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Author Topic: Index of the Reference Material Forum
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This thread is purely an index of all the threads to be found in this forum. To find out how to use this forum be sure to visit the ~ Tolkien Bibliography ~ thread.

I know we already have a 'Search' function and useful as it is it doesn't present threads in an alphabetical order or indeed in subject order.
Below you will find an index of all the threads in this forum in subject sections and alphabetically placed within these sections.
Some of the sections are sub-divided for ease of use.
I hope the index is self-explanatory but if not please feel free to offer advice.

~ About JRR & CJR Tolkien ~
A Picture of the Tolkien’s Tombstone
Christiopher Tolkien,, A few Questions
CT does not guard his house with a wild boar
Did Tolkien ever support dictator Francisco Franco?
Has anyone heard of this story by JRRT?
How do we Interpret Tolkien’s Intentions?
JRRT states that he deliberately chose 25-Dec, 25-Mar.
J.R.R. Tolkien's Family Tree
Pictures of Christopher
Question about 9/22
Shippey's Author of the Century
The Nature of Good and Evil in Tolkien's Myth, According to Tolkien
Tolkien Biographical Materials
Tolkien on "Escapist" literature
Tolkien's general style
Tolkien's inspirations - a list
Tolkien's Last Interview - January 1971
Tolkien’s Poetry
Video interview of Christopher Tolkien here
Why did Tolkien not like Shakespeare?
Why has Chris Tolkien disinherited his son Simon?
Young Tolkien and the Sandymans


~ Books & Writings by JRR & CR Tolkien ~

- Books & Writings about ME -
Changes to the Hobbit
Complete text of LOTR on-line
Is that it?
List of books by and about Tolkien and ME
LOTR drafts
Narn i·Chîn Húrin
The Children of Hurin
The Lays of Belariand
The Lays of Beleriand! Oh My!!
Tolkien rough drafts
Tolkien Translation
Unfinished Tales
Unfinished Tales...
What are the Lost Tales?

- Other Works -
Farmer and Smith
Goblin Feet
Leaf by Niggle
Mr. Bliss
Referance Maps
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
Smith of Wootton Major
The return of Beorhtnot
Tom Bombadil writings
Tree and Leaf - new issue

- Miscellaneous -
Anyone know where to find the 'Letters?'
Best order?
Can't find Lost Road online...
Chapters of Tolkien in Order
Complete scans of Pictures by J.R.R. Tolkien
Great Poems
Is the Letters still in print
John's Love Poem to Edith
Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien
Non-Middle-earth Books by Tolkien
Order of Precedence?
Purchasing HOTME books
The Legendarium Project
Tolkien Art
Tolkien logo
Tolkien Maps??
Tolkien Quotes: Outside his works
Tolkien's books
Tolkien's Letters
Tolkien's "On Fairy-Stories"


~ Books & Writings by other Authors about Middle Earth & it's Creator ~
2 links
An Analysis of Endor
Angus McBride's Characters of the Middle Earth
Atlas of Middle Earth
Authors quoting Tolkien
Books these days . . .
Children of Hurin Book Reviews
Complete Chronicle of Arda
David Day "Tolkiens world"
Encyclopedia of Arda
Far Harad
Has anyone ever read "J.R.R. Tolkien: Architect of Middle-Earth"?
How well do you know Tolkien's world?
I made a comic from a famous LOTR scene
Journey's of Frodo
Journeys of Frodo
Karen Wynn Fonstad's The Atlas Of Middle-earth. ????
Literary Criticism of Tolkien
LOTR Action Figure Storybook
Marquette's Tolkien Collection
Meditations on Middle-earth
Middle-Earth Guides
New essay at MERP: Flying away on a wing and a hair ...
NEW pdf map of Middle Earth
New York Times Tolkien Archive
Non-Tolkien Books Regarding Middle-earth
Offline Edition of Encyclopedia of Arda available!
Recommendations For Books Regarding Middle-earth
Request: Tolkien Info
Rings of Power FAQ Website
Site about the Songs and Poems in the LotR
The Atlas of Middle Earth
The Atlas of Middle Earth
The Atlas of Middle-earth
The Hobbit Companion
The Plants of Middle-earth
The Tolkien Beastiary?
The Tolkien Companion
The Tolkien Companion?
The ultimate online reference site!
Tolkien - Author of the Century
Tolkien Beastiary
Tolkien Bestiary (Beastiary???)
Tolkien Geneology Website
Tolkien magazine
Tolkien Magazine?
Tolkien's Ring
Tolkien the Historian
Vinyar Tengwar 49
"Visualizing Middle Earth"
What books ABOUT Tolkien do you like?
What C.S. Lewis Thought of it


~ Games ~
Easier Password # 2 - RFP
The Password Game v.5.0
The Password Game v.6.0
The Password Game v.7.0
The Password Game v.8.0
The Password Game v.9.0
The Password Game v.10
The Password Game v.11


