all aboard as it crashed into the ice. The Chief sensed this, and gave the Ring to Sian to keep ere the return of the Dúnedain, but in her heart Sian knew she would see Halvaris not ever again."

Snowdog took a drink of his wine as he sat back down.

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Posted by Tinelwen (Citizen # 261) on :
Snowdog's worries were dissipated as Tinelwen sat motionless looking up at him throughout the story, and her eyes sparkled with delight.

Oh Snowdog! What a lovely tale, but how dreadfully sad...

She finished off her fifth glass of wine and giggled a little.

Well, what are we to do now? The night is young, my friends!

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Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
"Ay me" the ranger burbled, and sighed loudly. Realising that he was daydreaming, stood and served swill to the boorish oafs who where crowding the corner table.
Returning to the bar Edain stared wistfully into his drink and pondered...

---------------------------------------------OOC Thanx for keepin' me in the plot Snowdog!

Posted by Natasha (Citizen # 370) on :
Tinivel opened her eyes and looked forward at the man telling her to be quiet.. She didn't trust him because she had never met him, but still kept her mouth shut.

As she touched the back of her head she looked at her hands and saw blood. Her head ached and with every passing second she felt nearer to death, or so it seemed...

Posted by Beren (Citizen # 38) on :
Beren drank away his remaining money away and was quite drunk after the telling of Snowdog's story. He sat and stared into his last beer and his desire burned in him. He wanted the girl, and he in his thoughtless wit tried to walk toward the stairs....


Knowing that one rider was here Anarath was cautious. He turned and slowly stepped back in the room to look at the ladys wound. She was poisoned, either by accident or intended. He would have to use all his skill to save her. Anarath sat her up and took some athaelas leaf and crushed it. It was the last he had after the battle at the last bridge where he lost his horse and was himself wounded. He leaned her forward against his chest and massaged the leaf on her wounded scalp. Her breathing was erratic and she was cold, but Anarath hoped she would calm. He sang an old song in Andunic softly as he held the leaf to the back of her head. If she was to live, it would be by her spirit's desire and healing arts of old song and herblore.

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Posted by Natasha (Citizen # 370) on :
The discomfort she felt in her head became harder and harder to bear.

As he held her in his arms she felt comforted somehow..

Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
(OOC: no prob Edain!)

Snowdog got the DragonLady to play some music on her harp and Snowdog stood. He bowed ad asked the Lady Tinelwen if she would like to dance.

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Posted by Beren (Citizen # 38) on :
As Anarath was thinking with deep concern for the woman and she calmed some, the warmth was passing slowly from her. As he held her close to warm her the drunk Berencrashed in the door.

Beren had staggered across the common room. He made the stairs and with drunken determination made it to the top. He had no idea where he was going, but he bounced from wall to wall as he went down the hall, and he ran into Anarath outside the door. Beren went into a drunken rage and charged the man with his knife drawn.

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Posted by Natasha (Citizen # 370) on :
Tinivel had heard the clamour and was intrigued. Taking big breaths of air she felt as if her lungs were collapsing.

The man she had sat with the other night had gone wild at the sight of Anarath holding her close. She just sat there in a dream hoping for the best, for she could do nothing else.

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Posted by Tinelwen (Citizen # 261) on :
Tinelwen smiled and accepted Snowdog's request for a dance.
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Snowdog took Lady Tinelwen arm in arm and they went to the center of the common room and danced a step to the dynamic playing of the harpist.

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Posted by Tinelwen (Citizen # 261) on :
Tinelwen leaned toward Snowdog and said quietly,

Terribly sorry, but I'm afraid I'm not a very good dancer. I know how to well enough, but I'm not especially talented.

Nevertheless, she enjoyed herself immensely for she loved to dance and hadn't done it in a very long time. Soon enough, she felt more self-confident as she and Snowdog glided across the floor to the lively music, and she smiled and laughed as she had not done in a very long time.

Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
"You move in fine form and have grace in yor step, even after so much wine. I manage in this custom barely."

Snowdog and Tinilwen danced to the Harp, and ere long their steps slowed, and Snowdog escorted the Lady back to her chair.

Posted by Tinelwen (Citizen # 261) on :
Thank you for the dance, Snowdog. she giggled, It was lovely.

After all the wine and dancing, Tinelwen felt a bit dizzy and flushed. Her face was a rosy color, and it seemed that the room was spinning slowly. She clutched the table to keep her balance.

Well, my friends, it has been a wonderful evening. I will take me now to my bed!

Her speech was a little slurred, and she turned to go to her room but in the wrong direction.

Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Snowdog stepped over and caught Tinelwen as she wavered on her feet.

"Aye Lady, this way."

he said as he put his arm about her waist and steered her toward the stairs and hall. Turning and going in the door and down stairs, Tinelwen was losing her step. Snowdog managed to get her in her room and sat in the edge of her bed.

" Forgive me Lady, for I may have served too much wine."

Snowdog too felt the effects as he spoke.

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Posted by Tinelwen (Citizen # 261) on :
Tis no matter! I had a wonderful evening. Thank you again for your help. I wouldn't have made it here without you!

She laughed absurdly at her joke, but when she stopped her face was more grave.

I am certainly in no condition to discuss important matters, but I must speak to you about the spring. It will be your ruin if you do not discover its secrets, and I fear that for you.

Posted by Beren (Citizen # 38) on :
Anarath let the woman fall back on the bed as he turned to meet Beren. Deflecting the knife blow with his arm it cut through the leather sleeve and into his arm, splattering blood everywhere. Anarath pulled Beren who fell in his drunkeness and punched him twice knocking him out. He pushed the drunk to the floor and Anarath, though bleeding badly from his arm, turned his attention once again to the woman who appeared unconscience.
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Snowdog wavered a bit, but was intrigued with what she had to say.

"Tell me Lady what you know. For I will make a public bathhouse and it will benefit many. But the whole of te secret I know not. Can you speak softly?"

Snowdog knelt down and looked into Tinelwen's eyes with a searching stare.

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Posted by Tinelwen (Citizen # 261) on :
Tinelwen looked about suspiciously, making sure there were no others about and lowered her voice to a whisper.

You do indeed need to make that bathouse quickly. You may not believe me, blaming it on the wine, but I was taught the languages of many living things as a child. I can hear the speech of the stones themselves, and this spring says to me that if it is not put to a good use soon, it will either dry up or spout forth so suddenly, everyone in this town will be devoured by a merciless river. I have seen springs like this before. They call people to themselves, but if the people use it for the wrong purposes, the spring devours them. It does certainly have great healing powers, and for that reason you must use its powers to help others. Tis a stroke of luck you confided in me of this matter, for your downfall was very near. And now you must act quickly unless you wish this town to be drowned or plagued by drought.

She looked at Snowdog as he knelt in front of her with fear and concern in her fair face.

You must promise me that you will begin work immediately, for I would not see you or your inn devoured by a malevolent stream such as this one.

Posted by Natasha (Citizen # 370) on :
Tinivel became fatigued and cared no more to see them fight.

Leaning back against the wall she started to doze and felt no more pain surprisingly. All her cares were taken away and her mind was untroubled..

Posted by Beren (Citizen # 38) on :
Anarath sat next to the Lady in Black and he could se that she now slept peacfully. He made sure her head rested on the leaves and with his good arm straighten her hair and gazed upon her face. beautiful and peaceful she appeared, but touching her hand she was still cold. He would have to get some warm tea from below, but he feared he would run into one of his pursuers. Nonethe less, Anarath would risk a confrontation with them if it meant life or death to this woman he did not know.

Laying her hand on her stomach, he stood and was going to leave, but he could not leave the drunken fool in her room, so he grabbed him by his collar and dragged him out to the hall, shutting her door tight and looking at the rap that had hit the Lady. He left Beren laying a ways down the hall and stepped down the stairs. He could see some sitting but the night was growing late, so he stepped over to the bar and asked the bartender for some hot tea. Throwing down a gold coin, he said,
"That is for the tea, and also for the far room."
The bartender said,
"But it is taken by..."
"I know!"
Anarath snapped as he took the steaming tea. He looked abot and those remaining seemed content in their drinks and the harp music.

He came up the stairs and came down the hall, and noticed Beren was gone. Anarath quick-stepped to the Lady's room and quietly entered. The Lady was still sleeping so he looked around for Beren. "No sign of him." murmered Anarath as he sat on the edge of the bed and crushed the last of his fresh athaelas he had found. he blew the steam to her face and he could see her every breath taking some into her lungs. It was only now that his arm started to throb, for his concern for the Lady caused him to forget about his knife wound.


Posted by Roland (Citizen # 218) on :
After paying for his meal, Oliver quietly exited the inn.
Posted by Rose Gamgee - home again (Citizen # 404) on :
A pretty hobbit entered the inn. She sat down and said, "One mug of your finest, please!" She pulled out a small notebook and scribbled furiously.
Posted by Natasha (Citizen # 370) on :
Tinivel had slept there soundlessly all night long and forgot what had happened when she awoke....


Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Snowdog yawned as he listened to Tinelwen tell of what she knew. He too interest in what she said and a sparkle lit in his eyes. As she finished Snowdog sstood and said,

"Wait one bit my Lady. Please dont sleep just yet,"

Snowdog left and soon returned with a tube. He looked out and quietly closed the door as he turned to Tinelwen.

"Please dont sleep now, for this I need to show you."

Tinelwen had laid down and closed her eyes, and Snowdog feared she was asleep, but she opened her eyes again and rolled to her side. Snowdog knealt down next to her pulling out a large parchment along with a smaller one. He noticed that she looked past him at the door and he looked briefly back and turned again toward her.

"Worry not Lady for no dishonor will come to you. But this must be done in secret, and for whatever reason you have gained my trust, and so I would hope I have yours."

Snowdog showed the seal of the small parchment and it was of the King Elessar and was a title deed for the land. The larger one he unrolled and on he had made the plans of the bath, and would soon build it. But with the words of Tinelwen the urgency was increased. Snowdog said to her,

"I can start now on prep, but I am afraid it will not be ready for a few months. I have one who has procured the rock I will need, but he being a dwarf wants payment before he delivers. Last I heard he would take half and the rest afterward. I paid him deposit and will be delivering it in a month. Meanwhile I had cleared the area of stores and made a new stores area. and was going to start excavation under the guise of making a lower level. But I need to work careful near this area to prevent breakage of the flow."

Snowdog pointed to the back area where the bath water flowed into the small bath in the room. He then looked inti Tinelwen's eye and asked,

"Lady Tinelwen, will you help me build it? For you are wise in the ways of the water and I would very much like to have you help me."

Her eyes beamed back, so snowdog turned again toward his plans again and continued,

"If not I will carry on anyway and do what I can."

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Posted by Beren (Citizen # 38) on :
Anarath could see the Lady in Black would now be ok until morning and he drank the tea quickly. He picked up the womans hand and it felt warmer now and she had a peaceful look on her face, so Anarath stepped out to find a place to tend to his wound. Thinking the rider had ineed seen him when he went downstairs, he slipped out the back hall door again and went to the stables and found a hidden place to lay. He removed his heavy leather coat with the slashed arm and looked at his wound. fortunatly the coat turned most of the force, and the cut was bad, but not as he first thought. He wrapped it with a garmet he took from the Lady's room and lay down to sleep for the night.

Beren had stepped into the room across the hall when Anarath was gone. He was sore and hung over when he awoke. He was glad nobody used that room that night, and he stepped out and across the hall, entering the Lady's room. She was stirring in her sleep and he sat in a chair as he watched her wake up. She sat up in bed and Beren said,
"Good Morning Lady. Please accept my apology for my actions last night, but I swear someone was trying to harm you. I dont remember very much after that."
Beren rubbed his face and head with his hand and looked at the woman look at him.

Posted by Tinelwen (Citizen # 261) on :
I am certainly glad to hear all of this, and I will stay to aid you for as long as I may. However, I do not know what may befall in the days to come, so I cannot tell you how long that will be.

She yawned, and her eyes blinked, for she was extrememly tired.

Thank you again for this evening. I will see you in the morning.

Her words trailed off, and she was asleep before Snowdog could even leave the room.

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Posted by Natasha (Citizen # 370) on :
Tinivel was astounded when she gained consciousness to see Beren making himself quite snug in her room. At his first words she was dumbfounded and didn't say anything. Then slowly yet surly rising out of her bed she felt a little twinge of pain in her neck.

In a baffled and yet boisterous manner she replied,"What in the world are you doing in my room at this hour?? I-I mean I'm a woman and your plainly.. Plainly a man.. and its morning!!

As she ignored Beren she looked at her appearance in the mirror, and found her hair certainly needed to be combed.

Posted by Beren (Citizen # 38) on :
"My apology. I was just here to ask a question of you. Do you remember anything of the night?"
Beren stood and realized he was doing dishonor to her, so he said,
"I am sorry Lady. I will go."
Beren pushed his way out the door and he turned right and went out the back stair.
Posted by Natasha (Citizen # 370) on :
After he said that Tinivel felt rather unkind to have been so hard on him. *Oh well, she thought* and then flopped down in the chair closest to her..

As she tried to re-call the night before, a man that looked quite familiar unexpectedly barged in her room.


Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Snowdog was glad to find someone like the Lady Tinelwen and she trusted him and he trusted her. And as she went to sleep while Snowdog put away his parchments He stood and saw the peacefulness of the Lady as she slept. He set his parchments down and pulled a blanket over her so she would not chill, and he lightmy kissed her soft cheek and turned to go. Quietly opening the doorhe looked once again upon the fair Lady as he shut the door to her room.

Snowdog stored his parchments and looked about. Surely he would start tomorrow. But now he was tired and sat in an old chair outside the room where Tinelwen slept and he too was asleep after some few minutes passed.

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Posted by Tinelwen (Citizen # 261) on :
The next morning, Tinelwen awakened with a raging hangover. Her head ached, and the room spun as she got up. This is certainly the time to use that spring. she muttered to herself.

After her refreshing bath, she felt better and left to go to the common room. Closing the door softly behind her, she noticed Snowdog asleep in a chair just outside her room. She smiled and stole away quietly wondering what they would have for breakfast and if she would see Magnus again. I really must talk to him. she thought to herself.

Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Snowdog slept as well he could and heard the creak of the stair as Tinelwen tip toed up them. It was time for a new day so he scratched his beard and stretched and walked up the stairs. The smell of sausage was in the air and of a cakes thick. Snowdog leaned against the end of the bar and peered out the window across the street. He asked Edain,

"Why are there people mulling around in the old charred timbers of the inn across the street? Possible new owners?"

He chuckled and poured himself a cup of coffee.

Posted by Beren (Citizen # 38) on :
Hiding under the stairs while Beren came down, he walked around the side of the Inn. Anarath quietly in the morning light stepped up the stairs and into the hall. He was going to walk into the Lady's room, but knew t was not gentlemanly so he lightly tapped on the door and it opened with a slight creak. The Lady was sitting in a chair nearby.

"May I enter Lady?"

Anarath asked in a low whisper.


Posted by Tinelwen (Citizen # 261) on :
Tinelwen seated herself at a table after getting some pancakes and a cup of tea. There were not many up yet, so she was nearly alone in the room. After finishing her pancakes, she sat back and sighed a sigh of contentment, thoughtlessly brushing a stray strand of dark hair out of her eyes.
Posted by The Dark Lord (Citizen # 277) on :
Magnus was walking down the first floor hallway and as always, stopped in the doorway to observe. He immediately spotted Tinelwen, and Snowdog was coming down the stairs, looking a little drowsy. Magnus walked silently over to Tinelwen's table. Good morning to you. I hope you slept well, Tinelwen?

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Posted by Natasha (Citizen # 370) on :
Tinivel heard the door creak and she looked to see the man she saw the night before. Hearing his words she politely replied, "Yes.. yes, it’s fine. I was just thinking that’s all. I remember you from the night before and I would like to thank you so very much for helping me because it seemed I was hurt badly, and you cared.." She walked over to her bed and sat down while beckoning for him to take a seat.
Posted by Tinelwen (Citizen # 261) on :
Yes, quite well, thank you. How about yourself, Magnus?
Posted by Beren (Citizen # 38) on :
Anarath stepped in after the lady invited, and he shut the door loking back down the hall before doing so. He looked at her, and said,

"I am Anarath of Evendim, and by chance that we met last night I must thank you for allowing me to hide out here with you. it seemed you hit your head, and I wished you to be well MLady so I tried my best hand at healing. Seems there was some poison on the door rap and it hit you. You look much better today."

As he stood inside the door looking at her, he then asked,

"From where do you come from? .. That is if you mind me not of asking."

Anarath somewhat nervously sat in the chair opposite the lady and he was intrigued and looked at her with care.

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Posted by Natasha (Citizen # 370) on :
"Well, I have been journeying on long roads latley and when I reached this Inn I was relieved. I hoped to get a break by going away from my hometown in Rivendell, but I have only found more trouble. Last night before I met you (if I remember correctly) I got a small white note folded up neatly.. I am greatly concerned of who might of sent that to me, they asked me to meet them after midnight. By chance do you know who that might be?? And where might you be from these days, yourself? You act as if you were in danger last night..."
Posted by The Dark Lord (Citizen # 277) on :
He chuckled softly. Well, I slept as well as one could who hardly sleeps at all. I got a better nights rest than I could have hoped for if I was riding. Mind if I join you?
Posted by Tinelwen (Citizen # 261) on :
Yes, please do. I wish to talk to you.
Posted by The Dark Lord (Citizen # 277) on :
He sat down with a small grunt. Hailing the barkeep, Magnus asked for another mug of coffee. While waiting, he turned toward Tinelwen, looking a touch more serious than a moment before.

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Posted by Tinelwen (Citizen # 261) on :
Tinelwen sat rather nervously, wondering what might be troubling this strange wanderer. He seemed as if he had beheld much, far more than she had. Perhaps he is even concerned with matters similar to mine, she pondered but decided that was less than likely.
Posted by Wight Dwarf Star (Citizen # 418) on :
"In the rode to victory theres only one goal, Lord Stanly" - Wayne Gretzey

"in the rode to victory theres only one goal, Lord Stanly" - Wayne Gretzey

Posted by Beren (Citizen # 38) on :
"Yes Lady, I was hiding from pursuit, and I would say I do not know who would leave you a note. But the events of the night it seemed kept you from meeting him? I am afraid if I would not have startled you that you would not have been hit by the door and all."

Anarath eyed the Lady and her eyes told much, but only it seemed what she wanted him to know. Anarath tried to be careful of her enchanting beauty but saw no harm in telling her.

"I have made someone very mad at me, and he is one of much power. I came from the south and was for a time hiding in the South Downs. I thank thee Lady for allowing me to stay here for now."

Looking her over again he asked,

"So what trouble does a fair one as yourself find?"

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Posted by The Dark Lord (Citizen # 277) on :
What is wrong, Tinelwen? I can see that you are troubled and your mind is clouded with questions. His dark eyes bored into her, searching for the source of her worry.
Posted by Natasha (Citizen # 370) on :
Tinivel was quite amazed at what he had to say and responded, "I am quite intrigued I should say, I had no idea you were in jeopardy last night.

Nevertheless I am glad that my head had hit the door, or else I may have met my doom last night. It was silly of me to go out with something like that.

To answer your question reason why I am distrought is I believe someone wants me.. Not for the best purposes either. All I desired was adventure, but I'm afraid I'm getting too much of it.... I was just lonesome last night you could say. She took a big breath and smiled at Anarath, and then offered to go down to the common room with him.

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Posted by Druss the Legend (Citizen # 365) on :
The door to the inn opened as a black garbed warrior walked in. He carried a large double-headed axe and wore a black & silver helm, a black leather jerkin reinforced at the shoulders with steel, and knee-length black boots.
He walked to the bar and waited to be served.
Posted by Tinelwen (Citizen # 261) on :
I do indeed have many questions. Who are you? You've told me your name, but what is your quest here? It seems as if there is much you hide, not just from me but from others as well.
Posted by Beren (Citizen # 38) on :
With a reluctant look Anarath turned to his wound and thought about going to the Common Room. After looking at the Lady in Black, be could not refuse, so he said,

"I will clean this and will accompany you, though my judgement says I may regret it. But I will fear not what awaits for a time to be in your company, which will please me much.'

Anarath stepped over to the water basin and took off his heavy leather coat. His silver chain mail vest shone bright and his arms were muscular and the one had dried blood. He washed as well as he could and tied a dark cloth over his cut, and use dhis fingers to comb out as best he could his tangled hair. He came back and said,

"I hope my appearance is not too rough, for I was many days in the wild and I expected not to meet a fair lady as soon as I stepped in here. If you wish me to not accompany you I do understand."

Posted by The Dark Lord (Citizen # 277) on :
You are wise, Lady Tinelwen, for indeed I've not revealed all about myself. He looked into her eyes and transferred a thought to her. I am a master of sorcery. My quest is not to find a group of wandering elves, for that would be a shot in the dark, even for a very skilled tracker. Forgive me, but all I can tell you is that I am searching for a very dark being, and I shall not say his name, even though it is just you who can hear this. There may be evil eyes in this room we do not know about.

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Posted by Natasha (Citizen # 370) on :
"Oh sir! I am so sorry, I had no idea you were wounded.. It would be a pleasure for you to be with me, but if you are hurt severely I do not want to be a pest." She looked at him rather compassionately, because in a way she was fond of him.
Posted by Tinelwen (Citizen # 261) on :
Tinelwen looked fearfully about the room. She opened her mouth to speak, but Magnus made a sign not to and tapped his head lightly with his finger. Astonished, Tinelwen allowed her thought to speak for her.
How can you do this? I sensed there was more about you than meets the eye, but I did not indeed expect this much! What evil eyes could possibly be here?
Posted by Beren (Citizen # 38) on :
" No m'Lady, You are certainly no pest, and I will most gladly accompany you."

He looked at her in her black satin and her smile and he offered her his good arm.

"Shall we?" he asked and she smiled.

Posted by The Dark Lord (Citizen # 277) on :
Magnus responded in thought. I am not entirely sure of the company in this room, for they may be connected in some way to the man I speak of. I'm sure he'd be very displeased to hear that I live, because ten years ago he tried unsuccessfully to have me killed. A snarl crept upon his face as he recalled the incident.

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Posted by Tinelwen (Citizen # 261) on :
What are you going to do about him, and why did you tell me this?
Posted by Natasha (Citizen # 370) on :
As they entered the common room they caught two people in a deep conversation. She looked at Anarath and said, "That man there.. There is something about him.."Her cheerful face turned all the sudden to a grave look for she could tell there was something going on that wasn't to good.
Posted by The Dark Lord (Citizen # 277) on :
I still ponder my course of action as I seek him and I told you because I sense that you are a trustworthy soul. If you wish not to learn more, just say. Still, I've a feeling that there is some hidden aspect about you. Perhaps you, too, seek something.

Posted by Beren (Citizen # 38) on :
Anarath looked at him and also a man at the far end of the bar wearing a long black leather coat. Anarath walked the Lady quickly to a table at the far wall from the bar and near the fireplace so they could keep an unsuspecting eye on both. Anarath said quietly to the Lady,

"I have detected him before m'Lady. Guard your mind carefully."

A serving wench brought some tea and asked if we wished breakfast, and Anarath nodded approvingly, not taking his eye from the man at the end of the bar. Tinivel seemed focused on the man talking with another fair lady at a table nearer the bar, and Anarath became more concerned.

Posted by Tinelwen (Citizen # 261) on :
Indeed I do seek something. Who does not? And if you would tell me, I would like to hear more of your quest.
Tinelwen's face became sad, and her eyes had a faraway look as she thought about her past.
Posted by Druss the Legend (Citizen # 365) on :
Druss laid down his axe and looked around. The place was nearly empty with only a couple people here and there around the room.
Druss then realized how thirsty he was..
"Service!!!" he yelled as he waited for the barkeep.
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
"Ok sir, here's a mug of ale!"

Snowdog slid one down and the black-clad warrior caught it in his hand.

Posted by Natasha (Citizen # 370) on :
Tinivel looked harder at the expressions on both of their faces and she could tell that Tinelwin seemed to be getting a bit frightened.

As she tried to make out Tinelwin's words she noticed Magnus was looking at her as if she was prying into their business. Her cheeks turned a dark red for she was quite humiliated, but instead of giving herself away she pretended that she was staring past them.

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Posted by Druss the Legend (Citizen # 365) on :
Druss began gulping down the mug of ale staring blankly at his axe resting on the counter.
Posted by The Dark Lord (Citizen # 277) on :
When he saw the sad, distant look on her face, Magnus thought to himself She's seen more pain than she lets on. I wonder what suffering she's had to endure in past years. He flashed back to his own past, and the horrible vision of slaughter and desolation caused by the evil man who forever haunted his thoughts. Unconsiously, his hand inched toward his sword, lying concealed beneath his cloak. While thinking, his eyes changed from intent and wise to blank and empty. It was as if someone had blown out a candle, for their usual glimmer was gone.
Posted by Druss the Legend (Citizen # 365) on :
Druss finished his ale and called out to Snowdog
"Barkeep, I tasted some good wine back east, have you got any Ventrian Red?"
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
"Aye, here."

Snowdog reached under the counter and grabbed a bottle of red.

"Best we got."

As he set the bottle and a glass in front of the Warrior in Black.

Posted by Druss the Legend (Citizen # 365) on :
"Many thanks" said Druss as he slid a couple silver coins across the counter.
Posted by Tinelwen (Citizen # 261) on :
Pulling herself out of her reverie, Tinelwen reached out in thought to Magnus again.
What do you plan to do about this foe of yours?
Posted by Druss the Legend (Citizen # 365) on :
Druss poured himself a goblet of the Ventrian Red as he looked around the room. He spotted two strangers sitting across from each other at a table. They seemed to be chatting, but upon further examination, Druss realized they're mouths weren't moving and that they were just staring at each other.
Druss then turned and looked at his glass of wine thinking to himself, I've barely started drinking...
Posted by The Dark Lord (Citizen # 277) on :
Well, as long as he lives, he is a danger to everyone. I've thought about finding a way to break his power, but that is simply impossible. For quite some time I vowed that killing him would be a last resort, but unless another option presents itself, it appears that I've no choice. His face darkened even more. That in itself will be no easy task, for he is as skilled in dark magic as I am in light.

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Posted by Tinelwen (Citizen # 261) on :
At this news, Tinelwen was greatly troubled. For what reason, she knew not. These tidings had naught to do with her as far as she knew, but it felt as if burdened by a great weight because of them. Looking suspiciously about the room, she noted that the few people that were about were staring at the two of them, but that did not startle her as much as the fact that the whole room seemed to be filling with some kind of stifling haze.
Let us go elsewhere, Magnus. I no longer feel safe in the open here, she murmured quietly to her companion.

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Posted by The Dark Lord (Citizen # 277) on :
Indeed. They both rose from the table.
Posted by Tinelwen (Citizen # 261) on :
They left the common room, going out into the hall. As soon as they had left the haze, Tinelwen leaned wearily against the wall.
What was that? I feel nearly spent.

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Posted by The Dark Lord (Citizen # 277) on :
I am not entirely sure. His brow furrowed. He had a degree of immunity to magic, but Tinelwen didn't. No one else seemed to be affected by the strange, sudden weakness. It was as if someone directed it specifically toward Tinelwen.
Posted by Tinelwen (Citizen # 261) on :
Tinelwen straightened herself up again.
It is passed now. I do not understand anything that has happened today, and that alarms me a bit. I'm afraid someone is after me, although I am not entirely sure why.
Posted by The Dark Lord (Citizen # 277) on :
His thoughts immediately returned to the subject of their discussion. Perhaps it was he who was after Tinelwen. For what possible reason, Magnus had yet to find out.
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
"Damm! The wind and the rain outside must of reverse-drafted."

Snowdog grunted as he went over near where the gorgeous lady in a black dress sat with a leather-clad man. Snowdog tossed anoter log in the fire to heat it more so the wind gusts hopefully didn't reverse draft the chimney again filling the room with smoke.

He looked at the man sitting there with the woman and didn't remember him coming in. Probably when he was downstairs.

"Good day Lady, Sir."

Posted by Beren (Citizen # 38) on :
"Good day to you!' Anarath said to Snowdog as he passed. The thick pinewood aroma filled the room and actually smelled good to him. It was then that Anarath noticed one that was near the bar standing looking at him. It was one of the riders of the night before.

"Lady Tinivel, I may have to take your leave, for I wish not to entangle you into my troubles."

He looked the man in the eye as they both stared unmoving at each other across the smoky room.

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Posted by Natasha (Citizen # 370) on :
"Good day indeed!"Tinivel replied after Snowdog had eyed her.

As she saw Anarath's face turning grave she became quite a bit disturbed. "Well"she responded, "I wish you could stay more, but I can see there is some sort of trouble about to happen and it would be better if you would go. Until we meet again!" She smiled one more time and then peered into her drink in a rather cheerless manner.

Posted by Beren (Citizen # 38) on :
The look on Tinivel's face struck Anarath deep, and he wished not to leave her there alone. But she was surely her own woman and came there on her own? Why did he feel this way? He was caught upso in her beauty and sadness that he too late noticed the man had walked over to the table. I knife came down in the middle of the table with enough force to spill their drinks. Anarath stood and grabbed the mans hand on the knife and they looked each other in the eye. The man growled,

"I think you best not resist, for you are indeed the one."

Anarath looked him in the eye and he also saw Snowdog look with an interest as he does when trouble is about to erupt.

Anarath said quietly,

"With all due respect to my Lady friend here, I wish you would plan on talking with me alone. For I have never known for men of your stature to be disrespectful. Now, If you will allow us our peace while we have breakfast, I will discuss here with you these issues you have. Now...."

Anarath pulled the knife out of the table after pushing the mans hand off it, and he gave it back to him. The man looked ruffled and nodded to Lady Tinivel as he walked off. Anarath sat again and he could see it disturbed Tinivel.

Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Snowdog took note of the seeming disturbance and the stress it caused his customers. He was about to put an end to it when they seemed to come to agreement. Snowdog breathed a little easier, but was keeping an eye on the two men this day.
Posted by Natasha (Citizen # 370) on :
Tinivel was still lost deep and thought and the bump of the table caught her attention quickly. She noticed the knife and about jumped until she saw Anarath and the strange guy he was talking about. The man was enraged with Anarath and she very much wondered why, but instead of blurting her thoughts she kept calm and pretended as if she saw none of it.
Posted by Beren (Citizen # 38) on :
Anarath looked and reached for the Lady Tinivel's hands and took them as he looked her in the eye.

Lady, I hope this scares you not, but I will have to deal with him before the day is out, for there are others and it will only be time before they came back here. I do hope you will forgive me for what I must do. But first I ask you.. do you mind my company?"

Anarath looked solemnly at Tinivel as her eyes fluttered slightly.

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Posted by Natasha (Citizen # 370) on :
"I enjoy your company very much, but if you have to leave I can understand..." She looked in his eyes once more and then turned away from him in her regular sitting position.

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Posted by Beren (Citizen # 38) on :
"Nay lady, for with your company it does buy me a little time to enjoy your company before I have to do what I need to do. Let us finish our breakfast."

Anarath ate quickly but gentlmanly in the presence of Tinivel, disguising as well he could his hunger from not eating in a number of days.

Posted by Natasha (Citizen # 370) on :
After hearing his words she said no more and ate her breakfast quietly.
Posted by Beren (Citizen # 38) on :
Finishing his breakfast, anarath stood and said,

"If you will excuse me for a short time, I will be back if it pleases you.'

He nodded to Tinivel and walked over to the bar where the man stood. They both stared at each other un-talking for a moment....

Posted by Natasha (Citizen # 370) on :
Tinivel just sat there and stared at Anarath as he talked with the man. His face was grave and he seemed quite troubled, but she decided to leave them space and peered at a couple in the other end of the room.
Posted by Beren (Citizen # 38) on :
The man, whose name was Anadorth, said to Anarath in a low voice.

"You ran out on Annadae at the last minute, and her father you knew would send us for you, for you really hurt his pride. Now, I like you, and I thought it would be an honor to have you as a brother in law. My brothers dont feel the same, so it was I who thought of staying here while they went on west. I had a hunch you may be here, and I see why."

He glanced over at Tinivel briefly before looking again into Anarath's eyes. Anarath said haltingly,

"There is a reason I could not marry your sister, but I cannot say. You would not believe me and I wish to bring no dishonor to Annadae, so I quietly left. And it is not lost upon me that you care more for tour father's pride than Annadae."

Anadorth looked puzzlingly at him and did not say anything, but turned to the bar to drink. Anarath said,

"Excuse me, I have a lady waiting alone over at the table."

And he turned and walked back and sat down with Tinivel. He said to her,

"I am sorry, but some have little manner in which to conduct business. Here, let me give you a token to have."

He removed from his small finger and slid it over and onto the finger if Tinivel.

"Keep this as a token of our friendship."

He looked at her eyes as he said that.

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Posted by Natasha (Citizen # 370) on :
"Thank you, and I am very appreciative of you saving my life. I would like to give you something."Tinivel unbuttoned her collar and removed a necklace that she had worn many a year. She then stood up and put it around Anarath's neck and then said, "It’s a gift and means a lot to me, if you are in trouble remember the friendship we had."

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Posted by Beren (Citizen # 38) on :
Anarath smiled as she put the necklace about him. The soft touch of her hand was like velvet and he turned to look at her.

"Surely I will remember you always, but yet you are a mystery. I would think that one so lovely as yourself would soon remember me not. But alas, I thank thee for this as it must be dear to you."

Her eyes glinted as he spoke and he lost his words. He again spoke looking away,

"This day is young. To where do you travel ?"

Posted by Tinelwen (Citizen # 261) on :
Tinelwen recovered from her fright and slumped against the wall, passing her hand in front of her eyes. She had a brief, fleeting vision of piercing eyes, but it soon passed. Shakily, she spoke again to Magnus.

That wasn't anything. It was a shadow of memory from my past. They haunt me often. Let us go back to the common room.

Posted by Natasha (Citizen # 370) on :
Tinivel sat down in her chair and replied, "I am not quite sure, last night was very peculiar and I gather I should stay here for a couple more days. I am still concerned of that note I received last night before I met you. I would like to find out who it is...." She stared at the window deep in thought of who it could be, but had no total clue for she had done nothing to upset anyone on her long travel before she came to the Inn.
Posted by The Dark Lord (Citizen # 277) on :
Indeed, but be wary. I sense an unwholesome presence about this place that I did not feel earlier. They passed back through into bright, smoky common room. Seeing that their old table was occupied by a few elves, he suggested the only table left, one close to the middle of the room.
Posted by Tinelwen (Citizen # 261) on :
They made their way to the table, and Tinelwen, wishing to banish the memories that had flooded her mind just moments ago, searched the room with her eyes for Snowdog. She wished to talk to him.
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Snowdog saw the lady Tinelwen come back into the room, and she had a different look in her beautiful eyes. She was pale and seemed to breath harder, so Snowdog walked over to where she and Magnus sat and pulled a chair over and sat backwards in it and asked Tinelwen,

It seems a darkness has come over you M'Lady. What ails ye?"

Posted by Beren (Citizen # 38) on :
"As you should, but beware m'lady, for there are many who may wish to do you ill."

Anarath looked about and saw the one he talked to watching them close. Anarath could see the sun beaming in the window and so he asked Tinivel,

"Lady, would you like to accompany me on a short walk out in the fresh air and sun?"

Posted by Natasha (Citizen # 370) on :
"Yes, I would enjoy it very much.. It is very smoky in here and I don't feel to good with so many people around, after all the note I recieved could be from whoever in here eyeing me without me noticing."She looked around once more at everyone then stood up ready to walk.
Posted by Beren (Citizen # 38) on :
Anarath stood and took her arm, and as they walked out the door a couple shady folk and the man Anarath talked with watched them.

Outside the sun shone bright and the black satin dress that Tinivel wore shimmered with her every movement. Arm in arm Anarath showed a path to Tinivel and they walked it talking.

"A am sorry to intrude into your life, though by chance, for maybe one you seek has left you that note? If you seek no one then please beware M'Lady, for some who seem foul are indeed fair, and some who appear fair have evil intentions."

He looked at the willows hanging over the path and a sound of a creek could be heard in the distance. A dragonfly flew along in escort, and the sound of birds sank their songs. Soon the path came to a step and they stepped down, and next to a falls there was a stone that has been used as a seat , so they sat to rest awhile, feeling droplets of water splash them fron the swift-running water.

Posted by Natasha (Citizen # 370) on :
"I do not seek anyone. I have noticed that a man here seems interested in me, by his name though I can't quite remember, but I still do not think he would dare do me harm. He was very nice when I came into the Inn, but still I am very clueless of who it might be." Tinivel noticed the waterfall and delighted in its beauty. Tiny little drops of water dripped on her head and it felt quite refreshing.

Then she began to wonder about the talk with the strange man and asked Anarath, "Not to be nosy or anything, but I was wondering how did your talk go with that odd man that seemed very angry with you? I am just curious, but I do not want to be a pest so I guess I should not of asked you."She looked down rather embarrassed because she felt as if she was intruding on his private life.

Posted by Beren (Citizen # 38) on :
"It was a matter of lives. Lives changed and lives unchanging. Of arrangements made and broken. For my father and the man I talked to... his father had made an agreement. I was to marry a lady, the man's sister, because of an arrangement made long ago. But she wished it not, and though I found her attractive, I wished it not for I knew she would be unfaithful. But I stayed around in hopes of pleasing my father and doing him no dishonor. But one day not long ago, at a festival of families where I did get quite drunk, I had eyes for her younger sister, and after a time she followed me to the stables and there we made love. But her sister too was looking for a place to lay and there she found us entwined. Telling her father that I besmirched his youngest daughter, he grew in anger and I left without words. But the brothers search for me, and one whom is inside has found me though he sent his other brothers to the west. See, we were friends, and he knew that his sister was a trollop and understood why we delayed in marrying. It just took more to make me realize I needed to go."

Anarath watched as the fall's water drops soaked hungrily into Tinivel's black satin, and he shook his head at the thoughts. He looked at Tinivel and feigned a smile, not wanting her to feel uncomfortable.

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Posted by Natasha (Citizen # 370) on :
She was quite dumbfounded at what Anarath had to say and just sat there contemplating his words. She saw a smile form on his face and decided to speak, "Well that’s quite a tale I hear. I haven't had nearly as interesting of a life, but you see I'm used to traveling a lot, town to town road to road... Traveling is not much adventure unless someone seeks you. So you see that is why I don't understand anyone’s purpose to follow me.
Posted by Tinelwen (Citizen # 261) on :
Tinelwen looked up at Snowdog with a pained smile on her face. Blinking her eyes a few times as if to ward off the traces of grief from them, she replied,
Do not worry. It was only some painful memories from my past, but they are gone now.
Posted by Beren (Citizen # 38) on :
"But you underestimate yourself Lady Tinilwen, for you are lovely to the eye, and even though you do not try you are ravishing. So you beware for you may not be so fortunate next time to run into one such as me."

Anarath looked into the water as it rushed by and he noticed that Tinivel was getting cold from the dampness. He took his black leather coat and threw it about her shoulders, and took her hand as she stood. He said,

"I wish to stay with you for awhile if it pleases you, for I have met not one such as you before. But come Lady let us walk a little farther. for the noodday sun approaches. there is a place I wish you to see a little farther on if it pleases you."

She smiled and reached and pulled a fresh green leaf out of Anarath's hair.

Posted by Natasha (Citizen # 370) on :
She laughed a little after pulling the leaf from his hair and said “Alright I will walk with you if it is pleasurable, and what a pretty days it is indeed."
Posted by Beren (Citizen # 38) on :
"Of course its pleasurable Tinivel!"

So they walked along the path arm in arm and they came out of the trees. For a distance they walked and the noonday sun did make them hot and thirsty, and they came to a grassy hillside that sloped down to the creek that had run over the falls a ways back. Anarath invited Tinivel to sat in the grass bear the pool that was there and they soaked their feet.

Posted by Natasha (Citizen # 370) on :
They passed the tree's by and Tinivel gazed at the beauty of it all. She sat down on the soft grass and slid off her shoes. The chilling water that overlapped her feet calmed her and the weariness from the lack of sleep the night before relapsed. Wind blew through Tinivel's hair and as she sat there she wanted this moment to last forever..
Posted by The Dark Lord (Citizen # 277) on :
Magnus pounded his fist upon the table as if there was some unspoken finality in the air. Enough gloom and doom, friends. After all, this is a place of joy where companions come to have a drink and be merry. Now that liquor had been brought up, Magnus realized he needed some. Snowdog, my good man, do you think you could fix me up with a stiff drink. It's about time I had one. He laughed heartily.

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Posted by Beren (Citizen # 38) on :
As they sat upon the grass the hot sun made things warm, and the breeze felt good but it too was warm, and the humidity was high. Anarath enjoyed the time with Tinivel, and they talked of things mostly unimportant. Anarath then thought of something crazy as sweat ran down his brow, and he stood and jumped in the cool pool the creek made. He swam about a little and with just his head sticking out of the water he said to tinivel,

Lady, you should come on in! It is quite refreshing from this heat!"

He smiled at her as she thought about it.

Posted by Natasha (Citizen # 370) on :
She laughed softly for he looked like such a fool jumping in the water all the sudden. "How could I with a dress on?", she replied.
Posted by Beren (Citizen # 38) on :
[i]"well, you stand up as your feet are already in, and you just step on in! I know it's crazy, but try doing something crazy with me. We can dry in the sun before walking back, Besides you will be covered."[i]

Anarath had a playful look in his eye as the lady smiled at him. She thought more about Anarath's crazy idea.

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Posted by Tinelwen (Citizen # 261) on :
Tinelwen looked at Magnus thoughtfully and spoke gently but with a hint of urgency in her voice.
There are some things, Magnus, that cannot be driven from the mind by conscious forgetfulness. They will not vanish like a spectre with the light of day, nor will they be drowned into oblivion by a mug of ale. No matter how you try, such things will trouble you, gnaw away at the back of your mind until they drive you mad. You and I both have suffered such things as these.
With a grave look in her eyes, Tinelwen slowly lowered her head into her hands.
Posted by The Dark Lord (Citizen # 277) on :
As he heard these words, Magnus flinched, for they were all too true. I'm...sorry Tinelwen. He realized that he had done more harm than good for his friend. His past, like hers, seemed to be a phantom, constantly eating away at him. Suddenly feeling queer, he murmered I think I need to be outside for a spell. With your consent, I shall temporarily take my leave.

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Posted by Tinelwen (Citizen # 261) on :
Do not apologize. You meant well, and no harm has been done. If you feel you would profit from fresh air, then by all means, please take your leave.
She smiled weakly at him, her eyes still rather sorrowful. As Magnus got up to leave, she shook her head lightly, blinked a few times, and then looked about the room for Snowdog.
Posted by The Dark Lord (Citizen # 277) on :
Walking out the door of the inn, he moved quickly, as if he was being hunted. Out the door, through the center of town, and out into the countryside he strode. Magnus was deeply troubled, for the last words of Tinelwen brought back dark memories. The orcs, thousands of them. The scenes of slaughter were replayed in his mind, and the most vivid memories were those of his family being mowed down by the vast host. He remembered standing there, a child of only nine, helpless as he watched his parents die. The wizard slid down against an oak tree. Shutting his eyes, Magnus forced the memories into the back of his mind. Calming his mind, he sadly looked up at the brilliant blue, cloudless sky.

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Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Snowdog came upstairs and got a water and sat next to Tinelwen.

"Sorry for being away, but the Gimli and sons Quarry just delivered some fine rock out back, and they started excavating the downstairs. I am afraid you will not be comfortable in your room there this night so I arranged for you to have one upstairs."

Snowdog looked into Tinelwen's eyes and saw sadness, and he took her hand into his.

Posted by Natasha (Citizen # 370) on :
The water had a pleasant feel to it so she gave into his request and imerged her body in the chilling water. She looked at him and said in a shivering yet playful voice, "This water is quite cold! Why in the world did you ask me to jump in here with my dress on??"

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Posted by Beren (Citizen # 38) on :
"Well lady, you could have taken it off, but I was thinking of your modesty."

as he held her hand she slid in to her neck, and they floated in the refreshing water together with her black satin dress billowing about them. Anarath really just wanted to cool off from the heat, but as Tinivel went under and re-emerged, her hair shone in the sun and her eyes glowed. They held hands and floated about in the pool as though they were dancing. Anarath suddenly realized in full what he had realized the night he scared her in the hallway.... she is the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.
The water was refreshing but cold, and Tinivel started to shiver so she started to climb out. Anarath stepped out also and his eyes drank deep as the wet satin clung to her every curve. The walked a short ways into a field and lay down in the grass to dry out in the sun. The cold water had wakened him to the reality of his situation. After much silence, Anarath finally said,

"I dont know why I feel this way Tinivel, and my heart desires to stay with you. But I will walk you back to the Inn and you go in and meet whoever left you that note, and think of me no more."

Anarath's face grew grim as he spoke.

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Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Snowdog looked into Tinelwen's eyes and asked,

"That troubles you dear lady?"

Posted by Tinelwen (Citizen # 261) on :
Tinelwen smiled weakly at Snowdog and squeezed his hand gently.
I thank you for your concern, friend. I am indeed rather troubled today, but I have hope that it will pass soon.
A wave of realization washed over her, and she remembered her promise to help Snowdog with the bath he would be making.
Oh! I am sorry. I forgot completely about the project we were to start on today. Can you forgive me?
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
"Of course M'Lady. I did contract out the excavation and stonework to some dwarves, for it's one of the things they do best. I moved your belongings to the first room, which is farthest from the construction and has a balcony facing the sun."
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
In came a couple of cold-faced suits and they spotted Snowdog right away. Snowdog got up and went to talk with them... apparently they had a problem with the permits that Snowdog got to build his addition. Apparently a public bath would be too risque for the city, so the construction was red-tagged. They also nailed a sign to one of the posts that read:

1. NO FORNICATING, which includes but not limited to: Touching, looking at anything but the eyes, thinking unholy thoughts of anyone of the opposite sex,
2. NO ALCOHOLIC BEVEREGES, for imbibing in intoxicating spirits is a sin so all alcohol must be removed from the premisis in 48 hours.
3. NO SMOKING, which includes but not limited to pipeweed, tobacco, leafy matter of any kind, wood, moss.

Snowdog looked at the sign and chuckled, figuring his establishment would be the next on the list to be torched if he didn't comply, so he saluted the two and they stormed out.

Snowdog went and made sure the dwarves kept working and he went back and sat with Tinelwen saying,

"I guess I will see what happens in a couple days."

Posted by Natasha (Citizen # 370) on :
Tinivel stood there and stared into his eyes. She wondered why his mind changed suddenly and spoke, "Have I offended you in any way? I mean, we seemed to be getting along but you act as if I have disturbed you.. You certainly haven't upset me...."

She had this queer feeling in her head and could not understand why her heart was feeling so heavy that moment. He helped her out of the water and she just watched his every move as they walked nearer the Inn.

Posted by The Dark Lord (Citizen # 277) on :
Looks like they're not as optimistic about this bath as Snowdog is. Said a slightly amused voice from behind Tinelwen. Magnus had returned to the inn. If my eyes don't decieve me, another company of dwarves is not far off. I think I saw the glint of hammers and pickaxes not very far down the road.

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Posted by Beren (Citizen # 38) on :
(ooc-Dark Lord... the way I read it, the dwarves already delivered stone and are hard at work.)

"Lady, we have rested now and dried ourselves, and it was refreshing, and I will remain if you wish it. But I endanger you when the other brothers return. I will not put you in danger!"

Anarath walked slowly with Tinivel as they neared the Inn. Dwarves were working construction despite the red tag, and there were curious people watching the hardy folk work.

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Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
"You're right Beren. The dwarves are already working. I dont know what has become of society today. I may just give up. People dont listen (meaning read prior posts) anymore and they just say (write) anything without knowing (reading) the whats going on. I had big plans for this place.... but for you Tinelwen, and Beren, Natasha, and Edain I think I would have demolished this place and moved on. But it has such sweet memories of Elentari and Rían in it and that I cannot destroy.

Snowdog had six more ales since he had to get rid of all the alcohol in two days. Snowdog stood on the chair and yelled out,

"FREE DRINKS! hell with it."

Sitting back down he has 3 more. He then said to them,

"I guess its time to let this sleeping dog lie. Doggoneit I'm dog tired; I'm tired of leadin' a dogs life, and fightin' like cats and dogs against cats and dogs. A young pup's doggin' my tail tryin' to become top dog. I'm goin' to the dogs in a dog-eat-dog world here."

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Posted by Natasha (Citizen # 370) on :
She looked at the place and muttered under her breath, "I had fun while it lasted, but oh well." Snowdog seemed quite friendly and all she could do was smile then Anarath spoke and she replied, "I understand you now.. What is done is done and I can't help it... It was nice to know you.." She held out her hand to shake his..
Posted by Beren (Citizen # 38) on :
"You will ever be a friend and welcome where I may be if we shall ever meet again. I will help Snowdog use up his spirits and have an ale, and I will leave then."

He took her hand, and lightly kissed it, and took a mug of ale and walked toward the door as he drained it.

Posted by The Dark Lord (Citizen # 277) on :
I stand corrected, for it did indeed say Gimili and sons were already hard at work toward the bottom of page 18. I usually review my posts to make sure there aren't any errors like the one that popped up here, but I've not had time lately. Sorry!
Free drinks, eh? Well I gotta get me one of them!

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Posted by Natasha (Citizen # 370) on :
As he kissed her hand a smile formed on her face and she had a feeling that she would miss him when he departed from her. Tinivel watched him walk over to the door, and then decided to pack her stuff that she had left in her room.

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Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
"Magnus, have 3... here!"

Snowdog stepped over to Tinelwen and asked her,

"So are ye mad at me fer my tirade? Accept me apology My lady if you will. I try to behave me self."

Posted by Beren (Citizen # 38) on :
Anarath stood outside for a minute thinking of the last days events. He felt like staying for more, but did not want to get intoxicated with the brothers about, or endanger Tinivel, so he set out west down the road, staying to the side so he could take refuge quickly in the woods if need be.
Posted by Natasha (Citizen # 370) on :
When she entered her room it looked pretty much the same as the previous day. No one had intruded to her surprise, or so she thought.

Tinivel looked around and came into the bathroom. She still had her clothes on the ground from her relaxing shower the night before and quickly packed them in her bag. After taking one last glimpse she left and walked down the stairs..

Posted by Tinelwen (Citizen # 261) on :
Think naught of it, and do not trouble yourself, friend. I am far from angry.
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
"That is a relief to know Lady tinelwen. Would you like some free drinks?"
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
After the free drinks were gone, Only the spring soda water or the clear mountain spring water was available at Snowdog's. Construction however kept on unabated.
Posted by Arvedui (Citizen # 16) on :
"Whaddiya mean I can't get a drink? All I did was try and get friendly with the girl. What? Its a sin to drink? Of course it is! Well piss Snowdog. I guess its crumpets and tea at this place from now on then? Well, thanks for the free drinks anyway."
Arvedui grumbled as he finished his free drinks.
"Damm religious fanatics.... always wanting to impose their will on everybody else, even getting violent about it. I bet Snowdog is got something up his sleeve. He always did in Bree."
Posted by Natasha (Citizen # 370) on :
Tinivel walked out of the Inn and heard such a racket go on she thought she had lost her hearing. Someone yelled angrily and her ears began to throb. She pulled the straps of her bag onto her shoulder and ran far away from the Inn.
Posted by Druss the Legend (Citizen # 365) on :
Druss finally finished his ale. He gave Snowdog a few coins and quietly exited the inn.
Posted by Beren (Citizen # 38) on :
Beren had a long night and morning as he slept off his drunk. Upon arising he entered Snowdog's and wanted coffee....
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
"Here you go kind sir, there hasn't been any zoning law or regulation against coffee yet."
Some hot black liquid fills a cup in front of Beren.

Meanwhile the smell of coffee brings to life Arvedui, who slept under the barstools. He immediatlt takes to harassing the serving wench....

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Posted by Beren (Citizen # 38) on :
"Oh! I needed this! Thank you very much Snowdog!"

Beren sips the hot brew and enjoys the aroma in is nostrils.

Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
An official looking guy comes in and smiles at Snowdog as he removes the sign posted by the zealots. Apparently a change in zoning laws has allowed for Snowdog's to serve alcoholic beverages once again. Snowdog goes downstairs and get the last few kegs and has some stout dwarves bring them up, and sends Focmor his wench out to aquire more stock.
Posted by Tuor (Citizen # 374) on :
A rather Tall man with a rather large axe enters the Inn.

How about some stew? I'm hungry! If you don't mind, make my drink a Dr. Pepper.
The stranger then settled down in a dark corner waiting to devour his meal.

Posted by Tinelwen (Citizen # 261) on :
Tinelwen eyed this newcomer rather suspiciously. People who carried axes usually meant trouble, and she went out of her way to tell Snowdog so.
Snowdog, I don't like the look of this stranger. He seems, well, rather shifty, if you ask me...and the way he carries that axe! He must be trouble. What is this 'Dr. Pepper' of which he speaks, by the way? I've never heard of it.

