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Posted by The Swordmaster (Citizen # 1302) on :
A wide path leads down to the well known and popular Inn of the Last Homely House. Many passing along it do not notice much as they walk, eager as they are to reach the warmth and safety of the Inn.
But those who do chance to look notice a new inn. The building is made of rough stone and laid in the shape of an L. A small sign swings gently in the wind, on it are two things, a beautiful eagle feather quill and a scroll. Words underneath them read, The Pen and Parchment Inn.
Leaning against the wall, next to the huge oak doors, is a small slate, written on it are these words, Only those who seek to find a way to leave this world behind should enter in this humble place. For here shall you find those of like mind. This inn is the place for those who seek to discuss one of the greatest skills in the world, the ability to put into words all the beauty and uglyness, all the love and hate, and all the life and death this world has to offer. Enter if you are one such person.
Those who do enter the inn find themselves in a large common room. A roaring fire faces the door and around it are a number of tables and chairs. The short end of the L shape is taken up by the kitchen, through which many wonderful smells drift.
By the fire stands a small girl, though on closer inspection she appears to be about twenty, long red hair falls about her shoulders and her skin is creamy white. Her deep green eyes were once full of sorrow but now she has at last found a place in the world and with it peace.
She waits patiently for customers.

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Posted by Braeden Fireheart (Citizen # 1953) on :
Waking up in Rivendell was a feeling beyond words for Braeden. She had smiled at the ornamental plants and trees outside her room. And even some had come so far as to be part of her abode. The morning had welcomed her with sunshine, and the air was fresh with the scent of wilderness.

Braeden now walked through the grounds of the Elven haven, admiring the structure of the buildings, so entwined with nature – such regard the Elves had for living things.

The sound of voices distracted Braeden from her thoughts. She turned around to see many folk heading towards The Last Homely House; the newly established inn managed by the lady Serenya, but now that strange man Lex was in charge.

Promptly Braeden ran up to the gathering, but as she joined the others, a new sign seemed to appear in front of another building. Braeden slipped away from the crowd and edged closer to the sign.

“The Pen and Parchment Inn? What a wonderful idea!” She exclaimed. It seemed that some of the others had heard her, though not all paused to look. Turning back to the others, Braeden smiled, “I think I shall bow out of today’s proceedings. And I have not been able to give much to the discussion anyway. If I am needed, I shall be in here.” She pointed towards the rough stonework, and then walked towards the front door of the new inn.

Standing by the entrance, Braeden peered in and felt the warmth of the fire opposite her. The room was large, tables and chairs were placed around the fire, and there seemed to be another area at the side. Before stepping in, Braeden turned to look at the slate panel beside the wall outside. A smile crept around her lips as she read the words.

“Then I have come to the right place,” Braeden walked into the inn and noticed a small girl standing by the fire. As she came closer, she realised that the girl was indeed a woman, not much younger than herself. It is then she recognises the woman, “Neela. From the Homely House?”
Posted by Lillianna (Citizen # 1843) on :
The sun shone brightly on Lillianna's hair and gleamed like a shimmering waterfall of black gold. She gently pulled back a bit of her radiant locks as she smelled the fruit she was picking.

"I hope those at the inn will find this suitable for a bit of a snack."

Looking up from her picking she noticed Braeden walk into an open door next to the homely house. Her mind suddenly remembered Neela and the inn she was going to open. Her heart raced with excitement.

"Ah to share some of my memoirs!! I wonder what the others will think?" She asked aloud to herself. After thinking for a moment, she picked the last plum, put it in her wicker basket, and headed off to the inn. Only Braeden and Neela were there, but she would be certain others would come.

"Hello friends." She said warmly. "I see our journey has lead us here. I am sure we will have much to discuss."
Posted by Mandin (Citizen # 415) on :
"I am sure we will too!" said Mandin striding in. He knew that his cousin Aradruin was doing quite amiably at the Reading inn, so now he was come to man the Writing inn. "It would hardly be fair," declared Mandin to his hat that morning when he dressed, "if they had a writing inn without me, so as long as they don't throw me out and lock the door, I'll walk back in every time they throw me out." Anyhow, Mandin talking more to himself than was good for him, but his hat at least gave the appearance of him having company, so he did not mind so much what other people thought. However, in the Reading inn, there were actually real people, and, what's more, ones who wrote, to talk with. Now there was but to wait for more to arrive so that they could determine more efficiently how they would go about their discussions.

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Posted by Braeden Fireheart (Citizen # 1953) on :
Braeden turned towards the door to find her friend Lillianna, and an unfamiliar man wearing a hat, standing by the door.

"I knew you would find this place, my friend. And you sir, I have not seen your face before. You are a writer too, I presume?" Braeden nodded to each of them and waved them inside, "The fire is always a good place to get to know one another, though I believe a cold atmosphere can bring about great writing. It makes the pen move faster across the page... At least, it does for me."

She smiled at them all, "I know we should wait for the others, but I do wish to start right away. My heart is bursting with enthusiasm, and my mind is overflowing with ideas..." She turned to look at Neela, "But indeed, we should leave our... Modus operandi... up to our host."

Braeden sat down beside the fire and watched the other three with quiet interest. Already her imagination had begun to run wild, so she knew she must stop speaking so that the others could have their turn. The Pen and Parchment Inn? Yes, Braeden knew this was where she was meant to be.

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Posted by Amee the Seductress (Citizen # 1934) on :
*A cloaked and hooded figure steps into the Inn and glances at the others that were present. The figure slowly drew Back her hood to reveal a Face of in-humman beauty. Long hair of A bright golden color spilled out from the hood as she began to speak.*

Greetings People. Is this really a place for writers? I'm not much of a writer myself but I would love to hear others stories. I'm not welcome in Many places for I am also a mage of great power and Some fear me and Cast me out of there Inns. I do hope I am welcome hear.
Posted by Lillianna (Citizen # 1843) on :
Lillianna turned to the man who had entered.,

"Hello my good sir! Aradruin has spoke much of his esteemed cousin. I remember him telling tales of you making up your own languages! I would be fascinated to know how you go about doing that. I am only an "aspiring writer" and have much to learn. I hope we can get started soon."
as she said this, she causually poked her head out the window as though she were expecting some others to walk down the path. There were none at present, but she did notice a lady with blinding golden hair step through the door.

"And slowly do they come!" She said as she nodded her head in reconition to the visitor.
"Make yourself at home here. As long as you can restrain your enchantments, I'm sure Neela will not mind your presence."
She offered a table near her for the visitor and then offered her apologies to those present for future times her attention would be divided between the homely house and this inn. She loved reading and writing equally, and to her they could not be separated.
Posted by The Swordmaster (Citizen # 1302) on :
Neela stood quietly, smiling to herself as slowly people found their way to her inn. Finally she stepped forward, her soft smile still on her lips.
"Welcome friends, it gives me great pleasure to see that you have decided to join me here."
She paused, thinking how to go on. "My plan for this great place is to discuss the art of the written word, and how we are able to use it. But this you must already know or else you would not be here. I would also like this to be a place where we can exchange tips on writing and getting our works published, also a place where we can ask for help with our novels or short stories."
Neela stopped again, her soft green eyes filled with the passion she felt for her topic.
"So let us begin. Prahaps those present would like to tell others what they are currently involved with, a novel, short story or something else. Yes I think that is the best place for us to start."
Posted by Lillianna (Citizen # 1843) on :
She nodded her head in agreement to what Neela suggested and since others were gathering their own parchments in preparation to share them, she decided to speak first.

"Well my goals are high ones, for I am attempting to write a novel. My only problem is getting down and actually writing, funny enough. I have a bunch of ideas in my head and I want to try to cram in everything at once. I know that won't work and the prospect of it leaves me paralyzed I guess. What I need to do is get down and write all of my ideas out and map what direction I need to take in the story's plot. What do you suggest? I have never been this meticulous about writing before, since I usually write short songs and whatnot. It will be a new venture with a book and I don't know everything that must be considered when writing a novel. I am thinking of writing the most important parts first and then tying it all together later. Does that sound like a good plan?"
Posted by The Swordmaster (Citizen # 1302) on :
Neela smiled again pleased to have someone willing to share their work. "I personally would not suggest writing the important parts first and then tying it together. My novel orginally started out that way and I am having a great deal of difficulty in putting it all together. For example I know my characters have to be in a certain place at a certain time because I've already written that part but things happen as I write it that I did not expect."
Neela stopped, thinking for a moment, "Prahaps before I go on I should point out that I am also attempting to write a novel. I'm about half way through and am lucky enough to have already found one agent that is interested in it. However the biggest bit of advice I can give is to let your characters do the work for you. I mean, they will come to life and change no matter how hard you try to control them. I for example have the problem that one of my characters that started out as the secondary sidekick type character is now determined he wants to be the hero. Hopefully some of you will understand what I meant by that or else I'm going to look like I've lost my mind."
Posted by Braeden Fireheart (Citizen # 1953) on :
Braeden smiled at Neela, "I know what you mean. For I have written a story where there were three major characters, yet only one of them was meant to be seen in the spotlight. The other two managed to get their own sub-plots, but I was able to control it and fit everything in together..."

Braeden turned to Lillianna, "Ah, finally a time where I can relinquish what pearls of wisdom I have learned over the years."

Placing her parchment and quill on the table, Braeden sat in thought for a moment.

"As one who has written three novels, I should have all the answers you need. But I don't; I'm still learning as a writer.

"The way I have gone is to, as Neela has said, let the characters do the work for you. If you have one main character, you should try to work out their prime personal traits. For me, that was easy because I took some of my own traits and put them into the character.

"Throughout writing each novel, I never gained or asked for any guidance in making my characters, or even the plot, real... Perhaps I should have, especially for my first novel, for I don't wish to burden the public with such a tragedy. The book, not what happens in the story..."

Braeden smiled to herself for a moment, "I'm currently working on a script... To be played around the earth for many years to come... I have been writing stories for almost seven years now. Not all have gotten past the half-way point. And I have written a few poems, here and there. I had also once tried to write a play, but I found it became too long and involved before I'd even reached the climax..." Braeden shrugged before continuing on, "I consider that now, an experiment in dialogue. I did have one teacher tell me that the dialogue was perfect... Which was quite a surprise to me. But the idea for the play was far too cliché, so I let it go. Though it still haunts my mind, sometimes."