~ Peoples & Creatures ~
Aldarion and Erendis: an analysis
Amazing Family Tree File (Men of Middle Earth)
At what cost, forgiveness?
Bilbo Was Worth $500 Million
Classification of the undead and the dead
Did the Drúedain of Númenor get longer life?
Did the River Daughter have Gills?
Do Legolas and Gimli Sail to the West?
Dwarf heights
Elvish Dance ...
Gandalf, Narya and Saruman.
How many Istari?
Legolas' Age
Life-span of Aragorn, Eldarion, and the Dunedain
Most Influential Characters
New Light shed on the founders of the Seven Dwarven Families
Nice page about how characters look like
Peoples/Characters Desciptions
Quenya Names for the High Elven Kings of the First Age
The Betrayal of Mim
The Intelligence of Ents
The Murder of Brandir: Was Turin Evil?
The Númenórean life-span
Turin and Nellas
Twelve Orkish Statements
Two Experiments aka The Nature of Elves


~ Wider Questions/Observations about the Books ~
Celtic Influences
Chosen by Whom?
Coat of arms, Arnor or even better Rhudaur
Cultural legacy
Does Ancient Greece play any part in Tolkien's work?
Does anyone know ?
Elf-lords fostering Men
Family trees
Favorite Tolkien work?
Feanorean lamps: a question
Maps of Middle Earth
Mythology resources
Resources for Rare eRas?
Rules of Heraldry for Tolkien’s Coat of Arms
Temples are Evil
The climate of Arda
The Decline of Man in the Bible and Middle-earth
The Dimrill stair
The Eastern Lands Project (read first post)
The ME Tech-tree Project
The Natural History of Arda
The Politics Of Middle Earth?
The Setting for Farmer Giles of Ham
The Spear of Tuor
Tolkien vs. Wagner
Who Owns the Silmarils?


~ Miscellaneous ~

- Citizens Musings -
Alternative middle earth
Can anyone match Tolkien?
For all german speaking people
Future Topics List and Brainstorming
Ivanhoe's Gondolin
J.R.R. Tolkien- He and his wife share love for Middle- Earth even in death
Let’s light this candle (uhhh…lantern) - A Tom Bombadil Essay
Mythology For Our Time - A Hypothesis
Parallels Between Minas Tirith and Constantinople
Reviews on Tolkien’s Audio Books
So we are all fans of Tolkien's literary work... but what of his artwork?
The Icelandic Sagas
The Ring of Gyges
The Root of the Tree of Life
Tolkien and wizards
Tolkien-Inspired Puns of Middle Earth
Tolkien's Blatant Plagiarism
Tolkien´s inspirations
Tolkien's noble Northern spirit, from Letters
Which of the "Letters" is/are your favorite?
Why do you read the Lotr?

- Forum Points of Order -
Welcome to the Reference Material Forum
Referencing Tolkien's works, where different editions with different pagination exist

- Other -
A proposed Tale of Years (in progress)

Am I a thieving goblin?
Blind Guardian
Book advice
Danish Tolkienbibliography
Does anyone know who painted this picture?
Dragons' tails for breakfast?
Fan sites shut down / Copyright issues
Got my 'Letters of JRRT' !
Help me find a reference from the Letters
Lewis' Contribution to Tokien's Obituary
Link to Tolkien reading 32 excerpts from LOTR
LOTR audio books
Lost in Middle Earth! I need a map!!
Map east of middle earth
Middle-Earth in 1999 A.D.
Minas Tirith Linking Project
Names in your language
New Hardcover UT !
Numerous Tolkien related audio files
Online Tolkien Course from Cardiff University
Orc Pics
Photographs of the Tolkiens
Reference Maps Trade
Reference Material
Reference Materials
Research Challenge : Artist Ivan Allen
Soundtrack Script (BIG POST)
Special Characters Central
Strange ?Tolkien? Painting on Unfinished Tales
The Maps of Middle Earth and Beyond - An Index
The Voice of Edoras - Tolkienian eZine
Thorongil`s life
Tolkien and the Counter-Culture of the Sixties
Tolkien blogs
Tolkien Collector Resources
Tolkien Estate Gets Court Order Against Uploaders
Tolkien Illustrations and Maps in Some Editions
Tolkien / LOTR recordings
Tolkien Studies online
Tolkien related music
Tolkien's "Letters"
TORn’s Tours of Middle-earth Site
Tour Tolkien's Oxford
Unabridged Audio Versions
What if LotR Had Been Written By Someone Else?
Which Book Should I Read After The Hobbit and LOTR?
Which books do you have?


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Guard of the Citadel
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Well that's another Index completed [] I guess I must have more time on my hands than I think []
Still, I hope this one is useful and safes you all from using the search function or starting a thread about something that is already being discussed []
Just the LotR Forum to go for me []

From: West Sussex UK, well on the seafront in Bognor Regis actually! | Registered: Jan 2002  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator
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