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Author Topic: Super Mario Galaxy
White Gold Wielder
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Browse through some of "What the Critics Said" and despair!!!

My favorite review...

My personal review...
It's like snorting lines of God off a hooker's arse.

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Princess Keona
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[] I want is sooooo bad!!! I already know my friend Justin will get it, and I'll get to play it on his Wii. I don't have one yet. [] I know, bad, bad geek!

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Roll of Honor Lillianna
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I now want a wii and this game even more. [] I is teh poor. Can i has donashuns?
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Hylian Hero
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The game is addicting as hell, but you can't help but think that (like all other Wii games) that its gimmicky. The two major gimmicks (at least in my opinion) is the remote wag and the comet system.
The remote wag for action gets a little tiresome on the wrist after a while and sometimes just won't work. I would have preferred it being set to a button, it would have been much simpler and less tiring on the hands.
As far as the comet system, it seems at best a waste of time. To be clear, I really do enjoy the concept of different challenges per level, and when you play them they are fun, the problem is exactly WHEN you play them. Waiting around, going level to level just to have to run back to a past level at the sign of a comet is unnecessary. The whole "they only come around every so often and leave quickly" thing kinda ruins the fun of the challenge. Sometimes you'll be frustrated with a challenge (collecting 100 coins on a certain level) and simply want to leave. Knowing that if you come back tomorrow in a better mood the comet might actually be gone only forces you to sit through your anger and being angry while playing != fun.
All in all though, gimmicks aside, it is a job well done. Go Nintendo!

PS- Has anyone seen the Zero Punctuation Review of the game? I highly recommend it.

I'm back and have no idea where to begin.

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