Braeden took a sip of her water and then reached into her haversack, "I have a book that my grandfather gave me... It has little notes and quotes on writing... It has many about characters."

Laying the book out on her lap, Braeden flipped through the pages before tapping her forefinger upon one of the lines:

"Here is a good one. Allow characters to reveal themselves through words, thoughts and deeds. And another, Never announce character traits to the reader... Know what a character wants, generically and specifically, even if the character does not... Feelings vibrate from what a character does, how he moves and what he says... I hope they help. There are plenty more good tips in this book, Writer's Little Book of Wisdom by John Long..."

Braeden placed the book down upon the table, and took up her parchment and quill once more, "But I should like to hear what the others may have to say. I like to know what others suggest and then take my own course of action."

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Posted by Elbereth (Citizen # 481) on :
At that moment a tall stranger stepped into the small doorway. Her features concealed by the midnight blue cloak she wore, she made her way towards the bar. A tanned, slender hand reached up towards the hood of her cloak and gently pushed it back to reveal hair which, though once was red, was now a golden blonde as a result of her more recent adventures far over the seas. She waited anxiously, hoping that her old friend would recognise her.
Posted by The Swordmaster (Citizen # 1302) on :
Neela leapt from her seat by the fire with a loud squeal. Her dignity forgotton as she raced across the room, "Elbereth, is it really you? Its been so long."
She paused and took a deep breath, "What do you think?" She asked, guesturing with one hand. "My own humble little inn!"
She smiled widely, "Please sit down, let me get you something to drink, some food maybe, anything you like!"

Neela turned away from her old friend for a moment, "Lillianna, the best suggestion I can make is to plan out the basic outline of your plot and characters, nothing too specific, and then let it flow...."

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Posted by Lillianna (Citizen # 1843) on :
Lillianna was wide eyed as she listening to the wisdom of Braeden and Neela, and took to heart many of the things they suggested. She shook her head in slight confusion.

"Alas, all these different things running through my head all at once is confusing. I think my plot is too detailed." She laughed slightly at the irony of Neela's last little bit of advice.
"I am afraid of giving away too much at the beginning. I don't know exactly how to shape my main character. She is quite complex." She sighed for a moment and thought about the difficult struggle ahead. She knew she had to keep writing, but right now she felt in a rut. She needed more inspiration - more motivation. Perhaps she would find it as the lazy days continued to roll on. While thinking on these things, she did not forget to say hello and welcome to Elbereth, who had just arrived.
"Please take a seat and do share what knowledge you have."
Posted by Elbereth (Citizen # 481) on :
Elbereth smiled and looked around the inn. I think it's wonderful Neela. Strange though, I never thought you'd be the type to settle down.

As to the other esteemed writers of the room, I confess I cannot write and would never have the desire to do so. .... Do not mistake me in this last remark, She added hastily as the visitors of the looked at her with icy stares, I do not write because my best friend, our lady tavern owner does and consequently don't need to for she is often giving me little stories to fill my hours. Infact I anxiously awiat the arrival of the next chapter of one of her many books so that I have something to read! She sits down and takes a long drink from the foaming tankard just then brought to her by her old friend and waits for a response hoping that a non-writer would be allowed to remain in such an exclusive inn.
Posted by Mandin (Citizen # 415) on :
Mandin had been sitting silent, peering at everyone, all this while. At last he spoke, putting forward a suggestion that he was not even quite sure he agreed with, but he decided to bounce it off of everyone there anyway. "Perhaps we could do a sort of read-someone's-story then pass it on sort of thing. One of us could e-mail a story to another, and that other one of his/her stories (or perhaps first one or couple chapters to a story) to another, and so forth and so on, until each of us has a story from someone else in the inn. Then could each edit (throw in suggestions, rather) what we had, pass the suggestions added version back to the author, and send the unedited version on to the next one. I don't know, but personally, I enjoy bouncing my writing off of as many competent readers as possible."
Posted by Lillianna (Citizen # 1843) on :
Lillianna listened attentively to Mandin's suggestion and was reminded more and more of her past experiences in the world. "And my race say that men have no wisdom", she thought to herself.

"Mandin your idea is an agreeable one, but it may become tedious. I don't know how much time people have here, but as long as we don't get bogged down by alot of stories being passed around I think we'd be ok. However, since my venture into writing has only recently begun, I wouldn't be able to offer much advice to the veterns. I could read and appreciate though. [] Also, I think this would be helpful to me. But what would you say to occasionally posting stuff here? Would you rather have the compositions we write remain viewable amongst ourselves?"

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Posted by Mandin (Citizen # 415) on :
"The only problem I have with posting stuff here," said Mandin, letting his mind ramble back over the past months. "Is that people seldom read what is posted, and if they do, they seldom say anything about it. Besides that, if four of us posted a short story each, we would have four of the longest posts in MT, and we may never read them, and all our comments, if posted afterwards, would get jumbled together. If we are going to give out writing, I would suggest doing it via e-mail. However, I would not be adverse to ever now and again posting a extract here, letting people comment on it, and then moving on."
Posted by Lillianna (Citizen # 1843) on :
"I had thought as much about posting long things" she laughed good naturedly, "I was asking about shorter things - such as poems and whatnot. I am sure if they are not too long and re-accurring, they would be fine to display." she thought for a moment and then turned once more to Mandin.
"I will go along with the idea of sharing stuff through is kind of frightening to me right now but I will give it a chance. We'll have to wait to see what the others will think about it."
Posted by Sauron's Secret Agent (Citizen # 1891) on :
Serenya listened intently to all the interesting and thought-provoking ideas.

"I have been writing for many years, and my main problem is actually finishing anything longer than a very short short story. The ideas are all in my head, but getting them onto parchment seems to me to be real problem!

I write short pieces fairly often, but my novel has been hanging around for years! There my characters have taken over, and won't do what I want, so the whole project is rather a mess at the moment. Any advice on what to do about that would be most welcome.

Does anyone else write for children? I find that most enjoyable, and have had some stories published."

She blushed, and retired to a far corner.
Posted by Mandin (Citizen # 415) on :
Mandin leaned forward toward Serenya, waiting for her to be finished, not because he didn't like what she was saying, but he was eagerly, perhaps overly so, waiting to ask a question.
"Tell me, how did you go about getting these published?" he asked. "You see, I also enjoy writing for children, and have written a few stories (though most are not fit to be published). Some, though, I think are. I cannot help you much with longer works, because I have the same problem of not finishing them. However, recently I did just finish a story 60 odd pages in length (about the length of one of the Chronicle of Narnia books) that is also for children. It is, I am almost ashamed to say, the longest thing I have actually finished."
Posted by Sauron's Secret Agent (Citizen # 1891) on :
Serenya smiled at Mandin.

"My stories were published in magazines, chosen from one the writers' guides (I can't remember which particular scroll I used). Some of my stories I just submitted to the editors, and was agreeably surprised by the response; for some of the others, I wrote asking whether they would be interested in seeing my work - this was less successful!

If you have a number of stories about the same characters, then success with one often leads to the rest being published over a period of time. I sold a series of seven stories for very young children to a weekly newspaper which has a popular page for 'kiddies'.

The best of luck to you!"

She hoped her words would encourage Mandin, as she still could recall in every detail her delight and amazement when she saw her first story in print.

"Do we have any potential illustrators at MT? I have a story in progress which promises to grow up to be a book, but as it is for children, it would be good to be able to submit it to publishers complete with illustrations. The two main characters are an owl and a cat (I know, I know, but it is quite funny. Well, my mother thinks so!)"

Serenya removed herself to a seat outside the inn, as the sunshine was too nice to miss, and took out a pile of parchment and an anachronistic biro.
Posted by Braeden Fireheart (Citizen # 1953) on :
Braeden had been quiet for a while. After spurting what words of wisdom she had before, it seemed that the discussion had gone in directions she knew nothing about.

The appearance of Elbereth had perhaps startled her, but the reasons for her silence had nothing to do with the people in the inn. Many ideas had passed through her mind in the last hour, and they had consumed her thoughts as well as her time there.

But now she addressed each writer who had spoken before her:

"Mandin, while I am all for encouraging and helping each other out in our work, I cannot commit to sending my own stories to any of you. I'm afraid I am very protective of my work, and therefore will not give out my stories or poems to those who do not live near to me, even if it is through a private letter.

"Perhaps though, if I am having trouble with a certain paragraph or phrase, I will seek advice from some of you. I am very likely to find problems in working out historical events or scientific aspects in the future for my work. I would gladly appreciate anyone's help there, and how to turn such information into a good style of literature, instead of falling into a textbook-style narrative.

"Lillianna, you are having trouble shaping your main character? If she seems far too complex for you then that is a good thing. For if a main character had nothing wrong with them, or if they had few characteristics, you would find that a reader may soon become bored with them. And so would you. The different attributes of your character can come out in the story in so many different ways. First you must try to outline what those attributes are. Sometimes, during the actual writing of the story, even more attributes can evolve that you hadn't originally thought of.

"There's a quote in that little book I have: If your character isn't a melange of your father, boss, childhood bully, neighbour, and the corner tamale vendor, chances are you've created a cartoon. A novel writer needs to give their main character more 'oomph'. If you are writing a short story, the amount of traits does not matter so much, unless they are to become a series of stories..." Braeden smiled at Serenya peeping through the window, but turned back to Lilli, "Here's another quote: A character without inner turmoil or contradictions belongs in vestments or in a coffin, not in a story.

"If you're having trouble trying to control the different aspects of your character, do what I said before, write them all down, and work out what you feel is important to the storyline. Once you've worked out the important aspects, use them, but don't forget the other ones. They are important too, though perhaps not to the story, they are to the character."

Braeden felt thirsty and took a long sip of her water. She then turned to Serenya and Mandin.

"Finishing a story. One of the hardest things to do. Once you've fallen in love with all your characters, even the ones with extensive flaws, you feel you can't let go of them. You've spent so much time with them; breaking away from your real life just to speak to them and watch them move about the world. Sometimes, it feels as if they are your real life...

"Well, that is how it has been for me. I don't want to sound like I'm boasting, but my novels have reached more than 100 A4 pages; the longest has been 91,000 words. I have not spent less than eleven months writing a book, for I have had other things to do in my life as well as write." She smiled, "Though I would have liked to be able to write all the time, as I'm sure most of you would also prefer.