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Posted by Tuor (Citizen # 374) on :
The stranger has keen ears. He puts down is manacing axe and makes his way over to Tinelwen.
I see you have never heard of my favorite drink. It was a drink introduced to me by the entwives in my journies through the east. It is made of the juice of prunes. The juice is mixed with honey and air. It is really quite taste.

The stranger turns to the Inn Keep and asks Where is my stew? I'm starving over here I could eat a mumakil!

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Posted by Tinelwen (Citizen # 261) on :
Tinelwen raised her eyebrow inquisitively at the stranger.
Entwives and prune juice, you say? I see that you may have some strange tales to tell, and strange tales are always welcome here. What is your name, stranger?
She extended her hand toward him.
They call me Tinelwen here, but you may call me whatever you like. It matters not. Snowdog, if you're going to get this fellow some food, would you mind very much digging something up for myself? I'm afraid I never had any dinner last night. A cup of coffee and some pancakes would do nicely.
Posted by Tuor (Citizen # 374) on :
The stranger takes Tinelwen's hand and introduces himself My name is Tuor, yes I have many a strange tale. They wouldn't happen to have heard of onion rings around here would they? They too are an entwife creation. If you don't have any Dr. Pepper, water will do fine. For some reason, coffee always keeps me up and I need to get to sleep tonight, for in the morning I have work to do.
Posted by Tinelwen (Citizen # 261) on :
Tinelwen scratches her head curiously.
Tonight? I only rose half an hour ago. Oh dear me! My biological clock must've gone haywire again.
Posted by Tuor (Citizen # 374) on :
Tuor looks astonished at the young woman and says, You mean its morning so soon? That must be why I'm starving. I guess I will have some coffee! I have a feeling today is going to be a long day!
Posted by Tinelwen (Citizen # 261) on :
Tinelwen sighed a sigh of relief.
Well, I'm just glad that my biological clock is fine. It has its problems every now and then. You really ought have some coffee. From what I hear, it works miracles for the travel weary, and you certainly seem to qualify for that bunch.
She nods her head, takes a sip from her own steaming cup of coffee, and tries the pancakes that Snowdog had just set down before her. Looking about the room, she notices that Magnus is missing.
Snowdog! she calls across the room, Have you seen Magnus yet this morning? I really must talk to him, but he doesn't seem to be around at the moment.
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
"He comes and goes as he pleases, and his business is not mine." Snowdog said to Tinelwen. "Heres some panckaes for you m'Lady, and some for you. You order stew and pepper and ya get pancakes and coffee. Excuse the mess, but there be some construction going on downstairs and out back."[/i]

Snowdog nodded at the axe man as he went back to the bar.

Posted by The Dark Lord (Citizen # 277) on :
Just a few minutes after Snowdog finished his sentence, Magnus walked into the Inn. He was wearing a new rainment of dark green, complete with new black leather boots and a dark cape. As always, he surveyed the room before moving further than the door.

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Posted by Tinelwen (Citizen # 261) on :
Magnus! Tinelwen calls, I was just inquiring after you. Where have you been? She eyes him curiously.
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
"Welcome again magnus!"
Posted by The Dark Lord (Citizen # 277) on :
Good day to you, friends! He said jovially. Forgive me for my absence, Tinelwen, but I've just been around town, picking up some supplies that were rather low in my store from my journey here. I also dropped in on an old friend of mine to say hello. He pulled up a vacant chair and sat down. Snowdog, could I trouble you for some coffee?
Posted by Tinelwen (Citizen # 261) on :
Consider it forgiven, friend. How long do you intend to stay here? Tinelwen ate the last bit of pancake left on her plate, drained the last drop of coffee, sat back in her chair, and sighed contentedly.

That was wonderful, Snowdog. Oh, I could live here.

Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
"Well dear lady Tinelwen, I will give you the first room with the balcony to the south and the flower garden for a good rate. Or, if you wish, you could help with the service here and you can live in the room for free. If you do, worry not of any drunken or rude patrons, for if the so much as touch you, I will cut their hand off. Magnus, here's some more cofee, amy for you m'Lady?"
Posted by Tinelwen (Citizen # 261) on :
Smiling warmly at Snowdog, Tinelwen shook her head slowly.

Dear, dear Snowdog. I would so love to accept your offer, but I am afraid I cannot. There is unfinished business I must tend to in my life before I am able to settle down peacefully. If things were different, I would stay here in a heartbeat. As it is, however, I am afraid I can stay no longer than a few weeks before I move on. She looked down at the table and closed her eyes for a moment. I would love a spot more coffee, if you don't mind. Thank you.

Posted by The Dark Lord (Citizen # 277) on :
Well, Tinelwen, I cannot honestly say how long I'll stay. At least a few more days, for sure. I am in no immediate hurry, so I shall tarry here awhile longer. He took a sip of the liquid, inhaling its rich aroma. He smiled slightly.

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Posted by Tinelwen (Citizen # 261) on :
As if she was not content with this answer, Tinelwen leaned forward and looked into Magnus's eyes.

I have wanted to ask you this for a long time, but the time never seemed quite right. What is your story? What was the series of events that led you to this place at this time? It seems to be something we have avoided long enough. Once you tell me your story, I shall tell you mine in full, at least, if you wish to hear it.

Posted by The Dark Lord (Citizen # 277) on :
Very well, Tinelwen. He sighed deeply and thought of how to begin. Many years ago, in a small village a few miles from Gondor, I was born of a blacksmith and a weaver. I led a rather peaceful life, taking an apprenticeship to my father at the age of ten. I was a quick learner, strong for my age, and did quite well at smithing. So my apprenticeship continued for three years, but disaster hit.

I was standing outside the village one stormy day, for I was always fascinated by the power of a storm. Suddenly, out of the South I thought I could discern a low rumbling sound. I ran back to tell my father, and he alerted the entire village. He served in the army once, and identified them as orc war drums. Sadly, they didn't take him seriously, and by the time they managed to get the point, the orcs were upon us.

The whole village was ravaged, every inhabitand murdered by the host. The last thing I saw before I was knocked unconscious were my dying parents only a few feet away. Their bodies were thrown on top of me, and were what prevented my discovery. When I came around, I listened with all my might, but everything was silent. The host had gone. For an entire day I grieved for my lost family, and contemplated what course of action to take. This decision was lifted from my shoulders, however, by Mithrandir the wise. He was traveling through the land, and sensed the peril of my village, but too late to aid us. I doubt there was much he could do.

He looked after me from that day on, and I went with him on many journeys through dark places. The days slowly passed, and my resolution to avenge my parents and wipe out evil in Middle Earth grew stronger. Mithrandir saw this, and decided to teach me the ways of wizardry. Unbeknownst to myself, my line yeilded several wizards, but the gift skipped several generations and landed upon myself. Over time I gained strength and wisdom through my teacher, and began to grow powerful.

When he thought I was ready, Mithrandir released me from his care, and I made my own way in life, wiping out all evil I encountered in my travels. For a short time, I took up with a traveling band, befriending one of the members. He mysteriously disappeared, and I've gathered information leading me to believe that he's become a Necromancer. That was ten years ago when he disappeared, and not long after I began to feel a darkness, slowly growing in the Southernmost regions of the abandoned land of Mordor.

Magnus then stopped, thinking for a moment. I, with my burning hatred for all vile things, set out to find him and stop his evil doing. I came to Bree directly from a meeting with a fellow wizard who had information on one of his latest atrocities, and I ended up here at Snowdogs to rest for a time before resuming my search.

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Posted by Tuor (Citizen # 374) on :
Thank you Snowdog, that hit the spot. I can now attend to my duties. If everyone in this town is as friendly as you kind folks, my stay here will be enjoyable indeed. Good Day! Tuor takes a couple of gold coins out of his pouch and leaves them on the table. He then nods to Tinelwen and magnus as he grabs his frightful axe and leaves the pleasant inn.
Posted by Beren (Citizen # 38) on :
Beren drank his coffee and said to Snowdog,

"I was really out of it lasst night, but I swear I was talking to a beautiful young lady, and I think I got in a fihght and I dont remember anything else. I left a note in the room the lady was staying in, but it never worked out. Oh well, I guess I should have been on better behavior. Anyway, have yu seen her recently, like this morning?"

Beren sat and scratched his head as Snowdog looked at him.

Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
"She done packed her things and left early."

And Tinelwen, do what you will, but do come see me when you are able."

Snowdog turned and went behind the bar and stood there, wondering if business would still be good enough to finish the improvements.

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Posted by Tinelwen (Citizen # 261) on :
Tinelwen nodded at Snowdog.

I'll be over in a few minutes' time.

Turning to Magnus, her eyes were grave.

It is a tragic story you tell, full of woe and heartbreak. Do you believe that this necromancer you speak of had aught to do with the slaughter of your parents? If not, how do you intend to avenge their deaths?

Posted by The Dark Lord (Citizen # 277) on :
My belief is that this necromancer was once tutored by one more powerful than he, but when the time came I believe he murdered his master, making himself a new ruler. I feel that the old master was responsible for my family's demise, but seeing as how he is probably dead, I shall seek out his pupil and destroy him. Thus in the death of the student, the master's memory shall die. The bones in Magnus' fists cracked audibly as he ground them together, his eyes blazing.

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Posted by Tinelwen (Citizen # 261) on :
Tinelwen leaned back in her chair, eyes wide with wonder.

And are you...are you strong enough for such a feat?

Posted by The Dark Lord (Citizen # 277) on :
Aye, friend. Thankfully, I've not yet had to use the full force of magic against a foe, but indeed it shall be a dark day when I face the Necromancer.
Posted by Tinelwen (Citizen # 261) on :
That is certainly good. If you will excuse me for a moment, I must go speak with Snowdog. I still wish to talk with you concerning this matter, though.

Tinelwen nodded politely to Magnus and rose from her seat and walked over to the bar to see Snowdog.

You wished a word with me. Here I am.

She leaned against the bar and spoke quitely, unsure of the secrecy of the matter.

Posted by Beren (Citizen # 38) on :
Beren drank only coffee this day, he was hoping to keep his wits and not be a drunk this evening.
Posted by Beren (Citizen # 38) on :
"Hey hey Snowdog! Its good to see your place is still here! Are you??? This nice lady wants to talk!"

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Posted by Arvedui (Citizen # 16) on :
Arvedui calles to Snowdog,
'I need several ales... I need them."
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Sliding 3 ales down the bar to Arvedui, and leaning to Tinelwen for a moment, he said,

"Ah, I meant if you ever find that wandering and quests are not your way, and you find what you seek and all, there will always be a place for you here M'Lady. I do like you, and mabe even love you, but I so old and you so young, and so it is as a daughter that I do. You are always welcome home when you wish it."

Snowdog smiled at the lady and he served Beren his request.

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Posted by Beren (Citizen # 38) on :
Thanks Snowdog!
Posted by Tinelwen (Citizen # 261) on :
Overcome with affection for Snowdog, Tinelwen leaned over the bar and kissed him lightly on the cheek.

You are too kind. If and when my days of wandering ever cease, you can be assured that I will return here first.

She smiled, and her eyes glittered with mirth.

Ahh but you mistake my age. Although I am not even of age for my race, I may possibly be older than yourself.

Seeing Snowdog's jaw drop, she laughed.

Do not look so!! Indeed, I am half-elven, for my mother was of the elder race. There is a long tale in that which must be told before my parting.

Her features were now somber, and the light in her eyes dimmed for a moment.

Speaking of parting, I have decided to see you through your project, since it was I who encouraged you to take it up. After it is done, however, I believe I will seek out Magnus again, for I think our pasts and our quests are more tightly bound than even he guesses.

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Posted by Arvedui (Citizen # 16) on :
His head low as he finishes the last ale. Arvedui gets up and after weaving a pattern about the floor, crawls up the stairs and into a room. He wasn't sure if it was his room, or someone elses. He lay on the floor and passd out.
Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
Aha I've found it, I've been looking for this thread all over the place, just couldn't find it! Obviously ya moved it from the role-playin' thread!

Hello again, hopefully I can stay a bit longer this time!

Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
Edain shook off the cobwebs that had developed on his clothing in his long slumber and hibernation.

Listening to the loud grumbles of his belly, which was oddly in sinc with the falling hammers of the work-aholic Dwarves, Edain dragged his way into the kitchen and organised a fry-up of epic proportions, and skillet full of pancakes for everybody who wanted them. All washed down with coffee, tea, or Edain's patent "hangover cure" (water with a little sugar in it.)


Posted by Lord of the Nazgul (Citizen # 534) on :
"does someone smell something?" says I,"Oh that was just me...sorry."

You dare stand in front of the Lord of the Nazgul!

Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
Well there will be the lovely combined smell of frying food and pancakes, wafting from the kitchen. Not to mention the scent of coffee from the pot!
Posted by Arvedui (Citizen # 16) on :
Hey hey! Edain! Yay! A real bartender.. now, pours me a double scotch please!

Yes, it was moved as the mamagement of the pony was difficult for WGW, so he needed to de-populate the place. This is still RP, but in th eBeer section!

Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
Yes I am a bartender, I help out when Snowdog is busy. I am a Dunádan, but I'm tired of traveling and like to issue drinks and trade tales with the local bu - customers. I bet old Barliman's heart would freeze to see a Ranger running a pub in Bree!

Edain poured a double of the smooth dwarven spirits carefully, then placed the bottle back on the shelf, high out of reach of the Dwarven workmen milling back and forth. Edain then reached down under the bar and pulled out a small bucket of ice chips fresh from the Misty mountains, and dropped a few into Arvedui's drink. He then slung the drink down the well polished bar into the Man's waiting hand. "That will be seven silver pieces please." the young ranger said with a smile.

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Posted by Boromir (Citizen # 239) on :
A man in a grey cloak walks in holding a pipe that Snowdog vaguely recognizes.

"Hey Snowdog, remember me?" Boromir asks him."Well, if you don't, can you give me some ale, like the kind I can still taste, it was so good."

Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
"Well, hello there Boromir! Long time no see!" Edain chorused as he cleaned out a few mugs on the bar.
"I'm sorry but Snowdog is busy of late, but I'll be happy to serve you some fine ale. How does a nice quart of Moose drool, sound?"
Edain said with a wink, as he pulled the foaming golden liquid into a large leather flagon.
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Hey! Edain my Bartending friend! thanks for watching over the place!
Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
"Hiya Snowdog!" Edain cried. "Now I bet that you need a quart of Moose drool as well don't you?" Edain said as he filled Snowdog a flagon and plonked it on the bar.

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Posted by Boromir (Citizen # 239) on :
'Thank you Edain,' said Boromir. 'Hey Snowdog, You got anymore pipe-weed, I am almost out.'
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
"Yes, pipeweed for Boromir! And yes Edain, give m e a pint of Moose Drool will ya!"

Snowdog looked at Boromir and said,

"That pipeweed of the hobbitses sure is addicting!"

Posted by Beren (Citizen # 38) on :
Hey I been working hard this summer, I could use a beer here!
Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
Comin' Right up!" with a practised ease the Ranger pulled two swift pints of Moose Drool, and slung them down the highly polished bar into the waiting hands of the thirsty people.

"Ahh, this is the life,"Edain yawned, "Servin' drinks to Appreciative people! What's the news, anybody got a good tale that needs tellin'?"

Posted by Nenya (Citizen # 238) on :
The door opened and a young lady came in. She looked around recognizing some of faces since her last visit. She asks Edian for a glass of white wine and takes a seat next to Boromir.

"Remember me Boromir? I'm Nenya. We talked last time I was here, but never met again, because I got bad news the next morning and had to leave., she said with a smile.

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Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
Edain served the white wine to Nenya, placing the now open bottle in a small wooden bucket filled with ice chips from the Mistys. "Better keep an eye on that." he mused to himself, "Don't want it turning to vinegar do we!"

Then seeing that the bar was spotless, he resigned himself to mopping the flagstoned floor.

Posted by Ender (Citizen # 796) on :
In comes a man, a man of stature, a man of respectible intelligence, a man with dazzling good looks, a man that makes women scream in a minute, but lasts at least ten (hehe).
Everybody turns to look at him, and at that moment there wasn't a dry seat in the house..., if you know what i mean (hehe).
he walks over to a pretty lady.
She gets up, and follows him as he goes and asks the innkeeper for the finest room he's got, and if they rent by the hour (hehe).
Snowdog replys (i hope): "Yes Sir, romm number 69. just go onward (to the stairs) and upward (up the stairs) and you'll find it"
The man answers in his turn:"thank you, we'll be back in one hour..."

And this women that he took upstairs, you would all like to know her idendity, wouln't you?
Well, any takers???

P.S., any typeos can be attributed to his "respectible intelligence" as opposed to his "illuminating brilliance"


Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
Noticing the rather foppish guy out of the corner of his eye, an hearin' his announcement, Edain lowered his eyes to his work again while muttering under his breath, "Presumptious B*st*rd"

Then he wondered if it would be a good idea to have an "Happy hour" at the bar for a while.

Posted by Mandin (Citizen # 415) on :
From some small, creaking side door, there netered into the great room of Snowdog's inn a tall fellow wrapped in a cloak that shimmered strangely grey and green. He made his way to a stool at the bar and asked quietly for a pint of ale.
Posted by Nenya (Citizen # 238) on :
Nenya had been talking to Boromir for a while and when she heard Edains muttering she laughed.
"I agree with you Edian. Can I have some more wine, please?

Then she turned to Boromir and asked why such men often was so admired and not dispised. And that question started a long discussion about hman characteristics.

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Posted by Ender (Citizen # 796) on :
Looks like the tall handsome hero is going upstairs by himself...
oh well...
Posted by Nyneve (Citizen # 847) on :
The door slowly opens and a woman steps through. She is confused by the newness of the area and has grown thirsty in her wandering.

Seating herself at the bar, she asks the bartender,

May I have a mug of ale please?

Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Snowdog steps behind Edain and taps a mug of the best ale and he sets it in front of the lovely lady.

"Here you go Missy... It is a fine red ale. Where you be from??"

Snowdog said as he looked in the lady's eyes.

Posted by Nyneve (Citizen # 847) on :
“Thank you,” and raising the mug, Nyneve took a long, slow drink, looking over the rim as Snowdog spoke to her.

“From the north,” she said meeting his gaze as a smile tugged at the corner of her mouth. “You have a well stocked bar, for seldom have I run across such a fine brew.”


Posted by ArchAngel (Citizen # 651) on :
A thin reedy man with huge eyeglasses and a 'flock of seagulls' haircut burst in the door. Then ArchAngel step in behind him, beat him upside the head, and threw him out.
"A menu, if you would." the dark elf requested quietly as he took a seat at a table.
Posted by Reign Holder (Citizen # 831) on :
After siting outside the inn for quite some time and hearing all the comotion, a tall dark elf whom most refer to as Reign Holdër decides to make his way inside and join what excitement he might run into.

To many you could seem like nothing...But to one you could still seem like a shadow in the far corner...

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Posted by ArchAngel (Citizen # 651) on :
Hmph, one dark elf is quite enough, shape-stealer.
Posted by Nyneve (Citizen # 847) on :
Nyneve finished her ale and waited for another one to be drawn. When Snowdog set the fresh mug before her she leaned back, sipping it slowing as she watched the room.

A brief commotion at the door drew her attention for a moment, as first one and then another dark elf entered the Inn.


Posted by Reign Holder (Citizen # 831) on :
Reign Holdër glances over at ArchAngel and notes his opposition. Suddenly an odd look grows over his face. Now instead of being a dark shadowy elf he now has an odd faint orange glow that luminates his face creating and odd variety of shadows across it.

"Happy now??" "Not a shape stealer, but a shape shifter indeed"

He casts a devious smile and slowly walks over to the bar, glances over to Nyneve and nods. After catching Snowdog's eye he asks him a simple question.

"What's the strongest stuff you got?"

To many you could seem like nothing...But to one you could still seem like a shadow in the far corner...

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Posted by ArchAngel (Citizen # 651) on :
"Better. Besides, shape-shifter or no, a confrontation would not favor you," ArchAngel growled. He then turned his attention elsewhere and wondered what it took to get service in such an establishment.
Posted by Nenya (Citizen # 238) on :
Nenya got up and came to the bar. She sat down beside Nyneve and said to her:

"Hi, I'm Nenya. So where in the North are you from? I have spent most of my life in different places up there."

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Posted by Ender (Citizen # 796) on :
Fool of a Took, Iluvatar was (well, sort of)
after realising what a fool he had made of himself, he sat down in an old worn down weather stained chair, and noticing snowdogg was busy, he signaled for Nob to bring him a fine bottle of "NorthShire's 1420" red, if he may...

" Meme les Sages ne peuve predire tous Fins"

Posted by Nyneve (Citizen # 847) on :
Nyneve had been watching the new arrival and her eyes widened slightly as she saw his face change before her eyes, then she smiled, and thought to herself, 'Anything goes, I guess.'

A woman approached, sitting next to and greeting Nyneve, who smiled in return
Hello Nenya, I too have lived many places in the North, and the last place I called home was on the shores of Long Lake."

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Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
"Ah, the shores of the Long Lake! I knew of an Inn up there run by a beautiful widow. We had an adventure togeher once, and I stayed long there with her when it was over."

Snowdog tapped a third ale for the fair lady Nyneve and his thoughts drifted off to Laurel.

"I wonder how she is doing these days."

Snowdog said without thinking.

"Oh, sorry. I was remembering someone. So dear lady will you need a room this night? we also have now open hot baths downstairs, though there is still some mess from the finishing work. thew hot spring waters are soothing to tired bones and muscles!"

Snowdog could not help but keep his eyes in the fair Nyneve!

Posted by Nenya (Citizen # 238) on :
"Aaah, it is nice up there, I passed by there a few months ago.", Nenya said to Nyneve.

Then she tried to get Snowdogs attention to order one more glass of wine, but Snowdog just had eyes for Nyneve. But she heard Snowdog's talking and said to him:

"I think I know who you mean, she is really beutiful...And she is just fine, I think that she may re-marry quite soon."

Posted by Reign Holder (Citizen # 831) on :
Reign Holdër notices that Snowdog seems to be busy with some other people, so ignoring ArchAngel's remark, he slowly takes a seat and glances around at the other people. When a pause seems to come, he catches Snowdog's eye and asks again:

"What's the strongest stuff you got?"

To many you could seem like nothing...But to one you could still seem like a shadow in the far corner...

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Posted by Nyneve (Citizen # 847) on :

“Yes, it is nice in the North.” Nyneve answered Nenya, taking the fresh ale from Snowdog.

“And I may know the lady of whom you speak.” She looked around the Inn and then back at Snowdog. “Yes, I would like a room, if there are any available. And the hot springs sounds nice, something I will make glad use of before I retire. But for now, I think I will sit a spell and enjoy the company.”


Posted by ArchAngel (Citizen # 651) on :
ArchAngel withdrew a dagger from underneath his cloak and buried it point first into the bar. "When can I get some decent service?" he growled impatiently, but in a suprisingly polite sounding growl.
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Focmor grabs Archangels dagger from the bar and sheaths it in her boot.

"Damaging the table costs a dagger. Now, if you want something, try ordering it and I will bring it to you. No need to get abusive."

She glared at him for she was not one to be messed with.

"Now, what would you like?"

Snowdog got a key for Nyneve and would show her the springs when she was ready. He then poured a glass of wine for the Lady Nenya and from a plain jug he poured a small glass for Reign Holder.

"Made it from mushrooms... good stuff!"

Snowdog nodded with a smile at the news that the Lady Laurel would re-marry. A faraway look he got remembering their last night. He quickly came back as he heard Focmor raising her voice at some customer.

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Posted by ArchAngel (Citizen # 651) on :
"Now see here ma'am, you can have as many daggers as you damn well please, I just would like some ale, and one wonders what is so extremely hard about ale!" ArchAngel demanded. Then he stared intently at Focmor, waiting for a responce, or at least some ale.
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The man in the grey and green cloak sat silently at the bar, sipping his ale. He laughed quietly at ArchAngel, and wondered if he ever would get his ale.
"Having trouble, friend?" he asked, leaning a little toward ArchAngel.
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"Well, a hard ale you will get then..."

Focmor went behind the bar and pulled a tap on a wooden keg, and the ale slowly filled the mug. But Focmor stopped it about a half inch down and as Snowdog poured some out of the jug, she held the mug over and Snowdog added a little of the mushroom moonshine to it, and Focmor gave Snowdog a kiss as she took the mug of hard ale to ArchAngel.

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I don't know, I go away for a week an' this happens!B)

Edain having mopped up after the guests as they entered, and flashing Nenya a dazzling, yet fleeting smile on her comment to him. Pausing only to wash his hands Edain decided to deal with the sudden influx of custom, saying:

"Now who would like serving, and isn't trying to damage this establishment, while venting their impatience!" he said with a slight frown.

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As Edain waited he heard a familar (Or rather an unusual) name drift past.

Nudging Snowdog an' giving a slow knowin' wink, Edain said, "Laurel? You wouldn't be speakin' of a mutual friend would you? Or have you met others on your long travels?"

Then drifting off on his own remenisence Edain said"That is a tale worth tellin', if the beer was flowing the right way..."

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Reign Holdër slowly takes the small glass that had been poured for him, bringing it close to his lips he smells of it. "Smells strong" he thinks. He quickly downs it and sets the glass back down on the bar.
He catches Snowdog's eye:
"What is this stuff, and can i get another one??"
Slouching over the bar he watches the amusement of ArchAngel's impatience, then brings his attention back to Snwdog.

To many you could seem like nothing...But to one you could still seem like a shadow in the far corner...

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ArchAngel took the ale and downed it quickly. Without a second's pause he asked "How much per mug?" and before recieving the answer, replied, "I'll take another, the kick behind these is much to small," and handed the mug back, waiting for the next round and wondering if this ale was just colored water.
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Her mug sitting empty on the bar, Snowdog reached for it, filling it once again while Nyneve thanked him. She raised an eyebrow at the mention again of Laurel by Edain and turned to Nenya. “It seems as if a few know of Laurel, though I wonder if we all speak of the same lady,” and she smiled at Edain as everyone ignored his broad hint to buy him ale in exchange for a story.

Suppressing a yawn behind her hand, Nenya fingered the key that Snowdog had handed her. The ale was making her drowsy and if she had much more she would begin to nod as she sat there.

Snowdog was busy as patrons demanded his attention, and finally catching his eye she said, “If you could show me now to my room and then the springs, I would be most grateful.”

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Reign Holdër walked over to Edain, sat down, ordered another glass of that stuff he just had.
"So whats this i hear about stories you have in exchange of ale? i might consider...what stories you got?"

To many you could seem like nothing...But to one you could still seem like a shadow in the far corner...

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"ust as I suspected, the ale is weak and the service is more so," the dark elf grumbled to himself. Then remembering the tactic that got him service last time, he drew a second dagger from his cloak, and spinned it in his fingers, eyeing the table-top slyly.
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Mandin all the while sat silently at the bar. When he had finished his first pint mug of ale he ordered another, sipping that slowly and quietly as well.
He decided at last, that it was time for some excitment, and looked around for someone fun that he could offend - perhaps drawing from them a glove in the face and a subsequent duel.
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"Whatch you're dagger there, fool!" said Mandin sharply. The elf looked to be a warrior. A duel with him would be fun.

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The dark elf was puzzled by the man's outcry. It wasn't even grammatically correct! He decided to ignore the man and continued twirling his dagger.
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Nenya answered Nyenve, that it probably is the same Laurel all new, because "It is hard miss her if you are passing by the area.". She finshed her wine and asked Snowdog for a room for the night. Then she got a key, she rose and said godnight to everybody before she walked for the door.

But when Nenya passed Edian she looked at him with a curious smile. "What tale?", she asked.

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"Ah yes Nyneve... come.'

Snowdog took her by her hand and led her down a hallway, turning right up a stairway just in the hall.

"The first room here facing south.. has the best view from the balcony. And when you wish to go to the hot sspring bath, it is the other doorway to the left on the hall, opposite the upstairs. That door leads downstairs. If you wish me to show you I will wait."

Nyneve smiled as she tried to use her key, but she kept missing the hole. Snowdog took her hand and steadied it and she got the door open.


Snowdog nodded as she entered the room.

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Reign Holdër, now seated beside Edian, nods goodnight to Nenya as she passes by. He then begins to wonder why he is still waiting on his order that he placed a good time ago...

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Nyneve followed Snowdog up the stairway, stopping at the first door and as she fumbled with the lock, Snowdog’s hand covered hers, guiding the key until the door swung open. The last rays of the setting sun lit the room, casting a golden glow on everything it touched.

The room was simply furnished; a sturdy well made bed of polished wood sat against one wall, flanked by a dresser, two chairs and a small table that held a lamp. Large double doors filled the opposite wall and it was towards these that Nyneve walked, a bit unsteadily, pulling them open to reveal the balcony. The southern view looked out over the gently rolling landscape of the Shire; the curving arm of the hedge that encircled Bree lost in the lengthening shadows.

Leaning against the frame of the open door, she gazed out at the scene. The ale had put her in a peaceful, mellow mood and she smiled lazily at Snowdog, who stood waiting in the hall outside her door. “This room is perfect, I will rest easy from my travels here. And now,” she said as she straightened, brushing a stray hair from her eyes and chuckling.“Lead the way to the springs, for I am sorely in need of a bath.”

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Mandin got up and left, being very tired, and wanting to find a tree outside to sleep under.
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Knowing that he wasn't about to get service anytime soon, the dark elf knew what he had to do, and swiftly stabbed the dagger into the table top, and then critically surveyed his work.
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Onid Beechnut who lived on the outskirts of Staddle on the far side from Bree, came through the dark streets of the town to the bright glaring lights of Snowdog's Inn.
It did not look to be the most moral place, but it suited him well nonetheless, and besides it was not filled with excitment, so he could, if he chose, get some sleep.
Mr. Beechnut went first to the bar, noticing the elf glaring angrily at a dagger stuck in the barr. Onid shrugged his shoulders. "Beer, please," he said, though he could not tell exactly who was tending the bar at the moment. And he removed his purse so that he could pay.

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I posted a huge post the other day, dealing with all your drink orders, and telling the first part of that tale I was gonna tell you.

I come here today to find that it wasn't posted. Grrr.

Edain swiftly pores drinks for the deserving and the paying customers.

Before sweeping up his sword and touching the tip of it to the dark elves throat. "As for you Dark elf, either you pay a bag of gold towards a new bar, and leave quietly or after the events of the last few days I will not be held responsible for my actions!"

Edain held his blade poised at the elves throat as he watched him warily as he waited for him to "cough up" and curb his vandalism.

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Rant over! I'll post my original post now if the thing will let me!

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Leaving the two hotheads to their argument, and making sure that the "coloured water" barrel was topped up for the other rowdies. Edain placed a sign over this barrel saying "a gold piece a mug"
Seeing that the Dark elf and the man where engrossed in the others "grammatical errors" Edain tapped a small dusty barrel for a swift half of "real ale".

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Placing the beer on his side of the bar, Edain nodded to Reign Holder and Nenya, then beckoned them closer, better for them to hear over the hubbub in the background.

"A tale you say, I have a tale and it does indeed consern Laurel, but in this tale she will go under another name . As is the way of travellers with business that is, lets say delicate."
Edain paused to take a swift pull on his drink and served a few drinks to some of the rowdies, and quickly taking their money and securing it in the money drawer.


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Moving back to his tale Edain continued "Now this tale begins in the 'Pony, that is the famous Prancing Pony in Bree, which is not too far from here. The Lady whom we will call Hunter, arrived there late in the evening last year. She was tired and seemed to be carrying an injury. In fact I didn't meet her till the next day, but I digress. She told us of here plight, for she was looking for somebody, in an act of vengeance.

Now myself, Snowdog and Genuvere took this lady to be a good woman whom had lost her husband and livihood to an cruel beast of a man. Hunter didn't know were he was, other than he might be following her.
I took it on myself to help Hunter, and the following morning we left to seek, or be found by this nemisis who was following her."

Edain took a breath and was about to continue, but a barrel needed changing and he hurried away to change it, before the clamoring from the rowdies got too much.

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After watching the rather amusing confrontation with ArchAngel, Reign Holdër takes a large sip of his ale as he listens the Edain begin his tale. While waiting for him to return from changing barrels he thinks thinks to himself:

"Huhmm...i vagly remember possibly running into someone like this before at the 'Pony..."

He continues to drink his ale slowly while waiting for Edain's return

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Laughing inwardly at the man's blade at his throat and thinking about the second it would take to slay him and leave, the dark elf instead tossed an inch thick diamond on the bar and said, "Now, damn your lack of service, ale!" The originally polite dark elf was roaring. His patience had been used to the point of breaking.
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"Thank you," Edain said quietly to the Dark Elf, as he took the diamond and placed it in the money drawer (Checking first that it wasn't a shard of glass), not taking his eyes off the elf for one second, he continued "Just because I'm a bartender, don't mean that I'm not any less a Dúnadan." then reaching a ready mug of beer from the bar, pushed it into the elf's hand.

"There you go, an ale! And next time just holler rather than wreck the establishment. This place does get busy, you know and you aren't the only thirsty punter in this place."

The barrel changed and the custom, mollified. Edain prepared to continue his tale if the others did bid him to.

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"Well then, good sir," the mostly appeased dark elf said, "If you would continue your tale while I quaff this, it would be most appreciated. I may need an additional ale from time to time, and I will pay handsomely for a good one for a change."
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Well, ye certainly know how to get someones attention, don't ye, friend? Magnus, who had not spoken for some time, chuckled to himself. Grunting, he rose, and proceeded to walk over to the bar, looking around for any sign of Tinelwen, who, unbeknownst to him, had seemed to vanish. "Think she's got a little magic in her, herself." He thought to himself.
Edain, I've no desire to interrupt ye during your tale, so could I possibly get a pint of brown ale before ye continue?
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Onid Beechnut finished his own beer, and, not careing for another one, he stayed nonetheless, leaning forward to here whether or not the tale would get interesting.
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Listening to the tale, Nenya sat down beside Reign Holdër. When Edian took a break she asked him for one more glass of wine.
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Edain stood at the bar, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. He needed to recollect where he had got to in his tale, with all the other excitement going on around him.

Then seeing that clamour from the patrons was getting unbareable, Edain gathered a few mugs and glasses in a row and prepared to serve. Nenya received a glass of sparkling white wine (A new invention of those odd Tooks from across the Brandywine). Seeing Onid Beechnut hunker down at the bar Edain nodded to him, before fetching a few bottles of that northern, dark, brown ale for Magnus. "Fresh from Farnost, my friend. Enjoy!"

Then realising that his naked blade was still on the bar Edain, quickly removed it from view. Then hearing the muffled thumping from the backroom, reminded him of something. "The Dwarves, those confounded Dwarves! I bet one of them will be a furniture restorer."

Edain then yelled for the forman, and waited for a short while.

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"Ah yes dear lady Nyneve, if you will follow me, I will show you the bath."

She followed him downstairs and the crossed the main hall and went through another door and downstairs to a steamy room. The dwarven construction workers had done a good job in cutting the stones and a large bath sat ready. There still were some finishing work needed but they had quit for the day.

"Here you go Lady Nyneve. May it relax you much. Would there be anything else you would like?"

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Posted by Ender (Citizen # 796) on :

My heart goes out to the U.S., and the World.

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He glances over and nods at Nenya as she sits down beside him, watching for a second as his orange glow refelects off of her face. He trys to ignore the construction noise in the back ground. Waiting patiently for Edain to continue his tale, he orders yet another pint of ale.
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Nenya wondered if she had fell asleep for a moment, she had memory of a very odd dream where Snowdog died. And it did obviously not happen, because there was no corpse. "Hmm, maybe I should stop drinking wine" she thougt.

"Edian, don't worry about the table now, you can fix that tomorrow. Come and finish the tale.", Nenya said looking at Edian with a smile and begging eyes.

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The drow smiled to himself, satisfied that the imposter's work had been stamped out and that things were back to normal. He ordered an ale.
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Curls of steam drifted from the clear waters of the bath. The dark gray stones surrounding the raised pool of water were streaked through with veins of black and small crystal specks caught the light from the torches set in gleaming brass holders ringing the pool area.

Nyneve walked forward and seated herself on the edge. The stonework along the rim had been shaped and polished until they were as smooth as glass and she followed the rounded curve of the wall with her hand, down into the warm water. She sighed; delighting in the soothing warmth and lightly splashed the water, listening to the faint echo that spoke of hidden recesses in the underground room.

She glanced up at Snowdog; the dark tendrils of hair framing her face already damp with the rising steam.

“No, I can think nothing else that I may need…for the moment, thank you.”

He turned to leave then paused, his hand on the heavy wooden door.

“There is a sturdy iron bar to guard against any unwanted intrusions.” he told her, then slowly closed the door as he left.


Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
"Take care and enjoy yourself m'Lady."

Snowdog went back upstairs and stepped behind the bar.

"So everyone staying filled to htheir heart's desire??"

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"I'd like another ale, something a bit stronger this time," the drow requested in an uncharacteristically polite manner. "Otherwise, everything going well, good sir."
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
"Ah yes, a stronger ale...I got something for you."

Snowdog went in back with a mug and soon emerged with a thick dark brew and set it in front of archangle.

"May this be to your taste. It's a microbrew from the depths of Carn Dûm and is smootha nd strong."

Posted by Reign Holder (Citizen # 831) on :
he nods at Snowdog, "all is good here, STILL waiting for Edain to continue his tale though. And i think i might try some of that stuff you've got for ArchAngel there. It looks like my type."

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ArchAngel downed the powerful brew quickly, stopping near the end and giving a darting look at Snowdog, "Now that's the stuff!" he roared, finishing off the rest. He placed the empty mug on the bar, and then dropped three gold coins and a pouch next to it. From the pouch, he removed a large a wonderfully cut green gem that seemed to glow from the inside out.
"I - erm - found this gem on one of my - erm - travels. Just keep refilling until you think you have earned it," and the dark elf tossed the gold and the gem to Snowdog, looking about the room with a sly wink for whoever would meet his gaze. This turned out to be very few, although almost all had watched the transaction with the gem.
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He watched intently as ArchAngle downed his drink, his eyes grew wider with his reaction to it. He thought "that DOES sound like some of my stuff"

His eyes suddenly caught the glow of the green gem, amazed by it's beauty he watched as it exchanged hands with ArchAngel and Snowdog. When ArchAngels glance met his, he stuttered a bit and then expecting to get nothing from this, asked:

"would it be of your will to possibly tell me where you found that? if not the exact place, then the region or area, maybe?"

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The dark elf looked at him quzzically, then answered:
"North of North and East of West,
'tis the place where gems are best.
But 'ware the beast of fire and death,
Or thou shalt face eternal rest."

Then, the elf continued his drinking.

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Following the restful bath and the privacy, Nyneve returned to her room. She unpacked the few things she had carried with her to the fair city and been about to slide between the sheets of the bed when there was a knock at the door.

“Who is it?” she called out, when no response came she hesitated, then walked across the room. Unlatching the heavy wooden door, she peered out into the darkened hallway, but saw no one, hearing only the sounds drifting faintly from the common room. Then she noticed at her feet a note, the dark paper almost hidden in the darkness of the hallway.

Picking it up, she closed the door, a puzzled look on her face as she turned the fine vellum enveloped over in her hands. Climbing back onto the bed, her legs crossed under her, she pulled the lamp on the table closer, and carefully loosened the blood red wax seal on the back.

A smile lit her face and a low throaty chuckle, broke forth from her as she carefully folded the note back into the envelope. How the Lady had found out her presence in the Inn she knew not, but she was not surprised that she had. Leaning over to blow out the flame, Nyneve settled in for a good nights sleep, for if she were to travel to Mordor she must leave at first light.

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A dark and mysterious man walks in. He weilds a small cylinder. He travels up to Snowdog. A button is pushed on the small cylinder. A shaft of light and energy slowly comes out, white with a tint blue. He promptly cuts off Snowdog's head. He then takes out a giant bomb and blows everybody within a 10 mile radius up, except for him, because he ran really fast!!!!

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He nods at ArchAngel's answer

"thank you, i'll have to remember that."

He then notices a dark looking figure who was snoring rather loudly a few seats down. Getting up, he walks over to this person, who looks to be the Lord of The Nazgul, and realizes he must be asleep and dreaming.

Reign Holdër sat down next to him and tryed to decide what he could do to wake him. Deciding not to do anything, he just pokes him in the side over and over until he wakes.

" seems you were sleeping pretty hard there...good dream?"

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OOC: Hello people, some of us have really hectic lives. I'm sorry to have left this tale hanging, but I have very little time on the 'net. I'm starting a new course at college, while trying hold down a part time job at the same time. This week is enrollment and so, hopefully some kind of normal service will be resumed next week. Again my fulesome apologies, an'in the words of a famous steroids addict, "I'll be back!"
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Nenya finished her wine and yawned. She said to the other waitning for the rest of the tale:
'Maybe, we should let Edian do his work, maybe he can continue the tale tomorrow night? Cause I'm tired and think I'm going to bed now.'

She rose up and went over to Edian who seemed very busy.

'I think I'm going to bed now. Do you think you can continue the tale tomorrow night?'

Edian stopped wiping the bar for a moment as he anwered:
'Yes, that's a good idea, I have some work to do. Godnight mylady and sleep well.'

'Goodnight', said Nenya and went to the door. On her way out she wished everybody goodnight.

Edian finished the wiping and walked over to the table where al his listeners waited and told them that they had to wait until tomorrow to hear the rest of the tale. After that he went out to the dwarves to ask them about the table.

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"Oh dear" Edain yawned, as he came back from getting a quote from the Dwarven Foreman. "All this barkeeping and serving drinks, makes me tired and hungry."

Then leaving the hobbit nightwardens to their duties Edain fixed himself with a light supper and a warm drink, before disrobing and heading off to bed.

Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
The day dawned bright the following morning.

The Inn was quiet save for gentle snoring from the men and women folk of the Inn, and the surreptitious banging coming from the dwarves who were doing some overtime.

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The light sound of hammering greeted her ears as she lay snuggled beneath the soft covers, half awake, not yet wanting to leave the dream world that lingered so fresh in her memory. Stretching, she silently cursed the ray of sunshine streaming in the open window, for she was awake now, and as much as she would have liked to stay abed, her stomach reminded her that she had not eaten much the day before.

With a sigh and a final stretch, she swung her legs to the floor, and walked barefoot across the floor to the balcony, throwing wide the doors and breathing deeply of the fresh air. Yes, the day had dawned clear and bright and the long rest had been much needed, but her restless spirit had been awakened also. As she looked out at the land spread before her, past the far horizons and cloudless blue skies, she wondered where exactly her wayward feet would take her.

She chuckled at the gentle reminder from her stomach, dressed quickly in her traveling clothes before leaving the room, and stepped lightly down the stairs. She would retrieve the rest of her things before she left.

The aroma of fresh brewed coffee hung lightly in the air of the common room as she entered, and seating herself at the bar, she requested a cup from the bartender.


Posted by Nenya (Citizen # 238) on :
Nenya came in through the front door. She was rosy-cheeked and the long blond hair was in a ponytail. She was dressed in a pale green dress and had her grey travel cloak over it. She had taken a long walk watching the sunrise, because she never could sleep long in the mornings. Now she sat down beside Nyneve at the bar.

"Good morning, did you sleep well?", she asked Nyneve and ordered some pancakes and tea.


Posted by Nyneve (Citizen # 847) on :
“Good morning!” Nyneve turned to greet Nenya, glad of the company. “Yes, I slept well, a rest that was much needed.”

Tucking her long dark hair that hung loose behind one ear, she also ordered pancakes, but asked if they had any blueberries to add to the batter, “And some juice please,” she quickly added as the one who took the order turned to leave. “And you, how do you fare this fine morning?” for she noted the other’s cloak and the glow that bespoke her early morning walk.


Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
Upstairs Edain turned over in his sleep as the hammering continued.

Luckily the Inn was not unattended as the faithful hobbit attendants, administered to all the paying guests needs and their excellent chef skills meant that they where able to cater for the needs of all. (The pantry allowing of course) This wasn't to mean that Edain was incapable of cooking, merely that his cooking was by Hobbit standards, "a little clumsy."

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Reign Holdër woke to find himself in a painful position in a far corner. Momentarily trying to figure out how he ended up there, he tryed to stand and found that he had a massive head-ache and could remember nothing of the night before except and exceptionally ornate gem. Finally getting to his feat, his usual orange glow begins to come back to him as he pop's his neck and wearily stumbles over to the bar. He nods at Nenya and Neneve and mummbles a half awakened "Good Morn'n."

He then turned to the bartender and resting his pained head in his hands ordered some of that good old fasioned 'Morn'n Beverage' as he likes to call it, (Orange Juice) and some eggs.

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"Oh, I'm fine. It is such a beutiful morning, I've just been for a walk. And I like this place too. I'm actually thinking of staying for some days. Last time I was here I just had time to stay for one night.", Nenya said to Nyneve.

The pancakes was ready and Nenya said that she wanted syrup on hers. And then she said Good morning to Reign Holdër who seemed to have everything but a good morning.

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"Ah yes! the breakfast smells good! Thanks!"

Beren sat down and had coffee and teh food and enjoyed it,

"Its good to see a familiar place still around!"

Beren knew the Flame was still around, but his wife Cuneveil was taking care of it.

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Then the doors open, and in steps an elf. Greetings and good morning! he says. Lets see, before I get drunk I think I'll have a cheese omlet,bacon,toast,and coffee!
Posted by Nyneve (Citizen # 847) on :
Her plate empty, not a crumb left, Nyneve leaned back in her chair, sipping a cup a steaming black coffee. The Inn had a peaceful air about it in the light of morning and she decided to linger awhile. There were some seated around that had not been there during the night, though it appeared to her that the one who rested his head in his hands had spent a long night here, and had yet to recover from it.
Posted by erinhue (Citizen # 47) on :
Dawn's first blush had mellowed into morning and the gentle wind carried the tantalizing scent of bacon and hot coffee.

The Warrior/Bard Erinhue stopped at the rise of a small hill and stuck his nose into the flavorful breeze. His good friend Snowdog had an inn somewhere in this area and the bard considered turning aside from his route.

He stroked the green scaled nose of the dragonharp he held tucked under one arm. The untouched stings whispered a soft chord as the little dragon's jeweled red eyes flashed.

"Yes, I know we are expected elsewhere, but perhaps we'll have more time when we return."

Shaking his head and promising himself that time would surely be found, the bard turned back to the road. "Sure would have liked some of that coffee."

Posted by Reign Holder (Citizen # 831) on :
Quickly devouring his slightly small, yet scrumptious breakfast. He turns and nods to Gilgalad as he walks in, then rises to his feet, slowly, and feeling like some fresh air, slowly heads towards the door.
Posted by Nyneve (Citizen # 847) on :
Nyneve sat sipping her coffee, listening to the quiet talk of the other patrons who were seated in the room. The bartender had yet to make his appearance and the owner was absent as well. She fingered the thick vellum envelope that she had stuffed in her pocket, thinking of the invitation she had received during the night.

A long journey lay ahead of her, and she knew that she was only delaying her departure, but she had felt comfortable at the Inn and part of her longed to stay. She noticed Focmor clearing one of the tables nearby and waved her over, saying to her as she picked up her plates.

“I shall be leaving soon and wish to settle my bill.”

Focmor stood a moment in thought, adding up the charges in her head.

“You used the hot springs?”

“Yes, they were very relaxing.” Nyneve answered, pulling a pouch of coins from her pocket and emptying a few coins into her hand.

“Then I think that this should cover things.” Focmor said as she picked out the needed coins, then winked as she took one more, “And this, just in case I have forgotten anything.”

Nyneve laughed at her boldness and watched as she walked away.

Going to her room, she packed away what little she had and descended the stairs once more. She would remember this Inn and stop again if her journeys brought her this way in the future.


Posted by Arvedui (Citizen # 16) on :
"Aw, I'm sorry you are leaving Nyneve, but be safe on your travels and maybe see you again."

Arvedui said to her from his barstool.

Posted by Nyneve (Citizen # 847) on :
Nyneve turned at the sound of a familiar voice and smiled, “Fare thee well Arvedui. Our paths have crossed before on the different roads we travel. Who knows, we may well meet again.”

With her small pack slung across her back, Nyneve quietly closed the door to the Inn.

Posted by Midus unknown (Citizen # 358) on :
::wlaks in:: i'm bored and i want a beer, what the hell goes on in here?
Posted by Midus unknown (Citizen # 358) on :
you guys take to long to reply ::leaves::
Posted by Nenya (Citizen # 238) on :
Nenya finished her breakfast and left for her room. There she picked up a few things that she would need during the day, before she went out.

"See you later", she said to the people in the bar when she passed by.

She walked fast through the village and outside she chosed a little path. She wistled and suddenly a darkgrey horse appeared. The horse greeted Nenya with a low neigh and Nenya said with a smile: "Hi darling, how have you been?" Then Nenya sat up and they disappeared in the wood.

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Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
As the sun rose past midday Edain finally rolled out of bed. His head ached, and he felt stiff due to the oversleeping. Stretching out his soreness and stiff muscles he pottered about. Partaking of his ablutions and attending to his dress.

After sliping on his bucket top boots and his leather jerkin, he slid down the banister to the ground floor. Seeing that the inn was empty he relieved the Hobbit stand ins and attended to the bar. Following the cooking smells he made use of the still warm stove to prepare a swift breakfast of finely cut bacon and, eggs (sunny side up) washed down with some of that strange tea from across the water.

Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
Still feeling peckish Edain, decided to fry up some mushrooms in a light butter sauce, cracking in an egg to make an omlette. After brewing more tea to take the dryness from his throat Edain, felt replete.

After washing all up Edain tidied around before opening up the windows to clear the stuffy atmostphere.

After achieving a mirror finish on the repaired bar, he hoped that there would be new people in the next few days.

Posted by Nenya (Citizen # 238) on :
It was already dark when Nenya came back to the village. When she left the horse in the edge of the wood dark clouds covered the sky. And when she walked through the village the rain started. She ran the last way to the Inn, but she was wet anyway when she entered.

She said God Evening to the few people at the tables and in the bar and went too her room to take a shower and change clothes.

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Posted by Snowdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Snowdog tapped himself an ale and sat at the bar. he wasn't aware he had running water in the rooms, but I guess those dwarves out did themselves on the remodeling!

"Ah! A Fat Tire Ale!"

Posted by Adanedhel (Citizen # 1011) on :
Smelling the lovely vapour of breakfast from afar. Adanedhel hurried over to Snowdog's Inn, hell bent on not missing breakfast. On his way in he nearly bowls over Edain the Ranger who just finished opening the windows and polishing the bar, he said good afternoon with a curt bow and hurried on to the bar for some breakfast. Finding the barman having a drink he decided to have one too (just one i might add) and sat down to think about how to pay for it

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Posted by Adanedhel (Citizen # 1011) on :
As he finished the ale Adanedhel looked over at the barman and said "would you let me pay for this in long bottom leaf? it is the best in all the land and i'll even throw in a pipe!" the barman looked over with a synical smile and said " i don't think so young lad, maybe in gold would be best for all" Adanedhel handed over the gold and was very surly for the rest of the day becasue it had lightened his pouch considerably.
He asked for a room and got a nice room and got one with a shower ' geez those dwarves are getting better and better at building inns!' he unpacked his gear and hung his sword on the bed head. Adanedhel left his room and decide to go doen to the common room to mix with the locals, and maybe get sloshed in the process

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Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
Edain had to have a stiff two fingers of...

Finest dwarven spirits to recover his wits after nearly been bowled over by a slip of a lad.

Muttering about "youngsters" and "lacking manners", even though he is a little wet behing the ears himself, Edain waved a hey to Snowdog and brewed up some tea for the more temperate of the locals.

After a peaceful interlude, some of the hobbits who overexcited and hyper on the caffine from the tea, started to get rowdy and started chanting "We know a song that will get on your nerves, get on your nerves, get on your nerves... ad nausium" at the tops of their childish voices.

To make matters worse, one of the more mischievous of the band started beating out the rhythm on the newly installed hot water pipes...

Posted by Adanedhel (Citizen # 1011) on :
Listening to the high childish voices of the hobbits near by, Adanedhel tried to find a quiet corner away from the hyperactive hobbits with Edain hurring around giving them tea making the hobbits even more excited than usual. Adanedhel looked around and took in his surroundings, he saw Snowdog quickly making tea, Edain running around serving it and some small but viosteroius hobbits singing the worst song in Middle Earth. He watched the locals laughing at the hobbits making utter fools of themselves, and jumping and laughing together. He sat down in a remote corner to watch the fun and hopefully not the kind of fun one small hobbit had once had in an inn he had once visited in Bree.......
Posted by Gandalf the Grey (Citizen # 1090) on :
* Taking in the sounds of merrymaking and the comforting aroma of hearty meals cooking drifting on a passing breeze, Gandalf the Grey wishes he had the time now to stop and rest awhile at Snowdog's Inn. He thinks of a few friends who would feel right at home at this Inn, and that maybe on his return to Minas Tirith one or two of them will accompany him here. As it is, there is pressing business to tend to today, and then a journey to undertake to the North East. Reluctantly repositions his staff for a more comfortable grasp and for now, walks on. *
Posted by Adanedhel (Citizen # 1011) on :
Looking out the window, Adanedhel spotted an old man he had once seen but couldn't qiuet pu a name to the face forgetting his troubles he turned back to watch the hobbits laughing and dancing around the table still singing, all of a sudden one jumps up on the table and starts doing a merry jig! Adanedhel burst out laughing and goes to join in. He jups up on the table and then all of a sudden a mighty crack was heard and the table broke under him! The inn went silent, then everyone burst out laughing (with the exception of snowdog, who just sent a piercing glare at the two fools on the floor) and Adanedhel and the hobbit started laughing too. Adanedhel got up, dusted himself off and picked up the sturdy hobbit and set him on his feet 'sorry about that sir' and adanedhel gave a bow, 'quite alright' said the hobbit and went back to dancing with his friends, adanedhel went back to his seat intent on not letting himself be embarrassed again.
Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
"Hmm, these Hobbits are gettin' a little too rowdy" Edain disclosed to Snowdog. Snowdog nodded a curt reply.

