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Author Topic: Nintendo DS Lite Online Downloads
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So what are your feelings about downloading DS games from the various 'rom' sites out there in cyberspace that are offering them for free []
The sites work by getting you to download a bit torrent Zip file (or WinRAR) which you then download onto a R4ds []
Theft or fair game? What do you think? []

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As someone for a deep appreciation for what it takes to make games, I find most defenses of the R4 as nothing but selfish and petty. Companies are taking risks to put out quality products, and they hope to sell hopefully thousands of copies just to be able to turn a profit. If everyone had pirated Trace Memory and Hotel Dusk- Cing would probably be out of buisness and we probably wouldn't be excited about [url= http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Little_King%27s_Story]Little King's Story[/url]

The games themselves are not that expensive- starting off at $35 on launch day retail and settling somewhere around $20-30. If you already are willing to spend $130 on the console, then I'm sure you're willing to scrape up $30 for a new game.

As far as "trying before you buy" then you're just being lazy. Get up and from (audible gasp) the internet. There are tons of places that review products, and there are even a couple of sites that compile all thewalk to you're nearest Target/gamestop and hit the demo kiosk. Another option would be to gather opinions reviews to average them out. Point is- there are several ways to test whether a game is worth your money or not.

I personally like to think of myself as a "social gamer". I don't often sit at home and just play games alone (ever since I got out of middle school), and I much prefer to LAN games like TF2, and L4d than to play them online without having any proper way of communicating past text and voice chats (LAN high 5s are the best High 5s). One cool thing about this whole "meeting people who game" is that I know tons of people who have DSs, and as a result I have can "borrow" pretty much every game I can think of. I'll often borrow a game, like it, and buy it (Polarium, Prof Layton, Phoenix Wright, and soon Advance Wars DS). I could very easy just get an R4 and download these games, but that would take away a lot of the social aspects of being a gamer- something that we arguably need more of.

I can maybe sympathize with piracy of objects that are way too pricey for little quality (most terrible movies ported to Blu Ray), or when there is little to no chance of you every being able to legally purchase an item (I've still never managed to find hard copies of Illusion of Gia or Earthbound for the SNES. When I do I'll probably buy them), but pirating a product that is readily available for under $40 and worth its value for the entertainment you get from it is very much something I frown upon.

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