"At the end of each book, I felt a sense of loss, for I could no longer be with my friends; I could no longer see what my characters were up to each day. My life with them was drawing to an end, and I didn't want it to... There's a few quotes in this little book that have helped me a little as I ended each story.

"A piece of writing will resonate when it's done. Fine-tune your sensibilities to feel when that moment arrives. Usually that moment arrives when you feel there is nothing more to put into the story. However, you can't just leave it there. It must have a natural ending, or else the whole book may be dismissed. The same thing can happen in plays (or films). If the ending doesn't seem to fit in with the rest of the story, then the audience is left wondering what went wrong or simply feel swindled by the creator.

"We need a sense that the ending is due. The reader needs that as well as the author. Not only that they can sigh with relief that they have gotten through it," she smirked. "Just kidding... Though for the author that may well happen..." Braeden laughed, "I have."

Taking another sip of her water, she continued, "Just as I feel that I should end my input now, the sense that your story is near the end will come to you. The question is how to do that. Truthfully, it is different for each writer. And other professionals may disagree with how you have ended yours. What you need to do is work out your endings. Or just write the one. Then pass it on to someone in your target-reading-group, and see how he or she likes it. If they are not bothered by it, then all should be well. If they were not satisfied with the ending, then ask them how they wished the story to end. Ponder over their response and then gain advice from others, whether they be other writers, or your family and friends. But it is all up to you, in the end."

Braeden sat back in her chair again, as she suddenly felt sleepy. Must be the sound of my own voice, she thought, it's rather tiring. She smiled and then looked again at the others.

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Posted by Lillianna (Citizen # 1843) on :
Lillianna held fast to the words of Braeden and smiled as she listened to the advice of her dear friend. She was very encouraged and movtivated - something she needed in these past few weeks.

Braeden, the fountain of wisdom never seems to subside in you! What a great comfort you are! I am glad to see the complex character I have created is not something to be cause for reprimand. She has grown very dear to me and she has gone through alot of painful things that I can't personally relate(though in some things I can), but I am sure others can. She and this other character are the only ones you look deeply inside. The others are more for backround and for shaping of the story."

she then turned to her friend Serenya, who she had not seen around in some time.

"That is very cool that you got some stories published! Perhaps sometime you can share them with us. I tried to write a children's story once based off of dreams that I had(those were the different worlds the girl went to) but I didn't get very far. It was meant to be a piece of humor. [] Right now, my book is more dramatic and psychologic - a bit different."

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Posted by Saruman the Many Coloured (Citizen # 2265) on :
Just then the door burst open and in stomped a stooped figure draped in a tattered grey cloak from under which came glimpses of a glimmering colours. His boots were muddy and as he walked he left a grimy trail. On his head he wore a pointed blue hat that said "wizard" to anyone who knew anything. When he was in the middle of the room he stopped. There huddled around the fireplace amongst quills, pottles of ink, old books, stacks of blank parchment, two recently emptied beer tankards and a single glass of water were a group of people all staring at him with expressions that bordered on scows. This made him take his hat off and bow. "errr sorry about busting in like that," he said then backing into one of the far corners that wasn't occupied he sat down. Something told him that his was in for a good education.

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Posted by The Swordmaster (Citizen # 1302) on :
Neela had sat for a long time quietly talking to her old friend, listening with one ear to the conversation in the inn.
Finally she turned from her friend and addressed the inn, "Prahaps we could take it in turns to post a short sample of our work here and have people comment on it. For example I could post the first section of one of my novels, and comments could be made and then Lilliana could post a basic outline of her plot and we could assist her with any problems she has and so on. Let me know if you think this a good idea and it will be so."
She smiled round at the assembled guests.
Posted by The Swordmaster (Citizen # 1302) on :
Neela looked around sadly, it seemed that either all her guests had fallen asleep or had left with out her noticing. The candles seemed to have gone out and the room was in semi-darkness.
She stood quickly and re-lit the many candles, hoping their flickering light would draw back her vanished guests.
Posted by Sauron's Secret Agent (Citizen # 1891) on :
Serenya smiled at Neela.

"I fear that our guests are neither reading nor writing at the moment - or at least are not talking about it! I for one am busy writing and doing photography, and playing with my new website, but I will be back here ere long."

She then returned to her own inn, also looking sadly deserted.
Posted by Lillianna (Citizen # 1843) on :
Upon walking from the last homely house, she remembered to stop by the penn and parchment inn before she left. She wondered if anyone would want to read the plot line for her story.
She walked in and apologized for her lack of attendence.

"It seems as though I have run out of interesting things to say. But if you want to hear of my story, I shall be glad to tell you. Alas that I have had not much time for writing!"
Posted by Braeden Fireheart (Citizen # 1953) on :
Due to the disappearance of some of the other patrons, Braeden had settled herself in a dark corner of the room. Dark and cold places were the usual kind of stimulant for creative thinking. At least, they were for Braeden.

Having gained many ideas for different stories during her time at the Pen & Parchment Inn, Braeden ran out and found an empty journal in her room. She wrote down as many as she could remember, and then fell asleep due to mental exhaustion.

Over the next few days, Braeden found herself being invited to two different role-plays. She had already accepted one invite to another role-play a week before, and therefore could only see herself adding one more to her list. She opted for the fun ride that was The Stage Coach, and totally forgot about the other.

Braeden soon became overwhelmed with the different story ideas that ran through her mind:

A film-script, a fantasy/futuristic novel, two new role-plays, one old role-play that seemed to be on hiatus... and then, as she thought about them all she remembered her commitment to the inn. The Pen & Parchment Inn.

"Oh, I should go back there. I wonder if the others have returned."

Braeden quickly walked back to the P&P Inn, finding Lillianna and Neela sitting by the fire. She bowed to them, and then looked outside again to see Serenya in the Last Homely House. That inn did not seem as lively as it once had before.

Braeden would have gladly gone back to it, if only she was reading something other than The Silmarillion. "I won't have much to say on that book until I finally finish it... I know which book I am going on to next, and I know of a few people who can discuss it with me." Braeden stepped inside the P&P Inn again, and smiled at Lilli and Neela.

"I'm here. What has happened since I left? I can't remember how I forgot about this place." And with that remark, Braeden smiled and shook her head, "It is a writer's prerogative to speak strange sayings such as that."

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Posted by The Swordmaster (Citizen # 1302) on :
Neela looked around a wide smile on her face, at least two of her guests were back.
"Prahaps whilst we sit here I could read you the synopsis of my novel. Yes one moment."
Neela sorted quickly through the pile of parchment on the table until she found the one she sought.
She coughed and cleared her thoat and began to read.
"My story is set on a beautiful world. Oceans, mountains, forests and plains. It is called by many names in many languages for it is populated by many different beings.
In the mountain kingdom of Dreadin live the Dwarves. A race of warriors that live in underground cities. They carry a deep-seated dislike of all other races, one that has lead to the many wars that have torn apart this world. They are miners of the many valuable metals that reside in the Mountains of Badran.
In the deserts of Crythanisa live the beings most like Humans. They are known as the Crytha or desert people. They are tall and dark, and like the Dwarves have no liking for the other races of the world. Their world is separated from our final kingdom by an almost impassable ridge of mountains, something that has prevented many wars.
In the forests and plains is the kingdom of the Elves, Alvaan. A race of peaceful beings that wish only to live and let live, the Elves have extraordinarily long lives and are blessed with great beauty. They are also strong and wise.
In the First Age of the world war tore apart the Elven and Dwarven kingdoms and threatened to wipe out the two races entirely. That is until an Elven prophecy comes to light. It tells of five Elves born with the power to control the elements. To every fifth generation they are born, known only at the moment of birth by the colour of their eyes, which are green from edge to edge. However this mark fades and until they reach maturity their powers are not evident. This prophecy and the strength it gave the then inferior Elves stopped the wars and as long as the Chosen are still around an uneasy peace settles over the world.
However move forward ten thousand years and the prophecy comes back to light. A part of it previously ignored by the primitive Elves tells of a time when once again the world will be plunged into war and the race of Elves will be destroyed unless a certain part of the prophecy can be fulfilled. It tells of a company of eleven, the Prince, The Prince Protector, The Blacksmith, The Hermit, The Warrior and the Chosen ones, The Thief, The Woodcutter, The Cripple, The Swordmaster and The Archer and finally The Teacher.
If these can be brought together before a certain date in the Hall of the Kings in Daaleph, the capital city, then the war can be won.
It is Randall, the king’s advisor, who uncovers this prophecy, and to old to go himself he send the impetuous eldest son of the King, Dalian, and his faithful companion Garth. It is their job to find those named in the prophecy and bring them together. They of course are The Prince and The Prince Protector. Their journey takes them through many uncharted regions of the world and they must face many unexpected challenges as well as the threat of war that may eventually destroy them all.
The people they find are not who they expect to find. The Blacksmith is a beautiful noble woman, and The Swordmaster is the most powerful woman on the earth. The others also have their story to tell and even Dalian and Garth have secrets that will eventually be told.
But their enemies do not only live across the mountains but also in Daaleph. An evil Lord plots the death of the King and the Crown Prince leaving the way for Dalian’s younger brother Radan to take the throne, and then Lord Nerak will have a king on the throne he can control. Radan is already under his spell at the start of the story but will he do as Nerak instructs him even if it is to kill his own Father.
And through it all runs a story of the greatest love of all. For Dalian loves the young Chosen One that possess the power to control the mind, unfortunately so does his oldest friend Garth, his mentor and protector. Can their friendship stand the love of one woman for she loves them both and cannot decide herself who she loves more? But the prophecy speaks of a bride for Dalian so is the choice even hers.
Yet even if they can reach the Hall of the Kings in time will that be enough or will war still tear apart a beautiful world?"
Neela flushed with embarassement, she had never intended to go on for so long, she only hoped that people would not be discouraged by her long speech.
Posted by Braeden Fireheart (Citizen # 1953) on :
"Oo-ee!" Braeden exclaimed. The rundown of Neela's story greatly intrigued her, so much that she found it hard to speak much about it.

"At first the description of your world reminded me of Arda, but then most fantasy writers are influenced by Tolkien, if not all. Yet as you went on, it became its own unique place, with its own unique tales." Braeden smiled at the young girl.