Seeing that the Hobbits didn't seem to be letting up or offering to pay, Edain strode over to them. Grabbing the culprit by the ankles he turned him downside up and shaking him emptied his pockets of his dragon gold. Somewhat mollified Edain retrieved the cash, and replaced the Hobbit on a chair. Seeing that he was somewhat dazed, Edain roused the Hobbit with a slap to the face.

"There you go, a bash on the Beezer will put you right!" Edain said to guffaws from the other patrons in the inn.

Posted by Adanedhel (Citizen # 1011) on :
Adanedhel sat bolt upright and became instantly alert to the sound of gold hitting the floor. looking over he sees edain holding a poor dazed little hobbit by the ankles and taking all his gold! ohhhh dragon gold! this is one rich little hobbit! hopefully that pays for the table Adanedhel chuckled to himself. He watched edain take the booty over to snowdog, while behind him the hobbit and his friends had calmed down considerably, and were throwing dagger gazes at the back of edain. adanedhel smiled and went over to the bar to order some cheese, meat and an ale for Snowdog and Edain so they each could share a tale or two.

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Posted by Guinevere (Citizen # 1141) on :
It looks fit fot a queen!(haha I am a queen)Do you have any rooms fit for me?I have extra coins for the inn for you prosperety!treat me well and be thought of high among my rein of elves!
Posted by Adanedhel (Citizen # 1011) on :
As this was happening a Beautiful eleven Queen walked in. An ELVEN queen in this inn? what has become of the world? next we will have all the nobility of Middle earth here! He watched her walk in her grace unmatched through out the land, sh went over to snowdog to ask for a room, a good one at that, she handed over some coins and walked off up to her room. WHOA! That was the best thing i have ever seen! i have seen many elves in my time but none as beautiful, Hail Guinevere the most beutiful elven queen in all of middle earth!
*Adanedhel sits and thinks while lighting up a pipe and blowing smoke rings up into the air*
Posted by Snowdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Snowdog laughed at the way Edain took care of the hobbit, and he stepped over to Guinevere and greeted her with a bow and a kiss on her soft hand.

"Yes dear Lady, we have a good room for you, a newly remodeled one by the dwarves. it is equipped with its own hot springs bath and is quiet. It is yours if you wish it."

Not waiting for an answer, he grabbed toe key for it and offered to show her the room.

Posted by Adanedhel (Citizen # 1011) on :
adanedhel chuckled at the way that snowdog started acting when the Queen came in. He watched as Snowdog was nearly tripping over himself to get her too her room, grabbing keys and her arm to led her there. He saw Edain looking shocked at the presence of the visitor, and was just staring at her walk away up the stairs.
Adanedhel laughed and yelled merrily
"Edain get a good look you will never see anything more beautiful in your life"
Edain turned and gave am embaressed smile and bussied himself with some dishes.
'hmmmmm' Adanedhel thought 'time for a nap i think'
He got up wearily and made for his room telling Edain on the way he wants breakfast ready for dawn tomorrow morning!

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Posted by Nenya (Citizen # 238) on :
It was quite late when Nenya came down from her room. She walked over to the bar and asked Edian for some bread and cheese and wine. Then she sat down at a table close to the wall and started to study the other people in the room.
"Thank you", she said to Edian when he came with her wine and food. "How is it, am I to late to here the rest of your tale from last night? Or haven't you started yet?"

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Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
"My dear Lady," Edain graciously answered Nenya as he placed the bread and cheese in front of her along with the wine.

"I have yet to continue my tale and I thank you for reminding me. If anything, I have been rushed off my feet this last day or so with many comings and goings of this place." He finished with a florish and a smile.

(Edain had recovered his composure after seeing the elven queen Guinevere. Finally )

As he marked the breakfast orders on the slate ready for the morning, he continued with the tale. Stopping to pour drinks for the customers and Nenya. Pausing only briefly to refresh his own throat with a cool ale.

Posted by Snowdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Snowdog came down after getting Guinevere situated in her room upstairs. He enjoyed following her upstairs as she knew how to walk stairs!

"Het Edain, she looked nice! How about an ale?"

Snowdog took up his position at the end of the bar and watched the customers. He also smiled at the rebuilt Inn across the Street, and hoped this time they have better business.

Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
"Nenya I beg pardon of you for this tale, is distant in my memory, it may take me a while to recall it. Please I do not wish to deny you a story, but at the same time I don't want to spoil your enjoyment."

Edain stood back for a moment as he thought swiftly on what happened next in Hunter's tale.

"Ahh" he said after a moment and a savoured taste of ale, "We travelled west and north, under the guidence of Snowdog to a traders fair. The Trappers He thought they may have seen the villian who had wronged Hunter. After several days travel, we reached it. Snowdog had a scuffle with some 'old friends', and Hunter was abused by several people while me and Snowdog were following a false lead. This dismayed us and we felt shamed for being tricked. After finding a lead, we headed over the Mistys towards the Inn that Hunter had owned. The Mountains where tough and dangerous, but, OUCH!"

But then a bunch of large hobbits led by the table-breaking one attracted Edain's attention by bouncing an apple off his head. With a chorus of foul language and more apples, they caused Edain to leap across the bar and chase them out of the Inn and down the street.

The guest who had seen this could here the sounds of distant hobbit yelps and the sounds of fighting.

Posted by ZENITH (Citizen # 400) on :
Walks in looks at the so called inn laughs and walks out
*picking up Adanedhel by the scruff of his neck in the prosses*
Posted by Nenya (Citizen # 238) on :
Nenya was a little bit surprised by the Hobbits attack and was staring out in the air while deep in thoughts. She asked a man at the neigbour table why the hobbits was so upset, and she smiled when she heard the answer.
"Well, these hobbits, I think they are cute, but sometimes they are a little bit to much..."
Posted by Adanedhel (Citizen # 1011) on :
'Some how i don't thinks so Zenith' Adanedhe spoke laughing as he did so.
*Adanedhel Wiggles free and whacks him in the face with the flat of his sword, quickly runs away and locks himself in his room*
Posted by ArchAngel (Citizen # 651) on :
A man in a long black cloak entered the inn. He walked slowly and steadily to the end of the bar, where he sat. He handed a slip of paper to the bartender, on which it said, 'A cup of water, sir.' With the paper, the cloaked man handed a pouch containing twenty copper coins and a small green jem. Thence came another paper, this one proclaiming 'I hope this can cover the water expence.' The man then drew a long weathered roll of paper from his cloak, on which he began to write.
Posted by Adanedhel (Citizen # 1011) on :
Peeking out of his room for any signs of Zenith, Adanedhel sees not a trace of him and walks out feeling good. He goes down into the bar and orders his breakfast from Edain who seems engrossed with a rather attractive young lady at the other end of the bar. He also sees a man in a black robes scribbling away on some parchment and handing it over to Snowdog. After 20 minutes waiting for Edain to get his breakfast Adanedhel yelled
"EDAIN! where's my breakfast? i ordered 20 mintutes ago!"
Edain gave a sour look and a quick apology to the lady and proceeded to get Adanedhel's breakfast.
he threw a bag full of coins to Edain for payment and said
"I'll be on my way soon, back to the north, for some business, so take what ever is needed from the bag and give me back the rest."

Edain nodded some what relived to hear that this some what rowdy man was leaving.
"Thankyou for your hospilitality and i am at yours and Snowdog's service if we ever meet again! And way your ale always be good" politley said Adanedhel, then with a side long look at the other people at the bar, he leaned over and whispered
"also take out whatever that table will cost to repair" Edain nodded and turned back to tallying the cost of Adanedhel's stay.

Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
Hey there Snowdog!

Yes they are nice aren't they!

People. Edain ain't a NPC, it don't mean that you can do what you like with him. I don't mind doin' drinks an stuff, but complete scenes! A little decorum wouldn't go amiss.

Phew! With the dawn of a new day Edain after he had eventually breakfasted everybody and a little more besides with some of the more attractive female custom B) Edain was a little tired.

So he catnapped behind the bar and thought on. Trying to remember what happened next in the Hunter saga.

Posted by Nyneve (Citizen # 847) on :
Once again Nyneve entered Snowdog’s Inn and saw that in the short time that she had been gone, not much had changed; even some of the same patrons were seated around the bar waiting for the harried bartender to serve them. No, she chuckled to herself not much has changed; a table in the corner lay smashed and a couple of shame-faced Hobbits were busy picking up the scattered debris under the watchful eye of Focmor. Stepping quietly into the room, she made her way past a couple of occupied tables and seated herself at the bar next to a pretty blonde woman she recognized from before.

“So we meet again Nenya,” she smiled. “Perhaps I will stay here longer this visit and we may have a chance to become acquainted. But where is the bartender Edain? Has he not come down yet this morning?”

Nenya grinned at Nyneve, putting a finger to her lips and pointing behind the bar, “He is taking a bit of a break. Poor guy, he works so hard,” she said quietly.

She stood, leaning forward, peering over the worn wooden bar and gave a low chuckle. There on the floor, resting his head against a spare keg sat a sleeping Edain. “I will let him sleep then and not demand service yet,” Nyneve told her as she sat down again.

Posted by Snowdog (Citizen # 15) on :
"He works hard for the little pay I give him."
Snowdog said to Nyeve.
"I will be glad to get you a drink though."
Posted by Nyneve (Citizen # 847) on :
Startled for a moment for she had not heard his approach, Nyneve leaned back in her chair and looked at Snowdog. “Perhaps you should pay him more than, good help running an Inn is hard to find,” she told him, then smiled when he said he would get her drink. “I will have a hot brandy please, with extra honey, if you have it.”
Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
At the mention of his name and the money word, Edain slowly got up. (He had been sleeping with one eye open anyway.)

"Did someone mention me?" he said while stifling a yawn. "Hey Snowdog, my main man! How about some chink-chink, so I can go on my Yuletide break?"
Seeing that there where several pretty women crowded around his boss he nodded to them an' gave Nyneve a wink and a broad smile. "Top o' the marnin' to you, one an' all!"

Seeing that there was no immediate response, Edain continued "Well you don't have cough it all up at once! I'll be serving these customers"

With a florish and a shake, Edain fixed Nyneve her Brandy and honey. Before seeing to any other customers. When he was finished he came back and hunkered down next to Snowdog.

Posted by Snowdog (Citizen # 15) on :
"Here... Christmas bonus!"

Snowdog slapped down a small bag of coin for his trustworthy barkeep.

Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
In his best impression of Homer Simpson Edain yelled "Woo-hoo!" at the top of his voice and had a mad dash about the bar. Clutching the hefty bag of gold in his right hand.

He then gave Snowdog a big hug. Then trying to regain the remenants of his English Decorum, Edain returned to his 'Proper' station behind the bar.

Posted by Tinúviel (Citizen # 25) on :
In the door walks a dark-haired Elven lady dressed in a purple sable dress and cloak. She walked to the bar and running her fingers through her hair she said to the barkeep....

"Pour me a double Ithilien Whiskey straight please!"

Posted by Orofacion of the Vanyar (Citizen # 1166) on :
*The unnoticed, as he liked to be, elf in the dark corner by the bar lifted the hood on his cloak a bit to see the new visitor.*

"Ithilien Whiskey! Hmmmm, interesting. Tis rare to hear a woman make such a request in these parts. I could use just such a strong body to help me on my quest. But Elrond said to find 5..."

*Keeps newcomer in mind and drops his hood once more as he continues to look about the inn, eyeing potential companions while drinking his ale.*

Posted by Guinevere (Citizen # 1141) on :
Why hello!I have never been here before! Is there anything I should know? *Studys the room* Quest you say?
Posted by Adanedhel (Citizen # 1011) on :
A tall stranger walks in wrapped in a huge black robe with the hood drawn. As he walks in with flurries of snow trailing in behind the door. He throws back the hood at the sudden warmth in the room to reveal his dark black hair and shortly cropped beard. As he walked to the bar glimpses of his black and gold armour could be seen and the giant pommel of his two-handed sword jutting out behind his head. He sits himself down and spies Edain counting his money with wide eyes.

'hey snowdog! could i have an ale and some cheese?'

Snowdog got the cheese and ale and took the money,

'Hey haven't you been here before?'
'Yes, just a couple of weeks agon, i left on a journey and now just returned, ready for another' the stranger replied looking up from his ale. Snowdog made a hmpp sound and walked away.
'Stramge barkeeper that one' the stranger thought to himself.
He surveyed the room and noticed a lone elf in the corner, he also was searching the room for something
'i wonder what? i think i'll go have a chat' The stranger mused to himself. He got up and made his way over to the table. When he was half way the elf looked up and eyed him suspicously. Adanedhel (for that was the strangers name) sat next too the elf and asked

'what brings you all the way to Bree friend?

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Posted by Orofacion of the Vanyar (Citizen # 1166) on :
*Haidin watched him as he walked towards the table, but seemed indifferent to the visitor. He sat down across from the elf. Peering from under his hood Haidin studied him hard and replied to the stranger's question:

"That business is my own. I see you carry a strong sword, might you know how to weild that? If not leave me be, I have no desire for company."

*By now his bright fiery blue eyes were in view of the black clade man and almost cut through him like no blade ever could. A strong studying look of intent was constantly aimed towards his visitor.*

Posted by Star-of-Hope (Citizen # 34) on :
Star attracts Snowdogs attention and asks for a refill. She has been 'nursing' her last beer for some time, just sitting back and enjoying the variety of patrons entering the bar. This visit was planned as a fleeting one, she had places to go and it was time she moved on.
Posted by Adanedhel (Citizen # 1011) on :
'If only you knew how well i could wield it, friend! I have cleaved many a goblin and Orc head with this mighty sword'

Adanedhel smiled at the tough little Elf. The elf just looked out from his hood indifferently at the answer to his question.

'Would you know of a travelling company in need of protection or an extra sword and a healing hand?' Adanedhel inquired of the still silent elf.

Posted by Orofacion of the Vanyar (Citizen # 1166) on :
"You say you've cleaved many a goblin head, but I assure you, there are other things, more terrible than anything you have imagined. Indeed, a good strong sword would assist me in my journey. But I wish not to speak of it here. If you are true to your offer, then stay in Bree, I will contact you. But I warn you, a light heart in my travel would be foolish, for it is a grave errand, think well before you answer."

*With that he went back under his hood, as well as back to his mug, waiting to spot another possible companion.*

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Posted by Snowdog (Citizen # 15) on :
"Here Star of Hope! Have a refill of your mug for the road! Good seeing you again!"

Not really. She was a prime whisperer among my enemies. She seemed nice at the time. Live and learn.


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Posted by Adanedhel (Citizen # 1011) on :
'I assure you friend that my heart is not light for i have had many a dangerous journey through dark lands, i hav travelled through the never ending darkness of Moria, and there i was lost for many a day, being hunted by those orcs and goblins isn't a very nice thing to wake up to in the dark mine of Moria' Adanedhel assured the strange elf.
'I will await your word, then i will be at your command' Adanedhel said to the elf how was still carfully surveying the room.
Posted by Orofacion of the Vanyar (Citizen # 1166) on :
"Very well black sir. I suggest you stay here for the night as it has the finest rooms and the owner is a good man. But for now, enjoy your drink."

*Haidan walked over to the bar beside the elven woman.*

"Bartender, another mug." Slapping down a gold peice, "This should cover my bill for the night." Without moving his head he addressed the purple clad elf, "Elrond is in need of good elves for there is a great need at hand. You seem of great stature for an elven maiden, you would be of great help to him. Tell me, have you been to Rivendell?"

Posted by Adanedhel (Citizen # 1011) on :
'Right you are' Adnaedhel replied to the elf.
He watched the elf get up and walk towards the bar whispering something to a nearby purple clad elf. Adanedhel rose and went to see Snowdog about a room.
Posted by Gandalf the Grey (Citizen # 1090) on :
* Gandalf the Grey wanders in, recently come from an Unexpected Party, to see what is going on elsewhere. Seeing a tall stranger in black and gold armor, Gandalf vaguely, almost subconciously remembers having noticed the man looking out the window of Snowdog's Inn at him as he passed by in the street several weeks ago. For some as yet ineffable reason, he's made an impression on Gandalf.

At the same time, Gandalf can't help overhearing snatches of conversation between two Elves, and on catching the names "Elrond" and "Rivendell," takes immediate interest. While maintaining a respectful distance in order to grant privacy to the Elves, he nods to them with a look indicating that further communication would be welcome, should such be their inclination. Gandalf also nods a friendly greeting to the tall stranger in black before taking a seat at a table against the wall. *

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Posted by Orofacion of the Vanyar (Citizen # 1166) on :
Haidan stopped suddenly, for he felt a presence of a someone, someone of great power enter the room. He had felt it before long ago during his younger days in Rivendell. "Indeed this is a turn of good fortune." he said to himself. "If you would help, go to Rivendell, good night to you." he said to the elf maiden. Looking around the room to see if any attention was on him, the Haidan made his way over to a table in the corner of the inn. He sat down across from an old man dressed all in grey who was blowing smoke rings out of a wooden pipe. "It is good to see you Mithrandir, what brings you to Bree?"
Posted by Gandalf the Grey (Citizen # 1090) on :
* As the Elf sits down across from him, Gandalf offers Haidan a bit of pipeweed to go with a jug of ale and a half-loaf of brown bread and butter that he's had the Innkeeper bring. *

It is good to see you as well. * uncertain as to whether his Elven table-guest wishes to divulge his name in so public a setting, Gandalf leaves the greeting simple, while yet retaining the sense of true welcome. *

What brings me to Bree? Simply put, curiosity. Twice now I've passed Snowdog's Inn while on my way somewhere else, and felt as if a faint pull inwards. Yet it was not then the right time to enter, and now it is. I've recently come from a mission to escort a creature of light into these outlying lands where shadows have fallen, * thinks to himself of Bethberry, smiling at the good that will come from her influence * ... and more recently, from the Shire.

You're far from home yourself. All's well in Rivendell, I hope.

* allows Haidan to steer the conversation as he will *

Posted by Orofacion of the Vanyar (Citizen # 1166) on :
Pulling out an old, caked, pipe he stuffed and lit some pipeweed. A thin whisp of smoke curled out of his mouth, "I wish my heart was not so burdened I would surely be of lighter heart and better company." Haidin's voice lowered to a whisper. "But something has arisen, or better spoken, something has been recovered in the south, beyond the Dark Land. I am suprised Mithrandir you have not learned of this in your travels, but it is understandable as no one save Elrond and a choice few know of this." Haidan leaned back in his chair and looked around slowly to see if anyone was overhearing. "I am in need of 4 companions of strong mind and body, you indeed far exceed the wisdom of most in Middle Earth. The Half-Elven could ask for no one better to accompany the party to the south." At this point he was looking Gandalf straight in the eyes.
Posted by Gandalf the Grey (Citizen # 1090) on :
* Gandalf meets Haidan's steady gaze, with a look of respect for Haidan's leadership *

It would be an honor and a privilege to assist Elrond and his House. You can count on my accompanying your party, as you wish.

Posted by Bethberry (Citizen # 1217) on :
*The door blows open and with the wind and snow a figure in a purple cloak, holding close a leather satchel, enters also. It is a woman of indeterminate age, whose copper hair, plaited around her head, is revealed as she pushes her hood back. She stamps her feet, shaking snow off her boots and cloak and then moves lithely into the room, looking for the warmth of the fire. In her wake there is the fun, magic and excitement of an early light snowfall, which turns the air into glittering diamonds before they fall to the ground.*

Snowdog, I hear you offer fine hospitality and respect for all travellers. May I warm myself by your fire while I have some bread and cheese? I wouldn't say no to some wine, either, should you have it.

*The woman pulls a chair up close to the fire, watching the flames dance. Her thoughts appear to be elsewhere as she does not observe the other occupants in the room.*

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Posted by Gandalf the Grey (Citizen # 1090) on :
* maintaining the seriousness of the moment and keeping due attention focused on Haidan and his quest, Gandalf yet extends a greeting to the Lady just come in through the door, without needing to raise his head to see who it is *

Why Bethberry, I'd know your melodious voice anywhere, your voice being song itself. Pull up a chair here, after you've had a chance to warm yourself by the fire. * smiles a welcome *

Posted by Bethberry (Citizen # 1217) on :
*Holding her hands towards the fire, the woman turns her face slightly at the voice which addresses her.*

Gandalf, I thought you were still back at the Shire, winning acclaim for your glorious fireworks.

*Moving her cloak aside, and thrusting her gloves into a pocket, she rises, apparently glad to see him, holds her satchel carefully but not obtrusively by her side, and accepts the chair offered. With a tilt of her head and an veiled movement in her eyebrow, she looks up and observes Gandalf's face carefully and closely, seemingly to read the ineffable mind which lights his eyes. A slight, almost imperceptible, frown shows that she has noted the seriousness of his manner despite his welcome, but she respects his privacy and the occasion and foregoes inquiry, although she notes in passing the other patrons with whom he has been talking.*

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Posted by Snowdog (Citizen # 15) on :
"Wine and cheese for the lady to warm her! By all means warm yourself! And if you should need a room for the evening, it will be arranged. Welcome Bethberry!"
Posted by Nenya (Citizen # 238) on :
Nenya sat by the bar listening to the murmur from the people in the room. She felt quite tired and wondered if she had catched a cold or something. 'Tomorrow I have to leave', she thought, 'and I have to feel good then.'

'I'm going to my room for a while. See you later, Nyenve', she said to the lady beside her. Then she finished her wine an left for her room.

Posted by Bethberry (Citizen # 1217) on :
*At the sound of Snowdog's hearty good welcome, Bethberry's face breaks out into an infectious smile. Masking the concern of her own thoughts and the seriousness of Gandalf's, she turns towards the Innkeeper with civility and courtesy in her eyes.*

Thank-you, good publican. I can see that your fabled hospitality is no untruth.

*bows to him cordially*

I am now warmed but still hungry, so let me enjoy my meal 'ere I make any plans. Do you have any music here?

*At the sound of her question, the faint echoes of Neil Young's 'Harvest' (OOC: Middle Earth music?) fill the room, distracting all on-lookers from Haidan's and Gandalf's whispered business.*

Posted by Madmartigan (Citizen # 1291) on :
*a tall figure in a dark cloak enters the inn and surveys the room, stopping to stare at Gandalf*

*the figure crosses the room to the bar*

I am Madmartigan, and I request a mug of chocolate milk!

*turns to stare at Gandalf*

Posted by Adanedhel (Citizen # 1011) on :
watching Haidan and Gandalf speaking in low tones too each other was a surprise since he had not seen the Grey Pilgrim for many a year. Adanedhel slowly made his way down the stairs for some drink and maybe a bite to eat, then a quick chat with Haidan and the Grey pilgrim about this journey Haidan mentioned.
Posted by Gandalf the Grey (Citizen # 1090) on :
* Haidan paused in his conversation for two reasons. Firstly, because he had received an answer from Gandalf. And secondly, because despite Bethberry's best efforts at providing the most amenable atmosphere for conducting sensitive business, both Elf and Wizard were increasingly attracting attention from the curious patrons of Snowdog's Inn. For his part, Gandalf turned amiably towards the assembled people to speak to them, meanwhile ordering a more substantial meal of salad, cold chicken, and twice-baked taters. *

Bethberry: * Gandalf makes room for Bethberry at the table, wondering aloud ... though very quietly ... whether she'd be interested in coming along on Haidan's quest. Not knowing all the details of the dangers to be faced, Gandalf is certain of Bethberry's loyalty, keen intelligence, and resourcefulness. Given the fact that there are many strange ears present, Gandalf decides to bring up the topic in more detail to Haidan when there's a bit more privacy. *

If I'd have thought of it in the Shire, I would have asked you if it were possible to set my fireworks display to a tune of your choosing, and then we'd have had a show truly worthy of acclaim.

Madmartigan: * Gandalf wordlessly returns your gaze peacefully enough for as long as can be considered polite, but no longer, assuming that if you have business worth making known, you will speak. *

Adanedhel: * Seeing you coming back down the stairs, Gandalf makes room for you at the table ... almost as if sensing that your presence here is expected. *

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Posted by Bethberry (Citizen # 1217) on :
*Bethberry catches the corner of Gandalf's eye and gives, unobtrusively, a nod as solemn as an oath while she turns her head and calls out to the Innkeeper.*

Snowdog, I'm still ravenous. Have you any rabbit stew? And, for the sake of the deserving company assembled here, I say, a round of drinks for all on me--and don't forget yourself, good man. This young one here can have more chocolate, if he prefer, though it be rare and most unusual in Middle Earth.

*Bethberry, in a spirit of play, tosses five pieces of mithril in the air, which Snowdog adroitly catches in one hand, spinning around to bow to the bar and winning the hearty cries, cheers, and applause of the guests. Bethberry then holds her glass of wine aloft, in compliments to all. It is not noticed that she rarely sips from it.*

Had I not been so busy with my scholarly endeavours, Gandalf, I would indeed have delighted in finding some celtic music to match your fireworks. Those Hobbits know how to throw a good party, perhaps even better than the Elves, eh, Haidan? And what say, you, *turning to Adanedhel*, do not the Hobbits prove the most generous of hosts?

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Posted by Orofacion of the Vanyar (Citizen # 1166) on :
Uncomfortable with the sudden attention, Haidan stired in his seat. He did not show much reaction to the comments thrown around the room but only sat with bowed head in deep thought. He was awaken from his daze by the words of Bethberry and looked up to address the table.

"Indeed Bethberry if wise Gandalf, as many so call him, deems you worthy of a perilous journey then I welcome your company. But I will not speak further on such matters as no whisper in this inn now shall go unnoticed."

Haidan stirred again in his chair. He was nervous. Even for an elf he did not enjoy the public eye. But being from Imladris, Haidan easily slipped away in all the commotion to the porch outside the inn. As he left the room Haidan looked back with a face of grim concern at his companions and caught Gandalf's observing glance. Turning away quickly, Haidan couldn't bare the eyes of the old man. Walking outside, he found a seat in a dark corner facing a window of the bar where he could observe and ponder the journey ahead and notice any important event that might happen in the inn.

"Elrond, why do we need 4 more? Why risk needlessly the lives of such hearty folks as these? I hope your wishes are not faulty." Haidan mumbled to himself. His mind full of doubt he drifted back to a dream of thought.

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Posted by Gandalf the Grey (Citizen # 1090) on :
* Gandalf remains seated after watching Haidan leave, granting him the time he needs to himself. Oddly enough, at that moment, Gandalf somehow hears above the din of voices and snatches of music, an evil high-pitched grating sound. Bolting from his chair and rushing past an astonished Adanedhel and Bethberry, he hurries up the staircase of Snowdog's Inn, enters an open door in a room with an open window, and looks out. Unfortunately, what Gandalf suspected appears to be the case. Out the window, he sees two oversized bats flying South. From what he'd heard of their earlier squeaking, they'd been communicating in the Orc tongue. The bats were by now safely out of range of Gandalf's staff. *
Posted by Orofacion of the Vanyar (Citizen # 1166) on :
"Manwe protect us, what were they doing here?!" Haidan exclaimed as the bats flew far over his head away to the south. "We must leave now." Haidan rushed into the inn slipping unnoticed to the table of Bethberry and the black warrior. "If you desire to assist me then come, we leave tonight." Haidan lept up the stairs meeting Gandalf in an empty room. "I saw them, it is time to go wise Mithrandir. We may not have 5 in our company but we must go with the companions we have, perhaps we shall meet one more on the journey south."
Posted by Adanedhel (Citizen # 1011) on :
Adanedhel launched himself out of his seat and ran for his room to pack and retrieve his giant sword.
As he ran up the stairs two by two he saw Haidan duck into the room with Gandalf. Adanedhel ducked into his room grabbed his back slung his sword over his shoulder then ran back out of his room to saddle up Nienor and be ready to leave.
Posted by Madmartigan (Citizen # 1291) on :
*Madmartigan dashes to Gandalf, hurriedly throwing back his cloak to reveal battered armor plating that had seen it's share of fights, yet still held it's shine. At Madmartigan's hip was a sword, the hilt wrapped in leather, and leather strap tied to a ring at the bottom of the hilt.*

Madmartigan: I heard them call you Gandalf. I was told many weeks ago to seek you out, here, and follow you! Wherever you may go!

Posted by Gandalf the Grey (Citizen # 1090) on :
* Gandalf nods agreement with Haidan's observation that the time to make for Rivendell is now, and follows the Elf back down the stairs. Pays the Innkeeper for all the food and drink he's ordered, adding three gold pieces as a tip. Notices Adanedhel already heading for the stable. On his way to fetch Shadowfax, Gandalf is caught up somewhat short to see the stranger who'd stared at him earlier now fling himself nearly in his face, and barely keeps from a headlong collision. Addresses his words, speaking in low tones, to both Haidan and the new would-be quest volunteer.*

Well Haidan, with Bethberry being so good as to accompany us, and with the man in black and gold (whose name he happened to finally catch as "Adanedhel" as he was talking with the Innkeeper), you, and myself ... this newcomer whose appearance tells of much battle experience would make the 5 you're looking for. Though he says he has a claim on me and must follow me, you as leader of the Quest should be the one to make the decision. As for me, I would like to get to know him better, *** thinking privately and silently to himself that he'd like to get a closer look at that ring, but not saying a word about the ring out loud *** and the only practical way to do that, is bring him along. What is your judgment, Haidan?

(OOC: Orofacion of the Vanyar, since we'll be leaving the Inn and starting the quest, will you please do the honors of starting the quest thread in The Prancing Pony, and please let us know here in this thread what the name of the new thread is? Thanks! )

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Posted by Bethberry (Citizen # 1217) on :
*Bemused by the commotion but also realizing the deadly seriousness of the events being set into play, Bethberry rose, putting on a wry smile for the other patrons*

Well, at least the tables weren't overturned and I did get to finish my meal. Snowdog, I will take a room for the night. I'll find my way upstairs and maybe even try out your hotsprings.

*Grabbing cloak and satchel, Bethberry moves calmly but with clear dispatch upstairs, looking for all the world like she will settle in the night at Snowdog's Inn. In reality, she finds the third window on the second floor and jumps to the ground, running silently to the stables,wondering what her part will be in this earnest journey and who these other companions are, but trusting that it was not mere chance which crossed her path with Gandalf's. She recalled her parents' memories of him, that there was no finer, truer heart than his, though he could be stern and exacting. "Following him could well be a way to fulfil my own journey," she thinks to herself. "I pray I do not disappoint him."*

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Posted by Madmartigan (Citizen # 1291) on :
*pulls his cloak back around to cover his armor, and pulls the hood back over his head*

*speaking to Haidan* I will gladly offer my sword in this company's service, if I am able to follow Gandalf to my fate.

I am equipped with my own horse and supplies, and will not burden you in that manner.

Posted by Adanedhel (Citizen # 1011) on :
Adanedhel reins in his horse next too gandalf and waits in silence for the rest of the company. He restlesslly sits in his saddle and loossens his giant sword in it's sheath.

'Stop being impatient, Adanedhel' Gandalf quietly said 'You'll soon be able to use that mighty sword of yours on this journey'

'I'm impatient to get off and out of here, i don't like the look of those oversized bats' Adanedhel watching the door intently

'We'll be off soon enough' Gandalf replied absently watching the door for Haidan and the new stranger

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Posted by Snowdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Snowdog served up the meals and made sure all was taken care of. He smiled when bethberry thought of trying the hot spring and assured her that fresh towels were ready. He lit up a load of pipeweed and relazed against the bar, letting all cary on their business.
Posted by Orofacion of the Vanyar (Citizen # 1166) on :
Haidan eyed the stranger closely with his usual intense, studying, glare.

"You seem anxious, I do not easily trust anxious strangers. Your armor and sword mean nothing to me until they are proven in battle. But you shall accompany us non-the-less. Martigan I believe they call you. You say you shall follow Gandalf, but Mithrandir follows me, and I, the will of Elrond. The Half-Elven shall judge you fit. Come we must go."

And with that the elf pulled down his hood, making his way to the bar, he placed a sac of gold peices on the bar. "Snowdog I apologize for the commotion, thank you for sheltering a wearisome elf. May the Star of Earendil always look kind on you." Haidan walked out the door towards the stable behind Martigan and mounted his strong stead, Gatathane. The moon was in full and a pall light shone down upon the company. Haidan looked at them with a thoughtfull look, turned his horse, "We go to Rivendell!" With a spur of his horse, the elf sped away east on the Great Road.

(Alright guys its RP time in the Prancing Pony, it's called "The Theft of Umbar")

Posted by Gandalf the Grey (Citizen # 1090) on :
(OOC: Yes! )
Posted by Adanedhel (Citizen # 1011) on :
(OOC: Hurry! Hurry! I can hardly wait! Don't you just love a new adventure? )
Posted by Valarauko (Citizen # 1296) on :
dark night....cold with little wind....quiet...through the blackness of night comes the sounds of song & dance.....a shadowy figure makes his way to the door....through creaking doors Valarauko steps.....the merrymaking dies down as the balrog seats himself at the bar & askes for a pitcher of the finest beer on tap...."Greetings all" he says to the room..."I've come through many hardships & across many miles to find a place to rest....might i stay awhile & enjoy the company of you fine folk??"...........
Posted by Adanedhel (Citizen # 1011) on :
Adanedhel, sitting astride his horse, sees the balrog walk into Snowdog's Inn. A BALROG! Adanedhel pinches himself and looks again, his eyes not decieving him as he watches the black bulky shape shuffle through the door.
Adanedhel grounds his teeth and reaches over his shoulder for his great sword, but Haidan and the group begin to ride off. He forgets his quarry and spurs his horse to catch up.

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Posted by Orofacion of the Vanyar (Citizen # 1166) on :
Is it just me or is the mental picture of a Balrog sitting at a bar drinking a pitcher of beer, looking around at gaping mouths and just pretty much saying, "so how's it goin" pretty dern funny?
Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
Having had a most excellent time with his Christmas bonus, his mates, beer, an' hot gals from the goth club on the other side of town. Edain returned to work, full of cheer and good will to all men.

Apppraising the situation and seeing that a new adventuring party was forming, made Edain remenisise about how his last adventure had started in a fine inn like this one.

He nodded polite greetings to all the patrons, before returning to his duties. Seeing that Snowdog had forgotten to put the Yuletide decorations up, Edain began rummaging in the cardboard boxes under the bar and in the cellar, trying to find them

Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
"Ah-ha!" Edain exclaimed "Found them!" he said triumphantly.

Edain opened a large dusty cardboard box. Little did he know that the box was a dimention door to the Ye olde Christmas/midwinter/Yule/Holiday season store and with the elves who make the decorations having had worked overtime since last time the box was opened, Edain found himself half buried under a pile of brand spanking new decorations. Commandeering a few dwarves who were putting the finishing touches to some new chairs and tables Edain had soon set to work doing the place up.

But not before he had started on his first mixture of eggnog freshly prepared for the season!

Posted by Snowdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Sure Valarauko! Have a cold one!

Snowdog tapped a pitcher of Mordorian Stout for the balrog and smiled as Edain came walking in all bowleggged and with a big smile on his face. Surely he had fun! Snowdog turned to Valarauko and said,

So, how is things in Thangoradrim?

Posted by Valarauko (Citizen # 1296) on :
grins & quickly entertains the thought of taking advantage of the uncomfortable situation caused sense my arrival & then quickly banishes the thought....."I thank you for the greeting Snowdog". "I'm afraid things are rather bleak at home.....I've grown weary of the reputation of my people(if people we be) & i have set out on my own to seek a new name for myself.....i hope to live a new life here....but since i left, the need for excitement has burned throughout my very being....i've come seeking adventure....i'm sure that a balrog such as myself could be of good use to anyone that seeks help.....but for now, i'd like to rest & enjoy the company of fine folk such as yourself"
Posted by Boromir (Citizen # 239) on :
as he finished talking, a figure in grey walks in, looking almost like a beggar in his worn out clothes.
'Hey Snowdog, how've you been? If you can remember me, I'll give you back a pipe you let me once borrow, along with some good pipe weed.'
Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
"Boromir!" Edain exclaimed "Good to see you! I'll decline your offer of a bowl, but by all means take advantage of the facilties"

At this Edain swaggered over to the bar and took some dusty airtight jars of the top shelf and wiped the lables to reveal the names of several rare Shire brands of pipeweed.

"As your known to Snowdog Please take a plug of this, with the compilments of the house."

Edain offered Boromir a jar, and then with one careful eye on the others, Edain pulled a swift pint of ale to complement the pipeweed.

Posted by Malgilwen (Citizen # 1284) on :
Posted by Bethberry (Citizen # 1217) on :
*Snowdog and Edain look up in surprise as a sound like a rushing whistle pierces the air. Through the window flies a brown and grey falcon, carrying a tied scoll in is beak, which it drops on the table in front of Snowdog and then swiftly retreats.*

What in tarnation is this? *says the usually taciturn and unruffled publican.*

*Snowdog unrolls the scroll and finds a message. He reads it aloud.*

"Good publican, I must thank you kindly for your recent hospitality. I regret that I left without enjoying the benefits of your hot springs. Consider them an encouragement to return. May the joys of the season keep you in good--er,--spirits. Bethberry"

Well, I'll be, *said the pleased inn-keeper.* Fancy that.

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Posted by Adanedhel (Citizen # 1011) on :
Into the room walks a tall black cloaked stranger, returning to the hospitality of Snowdpg's Inn. He walks over to the bar sits down and orders a mug of ale, bread and cheese. Snowdog gets his food and Adanedhel pays him nodding slightly as Snowdog hands out some change.

Soon Adanedhel gets hot and removes his cloak and drapped it over his shoulder. The gold on his armour glittered in the fire light and thegolden pommel of his sword reflected the fire light in all directions.
Adanedhel ordered another ale and moved into a remote corner of the room watching the antics of the more biosterous in the Inn with supressed mirth.....

Posted by Adanedhel (Citizen # 1011) on :
'Seems like this Inn is very quiet today' adanedhel thought to himself as not a peep had come out of any of the patrons for a couple of days.

'I wonder if they are all mutes?'

Adanedhel helps himself to an ale and leaves some coins on the bench

'Maybe if i started a good old fashion inn brawl they would wake up?' Adanedhel mused to himself

Posted by Adanedhel (Citizen # 1011) on :
'Very good younger brother! It hold up well to Orc collars and chain mail' Ad replied to his younger brother, drawing the sword and showing him how well he looks after it

'This inn is very quiet of late i think it is slowly going downhill' Ad said mournfull thinking of the many a good time he had here

'Maybe people will soon return remembering the good times they had here' Ad said to his little brother

'Hopefully Ad, but i am only new so i don't know much about this place' Loin said looking around at the very quiet patrons....

Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
"Oh hello Adanedhel! New Set of Armour from the Yule Tide fairy?" Edain said as he appeared from the back room.

Edain then prepared drinks for everyone who needed them and said hello to Lóin.

Posted by Snowdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Snowdog sat and pondered, wondering where some of the people have gone since he first opened up the place. He had gone down the highway a ways and he found some old friends outside the city... Elentari, Sekmet, but he looked for Arvedui, Beren, Natasha, and Lauren. sadly they seemed to have left the city and not returned. And he remembered the day that Lady Tinelwen came in through the doors and he opened the hot springs, but Snowdog wondered why he bothered keeping the place open. Edain the Ranger was a loyal barkeep, and there had been many to come and go, but Snowdog had lost the fire in the belly that led him to open the place in the beginning... he pondered burning the place down.....
Posted by Adanedhel (Citizen # 1011) on :
'Don't burn it snowdog,i may have only been here since the 25th page but it was the first home in MT i had!' Ad yelled from next door from his own inn

'i have been in and out of this inn a lot of times and even though i now have my own, this is my favourite watering hole. Please for the love of MT don't burn it down!' Ad pleaded

'maybe you could start an advertisement campaign, in your sig, like me! it works!' should see the business, with the exception of one brawl involving a monkey, a hobbit, and elf queen and anothe elf (i think) business has been good' ad was standing at the door with tears in his eyes remembering the time that he had first come in and he and the rowdy hobbits and broken the table, and when lady Nenya mentioned the hot water and he couldn't stop laughing............

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Posted by Bethberry (Citizen # 1217) on :
Hey, Snowdog,

I might not be one of the fondly-remembered old timers, but I did send you a "Christmas eagle, er, falcon" in respect of your efforts here.


Posted by Snowdog (Citizen # 15) on :
it aint about the business, its about my motivation and taking the time to come here to see if anyone is posting. No need for an ad, and it will remain.

Bethberry, Yes, I liked that. You are one of my favorite current posters on this site!

Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
Hi there everybody!

Especially you Mr. Snowdog sir!

You don't have to tell me about motivation, I'm not the most motivated guy in the world; in fact I'm pretty damn lazy.

As I'm pretty busy I'm limiting myself to maintaining just a few threads here and there.

Posted by Nyneve (Citizen # 847) on :
"What is this talk of burning down your fine Inn?" Nyneve asks Snowdog from her seat at the bar. "I find this Inn a pleasent place to sit and rest from my journeys and was hoping to get a room here."
Posted by Snowdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Hi Nyneve! No, I wont do what White Gold Wielder did to his place so long ago. But I think I need a holiday... a very long holiday....
Posted by Bethberry (Citizen # 1217) on :
(OOC: Thank you for saying that about me, Snowdog. There are many times when I, too, wonder why I come here, aside from posting with a few friends I have made and have come to respect on a couple of threads.)

*Once again, a turbulence in the air foretold the arrival of a swiftly diving falcon, who flew so rapidly that he could barely be seen. He dropped a rolled scroll on the bar and, with a quick peck of his beak, picked up some of the offerings from a platter there, before flying out the window again.*

*Snowdog read the missive: "I, too, remember past sites which seemed like valuable havens initially, but I have also learnt that one must seek adventure anew, for the past is not always what it had once seemed. Take what rest and recreation you need, in order to return anew. "*

*dances a swirling, almost dervish kind of hopeful jig while contemplating what kind of song would best soothe Snowdog's spirit*


Posted by Adanedhel (Citizen # 1011) on :
'Snowdog my friend, lock up shop and take a holiday, i'll keep an eye on the inn and i'm sure my two brothers and i could handle any trouble makers or vandals' Ad said winking

*He shakes Snowdog's hand hands over a pouch of gold, winks and returns to his inn to over see the serving of ale*

Posted by Nyneve (Citizen # 847) on :
Nyneve walked over to where Snowdog sat, a concerned look crossing her face. She was troubled by the tired look in his eyes and the weariness he wore like a cloak. “Leave here if you must,” she spoke quietly to Snowdog as she sat near him. “But return again, if only for a visit, for you will be missed.”

Looking around the common room that had grown quiet with the words he spoke, Nyneve knew some of what he might be thinking. Ghosts of times past no longer lingered in the darkened corners and faces looked for through the window would not come again no matter how much they were missed. They had been a special breed, the ones who had first inhabited the Inn, and though others had come and gone since, what once was, would not again be.

Looking in the direction of Edain, she smiled and shook her head slightly. He might also know the feeling that seemed to hang heavy over Snowdog’s heart, for she knew he had traveled long roads with him before settling down at this Inn. And her thoughts went to other Inns that she had visited and even lived at for a time; those too had grown quiet during the ever-changing times of her wanderings.

A wry grin broke across her features as she pulled a full bag of coins from the pocket of her leather vest. “With these and the pouch Adanedhel left you, I think there should be enough…” and she turned and tossed her bag of coins toward Edain.

“How about breaking out a keg or two of the good stuff doubtlessly hidden away in the cellars?” She asked, as Edain deftly caught the bag she tossed. “If your boss is to leave, we should at least give him a send-off.”

Posted by Adanedhel (Citizen # 1011) on :
'did i hear the words, break open a keg? I will surely help you finish the keg and have one last drink in the first home in the city i had ever had'
'snowdog with that much money you could go for a holiday with the Vanyar!' adanedhel laughed and his eyes twinkled as edain dragged in a large barrel of ale, Ad smacked his lips and awaited the cool amber liquid with anticipaition
Posted by Bethberry (Citizen # 1217) on :
*dances a wild jig*

May I offer music? The Rankins, Leahy, Ashley McIsaac, Nickel Creek, Loreena McKennitt, to set a Middle Earth tone.

Then perhaps some Neil Young, leading into, especially for Snowdog, Commander Cody and the Lost Planet Airmen. *grins broadly*


Posted by Adanedhel (Citizen # 1011) on :
Anything that you sing with that golden voice of yours my lady would be welcome!

*ad said taking a swig of his ale*

this is good, where did you get this snowdog?

Posted by Gilgalad (Citizen # 576) on :
*Walks into the Inn* "Man, its been awhile since I've been in here!" *Sits down at the bar* "Hey Snowdog, I'll take you'r best ale!"
Posted by Snowdog (Citizen # 15) on :
"we wil stick with Neil Young thank you very much. Bob Seger would fit well though. I heard Nickel Creek before, do they actually have music out?"
Posted by Gandalf the Grey (Citizen # 1090) on :
Greetings Snow Dog,

Switching stations one day while driving home from work, I came across a Nickle Creek tune called "In the House of Tom Bombadil." Before the DJ announced the name of the song I was already drawn to it.

At your Service,

Gandalf the Grey

Posted by Bethberry (Citizen # 1217) on :
What! No Commander Cody? *look of mock disappointment*

I suppose this means that, if the party gets raucous, there won't be any "In agadda da vida" by the Iron Butterfly either.

And aye, I can attest to that day when Gandalf the Grey heard "The House of Bombadil" by Nickle Creek on the radio, for he told me about it in a memorable chat.

Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
Edain caught the pouch deftly in his off hand, looked in the general direction of the clientele,"Now that's not something that I can do everyday." he said offhandedly (Groan) he winked at Nyneve, an' continued with "Things that the man will do to get new custom. "

Whistling merrily Edain slipped down to the cellar and with a huff an' a puff rolled out a coupla barrels of the Shire's finest. Tapping them swiftly like only a Dúnadan can, Edain was soon pullin' drinks and sinking a few himself.

"Hey Adanedhel, don't you worry this place will soon be banging with folk. About the music? You wanna be playin' a few rawk tunes. Led Zep spring to mind." Edain said giving them a florish of the air guitar, "I'll give you a tip, foh nothin', the Big man is partial to a little of the old Misty Mountain Hop!"

Edain said as he tried to Duck walk and Townsend jump at the same time. Needless to say he succeeded only in falling over and splitting his britches in the process.

"Oh hi Gandalf" Edain exclaimed with a wave to conceal his lack of composure.

Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
Not forgetting Bethberry, Edain poured her a drink of her choice (all the time running it up on Adanedhel's tab )

Then paused to hitch up his rapidly fallin' britches (good job he was wearing a long shirt )he slung a mug of the Shire's finest down the bar to Gilgalad.

Edain then ducked off to his room to change into the new leather duds that he had recieved from Uncle Anthedir for the Yule Season.

Posted by Snowdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Snowdog looks at Bethberry and says,

"Well, I have to say that In a Gadda was the one song that Iron Butterfly did that I really didn't care for. But I will take the longest bversion of the Chambers Brothers
Time'. Oh and I will download those songs tonight before I leave work."

Snowdog nodded thanks and gave the pretty Bethberry a look, and a nod with a smile.

He then turned to Edain and said,

"Fine sir, you do this place much justice. here..."

Snowdog had a parchment, well weathered, and he took a quill and dipped it in a thick blace goo, and signed away the title of Snowdog's to Edain.

"Its all yours mate."

And Snowdog drained his Ale.

Posted by Adanedhel (Citizen # 1011) on :
'I wonder how much i have rung up on my tab' Adanedhel thought to himself, then he said

'Hey Edain, how much is on my tab so far?' ad said inoccently not expecting any huge amount......

Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
"Yeah sure, whatever Adanedhel," Edain said as he waved Adanedhel away temporlary lost for words.
His jaw dropped, as Snowdog handed him the deeds to the Inn and Edain gave him a grateful smile. After carefully purusing the documentation Edain folded it away and placed it in a secret place somewere in his clothing, making a mental note to get a strong box.

"I hope I can do this place justice, Snowdog. Would you like to join me in a drink and remincice about old times?" Edain spoke with a wistful look.

Posted by Belegurth (Citizen # 1534) on :
*tumbles inn, searching for hold* Ah, gimme a help, I need an ale to stand upright ya know... You can't reject a good customer.. rait?!
I'm fed up with alcohol-free vodka (clear water)
Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
"Oh dear! Looks like somebody is one over the eight." Edain observed as Belegurth struggled into the inn.

"Nevermind, lets help you, we never turn away custom here!" Edain then lent a strong arm to the hapless fellow, moved him to a stool near the bar and served him a mug of the cool, amber liquid. Edain told him that it was 2 gold pieces and after collecting his money offered Belegurth beernuts on the house.

Feeling that he needed to shift some liquor, Edain offered to make cocktails if people fancied them.

Posted by Belegurth (Citizen # 1534) on :
Ahh thanks... good to meet a nice person here right from the start! At your service (well, after I recovered!) *leans back, sighs*
Posted by Adanedhel (Citizen # 1011) on :
'well it looks like business is picking up master Edain!' Adanedhel said to the new barkeep

'Good, thing we didn't let Snowdog burn the place down. Lots of historical value' He said looking around at the old inn

'could you give me an ale for the road Edain my friend? I must be leaving soon to return to my own inn' Adanedhel asked Edain

Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
"Get Back to your Pub down the road? How dare you think of starting competion around here!" Edain said in mock "shock horror" in his voice in answer to Adanedhel comments.

" Perhaps I can pursuade you to stay a little longer..." Edain finished, before ducking under the bar to pour Adanedhel a brew from the dusty barrel.

[i]"There, get your imbibing muscles around that, now this is what you wanna be drinkin'"
Edain handed Adanedhel the rich ale with a florish.

Edain then check on Belegurth to make sure he was o.k. He then mused on decided to have a word with the Dwarven workmen about refurbishing the sign. As it was a little worn about the edges.
Edain then spoke to Adanedhel about if his place was full to send them down to Snowdog's with a twinkle in his eye.

Posted by Belegurth (Citizen # 1534) on :
*glances at Edain, smiles, awakes again and tries to stand upright*
"Erm, anybody who'd like a free coktail or anything else? On my bill, a "thank you" for the warm welcome, and, oh yes, an ale for me!!!"
*throws some coins on the table, falls asleep again for a little while*
Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
"Come on People, you heard the Man Free Cocktails!!!!" Edain shouted, quietly as not to wake Belegurth.

"Right away Belegurth!" Edain hearing his request slung a frothing ale down into Belegurth's comatose, yet readily open hand.

Posted by Turambar (Citizen # 1168) on :
Thanks, but no thanks.
I think I've had enough for one night.
*Pukes all over the shoes of Belegurth*
I think I'd better go home....
*Falls to the ground (In his own puke) and starts to snore.*


Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
"Oh dear looks likes somebody's had too much to drink, those people who can't hold their drink, shouldn't!" Edain exclaimed looking at the pathetic state of Turambar as he lay there.

After using Turambar's clothes to mop up the excess, Edain made the place clean and inviting once more. Seeing that the Drunken man wasn't going anywhere, Edain divulged Turambar of the cost of a few days lodgings and food, with a bit extra for "expenses". Before stripping him and getting the Dwarven helpers to drag him feet first to a cheap room. He put the clothes to be washed and checked that Belegurth was o.k. His shoes were clean, but a little damp from the mop brush.

Seeing that it was now late Edain closed the bar for the night, and nipped off to bed, leaving the hobbit warders to see to any late arrivals.

Posted by Turambar (Citizen # 1168) on :
*Later that night, Turambar woke.*

Oooaah, where am I?

*He tried to stand, and immediatly fell down on the floor.*

Ooh, my head. I must've taken too much alcohol.

*After a few tries, he finally stood. Groggily, he walked to the door, opened it and looked down the hallway.
After he made sure that no-one would see him, he walked out of the inn.*

I'd better get back to my own inn.

*After taking a few strong breaths, he walked over to "The Shire Inn", which was his own and OPEN ALL NIGHT!
With a painful head, he lay himself in his own bed, and fell asleep, after muttering a few words:*

I hope many people will visit "The Shire Inn". ("The Prancing Pony" -> "The Shire Inn")

Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
:::Hmmgh! Now that is cheeky using my inn for an advert!

Opening all night is fine, but boy wait until you have to clean up on the marning after! :::

The Day dawns cheerily. An' Edain prepares for another day. He wanders if Nenya will pop in an' hear the rest of the tale sometime...

