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Author Topic: An Introduction to the History of Middle-Earth Forum
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Welcome to the History of Middle-Earth (HOME) Forum!

Before joining the discussions in the White Tower it might be profitable for you to read the Frequently Asked Questions and the City Code of Law and Ethics.


This is the place for discussion concerning the History of Middle-Earth series and general ME subjects.

In what was the single largest work of literary archaeology ever undertaken, J.R.R. Tolkien's son and literary executor, Christopher Tolkien, edited the vast collection of manuscripts and illustrations and these were posthumously published in twelve volumes as The History of Middle-earth.

Although J.R.R. Tolkien is well-known for The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings and The Silmarillion, the material which laid the groundwork for what must be the most fully realised sub-creation ever to spring from a single imagination was begun many years before the publication of The Hobbit, and indeed Tokien continued to work upon its completion until his death in 1973.

The twelve volumes include...
  • The Book of Lost Tales (1+2): "The Book of Lost Tales" stands at the beginning of the entire conception of Middle-Earth and Valinor, for the Tales were the first form of the myths and legends that came to be called "The Silmarillion". The second part includes the tale of Beren and luthien, Turin and the Dragon, and the only full narratives of the Necklace of the Dwarves and the Fall of Gondolin. (1983/84)
  • The Lays of Beleriand: A treasure trove of lore for old and new friends of Middle-Earth. (1985)
  • The Shaping of Middle-Earth: In this fourth volume of "The History of Middle-Earth", the shaping of the chronological and geographical structure of the legends of Middle-Earth and Valinor is spread before us. (1986)
  • The Lost Road and other writings: At the end of 1937, J.R.R. Tolkien reluctantly set aside his work on the myths and heroic legends of Valinor and Middle-Earth and began "The Lord of the Rings"
    This fifth volume of "The History of Middle-Earth" completes the examination of his writing up to that time. (1987)
  • The Return of the Shadow: "The Return of the Shadow" is the first part of the history of the creation of "The Lord of the Rings", a fascinating study of Tolkien's great masterpiece, from its inception to the end of the first volume, "The Fellowship of the Ring". (1988)
  • The Treason of Isengard: "The Treason of Isengard" continues the account of the creation of "The Lord of the Rings" started in the earlier volume, "The Return of the Shadow". (1989)
  • The War of the Ring: "The War of the Ring" takes up the story of "The Lord of the Rings" with the battle of Helm's Deep and the drowning of Isengard by the Ents, continues with the journey of Frodo, Sam and Gollum to the Pass of Cirith Ungol, describes the war in Gondor, and ends with the parley between Gandalf and the ambassador of the Dark Lord before the Black Gate of Mordor. (1990)
  • Sauron defeated: In the first section of "Sauron Defeated" Christopher Tolkien completes his fascinating study of "The Lord of the Rings". Beginning with Sam's rescue of Frodo from the Tower of Cirith Ungol, and giving a very different account of the Scourcing of the Shire, this section ends with versions of the hitherto unpublished Epilogue, in which, years after the departure of Bilbo and Frodo from the Grey Havens, Sam attempts to answer his children's questions... (1992)
  • Morgoth's Ring: In "Morgoth's Ring", the first of two companion volumes, Christopher Tolkien describes and documents the later history of "The Silmarillon", from the time when his father turned again to 'the Matter of the Elder Days' after "The Lord of the Rings" was at last achieved. (1993)
  • The War of the Jewels: In "The War of the Jewels" Christopher Tolkien takes up his account of the later history of "The Silmarillion" from the point where it was left in "Morgoth's Ring". (1994)
  • The Peoples of Middle-Earth: When J.R.R. Tolkien laid aside "The Silmarillion" in 1937 the extension of the original "mythology" into later Ages of the world had scarcely begun. It was in the Appendices to "The Lord of the Rings" that there emerged a comprehensive historical structure and chronology of the Second and Third Ages, embracing all the diverse strands that came together in "The War of the Ring". (1996)
For complete overviews of the twelve volumes, visit these pages: Books 6 to 8 and the first half of Book 9 (individually published as "The End of the Third Age") are also sometimes refferred to as "The History of The Lord of the Rings".

I recommend "The History of Middle-Earth Index" by Christopher Tolkien (every index from each of the twelve volumes published together in a single volume) or Robert Foster's "Complete Guide to Middle-Earth" as companion to the HOME series. It's an A-Z guide to the names, places and events in the fantasy world of J.R.R. TOLKIEN and it's the most detailed one I know.


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[] NOTE: This forum is also the place for discussion concerning Unfinished Tales (of Númenor and Middle-Earth).

J.R.R.Tolkien's Unfinished Tales is a collection ranging from the time of The Silmarillion – the Elder days of Middle-earth – to the end of the War of the Ring in The Lord of the Rings. Its many treasures include Gandalf's lively account of how he came to send the Dwarves to the celebrated party at Bag-End, the emergence of the sea-god Ulmo before the eyes of Tuor on the coast of Beleriand, and a description of the military organisation of the Riders of Rohan.
Lovers of Tolkien's mythology will be fascinated to read the only story from the long ages of Numenor before its downfall, and all that is known of such matters as the Five Wizards, the Palantiri, and the legend of Amroth.