"I, for one, would love to read it when you are finished. And published, I guess... I was never into fantasy before reading the Redwall series by Brian Jacques. Since then, I've come up with a few fantasy story ideas but none have come to fruition. I want to try to read as many fantasy stories as I can, so I can understand what scope and distinction I need to separate me, and my stories, from other fantasy writers.

"Already from what I have heard, I am intrigued. But I will let others speak their point of view, and try to think more about your idea."

Braeden smiled again, nodding to Neela in appreciation for telling them about her story.
Posted by Lillianna (Citizen # 1843) on :
Neela, I love very much your story!! It sounds very interesting!! I hope you continue on with it.

Ok, well here is an outline for my story. It's sort of's definitely fiction. It is supposed to make you think and make you deeply know the characters. The details about where it's located is not that important....

It's about this girl, Talia who is an orphan, but a very unique one. She has a very vivid imagination and is very much into the worlds of her books. (especially LOTR) [] The lady in charge of the orphanage is worried about her, because she has been there a while and no one has wanted to adopt her. She simply refuses, saying that they are not her real parents and that her parents are still alive. She is very reclusive and different from all the other children and no one really knows why. One day, a child psychologist comes to try to "straighten her out" and discovers more and more what happened in her past, though it is clear he knows more about her than normal people do. Talia holds secrets to mysteries she can't explain. Her parents suddenly dissappeared and they were never found, so they were believed to be dead. Talia saw something on the day they were lost, yet she won't tell what it was, and since then she has had horrible nightmeres that cloud her vision of what is real, and what isn't. It is up to this stranger(named Ethan Hunter), to try to get her to open up the painful wounds of her past to try to discover what she saw so it will explain the tragedy of her parents, and later, others of the same kind. She must distinguish what is real, and what is merely a dream.

So yeah. That's it.......Kind of complicated.....
*blushes slightly at embarrassment*
Posted by The Swordmaster (Citizen # 1302) on :
Neela smiled shyly at the praise given in regards to her story, then turned to Lillianna.
"Your story sounds very interesting if a little complicated. Not that thats a bad thing but as it is a complicated storyline I would be careful with your writing as you don't want a high writing style like Tolkiens to complicate it even more. Try and stick to a simple writing style if you can. You said your setting isn't that important but that does mean that you will have to make sure that people fall in love with your characters, don't make them too perfect or too flawed. A story like LotR foucsed more on the setting and the plot where as yours is quite pleasing in that it is the characters that are the central point."
Neela paused, she hoped Lillianna understood what she meant. Having been writing since she was a small child Neela had learnt many tricks of the trade and was more than willing to impart them.

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Posted by Lillianna (Citizen # 1843) on :
"I do understand what you mean, Neela" Lillianna replied.
"I am trying not to just use a bunch of fancy words that mean nothing and add nothing to the development of the story. What I want to do is make the reader think and feel with the central characters, most importanly, Talia. I may have a burden I can't handle, but I won't settle for half-best. I am not Tolkien(lol), nor do I write like him. I just want to do my best."
Posted by The Swordmaster (Citizen # 1302) on :
"And I'm sure you will," Neela smiled. "The truth is your plot line is fantastic. Many successful writers say that the way you write is irrelevent if your storyline is good. If you can touch just one person with your writing then you're successful. I'd say you have what it takes to be successful."
Posted by The Swordmaster (Citizen # 1302) on :
Neela sat in the dark of her inn by the window, staring sadly at the moon as it shone brightly in the dark sky.
The fire had died down to nothing but a few glowing embers and only one candle lit the inn's dim interior.
She thought back fondly to the days when she would sit in deep conversation with others who shared her love of reading and writing. But it seemed that few people had time for such things.
Enough dwelling on the past , she told herself, looking round at the empty inn.
She rose from her seat and added a number logs to the grate, working until she had a blazing fire, filling the room with warmth and light. Then she made herself a cup of tea and sat back down by the window.
This time however she did not return to her silent vigil out of the window, instead she pulled a sheaf of parchement towards her and picking up her quill she began to write, waiting patiently for people to hopefully return to her inn to discuss the art of writing.
Posted by Nehraime (Citizen # 2470) on :
Fiyold kmnocked timidly on the Inn door, and then opened it. "Am i allowed to be here? I love writing, can i join?"
Posted by The Swordmaster (Citizen # 1302) on :
Neela looked up with a wide smile. "Of course, please come in. Hopefully others may join us soon. Are you currently writing anything? I would love to hear about it."
Posted by Nehraime (Citizen # 2470) on :
"Actually, i am, thanks for asking. I am currently in the midst of writing a story, but i constantly get writers block so its only just started.
Its basically a story about a young girl, Alanvia, who is an elven mage. She has unusual powers, and because of them her harsh family shunned her. So, she travels alone, but she has just met up with another Elf. *sigh* Thats about as far as ive gotten, sadly. I just can't think of anything to happen! I mean, i know theres no real plot but i think that if i could think of an event i might actually finsih it. Thank you for listining, perhaps when its a bit more on i could share it with others? And what about you?" Fiyold asked. She sat down at a stool, and took off her tattered gloves.
Posted by Lillianna (Citizen # 1843) on :
Lillianna stepped into the room and it brought back a flood of memories. She was so thankful for all she learned here, and she was hoping that she'd learn more from new people. At the table there was dear Neela, and also a newcommer, Nehraime.

"Good to see you, Nehraime." She said as she extended her hand. "I'm sure you can provide many things here we can learn from."

Then she tried to explain her absense,
"I really haven't written much of my own creative stuff lately. I have been worried with other things, other major obstacles of my life that I must somehow hurdle. I wish I could be patient enough to get my thoughts on paper. However, I think something will come for me that will help. I am going to have the opportunity this week to work with people who have trouble with writing. I have been in a class all this semester that has been preparing me to be a tutor, specifically for writing. (since that's my strong suit) I know that by helping people, my own writing will improve significantly. It will also help me learn patience too." []

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Posted by Nehraime (Citizen # 2470) on :
Nehraime smiled.
"I think that what you say is true, and i wish you luck on yout writing. I was reading some of the scrolls in here, and they look amazing."
Posted by The Swordmaster (Citizen # 1302) on :
Neela smiled happily, it felt so good to be surrounded once again by the people who shared her love.
She turned to the newcomer, "I have written many things, my mind it seems overflows with stories each of them fighting to get out, puting them on paper however and actually finishing one I start is a whole other problem. The main thing I can suggest for your story is you need to find a quest. David Eddings, one of my favourite writers, said in his book The Rivian Codex that a fantasy story consists of a number of things which include, a hero, which you've got, the assorted companions, and most importantly, the quest, the thing your character is searching or fighting for, whether physical or metephorical. If you have a quest, you have a plot and therefore a story, you just need to flesh it out."
Taking a deep breath she turned to Lillianna, "It is most wonderful to have you back in the Inn, although it is a pity you have not done much more to your story as I was looking forward to hearing more about it, and how its developed. But I am most greatful to have your wisdom back in the inn."
She stood then and made herself another cup of tea, all the talking having made her throat dry, offering her quests drinks as she did so.

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Posted by Nehraime (Citizen # 2470) on :
Fiyold accepted the drink with a word of thanks, cleared her throat, and began to talk.
"Thank you for your help. I will head to the library and see if they have that book, it sounds very intersting. I usually start out with the characters and a basic idea of what going to heppen, but latley its been harder for my to devop a strong enough plot."
Posted by Lillianna (Citizen # 1843) on :
Lillianna looked over a couple pieces of paper that Nehraime had set on the table and saw that they were the outline for her story.
"Why, how come I did not see this before? Forgive me for appearing as though I ignored it. I must have just come in when you were mentioning it. I think you have a good start.
I think a good thing to work on while you are thinking of a better plot would be to work on the characters in your story. Alot of times people will re-use the same story line, but if they have memorable characters, then the book is so much more interesting. Dickens is a great example. He used characters that people allude to even now in their stories. 'He had Uriah Heap-like characteristics.' [] That's one thing I want to conquer. I want to make my characters real to the reader, so much so that they explode from the pages of the book."
She laughed to herself and thought,
I have high aspirations.
Posted by Braeden Fireheart (Citizen # 1953) on :
Braeden Űrind had been sitting on the steps of the Pen and Parchment Inn for a few minutes as she wrote down a new idea for one of her many stories. As she sat there, she heard the conversation of Neela, Nehraime and Lillianna, and found it most intriguing.

How perfectly timed this is, she thought. Just as I am having trouble writing my fantasy story, they are speaking about their own. I should go in. Braeden stood up and, placing her parchment under her arm, stepped into the inn.

"Neela, Lillianna, how good it is to see you both here again. And Nehraime, a new face... New blood to stimulate the old." Braeden smiled at them all, and then sat down and turned back to Neela, "I must thank you for what you said about fantasy stories. I thought I was lost in my own idea, but it seems I have all of the required things. I just need to work on them a little more. The quest in my fantasy novel is a bit vague at the moment, but I have a basis for it so that does help."

Braeden poured herself a glass of water and refreshed her dry throat. She knew she was catching a cold of some sort; where she normally lived it was Spring and the time to get hay fever. A sneeze interrupted her thoughts and she wiped her nose with a kerchief. No cold will keep me from writing, she promised herself.