Posted by Turambar (Citizen # 1168) on :
Sorry for that, Edain.
But what is a business without advertising?
And I have to be honest:
Your Inn has the best Ale.
The best Beer.
OK, all is better but the accomodation.
My rooms are much better suited for guests than yours. (that's about it though.)
Maybe I come by for a drink now and then.


Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
Well yes I guess I should advertise!

My accomodation is not too good! You've only seen the cheap rooms!!!

Snowdog has spent a fortune on refurbishment.

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Posted by Turambar (Citizen # 1168) on :
I think you should mop the floor with him next time he comes by, this place doesn't look too shabby though.
Posted by Belegurth (Citizen # 1534) on :
*awakes* "What's that öiquid stuff down there on my shoes?" Sees Ale in his hand, drinks, smiles... so easy it is!
*Get's nervous* "Why isn't there any music here? Nobody wants to sing? Everybody who gives us a song will be rewarded with, em, Ale or other stuff containing alcohol...."
Posted by Turambar (Citizen # 1168) on :
I shall bring thee merriement!
*Turambar says, while climbing on a table.*
All ye merry men, come 'round and lend me your ears!
*A drunken man on the side starts to cut off his left ear.*
Not literally! I shall bring thee the story of Isildur! Of how he cut off the One Ring from the hand of the Sauron himself!
*He starts to sing with a crooky voice, the sound wakes an Elf on the side. He reaches under his seat, grabs his flute, and joins the music. Within seconds, the Inn is full of merriement again."
Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
Thanx for your words Turambar! I think that it is best to be in this place with an open mind. Compared to TORC this place is well laid back an' that's the way I like it as long as people come to my inn!

By the Way, please recommend it to your friends. Snowdog's Inn is the place to be.

Edain leaned on his bar and listened with half an' ear (not literally )at Turambar's song. He was quite busy serving drinks, but managed to muse on when the hot Goth girls were gonna turn up.

Posted by Belegurth (Citizen # 1534) on :
"Wonderful music!!! As I said, that's worth a drink... just choose something... and for me... I'll go for something very special now... third age wine from the sunny lands of Gorgoroth... wine is rare there, Sauron had some special areas, but just very tasty - got it here?"
Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
"Whoa there my Good Dwarf! There is no need to scare the patrons" Edain spoke from across the tavern.

"There is plenty ale for all! Come up to the bar my good friend, tuck your axe in your belt and I have a sup with you." Edain continued, whilst pouring a swift flagon of beer for Ferel the thirsty Dwarf.

All this happened before the door could swing shut.

Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
"Ho there Belegurth." Edain said as he nodded to the man, "What was that? Third age wine from that accursed place?! Hmm now that is a tough order. Don't have much call for that up here in Bree. But I'll have a look."

Edain asked the Hobbit assistant to keep Ferel's beer topped up, while he locked the cost of the beers away in the money drawer, Ferel had been generous.

Then moving to the task in hand Edain popped down to the wine cellar and had a rummage around.

Posted by Belegurth (Citizen # 1534) on :
*starts to weep* "Sorry, I'm a vey sensitive person and if I don't get my wine you all will pray for the day I stop crying... but seriously now: I know this is a tough order, but if you got that sort of wine, I'll recommend this place all over the other inns!! Honestly!"
Posted by Turambar (Citizen # 1168) on :
*Turambar finally stopped singing, after dodging several mugs, glasses an even a chair. Walking over to the bar, he muttered:*
Barbarians! They can't appreciate my singing, and I have the nicest voice around.
*Arriving at the bar, he saw Belegurth.*
Oi, Belegurth. Come over here for a minute.
*Belegurth walked, not-so-straight, in the direction of Turambar.*
Why don't you stop by at me Inn later on? First beer is always for free.
*Belegurth fell flat on the floor, after tripping over the dwarf, and Immediately started to snore.
So Turambar decided to go back to his Inn and stop trying to convince Belegurth.*
Posted by Belegurth (Citizen # 1534) on :
*Awakes again* "Sorry, dwarf, please don't chop my head off... thanks!!"
*Wondering about Turambar*
"How can he make profit with this sort of strategy? First beer free? I NEVER drink more than one... maybe two or three, but, honestly, really not more than seven or eight, or, I pledged not to lie today (almost), maybe twelve or more... so where's your trick, Turambar? You GOTTA tell me... Where's my wine? My wine is go-hohoooone... And my head hurts... Mr. dwraf? I could need your service... *snor*"
*falls over*
- end of this passage
Posted by Turambar (Citizen # 1168) on :
*Turambar walks in with a barrel of Gasoline, trips over the (lifeless) body of Belegurth, and squashes the dwarf with the barrel, resulting in the dwarf being unconsious, Turambar quickly running out again, and the gasoline flowing all over the floor. Belegurth, being soaked with the gasoline, wakes up and crawles out of the Inn. Outside, Vegeta throws him a match...*
Posted by Belegurth (Citizen # 1534) on :
*Runs to the river, jumps in and puts out the fire, jumps out and chasing Turambar, seeing Edain fighting with the flames, he stops and helps the brave bar keeper... after they succeeded, they sit down with an Ale*
"By the way, you found some wine?"
*Pulling his calendar out, noting to punish Turambar for his deeds*
Posted by drieske (Citizen # 646) on :
In the middle of all this commotion a cloaked woman walks in, takes a look around and sits down at the bar. She throws back her hood, stretches out her legs with a sigh and asks in a soft voice "Hey bartender, could I have a glass of red wine please?"...
Posted by Adanedhel (Citizen # 1011) on :
'Master Edain looks like you have a little bit of trouble!' Adanedhel said chuckling as he strolled down from his own inn. He walks in the door, bows to the lovely cloaked lady sipping a wine, and goes over to have a talk with Edain about his troubles i with brawls.

'Edain yoiu really need a bouncer of some sort. i would offer my services but.......i do have my own inn to run. Maybe if you have any troubles give me a yell and i might send down my brothers' Adanedhel said smiling as Edain noted down Turambar's name for punishment......

Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
Edain on fighting the fire suddenly remembered that gasoline didn't exist in Middle Earth and realised that it was all an illusion. The imaginary fire disappeared as if it had never happened.

Discovering that meant that he could get back to doing his job and not be bothered by stupid trolls.

On returning to the bar it dawned on Edain that Snowdog had got some of that Mordor wine that Belegurth had asked about stashed away in a safe. Edain remembered that it was one of Tempest's foibles. Getting the wine and filling a glass for the now bleary-eyed Belegurt.
"There you go," he said cheerily.

He then devoted his full attention to drieske, asking her how things were going and serving her with some of the better red wines available. then he whispered into her ear "That's a might fine cloak you've got there, would you like to divulge the name of your tailor?"

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Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
"Adanedhel, problems, hee - hee, not from trolls I don't." Edain chuckled, "But thanks for the offer, I will bear it in mind, would you like to indulge an 'experienced' barman and join me in a drink."

Edain then took a bottle of red wine to Driske's table and asked with a warm smile"Would you care for another drop of the house's finest, my lady?"

Posted by Turambar (Citizen # 1168) on :
*Looking quite guilty, Turambar walked back in.
While walking towards Edain, he noticed that many were glancing at him.*
Edain, could I have a private word with you?
*He asked the Bartender. Edain didn't answer. Turambar, knowing now that he'd done something unforgivable, fell to his knees.*
Please, Edain, forgive me for my foolishness! I didn't mean to do such things, but Sauron controlled me for a moment. It was the fault of the Palantiri I recently aquired from Ulmo.
*Edain looked as though he heard a mosquito flying around his head. Turambar, getting nowhere with Edain, turned towards Belegurth.*
Belegurth, you know about Sauron's ways, don't you? I mean, you've got all these rings...
*Belegurth looked at Turambar and said:*
The path from dark to light is a long one. Our compassion has to be won again. Until that moment, I will not join you at your Inn again. Now, begone of this Inn! Your foul stench contaminates this place!
*Turambar, looking at his feet for the first time ever, slowly walked out and towards his own Inn.*

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Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
"Never mind that, Belegurth, happens to the best of us, probably better if you have another drink to get over it. More Wine sir?"

Edain topped up Belegurth's glass. "Right then lets put on some music and sell some beer!"

Edain then let some Muse and Tool through the piped music system. Literally pumping the music all the way from 21st century Earth, through space and time to Middle Earth.

Posted by Turambar (Citizen # 1168) on :
*Erik, the bartender of The Shire Inn, came walking in with a barrel of wine from the 2nd Era.*
Master Edain, Turambar sends you a barrel of his finest wine, to make up for the trouble he's been causing lately. He also wanted me to tell you that he'd do anything to make up for it.
*Erik put the barrel right next to the bar.*
I'm terribly sorry, but I have to go right away. I don't want to lose few customers who didn't leave after this incident.
*He turned around and quickly left the Inn again.*
Posted by Belegurth (Citizen # 1534) on :
*relaxing, leaning back, smiling satisfied*
The wine's very good, excellent, and very very dry as you can imagine... Thank you so much.
I guess we should forgive Turambar's foolishness, in his heart, I guess he's a fine guy. But back to business... just leave the bottle here..."
*smiling, looking around, seeing in allt eh faces the horror of what has just happened, but, in the end, that's normality in ME, isn't it?"
Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
"Hmm you don't know the least of it Belegurth. In ME this is just a day to day occurence." Edain smiled in reply.

This barrel will go towards reparations. Besides Snowdog's inn is plenty tough just like the previous owner. An we had some rather exciting dalliences I can tell you!

Come on people don't be shy, post, have fun and lets party!

Posted by Boromir's Woman (Citizen # 1528) on :
-a dark-haired woman entered the inn. Hanging her wet cape at the door (it is a stormy day) she walked to the bar-

"I was told at an auction that the Mordor wine found at this establishment could be used to bribe Manwe himself! I'd like to try a glass and possibly purchase several barrels.
I am on a mission from Gondor to Valinor and will need items of interest to Manwe to obtain my objectives.

But since I am weary of my long journey, I seek a pleasant room to rest in for several days and would seek conversation with your patrons, whom I know have traveled darker paths than I"

-she receives a glass of the wine as well as the bottle it was poured from-

"no, thank you, only 1 glass for me right now. I am not a heavy drinker and need to maintain some control - at least until I know your patrons better."

Posted by Belegurth (Citizen # 1534) on :
*enters, bowing*
"Ah, Boromirs Woman! Yeah, the Mordor Wine here is the best around, I assure you! There's some other rare and excellent stuff in the Shire Inn where I work as wine-server, come along and try, there are some wines even Manwe would certainly appreciate as well!"
*Turning to Edain*
"Ah, nice to be here... some Ale left for me?"
Posted by Boromir's Woman (Citizen # 1528) on :
Ah, good wine-server! * offers her hand*

I believe I will need to order some bread if I am to spend the day tasting wines. I will purchase several barrels of the best you have - or perhaps an assortment for I do not know Manwe's taste.
But do not save the best for last! By days end I will not be able to tell the difference!

*sips the Mordor wine*
I see your reputation is deserved!

Posted by Turambar (Citizen # 1168) on :
*Turambar walks in, breathing heavily.*
A drink, master Edain, please give me a drink before I faint!
*With much effort, he manages to sit down on a chair.*
Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
"ho there Boromir's Woman" Edain said as he greeted her warmly. "please be seated and drink your fill as your rooms are prepared. I'm sure your coinage will be accepable being the Lady of the Captain of that fair city of Minas Tirith far to the south." he concluded with a wink.

Edain clicked his fingers and the hobbit attendent appeared at Boromir's woman's elbow.
Edain then thanked Belegurth for dealing with her as he had being very busy "instructing" the new maidservant on how to tidy the bedrooms. before serving Belegurth a generous quart of ale.
"There you go my friend!"

He wizzed a dash of smelling salts under Thrumbar hooter to revive him, before plonking him on a chair.
Edain then polished the bar with a damp rag while listening to the lad's tales. Tales supplimented with ales and the chink of coins filling the money drawer.

Posted by Turambar (Citizen # 1168) on :
*Turambar, getting nothing but smelly salt, stood up and walked out to The Stone Troll. He really shouldn't have done that, because when he walked in, he got hit by several fists, but he didn't know that right now.*
Posted by drieske (Citizen # 646) on :
Enjoying her second glass Drieske smiles gratefully at Edain, who is polishing the bar. "Why are you interested in my tailor, hehe, as a matter of fact, I don't have the slightest idea, just bought it in a second hand shop.
But could I order fresh bread and some soup, I'm really starving! And are there things I ought to know about this town, I always like to be informed about the places I'm staying in."
Posted by Boromir's Woman (Citizen # 1528) on :
*Boromir's Woman wakes suddenly with a start. She is still at the table with the bottle of Mordor wine lying empty in front of her.*

"I knew I shouldn't have had more than one glass! I seem to have fallen asleep and embarrassed myself. I hope I didn't sleep talk too much."

*Edain appears at her side and graciously helps her to her feet and leads her toward the room that has been prepared.*

"I know it is beneath a Lady of Gondor to fall asleep in a strange pub in a far land. there must be a spell on the Mordor wine. Perhaps it might have the effect I want on Manwe, for I wish to dull his senses and allow me a presence with Iluvatar. Only then can I plead Boromir's case to the only one who can send him back.

I am sure the currency of the Lord of Gondor is accepted in these northern lands, for the Lord Denethor has told me to spare no expense in my quest. I appreciate the warm room where I can sleep off the effects of your vintage."

Posted by Beren (Citizen # 38) on :
Beren steps in to Snowdog's Inn, remembering the time he had with a fair beau in fine black silk long ago, and wonders if she is still about. Seeing her not, Beren leans into the bar and asks the bartender,

'How about a glass of wine... do you have Dol Amroth vineyards merlot?'

Beren looked about the place, and smiles.. yes, there is still one good place in this city. He would have to go look for the old nightclub later on.

Posted by Lurking One (Citizen # 1640) on :
Lurking One stumbles in. He had obviously been to a drinking establishment before he got to the Snowdog's Inn.

"I'll have a double Johnny Walker black with a Pabst chaser."

The bartender looks at Lurking One. "You sure you got the right place?"

Lurking one spots a fair haired lassie sitting alone in the corner. "This will do."

Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
"Ho there Drieske,"hailed Edain as he looked up from the bar.

"I asked about your Tailor, 'cause I wanted to get a closer look at the ahem... labels. But thanks anyway."Edain mumbled.

Edain clapped his hands and a steaming bowl of nutritious soup was placing in front of her, a roll of fresh crusty bread and a small pat of butter next to it with a butter knife.

Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
While Drieske was eating, Edain helped Boromir's Woman to her room. Seeing that she was o.k. He returned to the Inn, and told Drieske a little about Bree and the Inn's around.

Hearing Beren's request stalled Edain and he fetched a fine bottle of the merlot for him, and corking it with a "pop" poured a glass with a great elan.

Seeing that the blonde lass in the corner was fine, Edain nodded to the strange Lurking One.

Then he returned to the bar, checking that Drieske was all right and didn't require further sustenance.

Posted by drieske (Citizen # 646) on :
To Drieske the simple meal tasted deliciously, and the friendly banter of the barkeeper helped her to let her guard down a bit, although she kept a close look at the other people in the bar.

She tossed off her cloak and held it out to Edain "Please feel welcome to check out the labels now," she said with a smile

Posted by Adanedhel (Citizen # 1011) on :
Astaldo, a young tall man walks into Snowdog's Inn having heard of it's greatness from a friend and business partner, Adanedhel.
He sees Edain the new barkeep and asks politely 'May i have a tankard of ale please? And maybe some meats or two' He then sat down at a nearby table and awaited the call for the food.
He removed his blue cloak and lossened the belt of his broad sword. He placed his longbow on the floor along with the quiver unslung from his back. His grey tunic and pants were much stained with dirt and other things unknown, there were minor repairs done along with small patches. His worn leather boots were well loved but in obvious need of repair. Astaldo didn't mind his untidiness, if his clothes were comfortable he didn't mind.

He soon recieved the ale and assorted meats and bread, he paid Edain and thanked him as he was very hunger after weeks in the surrounding forests hunting all sorts of animals.......

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Posted by Turambar (Citizen # 1168) on :
"Edain! It's terrible!" Turambar shouted while running in. "What's the matter?" Edain asked. "They destroyed my Inn! They just did it like: Poof! I have nothing left!" Turambar sat down on a barstool and put his head in his hands.
Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
After serving Astaldo, Edain asked the gentleman if he wanted the washerwoman who worked near Snowdog's inn to wash his clothes for him, and do a more skillfull job of repairing his clothes for a small fee. Edain then admired Astaldo's fine blade, before returning to Drieske's side and examining the lable on her cloak. His eyes widened in amazment when he read aloud.

"Hey this is a Cloak of Alluring Perfume, by Estee Lauder! No wonder you appear so radiant in it!" he paused and he winked jocially as he continued "But then you'd look radiant regardless."

Edain then dodging the ineviable slap, asked if she needed another drink or anything. While she decided, he quickly moved to Turambar.

"Oh Dear my friend! Who did this? Surely it wasn't some troll whom you should have ignored?"

Posted by Adanedhel (Citizen # 1011) on :
Astaldo declined the offer and returned to his ale and food. He enjoyed this inn and he thought 'I like this place i may come back again some time, but for now i think i'll stay one night and move on' He then rose from he chair picking up his cloak, longbow and quiver and asking Edain 'Could i have a room for the night, good sir?'
Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
Edain offered Astaldo, a selection of rooms from the common buck room, which basically meant sleeping on straw on the floor around the firepit. To the guest rooms, which had beds with clean linen, a hand basin and a lockable door. With extra toilet facilities on the corridor, including a new fangled Dwarven water closet. There was the priverlidged suites which had fine duvets and silk sheets, with an enclosed toilet, and access to the steam springs, and the super deluxe honeymoon suites (there being two of them in the Inn) which could be furnished to the occupants desire and whim.

Leaving the chap to decide what suited his taste and pocket, Edain wondered if any more people would visit his fine inn.
Posted by Belegurth (Citizen # 1534) on :
*tumbles in, as you know Mr. Belegurth "Not too sober" and glances at the bar*
"Goddamit, mighty forces have reopened Minas Tirith and Snowdog's Inn again... I should spend a sacrifice for Manwe... Well, I guess it's ok when I take an ale for the Valar and, erm, another one for me... I have to gain the drinks I missed while this lovely place was closed...*
*sits down, sighs and puts two gold coins on the table*
Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
"Ho there Belegurth!"

Edain hollered from the back room before entering the bar with two mugs of foaming ale.

"I guessed that you might pop in." he continued, before pouring a drink for himself.

"Business is slow lately, where is everybody?" Edain enquired/
Posted by Adanedhel (Citizen # 1011) on :
Astaldo opened up his worn old leather pouch and extracted some gold coins 'Ho! Edain! I would like a guest room please' as he said this he handed over the coins. Edain thanked Astaldo then showed Astaldo to his room. On the way up Astaldo picked up his longbow, quiver and broadsword.
Posted by Turambar (Citizen # 1168) on :
Turambar wakes up after being knocked-out for several days. He thinks hard and realizes he hadn't given Edain an answer yet. Warily he walks up to the Bar-owner.
"Master Edain, I'm sorry to have kept you waiting so long. Surely you know of the fantastic Mordor-wine I kept in my cellar? If not, ask Belegurth. The Dark Lord, Morgoth, has found himself a new minion apparently and has ordered him to take all the wine back to Mordor. I found my Inn being attacked by six or seven Balrogs! Luckily, I escaped, but my good friend and bartender Erik, got killed."
He took his hat off of his head and paused for a moment with a tear rolling down from his left-eye.
"Please, Master Edain, could I get a job at your fair inn? I desperately need a job, as I haven't got enough money to rebuild The Shire Inn. Here's my Curriculum Vitea."
Turambar handed Edain a small, time-worn, piece of paper.
Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
Edain took a swig from his ale and, took the piece of paper. He considered the proposal carefully, and asked Thrumbar to take a seat at a nearby table, while he read it. After a while he folded the paper neatly and walked to the table where the tearful lad sat. Pulling up a chair and sitting so that the back of the chair was at the front enabling Edain to rest his folded arms on the top of the back rest, giving the chap his CV back, Edain offered him a hanky on which to blow his nose and wipe his eyes.

"Now then lad, your inn was destroyed was Balrogs, hey?
That is a horrific disaster! What is there to say that the same sort of thing would happen here? Business is slow at the moment, and people seem to be avoiding the inn's at the moment. If they don't feel safe then I'm not surprised if they don't want to venture outside their doors."

Edain then paused to think a little more.

"I can't offer you a job as there is no demand at the moment, but you could stay here for a while, at least until you feel better."

Edain then went to the bar and made Thrumbar a strond cup of tea with plenty of milk and sugar to calm him down and perk him up a little.

[ 02-04-2002, 08:01 AM: Message edited by: Edain the Ranger ]
Posted by drieske (Citizen # 646) on :
Drieske looked up and tossed Edain a silver piece "give him a whisky too, it's on me, maybe he will cheer up a bit, seems he could use a bit of that hearty golden liquid" []
Posted by Morwen (Citizen # 1625) on :
*After having been travelling in the wilds of the north for several months, the witch Morwen has grown a lagre urge for drinking and socializing, so she enter the Snowdogs Inn, makes he way through the smoke-filled room, finally gets to the bar an orders a vodka*
Posted by drieske (Citizen # 646) on :
Drieske looks at the newcomer and invites Morwen over to join her in a drink, glad she can talk to a woman for a change... "Please make that two wodka's Edain, never had one before, but I heard it tasts great!" []

[ 02-09-2002, 05:33 PM: Message edited by: drieske ]
Posted by Adanedhel (Citizen # 1011) on :
*Astaldo walks down th rickety old stairs from his room and spots some newer faces in here since he went to bed 7 days ago*

'Ho Edain! Can i have a stiff drink? Sleeping for several day gives me a crick in the neck!'

*as he said this he tossed several silver coins to Edain and sat down in a stool awaiting the strong drink*

[ 02-11-2002, 01:44 AM: Message edited by: Adanedhel ]
Posted by Morwen (Citizen # 1625) on :
Goes to Dreiske to have a drink, suddenly realises that she are right, there aren´t many women around, but what, that´s maybe why edain just served us some very fine vodka?
Posted by Turambar (Citizen # 1168) on :
Turambar quickly calmed down.
He started to fall asleep because of the tea Edain gave him. He said to himself: "I need to do something, or else I'll fall asleep."
Suddenly, he had an idea. He got himself on the nearest table and shouted:
"I had a great idea! [] I'll go on an adventure!" [] The way we were...
Without hesitation, he jumped off and was gone in an instant, leaving Edain and his customers baffled. []

[ 02-19-2002, 07:02 AM: Message edited by: Turambar ]
Posted by Adanedhel (Citizen # 1011) on :
Astaldo finished his drink and looked around the inn
'It seems you are having a quiet patch Edain'

Astaldo said to the barkeep

'I think even the greatest of inns need a quiet patch every now and again'

Astaldo flipped a couple more coins to Edain for another drink and sat thinking and slowly drinking the lovely ale before him......
Posted by Lugburz (Citizen # 867) on :
Quiet? [] Quiet? [] QUIET? []



Oh yeah! Quiet.

*Demands a beer quietly*
Posted by Adanedhel (Citizen # 1011) on :
Astaldo looked at the new comer and grins

'It seems you have a new customer. What be your name friend?'

Asked Astaldo as Edain gave the man a beer

[ 02-23-2002, 04:21 PM: Message edited by: Adanedhel ]
Posted by Lugbúrz (Citizen # 867) on :
Many names have I, but here you can address me Mr. Barad Dur

*Takes the beer and takes a long swig*

Thats good beer you've got there Mr. Bar Keep

Hope to see some activity here soon or I shall be very upset []

[ 02-25-2002, 12:44 AM: Message edited by: Lugbúrz ]
Posted by Adanedhel (Citizen # 1011) on :
Astaldo looked up with astonishment at the name that the man gave, his eye brows arched high in surprise but he quickly regianed his composure and took on a unemotional face.

'Mr Barad Dur, it is then'

Astaldo said looking about for Edian as his tankard was empty
Posted by drieske (Citizen # 646) on :
Drieske settles back in her chair, secretly listening to the conversation "hmm, this could get interesting," she says to herself and empties her glass, savoring the delicious taste of the ruby wine.
Posted by Lugbúrz (Citizen # 867) on :
And people call this a bar?

*Gets up, takes his and smashes it against wall*

Then looks at the fair maiden who had just come in. []

*Feels that the lace may be worth the wait after all*

*Proceeds to pick up all the pieces of wood and calmly sticks them all back together as if by magic.*

*Everyone waches in amazement. Astaldo eases his over stern look and goes back to counting the pimples on his face*

*Mr Dur takes a seat next to the lady*
Posted by Belegurth (Citizen # 1534) on :
Silence in here... o party, where art thou? As you may guess, I need a beer! An ale! Something containing alcohol! A lot of it! If not, I'll be sober the first time in my life []
Posted by Adanedhel (Citizen # 1011) on :
Astaldo watched Mr Barad Dur and rolled his eyes heaven ward.
'Another womaniser'
He thought to himself. Maybe the young lady over there will see his game and politley let him down.
Astaldo rose from his seat collected his longbow, quiver and broadsword, paid Edain the monies owed then left the inn
Posted by Lugbúrz (Citizen # 867) on :
It was clear that Astaldo knew this fair maiden. She seemed to have disappeared before everyones eyes.

Not knowing what to do and with absolutely no activity around, the tower slouched out in the hope that someday this place would get a life and he might perhaps come back.

Before leaving, the tower tossed a piece of its body as form of payment. The steel coin fell on the counter and immediately vaporized into a thick dark brown smoke that rose and diffuesd into the surroundings. Everyone around (which was nobody) fell down dead.
Posted by drieske (Citizen # 646) on :
Drieske watched mr Dur fall asleep, apparently he was enduring some heavy dreams, it looked like something nasty was happening in his head, and she was glad that those things weren't for real []
She looked around, eager now for some happy talk... []
Posted by Belegurth (Citizen # 1534) on :
Entering the Inn and looking around.
"Looks like after a nuclear attack - oh well, radiance will not harm my brain at all, I'm afraid"
*Ordering a beer*
Posted by Lady Pherloteiel (Citizen # 1791) on :
~a fair lady enters~

I have journyed afar, and come hither, and here I be!
Posted by Lugbúrz (Citizen # 867) on :
*Wakes up in a start and wonders where he is.*

It was a dream after all. Dangit.

This place seems to have some people after all. Decided to stay a little longer. Since the bar keep seems to have gone to the cellars for a looooooong time, Mr Dur decided to be of a little use and gets a strong dark ale for the gentleman (whose name he did not know) and some light zinfandel for the fair maiden.

Also provides lots of *cough* happy talk *cough* for various inn regulars.
Posted by Lady of the Woods (Citizen # 1913) on :
The Lady of the Woods has entered and is feeling terible...

*orders a brandy* "This is to getting Mag and Ele mad at me at the Who likes Harry Potter???? Forum... [] [] [] []
I feel disliked..."

[ 03-16-2002, 09:38 PM: Message edited by: Lady of the Woods ]
Posted by Lady of the Woods (Citizen # 1913) on :
*crawling upstairs to room* I feel so disliked....
[] []
Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
Wow I'm really surprised.

This place is still going!

I'd abandoned this place to the wolves after all that nasty stuff that was happening with that guy goin' around shootin' newbies.

Looks like this place can run its self practically. []

Edain quickly serves everybody who has been waiting for a drink quickly and promptly, and says that its free of charge for the next few days as Edain had won the lottery and was just back from holiday:)

Lady have you got problems? Here's a bartender to take your sorrows (and not your money for the next few days)away.

Edain peeped his head around her door to check that she was ok.
Posted by Black Arrow (Citizen # 1871) on :
*walks in moves toward the corner of the room* I'll have a pint of your best *he says* :-)

[ 03-20-2002, 06:13 PM: Message edited by: Black Arrow ]
Posted by drieske (Citizen # 646) on :
Ah Edain, thank god you're back! []
I have been an observer here these last weeks, but indeed, some mighty strange things have been going on... didn't dare to sleep a minute [] , but now I see someone I can trust, please keep me company for a while will ya? I'll help you at the bar if you need a hand (or two) []
Posted by ElessarsFan (Citizen # 1878) on :
One beer to fool them all one beer to blind them one beer to bring them all and in their stupor wine them.
Posted by Adanedhel (Citizen # 1011) on :
Adanedhel walks in and spies Edain

'It seems the humble bartender has returned!'

Adanedhel grins and then orders some ale and assorted cheeses and meats

'Thankyou Edain, and nice to see that you are back'
Posted by Turambar (Citizen # 1168) on :
I guess this Inn died out afterall........
Posted by Gandalf the Grey (Citizen # 1090) on :
This noble Inn has served its purpose for the adventurers involved in the Theft of Umbar, Turambar.

Greatly do I appreciate the existence of Snow Dog's Inn, the hospitality shown here, the ability to meet and converse with the fine people who I now claim as friends and fellow travellers.

Perhaps I might return again to this Inn someday ... or to another fine establishment known as The Polygon, ... or to an Inn of my own design ... when the next adventure arises.

Meanwhile, the fact that there is a lull right now does not make me esteem this place any less.

Respectfully adding my two pieces of mithril to the discussion,

Gandalf the Grey
Posted by Bethberry (Citizen # 1217) on :
It was a most welcoming first home at Minas Tirith; its hearth kindled much warmth and good fellowship; in that fellowship lies the legacy of Snowdog's Inn.

*raises a glass to Snowdog's Inn, and remembers Snowdog, wherever he is*


[ 04-23-2002, 12:14 PM: Message edited by: Bethberry ]
Posted by Orofacion of the Vanyar (Citizen # 1166) on :
*Raises glass with Bethberry.*

HERE HERE! May you be well Snowdog!
Posted by Legolas the elf (Citizen # 55) on :
Still thriving, I see. []
Posted by Snowdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Since hearing that Edain had more or less given up on this place, I was on my way by to delete the whole dang thing. But reading the words of Betheberry and Gandalf the Grey, I will not do such. It may fall into disrepair, but it will stand, and maybe one day I will return to the white city.

Thanks everyone for a most interesting year and a half. []
Posted by Elora_Starsong (Citizen # 2099) on :
Elora entered, and was surprised to find it still inhabited. She was seeking one person in particular, a hell raiser she knew of certain repute. She wasn't sure if he was there. Perhaps she'd hang out a bit and see what happened. She pushed copper curls back from her face and strode to the bar with a confident stride. She had her favorite kilt on, a bit tattered but it still had the pleats, leather straps and of course the gian pin. It was matched to a black singlet, silver embroidery in tengwar spelling out "Melkor's a big nancy boy" in bold letters across her chest. She brazenly approached the bar to order a drink.

What's here that's worth being had? Do you serve only beer, or can a woman try something else?

Elora leant forward, smiling sweetly with a mischievious spark to her large swirling gaze.

The inn was quiet, and Elora wondered when the last time was that someone had stirred up some action in the place. Maybe it was ripe for the picking. Time would tell. Perhaps a saucy song was called for. Perhaps it needed podium dancers and a beer pool... she smiled in anticipation.

[ 04-21-2002, 10:14 PM: Message edited by: Elora_Starsong ]
Posted by Snowdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Snowdog didn't own the Inn any more, but he did stop by to see how things were doing. He motioned to Edain that he should get the woman something stronger than ale. A grin went across Edains face as he mixed a fine concoction and it was set in front of Elora. A wink Edain gave to Snowdog and Snowdog slid up next to the fine looking woman..
Posted by Elora_Starsong (Citizen # 2099) on :
Elora looked at her drink with undisguised interest. The bar tender, who winked at her but didn't pass on his name, looked like a man who was in on a secret. She decided to call his bluff. What did she have to loose, apart from her sobriety which she was not particularly attached to anyways.

My thanks, good sir!

She looked over her shoulder at the other gentleman who sidled up to her at the bar, and smiled mischievously at him. Collecting her drink, she set about draining it in one long gulp. It had a wallop that had her a little dizzy, and she set the glass down with a gasp. She blinked, stared at the cup and then back to the bar tender. He was looking at her strangely.

That packs a kick a mule would be proud off! A lass could have herself a fine time with those, or you, don't you think?

She had turned to speak to the man that stood beside her. A pleasant buzz was thrumming along through her head.

I am Elora Starsong.

Elora stuck her hand out to Snowdog, who stared at it. She was being bold, she knew it, but she was determined to enjoy herself and that meant being friendly. She smiled brightly at him.

So the ale is not the only thing worth having in this establishment. What is that drink called? And hopefully you have a name as well

She was feeling quite warm, and she was sure her cheeks were flushed. Her gaze swept from Snowdog's head, to his feet and then traveled back up, a cheeky grin on her lips.

[ 04-22-2002, 10:00 PM: Message edited by: Elora_Starsong ]
Posted by Snowdog (Citizen # 15) on :
I am known as Snowdog. Pleased to meet you dear Elora Starsong!"

Snowdog twirled his finger and Edain made another.

That is the house special, made for special ladies who enter. Hope you liked it, for I bought you another."

Shnowdog took her hand and shook it, and then brought i tto his lips and kissed it.
Posted by Elora_Starsong (Citizen # 2099) on :
Elora's smile remained in place, both at the fair greeting and the prospect of another drink.

Well met, Snowdog. Very kind of you. This is the first inn that I've been in that has a special drink for ladies. A thoughtful touch indeed.

Snowdog released her hand, and she looked at it with interest for not many engaged in such courtesies in these latter days. She collected the fresh glass, and knew enough not to drain it one go this time. Instead, she sipped at it, watching Snowdog curiously over the rim of the glass.

What brings you here, Snowdog? I am in search of merriment and just a touch of mischief. What of you?

The taste of the drink was quite morish. She sipped at it and drank it faster than she had intended. It did not dull her inquisitive nature, and she found that she had a quite a taste for the concoction, whatever it was. She felt quite relaxed.

Are you drinking anything, or is it other game you seek tonight?

Elora was already sounding out her chances of a dance, all the place needed was some music. She did not take her gaze from Snowdog's but nonetheless music did creep into the inn and she smiled to hear it.
Posted by Snowdog (Citizen # 15) on :
I had some ale earlier... I will have one now with you... I was just enjoying the clothes you are wearing dear lady... You are quite beautiful!"

Snowdog smiled as he took her hand, reading her expressions. The Bard started to play and Snowdog wrapped his arm about Elora's waist and she held her drink in her other hand.

I am mischief.. and I seek some fun and relaxation. I used to own this place.. built it when there were nothing for miles about. But now it is crowded, but later I wish to show you something special.
Posted by Elora_Starsong (Citizen # 2099) on :
Well then, if you are mischief I need look no further.

Elora looked up at Snowdog, smiled and leant against him.

And I confess, I am most curious to see whatever it is you wish to show me.

She set down her glass, looked out at the floor and remembered his gracious words.

You are mischief indeed, for you easily spin a woman's head. I am pleased you find my kilt to your taste.

A wiser woman would beware of handsome men, with fair speech and delightful drinks and treats to engage her curiosity. But I would rather see if you would dance, Snowdog...

Her hand played with his, where it rested around her waist.
Posted by Snowdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Snowdog started to dance to the lively beat as he pushed himself into Elora. She moved and they turned and started to dance about the floor, knocking over a stool or two. her hair flew about as his eyes stared at hers, and Snowdog smiled as she reeled to him.

"I would be lying if I said I did niot find you very attractive Elora Starsong."

He twirled her about in rapid succesion as he held her hand, she spun about fast and as the song stopped He caught her in his arms.
Posted by Elora_Starsong (Citizen # 2099) on :
Elora could hardly believe her fortune. She was dancing with an handsome man. Her heart was skipping a little as she laughed when spun about. When she was caught again, she rested close against him, breathing a little speeded.

I would be lying if I said I did not find you any less than delectible, Snowdog.

He looked down at her, and he felt very good pressed against her, and she was feeling rather frisky and so she decided to push her luck. She brought his lips to hers, tentative at first but becoming bolder as her senses woke.
Posted by Snowdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Snowdog took her lips and his caressed hers for it seemed eternity. His hands held her and he brushed her cheek with his fingers.

"Would the Lady like to dance some more??"

Snowdog slid his hand around her butt as she slid away to retrieve her drink, returning to him in a move.
Posted by Lugbúrz (Citizen # 867) on :
[] []
Posted by Elora_Starsong (Citizen # 2099) on :
Elora was a little breathless, and all she could was smile as Snowdog's fingers passed over her cheek. Her eyes opened as his hands then moved to her butt. She returned the favour, a brow rising, before she reached for her drink. Her mouth was a little dry.

Her tongue darted over her lips as she weighed things up. He was just the thing she was after tonight. She set her glass down again and returned to where Snowdog stood. She let her hands roam idly over his chest before she looked up into his eyes.

Another dance would be an honour, Snowdog.

This time it was she that led him out to the dance floor. She swayed around him, her hands trailing as she turned about, circling and keeping just a little ahead of his own. She stayed so, laughing with her mischief and tossing her hair from her eyes, until finally she relented and she stood behind Snowdog. Elora fitted herself close to his back, her arms holding him to her and her hands held his hips against her own.

She breathed in, pressing a kiss to the back of his neck and then his shoulder. Her voice whispered as she swayed with the movement of his hips.

I like this dance! And I know others that, mayhap, you are not familar with...

[ 04-23-2002, 04:25 AM: Message edited by: Elora_Starsong ]
Posted by Snowdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Snowdog smiled as elora squeezed hiimself to her, her whispers tickling the skin of his neck.

"Well dear lady... I am willing to learn these new steps.."

Snowdog did a grind as he moved to the music.
Posted by Elora_Starsong (Citizen # 2099) on :
Elora laughed, feeling his hips move and her heart missing a few beats. She let her hands trail up Snowdog's sides, across his chest and then back down again before she released him and spun back around to dance in front of him.

She let her arms rest on his shoulders, and kept pace with him as she matched her body to his. She was smiling and as their hips worked in time with the music she leaned in closer to whisper in Sonwdog's ear.

All in good time, my dear, for I am minded to enjoy this while I yet may. Perhaps, in private, where are not some many about to observe.

She kissed his ear and lightly blew over it before she leaned back to look into his face. She shifted so that she was dancing over one of his legs. Elora let her tongue run around her lips before she broke into a more mischevious grin as her hips ground over his upper leg.

[ 04-24-2002, 11:17 PM: Message edited by: Elora_Starsong ]
Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
My Gods Words from my once lord and master!

good to see you all. Just what this sad ranger needs on a week like this. So damn busy with Uni work.

I guess I should never say die with treads like these, and friends like these.
Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
Hee hee reading this thread is like the old days, us kids wouldn't dare... []

[] well I'll pop in more often than not then provided I get the chance. []
Posted by Snowdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Hey Edain master! If you get the chance to make the Oxford meet, say hello and give a kiss to Elentari for me! []
Posted by Elora Starsong (Citizen # 2099) on :
Elora turns and waves at Edain, mischevious smile in place as her other hand slides behind Snowdog and pinches his ass. Snowdog's brows shoot skywards and a smile stretches over his face. She looks around, mapping out the room, hand still stroking Snowdog, notes a closed door and wonders if there's enough space to demonstrate one of the dances she had mentioned earlier.

Now, if I show you a dance, will you show me something in return? Like what's behind yonder door...

Elora looked sideways up at Snowdog, to gauge how her proposition would be received just as one of his hands crept underneath the short hem of her kilt... []
Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
You know SnowDog I only just read about the Oxford meeting a few minutes before logging on here! Spooky or what? []

Edain laughs at Elora's double standards.

*****Drinks people.*********

half price till the happy week ends!

Bring all yo' friends!

[ 05-03-2002, 03:05 AM: Message edited by: Edain the Ranger ]
Posted by Elora Starsong (Citizen # 2099) on :
Elora was pleased to see the drinks but was momentarily distracted by the hand under her skirt and the mention of two sets of standards. The hand she was quite enjoying, and she had hold a set of one standards that she was reviewing now in an effort to find the other set.

Standard 1: Can't kill a Child of Illuvator
Standard 2: Never drink, fraternise or aid a ally of Morgoth
Standard 3: Never pass up a drink (if in dark company, insist on drinking alone)
Standard 4: Never pass up a dance, be it with handsome men or swords
Standard 5: Balance in all things. All work and no play makes Elora just plain irritible. Noone can be on their best behaviour all the time.

Somewhere, Edain had seen another set of standards and she looked about a little baffled. However, there was a drink on offer and a handsome man to pay lots of attention to and so she gave up and accepted a drink - another of the unnamed special concoctions that was making her delightfully light headed. She took one sip of that and then planted an enthusiastic kiss on Snowdog.

Posted by Snowdog (Citizen # 15) on :
... and Snowdog takes Elora's breasts into his hands as he sways against her, kissing her neck...
Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
Edain rolled his eyes at the lady's wonderings. And then mused to himself. "How is o.k. for a women to goose a guy these days, yet a guy goosing a girl is met with moral indignation?"

He strugged and busied himself with those barman jobs that just have to be done when the hero's of the story "need to be alone". []

"Anybody need a drink?" Edain enquired at the other end of the bar.
Posted by Elora Starsong (Citizen # 2099) on :
Elora makes no mention of the fact that she finally figured out what the bservant bartender had noted by way of standards. She manages to make a mental note to check the smiley codes she uses to prevent future misunderstandings and then proceeds to press forward to fill Snowdog's hands.

She felt his teeth graze the sensative skin of her throat and she shivered with excitement. Her hands had returned to Snowdog's back, creeping under his shirt to gently tease his skin with the tips of her fingers and nails. She traced slow, seductive circles in the small of his back and breathed in. She could feel him sway against her, brushing against her, and she gently pressed him closer still before she let her teeth nibble on his ear lobe. []

Posted by Legolas the elf (Citizen # 55) on :
"I'll take a beer!" says Legolas, popping up out of nowhere to get the bartender's attention because the hero "needs to be alone."


[ 05-06-2002, 12:22 PM: Message edited by: Legolas the elf ]
Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
"Ho there Legolas! Long time no see."
Edain hailed the woodelf.

"One fine ale coming up."

Edain then poured a stein of beer from one of the better barrels. Taking his time to pour it as to make a good job of it. Concentrating on the drink Edain could hear Legolas drumming his fingers in anticipation.

Edain handed over the heavy stein to Legolas and after securing the cost of the beer in the money drawer, said that he was goin' to "check the barrels in the cellar."
Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
Finding the barrels in order and that there were plenty of mixers, pub snacks, straws, alcopops, to hand Edain went back to the bar, and wondered when he was gonna get some action.

All this work was makin' Edain one dull ranger....

Posted by Elora Starsong (Citizen # 2099) on :
Elora smiles mischeviously, kisses Snowdog soundly, inviting and something else in it before spinning away from Snowdog's hands and around him. She danced merrily back to the bar, looking over her shoulder at Snowdog. She winked at Edain and leaned closer to whisper.

Say, good ranger, do you think you could see your way clear to telling me what's in these special drinks that are provided to women that enter the inn?

They're very good, whatever they are, I confess I am curious.

She smiled impishly, nose crinkling a little, as her swirling gaze settled on his. It occured to her that she had yet to perform her dance, and patrons looked a little bored, with the notable exception of one Snowdog who looked anything but bored.

If you tell me, I shall dance. It should liven things up and perhaps incline more to avail themselves of your fine bar...

It would also be a delightful tease for Snowdog, who was approaching behind her. She was enjoying this game of theirs, and keen to see where it would lead.

What do you say? Tell me and I'll help boost the profits...
Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
"What do I put in the drinks here!" the ranger mused. "What other than that fine love drug, Alcohol?" the ranger said with a cheeky grin.

"Well for you lady I would quite happily prepare cocktails if you do prefer..."

Clicking his fingers, the music cranked up to an ambient level, and Edain shimmed over to the cocktail cabinet, motioning to Elora to dance.
Then Edain reached for his cocktail shaker.... []

[ 05-10-2002, 03:47 AM: Message edited by: Edain the Ranger ]
Posted by Elora Starsong (Citizen # 2099) on :
Well Elora knew a challenge when she heard or saw one. Her inclination to take them up had always led her into mischief, much to Manwe's enduring frustration. But the glib response of Edain and his shimmy meant she simply had to outdo him. Especially if she wanted a cocktail, which she did. That was another reason why Elora didn't quite see eye to eye with Manwe Silimo as well.

She smiled and curtsied.

Very well, the music calls...

Turning to Snowdog, she ran hher hands over his chest before she whispered in his ear,

I hope you enjoy this as much as I will...

She laughed, winked and moved away to find a place to change. She slipped behind one door, and rushed herself out of her kilt and boots and into something more appropriate. When she emerged, Elora was clad entirely in feathers. They shivered with her movement, long graceful plumes that would sway with her. It was impossible to know how they were attached to her skin, and her mysterious smile suggested that one was just as likely to find out as not.

The lights had dimmed, and her skin gleamed from behind the feathers. Her hair spilled like flames down her back, gathering the light in its curly strands and sending it spinning outwards again. And her eyes, they swirled with mischief and merriment as she took up position on the centre of the dance floor. She started with a regal pose, still as a graven statue with her arms extended above her head and her head tipped back to expose her throat as she stared at her hands.

Then, as the music shifted so to did she. The rhythm guided her feet, swaying her hips and spine as she flowed across the floor. She moved with a sinuous grace, turning, reaching. The feathers floated with her, brushing past those she danced about. Occassionally she would leave a feather behind, moving away with a playful smile over one smooth shoulder.

Her arms and hands would entice, call you closer. She would sway like a willow in the breeze, rippling and sighing around you. Maybe a touch of feather, her hair, her skin, and then she would be gone in a dazzling flash, laughter floating behind her. Around the floor, she danced, swayed sensuously, abandoning herself to the music and letting a body trained through battle and weapons dancing express a more joyful thing such as sheer beauty of music.

Her skin became slick, shining where it peeked out from behind her feathers. She had yet to play her sport with Snowdog, yet her feathers drifted across the floor or were clutched tightly in hands. She smiled wickedly and flowed towards Snowdog, whom had drifted towards the dance floor. Her hips undulated, feathers swaying with her movement, and she delighted in sliding around him.

Elora was lost to the pleasure of the dance and the music, completely wrapped into its many layers and wondrous nuances. She was feeding from the eyes that watched her, calling the energy or excitement that shone in each set she saw to her, adding it her own. Elora was weaving an unfettered celebration of life and spring and music with each graceful movement, each winding pass. Around and around Snowdog she would slide, sway, shimmer, beguiling his senses and loving every moment.

Dimmly she heard the music fade. She takes stock of where she is and what she is doing. Presently, she is tipped backwards in Snowdog's arms, his face buried in her feathers, her hair brushing the floor, a small pile of feathers about his feet. She laughs as they straighten, and she fluidly curtsies to Snowdog. As she rises and looks about, she spots feathers in the most unlikeliest of places, places she can't actually remember dancing. Even Edain is bemusedly holding one.

Her voice is a little breathy from her exertions, and she flicks a curl from her eyes as she speaks.

That was a speciality performed by the women of my homeland.

It is rarely performed in mortal lands. I hope you enjoyed it.

I wonder if I may trouble you for a drink?

She did a brief check to make sure she had retained enough feathers in the more important places. Her legs, stomach and arms were bare, and her hair hid most of what the feathers didn't at her back. Hopefully she could get a drink before she had to change back into her other clothes. Besides. Snowdog had said he quite liked her kilt but had not mentioned anything of her feathers. He'd not had the chance, as she'd started dancing as soon as she emerged and if Snowdog had of said anything when she finally returned to him, it would have been muffled by her chest feathers. []

(OOC: Will that do?)
Posted by drieske (Citizen # 646) on :
From her place at the far corner of the bar, drieske was observing the events on the dancefloor...

"Edain," she said smiling, "could you please surprise me with an exotic mix, one I've never had before? All these feathers seem to bring me into a strange mood [] "
Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
OOC: I think that that should work... (understatement of the week...) []

Edain was idlely twiddling the feather through his fingers and trying to rub the jaw marks from off the bar as the male patrons all collectively, let out their breath and attempted to think again.

"Yes Elora, that should more than suffice..." the ranger's voice trailed off as he took up his cocktail shaker, thought for a moment to concentrate his mind, and began picking liqours in his minds eye.

Then standing at his full height he flexed his fingers and span into his best "Cocktail" (you've seen the movie huh?) routine. Bottles of many colours span through the air, were twirled, twizzled, and just plain shaken, as he concoctioned together a wide range of diverse spirits and mixers. After several moments of barkeeping gymnastics of the first divison Edain (who now had a mere sheen of perspiration on his brow) had created a rainbow layered drink in a large fantastic elaborate glass with a slice of lemon and an olive.

"For the dance!" Edain said with a gravity fitting the occasion as he presented the glass to Elora.
Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
Having served the dancing beauty, Edain heard a holler from the corner of the Bar.

"Oh Drieske! Edain said as he wiped a glass clean,

"Oh so you fancy a cocktail, too then.."

Edain juggled a bottle from hand to hand then span to work, mixing a vodka cocktail with a sweet and sour approach....
Posted by Elora Starsong (Citizen # 2099) on :
Elora was wide-eyed with delight. She accepted the creation offered by a most remarkable ranger and bar-tender and took in the colours. Then, she took a tentative sip and found the taste exploded over her tongue. She laughed with amusement.

I was loathe to ruin it's beauty and indulge my senses, but it is wonderful. I thank you kind sir!

I suppose I should change now. I am sorry about all those feathers. I'll be sure to clean them up.

She winked, mischevious grin in place, and headed with drink in hand towards the door she had stepped behind to change before. This time though, she looked for a moment over one bare shoulder at Snowdog and smiled before continuing on her way, feathers swaying with her hips.

(Pleased ya'll liked the show [] )
Posted by Sil (Citizen # 1113) on :
Sil enters the bar and looks around. He sees the bar and heads on over to it.

He sees a few familiar faces as he goes along. He waves to Edain, Drieske, Snowy and others.

"Excuse me, bartender!! Could I have a beer please?? Just make sure it's ice cold.
Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
After a particular dexterious display of his Cocktail mixing skills, Edain poured Drieske's drink with a panache.

"There you go lady. Enjoy!" he said with a pleasant smile.

Then seeing his friend from the far south calling for a beer Edain, could barely contain his surprise and happiness.

"Silmaril! How's it goin'?" A beer did you say?" Edain's well practised hands had a beverage prepared almost before he could finish speaking.

"Sup and enjoy! Ahh Trade is good."

[] []
Posted by Elora Starsong (Citizen # 2099) on :
Elora returned to the commonroom, devoid of feathers and wearing her kilt, black singlet and boots once more. Her glass was almost empty, and she headed back to the bar where she took a seat.

Any chance of another, my fine bartending friend?

She smiled at Edain, and fished down her singlet for some coin with which to pay for her request as she wondered where Snowdog had disappeared to.
Posted by Adanedhel (Citizen # 1011) on :
Adanedhel was sore and tired after riding from the White City to Mirkwood then on an errand for the King of the Forest all the way to the Grey Havens.
Adanedhel was certainly tired and had not been within eye-sight of the city for maybe a year and a half. As he rode through the streets he noticed an old sign hanging over a door way out of which drifted the sound of laughter and the chinking of glasses on tables and bar tops.
Adanedhe smiled as he recognised the sign it read:

'Snowdog's Inn'

Adanedhel then nimbly hopped off his horse (Nienor) and walked her to the stable (of which he knew where it lay) He quickly unsaddled Nienor and rubbed her down followed by giving her a bag of oats.
He patted her nose and she nuzzled his chest, he smiled then grabbed his pack and made his way to the door of the inn.

Adanedhel then pushed the door inn and strode through looking around the room and straight away noticing the feathers on the floor. He raised one eyebrow but kept walking on to the bar, setting down his pack and unslinging his two-handed sword from his back-sheath.

He saw Edain give him a strange look and Adanedhel smiled and said:

'Edain! Don't you know how to serve your customers? I may not have been here for a year or more but i still expect a drink!'

Adanedhel then spotted the young lady he was talking to and smiled an even broader grin because the lady was quite pretty. He then realised that Master Edain was totally enthralled by the young lass and this made Adanedhel even mirthful as before........
Posted by Elora Starsong (Citizen # 2099) on :
Elora smiled with mischief.

Yeah, just because he's not been here for nearly year doesn't mean he doesn't want a drink.

After hauling that sword around, he must be thirsty after a year of no drinking!

She turned to the newcomer and her eyes widened when she noted an errant feather. Laughing merrily she reached forward.

Excuse me, you have a feather...

Elora removes it from his shoulder and twirls it in front of her face as evidence.

Hail stranger. I am known as Elora. I hope you can forgive me for plucking your plumage without first introducing myself...
Posted by Adanedhel (Citizen # 1011) on :
Adanedhel laughs and says to the young lady:

'Aye, this sword is heavy but also mighty dangerous if wielded properly'

He grinned mightly as he unsheathed the mighty sword and let the fire light glint of the sharp edges, then as he re-sheathed it he said:

'And yes, it makes a poor lad mighty thirsty!'

Adanedhel laughed and took a large swig of an ale Edain had just served him
Posted by Elora Starsong (Citizen # 2099) on :
Elora smiled to herself and attended to her drink. He would give her his name if he saw fit, and besides that, Edain was a master at creating such delectible treats.

