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Posted by Alexius (Citizen # 2612) on :
I've been gone almost 13 years! I'm surprised to find Minas Tirith somewhat deserted now...

any regulars still around besides snowdog?
Posted by Snöwdog (Citizen # 15) on :
[] even I am not here much. The answer to your question is pretty much 'no'. every now and then an old citizen logs in and posts a thread like this, but even that is fewer and farther between.

How you goin'?
Posted by Alexius (Citizen # 2612) on :
Thats too bad, I remember the days when Minas Tirith was quite vibrant.

I'm doin ok, just trying to finish up college.
Posted by faithfull (Citizen # 11417) on :
Nope, no one, my precious. []

It's nice to meet you, Alexius. What are you studying in school?
Posted by Alexius (Citizen # 2612) on :
Nice to meet you too.

- I'm studying Government and International Relations, my last semester or so of college.
Posted by Beren (Citizen # 38) on :
Wow! This place still exists!
Posted by Tar-Aldarion (Citizen # 5396) on :
Still lurking around visiting the page regulary hoping for new post or comment.

Don't have much to contribute with myself sadly
Posted by Belthronding (Citizen # 5113) on :
Posted by Varnafindë (Citizen # 4097) on :
I'm still around too - not as regularly as I used to, usually every few weeks.
Posted by Cernunnos (Citizen # 652) on :
Posted by Miz Lobelia (Citizen # 1612) on :
Now and then. I saw They Shall Not Grow Old and wanted to discuss it, and in the old days everyone would have been all over that. But now there are just whispers of the olden days as the wind blows through the ruined columns. I know there is social media but it lacks the real thought of this place. I miss you guys!

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