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Posted by Nehraime (Citizen # 2470) on :
Fiyold (OOC-aka Nehraime)smiled at the others and gave words of thanks. Looking at the others, she waited to see if any of them would share more of their amazing stories.
Posted by The Swordmaster (Citizen # 1302) on :
Neela sighed deeply as she looked around at her new companions.
"I fear that I too am suffering from writers block. I have reached the half way point of my story but it has turned out impossible to end the story the way I hoped without it spreading into two or even three books."
Posted by Nehraime (Citizen # 2470) on :
Fiyold smiled.
"It seems to be a comman ailment between all. But you say you would have to write 2 or 3 more books to end it the way you like. I say that you should try it, and see where it gets you. In my opinion, you should never constain creativity, especially when its in writing.
Posted by The Swordmaster (Citizen # 1302) on :
"True, creativity can not be restrained. I will just keep writing until I find the end, whether thats in three books or twenty three." Neela smiled slightly as she spread out the scroll she held in front of her, tapping her quill gently against her teeth.
Posted by Nehraime (Citizen # 2470) on :
"Is that your story, or something else? I would love to read it if i can." Fiyold said, observing Neela. "Oh dear. Looks like eveyone has gone to bed right now. Drat it, i dont even feel tired."
Posted by The Swordmaster (Citizen # 1302) on :
"NO this is not my novel, I often find that if I am having trouble writing one thing the best thing I can do is to try something else."
She looked down at the parchement in her hands.
"This is a new story about a young knight who in a battle against an invading army ends up protecting the fallen king, with his last dying breath the king charges the young knight with a quest, he must flee the city and warn the other nearby kingdoms of the army of dark knights. But he is little more than a child, only just reached maturity and he discovers much about himself along the way."
Posted by Nehraime (Citizen # 2470) on :
"That sounds quite like something i would love to read! I always have loved fantasy books, two which i enjoyed alot when i was younger were I am Mordred and The Lost Years of Merlin, which is one book in a seires that irelaly enjoyed. I often do the same as you in writing, but it always results in a couple of pages which i then get stuck on as well." Fiyold said.
Posted by The Swordmaster (Citizen # 1302) on :
Neela looked around sadly at the empty inn, her heart heavy. Were there no writers left in the world? Had the imagination truly given way to the monotomy of real life. She sat qietly for a few moments and then stood up and circled the room lighting candles as she went. She stoked up the glowing embers of the fire, adding fuel until a great blaze burned in the fireplace.
She settled back down and pulled a piece of parchment towards her, prehaps she would write a new tale, one in which the world was left without the magic of storytelling.
Posted by Lugbúrz (Citizen # 867) on :
A tall visitor stepped into the establishment. He wore a hooded cloak of the colour of the sea. It seemed to change its hue from blue to green and then to grey, much as the ocean. His face was shrouded by the hood but there shone a glint of silver on his forehead, and it appeared like he was wearing a silver crown under the hood, but then it was not so ample. He wore boots that seemed to have treaded many leagues and on his shoulder was slung a bow and a quiver of arrows, but also beneath his cloak was a scabbard peeping out embellished with golden lace.

His name very few people new, not even all his friends. But most thought him a Ranger and he was called Stranger.

"I am looking for Neela, a friend of mine," he said, to nobody in particular.
Posted by Elbereth (Citizen # 481) on :
A tall woman, clad all in black leather, rose from a table in the corner and appraoched the stranger:
"I am Kora," the woman intorduced herself in a deep, husky voice, "an friend of Neela's, we have travelled on many long journey's together, ever she is at my side. Not now however, she has stepped out on a mission of her own." she paused for a moment, "May I help?"
Posted by The Swordmaster (Citizen # 1302) on :
Neela pushed the door of her Inn, forcing it to open despite the dust and such that had gathered behind the door in her long absense. She lit the fire quickly and turned with a sad sigh to look around at the Inn she loved so much.
"Do none in Minas Tirith write anymore?" She said softly to herself. "Once this Inn was full of aspiring writers, sharing their work, and their love of the written word. Do none now remain?"
She sighed again and picked up a broom from one of the corners and began to sweep the floor.
Posted by Braeden Fireheart (Citizen # 1953) on :
There was at least one in Minas Tirith who still composed her own stories… Braeden Fireheart sat in a corner of the inn she most frequented in the days of late, and scribbled down a few ideas. Looking up, she watched the other patrons as they sipped their tea, casually spoke Quenya – a language Braeden could not translate very well – and discussed strangely important matters like paintings and plays…

Braeden turned back to her story; the fantasy novel she had been so unable to get a hang of last time she was a part of the Pen & Parchment Inn. Braeden remembered her times there; the discussions she had with Neela, Lillianna and Nehraime. The charming little place wasn’t visited much these days, and Braeden thought this a sad thing indeed, for it was a great asset to the White City.

As she finished off Chapter Seven of her novel, the woman smiled with relief and drank her glass of water. Taking a few pins from her leather pouch, Braeden stood up and attached the latest scene of her book to the notice board of the Opelë. She turned and announced, “Latest scene is up.”

Many of the crowd raced to the board and began reading what she had just written. Braeden grinned, “Well, I’ll be going now. I’ve decided to check out an old haunt.” Not knowing whether anybody had heard her, the woman strolled out of the Opelë and wandered down the city streets, making her way to the Pen & Parchment Inn.
Posted by The Swordmaster (Citizen # 1302) on :
Neela had finished cleaning up the Inn, the dusty tables had been wiped down and new candles had been lit. She wandered behind the bar, and cracking open a barrel of ale, filled a tankard.
She crossed back over to her favourite table near the fire and pulled her pack towards her. As she began to unpack it, she thought of the last few dark months, when she had left Minas Tirith in search of the ispiration to finish her novel.
The last thing she pulled out of her pack was a thick pile of parchment tied together by a frayed piece of string. Finished she thought with a sigh. The last 'i' had been dotted, the last 't' crossed, of course there was much editing to be done, and she had no doubt that she would still rewrite sections of it many more times before she was completely satisfied.
She glanced up at the door to the Inn. She had propped it open in the hopes that more people would realised that she was open for business once again.
Would anyone come?
Posted by Mandin (Citizen # 415) on :
Neela, in all her cleaning, had missed one corner...a very dusty corner...a very dusty corner. And under all the dust was a hat. Mandin's hat, actually, as magic a hat as you could wish to meet, though it had slept without doing much for many months. Suddenly, the hat stirred. No, not of itself, but because of something wriggling about inside it.
Then out stepped Mandin.
Don't ask me how a full sized man can step out of a hat that fits snuggly on his head, but I tell you the truth nonethless.
"Good morning, Neela," said Mandin cheerily. He picked up his hat and dusted it off rigorously. Then, he placed it on his head, replaced his cheerful, tired expression with one of cheerful satisfaction, and took a seat.
"Have you got any food and drink?" He asked.
Posted by Mandin (Citizen # 415) on :
Suddenly, Mandin realized he was double posting, and he turned red all over for shame. "Ah well, what's the use," he said, sinking lower in his chair, but then he sprang up to his feet. "I'm afraid I can't be staying, though I would love to discuss writing sometime or other in this fine inn. As it stands, I'm needed elsewhere. At least, so would suggest my hat."
With that, Mandin ran out of the inn, and so hastily did he tear off down the white chalk path that he forgot to close the door behind him, and a quizical toad hopped in, peered about her, and then settled in the cool shade beneath a bench.
Posted by Lillianna (Citizen # 1843) on :
Somewhere in a small room that was filled to full occupancy of three people (indeed, one may wonder how three people could even fill such a small room as this one), there was buried underneath a pile of redmarked papers a living person. A hand stretched out, as though searching for something to cling to and then a head popped up, followed by a gasp for air.

"I'm dying in this state. Where is there ever time for real inspiration when it hits? What will stop the flow of papers, papers, papers????"

As she lay there muddled and confused and cramped in her tiny space, she noticed the open window to her right. It had a marvelous view, which surprised her - she had been too busy to see it before. (Or maybe it was just that the papers had clouded her vision) At any rate, she was mesmorized by seemed to remind her of something. In the cornor of the view lay a house - nay - a inn. She smiled.

"Of course." She said simply, and she suddenly had the strength to get up, brush off the clinging papers and head out the door. (But not without forgetting a most important instrument - a pen)
Posted by The Swordmaster (Citizen # 1302) on :
Neela sat quietly, the stack of parchment in front of her, and a green inked pen in her hand. She slowly turned page after page, crossing the odd thing out or adding the odd word.
She happened to glance up as she brushed her hair out of her eyes and was astounded to see that people were walking down the path towards her Inn. Was she really going to have guests once again?
Posted by Lillianna (Citizen # 1843) on :
It was like a dream. A sad, lethargic, but frightening dream all at the same time. She went walking along the path towards the inn, thinking of course that it would lead straight there. But it was not so. It meandered and wandered and fritted away as if there was all the time in the world, and she did not even realize this until it was well into the later evening! She didn't even know where she was headed now, but it was definitely not towards the inn.

"Of all the preposterous, ill suited methods of travel!" She proclaimed, glaring at the path as if it had a mind of its own. With a pause she lifted her skirts and pivoted around to head back into the direction she had intended to head. She got to the front door of the inn and noticed cobwebs around the top of it.

"Oh dear" she muttered, "has it been that long?" Holding the pen in her right hand she knocked with her left and then waited, taping her heels for luck...
Posted by The Swordmaster (Citizen # 1302) on :
Neela sat up with a start, had that been a knock on the door. She rose to her feet, straightening her skirts and her hair, and then moved to pull open the door.
"Welcome", she cried with delight, "Welcome back to the Pen and Parchment Inn."

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Posted by Lillianna (Citizen # 1843) on :
Lillianna smiled at the innkeeper. Her face was very familiar now.

"Hello again. Or is it again? I feel I have been here....yes...yes of course I have. Why would I come back now if I was not?"

She stepped inside and noticed the cobwebs around the doors and the walls.

"Do you need any help?"
Posted by The Swordmaster (Citizen # 1302) on :
It seemed that Neela was alone again, not that she blamed her old patrons, for she had been gone for many months, and had only just returned to the fair city of Minas Tirith, and had spent many hours searching for the inn she had once run, for it had slipped behind many layers of vegetation that had sprung up in her absence.
But she had found it at long last, as hidden as it was, and now she sat silent, looking around her at the dusty tables and filthy bar. A slight smile crossed her lips as she thought back to the many hours she had spent in that inn, when it had been full of conversation and laughter, when she had discussed her love of writing with others who shared that love. Yet now she was alone, none came now to the inn, to tell of thier stories.
She looked down at the stack of parchment on the table in front of her. Completed , she thought to herself. I've finally finished it. My first novel. Yet there are none to discuss it with, none to share any wisdom they may have about publishing, or editing She sighed heavily and pulling a piece of parchment towards her, she began to write, the second book of her trilogy. Perhaps some people will come when they see the bright fire in the grate, and the flickering candlelight. Perhaps some of her old friends will return.
Posted by Lillianna (Citizen # 1843) on :
Lillianna could hear the sound of sighing distantly. She moved to where she thought it came from and there saw Neela with a huge pile of parchment on her lap. Lillianna's eyes grew large.