Another rainbow coloured glass sat before her, tempting her. Her head was buzzing merrily. After long weeks spent on duty, such entertainment, the dancing, the music and of course the company, was absolutely divine. She settled onto a bar stool and decided to wait a little longer for Snowdog.

Posted by Adanedhel (Citizen # 1011) on :
Adanedhel was sipping his drink when he suddenly realise he had neglected to mention his name. He put down his drink, quickly rose, bowed to the lady in question and said:

'Sorry if i seemed so rude as to not giving my name, my name is Adanedhel and i am a warrior by birth and a warrior by trade'

He then re-took his seat and began drinking once again
Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
"You do realise that a Barman's job is never done don't you!" Edain grumbled goodnaturedly to the customers.

"I see my good friend has had the manners to introduce himself, now what can I do you for? A beer? Summat stronger?"

The ranger enquired with a tease in his voice.
Posted by Elora Starsong (Citizen # 2099) on :
Elora smiled as Adanedhel offered his name with gracious flair.

Names can be dangerous things, something that warriors well know Adanedhel. I thank you for offering it to me.

As I mentioned before, I am known as Elora in these parts. Guardian of Arda I am, and shall ever be until death or the ending of Arda finds me.

She bent her head in acknowledgement of Adanedhel and grinned at Edain's query.

Summat stronger, you say? Why, if I knew not better I would swear the men of this inn seem bent on getting women drunk!

Her laughter belied her words.

Something stronger.... why not? Yes please, something stronger my busy barkeeping Ranger.
Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
"Get women drunk? Now why would we men be doin' that for?" Edain naively enquired. The glint in his eye twinkling.

"Well if you want something stronger, how about something with a high fusil oil content, or a high oil content in general, like 'Old Engine Oil'! A fine brew from the far north of my Isles, tis strong I warn you, but if it is something with spirit that you are after, then how about a wee dram of this fairy spit?"

Edain dusted off a old bottle of antique design that shimmered with a inner light, clear, yet with a hint of butterflies....
Posted by Sil (Citizen # 1113) on :
Sil wanders back into the bar and comes up to the bar counter.

Coffee!!! I need coffee!!!

Posted by osiride&elettra (Citizen # 2196) on :
I don't get this wot r u supposed 2 do in here?
is it some kind of pub were u dont hav fites but drink ur hed off? ok den
*o.&e. has a scotch with ice a guinness a sherry n a very good liquor lettin de man behind de counter choose 4 her* still i dont get it dats just stupid!
Posted by Vanye Aranel (Citizen # 2136) on :
gimme a screwdriver, and a bottle of coconut rum and watch me liven this place up!
Posted by Orofacion of the Vanyar (Citizen # 1166) on :
Orofacion sits at the bar and shakes his head at the sad used of the english language that osiride&elettra used. "Not a sensible word in there," he grumbled to himself as he took another gulp from his pint. Orofacion got up and walked over to his friend Adanedhel and took a seat beside him. "Hullo, my friend," the elf said with a smile.

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Posted by Elora Starsong (Citizen # 2099) on :
Elora's eyes widened at the mysterious bottle. Did he say fairy spit, or did Edain mean fairy spirit. The light drew her attention and she decided it didn't matter.

I'll have some of that, please. It looks fascinating...

And besides that, Elora was in somewhat of an adventurous frame of mind. After what Edain and Snowdog had been mixing up, she was feeling bolder than is normally her wont and was willing to give anything or anyone a try.
Posted by Snowdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Snowdog been downing ales and he heard someone come in and gargle, but ingnored it because he was focused on the curves of the woman drinking madly. She said something about giving anyone a try so he stood, swayed, and stepped over o her at the bar, and let his hands slide around her from behind. She turned around and Snowdog leaned and gave her a big kiss.
Posted by Adanedhel (Citizen # 1011) on :
Adanedhel smiled as Orofacion sat next to him, Adanedhel then said with a glowering look at osiride&elettra,

'You would think that people would have more respect for their language than that, and also more respect for others'

Adanedhel then looked away from osiride&elettra and started talking to Orofacion about what news he had.......
Posted by Elora Starsong (Citizen # 2099) on :
Her face llit with a smile as she turned and was met with a kiss that drove her head spinning faster than any drink. She could taste the malt and hops on Snowdog's lips and Elora fit herself to him. From her vantage on the bar stool, she could wrap a leg around his hips and she murmured with a smile against his lips.

I take it you approved of the feathers then?

It was Elora that sought his lips this time, her fingers cirling over his lower back in gentle circles and passes up his spine. She enjoyed his shiver against her and let her fingers linger as she moved to nibble on Snowdog's ear.

Perhaps I should put them back on, if I have enough left...

With a quiet giggle, she let her teeth nip down Snowdog's neck, as she let him consider the prospect.
Posted by Uldrin Aulundiel (Citizen # 2224) on :
Uldrin silently opened the door, and observed the room.

Uldrin had a deep green cloak and coat on, with the cowl pulled up. A quiver of arrows was strapped to his waist, and his bow was strapped around him in the fashion most rangers did. He was a ranger, of sorts, who half-way took to the ways of magic, so therefore was a ranger AND somewhat of a wizard.

His eyes were deep and dark gray, and he had stubbles of a beard growing in on his cheeks and chin. His stature was stern, and commanding, yet somewhat gentle and soothing. His cloak was trimmed with a lighter shade of green, while a light mailed shirt covered thin leather armour. He wore loose breeches, and thin traveling boots, ideal for stalking animals.. or humans. A regular fashioned sword hung at his waist.

Uldrin tossed down his traveling backpack as he sat down at a table in a dark corner, and lit his pipe, observing the crowd in the inn.

Abrubtly he stood up, and went to the bar.

"Barkeeper! Would you please give me a keg of your finest ale? I'm tolerable thirsty," he said as he sat down at a stool in front of the bar.

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Posted by Uldrin Aulundiel (Citizen # 2224) on :
Uldrin observed the dead crowd. No one seemed to be talking, and this was just fine with Uldrin; he wasn't much of a conversationist anyway. But, they did look like decent folk, and he strangely got used to their company very rapidly.

"Let's have some music!" he said cheerfully.

Uldrin pulled out a flute, and began to play Tom Bombadil's song, and a series of different old popular tunes of Middle-earth. He stood up and began to lead them in a Gondorian jig.
Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
"Whey-hey!" Edain yelled as he heard the Gondorian music and stomped his foot to the beat.

Seeing that the well described Uldrin Aulundiel was gagging for a drink Edain quickly rolled up a fresh keg from the cellar for him to enjoy.

Edain then sat on the bar and did a bum shuffle along it to keep it polished. []
Posted by Uldrin Aulundiel (Citizen # 2224) on :
Uldrin briefly stopped the music to take a few sips of his ale, and tossed a coin to Edain to pay for it.

Then he leapt up again from his seat and joined Edain in the shuffle dance, and started playing his wooden flute again. He tossed back his cowl, revealing his black shoulder-length wavy hair.
Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
"Bravo Uldrin! Bravo!" Edain Cheered as the Gondorian musician regaled the old Inn with his fine tunes.

Edain busied himself with his Bar man jobs and wondered who would pop into "his" inn (Edain wandered when he would get used to saying that) next.

Edain was just about to settle down to a quiet pint with the regulars and exchange the latest Bree gossip such as who that mad old Gandalf was going to blow up next, and who was fitter, Gladriel or Arwen. The current conciencious was that Arwen had the looks, but Gladriel must surely have the experience, as that Celeborn must be a dull bloke. [] :D

Edain was about to have a long pull on his long awaited drink when....
Posted by Elora Starsong (Citizen # 2099) on :
...Elora decided Edian looked a little bored. having reduced Snowdog to a quivering mass of desire, she turned with a mischevious grin curving her full lips and leant over the bar to reach for the barkeep. She purred at him, having taken hold of his tunic in two determined handfuls,

Just in case you think yourself unappreciated, my fine bar tending friend...

It was a terrible thing when good men of such such fine character, charm and appearance felt unappreciated and Elora was not one to let such an injustice persist. She found she was very adept at appreciating good men. Edain looked a little alarmed at first, perhaps perturbed about an Ainur woman having a hold on him across the bar. She gave him no time to think further on the matter and claimed his lips with a generous passion. As a special treat, she let slip the smallest fraction of her considerable energy and passion for through her pulsed the life that flooded the fabric of Arda. The result, she hoped, was an intoxicating sensual mix that would reward Edain for his attention and care and hospitality.

Snowdog, meanwhile, was busily trying to sort out which was was up and down after emerging from Elora's affections. The moment stretched, time seemed to slow a little, and then finally she released Edain from the kiss, but not his tunic. Still holding that, Elora smiled gently as she gazed into his eyes and solicitiously enquired,

I hope that was to your satisfaction and liking.
Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
OOC: Sorry folks I can't believe I've let this thread slip... []

Whoa! Was the only thing approaching a word that registered in Edain mind at the moment. His body however was much further ahead of him. He attempted to straighten his features into some thing approaching unfazed, and cool about it all, but instead displayed that quintessencial english manner of slight shock and raised eyebrow.

"Wow..." slid out of his mouth. Then as his feet touched the floor he started to speak.

"That is indeed appreciation. You have floor so to speak, did you need anything else?"

Edain ran his fingers over Elora's hand that firmly grasped his shirt, and then went back to gripping the bar (lest he fall down)
Posted by Elora Starsong (Citizen # 2099) on :
(OCC: Such noble sentiment and true, for to let this thread slip would be a tragedy indeed. Therefore, once more into the fray shall I go [] )

Elora smiled at the response of Edain, nose crinkling slightly in delight. The Guardian of Arda had a certain and well known weakness for mortal men. Elves were all fine and good, and great company, but mortal men had an edge to them that was all polished in the Eldar. It was this edge that piqued Elora's interest. His fingers brushed over her hands and she realised that she may be crushing his fine tunic. With some regret, and a significant portion of that related to the fact that she should let go of Edain, she released her hold and brushed the material smooth again. A smile danced over her lips as she did so, and her gaze slipped from his face and chest to the drink she had interrupted.

Well now, if I have the floor what would you have me do after that feather dance? There are not enough feathers left to give away and provide the necessary cover, but then I am not so worried about that if you are not...

Edain flushed as little, and Elora laughed before continuing,

It would seem to me that if I am here for sport and merriment, then so too should such delights be extended to you who furnish such wonderous refreshments.

I would know, Master Edain, what it is that you wish to enjoy. Another dance? Your drink? Hearty conversation?... or something or someone else mayhap...

Edain was gripping the bar still, and Elora was still smoothing his tunic across his chest as she spoke. He swallowed gaze wavering between her face, his drink and where her fingers still stroked. Oh it had been too long since she last moved amongst the younger Children of Illuvator. A single brow arched delicately on her last three words.

Perhaps there are some feathers I should see to behind that bar of yours.

Her smile was pure merry mischief. There was no mistaking it. The Guardian of Arda was intent on sport and she would not be denied it this night.

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Posted by Mandin (Citizen # 415) on :
Mandin was weary, and his drawn face beneath the dark cowl of his cloak showed it as he entered the inn. He was not looking for sport, nor anything fancy, just a pint of ale, and he did not appear to notice the Guardian of Arda in any other light than that she was obstructing access to the bartender. Mandin walked up and asked shortly, "A pint of ale."
Edain served him, and returned to his more interesting diversion. Mandin payed without saying another word and found a chair as far from anyone else as he could get. As it happened, not a suprising thing, he place was far from the fire. It was still much better than being outside, though, and his ale had a warming, cheering property. Mandin drew his cloak about him and sat, near sleeping, sipping from his cup.
Posted by Mandin (Citizen # 415) on :
Finishing his drink, Mandin arose, looked about him, saw that nothing interesting was happening, and then departed.
Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
Edain was slightly irritated by Mandin's diversion, but heck Edain could now breathe normally and his heart wasn't pounding quite so hard. So in all Mandin had helped him out.

Returning his undivided attention to Elora Edain started to speak, perhaps a little more coherently than last time.

"Feather dance? I think that if you could, then I think that I would take flight. Dance if you wish, but I would rather stand (and well he wasn't sure if he could manage that too good, such was the allure of the elven lady)and partake of conversation. This night has been long and not uneventful." Edain seemed to have a talent for the Understatement. He paused to sip his ale, not taking his eyes off Elora.

"Are you an traveller or adventurer, or do you just like to tempt poor bar tenders?" Edain could help but ask with a wry grin.
Posted by Elora Starsong (Citizen # 2099) on :
The somewhat taciturn Mandin drew a considered appraisal from the Guardian of Arda. Having found no hint of a redeeming quality, she decided against an attempt to coax a more congenial response from Mandin. If she wanted grimness she could have remained on "the job". Such as that was, she smiled in amusement at Edain and shrugged,

Can I not do all three? I find each rather enjoyable.

There was a less than innocent timbre to her voice. She laughed and shook her head slightly as she considered Edain's question. Conversation he wanted, and so that would be what he got... unless he asked for anything else.

I am the sleepless foe of Morgoth. I took that up upon entering Arda. I defy his will in every way imaginable. That at times means battle, or wandering, or tempting bartenders.

Whether it be by combat, hunting of his creatures, sabotage, counsel to the Children of Illuvator, song, dance, or standing on my head; it will happen if it means that Melkor is cheated of his evil. Such it will be until he is put from Arda or the world ends.

Better to ask what I do not do. That is much easier to answer. I do not kill a Child of Illuvator. 'Tis forbidden by my oath. However there are a great many things I will do to a Child of Illuvator...

Again Elora laughed with impish amusement, eyes intent on Edain.

So, aside from intoxicating women with your charm and bar skills, what else is it that drives Edain from one day into the next?
Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
Edain listened to Elora's words as he casually necked the last of his ale. Edain grinned at Elora's last comment as she returned his banter in kind. He let the chuckle that bubbled inside reside. Then cleaning away the empty ale tankard Edain decided to tarry before delivering an answer to the Elven lady's question.

"Oh I thought that you had wearied of dancing, though do as you will, my tavern is a free house, and I welcome all. Dance, make merry, converse all at once, I'm sure it will all be apprieciated!"

Edain now having cleared the bar of empties heaved himself onto the bar swinging his legs like a hobbit. He tilted his head back as if consulting the stars that shone down through the skylight above.

"What did I do before I retreated to this quiet place? Well I was a Dúnadan, I served my labours for King Elessar, and did his bidding in the years of the fourth age. I wearied of that, and sort a gentler clime. So I travelled here and took up work in my old friend's bar. I sought the easier life, though sometimes, anger and hatred visits this bar still."
Posted by Elora Starsong (Citizen # 2099) on :
Ah, Dúnadan... well do I know such peoples for often my path crosses with the descendants of Númenor.

Elora smiled then, a warm curving of her lips as her mind wandered to Rangers she had wandered and fought along side of. She shook her head lightly, copper curls swaying with her movement, pulling herself from her memories and returning to the inn. She cocked her head slightly, setting her gaze upon Edain and there letting it rest a long moment.

Tire of dancing? A free house, so you say?

How anyone could tire of dancing defies understanding, at least so it would seem to I.

If this is a free house, then mayhap you will not object to a dance that once was performed in undying lands.

It was not at all often that Elora offered to perform an ancient dance of Valinor, for they were powerful and at times poorly understood and confused with darker influences by those who knew little of such things. But a Dúnadan would understand, and she was minded to give the past a new life in the present if but for a moment. Her eyes shone with a light not seen in mortal lands, a remembered light put out long ago, and her immortal face held the shimmer of hope that the dance would be permitted.
Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
"By all means, Dance on Elven Queen fair! This is an hospitable house, and if I cannot cater to the needs of the guests then we would indeed be found wanting. Dance on! "

As the fair Elora, prepared to move, the hobbit stewards who staffed the inn, gathered in a corner, (for it was late evening) and produced their instruments. Gaffer Harold, the head chef rubbed his whiskered chops before coughing politely. He wandered whether the fine lady would need accompaniment.
Posted by Elora Starsong (Citizen # 2099) on :
Elora dropped into a fluid and deep curtsey despite her abbreviated kilt at Edain's words, well pleased indeed.

You are kind indeed to indulge me so, barkeep.

She glanced to Snowdog, who seemed pleased enough to observe the room spinning, and smiled back at Edain,

I shall be but a moment.

With a mischevious wink, Elora turned the made for the hobbits that had gathered. She greeted them with merry words and set about explaining the manner of music she hoped could accompany her. The jolly musicians nodded ethusiastically as elven music had become all the rage now that Sam was Mayor of Hobbiton. That seen to, she left them to tune their instruments to the specific key required by the piece they would play. Disappearing again behind the door that she had mysteriously discovered feathers behind last time, Elora made use of the absence of witnesses and drew upon the Flame Imperishable. The result was evident upon her return to the commonroom.

She was clad in delicate silk of the palest violet hue, so diaphonous it was as though spiders had consented to weave the fabroc. It fell from her shoulders in breathy drifts that hung on the air as she moved. She smiled across at the hobbit bards and the music was begun. What unfolded upon the empty dancfloor was a dance that had first taken shape when the First Born set foot upon the glittering shores of Valinor. Elora remembered such a moment well, and she moved through graceful steps that the fair elven host had danced in joy, wreathed in that perfect light.

She whirled, moving like light upon the foam of the sea in that elfinesse bay, lit by the light of Ingwe's lamp. Light fell over her gown, dancing across her hair and face as she she danced across the room. The music was achingly sweet, and held none of the melancholy of the latter days of the elves. It was fresh, exuberant, filled with life and hope, unfettered by the sorrows of a mortal world. She streamed like mountain waters bubbling over smooth rocks and between grassy banks. She swayed like a field of forest blooms, dappled by light and shadow.

Across the floor she danced, bare feet moving in a faultless sequence that was as intricate as the webs of life that connected across Arda. The music swelled, sweet and impossible, and in that moment it was as though Elora danced through one of those timeless glades never witnessed by mortal eyes. The inn faded, leaving her the music and the dance and her memories that were still bright and fresh. The last chord was plucked by nimble hobbit fingers and her arms fell as she spun to a stillness. Her silken gown settled back against her, brushing over her skin and bringing her attention back to where and when she was. She smiled then, looking about her.

The silence seemed warm and alive then, rather than uncomfortable, and she felt younger than perhaps she ever had. Once more, Elora swept into a curtsy, putting her silk to proper effect this time. Her hair fell forward around her shoulders and face, a copper mantle of glossy curls as she looked to Snowdog and Edain.

My thanks, good sirs, for indulging me so.

Her voice was soft and filled with the joy of her heart at that moment.
Posted by Lynora/Lynoran. (Citizen # 2113) on :
*The door opens quietly and a tall dark stranger walks in* Hail all. Can I have a beer please. I've heard of this place from the animals. *As she walked in she threw her hood up and wrapped her cloak around her* I will not tell you my name until I'm sure I can trust you. *Retires to a dark corner and waits for her beer*
Posted by Dáin Ironfoot II (Citizen # 2322) on :
A proud Dwarf stepped into the doorway of the Inn. His boots were clad with Silver buckles. A great coat of silver Mithril he wore, with a shining coat of gold armor slung over it. His long and combed white beared nearly touched the floor. His cold sky blue eyes were locked on only one thing: a pint of beer.

King Dain slowly made his way through the Bar, while listening to the whispers around him. Some said "The King under the Mountain!", some said "Mithril! He carries Mithril!" One whispered "Look what the cat dragged in," and Dain slowly turned around to gaze at the foolish being to say such a statement. The being, a man of short height, put on a frightened face and shrank to the corner of the bar.

Eventually, King Dain walked over to a stool and managed to jump up and sit on it. He looked at the bartender, and snapped his finger. The bartender immediatly walked over to the proud Dwarf, rubbing a tall glass with a rag. "The usual, King Dain?" he asked. Dain leaned toward the bartender. "Yes." he replyed, "The King Dain Special." The bartender nodded, and headed for the mug cabinet. King Dain then turned his stool around and noted the beings talking among theirselves before him.
Posted by Lynora/Lynoran. (Citizen # 2113) on :
*As the door opened the stranger looked* King Dain hey? Well he seems freindly enough. He certainly does not seem evil.
*Decided that there was no clear evil in this inn and decides to speak her name, walks over to the bar keeper and whispers that her name is Lynora*

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Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
Edain was amazed at the conductor skill that Elora displayed in dragging melodically tunes from the Hobbits as their usual repertoire revolved around "Roll out the Barrel" and songs that involved hot water and drinking. []

Agog with the fantastically fine dancing skills and daring costumes that the fair lady wore, distracted Edain from doing his job properly and he attended the bar with only a half an eye on the job.

He barely noticed the entrance of the cloaked lady and it was King Dáin spectacular entrance that brought Edain back to the earthly realms.

He nodded at the Dwarves request and moved to fetch it. Kings had that arrogant nature to take offence to less than immediate service, and Dwarven kings were no exception. He quickly leaned over to a beckoning Snowdog and was soon enlightened as to what the proud Dwarf was talking about.

With a swift preparation Edain had mastered the Kingly drink and thumped the mug down on the bar to get the Dwarven Kings attention. "That will be 2 golden coins, your majesty." Edain announced with a courtly bow.
As he straightened his back Edain heard the soft whisper in his ear from the cloaked lady and he gave an inviting smile, "That is indeed a lovely name, but why the secrecy? This is a fair inn you have nothing to fear here. Look we are graced with Elven ladies and Dwarven kings!"

Edain slid a mug of beer under Lynora's nose and requested 5 silver coins.

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Posted by Elora Starsong (Citizen # 2099) on :
Elora sent a warm smile to Edain, feeling vaguely guilty for distracting him from his work. She was reluctant to pull him from his bar, as the pride he took in it's keeping was evident in the way he tended it. She cross the thank the hobbits, the elvish influence of Samwise Gamgee and the soil and mallorns of lothlorien clear in this fine generation of hobbits. Bestowing soft words of gratitude, Elora took her leave and they struck up a more likely tune for an inn. She arrived at the bar and nodded amicably at the dwarven king and the secretive woman who whispered. Her attention turned to Edain, eyes swirling with their many hues.

I have taken enough of your inn's floor and your time, kind Edain. I have heard that there are bathing facilities. I will avail myself of them, for dancing is hot work.

I thankyou for indulging me this night.

A mischevious smile flittered over her lips, and she leaned in to place a lingering kiss on Edain's cheek. She laughed lightly as she pulled away and moved to where Snowdog sat, watching all with great interest.

If you decide you are also in need of refreshment other than your ale, you know where I shall be.

Her leave taking was also a tantalising tease, but of a different nature. She claimed his lips with a vibrant passion and the kiss deepened as her hands roamed. Elora turned away from him as well, his hands lingering on her silk. She crossed to where the hot water spring was said to be, and disappeared from sight and soon thereafter slid into the effervescent waters to let the bubbles and heat soak through her skin.
Posted by Smaug's Bane (Citizen # 2367) on :
The doors to Snowdog's drinking establishment opened with a squeak that was audible even over the level of conversation in the crowded taproom. (must get some oil on that right away 'dog. [] ) Those who had turned their heads at the sound of the squeaky door watched the young man cross threshold and traverse the room to find an empty stool at the bar. He was a complete stranger to some, while others recognized his face, though they knew not from whence. And a few knew the man on sight.

He was clad all in black: a well-tailored black linen shirt tucked into leather breeches which were in turn tucked into high leather riding boots. His skin was pale and his raven hair was pulled back into a tight plait. His face showed his obvious youth; but his piercing grey eyes showed sorrow and wisdom beyond his years. The tall man wore no cloak so that his baldric and brace of throwing knives, cleverly attached at his back in quick-release mechanisms, were in plain view. Hanging at his waist was a great blackened-steel sword.

The man ordered the strongest ale in the house and asked after the owner, Snowdog, who wasn't to be seen in the room at that moment.

When the barkeeper slid the flagon down the bar in front of the man, he placed a few silver coins (a nice tip!) on the bar, picked up the flagon, and turned around to survey the scene.

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Posted by Lynora/Lynoran. (Citizen # 2113) on :
Edain, I have leant to be cautious - all these years hunting down evil has left me careful of who I give my identity to until I have either studied that person or the persons involved.
Posted by Elora Starsong (Citizen # 2099) on :
Elora luxuriated in the water but the call of the commonroom was too loud for her to ignore. She emerged, dried off and resumed her silks. Copper curls now untangled, fell to her hips un bound, spilling over the pale silk that floated when she moved and settled around her curves when she did not. Upon her return, she found the secretive woman who seemed to speak in broken sentances at the bar still, looking about uncertainly. The Guardian of Arda wondered what one so fearful was doing in a place such as this. After all, if there was a thrall of creature of Morgoth present, Elora certainly would be not intent on a drink. She'd be more interested in her blades and it's demise. Elora looked about the room as she crossed it to be certain. Definately neither her sight nor her senses spoke of evil residing here. Shrugging a creamy shoulder, she also noted that Snowdog had left and another had arrived.

She felt a pang of disappointed regret at Snowdog's absence. Still, he had been wonderful company whilst he was present and so she took what joy life gave her and squandered it not on worrying what life did not. Upon her return to the bar, Elora cast a welcoming smile over her shoulder at the young man that sat there. Her swirling gaze remained there a moment, searching his face and her lips still curved into a smile, before she lightly shook her head. Her cheeks flushed faintly as she realised she was perhaps being overbold, and she offered amends by way of a curtsy which spoke of a liquid grace to her movement.

Forgive me, lord, I thought I knew you but I was mistaken. I mean no offence.

Welcome to this place. A finer bar and tender you'll have to travel far to find.

Elora rose once more to her full height and her gaze flicked to Edain by way of reference.

Edain, a Double Dragon's Breath if it pleases you.

She placed 6 silver pieces on the bar, sliding them towards Edain with a hopeful expression that one of her favourite drinks was known in this place.
Posted by Lynora/Lynoran. (Citizen # 2113) on :
*Slips into the dark corner yet again and cotemplates wheter or not to tell this Elora her name* I think I'll risk it. *Finally decided she took one last glance at a bracelet on her wrist and slipped back into the light and told Elora that her name was Lynora and her rank was that of a scout before slipping back into her dark corner*
Posted by Smaug's Bane (Citizen # 2367) on :
SB left his barstool in order to effect a curtious bow.

"I am very please do to meet you, lady. I am Smaug's Bane, of Esgaroth. And it is very likely that you have seen my face before, for I have traveled back and forth across the lands of Middle Earth this last year. "

The young man retook his seat and raised hsi flagon in the direction of Edain, signalling to the barkeep that he'd like a refill. His flagon once again brimming with the deep amber liquid, SB paid the man for the drink and doubled the amount of silver lying on the bar as Edain's tip.

"I agree with you about the service and the drink here, milady. I wonder, have you seen out illustrious proprietor? I would surely like to meet him."

However, she had been greeted by another patron and hadn't heard his question. Out of courtesy, he remained silent and did not interrupt her conversation. Instead, he drank deeply from the mug and continued to scan the faces of the other guests at Snowdog's Inn.

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Posted by Lynora/Lynoran. (Citizen # 2113) on :
Smaugs bane, I wondered why your face looked so familar - I rember now. Yes I've seen you before. You've helped me out rember?
Posted by Smaug's Bane (Citizen # 2367) on :
The lady had turned and spoken again, ending SB's reverie.

"I'm sorry, but I do not remember. Woudl you please remind me? Did you perhaps travel under a different name then?"

Dirk concentrated upon the lady's face, trying to recall any situation when their paths may have crossed. Unfortunately, the event had eluded the tall Dúnedain. He waited patiently for her reply.
Posted by Elora Starsong (Citizen # 2099) on :
Elora's reply was delayed by the sudden appearance and then subsequent disappearance of the cripllingly shy young woman. Before she had a chance to inquire as to what troubled her so, and necessitated remaining locked in shadow, the woman fled back to the dark corner. Elora, vaguely puzzled by the unusual behaviour decided to turn her attention to her courtly companion at the bar. She rolled his name around in her head, before remembering that she had yet to offer her own. She did indeed recall him, though as Guardian she received word of many Children of Illuvator.

It was likely she had even actually met the young man, Numenorian heritage clear in his manner and appearance. Elora was about to remedy the oversight of her own introduction when the mysterious woman again left her shadows. Elora watched on in curiosity, eager to see if she would fly once more to the edges of the commonroom or linger. It would not surprise her if indeed the seemingly timid woman remained. Elora fancied that many a woman would linger in the Dunedain's presence, such was his charm. A mysterious smile curved Elora's lips as she looked on.

Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
While SB and Elora exchanged pleasantries at the bar Edain nipped out unobserved to the back room and the stores for something. A few minutes later he reappeared through the main entrance to the inn with a oil can in his hand. Testing the doors he was satified that the annoying squeak had gone.

Beckoning Gaffer Harold, Edain announced that he had a present for him, seeing the gruff hobbit's face light up with anticipation, Edain hid a mischievous smirk as he handed him the oil can. "Now if you'd like to return that for me!" Edain said with a chuckle. Gaffer Harold raised two fingers in a rude salute before doing as he was bade.

Grinning Edain scooped up the generous tips from Dirk and nodded to him; one Dúnadan to another. Remembering Elora's request Edain raised an eyebrow as Dragons Breath was renowned for the heartburn it caused. But then it wasn't a barman's place to question a guest especially one so gracious. Humming softly to himself Edain skillfully mixed the drink and presented it to the Arda maiden. Cheerfully accepting her coins Edain cashiered it all away, and judging by the tips he would be able to retire soon. []

Edain then carried a drink out to Lynora and asked her if she would like to drink at the bar, for it was warmer and friendlier than here in the shadows. Plus he reminded her there was nothing to fear here in Snowdogs Bar (even though it was offically Edain's property now, Edain didn't have the heart to change the name.) save what fears that a person brought with them, and surely a problem discussed with Uncle Edain would vanish like smoke in a stiff breeze.
Posted by Lynora/Lynoran. (Citizen # 2113) on :
Dirk, I do often have a name change - the name which you probably met me was most likly either Mirthan or Tanyr.
Elora you will have to exscuse my unusual behaviour, ever since my encouter with orcs when I was unprepared I've always been wary.
*Passes the barkeeper 5 silver pennies before slipping into the dark corner which she seemed to like*

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Posted by Elora Starsong (Citizen # 2099) on :
Elora was well acquainted with orcs, to both her and their mutual displeasure. Personally, she made it her business to ensure their malice did not quell the beauty and joy that could be derived from living in the light. Yet, she was also well acquainted with the fact that in many ways she was otherwise to mortal men and elven kindred. So the Guardian kept her peace, accepting the Dragon's Breath from Edain with a bright smile. She sipped it, and her satisfaction was evident in the light of her swirling eyes.

Indeed Edain, worth every penny! 'Tis I drink I am rather fond of, for the one who first brought them to my awareness I am also greatly fond of. You do the legacy proud, and he would be impressed with the quality.

Elora turned to Dirk who sat at the bar with a playful grin.

Here is a bartender of surpassing excellence. 'Tis no wonder that he is charged with the custodianship of this fine establishment. I shudder to think what would come to this place in his absence.

If it be not intrusive, may I ask what brings a young warrior to this place? Rumour of the skills of the barkeeper, or other things?
Posted by Lynora/Lynoran. (Citizen # 2113) on :
I generally keep myself to myself. Hardly anyone knows my true identity. Anyway I've rested I have to be going now. *Strides through the door and mounts up on her horse before galloping off*
Posted by Smaug's Bane (Citizen # 2367) on :
Dirk had been silent for many moments contemplating how he would answer the lady. Finally, after draining his second flagon, he answered Elora.

"Those things, but also I've heard of the surpassing beauty of the ladies in the White City, so I thought I'd have a look for myself."

SB flashed a brilliant grin. His dimples were exaggerated in the lamplit taproom and his eyes reflected the flickering firelight, giving them an even more intense shine than usual.

He turned to Edain and order another ale with the universal raising-the-mug signal.
Posted by Elora Starsong (Citizen # 2099) on :
Elora's amusement was evident in her smile and the elegant arching of one delicate brow.

Indeed! Well then, let us hope you are not disappointed, my lord.

She found herself drawn to the rakish grin of Smaug's Bane and drained her glass. The Dragon's Breath had a sharp kick to it that sent her eyes wide and colour to her cheeks. Managing to breathe again, Elora shook her head.

Oh, Edain! That was wonderful. Another please...

Tell me, Dirk, have you ever had the delight of Edain's Dragon's Breaths before?

Truly they are a marvel of the white city that cannot be missed, amongst other things.

Placing more coinage on the bar, Elora added her order for another drink and smiled mysteriously at SB.

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Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
Edain promptly mixed a couple more tankards of Dragon Breath, placing them in easy reach of Elora and Dirk. He then unobtrusively filed the money away dexteriously in the lockable money drawer. Edain then withdrew to the little cranny between the optics and the crates of mixers to listen to the conversation unobserved and undisturbed, his ears sharp for any drink request, food demands or plain old conversation.

Feeling a little bored he made one of the silver pieces dance up and down his knuckles.
Posted by Dáin Ironfoot II (Citizen # 2322) on :
"Good Bartender, I would like to stay in one of your rooms tonight, if you don't mind." said Dáin after he had finished his pint of beer. He wiped the beer from his mouth, and expected the bartender at any moment.

The bartender didn't appear at first, but after a moment or two, he appeared around a little nook in the wall and gladly walked up. "Of course, master dwarf. That's what an inn is for! So, with you being a king, I suppose it would be most suiting if you would stay in our suite, yes?" he said, smiling over at him. King Dáin thought over his options, and he glanced over at Elora. While a suite indeed seemed fit for a Dwarf-King such as him, he believed that the suite shall be more suitable for someone of greater beauty.

"The suite has already been reserved, has it not?" asked the dwarf, looking at the bartender with somewhat of a suspicious face. The bartender chuckled to himself for a moment. "So, the regular?" he asked, while grabbing the keys for a standard room. "Indeed." smiled Dáin. He took the keys, jumped down from his stool and started to walk towards the stairway to the bedrooms. "Enjoy your stay, master dwarf!" shouted the bartender, smiling at him. Dáin smiled after him as he made his way up the stairway.

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Posted by Elentari (Citizen # 18) on :
Seeing how crowded the bar had become, and seeing the doorpost had not yet been repaired from her horse crashing through, Elentari looked about the place and saw not the Snowdog. She wanted to get dodgy with him, for their contest of old was yet completed to a satisfactory end...

...strolling to the bar she sees others drinking her special.. Dragons Breath, and orders two.

'may as well get started so I'll be lubed for the snowdoggy if her has the gumption and stamina to show'

a smile drifted across Elentari's face as memories of a Nameless Inn come to mind.
Posted by Legolas the elf (Citizen # 55) on :
Staggering in with circles under his bloodshot eyes from too much school and studying, Legolas finds a nice seat at the bar...

"Good evening, Edain. [] I'll take a much needed ale."
Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
Wow! Fantastic! Talk about blasts from the past. []

OOC: Good to see you guys.

Edain greeted Elenatri warmly on the behalf of his former employer. Snowdog had spoken much about this fine woman. "You wanna get lubed up? You've come to the right place then!" he grinned clapping his hands together at the same time. "Here get your kissin' tackle around that!" he announced as he pushed a tankard of Dragon Breath into her fair hand.

"Oh and don't worry about the doorpost its become a prominent feature and talkin' point in this fine old inn!"

Seeing the poor bleary-eyed elf entering Edain's attention was distracted, and he was soon pulling a flagon of well deserved ale for the hapless Legolas.
Posted by AMARIE (Citizen # 72) on :
The door was suddenly flung open and in walked a cloaked figure. "w00t" shouted a voice "It's been a long time but i'm back." And with that the figure pulled their hood down. Amarie stood with the widest grin and with a shake of her golden locks shouted "Let the fun commence"

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Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
Wow this is a reunion of veterans!

"Indeed may the fun commence and continue!" Edain cried as he fixed more drinks for the others and himself.

"Amarie I don't recall us meeting, but I'm most glad to make your aquaintance."

Edain clapped his hands and the resident hobbits started to kick up a dancing tune with an infectious beat that had everyone tapping their feet at least....
Posted by AMARIE (Citizen # 72) on :
Amarié beamed at Edain. 'I doubt many can remember everyone they have met in here after downing a few. I've been away a long long time. Made the perilous journey to Tol Barad and lost many friends along the way. But I made it back here eventually.' And with that she supped at her beer greedily, leaving a foamy line above her top lip. 'I've waited moons for that'
Posted by Snowdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Well... should I burn this place down??
Posted by Orofacion of the Vanyar (Citizen # 1166) on :
"I think not," a voice called from the doorway. A tall elf of light grey raiment walked slowly to the bar and took a seat. "Not many places mean more than your Inn, good Snowdog. Many of the greatest citizens, including yourself, have stayed within these simple walls and to burn them down would be to remove a piece of history from this fair city."

"I myself hold this Inn with special regard, as I'm sure it does with others. In fact, an adventure that I've been fortunate enough to be apart of started in this very inn. Along with other fellow newcomers at the time in Gandalf the Grey, Bethberry, Adanedhel, and Kailash, we started on a journey that to this day is still going strong, even in the absence of many of those that first started."

"If anything this place should remain, even if for posterity, so that others like myself can look back and remember better days when Minas Tirith was wonderful to us. I would actually at this time thank you Snowdog for keeping it alive for so long when many things here at the city seem to fade far quicker. Cheers!" With that, the elf threw back his drink and headed back out the door.

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Posted by Snowdog (Citizen # 15) on :
"Thank you Orofacion of the Vanyar." Snowdog said as he took a cloth and started to buff the the hardwood bar. "It does have many a memory here for me too. I have to thank Edain the Ranger for tending it, and if he dont mind, I would like to again serve any customers who may come to this old part of town. But with so many Inns about, there are few who remember the first one."

Snowdog tapped himself an ale... a Bree Bitter, and sipped it, looking at the cracked doorpost and remembering the lady who rode her horse in. At Oxford she is now, and time allows not her coming to the old haunts. And dancing with Sekmet... yes, Snowdog smiles as memories fly past...
Posted by Gandalf the Grey (Citizen # 1090) on :
* a form known from of old enters encircled by a rising cloud of smoke in a shade matching his grey hooded cloak *

Hail Snowdog:

Your Inn has served as a far greater inspiration than you know, good Sir, and what you have started continues elsewhere, and if my vision is clear, will continue for a good while with much success. * bows low *

There now exist three Inns far outside the realm of Minas Tirith to carry on the tradition of recruiting worthy adventurers in much the same way as the circumstances under which I made the acquaintance of the noble Orofacion of the Vanyar. * bows a most cordial greeting to the Elf as well * If you two were to visit one of these three Inns in particular, you would be pleasantly surprised at the familiar face running it, methinks. []

Gandalf the Grey
Posted by Citizen 2612 (Citizen # 2612) on :
[] Post Removed [] - WGW
Posted by Bethberry (Citizen # 1217) on :
Greetings Snowdog,

We are all become elves, apparently, in our nostalgia, current times being very much a long defeat.

Yet there is life in the most unlikely of dark places, a resurrection of sorts, if I may be allowed.

To old times,

*curtsies in place of dancing a mournful dirge*
Posted by Snowdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Bethberry! Good to see you dear lady! Yes.. the long defeat.. that sums it up well doesn't it.
Well, have a drink with me? To the Long defeat!
Posted by Adanedhel (Citizen # 1011) on :
Adanedhel enters the Inn of Snodog and smiles upon feeling the presences of two old friends. He smiles warmly and takes a seat at the bar.
As he sits in the worn old bar stool he asks Snowdog:

'An ale please good bar keep, And make it cold!'

He grins as he gets the mug of ale and lovingly sips the amber liquid, placing a frothy white mustache on top of his upper lip, he licks it off quickly and says to Snowdog:

'You were thinking of burning this place down?'

Snowdog nods sheepishly and Adanedhel shakes his head in disbelief

'This place has so much history, not just with my good self and the company that left here for Umbar but many other people who no longer grace this fair city'

Adanedhel sips the ale again, swishes the cool liquid around in his mouth and swallows, a sigh of satisfaction escaping his lips.

'That and you still serve the best ale in Minas Tirith!'

He grins and downs the rest of the mug, motioning Snowdog to fill another...
Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
"Mind? Of course I don't mind, title deeds or no, this is still your place after all is said and done!" The youngish ranger beamed.

Truth is I've neglected this place, yet am still drawn to it. When Númenore (t.o.r.c [] )sinks beneath the waves, I can always travel here to Middle Earth to post.

This does remind me of that other place, of about two or three years ago. When Tolkien was still a haven of bookish types and computer nerds [] []

"before the dark times, before the empire..."

:Ignore me I'm waxing lyrical today [] :

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Posted by Turambar (Citizen # 1168) on :
The door swings open and a traveller walks in.
His worn-out clothes reek of death and dust swirls off them as he moves.
While he walks towards the bar, his shoes leave bloody marks on the floor.
As the customers look more closely at him, they can see there's bloodstains all over him.
The travellers face is concealed by a hood, but the light penetrates through a small hole as big as the tip of a sword and the light makes eerie shadows on his face.
Arriving at the bar, the traveller sits down on a stool and takes off his cloak.
Turambar looks left, then right and finally sees Edain.
"Hello master Edain." he says with a crooked voice, "Could you please bring me a beer?"

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Posted by Turambar (Citizen # 1168) on :
Seeing Edain is busy, Turambar turns around and looks through the room.
"Hmm, not much has changed since I left here..." He mumbles, while seeing a lot of old friends and aquaintances.
Posted by Snowdog (Citizen # 15) on :
"Yes, the thought was passing though... but to see still the fellowship of some here, it warms the heart."

Edain tapped an ale for Snowdog and slid it down the bar. Snowdog caught it with minimal foam splattering. He sipped it and then went on talking....

"Yes Edain, before the empire... but I think there are some good times to be had here.....

Snowdog got a bit warm and removed the great bearskin cloak he wore, revealing a light thin silk shirt whose sleeves billowed outfrom a tight black leather vest. His worn dark leather pants were tight upon him from the long journey he had been on. But now resting at his old place, he remembered the place fondly.

"Edain, I think I will stay in the downstairs room for a time... I will be back."

Snowdog went downstairs with his pack, and saw the hotspring steaming. Well maintained it has been, and the room was in order if unused. Snowdog set his stuff down and looked around... it will do well, and he would need the springs bths to ease his aching muscles. The journey north was long and hard, but now he was back.

He returned to the bar after a time cleaned up, and he sat looking out over the common room, and also could turn to the bar. He was glad to see Turambar was served what Adanedhel called the best ale... Snowdog was glad Edain kept up the fine standards, and he smiled.
Posted by Rían (Citizen # 128) on :
Hooded in a black cloak, Rían carefully walked her horse down the busy street, the air was cold and it was beginning to rain. She needed to find a place that was warm where she could spend the night before traveling on. There were many shops and a few taverns, but she was looking for a place to rest. She was looking for an Inn.....'Snowdogs Inn' The sign said hanging up out front. ... it sounded nice, she would go inside.

She slowly pushed open the doors, and entered the Inn. Looking around she took notice of a few guests sitting at the bar, and a few sitting in the common room near the blazing fire that looked inviting.

Removing her cloak she hung it by the fire for it was soaked with rain and needed to dry. Underneath, she wore a white silken gown. She looked around for the innkeeper, but only saw a man tending the bar. She thought she would ask him for the Innkeeper so that she could get a room.

"Excuse me." She said to the man behind the bar. "I am looking for the Innkeeper. I would very much like to get a room for the night."
Posted by Lugbúrz (Citizen # 867) on :
"He may yet be around, fair lady," said a young man coming from a dark corner of the common room. He bowed deeply.

"He has been a little concerned of his inn of late, but counsel of old friends has made this a happier day. The Inn stands and guests of old still pass by," said Alisto.

"Fare well, guest of Snowdog, maybe we shall meet again in sunshine, and not rain," said Alisto and made towards the door.

"To old times," he mumbled as he left smiling.

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Posted by Snowdog (Citizen # 15) on :
[] Snowdog immediatly took note of the arrival of the fair lady. As she removed her wet cloak, she was chilled for her white gown was wet at the shoulders. Edain looked without saying at Snowdog, and Snowdog stood,

"M'lady, I am Snowdog, though innkeeping I have done little of late. But I think I can find a comfortable place for you to stay the night."

Snowdog motioned to Edain for the key to the room at the far end of the hall. Snowy realized that he would be there, because he wished this lady who had come out of the cold rain to be comfortable. Snowy walked to the door that led to the stairway down, and opened the door, and beckoned tha lady to come.

"I have a private room with a bath in it, and outside there is the hot spring bath. But the private tub feeds also on the spring waters. I was going to stay there myself, but it is deserving one such as you miss..."

He hesitated to see if she would give her name before showing her the place, but for now she remained silent, unsure she should go downstairs with the rough-looking Snowdog.

"Of course there is a fine room with a view to the south.. a balcony... its available too, but tell me what you think of this first."

He stepped down the stairs, and turned to take Rían's hand as she reluctantly followed him, and he showed her the fine dwarven stone workmanship where the hot springs bath was. He pointed at the room's door, and said,

"dont mind the direty stuff, I will move it if it pleases thee to stay here."

The sound otf the hot springs running through was all you could here, and he looked intently at the lady's face...
Posted by Rían (Citizen # 128) on :
Hearing the voice, she turned her head. Looking upon the one who addressed himself as Snowdog… he wore a white silken shirt billowing out under a black vest and black leather pants. He was a bit rough looking around the edges, but there was something about him… something… familiar..

She followed him down to the private room, past the dwarven works, which he casually pointed out. He seemed very proud of his inn and its design. The room was large, warm and inviting. Steam was rising from the hot bath, causing her silk gown to cling to her a little more. This was his private room and he offered it to her freely. And though she would love a hot bath this night.. she noticed his belongs as he had obviously been ready to settle in. She could not accept.

“This room is beautiful..but.... this is your room and I do not feel right about taking it. I will take the room upstairs, thank you.”

She looked into his eyes and was frozen for a moment.. Memories of the past came rushing back and tears filled her eyes.

“What is it M’ lady?…What is wrong?”

He asked kindly. Rían suppressed the tears and turned away.

“Nothing.. It’s just.. you remind me of someone is all.. Someone I knew long ago..”
Posted by Snowdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Her voice rang familiar, of a time in the grasses by Evendim, and Snowdog looked harder into her face.

"Do I know thee? For you seem familiar to me... but we will have to sit and talk, and we may find that which makes it so. Why does the lady cry??"

He stepped to her, taking her hand in his, he looked into her eyes. Yes... could it be?? No...

"It is no bother for you to stay here, for I just dropped my belongings, and the upstairs will be fine for me also, but what makes you comfortable m'lady. If you wish the upstairs, then know the bath is open to you whenever you wish to use it."

Snowdog walked to the edge of the hot spring tub and looked at the clear swirling steaming water, losing himself in thought...
Posted by Turambar (Citizen # 1168) on :
As soon as Turambar got his drink, he noticed a lady coming in. She was wet by the rain, but still looked nice in her gown. He felt a pain in his heart as he reminded Lady Maerwen in her gowns. This lady was almost as beautiful.
He emptied his mug and walked up to Edain.
"'xcuse me, master Edain!" He called, "Could you perhaps tell me the name of that fair lady, I have the strange feeling I've seen her before."

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Posted by Rían (Citizen # 128) on :
It could not be… looking in his eyes Rían was transported back to a time of green grassy fields, and long walks barefoot by the lake. Of a love lost. Memories flooded her mind some of them brought back great pain and sorrow. He was gone, he was thought to be dead. Yet here stands a man who filled her mind and her heart again with the magic of the love she once knew. Even if it was just for the moment.

He let go of her hand and walked to the edge of the hot spring tub, looking at the steaming water. She watched him. Why did he walk away?

“Silvanis” She whispered barely audible still lost in memory. A tear softly rolled down her cheek.

He offered her this room and she did not want to offend him by not taking it, however she did not feel comfortable about taking something that was not hers. This was a beautiful room, probably the biggest and nicest in the inn, and it belonged to the owner. Which she was not.

“I thank you very much.” She said from across the room.

Her voice pulling him back from his thoughts, he turned to look at her.

“Then you will stay here?” He asked.

“No... I think I will take the room upstairs... For tonight at least.”

Leaving the opportunity open, she did hate to offend or disappoint him. Perhaps she would come and use the bath.
Posted by Snowdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Was it the sound of her voice? Was he hearing the past? Did he hear her whisper his name like days of old? Surely it was the echoes of the water running through the stone basin of the bath, and only another memory stirring....

He turned after she spoke a thank you, bringing him out of the hypnotizing effects of the waters. He could see the damp air was taking a liking to the lady. She wished the room upstairs, and why not? It was a fine room, the one he built for himself before the discovery of the the spring.

"Come m'lady, I will show you the room upstairs."

I brushed past her, and it seemed her cheeks were wetter than what the waters of the air would do, and her hair sparkled with the droplets. Snowdog hesitated for a brief moment while passing, looking close at her beautiful face. A stirring of old moved within him, but he quickly pushed it aside, and he moved his hand toward the stairs.

"M'lady, we will go up and see the room."

She stepped up the stair and he followed, her silken gown brushing his face as she went before him. Snowdog's mind fell back to long days past, and a white silken dress upon his beloved at the Midsummers Eve Ball in Annúminas...

She came to the hall and hasitated, and Snowdog came up and pointes to a stairwell across the hall. He quickly went up, and the lady followed. Turning to the left, the slope of the roof made him stay to the right where the doors are, and going all the way to the end, there was a door there that was on the end of the walk. Opening the door with the key, Snowdog pushed open the door and the lady entered. To the right on the wall was a stone fireplace, and on the end straight ahead was a rood with a tall window of etched Numenorean glass. Outside the door was a balcony that had view of the stream that the spring ran into, and the sun in the morning to midday.

"I hope you find this room to your liking m'lady, and if you need anything, you come and ask me."

She walked about the room, and her hand brushed over the deep red velvet covering on the bed before standing and looking out the door window. She shivered as her arms crossed in front of her, and Snwowdog saw she was chilled.

"I will light this fire for thee m'lady, and will leave thee to rest."

He took the lit candle, and used it to set some bark and twigs aflame. He set the dry logs over it, and soon the room was aglow of flame and crackling, and the aroma of the smoke escaping the flue filled the room. Snowdog stood there, watching the lady as she still looked outthe window, and after shaking his head, he turned and went out the door, pausing only long enough to set the key on the stand by the door. He said,

"I will be down by the bar if you have need of anything."

And he shut the door quietly behind him...

Each step back down the hall he thought of her, and then of days of old... He wanted to turn and go back to her, and ask her.. but he would not disturb her. He instead kept going, and returning to the bar, he asked Edain for a fresh ale.

Snowdog smiled as he drank it down, and said to Edain..

"I guess I'm downstairs tonight.. I'm going to bathe and go to sleep."

Setting the mug down, Snowdog disappeared down the stairs.

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Posted by Rían (Citizen # 128) on :
Rían stood looking out the window as the door closed quietly behind her. She stood there for several moments, lost in a dream of what had been. She looked out over the balcony and thought of the time by the cliff when she would have jumped to be with her beloved. Only to be pulled back with a promise of hope. Only hope had waned. And many long years had passed. A few tears escaped and rolled down her cheek. And finally she collapsed on the bed, and slipped into dream...

“Silvanis!” She cried, but he could not hear her he could not see her. He was being beaten by soldiers and thrown into a stone room with no light. “Silvanis!” She continued to cry. “Stop it! Stop it! You’re hurting him!!” Then he began to dig out of the dark room, using only a finger knife. “Yes! Dig! Come to me Silvanis! Dig! I am here! Come to me! I love you!” He dug and dug, and she kept calling for him, when suddenly he was covered in darkness as the hole collapsed in on him burying him with the earth. “NOOOOOOO!!!” she screamed.


She awoke with a start, sitting up breathing hard, and gripping her chest. It was a dream.. the same dream that has haunted her for many long years.

It was dark now, the fire had gone down, and she was chilled with sweat. How long had she slept? She did not intended to sleep that long, but she was obviously more weary than she thought.

She looked around. The fire left a soft glow now about the room, but it was fading. As were her spirits. She came to this inn to find rest, she had no idea it would stir deep sorrow. She remembered Snowdog’s offer, and decided that perhaps a bath in the hot spring would set her mind to ease. At least for a while.

Snowdog.. Snowdog.. why did her thoughts continually drift to him? Was it because he reminded her so much of her beloved? Though it has been so many long years since she last saw him, his eyes were strikingly the same. And for a brief moment, she thought he was here. But quickly pushed the thought out of her head, as an impossibility.

Rising she opened the door and walked quietly down the hall to the stairs. Things were very quiet now. As she approached the common room it was for the most part empty and quiet. Edain was now in front of the bar talking with a few guests who were still awake. He glanced at her, and watched as she descended down the stairs across the hall to where Snowdog had retired.

Quietly she took each step, until she got to the bottom. The room was dark save a few candles burning, that allowed enough light to see, though not very far. Across the room she saw a dark figure laying on the bed, she heard him breathing deeply in a restful state, and she stopped to listen to him for a moment. The sound of his breathing brought a comfort to her heart, much as her love did long long ago.