Before posting a topic, please make sure that your question hasn't already been covered in an existing thread by using the Search Option at the top of the page.

Additionally, you should think of a suitable title for your thread. A subject like "Question!" or "Help!" wouldn't be very significant.


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Literary Threads

History of the bad boy himself (Annatar) - What was Sauron's Maia name? When was he seduced? What form did he take? Did he repent?

About the Ishtars [Istari] (Pallando the Ishtar) - What were their actual powers and who gave them their magic? How to interpretate their colors...

Orc Question (Happy Hobbit) - Are orcs immortal like elves?

The Fall of Gondolin (Glamdring) - General discussion on the story included in the "Book of Lost Tales Part 2". Why did Christopher Tolkien exclude the detailed version from the Silmarillion?

Orc Origin (Gabil-burk) - Are orcs "independant creations" or "corrupted incarnates"?

goblins orcs the same (urks-gogoses) - Are orcs corrupted men, elves or breedings of Saruman?

Saruman and the Blue Wizards (Imrahil of Dol Amroth) - Did Saruman kill the blue wizards? What is the reason that he's is the only one returning from the East?

If Orcs were corrupted Elves??? (Tuor) - Would Manwe have to recreate the dead orc as an elf or an orc? Or were they created by Morgoth, Manwe not having any influence on them?

How long is the First Age? (Nuinamarthion) - In which year did the first age end? When was Gil-Galad born?

Sauron's real identity - a matter of interest (Ulairi) - Who is "Fankil"? Discussion about Sauron's identity...

Beren (the Gnome), a Gondothlim??? (Nash Rómerandir) - Did Tolkien intend to make of Beren a Gnome from Gondolin at the time he wrote The second version of the Tale of Tinúviel?

Conflicting Drafts (Tuor) - The problem concerning alternate versions or changes in the storyline of Tolkien's ME storyline.

Illogical !!! (Lhunithiliel) - Examples of lack of logic in events and actions of characters as described by Tolkien. Why didn't Eru try to stop Melkor's actions? Did he have the power?

The real history of Middle-earth? (Hidalgo) - Could the records of Middle-Earth be fake? Would the stories be the same when written by others than hobbits or elves?

Legolas of the Exiles (Gandalf the White) - Is Legolas Greenleaf appearing in HOME 2, Fall of Gondolin, the same as in LOTR?

Elrond's Age (Erendis) - How to find out Elrond's age at several points of the history of ME...

Princes of Dol Amroth (Maglor) - Do Stewards of Gondor have a longer life span than the Princes of Dol Amroth?

Legolas in Gondolin??? (Nash Rómerandir) - Could the Legolas from The Fall Of Gondolin be the same that was sent to Imladris in FotR? How old is Legolas??? (see "Legolas of the Exiles")

A Question about Arda... (Tinwë) - How old is Arda?

Yet another 'Blue Istari' question.... For linguists!!! (Nash Rómerandir) - Which language do the Istari names "Morinehtar" and "Romestamo" come from?

Dwarf Army's (The Last of the Noldor) - Makeup of Dwarf Armys...What about dwarven cavalry units?

digging out Orks... (Nash Rómerandir) - Is the portrayal of orcs being dug out correct?

Who has read HOME Vol. 12 (Maglor) - General topic about Vol.12 (The Peoples of ME)

Elves and the Feudal System (Silver Dragon) - How were the elves of Arda socially constructed?

Pukil-men (Dakin) - Who do the pukil-men descend from?

Did Elven women war? (Eledhsúle) - Are there women in ME who fought in battles?

Where is Numenor??? (Great Warlord) - About the geographical position of Numenor...

Death in Middle-earth (Tuor) - How to describe the term "death" if you were living in ME...Is there anything immortal in ME?

Round vs. Flat (Tuor) - Which sections of books in the HOME series deal with the issue of the round vs. flat Arda?



Game Threads

Trivia (Fingolfin_of_the_Noldor) - This is just simple trivia - one person asks a question, the first person to get it right can then post a question.


Q. Who is Tinwelint?
A. King of the Lost Elves of Artanor?
- Correct, your go


The "Trivia" Sub-Threads

The Book of Lost Tales 1+2 (Shards of Narsil)

The Lays of Beleriand (The Laurenendôrian)

The Shaping of Middle-Earth / The Lost Road (Fingolfin of the Noldor)

Vol. VI-IX: "The History of the LOTR" (Fingolfin of the Noldor

Morgoth's Ring / The War of the Jewels (Fingolfin of the Noldor)

The Peoples of Middle-Earth (Fingolfin of the Noldor)


Scramble (Gandalf the White) - In this you take a person, place, object etc. and 'scramble' the letters in it. Other people must then try and 'unscramble' it and ge the original word. If you get the answer right then you can then post one.




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