"Is that....your novel??? Please, please tell me about it! When did you finish it? How hard was it? Did you have an outline? Oh, I wish I could finish something!" []
Posted by The Swordmaster (Citizen # 1302) on :
Neela looked up from the piece of parchment in front of her and saw Lilliana looking down at her. She smiled and nodded in response to the girl's question.
"Yes this is my novel, and yes it's finally finished, although I'm sure I will edit it a hundred times more before I'm satisfied with it." She sighed slightly, "It was difficult, finishing it I mean. I knew what I wanted to have happen, most of the chapters were planned out and the like, but actually getting it all down on paper sometimes took an awful lot of effort. Sometimes bits of it just wouldn't work properly, at one point I had to leave an entire chapter and skip ahead because I had serious writers block when it came to the entrance of one of my main characters. I went back to it long after I'd finished the rest of the book, and I've only just managed to get it to work."
She paused taking a deep breath, "I know what you mean though about trying to actually finish something. Until this story, everything I've ever written has sort of trailed off rather than actually been finished. Are you in the process of writing something yourself? What's it about? How far along are you?"
Posted by Eledhsúle (Citizen # 1980) on :
Taria looked around, the street she walking along was long but not as wide as the other streets she had come cross. She stopped then seeing an Inn. But it wasn't similar to others she had passed with no interest, this one was welcoming... welcoming writers it seemed.

Taria gave out a slight smile, and tucked a stray brown hair back behind her ear, she took her bag off her back and slightly stroke the head of the ferret that sat still on her shoulder.

"I say we go in, and have a look, maybe it's place where we can find some rest." Taria looked at the ferret, that looked straight back at her. "Yes, in, it is." She said as she opened the door and walked in.

The place looked warm and it had a nice feel of home to it, she soon found herself a place to sit by the fire.

"It looks rather nice doesn't it?" She gave the ferret a look and smiled again. "Yes, I was thinking that too."

The ferret sniffed the air; rather nice indeed, now where is the food?
Posted by The Swordmaster (Citizen # 1302) on :
Neela stepped out of the kitchens and started with surprise, there was someone in her inn. No one had been in for ages.
She smiled widely in greeting, "Hello. Welcome to the Pen and Parchment Inn, a place for those who love to write to meet and discuss thier work. Are you a writer?"
Posted by Eledhsúle (Citizen # 1980) on :
Taria stood up swiftly as good manners requested.

"Well, hello... Yes, I am a writer. I have just come from the North. I was searching for inspiration..." She said and stroked the ferret's head again softly. "There are many strange things in the North. Many odd meetings take place there."

My friend here was ineterted in finding something to eat, you wouldn't happen to have something here, we've walked long and we are both very hungry.

Taria then sharply looked at the ferret. Then she turned back to Neela with shy smile.

"Where are my manners?I'm Taria..." She then nodded towards the ferret. "This is my muse... he followed and befriended me in the North. He is quite tame but bad tempered." She looked around. "You must be writer yourself to have build such a place? Do I know your work?"
Posted by The Swordmaster (Citizen # 1302) on :
Neela smiled and bustled around bringing the woman a plate of food and something to drink before answering her questions.

"Yes I'm a writer, I've been writing little stories and the like for as long as I can remember, as for having seen any of my work, I wouldn't ahve thought so. I'm not published, although perhaps soon," she waved one hand towards the pile of parchment on one of the tables, her completed novel. "You never know, I've had some interest shown in it recently, but no offers as yet." She smiled again, "However if you look around in the Green Dragon you'll find examples of my work, I've contributed to many a story in there. I find it a wonderful way to escape from writers block, or simply to get the creative juices flowing."
She rose briefly from her seat to get a drink and returned swiftly, "Tell me, what sort of thing do you write? Poems? Short stories? Or novels? And in what genre?"
Posted by Braeden Fireheart (Citizen # 1953) on :
It was well and truly many months since she had last stood there. If five can equal many, then yes it was true. Braeden looked at the sign for a few more minutes, wondering if the other patrons she had known were still visiting, or if perhaps they too had forgotten about The Pen & Parchment Inn. Slowly, Braeden moved towards the door and crept inside.

Her eyes widened, and she smiled as she saw the innkeeper Neela speaking to a young woman with a ferret upon her shoulder. Braeden lightly knocked on the door and uttered her greeting, "A prodigal daughter returns; nearly fifteen chapters into my trilogy, and attempting to outline the background and history to the story. It is a difficult task, but it is fast becoming the main thing I am interested in."
Posted by The Swordmaster (Citizen # 1302) on :
Neela turned around, a wide smile on her lips, "Welcome back, it is good to see old friends once more in my Inn." She gestured for her to take a seat.
"Tell me more about your work? Is it a fantasy? How much more do you have to write?"
Posted by Braeden Fireheart (Citizen # 1953) on :
Acknowledging the girl with the ferret, Braeden gladly accepted a seat, and answered Neela's questions immediately. "Fantasy is indeed part of it, though it is also part futuristic and part sci-fi. I'm three chapters away from the end of the first book, then the other two books must follow; so I'm not even a third of the way through yet. Also once I finish this first book, I will be starting from the beginning again and filling in the gaps - editing in background details and fixing up minor discrepancies. There is also a description of a room in Chapter Five that I am yet to write.

"So far, I have over 70 characters, but not all have actually been introduced to the reader. The names of the characters are unusual for the most part, but I'll be giving a list at the back of the book for how to pronounce them all - plus what they mean, if it's necessary.

"I have been working on it for over a year, and don't expect to finish it for another two years, at least. Hopefully I shall still return to this wonderful inn during that time." Braeden didn't want to speak about her own work for too long, but she knew not what to say next. Turning to the girl with the ferret, she raised her hand slowly and gently stroked its soft fur.
Posted by The Swordmaster (Citizen # 1302) on :
"It sounds very interesting," Neela replied with a smile. "And I must admit that I am glad to know that I am not the only one who is crazy enough to attempt a trilogy. I've only just finished the first book of mine, and it has taken me well over five years to get even that far, what with the changes to the story that have developed over those years." She crossed the room and returned a few moments later with new drinks for her guests, "Tell me, with that number of characters do you not find it hard to keep them all in order, I know that with my novel that characters take on a life of thier own, and so many sub-plots develop that I find it all becoming very complicated, and I only have about twenty characters with any significance."
Posted by Braeden Fireheart (Citizen # 1953) on :
“I’d say that only twenty or so of my characters have significant roles in the tale too. I keep all my named characters in a file, with their full names, ages, origins, social class, brief story input, family relations and which books they’re in. There were at least ten characters in the main part of the story, but since Chapter Four, they’ve been separated to start sub-plots of their own.

“Most of the people I speak to gawk at the number of characters I have… But thinking about it, Tolkien had many many more in his Silmarillion. How he managed to keep them all together, and in different storylines, still managing to write them into the same timeline… I guess I am unwittingly doing the same, but I prefer to have lots of characters going at the same time. I believe that is why it was easy for me to read The Silmarillion

Braeden swallowed much of her drink before continuing, “Besides, my tale is filled with things that must be solved as the story goes on. It’s almost like a detective tale - despite the lack of a detective – and the reader learns things about the world and the events within it as they go along. I am also learning these things as I write the tale. It’s all part of the wonder of writing.”
Posted by The Swordmaster (Citizen # 1302) on :
"It seems as though you have your novel somewhat better planned than my own," Neela said with a smile. "Tell me a little more, is the world entirely of your own creation? What style do you write in, a high style like Tolkien, or something more easy to read like say David Eddings? I'm very interested."
Posted by Eledhsúle (Citizen # 1980) on :
Taria smiled slightly to Braeden who she had seen before, she wondered if the lady remembered her?

Suddenly her ferret jumped on Braedens lap, begging for few more gentle strokes of his fur.

Taria laughed.

"Abandoning me so soon are we?" She asked the ferret, whose nose twiches a little. Taria shook her head, amused.

"I'm sorry I'm interrupting you two, I guess you don't remember me lady Braeden? Well it's been long..." She paused as she saw Braeden give it short think. She was pretty sure the lady had recognised her now, maybe even when she had walked in.

"To your guestion Innkeeper Neela... I write novels. Short stories... and I'm a terrible poet!" She cried the end with mock acheny. Then she grinned sheeply and winked at them. "I have never been bublished, I'm way too shy to hand my soul to some over weight, greese mouth Minas Tirith Official who knows not knot for butt."

Neela and Braeden laughed slightly.

"Yes, well comedy theater, is one of my passions too... less that has to do with pens and parchment I soly admit, but great fun time nontheless." She smiled and finished her drink.
Posted by Braeden Fireheart (Citizen # 1953) on :
Smiling at Taria, Braeden stroked the soft fur of the girl’s ferret as she answered Neela, “I haven’t read any books by David Eddings, so I can’t say he has influenced me… I don’t know what kind of style I’m writing in; my own, is all I can say. The world is partially my own creation, though it is in fact today’s world set more than a century in the future. I may propose to call it a parallel world, however, if things start to get a little too strange regarding it – especially with the magic stones, and lions turning into humans turning into eagles…”

Braeden laughed as she thought of the idea of the stones, and then jotted down a few things on her notepad; “As I said before, I’m learning things about the tale as I write. New ideas come to mind even when I’m not physically writing; mentally, I’m always in the world of my trilogy.”

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A thousand times she had thought it finished, but at last it finally was, her novel was completed, no more edits to do, no more changes to make.

Neela sighed and sat back, for mingled with her elation, was sadness, the Inn was empty, no one had set foot inside the door for many, many months.

Perhaps, she thought, if I light a fire, perhaps someone will return.
Posted by The Swordmaster (Citizen # 1302) on :
The whole of the city of Minas Tirith had become quiet of late, but no where more so than that part often known as the Green Dragon. The many role-playing stories that had aways filled the place with such activity were more often than not lying dormant, and new ones seems to be struggling to get off the ground.

Neela sighed, perhaps her old assessment that the writers of Minas Tirith had moved on was true. She remembered long ago talking for hours with other writers, a past time that she adored. Perhaps those old writers were gone - but maybe new ones had taken their place.

Perhaps new people would come along to her inn...
Posted by Varnafindë (Citizen # 4097) on :
Why had she never tried this Inn before?

She had seen it, even peered in through the windows, and secretly listened to some of the conversations that had taken place there. Why had she never tried to enter?

Perhaps she hadn't regarded herself as enough of a writer. True, she had something she wanted to write, but it never seemed to get very far. She was trying to find out why ...

Suddenly she made up her mind. She would enter the Inn, which seemed to be rather quiet now. Perhaps she could get some help?

She opened the door, seeing the woman she knew to be called Neela sitting inside.