Taking a candle then, she tiptoed over to the hot spring tub. Setting the candle nearby and one more glance toward Snowdog, to make sure he was still sleeping.
Satisfied, she slipped out of her gown, and down into the water. Letting out a soft moan, as the warm water caressed her tense muscles.

Closing her eyes, it seemed all her pain and sorrow was washed away. So relaxed she was now she did not even realize as she began to sing softly.

“A memory of your smile has found me
I can see your spirit dancing in the sun
Ohh.. you held my hand so tightly we were free
To the lake we ran our eyes so full of life
A memory of your voice does strain my soul
I can hear you calling me inside the storm
Softly spoken chosen words so few
Relieves me gently, they lay beside me still
And I wonder where you are
And I wonder who you love
And I wonder do you dream… of holding me..."

Posted by Snowdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Snowdog lay in dream of sun on the blue waters of Evendim. her smile as she ran along the lakeshore, he in pursuit as her sheer gown billowed and the hem wet in the gentle surf. She turns and he catches her, lifting her and turning her about, kissing her as they fell together in the cool waters of a midsummers day...

But his dreams were broken by thoughts of his long search, and of the lands he walked. Remembering the last time, so long ago when he had found her... her soft voice singing from behind the door... then blackness, unable to breath...

Snowdog awoke suddenly gasping for breath. Taking several lungfuls of breath as he stood, throwing the blanket off of him he again gasped. The sweat dripped off of his brow as he steadied his breathing. The running of the waters filled the air, and the wisps of steam arose from the main bath, and also wisps of song... It was no dream!

Slowly Snowdog walked over to the bath, and there she was laying back with eyes closed. The way her mouth curved as she sang... he was entranced by her, and he said softly, almost in a choking voice...

Posted by Edain the Ranger (Citizen # 147) on :
Edain was lost in a dreamy look and had a daft smile on his face.

Startled out of his happy daydream, Edain focused on Turambar.

"Huh?! Oh Snowdog? Ahhh" he twigged suddenly cognitive.

"My friend, I think we have just witnessed the reunion of the decade." Edain said with a sincere nod.
Posted by Turambar (Citizen # 1168) on :
"The reunion of the decade, you say? Give me another beer and tell me all about it." Turambar reacted and threw a gold coin on the bar.
Posted by Rían (Citizen # 128) on :
Snowdog had been right.. the soothing hot spring tub was exactly what she needed. She continued to sing, though breathlessly now. Eyes closed Rían drifted off into a dream, and this time.. it was not the usual nightmare that haunted her. It was of pleasant memory...

...On the shores of lake Evendim, they ran barefoot through the grass. They were smiling and laughing. Rían was running, giggling, teasing Silvanis, just out of his grasp. When she took one wrong turn, and he wrapped his arms around her waist and lifted her into the air. Falling to the grass, he kissed her long and slow.


She heard his voice as they kissed.

“Rían..I love you.”

Came the voice clear as if he was there, not in dream..She stirred...

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It was seemingly a dream, but it was real. Surely she was Rían of his youth... her hair longer, her face touched with loving care of the years... so beautiful....Snowdog got down upon his knees and listened to her words she whispered... and he leaned to her and took her tender lips to his....
Posted by Rían (Citizen # 128) on :
The kiss was tender and slow.. it felt so real... as if not a dream. It was exactly as she remembered kissing Silvanis long ago. Rían moaned softly and then returned his kiss with more intensity. Long into the kiss, her passions rising, she began to stir more and she opened her eyes. Hoping.. feeling that when she opened her eyes the dream would be real, and Silvanis would be there. Snowdog must have felt her move for he released the kiss and pulling back, looked into her eyes, he smiled.


A hard slap across his face wiped the smile away quickly. He held his cheek from the sting for a moment. Rían’s thoughts were spinning, She was not kissing had been a dream! She awoke to find herself kissing Snowdog. He must have heard her sing and felt he could take advantage of her. Rían was offended and in shock.

“How did you know my n—"

Her words were interrupted as Snowdog leaned down and kissed her again, this time with force. She struggled at first, but then the familiarity of the kiss began to sink in. And that spark of love returning filled her heart again. Feeling her pulse quicken her blood pounding, she wanted to be sure this was real. Pulling back, she looked in his eyes.. though his features had aged some with time.. Those eyes...his eyes were still the same. The same beautiful eyes that spoke love to her a long time ago there laying in the grass by the lake. Why had she not seen it before?...Because he died. She saw it, over and over and over again. There was no way possible for him to make it out of that tunnel buried alive.

“It cannot be...” She whispered. “Silvanis?”

“That is a name I have not heard in many a years ago.”

“But..I thought you had died...I thought...” She stumbled to find the words. Remembering the haunting dream of his death.

“The man who was Silvanis did die...long ago.. his soul.. his will was broken.. Only Snowdog remains now.” His eyes dropped, and his voice had the touch that only sorrow can bring.

Rían looked upon him, this man she once knew. This man she had binded to, the one she loved then.. and has always held to.. she had never stopped loving him. She reached up her hand and touched his cheek gently. A tear came to her eye, and she trembled. Still in disbelief, yet in overwhelming joy, that he had returned. And that they would be together again.. She only hoped as she listened to him and saw his sorrow, that Silvanis, that his spirit was not too far gone.. that he would love her again..
Posted by Snowdog (Citizen # 15) on :
...the slap awoke memories in Snowdog, but the eyes Rían looked at him with spoke otherwise. Could it be true?? Snowdog whispered out her name, and her suprise showed him a look he remembered long ago. He kissed her again and though she resisted, she soon fell into his arms. Yes! He had found her! Or did she find him?? She was here, and it was not a dream this time!


It was a name spoken so softly it came through Snowdog like an avalanche of snows from the Misty Mountains. The thoughts of dispair when he was last buried fell on him for a moment, and he gazed into her eyes for what seemed like an eternity. He held her face in his hands as he now lay outside the springs as she still soaked in the light steamy water.

'I thought you dead Rían! I found track after the attack on your family, and years later I found ones who were in that party. It was what led me to the east and that castle.. remember? I saw you but for a moment as you sang! I was imprisoned, and long days, months.. time I could not count I was in darkness, and when I emerged you were gone.' I searched for you! Oh how I searched! Yet the years went by, and Silvanis died, and the man he became is now before you.. I am called Snowdog.'

The tears she started to shed were quickly claimed by the droplets on her face. Could he now so many years later show her his love? Would she accept him after all he had done in his life? She was there in his Inn, and only time would tell if she loved him still. He sank into the waters fully clothed and looked into her eyes... a sense of renewed happiness mixed with the sorrows of the years lost flooded him, and he wondered if they could ever re-gain what was lost...

'I never stopped loving you Rían! Though the years calloused my feelings, I always kept the ember in my heart aglow, nourishing it with my dreams of days by Evendim and a sliver of hope, though it was ever less as the years passed. May the fire now be re-kindled from this??'

Snowdog held her shoulders gently in his hands as hie gazed once again upon Rían, his lost love re-found...

But it was a dream again....

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Adanedhel was making his way down a familiar street through which he had not travelled down for many a month. As he travelled down many buildings and people brought fond memories flooding back to him and he found himself smiling though it was a cold winter's afternoon, the wind still cold after the rain had ceased, a fresh tang on the air.
He pulled his black cloak tight then saw the sign of an inn that made him change his course and head towards it's door, bright candle light spilling out on the street from the large windows in the front and a plume of smoke pouring out the single chimney. He made it to the door and pushed it open, stepping inside and quickly closing it keeping the commons room warm so that none of the cool air from outside reached in.

Upon entering the room he saw Snowdog with a beautiful young lady, both staring into each other's eyes as though transfixed with each other and sharing a bond only some experience and a few keep. In another part of the room was a femal Elf, and a red headed ranger both of which were sitting at a table in the corner, both of their wet cloaks hanging from the pegs near the fire place to dry. The two looked up when Adanedhel entered, regarded him for a moment then turned back to each other and begun talking in low tones between themselves. Adanedhel watched them a moment longer then un-hitched his baldric slung across his back and carried it to a over-stuffed armchair by the fire lying his two-handed sword on the floor and removing his black cloak to reveal a black tunic, trousers and worn leather riding boots. He placed the cloak on a hook next to the two that were already there, rubbed his hands in the warmth of the fire then sat dow, resting his head against the back of the chair, closing his eyes slowly hiding his ice blue eyes.

He awoke not soon after his mouth dry, he looked over his shoulder and saw that Snowdog was back behind the bar and the young lady was sitting opposite him on a stool, elbows on the bar as she watched Snowdog go about his barkeeping duties. Adanedhel rose from his chair and in the corner of his eye saw the Elf and the red-headed stranger now were both drinking something from tankards and were no longer talking. He walked slowly to the bar leaning on it next to the young lady when he got there Snowdog noticing him straight away, his weather worn face showing recognition at the man with the shaggy black hair and closely cropped beard at the bar:

'Adanedhel! I haven't seen you here for a long time, how have you fared since I seen you last?'

Adanedhel smiled at Snowdog and answered with his trade mark grin:

'A bit of this and a bit of that'

Snowdog nodded then asked him in a serious tone:

'What can I do for you this cold night?'

Adanedhel motioned to the row of tankards on the shelf behind Snowdog:

'Just a tankard of ale thanks Snowdog'

Snowdog turned and took down a tankard then bent over to the ale casks lined up along the floor, uncorked one and let it fill the glass before expertly stopping it before the tankard over flowed. He placed the tankard on the bar and Adanedhel smiled, placing a two silver coins next to the tankard. Snowdog scooped up the silver coins and Adanedhle took the tankard and returned to his chair slowly sipping the cool ale as he sat, staring into the fire and thinking of old times.....
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Amarie stirred. She had been so happy to be back at the inn. But tiredness had taken hold of her & she had fallen asleep with her head on the bar. Looking a bit sheepish, she yawned, stretched & then grinned at Edain.
'Did I miss anything?'

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Focmor was working the floor and serving the drinks to the few there. She had not worked for some time as she had a side job at the bordello just out of town, but she longed for the bustle of an Inn again, and upon arrival at Snowdog's Inn, she saw that Edain was quite busy at the bar and Snowdog was nowhere to be seen. She took up as though she had worked there all along, and was seemingly at home.

She served up a cool tankard of ale to a gent who settled back in the corner, and to the other corner of the common room, she asked the twy who sat there if they wished drink or food, and if a room was needed.

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As he sank into the waters, his eyes spoke endless happiness but there was also pain, sorrow, and regret. Regret of time lost. Regret of how that time lost was spent. His eyes glistened with wetness as he looked deeply into hers. But Rían had her own regret of time lost. Would he now accept her after all this time?

Tears flowing freely from his words, Rían gasped for breath. How long she had dreamed of this moment. To find him, to feel his touch, to look into his eyes, to feel his love again. She could not find the voice to speak, but she found his lips once more as they kissed, with all the fire and intensity of the past and more.

No more words were spoken for a while. No words were needed. Their bodies spoke to each other in a furry of passion, making up for lost time. Again and again their love was sated, tears mixed with sweat, in the joy of rediscovery.

Time would tell if their love survived the years. If they still loved each other. And it took all of a single second to realize... they did. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. In their absence, their hearts not only grew fonder, but in a way, even stronger.

“I have always loved you Silvanis.” The silence was finally broken with Rían’s soft voice.

“Rían.” Snowdog said softly, as he lay beside her and brushed a strand of hair back from her face.

Neither of them wanted to get into discussions of the past, there would be time for that later and questions would arise. But, right now a new love had begun. They lay together in silence, holding on to one another.

The clang of a dropped pint on the floor, and the many more footsteps heard from above indicated to Snowdog that the Inn was getting busy. It usually did this time of night. He buried his face in Rían’s shoulder and tried to ignore what he was hearing. But a rhythmic stomping on the floor from the area of the bar above told him that Edain had his hands full. And after all he was the Innkeeper, though he hated to leave this moment, he knew he must go upstairs and find out what was going on and help out, for a little while anyway. He sighed deeply.

“Sounds like they are getting busy up there. Perhaps we should go up for awhile.” He looked to Rían, who said nothing, but beamed with radiant light. He could not resist another kiss from her precious lips.

Dreading leaving this room, this moment, Snowdog moved slow as he got up, and she stood before him. He took his cloak and wrapped it around her to keep her warm. He held her close. He did not want to leave. But the crash of a falling glass told him otherwise. They got dressed and they both headed upstairs.

“Sorry about disturbing you Snowdog.” Edain apologized.

Snowdog joined Edain behind the bar and Rían sat on the stool in front of him, her elbows on the bar, smiling as she watched him serve drinks to the guests who had just arrived. She would have noticed the dark-haired female elf and red-haired Ranger sitting in the corner, as well as any other guests, or Focmor, who was now cleaning up the broken glass. But her eyes were transfixed on Snowdog, reliving the love they just shared and longing to be together again.

Adanedhel came over to the bar and stood next to Rían taking up conversation with Snowdog. They had not seen each other in a while. He ordered a tankard of ale and then left to go back and sit down.

The crowd had died down a little now, everyone was drinking comfortably. Snowdog leaned on the bar, and stared into Rían’s eyes. He took her hand and kissed it gently. Perhaps he could be done here now. She gave him a wink, and slid off the stool and slowly and gracefully made her way to the stairs. The way she walked, the way she moved it was almost as if she was dancing for him, taunting him, teasing him to come and follow her. Snowdog moaned softly, and follow her he would.

“I think I’m done here Edain. I’m going back downstairs.” He said to Edain without even looking at him, as he could not take his eyes off the dancing Rían. Edain, who was still busy refilling drinks, stopped and turned to him and said.

“So, who is this..enchanting lady that captures your heart so?”

“Her name is Rían.” Snowdog replied, dreaming, as he watched Rían disappear down the stairs.

“Rían?.. THE Rían?” Edain sounded a little surprised.

“The one and the same.” Snowdog smiled. Finally turning to look at his barkeep friend.

“After all this time..” Edain said, amazed.

“She has come back to me, and she loves me Edain.” He looked away again, dreaming. “In spite of everything.”

In spite of everything... This surprised Edain as well. Ever since Edain had known Snowdog, he had heard the tale of the Lady Rían, his love lost. But Edain also knew, that was a long time ago, and though he knew Snowdog never forgot about Rían. He knew it did not stop him from living..and loving.

“Do you know this for certain?”

“I am sure of it. I can feel it.” Now it was Snowdog who was surprised. This caught Snowdog’s attention and he looked to him again.

“Can it ever be the same though?” Edain asked. Deciding not to go into the past too deep.

“No... it can’t.” A smile then crossed his weathered face. “It is better!”

A quick pat on Edain’s shoulder and Snowdog turned and headed downstairs, where he found Rían waiting wrapped in silken white. He lifted her up in his arms, holding her close and kissing her deep. The joy of their love was again sated. For the rest of the night, they were one, and they held tightly to each other.

Lying next to him now, her head on his chest, they rested. By now it was morning, but they wouldn’t know. Time has ceased to exist, and so had the many years since they had lost one another. A fire was rekindled that night. And it burned on and on stronger and brighter than ever before. As two hearts became one once again.
Posted by Nyneve (Citizen # 847) on :
The hour was late as Nyneve walked through the streets of Minas Tirith. The wind blew from the south, strong gusts that whirled through the winding streets and whipped the ends of her long dark cloak against her leather-clad legs. It had been a long time since Nyneve had visited Minas Tirith and she would have by passed the city had the weather not forced her to seek shelter.

Her steps echoed along the cobbled streets as she led her horse past the varies Inns and Taverns that lined the busy streets, but she did not pause; her steps were steady and sure as she searched for one in particular; one she had visited in the past.

Then she spied a familiar sign swaying wildly in the wind and smiled to herself; yes, it was still here.

A young lad, barely a score of years old sat hunched near the corner of the building holding his cloak closed tight around the neck with one hand and shielding a small lantern from the wind with his body. Springing to his feet at her approach he asked eagerly.

“Are ye staying at Snowdog’s Miss? I’ll gladly stable and care for your horse.”

“I’ll be staying for the night at least,” she answered, digging into her pocket and drawing out a coin. “Rub him down and make sure he is well cared for and there will be another coin when I leave.”

Taking the reins from her hand, the lad led the horse toward the alley as Nyneve stepped onto the porch and pushed open the door.

Loosening her cloak and pulling back her hood, Nyneve glanced around; he Inn had not changed much in her absence. By the looks of it Edain still tended bar; his back was turned toward her, but the mass of red hair could belong to no one else. She smiled to herself as she made her way across the room and took a seat at the bar.

“I’ll have a mug of ale please.”

“I’ll be with you in a minute,” Edain said without turning his head. He was struggling with small cask, twisting and turning the spigot on one end. “Can’t get this blasted thing to work…Ahhhh….there it goes.”

Wiping his hands against his breeches as he turned, Nyneve laughed lightly at the look of surprise on her old friends face.

“Hello Edain….is that mine?” she asked pointing to the overflowing mug beneath the spigot.

“Yipes! Sorry! Yes it is.” Edain wiped the bottom of the mug before setting it down in front of Nyneve, then pulled up a stool. “So what brings you here? It’s been along time.”

“Yes, it has been. I was heading for Bree, but the weather turned and I thought I’d see if the place was still standing.” Glancing over her shoulder at Focmor she added, “I see that it is and one familiar faces at least has returned.”

“Yes,” Edain grinned watching as the blonde wench from Rohan bent over a table to clear empty tankards. “She showed up not long ago and without a word, picked up and started in as if she had never left.”

Relaxing against the back of the chair, Nyneve took a long swallow of her ale and then propped her feet upon the vacant stool next to her. “So barkeep, what has happened in my absence? Any news?”

Leaning forward, forearms resting on the bar, Edain smiled smugly. “News? Hmmmm…let me think…not much has happened lately…except…an old friend of ours has found something he had almost given up finding.”

“And who would that be?”


One eyebrow arched in surprise and then Nyneve had to wait while Edain poured ale that someone at the other end of the bar requested. When he had finished and returned to his seat he began to relate what had happened a few months earlier. As she listened a slow smile crept over her features and when Edain had finished she said quietly. “It does my heart good to know that he has found happiness. When you next see him, tell him that for me, will you?"

"That I will." Edain replied and the two continued talking about old times long into the night.

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Posted by Snowdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Focmor nodded with a smile toward Nyneve for it was good to see a familiar face enter the premise. Business was steady but not busy, and she managed to stop by the bar dropping used tankards and having Edain tap a couple fresh ones. Focmor said,

"Its good to see you are well Nyneve! The room second to the right upstairs is clean and ready and should meet your needs. I will see if I can find Snowdog and let him know you have stopped by."

And with a whirl she turned with a tray carrying the fresh ale, her skirts billowing about her as she moved, and she was again chatting up the few customers...

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Posted by Rían (Citizen # 128) on :
Rían closed her eyes and buried her face in the soft pillows one last time. Taking in his scent and reliving the feeling and the passion of the night. How long she had waited to feel his touch again, and now to have met him here. It was like the years between never existed. It was but a dream that she did not want to wake from.

She thought about the fond memory he shared with her. Indeed she remembered the Midsummers Eve Ball. It was the last night she spent with him, so many years ago. They had danced barefoot on the shores of the Evendim. They had binded that night. And he promised her he would return for her and that she would be his wife.

Her eyes opened slowly as the memory turned into a painful reminder of the past. He did not return. It broke her heart then. And she began to feel that pain seeping into her heart again. But she would not let that happen now. They had been brought together again, and this time, he would not be leaving. At least not without her at his side.

Sitting up, she looked around at the room alit now dimly by the morning sun. She looked to the hot springs and was lost again in the memory of last night. Of Silvanis lowering himself into the waters fully clothed just to kiss her. She smiled. She missed him. Now where did he say he was going? She tried to remember from her sleepy state. Ah yes, upstairs. To see a friend. Rían suddenly wondered who this friend was and why Focmor thought it so important to wake him in the middle of the night to speak of her arrival.

Bedcovers wrapped around her, she got up, and realized she had not a thing to wear. Her belongings were upstairs in her room, she had only come down for a warm bath. The bath! Rían raced over to the hot springs and looked around for her gown that she wore last night. She panicked, as she found it soaked wet with water.

Footsteps once again crept downstairs. Rían wrapped the coverings around her tightly, but did happen unintentionally to miss a long slender leg. Focmor appeared at the bottom of the stairs. In her hands was a large long box, with a bow on top. Rían backed away slightly, keeping her distance, a little hesitant of the Rohnanian wench. She was a little hesitant of everyone these days.

“Begging your pardon My Lady, but Snowdog has sent this down for you.”

“What is it?” Rían asked.

“I do not know My Lady. He would not say. Shall we open it?” Focmor said and in her own excitement began tearing at the bow that was wrapped decoratively around the box.

“No.” Rían snapped, stopping her immediately. “That’s alright. Set it over there on the bed.”

Focmor did as she had been requested to do. She walked over and carefully set it on the end of the bed. A little taken aback, but she understood. It was not her place. It was not her gift. Perhaps the Lady would like to open her own gift.

“I am sorry My Lady. Please forgive me. I should not have...”

Seeing the expression of sincere regret on Focmor’s face, Rían realized she had perhaps been wrong in acting in haste in such a way. This was not the way of Rían. But she had been through much as of late.

“No, I am sorry Focmor. I replied in haste. I should not have snapped at you.”

“That is alright My Lady.”

Focmor smiled, liking Rían even more right then. Realizing what it was that Snowdog had fallen so in love for. Her beauty. Not just her outer beauty. Which Focmor had to admit, Rían was more beautiful than anyone she had ever seen. But it was her beauty that radiated from inside.

Feeling a little more relaxed, Rían moved to the end of the bed and looked down at the package, a gleam in her eye.

“He has given me a gift.” Rían smiled, she looked up to Focmor, who was smiling from ear to ear. “Well? Shall we?”

The two together started ripping at the bow. Focmor took it and wrapped around her head like a hat. Rían opened the box and stared in awe. Focmor, who was now dancing around with her new hat, stopped suddenly, her jaw dropped and the bow on her head slid to the floor.

Inside the box, folded neatly was a gown of royal blue, tapped in gold lining. The color and the gown itself was so beautiful that one could simply tell by looking at it, that only a Royal was meant to wear it. Rían held it up slightly to get a better look.

“Oh my!” Focmor gasped. “Such is the beauty of that gown My Lady, that only one such of your beauty could possibly wear it!”

Rían blushed, and held the gown up to her.

“It will be a quite a sight when Snowdog sees you!” Focmor blurted out.

“Shhh! Quickly now, upstairs with you! And say not a word.”

Focmor giggled and ran upstairs leaving Rían alone to change. When she got upstairs she could still not contain her smile as she went about her work. Snowdog noticed and knew right away what had her smiling. He glanced over to her and she gave a thumbs up of approval for what he was about to see.

Silvanis smiled and sipped his tea. Already missing her, he could not wait to see her again. He did not have to wait long, only a few moments then he saw Rían rise from the stairs. At that moment everything got silent. Silvanis did not know if it was just the world seeming to move more slowly or had everyone stopped to see who the Lady was entering the room.

It was the latter, all eyes were on Rían. Silvanis could not take his eyes from his lady love. He knew the gown was beautiful, as was his Rían, but the two together was like a gift from the heavens. Rían slowly walked over to him. Without asking, Edain set another cup of tea near for the lovely lady.

“My name is Edain.” He took her hand and kissed it gently. “If there is anything you need to be of comfort, please.. let me know.”

“Thank you Edain.” Rían smiled.

“I see you received my gift. I found that while on my journey in trying to find you. I saw it, and thought of you... I always have.” Silvanis said, his voice dropped off into a whisper.

“Thank you my love. It is wonderful.”

“You look...absolutely...” Silvanis searched hard for the words that would describe such beauty. But she found his lips instead.

Embracing they did not notice now the few that were in the common room that had stopped to stare were back to chatting and sipping their tea. Lost in each other, in the light of the dawn. In the light of their love.
Posted by Turambar (Citizen # 1168) on :
Turambar stumbles into the inn. "Whoa! Been a while since anyone's been through this door, I guess?" he inquires, removing some cobwebs from his face, "Snowdog? Adanedhel? Anyone?" He looks around, trying to find anyone alive in this place.
Posted by Snowdog (Citizen # 15) on :
'Hey Turambar! Have an ale! Yes, this place, once at the center of commerce, has beem bypassed these modern days. But open it is and welcome you are.'

Snowdog taps a tankard and sets it on the bar.
Posted by Turambar (Citizen # 1168) on :
Turambar lets out a sigh of relief. "What tricks fate plays with a man's mind. Here I was, almost giving up hope, yet a familliar face appears when I was turning my back on him."
He walks over to the bar and grabs the tankard. "Good to see you again Snowdog."
Posted by Snowdog (Citizen # 15) on :
'...and good to see you sir Turambar. Things have grown quiet here at the old Inn, and even my owner/bartender Edain comes around no more. But I keep the old place up, and now and then an old face who still knows where to find it drops in.'

Snowy sips some of his fresh tankard and remembers some of the folk who had stopped in.

'I wonder what ever happened to Telmar the Black. A strange wizard he was, but I think he could not handle Elentari leaving him. So how has things been for Turambar on his travels??
Posted by Turambar (Citizen # 1168) on :
Turambar's face darkens. "I have seen much pain.. much injustice on my travels. It seems Sauron's forces are at work, even as he's sleeping in his dark tower. I'm glad to find that this fair city hasn't fallen to the same plague of distrust and dishonesty which befell the rest of Middle-Earth. Yes, indeed even the Elves are plagued by a certain amount of distrust against those with a warm heart to them."
He smiles briefly. "Once I was known as Elf-friend, yet I am an outcast among many now. Where once were Queen Melian and her beautiful city, now a closed door stared me in the face. I wonder if I will ever taste her Lembas again."
He taps the hilt of his sword. "I'm glad I was able to find my sword again. At least one of my companions in life awaited me faithfully."
Posted by Boromir (Citizen # 239) on :
'Ah, it feels good to be back. It has been too long since I last came here, Snowdog. I doubt you remember me, but I have gold to buy ale for everyone here, one round only, mind you.'

And with that, Boromir sat down in his favorite place in all of Middle-Earth, a chair as close as possible to the fire of the inn.
Posted by Snowdog (Citizen # 15) on :
...As if from memory a voice cuts through the fog of ale to Snowdog's mind. It spoke of drinks on the house... I look up and see Boromir sitting by the hearth of the now low- smouldering fire. I look about and draw an ale for Boromir, and one for Turambar, for they are all who are here at the old Inn. Setting the paid-for tankard before Turambar, I walk over and set the other before Boromir, and take a slug of the third myself. I sat my tankard on the old table near Boromir, and grabbed a couple small logs to drop on the orange embers in hopes they woould re0ignite. For a time they smoke, and a heavy, pine-scented smoke begins to bellow from the logs, spilling into the room slightly to give a bluish haze to the flicker of the lamplight. But suoon the logs explode in a crackling blaze as the pitch finally gets hot enough to burn. I sit down in a chair nearby, and as I watch the fire, I look around at the empty common room.

'Its good to see you again Boromir, for yes I do remember you! Things are for the most part dead here now, with most folk going to other Inns and taverns that have sprung up around the city over the years. I have taken to remembering, and even falling into ale-fed dreams, for I thought my love of old, Rian, was actually here. But alas no... So how has the road been for you Boromir??'

I wondered who all would again show.. of those who were once here...
Posted by Boromir (Citizen # 239) on :
"Not too well. My quest for the cloven horn of Boromir my uncle never got anywhere after I left the Inn. And I don't know what these kids are thinking about, going to any inn other than Snowdog's?! It should be accounted heresy! The best inn that used to be full of characters starting out their journeys, and now you are only up to having two companions for a drink?! I feel you should be like you were before, and be the busiest place here! It took me hours to find this place, even though I would never forget it,even when I die! But you still have ale, and seeing as that I am done with this one, I wouldn't mind getting another, preferably that stuff you gave me my first time here."

Boromir looks around, daring someone to come in to get this place jumping like it had been before, with all those hep cats coming in and out, and no squares to be seen, nothing costing over a line forty, and every chick coming in was a real solid send, some people swinging to the beat the skin beater laid down, and everyone having a real solid time.

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Posted by Snowdog (Citizen # 15) on :
'Well, this is well enough dear sir.

The hepcats are off elsewhere, and this old Inn stands with great memories of some great names and writing held inside it. You see that cracked doorpost? A good friend of mine rode her horse in here. I keep thinking she will again ride in here one day.'
Yes, she will be graduating from Oxford soon, and may come back to the Inn again.

'I'm sorry Boromir, I can't seem to remember what I served you last time... I do have some Mordorian Red ale and some Severed Head Stout. Would you like a sampler of each?

Posted by Boromir (Citizen # 239) on :
"I didn't catch the name of it either, but it was your best stuff. I remember hearing about that when I first arrived, had me laughing a while, that did"

Looking around, Boromir thought of all the people who had first met in the Inn, the discotheque that was started at the back of it, the people, and as he looked around at the emptiness of it now, he couldn't stop a tear or two from falling down his cheeks from thinking of a chapter of MT history more than likely coming to a close.
Posted by Snowman of Forochel (Citizen # 2150) on :
Ah, but why must it come to a close?

All it takes is you and others to keep posting in the inn. I can never understand how people can whine about a place dying, or coming to an end when those same people have fled.

If you want a place to stay alive and the way you like it, you have to be here to help make it happen.

Anyway, the Snowman from Forochel, weary from a long hunt, and cold to the bones, eagerly entered the warm atmosphere of this friendly inn. He sat down next to a Dwarf and ordered a dark, rich ale.

"This will warm and cheer me up." He thought.
Posted by Boromir (Citizen # 239) on :
Seeing the newcomer, Boromir's heart lifted. Maybe Snowdog's Inn won't die!

"Huzzah! Welcome, and what may your name be, fellow traveller. I will pay for your first round, I am so gladdened for your arrival, although I pay for everyone's first round."

I was not whining about this thread coming to an end. I was commenting on it, which is what this site is built on, comments about everything. And if you hadn't noticed, it wasn't like I am away now. If you must know, my old comp. was old and didn't work after a while, and then when I got a new one, I couldn't get the internet until I got a job(still in high school), so if it was up to me, this thread would never die!

No offense, if any was taken. I don't like to flame much.
Posted by Snowman of Forochel (Citizen # 2150) on :
Being that he is a poor Lossoth, and having only a few coins, he became very happy at Boromir's generosity.

"Thank you very much, kind Boromir, you have warmed my heart, even though my body is still shivering from the icy air outside. Though, I don't know if I am able to return the round. After I sell these pelts, though, I'll buy you all the ale you want."

"Oh, and my name is Drax."

No offense taken. This is called communication. By making my statement first, I found out more about you after you answered back. Welcome back to Minas Tirith!

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Posted by Boromir (Citizen # 239) on :
Hearing Drax's misfortune, Boromir spoke in Snowdog's ear, asking him to bring food out, enough for a feast, a feast for four men, yet still a feast.

'No need to worry about buying me a round, unless one day I am in the same position you are in, then I would only be too happy to let you help me out. But what brings you here, to a place long forgotten by many, yet cherished in the hearts of so many others?'

I am happy to hear no offense was taken, and thank you for welcoming me back to MT!

E: Just read one of my first posts, where I hardcore lied about how old I was [] , back when all the members of MT were all older than me. Snowdog might remember, the thread Drunk stories, the story was true, my age wasn't.

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Posted by Snowdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Well Boromir man, I think I recollect the story, and I remember a serious bout I had with a certain bottle of stolen MD 20-20 back when I was in Jr High. Something about a dog in the football fiels losing his guts. I hate wine to this day [] .

And this thread will always be, and it may rest for a time and it may flurry at times. Lets just enjoy the aire!

*taps tankards of Mordorian red ale for all*
Posted by Boromir (Citizen # 239) on :
I am glad this thread will not die. I had nightmares about it(not lying, really did).

*gives a toast with(checking label) Cherry Pepsi*
Posted by Snowdog (Citizen # 15) on :
A nightmare about a thread on a messageboard dying??? []

Nay, it is open to any and all who wish to enter. Focmor , my long-time Rohanian barwench will serve you at the table and I will man the bar if you prefer to stand.

Laughs at the thought of the Inn closing... For a cart with two kegs arrives, and Slipberry comes in with news from afar. Snowdog smiles as a thought comes to Snowdog of news he awaited to hear.

Here be tankards of Moose Drool, some fine ale brewed up north. I have a limited supply, but wished to serve it fresh, for it comes with news of good tidings. Cheers to all!

And my tribute to Veronica Lake:
(Movie star from the 40 - 50's)

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Posted by Elora Starsong (Citizen # 2099) on :
Nay it would not die, for there is life yet in the old inn's walls. To that end, Elora swung into action. She re-adjusted the zills on her fingers, remembering that only an hour after your fingers turned blue could they remain on. Hopefully, she'll have livened things up well before then and will have removed them for other work her fingers would find.... Hopefully....

Elora stuck her head around the wooden door that separated her from the common room and got the notice of several rather uncomfortable looking musicians she had charmed up from their southern homes to play for her here. The attraction of rare Khandese musicians would bring business, so she speculated. So too would one of their famed yet rare Beledi dancers, which is where she came in. At least there would be plenty of room to dance at first.

The Khandese were anxiously awaiting her signal, uncomfortable this far north in a strange land. They had been whiling away their time discussing honourable ways to withdraw from their present service. Elora summoned them before they could come up with one and so the four men took up their craft. One played a large, imposing skin drum, and another a smaller one he could tuck under this arms. These were called tablas, a unique style not seen in the north. Another man plucked at a stringed instrument which leant against him. It was known as a Quanoon. A fourth man played a breathy, reedy flute called a Nay and a fifth man played an instrument that bore no resemblance to any northern counterpart. It was a Magrouna. Together, the men broke into a loud, percussive and emotive introductory phrase that brought Elora out from behind her door and into her opening position.

She wore a costume much adapted from Khand to fit with Northern tastes. She knew her musicians thought her appearance vaguely ridiculous, but they had agreed to play for her anyway. The only partially historically correct elements of the costume were the fact that she wore an elaborate bra and had her torso and lower belly bare, and that her hips were wound about with an intricately coined scarf. That her bra was bedecked with charms, talismen, coins and chains of silver, gold and brass was not authentic. Neither were the multi hued tassles at her hip or her full, 10 yard black skirt. In short, she was an amalgam of North and South, and an unusual sight in the common room of Snowdog's Inn.

She opened with a series of attitude soaked hip flicks as she strode around the room, arms over her head. Her chin was tilted up and she wore an expression that challenged those who watched not to look at her, but to try and look away if they could. She wore the smile of one who knew her challenge could not be met whilst she danced. It was that confidence, assurance, that seeped through her every movement. The musicians shifted their rhythm and she smoothly followed them, becoming the music. Any doubt they had of her ability to represent their culture was fading now that that they saw her move.

She adjusted into a playful folk step, that she directed that those in the Inn watching. She would step out lightly on her toes, flick her skirt as she pushed a hip out towards them and hold out a hand. Then she would step back and turn to another. It was deliberate teasing. Had any of reached for her offered hand, she would have been gone before they could close their fingers around her own, a dancer was a dream, there, real, and yet just a little out of reach. Just a little aloof.

The musicians warmed to their song and shifted again, this time into a rolling desert melody that called for softer, flowing, sensuous movements. Elora let her arms snake and curve around her. Her wrists circled, hands soft and beautiful shapes that hung in the air. Her hips moved with deliberate peaceful circles. Her entire lower torso would circle around, her upper body strangely still as though she were suspended from an invisible string by a transparent puppeteer. Her hips would circle up, down, out and in, her belly rolled and her body undulated with understated, subtle power. Yet as her muscles danced, it appeared effortless, as though she floated with the music.

The music sighed back and forth, delicate, and then with characteristic suddeness was again full and fast. Gone were the gentle movements. Now was the time to release her strength. Her body shimmied in layers that moved up and down, side to side, her belly fluttering and rolling still. She walked, shimmying and bouncing her hips, until she found a likely place. She turned and completed a sequence of dizzying chest drops that had the metal on her bra jingling with the rhythm. She shimmied her shoulders forward, raising her arms to over head, then spun and shimmied her shoulder backward, her body a smooth cresent that vibrated and trembled.

Her feet would kick out, joyful, with each hip drop. Her hips traced the eternally divine symbol of eternity, rising and falling fluidly, faster and faster as the music wound to its conclusion. Then the tablas took up the solo. Elora's fingers chimed, the golden zills held over head. A smile of pure pleasure lit her features as her hips matched the rhythm of her clear toned zills. She turned slowly, sharing her earthy movements with the whole common room and then dropped to one knee. One arm she reached high to the ceiling and the other far out to one side. Her chest rose and fell with her breathing, and her head was thrown back, copper curls spilling down her back past her hips.

The musicians ended with her. She was the music, she was one of them, and now they knew it. The five men nodded their appreciation to her as she shot them a thankful glance and smile. Then, she rose, crossed her wrists over her chest and bowed to the small audience. As she straightened, she was already removing the heavy finger cymbals. Blue fingers were not what she wanted. They'd clash with the fiery desert hues of her hip coin scarf and tassle belt. Flicking a heavy fall of curls back over one smooth shoulder, she moved towards the bar to avail herself of some water.

Effortless though it appeared, it required considerable strength to control, isolate and move muscles with such smooth grace and explosive power. The bar tended recognised a thirsty customer, and had a large tumbler of water before her before she had to breathlessly gasp out her need for it. She set her zills on the bar top, lifted the glass towards the tender, and took a happy mouthful. Experience with such things had taught her well. Always take the opportunity to drink when it arose, before the demand for the next dance took over.

Elora leant one elbow on the bar and looked around the common room to guage the response. Would the exotic music draw people? She hoped so. But if not, she'd still dance.
Posted by Elora Starsong (Citizen # 2099) on :
Elora's smile in return was warm. Something turned in her gaze as she inclined her head and took another sip of water.

"Indeed," she replied with one slightly raised brow and mischief bouncing within her head. Snowdog studied her over his tankard. Elora set down her water and looked across to where the musicians spoke amongst themselves.

"Then may I please you further," she purred as she leant in close. She brushed past Snowdog, and walked smoothly to the group. Their talk was in a tongue unfamiliar this far north. Two of the musicians set down their instruments. The remaining three took up varying sized drums. The largest sat before one man. Another rested a smaller one upon one upper leg. The smallest was nestled under one arm. Elora nodded to them and it began. A flurry of beats wove around each other. Elora shimmied, arms rising overhead, floating down to the floorboards and rising again. The rhythm built in intensity and she shimmied closer to Snowdog, this time turning to one side and shimmying her shoulders as she flexed backwards. The rhythm shifted yet again, always new, eternally young, and Elora turned to her other side, shimmying down one hip through her leg as she lifted her chin and stared boldly at her audience of one.

Beats thumped out amongst the flurry and at the very last, Elora turned and presented her back. There was a moment of silence and then the drums returned, sleepy and softly rounded now. Gone was the sharpness of their beats. Elora's hips circled, her pelvis rotating and her hands and wrists swayed before her as her hips carried her back to face Snowdog. She glided to one side and then the other, hips still circling before she returned to the bold rhythm that preceeded the lull. This time it fell into a rolling, crisp tattoo. Elora walked foward, her hips shimmying as they rolled to the front with each step. Her hands rested on the back of her hips and then playfully pulled up her hair in a tumbling soft bundle at the back of her head. She watched Snowdog through her lashes as she moved.

Her hair fell down in thick waves as her hands rose higher and she moved back, hips alternating as they pushed forward provocatively. They flicked with the beat and then she would pose in serene stillness. They rolled and her shoulders pushed playfully. Then she was off again, spinning around the room. Her hips circled down and then shimmied up and she was spinning again. Each pass took her closer to her audience, dallying with the one who watched without remorse. The drums fell back into their shivering tattoo and her ships began to shimmy unfettered. Her belly undulated and rolled as she shimmied, her chest rose and dropped sharply, her hips flicked and circled, all the time shimmying with delicious subtlety.

She was spinning again, towards Snowdog, and her shoulders shimmied forward before she would spin back and shimmy as she flexed backward. Again and again she teased, at turns playful, bold, provocative, always sensual. The drums shivered around each other and her shimmy returned. Elora let her hips lift, tucking them up and letting them drop in movements that either earnt gasps of shock propriety or grins of appreciation. Again she spun, shimmying foward and back before her solitary observer, taking the dance of the tabla to him without mercy.

Her hips dropped, smooth and powerful as the drums came to their triumphant crescendo. It was as those she were a drum herself, the rhythm living within her. Elora layered movements with masterful, poised locks, undulating, rolling and shimmying whilst maintaining a smooth command of her movements. When the drummers ended, she was on her knees, arms flung up towards Snowdog as she sent the energy of her dance to him.

He sipped at his ale as silence fell into the Inn once more. Elora smoothly rose to her feet and bowed. Her hair stuck to her spine and her skin glowed with her rising heat. One glance at the drummers told her that they approved of her contribution to their time honoured art of tabla. The ever shifting structure of rhythm could be a song in itself. They nodded to her, pressing their hands to their brows in salute.

Elora turned her attention back to Snowdog as she gathered her breath.

"I hope that was not disappointing," she breathed lightly, smile back in place as she examined his face. She watched him drink from the tankard, the ale passing the lips that distracted her no end. Realising that she was staring, Elora let her tongue run over her lips and returned her gaze to his eyes only to find the distraction worsened. She flicked a fall of curls over one bare shoulder and shrugged in surrender to distraction. If it was her lot to dance for a beguiling man such as this, then so was her good fortune. Elora's eyes held her pleasure at such a turn of chance and she took up a seat nearby.

Water or something else? She wondered whilst she awaited Snowdog's verdict of the tabla she had danced. It was named after a supernatural spirit of the desert, wild, unrestrained and filled with a boundless joy and sensuality. Such sport was not for everyone, she well knew.
Posted by Snowdog (Citizen # 15) on :
'Oh it was not disappointing, but very pleasing!'

Snowdog said as he got some Mordorian Red ale for the dancer. He smiled at the good fortune of having such exciting entertainment at the old Inn.

The door opened and a fair woman walked in looking weary from a long road.

"Good evening, Innkeeper and patrons! May I partake of a flagon of ale for myself, and a dish of mint tea for my faithful hound?"

She said her voice melodic in the surroundings.

'Hail and well met! Yes! Tales and song and merriment of all sorts can be had here! A flagon of Mordorian Red is on the way, but the mint tea may be hard to come by.. I will have to check on what I have.'

Snowdog slid a foamy one toward the lady and hoped it didn't tip and spill on her. He then looked at the meager stocks of tea. there was some green, and it would have to do. He wrapped some in a seivecloth and went to fetch the hot water off the fire, and soon an aromatic sense went up by the bar.

'I am Si.. Snowdog, and this great dancer here is Elora Starsong. By what name shall I refer to you as?'
Posted by Elora Starsong (Citizen # 2099) on :
Elora nodded a welcome at Serenya, her smile warm. The ale, thankfully, was not. She took a long draw on the chill ale, apprecation blooming in her face. Serenya's hound was lapping up mint tea, something that Elora noted with some interest.

She ordered five cups of the same, and when they were ready, took them across to the Khandese musicians. Mint tea was a delicacy of their homeland and they accepted the familiar and beloved drink with gusto. In gratitude, the drummer took up a smaller frame drum and beat out an enthusiastic flurry of beats.

Elora took up the challenge. Drummer against dancer, who would tire first and relent. Each beat was met with a pulse from Elora. Her shimmy grew, travelling around her body. Starting in her hips, it became isolated to the length of one leg that she stretched out from beneath her skirts. It travelled back through her hips and into her torso as she flxed backwards. She was able to see both Serenya and Snowdog as her shoulders vibrated, and she beamed at both. The drummer was not about to quit. Soaking in her movement, he added heat to his drumming and Elora straightened, letting her shimmy shift back to her hips.

He flavoured the rhythms with slight variances that wove through each other. Elora layered movements over her shimmy to reflect the evocative mood. Her hips would circle as they shook, or drop and lift on accent beats. They would slide smoothly from side to side, all the while shimmying. The drummer would not conceed. Elora layered a fluid undulation over her shimmy, the contrast in movement of liquid undulation and subtle vibration a sharply bewitching sight to behold.

The other musicians cheered at this, for it was a combination of movements that required considerable skill to master and was rarely seen. The drummer now had small beads of perspiration upon his brow. He was focussed intently on her hips, just as she was upon his drum. His hands were a blur, impossible to follow so quickly did they move across the taut drum skin. Elora sensed the crescendo building and threw such emphasis into her shimmy in answer that the musicians stamped their feet and added undulating cries of excitement. Around and around she moved, shimmying with her whole body, eyes closed in the heat of the dance. She rose and sank, floating, as her hips shook and twisted. The coins and charms of her top and belt were alive. She tipped her head back, lifted her arms skywards and shimmied to the fullness of her heart and spirit.

She came to a stop, heavy emphasis on her heels, breathing hard just as the drummer did. His smile was wide and white in his sun darkened face. His eyes glowed. The drummer inclined his head gravely, and Elora bowed with great sincerity. Then, he picked up his mint tea and turned to his fellows, voice quiet in his own tongue as they spoke together. Elora left the men to their talk and returned to the bar for her ale, skin aglow and heart light.
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The huntress slowly opened the door to the inn only a few inches and peered in. From what she could see through the tiny slit was a warm atmosphere glowing from candles and lanterns. What she heard, however, welcomed her more. The sound of a drum beating with fervor intrigued her and the huntress smiled with anticipation. This inn was different from others she had visited. She couldn't quite explain to herself what was different, but her instincts insisted upon it, and Huntress did not argue with her instincts.

She opened the door the rest of the way to see a dancer exhausted yet exhilirated dancing not with but against the musician beating the drum. Without being able to take her eyes off her, Huntress made her way to the bar, running into a chair and almost stepping on a wolf.

Oh, excuse me! I wasn't watching where I was going. That dancer, well, you see her, you know.

Huntress stammered to the young blonde woman sipping what seemed to be tea at the bar with the man tending there. The drums ceased suddenly to her suprise and her attention again was focused on the dancer. The bartender offered her a drink but she didn't answer, only watching the dancing girl approach in all her radiant beauty. Dancing girl's chest heaved from exhaustion yet she smiled. Huntress had to meet her, had to know her, had to...

Huntress stopped her mind and sat down at the bar, staring at the polished wooden top, concentrating on the grains and patterns, the different shades. She had to pull herself together, she did not want this time to by like the rest. She promised herself that she would start new and do things right. The lines flowed back and forth, deep within the wood, the grains were leading her eyes somewhere inside her, concentrate on the grains.

Miss? I asked if you wanted a drink,

Huntress snapped back to reality and looked up at the pleasant bartender, then to the blonde, then the dancer. They were looking at her with perplexed faces, and the huntress smiled her best harmless smile.

Yes, I'll have a cup of your most highly recommended ale. Thank you.
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A fresh faomy tankard of ale Snowdog tapped and sat before the woman who had just arrived. He noticed she was looking at the bar, and the scar there was where Telmar the Black embedded his dagger.

'Welcome to Snowdog's'

he said, gathering her gaze. An ale was tapped and slid to the dancer as well to quench her thirst, and he made sure SSA was well tended and tossed a hambone to wolfie.

'It is a fair time again as you all are here at my olde inn. Stories it could tell, but then stories still are being made.

Tell us dear Elora, from where do you come?'

Posted by Elora Starsong (Citizen # 2099) on :
Elora took up the ale slid to her gratefully, and with a nod and smile for the newly arrived woman, took a sip. Snowdog's question came as she was swallowing her ale and it took by surprise somewhat. The musicians behind her quietened expectantly and she set down the tankard.

"Most recently, as you may guess," she said after a moment, "My travels took me far into the southern lands." The Huntress nodded in response, "Harad?" she asked. "Yes, but mainly I was concerned with Khand." There was some conversation amongst the musicians, speculation, that she left with them and did not pursue. "Business or pleasure?" Elora fixed the curious Snowdog with a smile. "It's always a pleasure to journey through Khand." The musicians, well pleased with her homage to their customs of polite acknowledgement, murmured amongst themselves. She hadn't exactly answered the question though, and Snowdog well knew it.

"What about before recently," asked a man from behind her. Elora turned to send the musician a glance that did not demur him. They'd been bugging her about that all way from Khand and she'd been hard pressed to slip around their questions without lying outright. "Oh, places that you've heard of and seen and many others that you have not," she replied mysteriously with her own impish smile. She took another sip of her ale and turned back to Snowdog, all charm and a well pleased grin as the men behind her muttered. "But never anywhere with ale finer than this," she said lifting her tankard to Snowdog. "A cheer for our innkeeper," she announced and the muttering of the men, disappointed in yet another example of how Elora wiggles out of things was lost as the guests responded in kind.

Elora turned her attention next the Huntress. "And where have your travels taken you to of late," she asked kindly. Her deflection complete, and rather pleased with herself, Elora settled in to listen to what the Huntress had to say.
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Hearing the call for a cheer, Boromir woke up from his sleep of exhaustion to drain the rest of what was in his tankard. Listening to Elora, he remembered his journeys. None too exciting, but not exactly boring, either. He then noticed the wolf not far from him, and thought, only at Snowdogs, only at Snowdogs .

Asking for another tankard of ale, he sat back anticipating Huntress' answer to Elora's enquiry, knowing full well she was avoiding something, but being polite enough to refrain from asking what.

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Huntress ignored Elora’s question at first. She was awe-stricken by her beauty. She watched her lips move as she spoke and intrigued by the vague answers she gave to the musician. Huntress was getting pulled in, she noticed the symptoms as her senses went wild. Her eyesight seemed to sharpen as if she was floating nearer to Elora, though they had not moved. Her voice seemed to become louder and almost rang in her ears. She swore she could smell her body like a mixture of spices, powders, and sweat from her dancing. She felt as though Elora was climbing into her head, into her mind. Why was this happening when she did not call for it? Something about this woman was different, and that scared the huntress. If she were to make things right, as she had promised herself, she would not get entangled in this dancer’s life.

Oh, my travels are just beginning. I have family two days from here. My cousin is to be wed, and then I shall be returning home. Nothing exciting to share, sorry.

Of course she was lying, but she cared not if they could tell. The truth could not be told if her life was to be spared. For now she concentrated on regaining control of her thoughts and senses. She would leave but she was in need of a room and hot meal before she could continue on. Sure enough, she regained her composure and again smiled at Snowdog.

If I could have another tankard, I would be grateful. Then, perhaps, do you have something in the back to fill a girl’s stomach?

She kept her gaze strong on Snowdog and off of Elora.
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Elora cocked her head curiously as Huntress requested food of Snowdog. What was going on? Did she know this woman... or did Huntress know her... She sent her thoughts reeling back through the many, many, many years held in her memory - years beyond count that even the Elves had abandoned the keeping of their tally.

"Indeed I do," Snowdog replied to the Huntress. "Enough for you, hungry girls and anyone else who would appreciate hearty inn food."

"I certainly appreciate it," Elora said absently as she mused, "But I doubt your guests would appreciate what would happen if I danced on a full stomach." The musicians chortled behind her and she blinked and smiled herself as she realised what she had said.

Movement behind her inclined her to look around in time to see Boromir blink his way into wakefulness. She was delighted. He'd slept through her earlier performances, right through the zills even. A remarkable sleeping ability she'd yet to see beyond desert wearied camels. Also to his credit was the fact that Boromir did not resemble a camel's appearance, aroma or notoriously irritible disposition. She smiled across at him, nodded and returned to her ale. She'd have to watch that too, or the sword dance would go badly indeed. She contemplated the Huntress intently, eyes swirling with their colours, over her ale.

With family nearby and she hungry.... why was she not with them? Elora wasn't the only one masking things. The Huntress intrigued her curious nature in many ways.
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Not really paying attention to all that was going on around him, he went to the back of the Inn and opened a door. Inside was a storeroom.

"Just wanted to make sure the disco was gone," he said to the wondering stares.

Walking back to his seat, he looked towards the wolf, wondering when it had come in, and with whom. Looking around, he went to the musicians to talk music with them.
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The musicians, five Khandese men, fell noticeably silent as Boromir approached. Their faces went carefully blank, their way with strangers though they themselves were the strangers. After looking over their range of instruments, exotic things for those of the North, Boromir nodded and said, "Interesting contraption, that." He pointed to what seemed to be a hybrid lap harp and guitar. It's owner followed Boromir's attention and glanced at his fellows. There was some sort of unspoken conference between them and at last he replied in a thickly accented voice. "Thankyou," he said simply in the Common Tongue. It was not a language often used in his distant home. By contrast, the group's drummer was far more adept with the language.

"Do you play," he asked and the other men grinned. It would be interesting to see what a Northerner made of their instruments. What music would he find in them. The drummer swept a sun browned hand over the array of different sized drums, from tiny tablas to deep bass drums. Elora had chided them their jokes about northern music all the way to the inn. They would have a reckoning for themselves. The drummer encouraged Boromir as Elora turned around in her seat to see their mischevious smiles. She frowned at them and shook her head from side to side and they ignored her. "Would you like to try one," the drummer asked.

"Oh dear," Elora sighed as Boromir considered their offer.
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Never being one for drums, not much rhythm, but always one up for a taste of something new, Boromir sat down behind something that looked somewhat like a drum of some sort. He didn't really know the name, and a tap on the skin produced a sound, as well as some amused smiles from the musicians.