"Good morning," she smiled. "My name is Varnafindë - usually called Varna, though. Since this inn is about writing - I must admit I've been eavesdropping occasionally - and I like to write, I've decided to come in. May I sit down for a while?"
Posted by The Swordmaster (Citizen # 1302) on :
Neela came quickly to her feet as someone stepped into her Inn.

"Welcome! Welcome!" She said clapping her hands together happily. "Sit and join me, can I get you a drink?" As she hurried away behind the bar she continued to talk.

"I take it that you write yourself? Have you a particular passion? A particular project?"
Posted by Varnafindë (Citizen # 4097) on :
Varna smiled, happy at the other's enthusiasm. "If you serve hot drinks, then a Cappucino, please. Otherwise I'll have some Sparkling Orange."

She thought for a few moments.

"A passion? I suppose fantasy is my passion. And so I have two projects going - one merely for my own entertainment, and one that I hope could become something to publish eventually. The private entertainment project is what goes on right here - in the Green Dragon. I'm involved in several stories, but I'm keeping most of my characters within the same family - the ancestors of my own persona. Is that being lazy - or is it a good idea? I find it's easier to get to know them that way.
That's the problem with the publishing project," she sighed. "For some reason I have problems with getting to know my main character. It's difficult to write about him then."
Posted by The Swordmaster (Citizen # 1302) on :
Neela listened carefully to Varna speak, nodding slightly in agreement. She returned to the table with a cappacino and smiled across at her.

"Indeed I must say that those roles that I take on here in the Green Dragon are often variations of the same basic character, albeit with different names and occasionally different parts of her character given more emphasis, and you do grow to know a character inside out, which helps. As for your comment about your project for publication, if you can't get to grips with your main character then that could create some problems. Do you mind me asking a little more about that project? Is it a novel? Or a series of novels? I am making the assumption that it is fantasy."
Posted by Varnafindë (Citizen # 4097) on :
Varna accepted the cappucino and sipped it with some caution - she was always a bit careful with hot drinks, and often let them cool a bit before really digging into them.

"Yes, that's a fantasy as well," she answered. "It's set in my home country of today, but with a race of people of my own invention. A bit hobbit-like, perhaps - but more philosophically minded and less easy-going.
The trolls in that area are trying to retrieve an object of great antiquity - perhaps thought to be magical, but it isn't really - and my friends are trying to find it first, to hinder the trolls from using it as a rallying symbol to unite under, thus causing trouble for everyone else (including even the humans, although they don't really come into the story).
My main character is one of these people, travelling with his moose friend, and getting help from others of his people."

She sipped her cappucino again.

"If I can get anywhere with it, it's meant to be a novel," she went on. "I started it at the NaNoWriMo project during November two years ago, after having thought about it for a long time. I only reached about eight thousand words, though, and only got them started on their quest. I wondered why it was so much harder than writing for the Green Dragon, and I realised that I wasn't playing that character in the same way. I believe I don't know him well enough to play him - I only write about him."

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Posted by The Swordmaster (Citizen # 1302) on :
Neela smiled, "It sounds like an interesting concept, it can be fun sometimes to write something that has no human involvement at all. I can see your problem with your main character though, and I have to admit that I have faced some similar problems in the past. My novel has ten central characters, and for a long time I only really knew about three of them, and in the first draft of the novel the other characters were completely flat and lifeless. One thing that I found worked quite well was writing some stuff that wouldn't actually go in the book, but that gave me a chance to explore the character a little more. For example one of my characters is a member of an Order of Knights, and I went and wrote about ten thousand words about his time as a novice, his relationships, his training etc. It will never see the light of day, but when I then came back to re-drafting the novel his character just came to life, because he had all these habits and quirks, and most importantly I knew exactly why he had them. It may or may not work for you, but I found it a great way to get to know a character better."

Neela paused and took a deep breath, blushing slightly. "Sorry, I do tend to go on a little bit..."
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Snowdog came through the door of the inn a little worse for wear. In need of a dry place to rest and relax and to write a little, he saw two talking about the love of writing.

"Pardon my interruption, but may I have a seat where I can write a tale? Its about the state of Gondor after the war, and some may not have ever been told before."

They both nodded their approval and Snowdog found a small table by the wall. It would do. Now to see if his quill and inks are still usable...
Posted by Varnafindë (Citizen # 4097) on :
As an afterthought, Varna called over to the newcomer, "When you've finished your story, could you come over to us and tell us about it? Not just let us read it, I mean - I'd like to hear about how you're writing a story as well. How you choose whom to write about, where to set the tale, and such matters."

Seeing him turn his head in her direction, she added,, with a small wink, "And if you're parched by then, I'm sure you can find something to your liking to quench your thirst with. I can recommend the cappucino - unless you prefer something stronger."
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Snowdog looked over as the woman spoke. He said to the offer of a drink,

"Hot tea, black, no additives will do for me right now if you have it. As for what I have to tell, it has to do with the continued subduing of the lands of Eastern Rhun, Khand, and Far Harad. Though the evil one was overthrown and the war was over, peace had come for most. Yet both King Elessar and King Eomer rode far in battle still at times afterward. This tale is about the hiring of mercenaries by Gondor to fight in these far lands. Men mostly, who were veterans of the war from many lands. This is a story that should be told."

He looked at his parchment, and prepared his quill, saying without looking up,

"And yes I will read it and tell of it should you wsh to listen and know."
Posted by Varnafindë (Citizen # 4097) on :
Neela disappeared into the kitchen to make tea. Varna waited for her, listening to the soft sounds of the man's quill. After a while she said to herself, 'She's certainly taking her time. I'd better go look for her.'

She went into the kitchen to find that Neela had indeed disappeared. She was nowhere to be seen. Varna shrugged and made the tea herself, after having looked into the various cupboards to find what she needed.

"Your tea, good sir," she said, putting the cup next to him. Then she went back to her own table and got out a book, preparing to read for a while until the other had finished writing his story.

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Posted by Hamfast Gamgee (Citizen # 5528) on :
Hamfast Gamgee a little Hobbit opened the door to the sound of a fire and a friendly, if rather quiet Inn. In fact he could only see a couple of people at the bar. 'Oh, well, at least I'll be getting served quickly,' thought he as sometimes he hated having to wait at long queues. Wiping his furry feet on the mat he walked to the bar and gave a friendly smile and one of his, 'Help, I'm dying of thirst!' looks.
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
"Thank you miss.... I don't know your name. My name is... well, they call me Snowdog. I will have the first bit done here by the time this cup is empty. It will tell of the years after the war, and how the lingering effects haunted many who fought in various battles, and I will tell of some of them in detail."

Snowdog went back to writing as the door opened. In came a hobbit. It was good to see halflings. A great folk them, and they do have the knack to brew great ale too!
Posted by Hamfast Gamgee (Citizen # 5528) on :
Hamfast was served a pint of the famous Blackadder ale and had another look around. He was sure he recognized someone. Ah, yes, Snowdog. And he looked to be writing as well, maybe there was a common interest. Hammy decided to introduce himself. 'I hope you don't mind the intrusion, but are you Snowdog of Snowdog's Inn? I have had a few ales their, but I'm not sure you would recognize me. You would appear to be writing!'
Posted by The Swordmaster (Citizen # 1302) on :
Neela walked quietly through the back door of her inn. Her cloak was soaked though so she hung it on a hook near the fire and smiled at the three partons of her inn.

She had been away far too long. So long in fact that at times she had wondered if her inn had still existed, if people still took seats by the fire and discussed the joys and trials of writing.

She stepped to where the visitors could see her.

"Hello my friends."
Posted by Varnafindë (Citizen # 4097) on :
"Neela!" Varna exclaimed. "You're back! It's good to see you - I was getting worried. Would you like some tea? I've made some for Snowdog already, and I could make some more - or I could try to find you something else to drink. Then hopefully we can carry on the discussion with these other guests - do you have any new stories?"
Posted by The Swordmaster (Citizen # 1302) on :
"Too many new stories," Neela replied with a smile as she settled down by the fire. "I've been so busy writing I don't think I've put my quill down for weeks. What about you?"
Posted by Varnafindë (Citizen # 4097) on :
"If you mean that character that I didn't seem to be able to play - no, I haven't written more about him," Varna answered. "I've put him aside for now - and I'm writing about his mother instead! It works much better, for some reason. And when I've finished her story - oh, it's still been taking a couple of years - maybe it will be easier to pick him up again."

She went over to see whether there was any tea left. No - just dregs. She put on some new tea, as she wanted another cup for herself, and offered some to Neela as well.

"Keeping your quill busy for weeks?" she said. "Now that's interesting. Anything that's suitable for you to share with us, or just tell to us about in general terms?"
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Snowdog was scratching his head as he contemplated a plotline when he heard a voice ask,

"I hope you don't mind the intrusion, but are you Snowdog of Snowdog's Inn? I have had a few ales there, but I'm not sure you would recognize me. You would appear to be writing!"

Snowdog looked up and nodded, saying,

"Yes, I am the owner of the old inn, & I may have remembered if I was there behind the bar. But I have come here to try and write a tale or two, and maybe talk of writing. How are you doing my good hobbit?"

A slight draft of cooler air was all that announced the coming of a woman through the back. Making her way to the fire to shed a soaked cloak and greeted the patrons. The proprieter of this fine inn Snowdog guessed as his eyes enjoyed her beauty for a moment.

"Good day Miss"

he said as he stood, bowed slightly, then sat back down. The two women obviously knew each other well as they dove deep into conversation. Snowdog looked at what he had written, then at a note sheet, before asking Hamfast,

"I sem to be of two minds. The ranger did indeed dive into the pool from the falls above, and the orcs would not follow, but I can't seem to remember if he turned to do battle before doing so. Dp you think its important to mention that?"

He looked at one version, then another, and again scratched his head...
Posted by The Swordmaster (Citizen # 1302) on :
Neela smiled and nodded to Snowdog before turning to her old friend.

"I have been working on something a little different from my usual stories. Something revolving around the legends of werewolves and vampires..."
Posted by Hamfast Gamgee (Citizen # 5528) on :
Hamfast grinned over his beer, 'These Werewolves and Vampires, are they set in what we might call modern-day world or of the more ancient variety? Hmmmmm, Snowdog, well it depends upon how tough or possibly unwise this Ranger was.' Hamfast smiled cheekily, 'Possibly he took on one or two Orcs then suddenly realized he was in something of an ambush and had to dive dramatically into a river from rocks above to escape their arrows. I like that type of thing. Though you might think that a Ranger would not be fooled by an ambush, but they must have made mistakes sometimes like everyone else.

'Personally I am a bit bogged down in a tale I started in September! It's a bit of a crossover, a triple crossover actually between Dr Who, Harry Potter and the Discworld. But don't worry an Elven-queen will make a cameo and surprising appearance. Elven-queen? I meant Maia-queen actually!'

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Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
"Yes Hamfast, I see the Rangers as men and so are not absolutely perfect. Anyway, I re-wrote it a bit and changed the dynamics a bit. it ended up being rather sad, and in the histories of my character known as the Battle of Raven Falls."

Snowdog took a drink of the hand-pumped ale before him. then said,

"Been writing an epic in collaboration with my sweet wife these days. Am thinking of how to move the tale along a bit right now."
Posted by Hamfast Gamgee (Citizen # 5528) on :
Thiat was an old post. Strange that tale I referred to. That tale had avert mixed reception. I understand why I suppose if I had written in now I would do things differently. But some didn't like it and said so, yet it also had more people liking it than most I have written.
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Snowdog had a word with the bartender of the Pen & Parchment, and afterward, shouted everyone a drink of their choice. He then stood up on a crate and got the room's attention.

Citizens of Minas Tirith May ye be merry! I am pleased to treat you all a drink in honor of this inn's founder, Lady Nicola, in her success in publishing her novel called The Last Knight. As I have yet to read it, I cannot say anything about its content. But I will be reading it soon. Remember in the days and years coming when the movies come that she was here amongst us in this fine city, and I enjoyed the days passed here writing tales. Congratulations 'Swordy' Swordmaster!"

He then lifted his tankard and took a long draw before stepping back down and returning to his table.
Posted by Hamfast Gamgee (Citizen # 5528) on :
Interesting, and available in dollars as well!
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
99¢ on Kindle, but I was thinking of paying for the paperback. Got to support our own. []
Posted by Varnafindë (Citizen # 4097) on :
Varnafinde, who had silently snuck in, sat down at the back, and was still contemplating what drink to buy, certainly got Snowdog's attention.

Swordmaster? SWORDMASTER? Published? Wow, that's reason for celebration!

"That's worth buying!" she said. "She once sent me an introductory chapter of something she was writing, for me to comment on, and I tried to explain why I liked it and why I would like to hear more about those characters - I wonder whether that could be related to this at all?

I used to RP with her and Maha for a while, we had great fun ..."
Posted by Hamfast Gamgee (Citizen # 5528) on :
I'm writing a rather complex Silmarillion alternative at the moment. The premise is that the Valar do intervene in Beleriand after the destruction of the trees. But things do not turn out any better. The Valar intervene after the Oath of Feanor and the slaughter of the Teleri ship-builders. So there is a kind of 3 way split between the host of the Valar lead by Eonwe, Morgoth and Feanor's Noldor. This just allows Morgoth to survive the assault.
Posted by The Swordmaster (Citizen # 1302) on :
"Oh Snowdog! How incredibly sweet of you! To be honest my dear friends I have been so incredibly busy that my ventures into this part of the world became incredibly few and far between. But I have missed all my old friends!"

Neela smiled and bought everybody a drink.

"In truth I have since published a second novel and they are both receiving rather good reviews. But what of you all? Does anyone still remain in this fair city who loves to write?"
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Snowdog bowed to Swordmaster and waved to have the food brought in. He had the crew of his Inn come to cater here. There was food of all sorts, and some of the finest vintages of wine from his cellar. He held up a bottle of the rare Brandywine Red vintage 1420 and uncorked it. Pouring a glass, he handed it to Swordy, and poured another for himself. He set the bottle down by some fine glasses for anyone else to partake. But he didn't wait. He lifted his glass to Swordy and said,

"Congratulations on your engagement Lady Swordmaster of the Pen!"
Posted by Hamfast Gamgee (Citizen # 5528) on :
I still like to write!
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
... as do I.

And I thought I would make another shameless plug for our Swordmaster and her writing
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
"So where are the tales of this land? Why do we not hear them?"

Snowdog sipped his coffee and pondered telling himself a tale just to fill the old place with words once again....
Posted by faithfull (Citizen # 11417) on :
Snowdog sipped his coffee and pondered telling himself a tale just to fill the old place with words once again....
Ooh - I totally missed this thread, before. I love to write, but I haven't done fiction. It might be interesting to try my hand at a bit of spin. [] I love to read - What tales are you telling yourself, Snowy? How about you, Hamfast?
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
I have a continuing project called 'The Arnor Chronicles' that has five parts to it. Part one is 'Of Arnor', part 2 is 'The Division', part 3 is Of Rhuadur, part 4 is of Cardolan, and part 5 is Of Arthedain.

I also have a pre-war of the Ring tale in the works as well.
Posted by faithfull (Citizen # 11417) on :
Only those who seek to find a way to leave this world behind should enter in this humble place. For here shall you find those of like mind. This inn is the place for those who seek to discuss one of the greatest skills in the world, the ability to put into words all the beauty and uglyness, all the love and hate, and all the life and death this world has to offer. Enter if you are one such person
"What an interesting charge to prospective guests", Faithfull thought to herself as she read the placard. "I wonder if it is the same proprietress, all these many years later. Escapism can be very appealing, from time to time, but as time goes by, life demands more and more. Still, this place is very inviting. I will put it on my list of places to visit on a regular basis. I am very sure I will find kindred folk and a place to 'be.' "
Posted by Hamfast Gamgee (Citizen # 5528) on :
Well, I am writing two tales at the moment, though they are not Middle-Earth related, merely possibly influenced by it. A Dr Who Planet of the Apes crossover and an original tale of my own about giant Wasps and nasty ones at that. I don't know if muse is lost on ME but maybe it is as I have few ideas left or maybe I have just ran out. The only thing I have a sketch of possibly is a whimsical tale about a friendship between anE,f and Dwarf in the second age.
Posted by faithfull (Citizen # 11417) on :
[] Hee! Dr. Who and Planet of the Apes sounds like loads of crazy fun! Giant wasps sounds like a nasty nightmare, and should go over well with people who like that sort of thing. [] I'd love to read your tale of a friendship between an elf and a dwarf. I really liked how Tolkien developed the friendship between Gimli and Legolas.
Recently, based upon comments in another thread, I'm thinking about inventing children for Bombadil and Goldberry. []
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Recently, based upon comments in another thread, I'm thinking about inventing children for Bombadil and Goldberry. []

"Hey dol! merry dol! ring a dol dillo! Ring a dong ... SPLASH"

Now THAT will make for an interesting read! Can't wait to see what you come up with. []
Posted by faithfull (Citizen # 11417) on :
Now THAT will make for an interesting read! Can't wait to see what you come up with. []
Hee! Well, get comfortable. I'm terribly busy with an ultra-large set of projects, and this one may have to sit on the back burner for some time. []
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Oh, so false alarm then... nothing to see here.... []
Posted by Hamfast Gamgee (Citizen # 5528) on :
There may be if I can get one or two of my tales finished.
Posted by faithfull (Citizen # 11417) on :
There may be if I can get one or two of my tales finished.
Bring it. []
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Yeah, bring it!

I was considering sharing a tale of a wayward princess of Arthedain... []
Posted by faithfull (Citizen # 11417) on :
I was considering sharing a tale of a wayward princess of Arthedain.
[] And, how wayward will you make her? []
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
It's already written with a co-writer who wrote the princess part.
Judging by your " [] ", I decided I won't share it on this site.
Posted by faithfull (Citizen # 11417) on :
I decided I won't share it on this site
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
I'm sure I can come up with something vanilla for the [] crowd.
Posted by faithfull (Citizen # 11417) on :
peppermint candy would be better - that, or death by chocolate . . . [] []
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Ok, then stand and deliver.
Posted by faithfull (Citizen # 11417) on :
[] Misty mornings make marvelous mythcraft. []
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Snowdog smirked as he said to the watery tart,

"BAh. You seem to have no tale to tell. Surely I thought you would have many.

I on the other hand, do have many. I could tell the tale of the renegade Haradian that terrorized Rohan, but his deeds were evil and his end is unknown. There are some who say that Alfhelm, the captain of the riders of whom some claimed had caught him, ran him through and burned his body before burying the ashes. But other who claim to have been there say that the silver tongue of this Haradian managed to have him taken captive and he escaped when being brought to Edoras for trial. It is a mystery what became of him.

Or I could tell a tale of a soldier who served on the Eastern Watch of Arthedain in the days before the fall. He kept good journals, and were discovered with many many other writings in a hidden cellar at the Forsaken Inn. I think most of them have been cataloged in the newly rebuilt Library of Annuminas. Yes, there are many a tale that could be told from these Annals.

I will have an ale and some bread and cheese while give thought as to which one I will tell."

The fair maiden serving tables brought him a Prancing Pony Red Ale.
Posted by faithfull (Citizen # 11417) on :
Faithfull regarded Snowdog with wide-eyed bemusement, followed by an impish grin. []
"Well, Mr. Snowy, some people are meant to live the adventures, and some are meant to tell the tales. Still others are destined to give rapt attention and provide the backdrop of support in the creation of the tales - Methinks one cannot tell, at a glance, whether someone is involved with doing any of those things, or perhaps all three. " [] [] []
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
"Here be a short aside about an observation that I thought was amusing. while walking about the Midsummers Eve Festival ....

A young lady and her partner were walking in front of us, and I noticed she was wearing a Middle Earth map dress with matching map leggings. Later at the Stag Inn, she was there talking to a soldier of the New Varangian Guard. He was saying that he was a bit lost and asked if the road to the Forsaken Inn was through the Hills of Evendim. She was talking and laughing and pointing to where the Forsaken Inn would be while he was checking her out. She was rather chuffed, but her partner coming back to the hay bale with two beers, not so much. My guess was she was likely "asked for directions to many a Middle Earth locations" by guys through the day. Saw them later by the gate having a bit of an argument. She was then wearing his hoodie and looked cranky and pissed."

Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
Snowdog sipped his beer and said,

"And now for a tale about Lady Riannon. She was the Royal Palace Guard Commander's daughter who ended up becoming betrothed to two men within weeks of each other..."

He browsed hi snotes and took another drink befre starting...

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