"Ok, now I just hit it like this, right?" Boromir asked as he beat on the drum with a flat hand. The nods told him he was doing somewhat alright, and so he sat and pondered for a little about what he should try out.

"I've got it!"

And with that he started pounding on the drum in what at first appeared an irregular beat, but as it continued, you found the pattern. As he went on, the musicians just sat sharing glances with each other.

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The room's attention had turned toward a man standing with the musicians. The drummer was allowing him to play his instrument and everyone was interested in seeing how well this man would do.

The atmosphere was lighthearted as they watched with intrigue. The sound coming from the drum, at first, was not pretty, and Huntress almost turned away in disappointment, but as the beat continued on, there was a rhythm, a strange, exotic rhythm that was filling the air.

Huntress smiled and felt like a weight had been lifted. She did not understand how the music did this to her, but it was almost as if her heart was smiling as well. She felt as though she was finally in control of herself and had nothing to fear. And no one had anything to fear from her. She stood up from her seat and walked around the wolf to move closer to Boromir, just to watch and listen.
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The drumming by Boromir did fill the common room with a unique sound, but Snowdog had Focmor serve up some of the days stew to Huntress, and a flagon of Carn Dûm Black ale went with it.

'May this fill your stomach miss...'

Snowdog realized he didn't know the lady's name. He caught her gaze and smile at the food and drink, and he went on.

You are new in these parts eh? I am Si.. Snowdog they call me. Elora here has been our entertainment along with her musicians, and That man there on the drum is Boromir, who was a regular here in years past. He was gone for a time, now he's back. This quiet lady with the cool wolf just recently arrived as well. Is there anything else I could do for you miss...'

Snowdog leaned on the bar and watched her as she turned away.
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Elora was delighted to see a grudging smile of respect dawn on the musician's faces as Boromir found his way on the rek the drummer had handed him.

"Show him more," she called from the bar. The drummer nodded and proceeded to show Boromir the astonishing range of sounds that could be gotten from his small rek. It all depended on where and how the drum skin was hit. A flat palm in the middle was the deepest. A finger flick to the edge the most playful one. The drummer beat out a modern folk rhythm for him. He tucked the larger tabla he played under one arm and his hands moved from centre to side - slapping, beating and flicking the drum skin. "Boom, Boom, tek a tek, Boom, tek a tek." He spoke through his drum and repeated the phrase for Boromoir.

Boromir followed a little slower, but found the rhythm all the same. The truly magical thing about music of the south was how that rhythm could circle around, altered slightly each time, always the same beneath, studies in geometry and precise symmetry, yet always new, always surprising.

"Boom, Boom, teka tek, Boom, teka tek," the two men beat out. The Khandese drummer started to build the song and Elora turned back to her beer. She smiled across at the Huntress and drew Snowdog into her grin. "They'll have us all up shortly," she said. The drums pulsed in her blood. Even as she sat, her hips moved with their call in sharp drops down on the heavy beats, playful coy lifts and twists on the lighter one, even a shimmy here and there.
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The drummers played on and the Huntress felt somehow satisfied. She remembered she had ordered a meal and glanced over her shoulder. A bowl was sitting there, steam rising into the air. She quickly turned and headed for her seat, returning the smiles of the patrons she passed. All except for one smile, which she felt better to pass over. She had nothing against the dancer, but she felt they would both be safer that way.

She found her spot and looked into her stew, smelling the spicy meat and anticipating a hearty meal.

Perhaps you were too involved in the music to hear me before. I am Snowdog, and this is my establishment Miss...

Huntress looked up at Snowdog and felt foolish. Had he talked to her before? She did not remember, but he was talking to her now and requesting a name. Her cheeks felt warm as they blushed and she lowered her head just a little.

I apologive if I was rude. My name is...Mariah. I am very pleased to meet you. You have a fine establishment here, Snowdog, and I must commend you on your good taste. Now if you will allow me, I will eat your stew and most likely commend you on your cooking skills as well.

Mariah. It was a name she hadn't used or heard in years, but it was only right she returned to it now.
Mariah took a bite into the stew and knew she was correct in assuming Snowdog had a flare for cooking. She did not stop to breath until the bowl was empty.
Posted by Snowdog (Citizen # 15) on :
'A hearty appetite you have Mariah.'

Snowdog said as he took the empty bowl. He paused and asked,

'There is more if you wish, or is there anything else you would like?'

The drumbeat rolled out from the stage and Elora was swaying her beautiful body to it. He said to Mariah,

'I bet you could sway nicely as well, no?'

Snowdog was himself swaying to and fro behind the bar.
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The huntress tilted her head sideways and gave Snowdog an evil grin. Of course the atmosphere here at Snowdog's was a relaxed one, but she did not realize how much so. She lifted an eyebrow and purred.

Perhaps. Perhaps I will join the intriguing Elora and we could dance for the patrons. Or we could dance for each other.

She looked over her shoulder at Elora and watched her mystifying dance. Mariah felt as if her spirit had risen out of her body and she could look down at herself. She had lost control of her movements and felt numb. Slowly she turned and stood at the same time, her eyes never wavering from Elora. As she approached, she recognized the signs, but it was too late. Elora would be her's tonight.

Mine she whispered as she halted close enough to Elora to breath her essence in. She stayed standing there without a sound, staring and waiting until the dancer took notice.
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After playing the drums for what seemed like months, Boromir got up to allow the real musicians time to show their art. Walking over to the bar, he sits down at one of the bar stools and starts to think. He then remembers her.

"Another drink, Snowdog. And make it a strong one. Real strong."
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Well Boromir my friend.... drumming for months will do that to ya eh? the Marines will do that to ya eh? I was kind of hoping that Huntress and Elora would do some sort of Lesbian dance, but I guess thats out.

Here is Elentari's favorite drink (see first page of this thread) ... A Dragonsbreath! I'm glad I can keep up with wehats happening with that lady on livejournal... she was a kick to RP with.

*mixes up the aged alcohol and sets tankard before Boromir*
... as the smoke cascades down its side*

So Silmahtar found and *bump* ed Snowdog's Inn! I am honored. Minas Tirith sure has become quite a metropolis since the days when this Inn was the only Inn in the Prancing Pony! I had WGW move it here to the Perch because I said it had to do with beer [] .

Anyway, cheers! I was thinking of changing the name of this Inn ... therefore changing my name as well.....
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The ostler at Snowdog's Inn in Bree was surprised to see a tall Telerin Elf ride into the stableyard, but breathed a sigh of relief that the new arrival had stopped well short of spurring the horse into the establishment itself. The Elf slid from the dapple-grey mare's back, retrieved the woven saddle blanket on which she had been sitting, and exchanged the bridle for a lightweight braided halter and lead rope.

Please make sure my mare has plenty of fresh wood shavings in which to roll, and a flake of sweet alfalfa hay for dinner.

The ostler nodded politely, accepted his generous tip, and led the lanky young grey mare into the breezeway of the stable. The Elf could hear unusual Khandese music emanating from the Inn, and she smelled delicious aromas escaping from the kitchen. She had pulled back the hood of her dark blue-grey cloak, revealing her long dark hair and pointed ears. Her deep grey eyes flashed at the thought of storytelling, music, and a bowl of hot soup with crusty bread.

The Elf pulled open the door of the establishment, and quickly scanned the diverse group of patrons, dancers, and musicians. She walked carefully up to the bar, and pulled off her traveling cloak in the warmth of the room. The Elf introduced herself to Snowdog, hoping that she would be offered something to eat, and perhaps a mug of mead or wine as well.

Greetings, Innkeeper. I am Fauneryn, of the Teleri in Forlindon-from the cloud forests on the western slope of the Ered Luin, to be precise. I am on my way to Imladris, and thought this Inn to be a pleasant place to rest awhile from wearying travels.

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Taking the mug from Snowdog, Boromir went off to the corner to drink in his misery. As he sat down, an elf came in and introduced herself to Snowdog. Being ever the opportunist, he rose from his seat and stumbled over to go talk to her, and to ask him to join his oft forgotten, and now abandoned, quest.

"I'm Boromir, thon of...y'kno, I don't remember whoth my dad. Anywayth, wanna help me find the Horn of Gondor? It could be fun."

As soon as the words escaped his mouth, he fell down, hitting the floor at the same time that his first snore hit the ears of the patrons.
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Whatever the innkeeper had poured into Boromir's mug must have been a potent substance indeed, for Fauneryn could see that the young man was quite inebriated after just a few mouthfuls. As he walked unsteadily across the room, the Elf noticed that Boromir's face had begun to resemble that of a Dragon, which was of course not his natural appearance. The young man's mouth was shaped in a toothy grin, and his eyes actually glowed when he spoke the name of the object of his quest. His fingers were bent in the shape of Dragon claws clutching treasure.

Fauneryn had no idea what the "Horn of Gondor" was, or where it might be hidden, and she made a mental note to avoid ordering any speciality drinks in Snowdog's Inn, until she had a chance to analyze their effects more thoroughly. Adopting the postures and grimaces of a Dragon would be most unattractive for a female Teleri, and Fauneryn was rather vain about her appearance.

Boromir had begun to sway, and looked as if he might imitate a Dragon swooping down upon the hapless inhabitants of a town located somewhere on the floor of the Inn. Fauneryn was kind-hearted, and her reflexes quick; as the young man slumped to the floor, she grabbed his arms and broke his fall. She couldn't keep him from succumbing to the effects of the potent drink, but she wasn't about to let him fall awkwardly, risking injury. Boromir was snoring at the base of the bar, and Fauneryn folded her cloak into a sort of pillow for his head, so he wouldn't wake up with a stiff neck. She returned to her perch on a barstool, and waited for Snowdog to offer some mead or spiced wine.
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It seemed Boromir didn't have the fortitude that Elentari did when it came to Dragons Breaths. He should be relaxed to say the least.
Seeing a fair elf enter, Snowdog smiled and nodded.

'Mae govannen'

Snowdog said.

'Greetings, Innkeeper. I am Fauneryn, of the Teleri in Forlindon-from the cloud forests on the western slope of the Ered Luin, to be precise. I am on my way to Imladris, and thought this Inn to be a pleasant place to rest awhile from wearying travels.'

The fair elf said. Snowdog watched as Boromir staggered about some. He then said to Fauneryn,

'Sure... we have some aged wines here... ol Will Whitfoot, mayor of the Shire left some here years ago. It can be spiced and heated if you wish. But I have no Elven meads in stock. It is rare one of the fair folk ever stopped by even in the headier, busier days of old. But welcome! We have roast deer, or if you prefer, a vegetable stew is on to boil...'

Boromir slurred something about horns, and Fauneryn seemed concerned for his well being.

...I think he's horny, and the appearance of such a beautiful elven lass before him may have triggered something. Heres some wine.'

Fauneryn watched as the goblet filled with the rich dark Shire wine. wary of it, she looked it over and tasted a little. It seemed to calm her some.

'We rarely have visiters here since King Aragorn put the new highway in, bypassing the town proper. Everyone is in such a hurry anymore. They stop by one of the new places by the new road and post a one liner and go. So I thank thee for stopping by here m'lady Fauneryn. You said you needed a room?'
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This is turning into a real nice read with the very fine addition of Gna's colorful posts, and Boromir and Snowdog's feeding off of it. Now if only Elora Starsong can start contributing again, this will become very fun. []
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An Elf with strong Noldorin features steps out of the shadows near the entrance to the guest quarters. He is wearing simple indoor raiment, and indeed the cleanliness of his clothing indicates that he may have been staying at the Inn for some time. Curiously, this is the first time any of the patrons -- perhaps even Snowdog the Hoary-bearded, too -- has seen him.

Around his neck is a thin silver chain adorned with a rough pearl. A black cloth cap is tucked in his belt, next to a small dagger. Over one shoulder is a small pouch made of animal skin, the like of which is not at all common to these parts. The exquisite aroma of Shireleaf wafts around him.

Espying the drunken Mortal, he smiles, bringing relaxed warmth to his face and a calmness to the bright Elven eyes. Yet it there is a an undercurrent of violence and loss within, that tells of an aspect that once held the terrible, fell look of battle, long ago...

When the Elf strides to an empty table, his movements are swift and sure, but with a careworn lightness rarely found among the remaining Exiles. Although his is a manner of peace, several Men sitting nearby move away. The strange Elf stirred an unease in them that they couldn't quite grasp. Something from a half-dream, or an old, sad tale best forgotten...

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Ahh, the unexpected entrance of S-Tar into the fold. This is getting good!
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'Focmor! We're getting busy down here!'

Snowdog's booming voice managed to carry to where Focmor was left. She groggingly got up and got herself together and descended to the common room in her wenchwear.

'A customer over there.. looks like another Elvenkind.'

She went over to where the elf had taken a table, and asked in her still breathless voice,

'Hello! What would you like ot drink?'

Meanwhile, he looke dover to where Elora and Huntress stood, they discussing the next dance maybe?
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Hearing the words "What would you like to drink?", Boromir bolted up and ran for a corner.

"No more, please, no more! I think I'm going to stick to water from now on. Or a nice stout ale. Something dark and with a nice foam on the top. That does sound pretty good."

Going over to the bar, he notices an elf bending down to pick up her cloak.

"Now why would you fold your cloak up and put it on the floor? It gets dusty down there, and you don't know who's passed out and drooled on this floor before."
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OOC: You asked for it! []

Elora bent in to catch the Huntress' whisper.

"What? Couldn't hear over that drumming?" she said and then squeaked. A small leap backwards and the Guardian was rubbing her rump. The Huntress had a predatory grin that confirmed she had indeed murmured mine. Elora blinked, supressed a giggle behind her hand and was about to deliver her own answer when she noticed the bar keeper was making Dragon's Breaths.

"Um," Elora said, uncharacteristically without words and more than a little distracted. "Want a drink?" The Huntress shrugged and Elora liberally interpreted that as assent. You never, she told herself as she hurried towards the source of her enthusiasm, be too certain what mortals meant anyways. The Huntress resumed eating. She'd need her stamina. Elora got to the important business of ordering the drinks.

She was about to do so when Boromir hit the floor, the loud thump he produced interrupting her. She frowned over her shoulder at him and then glanced to the musicians who'd been working him into such a lather in the first place. They did not hide their grins. Another pale Man of the North bites the dust. She was sure that if she let them go any further, they'd invite him out to meet their "camels", proceed to rob him blind, cart him off and leave him dangling by one foot from a tree "just for fun." She really should have kept a better eye on them, but Dragon's Breaths were perhaps one of her most grievous weaknesses, aside from Toads.

In that time two Elves had also entered and appeared to be a very long way from home. That shut the Khandese musicians up. They sobered and watched the two pass them by, not entirely sure what to do at all. Elves were completely unknown in their home lands, save from wildly distorted rumours that focussed on their preferred noctural pursuits. The Khandese would not openly stare, but all goggled plainly once each Elf had passed and Elora just knew what they were wondering. Come to think of it, perhaps the rumours weren't all fabrications... Her lips twitched with mischevious amusement as an entirely inappropriate image of Fingolfin engaged most closely with a-

"Something to drink?" Elora's eyes focused on her surroundings once more and she realised that she'd been standing at the bar, off with the fairies. She flushed a little and shook herself, the action sending the silver of her costume dancing and chiming anew.

"Two Dragons Breaths, please," she said brightly, leaning in to smile at Snowdog. Any innkeeper or barkeeper and most men knew what trouble looked like whilst smiling. Snowdog was no different.

"You sure," he asked, starting to grin back at her. Elora nodded emphatically. "Absolutely," she replied with precise elocution so as there could be no doubt. "One for me and one for my new friend," she added, pointing to the Huntress. "Can you make them strong, too? It'll be worth your while..." Elora slid some of her recently earnt coin out of her coined bra and over the counter. She leant, grinned at Mariah and began to set plans for the sort of entertainment that could literally lift the roof of the inn...

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The wench named Focmor comes before the Noldo, who's procured some fine-smelling Shireleaf and a pipe from the strange pouch.

'Hello! What would you like ot drink?'

He looks up and smiles.

'I will take a half-flask of Miruvor if you have it, or some other spirit. I've heard that some of the Halflings in Bree have learned the art of distilling grapes...'

He produces a Gondorian gold coin.

'And some refreshment for the entertainers, as well.'

Surprised, Focmor is, at the bright gold coin. She turns to go. The Elf begins preparing his pipe.

'One more thing, kind lady. Ask the Master of the House to spare me a moment of his time, if you will, busy as it appears to be...'

Focmor nods and departs.

He surveys the crowd, paying little heed to the sidelong glances of some of the rougher Breelanders. He sees a Northman, and wonders at the peace King Elessar has brought that the Forodrim have felt safe enough to venture into warmer climes. And the Khandian dancers and musicians remind him of more troubled times in the South...

His gaze alights on the Telerin Elf-maid. He studies her, looking for some sort of sign...

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Fauneryn accepted the goblet of dark Shire wine gratefully, and thanked Snowdog.

I suspect that old Mayor Whitfoot would turn in his grave if I dared to request that spices be added to his best wine. I'll enjoy it as is, and let the warmth of my hands bring out the hidden flavors. I'd love a bowl of that vegetable stew, please, and a loaf of dark wholegrain Bree bread, if you have some.

As Fauneryn sipped the rich dark wine, she glanced furtively around the inn, still shy in the presence of so many strangers. The Khandese musicians had stopped playing, and Fauneryn wondered if her decision to travel in tight riding trousers and a fitted tunic had been a wise idea. Perhaps she should be wearing a skirt or gown, like all the other females-but what an inconvenience for riding and fieldwork. Still, she rather envied the nonchalant self-confidence of the dancers, who seemed used to stares and bold attention.

The next guest to enter the inn was a tall Elf, and his presence also silenced the musicians.

Wasn't the riding trousers then; must be the pointed ears that puts them off, thought Fauneryn wryly.

Fauneryn watched as the Elf walked gracefully to an empty table, scattering mortals by his mere presence. The Noldor have that effect on other Elves at times, she thought. Not that Fauneryn was put off by any of the Noldor; she had interacted with them at Mithlond, and she was sure to meet Noldorin scholars when she arrived at Imladris.

Snowdog brought out her stew and bread. 'Tis rare to find an Inn that serves traditional fare and proper drinks these days, said Fauneryn with admiration, everyone is in such a hurry. That is why I am traveling to Imladris-I dislike the hurried pace, and wish to retreat into the quieter realm of scholarly pursuits. But I would like to stay here for awhile, so I'll be taking that room, please. The ostler has already seen to my grey mare.

Ever sensitive to her surroundings, Fauneryn felt the gaze of the Noldorin Elf. She turned a bit to look at him, and raised one arched eyebrow. She wondered if he, too, was a scholar...
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What are you doing? So much is at risk. Just leave now and your uncontrollable temptation will depart as well. Just do it! Mariah’s thoughts were screaming in her head but she did not listen to them. She finished her meal and looked up at the bar to see the object of her desire smiling at her. The dancer seemed easy prey, but the huntress had been fooled on more than one occasion.

As the dancer walked back to the table carrying a Dragon’s Breath in each hand, her glittering attire chimed in sync with her swaying hips. Mariah chuckled softly.

What is it that you find so humorous?

The girl’s tone was defensive and Mariah was quick to appease her. She took one of the drinks and set it down, then took the dancer’s free hand in her own, caressing the back of her hand.

I was just thinking that it is not right for me to be having such lustful thoughts about a nameless beauty. I apologize, and if you will forgive me, please enlighten me as to what expression I shall be moaning later?

Mariah’s eyelids fluttered with emotion as she quivered with anticipation. She had given in to her hunger and could no longer fight it, nor did she want to. She lifted up the hand she had been stroking up to her face and placed her lips gently against it, waiting to hear a melodious song escape the girl’s luscious mouth.
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'Well I try and keep fresh foods ready. Never know when this place will get busy. And there is alot to be said for the less hurried life.

Snowdog said to GNA as he eyed Huntress and Elora. It seemed they were uh ... getting to know each other at the table over by the musicians.

Snowdog leaned on the bar, motioning to Boromir to not miss anything. he could feel a dance of dances brewing over there.
Posted by Elora Starsong (Citizen # 2099) on :
One arched brow made an elegant climb upwards over Elora's brows. Despite her surprise, her lips nonetheless swept into a soft smile of merriment. But something else entirely caused the tumble of colours in her gaze to speed and grow brighter. The Huntress' lips were soft against her palm and the urge to gently caress them with a finger suddenly seized the Guardian. She put the other Dragons Breath down quickly, in case she dropped it.

Never had a woman been so bold with her! Had she been a man, Mariah would have been on the receiving end of a prank or worse, Elora's sharp temper. But Mariah was most decidedly not a man, Elora deemed as her eyes wandered. No, not all. Strength was there, yes, but so to the unique soft curves of femininity that so caught the eye and dazzled the senses.

"Perhaps," came Elora's reply after a moment, "You will be begging me to stop, pleading for some rest..." Her voice was low, quiet and held mysterious promise. All Elora could see over her hand was Mariah's eyes, but they widened as her meaning was caught. Elora lost her battle over her urges and indeed, so softly, ran the tip of her index finger over the luxuriant softness of Mariah's lips. They were like velvet, she discovered, and called to be touched. The two women hung, suspended, staring at each other. The inn was lost to them in that moment, their surroundings vanished.

"Here, drink," Elora said a little breathlessly. She pushed a cup into Mariah's hand and watched her set it to her lips. After a moment, the Guardian also took up a cup and sipped. The potent force of the Dragon's Breath thundered through her, rocking the earth beneath her feet a little. When her vision cleared, she found herself pressed against Mariah. Both clung to each other and were breathing hard.

"What was that," Mariah asked of Elora. Elora shivered and her hands wandered over the Huntress' now very near form.

"I asked for a double," she managed to gasp, "And I think we got them." Behind them, Elora could hear a man chuckle. She inhaled Mariah's scent, more intoxicating than any liquor, and managed to pull back by a narrow margin. Her throat was dry and her cheeks were flushed with forbidden desire. Through her mind flashed the observation that this mortal woman must be a formidible huntress indeed. Elora knew next to nothing about her, and yet wanted...

She took up Mariah's hand, lifting it from where it rested on the bare curve of her lower back and wrapped her long fingers around it. Stroking the woman's hand, she pulled it towards her thudding heart.

"Come, dance with me," she said. There was a hint of wistful pleading. "Please?" Mariah glanced at the Khandese musicians who were watching avidly, uncertain and torn. Elora unwound a veil from the chains and coins suspended around her hips. She revealed long, smooth legs barely concealed by the diaphonous silk of her slashed dancing skirt. The veil, a decadently sensual thing of refined silk in the colours of the sea, she wrapped around Mariah as she might a sheet, or herself.

The silk made seductive soft noises as it slipped around Mariah's firm hips. Elora pulled her away from the table, walking backwards. Mariah smiled then, incandescent and bright. They came to stand in front of the musicians. Elora crouched, and tied the silk around Mariah's hips, fingers dancing over her. Then, she stood and placed her hands on each of the huntress' hips. Her grip was firm, but not painful, confident and assured.

"The dance comes from your centre, your core," Elora whispered. A hand brushed up over Mariah's belly to rest tantalisingly close, just beneath her breasts where her torso met her stomach. "You feel the fire in there?" Mariah nodded her head. Elora picked up one of her hands and held it over her own core.

"Can you feel that?" As she asked, she circled her chest around, subtle and controlled. Mariah could see and feel the movement.

"Yes," she whispered back, voice heated. Elora smiled and put her hands back on Mariah's hips.

"It is in us all," she said. "We will find yours tonight, if you will." With that, she nodded to the musicians. The drummers had put their drums aside, quite distracted by the intimate display on the dance floor. They stared at her and then realised what she meant. Grabbing their drums quickly, they chose a rolling sinuous rhythm - seductive, sensual and exotic. Elora smiled at Mariah then, and used her hands to show her the movement.

"Close your eyes, forget the world. There is only us, the drums and us. The flames of our spirit and us. Release yourself..."

Mariah's hips fell into an instinctive circling that was mirrored by Elora's. A smile of pleasure lit the huntress' fair face. Freedom was in it, carefree in that moment.

"There, feel the tides of the world, the ebb and flow of moon and sun. It is within you!" Mariah opened her eyes in time to watch Elora spin away in a blur of silver and silk. Her entire body rolled, sinuous and beckoning. She unfurled an arm towards her, and her wrist and fingers teased and dragged her further into the dance.

"Dance with me," Elora murmured. "Let your soul speak through your body!" She undulated smoothly, rippling her body in a powerful mastery of grace and control and let the movement slide down to circle around and around in one hip turned to Mariah. Then, it travelled back up her body, waving up into her ribs which she circled. Her hand gathered up her hair and she let her head tip back, surrendering herself a little more to the drums and Mariah, calling her into the fire of the dance.
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Fauneryn nodded to Snowdog, and turned her attention to the soup and bread. The Khandese musicians had begun to play again, and as she ate, the Elf listened carefully to the rhythms and tones of the exotic music. After she had finished eating, Fauneryn leaned over to retrieve her knapsack from the floor, and her long, thick hair spilled out from a loose silver clasp, to fall in waves over her shoulders and back.

Fauneryn pulled a small, exquisitely-crafted Telerin harp from the depths of the knapsack. The frame of the harp was carved in the shape of a black-throated diver, like those that hunted for fish on the cold lakes of the Elf's homeland, haunting cries echoing in the misty air each spring. Fauneryn began to tune the harp to match the tones of the Khandese musicians' strange instruments: listening, turning a peg, plucking a string, listening again.

The two dancers were trying the Inn specialty drink, the one that had briefly turned young Boromir into a Dragon. Yet neither of the two women turned into a Dragon-far from it. They both became more enchanting and mysterious, yet oblivious to the increased attention from the patrons of the Inn. No, they seemed completely mesmerized with each other.

The Khandese musicians had stopped playing, and all watched intently as the two women moved out onto the dance floor, immersed in their own magical world. Soon the Khandese drummers renewed their strange rhythms, and the dancers gyrated in an intoxicating swirl of silken veils and flashing coins. Fauneryn, a slight smile on her lips, returned her attention to tuning her harp in the Khandese mode.

Elves were never judgmental about matters of love and physical attraction.
Posted by Silmahtar (Citizen # 4806) on :
Upon seeing the Telerin Elf-maiden produce a beautiful harp -- an object known to most of the mortals only from legend -- the crowd was drawn to her skillful tuning. The air crackled with anticipation, a yearning to hear the sad beauty of an Elven song.

Taking advantage of the attention drawn to her, the Noldo blows a huge cloud of pipeweed smoke that seems to shimmer and come to life, and take on shapes of its own.

An inebriated cooper from Fornost could have sworn the cloud looked like a lake storm off Evendim he remembered from childhood. A young woman who recently moved from the South saw in it the waters that used to gently lap the shore of the cove near her old Anfalas village. And a hobbit paused -- if you would believe it -- from his steaming bowl of porridge to see the smoke cloud become fog over the Brandywine that used to give him eerie chills whenever he traversed the river on the Buckland Ferry.

Somewhere beneath the cloud, the eyes of the Noldo shone even more brightly -- a cold piercing light of ancient days. Yet it would seem that his body seated behind the table had faded and dimished ever so slightly...
Posted by Huntress (Citizen # 4710) on :
It may have been the Dragon’s Breath, the dancing, or a little bit of both. Mariah’s world had turned into a mystifying dream where the only players were Elora and herself. They were alone, no patrons or servers, no musicians or attendants with eyes upon them. The beat of the drums pulsated inside her head, and the mesmerizing movements Elora stirred from within Mariah made her weightless.

Dance with me, Elora repeated, arms outreached, beckoning the huntress closer. Mariah did not feel her feet move under her as she floated closer to the erotic dancer.

Teach me, Mariah uttered in a low, throaty voice, teach me to flow and flourish as you do. She closed her eyes and felt her hips express the pounding rhythm of the drums. Her arms lifted gracefully in the air but not at her command. Mariah opened her eyes to see Elora’s hands pressing her arms gently upward, while their hips endlessly rolled in unison.
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With the exceptions of the Khandese drummers, absorbed with their trancelike rhythms, and the two dancers, immersed in attraction and movement, the mortal patrons of the Inn began to have difficulties discriminating between what was real, and what was illusory and half-imagined. The two Elves were unaffected: for them it was all part of one infinite whole, one river into which all streams naturally flowed. They would conspire to eliminate any remaining barriers between the real physical world, and the ethereal spiritual world; the Noldo had begun to do so with the cloud of pipeweed smoke.

Fauneryn had finished tuning the harp in the Khandese mode, and began to test systematically the strings, with their new tensions and natural frequencies. She plucked two strings that she thought might produce a harmony, and they did so, with unusual overtones. For a young Hobbit from Haysend, three silvery fish leapt out of the river of smoke, which had become the Brandywine sparkling on a sunny day. He climbed atop a bench and reached out to grab the elusive fish, and would have toppled over, had his companions not steadied him. Fauneryn plucked two other strings, which vibrated sympathetically. A middle-aged man, used to hard work and providing for his family, saw a flight of pintail ducks take off from an adjacent tabletop and instinctively moved to put a nonexistent arrow to an imaginary bow. The Elf-maiden touched three strings in quick succession, and a herd of fallow deer bounded over the bar, followed eagerly by two agile young men from Archet. She glanced over at the Noldo, whose eyes shone through the wavering haze of the Inn. The harp had begun to work its ancient transformations.

The Mortals are beginning to see the world as we Elves do, thought Fauneryn, and she began to play in earnest.

All present heard the Sea splash and sigh among the rocks of the Gulf of Lhûn, with echoing plaintive cries of gulls, cormorants, and sea ducks. As the harp music moved away from the cliffs, the Khandese drums maintained the pounding rhythm of the Sea. The Ered Luin were shrouded in sea-fog, and the needles of the fir trees dripped water, as ravens cried out in their harsh language. The dancers slowed their movements, as the harp music lingered over the forests of the Blue Mountains. Then the music swept over the River Lhûn and the Hills of Evendim, to plunge into Lake Nenuial. There, a bewildering array of fishes swam by, a few circling around the dancers, while mallards and pintails and shovelers paddled and dabbed on the surface. The patrons of the Inn were mesmerized, and the dancers continued to sway to the rhythms, and move in time to the music of the natural world.

Back onto the Emyn Uial at twilight, stars twinkling and flashing overhead. Time stood still-or was it moving so rapidly as to be a blur? None of the Bree-mortals could be sure; before now, they had never walked or danced the Dreamtime…
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Dreamtime.... the incense-filled common room hazed in a purple glow of blacklight, broken by sporadic flickering of candles. The music drawing out a surreal mood as the dancers moved in flawless flow.

It had become night outside but who would know here? Snowdog stood behind the bar and watched and listened, just as he did the day he opened this place. The common room was filling with people... faces of all who had walked these wooden floors...

There was hef and gram who came in for a beer, and Tinúviel who graced this place. Caranthir stopped in on a crawl, and Myrdock came by and we talked of a journey of old. Snowdog wondered how Ardeju was doing now. Then Tempest, so fair but dark, waltzed through the door and asked Myrdock for a dance. Harry Goatleaf stopped in after his gatewatch and had dinner and a brew before going home. Luthien came in and flirted with him at the bar, and her hug he remembered well.

Sidhann came in wanting to gamble, and Shadowfax sucked down a few buckets of beer. There was Elentari riding her horse through the door bringing the memories of another nameless inn to mind, when zilverboltz ordered everyone a brew.

Nazgul threw back his black hood long enough to buy a round of Mordorian Red Ale for everyone, and Jaxon in her soldiers garb sipped her green tea while Sekmet was eating the stew and throwing back whiskey shots.

Erinhue, the bard of Befalas was there, but instead of the happy tune of old, Agarak his harp played a sad lament for erinhue's dearly departed wife. Suzybelle sipped her flagon of light beer, and Arvedui looked threatening as he blocked his view of Elentari's backside. Their brawl he remembered, but there would be no fight tonight. He smiled and ordered an mug of alewhen suddenly, a could of purple smoke erupted by the bar. Telmar the black wizard appeared and smiled as the four talked of old times.

Dunedain lady walked by. Beren drank heavily at the bar and Hyldan lifted a glass of mead. Rian downed ales while Edain the Ranger had an upper lip covered with foam from good ale. JAYE came in and danced wildly with him before Edain went at tend the bar. Ranger13 rode down from his watch in the north to drnk and smoke, and mayor Will Whitfoot of the Shire visited for a time.

Boromir, was looking for men to go find the cleaved horn, and for a time was gone but came back again. Nenya lifted her glass of wine in a toast while Fingolfin of the Noldor sat quiet in the shadow of the corner. Roland yawned and rests his weary head. Eldfess was looking for old friends while The Dark Lord sipped coffee at the bar.

Tinelwen so fair sipped tea and talked with folk, while dummble just wanted to spend the night. Natasha was all over Beren and they were heading upstairs as Nrogara watched them go. ZENITH was downing a flagon of Old Speckled Hen and complimenting the bar, while willhap joined him with an ale of his own.

Rose Gangee had a glass of the finest and wrote in her notebook as Wight Dwarf Star yells out quotes. Druee the Legend[/b] was trying to get service and the warrior was finally served a large goblet of Ventrian Red.

Tour ate stew and argued morals whilst trying not to breath the stench from Lord of the Nazgul beside him. Ender was doing every wench in his dreams while Mandin drank his ale and watched. Nyneve a familiar face of old talked of days past, when ArchAngel and Reign Holder entered and looked around.

Butterbur had a beer while Gil-galad had a hearty breakfast before downing drinks. Midus unknown walks in the door then walks out, while Adanedhel lit a pipe filled with Longbottom Leaf. Gandalf the Grey joins him for a bit as Guinevere fluttered her silken skirts in a dance.

Orofacion of the Vanyar worked in whispered intrigue as the barkeep cuts off the flow of wine to Star-of-Hope. Over by the fire, Bethberry warms herself before sipping fine wine and eating cheese. Madmartigan is stirring his chocolate milk while Valarauko is just sitting, enjoying the company and resting.

A Raven sits atop a log rafter and chirps 'CC' as Belegurth orders another lager. Turambar staggers out the door to puke and will again end up sleeping up against the side wall of the inn. drieske stretches out to relax and sips red wine while Boromir's Woman sips Mordorian.

A Lurking One has his hands full, Whiskey in one and a beer in the other as he walks about the room. Morwen joins drieske with a vodka in hand while Lugbúrz quietly orders another beer before flirting with the ladies again. Lady Pherloteiel stands by the door watching, as Lady watches too sipping brandy. Black Arrow is finishing a pint as he sits by the far wall, and Legolas the Elf pays a visit but is only drinking water these days.

Snowdog was blue when the lovely Elora Starsong walked in. And being she is wafting her way about in slow motion before him now, she had never left. Sil sips a brew as he sits with dreske. Ossy enters acting like an illiterate kid with Vanye Aranel livening up the place. Uldrin Aulundiel sat in the corner with his own keg and drank out of a bucket.

Eldorian was distrustful, but he drank his beer in peace. Axantur the dwarf schooned his way through a bucket as he eased Eldorian's worries.Proud Smaug's Bane was talking and drinking dressed in his finest, and AMARIE and her golden locks flipped about ash she moved.

Snowdog was smitten by Rian until he found out she was sleeping with the whole Arnorian army, and the Snow Wizard stopped in from the north and Sauron's Secret Agent came by from the Golden Newt. Silmahtar bumped into the wall and then ordered a drink. He sawHuntress dance by the bar while Gna played some music.

The musics tempo started to increase as the fire popped a cinder. Snowdog jumped slightly, and the only people there were the last few he saw. Huntress and Elora danced free, Boromir watched and drank, Silmahtar at the table and Fauneryn playing gently. Yes, all is as it should be!
Posted by Elora Starsong (Citizen # 2099) on :
"What's wrong with the innkeeper?" Huntress asked, stopping mid movement and staring at Snöwdog. Elora looked over at Snöwdog and smiled softly, shrugging her bare shoulders.

"I have never been able to understand mortals well," she mused and then looked to Fauneryn and Silmahtar, "or any Child of Illúvator for that matter, yet I love them well all the same." Huntress looked at Elora in sudden askance, as if noting her manner for the first time. Elora saw the familiar questions and wonderings and doubts in the woman's eyes. It always happened this way. Sooner or later they wondered just what she was, and no matter how she answered them, they came to their own conclusions anyway. So Elora said nothing of that and instead suggested to the Huntress, "Wait a moment, there is a trick I would show you."

The Huntress nodded, and Elora jingled lightly over the bar, merriment bright in her face.

"Eight pints of ale, Snöwdog, please," she requested. Snöwdog eyed her warily.

"Eight?!" Elora nodded firmly and leant over the bar towards him.

"Eight," she confirmed with a whisper in his ear, "Why, do you think I am unable to hold my ale, or do you fear that I may get yonder Huntress drunk?" She laughed lightly and kissed Snöwdog on the cheek. He chuckled, rubbed his chin and soon had eight ales lined up on the bar.

"Are you well, Snöwdog," Elora asked, head turned to one side and curious concern on her face. He smiled at her and leant on the bar, seeming at ease.

"Well enough, Elora. Now how are you going to handle this then?" Elora winked at him, crinkled her nose and without so much as a gesture, turned with a trail of floating pint glasses trailing along behind her. There was a shout of incredulity from the musicians who had been instructing Boromir. They pointed as the glasses settled on the table where Huntress waited.

"Now, this is fun," Elora promised, and set the first glass on her head. "See... and if it spills, then so much the better," she said, and proceded to dance with the glass upon her head. "Now, you try," she encouraged the Huntress, and stepped back, still dancing to spin with the glass on her head to Fauneryn's soft playing. The tempo was speeding and there was a shout from the musicians. This game of balancing things and dancing was a contest of sorts and one they knew well.

It was a display of skill, and the more things balanced whilst dancing, from glasses to bowls, urns to trays, and even weapons, the more skilled the dancer. The tempo of the dance was the challenge put to dancer by the musicians and again the dialogue of Khandese music, between player and dancer features. Whilst Huntress carefully set a glass to her own head, Elora moved with the music around the room, sprinkling shimmies and spins and sudden drops to the floor and rising, skipping and lightly leaping into the air. No matter how the music shifted and turned, she was there with it, and her laughter was added to that of the musicians. Elora even caught an amused smile on Fauneryn face as she was caught up in the revellry.

She turned, shimmying hard with a lush vibration that she contained to her hips, and let out a cry for the Huntress to join her which the musicians took up with gusto.

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The small hobbit sitting quietly in the corner listened and observed closely. Then she wrapped her cloak tightly around herself, walked outside, mounted her pony, and rode away into the swirling mists.
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
[] .... the mists of Christmas settled over the Inn, and Snowdog joined Huntress []
and Elora in a slow sensual sway as the music rolled slow and the silver bells rang .... []
Posted by Bethberry (Citizen # 1217) on :
While all was dark and quiet, a brown falcon perched upon the window ledge of the large window and peered in. The bird nodded. Then, a cloaked human form came out of the shadows and walked toward the door. It was locked. The bird pecked at the old, rusty lock on the window and it gave way. The human pushed the window in slightly and crawled over the ledge, the bird following her.

Embers and whisps of smoke proved the large fireplace was not yet cold. The woman--for woman it was--sought the fire and poked the embers until small flames caught. She sat before it, warming her hands, her chilled shoulders, feet. The falcon fluttered around her, landing finally on the arm of her chair. The warmth made her drowsy, and slowly her eyes closed. In her sleep she could be heard to murmur, "Merry Christmas to Snowdôg and to all."
Posted by ZENITH (Citizen # 400) on :
All in the white city was white for it had snowed on Christmas eve. Zenith had been drinking flagons of old speckled hen with any citizen who'd join him up to the piont when he realised that he'd not put the turkey on!
Posted by Bethberry (Citizen # 1217) on :
In her warm doze before the fire, the woman heard a man's voice, a voice she knew. Zenith! Yet what was he saying? She imagined him putting the turkey on,with a large wattle hanging from his neck like a beard, spurs on his feet, skinny, scrawny legs under a mass of feathers and huge pectoral muscles. Was he winged or not? She couldn't imagine, but his plummage was spectacular.
Posted by Sauron's Secret Agent (Citizen # 1891) on :
The very small hobbit returned to the Inn. She generally felt out of place here, being neither a superb dancer nor a great boozer nor a great heroic figure, but she admired the people who frequented the Inn, and so she brought them a small present:


Happy Christmas to you all.
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
The wind outside howled as the waning moon of the early morning faded into the clouds. A shiver came over the place as the three lay huddled near the stage. The band had finished and had gone to their rooms, and the candles one by one had gone out.

Snowdog stirred as the fire had come to life again. For a moment a chill and some snow blew in upon them, but now the warmth was spreading again. He arose and covered Huntress and Elora, sleeping in peace after their intense performance, and he went to the fire to find a turkey on a spit above the embers and small flame.

There too he found a woman asleep in the overstuffed chair, and a man slowly and mechanicly turning the bird on the spit. He was seemingly out but for his other fist gripping tightly an empty flagon. Snowdog gave it a whiff and went to get a fresh flagon filled with Old Speckled Hen ale, and easily replaced it in the mans hand. He will wake to a fresh brew. Nobody else was there, for they either went home to family or were asleep at the inn.

But a sound he heard at the door. It didn't open though. So Snowdog went to the door and tried opening it. Locked? how did that happen? This Inn is never locked. It must be the doorpost got snow on it, it melted swelling the wood, then froze, causing the door to jam. He worked the old damaged doorpost a bit to get the door to unstick, and he looked outside. Hopefully none were denied refuge this chill night.

Snow blew about in a soft early morning dance with the wind, and there small footprints came and went. Aa gift basket filled with goodies sat there, and he could see by the prints it was a hobbit.

Too bad the door was jammed, for maybe the hobbit would come in and have some tea? But surely family called this holiday, and all was as it should be.

"Valina Mettarë!"

Merry Christmas one and all!
Posted by ZENITH (Citizen # 400) on :
Zenith had been missing from the white city all boxing day; most people thought he was just hungover after too much of the strong brews served at 'Snowdogs Inn'. Yet the ones who knew him well were worried Zenith had not suffered from a hangover since the newbie revolt of 1497; and they were worried. For he was late. Few knew that he'd gone of to get some special ale for his friends at the Inn.

A flury of snow wafted up into his face, into his hair and his mouth. He spat, spit, snow and blood. It was bright in the snow and he cursed. The sledge; he was pulling was like a dead wieght, loaded to the brim, and making the sound of clinking. His mighty battle axe of the north, laid encrusted with blood hair and now snow on top of his sledge. He'd been attacked by a group of orcs in the black hills. He was lucky to be alive; yet he thought he was more lucky to have his ale. His sword Durgil hung heavy at his side, it's dark light estingushed after the fight.

He snuck through the back gate into the city, he was covered in blood, mud and snow thus he thought it best to avoid more questions. He made his way to the Inn of his good friend Snowdog. He kicked hard at the door sending snow ice and win into the ale house.

"Ho ho ho santa's home, I've even dyed my cloak red!"

"Zenith, thats blood not dye and where on earth have you been and what on earth is that monstrocity behind you?!" Snowdog exclaimed

"Well i've been to get the hens tooth havent I! the best ale from the north Stronger and fuller that Old Speckled Hen. Yeah I can see your eyes light up!"

Zenith spoke quickly and was removing his cloths from the top half of his body, to reviel a nast gash to his side, the edges of which had turned a black green colour.

"Yeah I got 2400 bottles for you, for everyone. Yeah got jumped by a gang of Orcs on the east road, so if you'd give me a good bit of pie, bread and ale. And get that girl of yours to stich me up!"
Posted by Sauron's Secret Agent (Citizen # 1891) on :
As Zenith and Snowdog talked, they failed to notice a hobbit-lass slide from the back of the sled, and shivering, curl up on the hearth, stretching her chilled hands to the blaze.
Posted by Bethberry (Citizen # 1217) on :
A flurry of "ho's" awakened the woman from her reverie before the fire and she noticed a small hobbit waif trying to warm herself. The woman added another large log to the fire, and stirred the flames to help it catch. Quickly, the dried bark burst into sparks and caught, surprising the hobbit lass.

Yet it was the loud flurry of activity that drew everyone's attention, from the clinking of bottles on Zenith's sleigh to his partial strip routine. Even the weathered, venerable Innkeeper winced when he saw the gash on Zenith's side.

"Orcs," spoke up the woman, "have they been out destroying the merriment of the season?" Bethberry--for that is who the woman was--eyed the wound and cursed silently that she had not brought her healer's pack of herbs, concoctions and emolluments with her.
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
i]'Yes my friend! Surely Elora will stich you up, or maybe the Huntress will ... but for now you need somthing to help it heal.'[/i]

Snowdog took bottle #2183 and opened it. Taking a sample in his mouth it went down warm and strong, making sure there was no phlem in those pipes. A muffled and strained 'Wow!' came from his lips as he poured some of the strong ale on Zen's wound. He winced and struggled to not let good ale go to waste. Snowdog then took another slug off the bottle.

'You're a good man Zen! An honorable double-digit oldbie you are! Many a number was wasted on passing dolts who never set foot in the city, so citizen #88 you are! Many thanks for the stock of Hen's Tooth!'

The fire danced again with the tending of the woman. Snowdog looked now and saw that he recognized her. It had been some time since he had trekked the Barrowlands, and almosty as long since he had set foot in the White Tree in Rohan. This was an honor to have Lady Bethberry here! Joining her was a near frozen hobbit, and Snowdog wondered if it was her that had left the goodies at the door.

The noise started to awaken others, and the chill winds blew the snow ever harder outside. Water was set to boil for tea and bread was served with cheese for any who wished it.

'Mettarë has come and gone for another year, and the days again grow longer. May this year bring happiness and joy to all, and may merriment be made long and hearty!'
Posted by Elora Starsong (Citizen # 2099) on :
Elora opened one eye, as an experiment, and then the other eye. She blinked and the inn came into focus. Specifically, the inn's roof came into focus. She was lying by the stage, on the floor, under a blanket with Huntress' arm thrown over her waist. The Huntress slept still but there was movement in the commonroom to suggest that others did not. Snowdog could not be seen but could be heard and was certainly vividly remembered. Elora smiled to herself at that and managed to slip elegantly out from Huntress' arm and blanket both. She got to her feet, what silver remained upon her from the night before making a faint chime, straightened her silks and looked around properly.

Snöwdog was tending to another man, and both were enjoying beer. At his warm tidings for the season she nodded quietly, for the moment more like her Ainur self, introspective and lost in consideration of matters unique to her concerns as Guardian. Still the warmth was not lost to her eyes. She just seemed, for the moment, distant as though she hovered in another time and place. A log popped in the hearth and brought her to the present swiftly. She recovered and noted the arrival of a new guest, injured.

Snöwdog caught her eye, something the man was very skilled at, and with a smile nodded in the direction of the new guest. A healer Elora had never been, but she had some skill that perhaps could be of use.

"Time to earn my keep," she mused as she crossed the common room. She had time for one last adjustment to ensure her unconventional appearance was not indecent before she had to stop and introduce herself.

"Snöwdog suggested that I may be of some assistance," she began, with a gentle smile, "If indeed you think me up to the task." The lady she addressed stared up at her, unsure and more than a little struck by Elora's unusual appearance. Elora gestured at what remained of her disarrayed Khandese costume and smiled in a characteristically impish way. Her Ainur voice twinkled with amusement.

"A long story, but my name is not. I am Elora Starsong, and if there is some way the Guardian of Arda can be of assistance, you have but to name it."

Elora bowed gracefully, swaying forward from the hips, hands clasped before her, and hoped Bethberry had not been utterly convinced to flee. If Manwë caught word of her startling yet another Child of Illûvator, she'd never hear the end of it.

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The hobbit-lass looked around as she heard a voice like the chiming of bells. Or was it really bells she heard? She gazed in awe at the beautiful lady scantily clad in silks, and huddled shyly further into the hearth place.

It was good to feel warmth at last, but the large men drinking ale scared her, and the ladies were so tall and elegant that she hoped nobody would notice her. Hunger gnawed at her belly, but she feared to draw attention to herself by approaching the table and the food.

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Posted by Bethberry (Citizen # 1217) on :
In her years roaming Middle-earth Bethberry had become acquainted with not a few exotic habits and manners of dress that would have startled many inhabitants, but after all she was a child of the Old Forest, for whom the inexplicable and the unusual were often expected, and, besides, with a dad like Old Tom, could anything strike her as truly bizarre? So, carefully disguising a knowing grin at the Starsong woman, who managed to combine beauty, grace and mischievousness, Bethberry returned the bow, from her hips, but without the hand gesture, as that was a form of dance she was unacquainted with.

In doing so, she noticed a sparkle of light on the floor at the woman's feet. She bent lower to investigate and found a gemstone of many colours hidden between two planks. She retrieved the item and examined it and then looked up.

"Elora Starsong, I do believe this might have fallen from your costume, perhaps your navel, as it lacks a tassle, either as you danced or as you attempted to compose your costume." She handed the item to the woman and then discretely looked away as the woman rearranged yet again the draped silk over her shoulders. In so doing Bethberry spied a young hobbit huddling by the fire.

"Elora Starsong is beautiful, is she not?" Bethberry asked the hobbit, whose large eyes seemed to grow even wider as she took in the exotic silks. "However, I am hungry, and, as it appears
our Innkeeper--here Bethberry gave Snowdog a courteous nod of her head--is busy taking care of Zenith, perhaps we can help ourselves to a large plate of breads and cheeses, some dates and dried fruits, and a bracing warm beverage."

A caw from the rafters signified that the bird who had accompanied Bethberry and helped her enter the Inn wanted something more than such light fare. Bethberry raised her head to Wyrd and promised to find him something more to his liking in the kitchen.
Posted by Sauron's Secret Agent (Citizen # 1891) on :
The hobbit-lass looked at Bethberry gratefully. "I am so hungry, I cannot remember when I last tasted food. Would it be permitted for me to take some?"

She glanced at Elora, but that lady's struggles with her garments caused her to blush and look away again. "Indeed," she said to Bethberry, "Lady Elora is the most beautiful woman I ever saw, but gazing at beauty does not feed the stomach, only the eyes. If you are quite sure, I would most gladly share a plate of foods with you."

Keeping close beside the taller woman, she accompanied her to the well supplied board, and filled a plate with cheeses and bread and fruits. At a gesture from Bethberry she also took a cup of water, and then hastily retreated to the hearth place.

She gave thanks for her food, and then attacked a hunk of bread with gusto, then half drained her cup of water. Already feeling revived, she began to eat more slowly, and emboldened by Bethberry's kindness she ventured to ask her a question.

"Lady Bethberry, as so I heard your name, are you by chance related to Lady Goldberry and Tom who dwell in the Old Forest?"
Posted by Elora Starsong (Citizen # 2099) on :
"I simply don't know how their women do it ordinarily, Elora muttered, referring to the women of Khand so rarely glimpsed as she yet again rearranged the silks. The lady she had addressed had proved quite ambulatory and was indeed proving that fact with a hobbit close in attendance. The only things that wore tassles in Khand were the livestock - ponies, camels, horses. Never a chicken or goat or lamb, come to think of it. Elora interrupted her ponderings of tassles and Khand and realised she was standing alone, her offer apparently unnecessary. She shrugged her shoulders, dislodging the recently applied silk turned and made for the newly arrived beer.

Elora circled the beer, curiosity lighting her features.

What must a woman do for a drink in this place, she asked, grinning impudently at Snöwodg - a most attentive inn keeper.
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Snowdog popped a top off a brew and passed it to Elora, winking at her.
He noted the bird, and said,

'Make sure that bired don't cr@p on anything in here.'[

The thought of bread with bird cheese passed through his mind.

He turned back to Elora, and said,

'I haven't really thanked you for the dancing in the days past. A most welcome treat for these eyes.'

His fingers were found pinching a bit of her silk and running about in a small circle, losing himself for a moment in the feel.
Posted by Elora Starsong (Citizen # 2099) on :
Well, what did you have in mind, Elora couldn't help but ask Snöwdog as his fingers travelled over what remained of her costume. Memories danced through her mind. Recollections made her lean in closer to the innkeeper. She took the cool bottle of ale he had given her and placed it against her cheek. It was hot in this inn.

She really needed to change her costume... and find the musicians - no telling what mischief those men would be up to in northern climes. Elora found herself nestled in close to the inn keeper, the silver on her costume tinkling as his fingers moved. She took a long drink from the bottle to ease her dry mouth.
Posted by Bethberry (Citizen # 1217) on :
Bethberry caught a loud-pitched screech and knew that Wyrd did not much admire the Innkeeper's thoughts. With a whistle she lifted her arm, wrapped in her cloak, for the falcon to alight upon, and she withdrew to the kitchen.

There, she snuck some raw duck meat with which to feed her falcon and opened the window.

"Watch for my room, I shall open the shutters for you," she called out after the bird, who flew off to the top tree, rivalling an owl his perch. She smiled to herself and returned to the hall.

"Young halfling, we have a wounded hero here," she called out, looking at Zenith about to cry for the loss of a bottle merely over his wound. And she walked toward him with a kitchen towel swathed over many implements, among which were needles and thread and a thick knife.

"If you wish, you may hold the knife between your teeth while I stitch you up, seeing as our Innkeeper is so otherwise disposed."
Posted by ZENITH (Citizen # 400) on :
ZENITH laughed hard and long and took the knife from bethberry. With out a word he cut a nob of stilton from the large cheese in front of him and ate it.
"Good stilton,Snowdog!" He shouted aross the Inn.
"Now young missy, just wipp that black suff off from around the edge.Thats the staining from my galvorn chain mail. then 8 or 10 quick stiches should do it.
He opened a bottle of Hens Tooth and took a large slug, then he effortlessly flicked the thick knife hard into the table.
"Now dont look at me like that, I'll not need it. Im from the north and my friends would never let me live it down!"

He drank the rest of the bottle quickly and didnt even flinch after the first stich was done.
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Its another year now at Snowdog's and the year ahead looks to be a good one. The weather has broken this morning with a bright sun rising over the frozen lands. It was well below freezing, and the wind out of the north was biting, so the fire was built to keep the chill from creeping in.

'Happy New Year everyone!'

Snowdog called out. He had a smile on his face, and seeing Elora before him, he leaned and kissed her cheek.

'I think this year will be an amazing one. What say you Elora Starsong?'

A pot of water was now boiling and Snowdog brought out mugs and tea steeps, with a good supply of the finest in Khandese tea.
Posted by ZENITH (Citizen # 400) on :
Zenith Staggered back over the frozen cobbled streets towards Snowdog's Inn. He'd been up partying in the halls of Mandin and Warg for the best part of two days. He'd danced and conversed with many a young lady over the new year party and was sporting a lipstick mark upon his cheak. He was swigging froma magnum of champange and was still in good spirits. And for once he was dressed not for battle but, in a fine green and blue robe; with clean and refined boots on this feet. Having said that he still had his Sword Durgil by his side in an ornate scabbard.

He breezed into the inn,
"Hey up Snowdog! HAPPY NEWYEAR! Now if your not too buissy id like roast phesant and some cheese, and a flagorn of ale!"
Posted by Sauron's Secret Agent (Citizen # 1891) on :
The hobbit-lass, small even by hobbit standards, was amazed at the fast recovery of the doughty northern knight, for so he seemed to her.

But his call for food awakened the gnawing within, and she crept closer. Could I have some bread, and perhaps some cheese and dried fruits please, innkeeper? I have a few coins here which may suffice.

She offered up her shabby money bag, which contained all her worldly wealth - except for the coins she kept concealed about her person.
Posted by ZENITH (Citizen # 400) on :
ZENIth loked down at his mighty battle axe that was still resting on the crates of hens tooth. Caked in blood hair and a few shards of bone. The blood was balck and had dried like stone in the runes. He was not in the mood to do it him self, thus looking around he clapped eyes on a hobbit.

"Young hobbit, I'll pay for your fare and give you this gold coin worth about25 of your silver shire coin. If you'd do me the sevice of cleaning my axe."
Posted by Sauron's Secret Agent (Citizen # 1891) on :
The hobbit's eyes lit up! She could earn real money by doing something useful, a task she was well equipped to do as well.

She dragged the axe to the kitchen, where she applied water and soap, and various herbal concoctions told to her by her grandmother, and soon the axe was sparkling as new. She tested the edge - not too sharp! Taking a whetting stone, she fined the axe to the cutting edge of a lethal blade. Then she dragged it back in to the bar.

Good Knight, here is your axe, cleansed and ready for battle once more.

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The Noldo returned from his reverie, his thoughts having strayed to the shore of his youth, and even to the Undying Lands of which he remembered very little save a great march of princes and warriors, tall, grim and proud, And the memory of bitter cold and ice, screaming winds that cut to the bone and all but drowned out the voices of lament...

So different from this humble inn of Men. He was pleased, and not a little envious, to behold the joy they had for their particular Yestarë, the first day.

Day. Night. Such is how time was reckoned -- the bliss of life brief and bright, diminishing swiftly with each passing season.

As morning came he felt less burdened and could hear the faintest echo of a voice -- perhaps even his own -- rising in unison with the voices of many thousands of Men and Elves "Auta i lómë!", "The Night is passing!"

For the Noldo, like the remnant of his kind, had grown weary of the world, the endless strings of days and ages, amidst the circles of time. But here in this pleasant place he allowed himself a sense of now, and reveled vicariously in the joy of renewal; moments stolen from the mortal's everyday toil. And in these moments he felt ever so briefly the breath of Valinor, warm and forgiving, when the world was new, and he too newly born in it...

Touched by the generousity of the gift the humble Halfling maiden had left, he reached into a pocket and produced a small budding Eglantine, a wild rose from the vales of Ithilien, and gave it to her.

"The Night is Passing." He said.

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Posted by ZENITH (Citizen # 400) on :
"The hobbit has done well." ZENITH thought to himself. He also thought of the hunger in his belly.

"Snowdog my old chum what roasts on the fire this night? I have a hunger that could consume half a horse!"
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
'Vennison, slain outside the back door! The fire is prime and the spit is turning. Until then, I have some fine stew hot and ready.'

He offered up the stew for everyone, even the hobbit that seemed too shy.
Posted by Elora Starsong (Citizen # 2099) on :
"Rather fortunate for the horses stabled here," Elora laughed. She removed herself to a position closer to the fire to nurse her ale. Through the window she caught movement. Five Khandese men were walking with purpose, looking for all the world as if they were up to something. Trailing in the wake was another Hobbit, this one a young lad in his tweens. He looked uncertain, to say the least.

"Not again," Elora sighed wearily, rose and repaired to the nearest window which she raised high enough to stick her head through. What she said was incomprensible to anyone unfamiliar with Khandese. She did not say over much either. A few short sentances is all. Still, when she was done, the musicians looked cowed and somewhat disappointed and the hobbit lad had made the most of the distraction and absconded. She saw him waver in the cover of the trees, sniff the air and detect the stew and almost reconsider.... Almost...

Elora pulled herself back through the window and closed it again, shaking her head. By the time she had retaken her seat by the fire, the musicians were in a huddle, debating something vigourously. But, she could see them, at least, and they weren't likely to return to wheedle a hobbit from a garden or ale tent with the intent on selling them as curio slaves back down south any time soon.

Still, she'd have to go through their belongings before they did go home, just in case they carried with them other contraband. Slaves were difficult to stow, but there were other things much easier to conceal. Pipeweed, for instance.
Posted by Sauron's Secret Agent (Citizen # 1891) on :
The hobbit took the flower and held it gently. It is very lovely, sir. I thank you.

Bread and chesse had done little to assuage the hunger of many days, and the hobbit-lass found the smell of the stew almost too much to endure. She watched the Innkeeper carefully. He was very big, but he seemed kind to his guests, and the beautiful dancing lady would surely not let her come to any harm.

She edged towards the table, placing herself carefully between the dancer and the kind man of the beautiful flower, and looked up timidly - the man looked as tall as a tree to her. Please, sir, I am famished. Could I have some stew please? I can pay.

She fumbled in the pouch that hung from her belt, and showed him her few coins.

Would this be enough?

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Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
'Hmm... Shire coin. Ain't seen any of that since Will Whitfoot last visited. No need to pay lass, just go ahead and eat your fill.'

He set a good size bowl in front of the hobbit before looking around. Seeing the elf, he said,

Yes, the night is passing, are ye finding what you like sir? You are welcome to the stew, and I have some bootleg miruvore here I think, though its quite aged.'

He then looked around and asked himself...

'Where did that wench Focmor go? I may need her for what I pay her for.'

The scent of the roasting deer was wafting through the common room. Snowdog ran back and got his sauce he mixed up, and went and slathered it on, really making it sizzle.
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The hobbit's eyes lit up when the bowl of stew was placed before her. And her mouth watered rather horribly because it smelled so good.

Dabbing at her chin with a rather grubby sleeve, she looked up at the inn-keeper. You are most kind, sir! I had not thought the Big People would be so generous to a simple Halfling. With no more ado, she grabbed a spoon and began to eat with rather more enthusiasm than elegance.

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Celandine, for was such was the Halfling's name, which she now felt sufficiently at ease to divulge (such is the effect of a reasonable amount of food on any self-respecting hobbit), belched happily as she licked out the bowl of stew.

Waste not, want not she murmured to herself.

She judged from the flurry of activity by the large inn-keeper that the venison might be ready soon. Hmmm, main course too! she thought cheerfully. Being of a helpful nature, she collected the bowls and spoons that were now empty and lugged them into the back kitchen, where she busied herself in cleaning them thoroughly, singing to herself as she did so. A fed hobbit is a contented hobbit.

As she put them away on the shelves, it occurred to her that the knight had not yet given her the gold coin he promised, so she trotted back into the main room of the inn. Dragging a stool to the table, she climbed on to it, and prodded the knight's arm. Sir knight, you did promise me a gold coin for cleaning your axe. May I have it please?

Celandine was helpful by nature, but if she had been offered gold, then she was sensible enough to accept, and her store of coins was by now rather sparse.
Posted by ZENITH (Citizen # 400) on :
Zenith sat at his table with his feet out in front of him. He was back in this chain mail and hooded cloak. He was subcosiously tossing his knife up and down in his hand stairing in to space. When the young hobbit, quizzed him about the coin he'd promised.

"Aye young lass, hear you go. Dont know how much that be in your shire coin. Maybe the innkeep here can tell you or old Will lightfoot."

He took out a large gold coin that was a big as the hobbit's hand.
Posted by ZENITH (Citizen # 400) on :
Drunms beat like the rain on a tin roof, horns blew like the winds of the west. The sun was covered yet sweat soaked all. The amies clashed with the sound of a thousand cracks of thunder. Screams of silence echo, a white standard with a simple red cross splattered with blood. The stench of death chilling a sweat covered body.

"Wha what, Snowdog! I was deaming why you wake me you old buzzard?"

Snowdog had come to staok the fire next to the Knight, for ith had died all but to it's last ember. ZENITH wiped his face; he was covered n sweat yet the room had gone rather cold.

"Hey up is that venison ready yet? I must be feeling weak 'cos I havent eaten yet!"
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
"Yeah, I had to let the fire go to coals to properly cook the venison, but it is tender and ready! Oh, sorry about waking you from that dream. From what you were mumbling, it must of been a tough one. Now let me tell you of a dream I had...."

he paused as he slipped back into daydream of it, but said no more. Instead he started carving the meat and setting it upon a platter, and fished out the potatoes he set near the coals.

"Fresh roasted venison and baked po-ta-toes are ready! Everyone is invited to feast!"
Posted by Elora Starsong (Citizen # 2099) on :
Elora had curled up, comfortable and warm and accustomed to sleeping without the benefit of a bed, around the table she had been sitting at. Snowdog's announcement woke her and momentarily confused her as she stared at the floor and then the underside of the table she had fallen asleep under. The sight of the underside of a bar table orientated her. She was familiar with such a sight.

A delicious scent permeated the air and she unfolded herself. Noone quite saw how, but the Ainur woman stood clad differently than before. Such occurences, sudden changes in context, location, characterisation or wardrobe, were not unusual in this place. Gone was the dancer's garb, worn by a long and busy night of revellry. In it's place was Elora's more habitual choice of sartorial expression. A long tunic of soft linen fell to her boots. The narrow skirt was slashed to the hip up both sides to free movement, and beneath leather trews glimpsed at the world.

Elora stretched, shook out her hair and decided she most definately was hungry. Being Ainur in mortal lands was hungry work.

"What marvel is it that you have kindly provided us, Snöwdog?"

As she near, the innkeeper noticed her looking absently about and soon remedied the matter by placing an ale in her hand. Elora smiled at him brightly and took a deep breath.

"Delicious," Elora declared appreciatively, and perhaps her comment could be interpreted in more than one way. She gave no clue as to what precisely she meant...

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Zenith picked a huge chunk of venisen off the bone and attacked it with this knife. Grabbing some salt and buter he cut his potatoes open an put some on. he was famished, and with the thoughtof his latest nighmare he ate rapidly. Taking the top off a bottle of hens tooth he drank a great draft. His table manners were that of a dank Inn but when needs must he had parfect eticate.

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Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
(OOC:I tell ya, I'm not so sure I can deal with all the headgames that go on at this site sometimes. I'll write about it elsewhere.)

Snowdog's Inn can be a dank inn at times, more often lately than not. The food was great, and Elora appeared before him looking quite delicious! He pulled an ale for himself, looked at her and said,

"So, shall we retire to my suite upstairs? Focmor can handle the patrons me thinks"

Focmor looked with a pout, wanting very much to join Snowdog, but she had much to do oif she wanted to make some legitimate pay.

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Elora cast a quick glance at the window. The musicians were busy, again, hanging brightly coloured tassels from horse tack and bridles. To most the tassels appeared to be exotic decoration. Elora, however, knew that those tassels in Khand signified something else entirely. Still, noone was likely to go to Khand here, and at least the musicians were not busy working someone over. So, she left them to their mischief and wide grins and turned all her considerable attentions over to Snöwdog.

"Your suite?"

She appeared to ponder the matter a moment, but Snöwdog could read her smile easily enough. She raise one brow and nodded, grinned at the bar wench.

"A fine idea! Lead the way..."

And he did, Elora following and attending very closely indeed, to the suite.

"Nice digs. Oooh, is that a-"

The door closed on Elora's question.
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Snow was still thick upon the ground as ZENITH, trudged through the city. The frost upon the handle leading to Snowdogs was as thick as the hairy catapillars that frequented the orchards in the spring.

Opening the door he gasped,
"It's as cold as a penguin's chuff out there; "

*looks around*

"Nobody on the bar, looks like free ale for me! Oh and free food, this chicken leg looks good!"
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
As Z was pigging out and donwing ale, Focmor silently lifted his coin bag and took the right amount. She then stepped around beside him and said as she leaned her back against the bar,

"Its a cold one this morn eh?"

She smiled as she dangled his coin bag before him before letting it drop to the bar.

There's more ale and chicken if you wish some, plus the venison was rightly smoked and packed away in salt so if you wish any jerky for the trail or while you are fishing, there is plenty."

With a wink and a wiggle she walked around to behind the bar.
Posted by ZENITH (Citizen # 400) on :
Rooling his eyes up to the sky ZENITH knew that he had let his gaurd down. Laughing hard he spoke in his loud ddep voice:

"Out smarted by the warmth of the fire and the taste of a good brew. The weather is about to change i feel the wind is in the west the air is damp yet fresh withthe smell of a pple blossom froma far land. The frosts will go then the rains will proceed the hot sun."
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
And the rains came... days and nights it rained, breaking only to a soft drizzle at times. The Inn was filled with the haze of wood and pipesmoke, and the music of the far south would play every night. Elora woul ddance each night as if it was her first. Focmor flirted with Z at the bar while plying him with tankards of Old Speckled Hen. Snowdog tended to collecting rainwater in empty kegs for use as freshwater. He would look up and down the road, seeing the grasses and trees and shrubs of the lands solemnly slumbering, buds swelling as they awaited the sun to burst forth.

The month of Víressë came and still the greyness held sway. Some days it was brighter and the ground tried to dry, but other days the mists hugged the ground and the rain fell steady. On the 22nd day of Víressë as the morning came, the eastern sky glowed in reds, pnks and oranges before the lands erupted into a golden glow. If one was standing quietly, they may have heard a sigh of relief from the plants as they immediatly started to stretch. The clouds lingered, but the warming rays tried to drive them off. This would be a good day!

Posted by ZENITH (Citizen # 400) on :
The begining of spring had started, Zenith had been seen on the outer waters of aduin, his water craft was of that of legend. He had a sixth sence of where the fish would be.It had been three days since he had been seen in the confines of the city's walls. The sun beat a tatoo upon the back of Zenith's neck. Slung over his shoulders was a fish the size that none thought existed in middle earth. Kicking the doors open to snowdogs inn he laughed at the chileren of all races that had followed him through the city.

"Snowdog" He shouted with the joys of youth and a smile that took away the scar on his cheak. "Get that fire going and the ale flowing."
Posted by Elora Starsong (Citizen # 2099) on :
Elora looked up at the arrival of Zenith and shot him a wide smile of welcome greeting. She turned back to the musicians and decided it was time to bring the discussion to a conclusion.

"Look, you can have the tips. I know you will need to cover your board if you want to sleep indoors. But the tips gotten for dancing are mine alone."

The men traded long glances with each other and then re-examined her expression. It was then they realised that she was not jesting and agreed to the terms. The small group of Khandese stood and each in turn sealed the arrangement with a curious gesture they traded with the Ainur woman. Elora turned away from them with a mysteriously pleased expression in place and crossed to where Zenith was unburdening himself from his rather large fish.

"Why, that's a rainbow speckled mirrculor if I'm not mistaken," Elora exclaimed with mild suprised following a short inspection of the fish.

She straigtened and fixed her swirling gaze on Zenith, curiosity alight in her eyes.

"My my, you have done some travelling, eh Zenith..."

Zenith stared back at her, deciding whether to answer her murmured speculation or not. How safe was it to divulge such information to one of the Ainur? That was the question. Was the fish protected of Ossë or Ulmo? Is that why she was so interested?

As Zenith speculated, Elora sidled behind the bar.

"Ah, I don't know where Snöwdog has gotten himself off to, but I am sure you must be thirsty Zenith. Would you like an ale? I can pour you one..."

Zenith did not have to wonder long why Elora looked so positively guilty at being behind the bar. Focomor appeared and cried out.

"You're not ALLOWED behind the bar, Elora! He said so. Not after last time!"

The bar maid rushed across the common room to extract Elora from the forbidden place.

"Well he never told me that! And do you see me extravagantly dispensing beer now? Of course you don't. I'm sure I can pour Zenith here an ale... besides, Snöwdog wouldn't have to know. No harm done.. Ouch... don't pinch!"

Elora was bundled out by a fierce bar maid who fixed her with a glare and turned to see to Zenith's ale. Elora returned to inspect Zenith's fish.

"So, where did you get that fish?
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
"Damm Straight Focmor, now take your slutty bod over to the fire hearth and get those coals going, we have fish to cook! Z, you wanna filet it or cook it outright? Here's the knives."

Snowdog slaps Focmor on the @ss as she sets Zenith's ale on the bar and shuffles off to tend the fire. Snowdog then looks at Elora and says,

"You did that pretty good. How about tapping one for me?"

A devious smile spread over Snowdog's face.
Posted by Elora Starsong (Citizen # 2099) on :
Elora knew that devious expression quite well after the time she had spent at Snöwdog's Inn, within his company. She also knew that to get to the bottom of things, it was best to accomodate him, watch and wait to see what happens.

So, for that reason, she left her questioning of Z and his fish and returned with a slow, swaying amble to the bar. Elora smiled, a brow arching in question, and leant over the bar with well studied ease.

"So, what will your pleasure be then, Inn Keeper?"
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
My pleasure would be you over and over and over again, but if you're referring to drink, then I could use some of that boiled black bean you have way down south.... coffee!

Snowdog smiled at the thought of a fresh brewed cup of coffee and a dance from Elora...
Posted by Elora Starsong (Citizen # 2099) on :
Elora smiled at Snöwdog, not missing his meaning for a second.

"Well then, I shall see what I can do..."[/I] she replied and sashayed with a certain sway in the direction of the musicians who also noticed her movement.

They met her with grins of their own and so began the haggling. Their volume rose and fell in a cadence that could be understood even if their language could not. First the musicians and then Elora exclaimed and passionately gesticulated until, at last, an accord was reached. Elora returned with a pound of coffee, smiling happily and the musicians behind her look equally pleased - expensively pleased. Yet no money had changed hands.

Curious, Snöwdog inquired after the trade and Elora shrugged eloquently.

"Oh, there is more of worth than gold for those who know how to look for it," she replied with deliberate vagueness.

"Well that tell's me nothing," Snöwdog announced. Elora smiled happily at him.

"You don't say," she laughed and busied herself with the making of coffee.

The strong, rich aromatic scent wafted through the common room. So did Snöwdog's questions. Elora poured coffee into a large earthen mug and finally aceeded.

"Very well! If you must know, I agreed to take care of a certain goblin that is inhabiting the caves at the western edge of the desert." she replied and poured a mug for herself.

"Would you like some coffee, Zenith, or are you content with your ale?" Elora inquired.

"How is that a good deal," Snöwdog asked. Elora grinned impishing and bent close to whisper her reply.

"Well I was going to have to deal with that goblin anyway. But, this way we get coffee out of the bargain. Usually, all I get is a lonely road, a couple of camp fires and the usual sword work."

She sipped at her coffee, not in the least resembling any threat to any goblin or anything so much as a cup a coffee in fact. Still there was something about her manner, beneath the surface that hinted subtlely that the goblin would surely rue her housecall.

"So, what manner of dance do you wish to see Snöwdog? There are a number that spring to mind that I could show you..."
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
'I was thinking of an exotic, sensual dance that I'm sure you could muster up easy.'

He sipped the hot dark brew and sighed as he leaned forward against the bar. Her eyes were playful and intense, but in a relaxed way that didn't seem to instill any worries in him. He did feel a rush of intensity flow through him. It afterall was a long time since he had proper coffee. Usually the Dúnedain that come up from the south mix it with some chicory and dirt to make it go farther. This was however, pure fresh brew!

Snowdog noticed a glint in Elora's eyes as her mind thought up what to do...

*Snowdog thought of other evil things to do as well, like taking Elora to the hot springs downstairs.*
Posted by Elora Starsong (Citizen # 2099) on :
Elora sized Snöwdog up carefully. When he looked that way, trouble was as sure to occur as it was if you accidentally let a few dwarves into an Elven treasury. And it was an accident. Those Elves had surely been over reacting, as they sometimes tend to do. All that waxing lyrical came from their talent to conceive hyperbole. When they got upset about something, they did not do it in halves. Which was why she liked the Elves.

She gave up her musings and drained her coffee. Elora bestowed an impish smile upon Snöwdog and a kiss to his cheek.

"Well, Zentih, if you want coffee you will have to get your own. I have a dance to ready," she declared merrily and sauntered off.

Elora made a quick detour back to the musicians and picked up an earthen urn that was brightly decorated in colourful glazes of blue and yellow and green and red. Somehow, whilst bold, the decorations were not jarring - unless you were an Elf, which she decidedly was not. She exchanged a few words and some laughter, shot Snöwdog a decidedly evil grin and disappeared from the common room to get ready.

Snöwdog was given a good ten minutes to wonder what the devil she was up to. Her return was heralded by the appearance of a slender, bare wrist that chimed with heavy silver and gold bracelets. A decadent number gently sounded along her arm as she signalled the musicians. A few moments later, once they got back to their places, the music began to snake through the common room. It was sinuous, supple and earthy. The music was bountiful and ripe. It hinted at hidden places steeped in incense and silks, soaked in sunlight.

Elora emerged carrying the earthen urn on her right shoulder. She held it in place with one hand and her hips swayed hynotically as she entered. Her garb seemed primal, traditional. The colours were of the desert at sunset, deep and ancient ochres and reds and indigos and violets. Gold silk pantaloons covered all but her bare feet. Silver chains circled her ankles. A heavy ruby coat that tightly encased her bodice flared out from her hips into a full fall that was slashed at four symmetrical axis points. It was secured by heavy gold clasps that traced up to beneath her breasts, which were covered in a heavy and ornate array of silver and gold coins, chains, talismen and charms that glinted in the light. A chemise, gauzy violet and indigo full sleeves, floated along, covering her arms but not her shoulders.

Elora circled, still holding the urn and seemed inwardly focused and unaware of anything outside of herself. The heavy bass of the largest drum was marked by each rolling step. The sinuous melody was carried by her hips. Her upper body was still and seemed suspended in isolation to float there untouched by music or dance. Her eyes were closed, face contemplative. Not a flicker of amusement sent a ripple through her composed expression. The musicians, however, looked absolutely devilish in their barely repressed amusement.

The music slowed and then stilled and Elora stood with her back to the musicians and lifted the urn from her shoulder. Her gaze followed it as she lifted it up to the roof. The drums started to roll and with them her hips rolled seamlessly as she settled the urn with great care to her head. When she had it settled, a secret smile of triumph curved her lips and she opened her eyes. Snöwdog was looking at her, trying to figure out what was going on.

The urn was heavy. It took considerable strength to hold her head and neck in perfect poise to keep the urn balanced. The drums settled back into a slow rhythm that the melody wove through. Her movements started simply and built gradually to become more complex as the music grew. She danced beneath that urn as though unencumbered. A slight hitch, hesistation or quiver, a shift of weight or misstep would bring disaster. Elora danced smoothly around, gathering speed.

The crescendo was marked by a display of pure strength that was exuberantly celebrated by the musicians in their song. Elora slowly flexed back, keeping the urn upright and her head steady until she had folded back to the floor. Beneath the tight bodice of her coat, her stomach subtely hinted at rolls and flutters. Her chest slid and circled, dropped and lifted sharply to add percussion to the music. But more startling was her slow, poised rise back to her feet again. The strength required to perform this without disturbing the heavy urn was remarkable but the musicians did not celebrate this. They smiled, widely, impressed, but did not cheer.

Elora was close now to Snöwdog. She could reach out and touch him if she chose to. As she danced, he caught glimpses of her mischevious smile. The music slowed again, sighing towards conclusion. Elora removed the urn from her head and lowered it so that all could see that it was filled with water. She had not spilt a drop and she wore a grin of triumph once again as Snöwdog leant over to see what was in the urn. She had carried not only the urn, but the weight of the water within it, without spilling a precious drop.

Such a feat perhaps explained why the Guardian was so welcome in Khand. Such dancing was as gloriously celebrated as heroics in battle, or beauty in poetry, or wisdom in philosophy. And Elora was pleased with her accomplishment. But the real answer to her smile came when she emptied the urn over Snöwdog's astounded head.

She stood there, grinning as he blinked through the water. Then she realised a little too late that she would have been better served to enjoy the fruits of her prank from a safer distance.

"Now, don't break the urn. It's an heirloom," she pleaded with him. Snöwdog stared intently at her. The urn would not save her from the reckoning.

"Then put the urn down," he suggested in a low rumbling voice that sounded like distant thunder.

Elora looked at the urn in her guilty hands and Snöwdog. She set down the urn with a sigh and wondered how the score would be settled. Still, her lips twitched with barely repressed laughter and admiration as she took in the sight of a drenched Snöwdog plotting his revenge. She may like Elves, but Men were a whole other bag of excitement...

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"That was amazing Elora, but the dousing I took may warrant my picking you up and throwing you over my shoulder and taking you down to the hot springs bath and giving you a dunk.... or maybe the chill mountain stream out back... Hmm....."

Snowdog decided to keep this one for payback later at an undetermined time, and so instead, started to clap his hands.

'Nonethe less, your dance was beautiful and your costuming quite extensive and lovely. I thank you again for gracing this place with your presence! Now, would you like some water... to drink? Or maybe something else?"
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The King's Messenger rode up franticly and dismounted. Entering Snowdog's Inn, he rushed over to Snowdog and handed hin a parchment before turning amd leaving just as quick.

Snowdog spread out the parchment and read it...

... He silently let it roll up, and quietly pourd himself and anyone else a flagon of ale then lifted it up and said,

"Rest now my friend. Your tortured journey on this world is over now. Go and shine On You Crazy Diamond; enjoy the heavens now."

He then drank down the ale in honor of Syd Barrett, founder of the band Pink Floyd.
Posted by Elora Starsong (Citizen # 2099) on :
"One more reason to bless the stars with each eve," Elora solemnly murmured.

She drained her ale and remained still and silent in contemplation of the Gates of Dawn.

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A short bearded figure stuck his head in the door. He was a dwarf, wearing a sky-blue hood with a silver tassel on his head, a gold chain with a key around his neck, and a rather long sword of elvish make on his hip. The sword wouldn't have been considered long for an elf, but with the wearer's diminished stature it occasionally clunked against the floor as he walked. He was trying to look haughty and dignified, but actually appeared a bit bashful. The sword, which was none other than the famous Orcrist of Gondolin, hurt his dignified appearance to some extent. It's rubbing on the floor made him appear a bit comic.

"You know," he began. "I've walked by this place almost every day for over five years. I've peeked in the windows, talked to it's patrons in other locales, but I've never come inside for an ale or two. I figured it was past time that I stopped in."

He hung up his sky-blue hood (the best detachable party hood) on a hook on the wall, took out his pipe, and found a comfortable chair.

"The name's Thorin," he said. "The next round of ale is on me!"
Posted by MANDOS (Citizen # 5312) on :
A stranger who had been hidding his face at the bar (actually hidding a good many other things as well...including his nose [which, at the moment, wasn't on his face], his shoulders, his legs, feet, and rear) perked up at the mention of some form of liquid being "on me" which he assumed would be pored onto the short man who spoke these words.
The stranger's eyes looked dirrectly at the man, growing wider and wider until nothing else on his obtuse face could be seen. He prolonged this reflex action with his enormous eyes as a silent way of telling the bearded fellow that everyone poring their drinks on his head would not be a good idea. He finally decided to quit this owl-like display and say a word or two to the well-meaning figure who wanted a drink or two, but would get more than he bargained for if he went through with this plan of putting it all "on him."

"Mig gnood fellow, I domp shrink dat..."

He remembered that his nose was still detached from his face. After putting it back on his face he continued:

"My good fellow, I don't think that putting all the liquid "on" you is the wisest thing to do. But I'll be willing to pay you for a small drink."

He pulled out a large round stone that seemed to pull all the light from the room into it.

"Things like this have been cluttering up my wonderfull raggety old pouch, so it would tickle me to grant the custodianship of this priceless fancy to you."
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
"Well alright then Master Dwarf. I'll tap you an ale, and one for myself, and certainly one the lovely dancer. But I think this person who just walked in wants to give you something for it"

Snowdog worked to get some tankards filled, and slid one to everyone. Snowdog hoisted his and said before taking a drink,

"To Boromir, a soldier in the field'
Posted by MANDOS (Citizen # 5312) on :
The stranger's glasses now poped out of his head at the mention of Boromir.

"The same Boromir with a head bigger than his nose?"

He could see that their faces were starring at him like a rebelious beard hair in the mirror.

"I thought as much. A long time ago I taught him how a swordfight could neuter even the worst of enemies in one blow...not really fair, but quick and painless."

The oddity who spoke these words now blew out a nearby candle, causing it's smoke to trail off in many different shapes and forms...some of them quite large...a bit too large. Yes...this wanderer was no ordinary plethora of peculiar barroom intellect, nor was he one such puny brain manipulator fraud...he was actually a real puny brain manipulator, or wizard.

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Elora's tankard failed to conceal her expression entirely. The roll of her eyes could be observed from over the tankard's rim. But one had to be very close indeed to make out what she mouthed to the Khandese musicians in the corner: "Delusions of grandeur!"

The musicians broke into rumbling laughter which suprised onlookers as it seemed to be for no apparent reason. Elora, noticing Snowdog glancing her direction surreptitiously, adopted an innocent expression. Not fast enough by a long shot.
Posted by Gna (Citizen # 3830) on :
During the break in the music, as the Khandese musicians laughed and chatted with the dancers, Fauneryn made fine adjustments to the tuning of her harpstrings. The precision of her task was not enough to distract her completely from her surrounding environment, and her nostrils twitched slightly as a vaguely unpleasant odor filled the Inn. Fauneryn glanced around surreptitiously to see the new patrons who had entered the room. The odor did not arise from a noble-looking Dwarf who had arrived recently; no, Dwarves smelled of pipeweed, iron, quartz dust, and damp soil, to the Elf's sensitive nose. This was a strange and different smell, neither exotic nor intriguing-if Fauneryn had encountered the smell before, she would have realized it most closely resembled that of the insides of overused Rohirrim riding boots. Immediately, the Elf ordered a tankard of mead to settle her stomach, and swatted at the stray apostrophes, which were flitting and buzzing annoyingly around the room.
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Snowdog kept tapping the Mordorian Red Ale and made sure each musician had a tankard, except mead was supplied in excess to the Elven harpist. Setting another goblet by her, Snowdog said,

"I keep forgetting to order that apostrophe spray. The last time I did they delivered apostasy spray. It may have been due to my lousy writing."

Snowdog's beerfarts helped with the stench, and the first notes could be heard as Elora warmed up to dance to Delusions...
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The wizard softly sings a high-voiced song that hushes a few sober people nearby and makes a few other people with one too man drinks in them turn up the volume on their voice boxes.

His voice is joined by a gentle ratta-tap-tap from somewhere behind him. He realizes that this only sounds like a distant knock on a bartable but makes the back of his head throb excitedly. He looks down to the side and carelessly observes the fiddle that met this area on his head. Stumbling to his feet he wobbles around the room, finally beaching himself on a pew against the back wall and falls asleep.

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Moonbeams on the snowin the dead of night
Ice blue, silken, shimmering in its light
Softly swirling, swaying, silvery sight
The way is open, for who she says is right

Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Black as midnight, soft as a cloud
peeking out through the veil, whispering loud
drawing my breath on to its clinging sheen
Hoping it is fit for my queen

Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
The chill days have drawn about the old Inn, silent now as the propieter waxed philosophical and recited words of prose. he musicians and dancer relaxed now, as did patrons new and old. It had been awhile since Snowdog had told a tale, and after much thought and tankards of smooth dark ale, he broke the silence...

"There has always been a mystery about this place, and at times business has been good or slow, but there was a time when a Ranger watched over this place while I was away. Of those days I don't think I have ever spoken."

Not knowing if anyone was listening, he went on, remembering events as they happened to him.

"it had come to an end of summer days, when alone and forlorn did I walk. A ranger tired... wanting, lost. But what did I hear in the wood one night? A cry of anguish and dispair more than my own. I lady fair cried in woe. I came to her to comfort her, and little did I know she then and there had begun to entangle me in her web. Aye, well before I had come walking by, she had watched me. She noted my words and who I spoke to along my way, and counting my friends and watching my paths, she lay her trap. In folly I stumbled into it, un thinkng and unaware. Her first words spoken to me were soft and peasing, and I went forth willingly. First by words written and spoken did she spin me closer... tighter. I started to question what she had in mind, abut her soothing soft voice further ensnared me. I was captured and willingly so. I wanted to see her.

The first vision she gave me was that of a happy soul, laughing at something in her life. The next was more serious. Each vision spun more web around me. and each vision drew me closer. Slowly her sexiness and eroticism she let me glimpse, and as I lay there in her web, desiring more of hr, she came to me.

Entwined we lay together, for three days. Then as suddenly se was gone. I had torn away some of the web she had spun about me, for I had enjoyed her company much. But I hid the rents in her web, choosing instead to draw her near. She felt she had given me her all, and I would discard her like an old wet towel. Believe me, the thought was there, but still I remained in her web. Soon she was ther again, this time to stay. The web she sprayed and spun around me came fast and furious. So to did her physical love. But all the while, her webs drew me away...

Yes, she had systematicly targeted my friends. and one-by-one I became distant from them. Some I refused to forgo, and the sadness and depression would fill her eyes. She played on my feelings of comfort, and used them to her advantage. As I became more and more lost in her webs, she calculated how much of her body she needed to give me. One day while worryign and then talking to a truest of true friend, the spell was broken. I could see what was being done to me, and I was almost totally trapped and isolated. My friend was in trouble, and I was powerless to help.

With a calculating eye, I weighed my situation. I weighed all I knew of this woman, and saw that she was a slut. Not in a way where she gave freely to anything that stood before her, but another kind. One who targeted and took ownership of the lives of those she wanted. It was then I escaped. I had worked loose the bonds of her web, and when she was not looking, I slipped out, enwrapping her in her own webs. I had taken control, and I did not run away as far as I could from her. Instead, I kept her as an aside.... as a fuwktoi for me to visit when I wished. Her attempts to reclaim me were futile, even though she would again try and entice me back with vision of herself. But her porn afected me none, for I had visited and had taken, many times, and I desired not to deal with her webs of distrust and deceit. Finally she tired of trying to get me back, and she went away.

I was free again, tough I still would talk to her now and then. It had faded away until one day she sent word of me, saying 'remember me?'. Yes, I remembered. I then led her down into my webs, until finally I destroyed her. But even then.. her webs remained, and again, there is movement on the wire. I wishe her well, and hope her life is good. As for me, I have found again the friendship that binds tighter than webs of deceit, and forevermore, we will dance the world over."

Snowdog stood quiet, wondering if the words only echoed against the old timbers. He looked around and thought of the days she had invaded even this place in the guise of his evermore beloved Rian. No, she wasn't the One.

But here now, beside him, she stood, ever a friend of the truest kind, and much much more! May she dance in my heart like there was no tomorrow, and feel how it beats!

Yes, of all the times Snowdog thought of burning the place down, it never came to be. Dance forever, Lady Starsong!
Posted by Mad Matt The Courageous (Citizen # 5409) on :
*After quietly standing at the door, listening to the words echoing off the interior. The MadMan slowly enters into the well know establishment. Goes up to the bar and pours his own and another ale. Sets the appropriate amount of silver on the bar and hands the other drink to the proprietor. Nods to the proprietor, raises his glass to him than silently stares into the void. Knowing the magic of silence.*
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Silently sipping and staring, lull in the sounds of the inn where only the soft tap of rain can be heard on the roof. Love levels its light laser straight into my heart. Considered what it has been in the past, this beam illuminates me to no end, to know it so fully and completely is intoxicating indeed.

Days past, darkness settles upon the heads, pushing the faces ever closer to their tankard of ale. ilence... a comfort and a curse, for those who mourn loss and now sit lonely.

But life lives! Song and dance will fill the air again, and to the day it is so, I look forth.
Posted by Thorin (Citizen # 816) on :
Thorin is content in the silence. He is not a good dancer, as he tends to trip on his beard.
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
"Thorin my dwarf friend...", Snowdog said as he served him a mug of freshly brewed winter ale. " is good to have a place quiet where one can enjoy an ale and reflect. I have just bene reflecting on some of the folk who had come throgh these doors. Some of the kids who were heading out are now in military uniforms (Boromir), pursuing careers (Elentari), or are proud mothers (Sekmet). Some have forever fallen from thought or have found their path to other places (Rian... #1 & #2) The first Rian here was Sherri, who I got to sign up here after passing the link to her at work. A lovely lady she was, and now resides in the far north (Fairbanks Alaska) with her husband and baby. She departed here one day never to return and left me her name, of which I passed on to a slut I was doing for a few months. I thought for a time she was my Rian, but it was not so. It turned out my Rian was a friend of many years.... elora."

Snowdog tapped himself a mug, and went on, not really sure the dwarf was even listening.

"All is well in the land though, for friends good I have made in the 7 years past. A few enemies too, but that is the problem of the one who hates, not the one hated. And so as this inn was the first to open, may it be th elast to close. To life!"

Snowdog hoisted his mug and then drained it.....

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Thorin hefted his own mug and drained it. "To life," he agreed.
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
.... and to good ale! I'm afraid lagers are taking over the taps....
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Snowdog wipes down the old oak bar after settin' new casks of ale up on mounts behind it in the far left corner where he had built a fountain, waterwheel, and keg-chiller using the cold spring water that flowed out of the hillside ntot far away. He had managed to procure a keg of Caravan Roads Haradian Pale Ale, and Numenorean Roads Pure Malt Lager. Also, paying dearly for it, he procured a cask of the Green Dragon's finest bitter. They would accompany the Old Dwarf Stout.

He was drawn from his tidying up by a tap on the door, and then the entry of a rather weather-beaten courier. He handed Snowdog some parchments, and Snowdog paid him with a fresh tankard. The rider downed it and was off, to deliver other parchments. Apparently he was late...

Snowdog opened the parchments and read...

Well..... I never realized this inn, the first to be built in Minas Tirith, was popular enough after so many years of relative inactivity to actually be nominated for two catagories in the 2007 Minas Tirith Awards ... Best Inn & Best Roleplaying Thread. I am honored by the nominations, and even more surprised and honored by the 2nd place showings in both catagories! And though I'm not in any way a part of it, its great to see Theft of Umbar win Best RP, for it was birthed from this very inn back in 2001, and after 6 years, still going strong! []

Cheers folks!
Posted by Turambar (Citizen # 1168) on :
Turambar, his face as dirt-stained as the rest of his clothes, appears in the doorway as the flash of lightning illuminates Middle Earth behind him. His tired feet drag his broken body over to the bar where he tries to draw the bartender's attention by opening his mouth and being muffled by the sound of thunder striking in the distance. Another try, perhaps, 'fore the next flash of lightning is followed by another rolling of the thunder. "Did anyone leave a message for Turin Turambar at this inn?" His name outspoken might turn a head or two, friend or foe alike, but the 'tender shakes his head slowly. "No, my friend. Ale a-plenty, but no message for one with that name." A smirk appears on the weathered face of Turambar as he turns away from the bar, digging up a silver coin from his pocket and leaving it behind. "Thanks for the effort." With that, Turambar leaves the bar as the sound of thunder grows stronger. Another rainy day, another wet walk for a man haunted by his own fate...
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
"Damm storm, has to pass sooner or later..."

Lightning struck with a bright flass as the door started to open. A loud blast of thunder echoed through the inn, rattling tankards and flagons, bottles and beams as the door closed. A weather-worn man who looked like he hadn't washed since the last rainstorm was asking something. He asked again after the thunder...

"Did anyone leave a message for Turin Turambar at this inn?"

Ah yes, a familiar name it was, but nothing he could remember was left for one with it.

"No, my friend. Ale a-plenty, but no message for one with that name."

Snowdog tapped him an ale but the man just thanked him and left a silver. Snowdog was going to suggest he stay a bit and dry off by the fire and wait out the current cloudburst, but he was already walking out the door. Snowdog said to him even as the door closed.

"No need to pay for an ale you aren't drinking..."

Another bolt of lightning, a bit farther off this time, lit up the room, and the thunder rolled by as Snowdog looked at the coin before pocketing it, and he drank the full flagon.
Posted by ZENITH (Citizen # 400) on :
A large shaddow erupted from the open door sending dust up into the air choaking the few in the most hallowed of inns. The clink of chain mail and thick armour could be heard as the large man came into view.

"A pint of your finest strong ale my friend"

..........Zenith had returned
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
"Good to see you again Master Z! Ale I have, and I just got a cask of new, strong stuff. It was brewed in the outskirts of the North Farthing by a recluse hobbit named Harrold Hopsfurrow. I understand he is related to the Largebarrels of Bree, of which Freddy is the famed Master Brewer from the old Green Dragon. Here be a pint sir, on the house, as a welcome back present."
Posted by ZENITH (Citizen # 400) on :
A most gratifing ale my old pall. Yet have you tasted the Yellow Hammer? It is like a flagon of sunbeems and yeasty hopps
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
"I must get me a flagon or six of this Yellow Hammer, for it sounds yummy!"

Snowdog & Z lift and bang their flagons of ale together...
Posted by Boromir (Citizen # 239) on :
"Well, buy yourself as many flagons as you wish, but I'll be buying my own drinks as long as my re-enlistment silver lasts," said Boromir. "I got four more years guarding Gondor's interests, although it'll be spent guarding those who make sure Gondor's interest's are well known. To hell with it, I have enough money to buy a round to anyone not passed out, the wimps."

I just re-enlisted in the Marine's (actually about a month ago, but who keeps track in a drunken daze), and figured the best way to announce was in my favorite thread ever! I only just wish I could meet you, Snowdog. You are, to be honest (and I've been drinking beer tonight, so you know it's the God's honest truth), a bit of a mystical, so to speak, figure to me.

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Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Hey Boromir my man! You get a free beer of your choice any time you wish to stop in. You can buy any after that if ya want. [] I'm honored you still come to my fine inn when you're passing by!

[] Me? Mystical??? [] I'm just an old greybeard hippy Tolkien book geek trying to run a (dis)reputable inn/pub/alehouse, and but for stalwarts like you, Zenith, and the occasional visitor, I usually just polish the bar, drink my ales, and talk to the ghosts these days. Would like to meet you sometime too. Unless you're in Seattle when I am, or manage to get posted to the embassy in Canberra or get shore leave in Brisbane, it may be tricky. Maybe we could meet at Keo's someday since most flights from here go through L.A. I'll buy you a beer for real when the day comes! So you did two Iraq tours and re-up'd? Good on you mate! Use your [] [] & [] well and avoid the [] . Hope you're drinking good beer! []
Posted by Lugbúrz (Citizen # 867) on :
"What he probably means is how you're still doing it at your age, old man!" said a voice from the shadows.

And from the light of the smoldering pipe could be seen an outline of a smirk.

"I mean, how do you manage to keep this place up and running, what is the secret to your strength?"
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
*The haze in the air had the aroma of some of Middle Earth's finest leaf, and Snowdog turned to the source of it, and the voice*

"Hey Lug... I guessed it was something like that. Sometimes I'm not sure how, or why I do it either. Too many times, when we had the nuclear option, I nearly turned this place into ground zero. But alas, I'm an archivist, and wiping out a bit of history isn't my bag. So I remain."

Snowdog filled himself a mug of North Farthing Christmas Dark Lagar and sipped it as the sound of Led Zeppelin's opening riffs of 'In My Time of Dying' started to fill the air.
Posted by ZENITH (Citizen # 400) on :
Old friend, my tankard is empty!
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
"Hey Zmiester! Get over here and have a fill of some fine spiced winter ale!"

Snowdog pours some from his bucket into the Z's empty tankard...
Posted by ZENITH (Citizen # 400) on :
*Picking out the floating sawdust from his Tankard*

'Tis a fine harty draught old friend'
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
"Thats not floating sawdust, its yeast. This stuff is keg-conditioned ya know!"

Snowdog takes a long pull...

"And it is indeed a fine drop!"
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Crows.... hundreds of them.... making such a racket outside Snowdog's Inn that it was impossible to sleep. The day was dawning sunny, and the black birds seemed to be partying.

Approaching the inn was a waggon, and above it flew three ravens. The cargo were four kegs of fine brew. Each one had the symbols of 3 Ravens burned into the oak, and under that each one read something different. First one simply said Blonde. It was a honey-coloredslightly hop-bittered Alt style beer popular in the Shire. The second simply said Bronze. This was a bit darker in hue, like a clean copper coin, and had more hop bitterness. It was thought this was a lost style after the fall of Arnor, but the Dunedain of the north managed to keep it alive in small batches of homebrew. Now, the recipe was trusted to Long Cleave Brewing in the North Farthing of the Shire, and has become available in limited quantities. The third simply said Black and was a stout, black as the depths of Moria with a thick, chocolaty-coffee taste. This strong brew was highly preferred by the dwarves who still passed through the Shire. The fourth one was an enigma. It simply said Dark on it. It wasn't black like the stout, but a deep, dark ruby red. Its taste had a smoked beechwood taste to it, and was the brewmaster's seasonal. Snowdog's Inn was one of the few places outside the Shire that was supplied one keg of each. One keg of each was sent also to the Prancing Pony Inn in Bree, The Inn at Long Lake in Dale, the Mead Hall of Edoras, and the Inn of the White Tree in Minas Tirith. A special ale this was, and Snowdog walked out to meet the waggon.

"Delivery to Snowdog's Inn. I take it you're Snowdog?"

"Yes.. yes I am. This must be the legendary 3 Ravens brew from Long Cleave?"

"Uh... yes. four kegs. Just sign here, and me lads will offload the goods."

"Great! Business is slow, but I'm sure they will only get better with age. Focmor will show you to the celler. But leave the Bronze on the bar. I'm tapping that one immediately."

The kegs were stowed and the Bronze tapped, and Snowdog had his tankard full.


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The great beer had led Snowdog to dig out some old parchments and read them. He had been writing about the times as he went, and the memories of some who have passed the doors made him smile. Yet things had become... empty. He needed new surroundings. Then and there, Snowdog went off to pack. Returning, he said to Focmor

"The place is yours to run until I get back. I'm heading off to the Green Dragon for a time!"

Focmor smiled and opened the door for him.

"Enjoy yourself, and I'll see you when you get back!"

And Snowdog trundled off down the somewhat overgrown track that used to be a road, heading west...

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A new shipment of ales he brought back with him. Kegs of Bridge Roads Galaxy IPA, Feral Hop Hog and Razorback, and some Mt Tamborine Mountain Bitter! yes, with business nearly non-existent, this would last him awhile. He and Focmor would have a good drunk this night!
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Teddy Largebarrel from Long Cleeve in the North Farthing just brought a wagon-load of kegs! Mostly his experimental stuff, like a hoppy black ale and a hoppy black lager. He was bitching about the state of repair the road is in. I told him not much traffic comes this way anymore except the gatherings of the Dunedain Rangers.

*Focmor's sultry voice sings to the accompaniment of a lyre player with a slide*

"It was a long black night... with the rain pouring down...
Why don't I leave this place... and head on into town..."

Posted by Elora Starsong (Citizen # 2099) on :
Elora eased her way in a side door, wiping the last of a dubious substance from her hands and onto the much abused edges of her cloak. She shrugged out of said cloak and dropped it on the floor against the wall. It shuddered of its own accord and inched away until she placed a worn boot on it for good measure. With a grimace of distaste, she collected the cloak, opened the door and tossed it out. A faint squeal of the doomed cloak faded.

The door closed and she looked about the inn cautiously. A singer held court over those within and rightly so. With a voice like that, Entwives would be charmed from their hidden homes. A touch of relief edged her expression. It had been a rough time of late and it showed. That would be the last time she accepted a wager, she vowed to herself, and tucked strands of escaped hair behind her ears. Ale taps gleamed at the innkeep's counter, bewitching, beguiling.

She wiped one hand over her nose and chin to brush away any lingering trail dust as the other hand quested in a much maligned pouch at her belt. The pickings were slim. She squinted at the two coins in her hand and thought hard to place the mint of the coins to the correct era. Damn timelessness. Elora sighed as she realised the head on the coins was a good few kings ago. He had a nice profile, as far as mortal men are concerned, but she'd be pushing her luck to have them accepted as legal tender here. Maybe, with a little charm...

Elora sidled over to the bar, slipping into the singer's web of music, and leaned her elbows on the countertop. What she wanted was a red ale or a kriek, sour of course and none of that sacharine dross so many fell to. She put on her best smile, confidently slapped her two ancient coins on the countertop and placed a propietory finger on the red ale tap.

"Snowdog, care to share some of that red ale?"
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
"I have some aged 3 Ravens Bronze which is about as close to red that I have tapped. I think Freddy dropped some sort of cherry beer off with his last load, but have to empty some kegs before I can tap more."

It was good to see a familiar face come into the inn. I was surprised she ws able to find her way through the overgrown bush to find this place once again.
Posted by Elora Starsong (Citizen # 2099) on :
Elora's smile deepened with delight at the mention of cherry beer. She nodded at Snowdog in assent to the offered ale and pushed the two ancient coins towards him. She distractedly plucked a twig from her hair as she pondered how to get that cherry beer on tap. Her fingers twirled the offending shoot about until Snowdog placed the filled tankard on the bar and scooped up the two coins. Elora started, stared at the shrubbery in her hand and then at Snowdog. Her cheeks coloured as he squinted suspiciously at the coins.

Elora slowly edged one hand to the bar, to pull the tankard towards her before Snowdog rejected her currency.

"Hey! What do you think you're up to" he demanded of her. His gaze swung from the suspect coins to fix Elora to where she stood, almost purloined ale in hand. Elora cleared her throat to buy some time for thinking.

[I]"Well, you see, they really were kings, so the coin really is good.... maybe it has appreciated in value, given their antiquity..." Snowdog pocketed the coins swiftly and shook his head.

"I don't care what sort of royalty you may be, nor the value of your coins. You're making a damn mess there and those floors don't clean themselves!" His frown drove Elora to glance down at the floor she stood upon. Right enough, there was the extracted twig and a generous amount of mud and trail debris. Perplexed, Elora scratched at braided strand of hair. More trail debris and foliage was added to the mess about her.

She shrugged carefully, to avoid dislodging more mud.

"T'was a hard road.... ah.... throw in a bath, a room and that keg of cherry ale and I'll ensure your floors remain clean - ale house clean...." She took a swig of ale, breathed in its cleansing a freshness, and winked at Snowdog to add some sauce to her offer. She really, really wanted that bath, but not as much as that cherry beer.
Posted by ZENITH (Citizen # 400) on :
The sound of ponderous heavy hooves echoes throught he street.

The group of hooded youths looked up and smiled ouside whayt had once been a popular inn.

'Easy pickings ere boys us six can take on an old 'ourse gaurd'.

Into view came a hooded figure stooped over a massive sation, behind upon a pony a boy of less than fifteen summers followed.

The alley was narrow and blocked the door to snow dog inn. The stalion stopped the rider said not one word!

'If I was you I would clear the road' cherped up the boy

'Don't be stiily slave we are hear to rob you'

The rider dissmounted, and in the quietest softest voice said

The next moments past in a haze of movements five youths laid on the floor and their leader stood firm untill.

'Haahhaaa thou ist but a boy to challeng me? Look upon me!'

Casting back his hood and cloak the rider grew bigger wider and in stature, in one hand a sword and another a mighty battle axe!

He hgrabbed the youth byu the coller and threw him threw the inn's doors.

'Hey up snowdog old mate done make much if these young uns out side they
Couldn't fight nursse maids! Pint of ur finest when your ready and my boy will have
Half a cider when he has taken his rubbish out