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Author Topic: Index of The Hobbit Forum
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This thread is purely an index of all the threads to be found in this forum. To find out how to use this forum be sure to visit ~ The Hobbit - Guidelines and Introduction ~ and ~ Welcome to the Hobbit forum! ~

I know we already have a 'Search' function and useful as it is it doesn't present threads in an alphabetical order or indeed in subject order.
Below you will find an index of all the threads in this forum in subject sections and alphabetically placed within these sections.
Some of the sections are sub-divided for ease of use.
I hope the index is self-explanatory but if not please feel free to offer advice.

~ About the Author and Book ~
Best edition of The Hobbit?
Did Tolkien Mean to make the first chapters in the hobbit and LOTR the same
Didn't JR have a reputation to uphold?
Is The Hobbit Accurate?
Is The Hobbit Proper School Reading Material?
"Keep your peckers up"
Literary style of "the hobbit"
Riddles with Gollum
The Hobbit, why different from the other histories
The hobbit writing style
Tolkien vs. Disney
Tolkien's paintings for the Hobbit
Unpublished Changes to the Hobbit
Was The Hobbit a children's story?
What is this picture?
Why did Tolkien write the Hobbit when he did?
Why does The Hobbit have two titles?
Written for what Audience...


~ Games ~
Hobbit ABC's
Name Game
Odd Man Out
Riddles in the Dark
Riddles in the Dark II - What does it have in its pocketses?
To WHOM was it spoken? (new trivia topic)...
Who said that...


~ Objects ~
Bilbo's Boots?
Further information on Glamdring and Orcrist?
Matches vs. Tinderboxes
Orcrist and Glamdring - How much did Gandalf know?
Orcrist, Goblin-cleaver - How did the Goblin's recognize it?
Size of Sting?
Sting and the Origins of Orcs
The Black Arrow
The Mystery of Thorin's Key
The talking purse
The Wands of Wizards
Toy-market of Dale
Waste of a good....sword?
Weapons of Middle Earth
What are "braces" referring to?
What happened to the Dwarves' instruments?
Where did Gollum get his boat?


~ Peoples & Creatures ~

- Dwarves -
Dwarf Glasses
Dwarves of many colors??
Flamingo dwarves?
Thorin - king under the mountain.
Was Balin suspicious of Bilbo's ring?
What was Gimli up to in 2941?
Who's my daddy? - Dwarven Geneologies

- Elves -
Elf Magic in the Hobbit
Elven Economics
Elvenking = Thranduil?
Galion the Alcoholic Wood-Elf
Legolas in the Battle of Five Armies
Re: The Elvenking - Is this Thranduil?
The Wood-Elves imprisoning Dwarfs
What did the forest elves celebrate?
What was the Elvenking's name?
Where was Legolas?

- Giants -
What are the Stone Giants?
- Gollum -
Considering the power of the ring, would Gollum really have stopped so quickly?
Gollum - man or monster?
Gollum/ Smeagol
Was Gollum craftier in The Hobbit or in Lotr?

- Hobbits -
A Hobbit Afterlife?
Ages and Ages is a long time?
Are the S-Bs a joke about Vita Sackville-West?
Bilbo - a question of a valid birth certificate
Bilbo and the ring
Bilbo asking for adventure
Bilbo's Ball of Spider Web
Bilbo's Dream
Bilbo's Father: Dragon Slayer
Bilbo's Leap in the Dark
Bilbo's Shadow does not make sense...
Did Bilbo Mess up his Genealogy?
Hobbit Afterlife?
Hobbit apartments?
Sauron and the Hobbits
Some said a Goblin family?
The Hobbit Caste System
Was Bilbo in Beleriand?
Were there other Hobbits sailing to Eressea?
What "Other Shores" did certain Hobbits travel to?
What religion did Hobbits have????
Where did Bilbo's log fall off of him?
Who created the Hobbits?
Why didn't the Ring affect Bilbo?
Why do hobbits live inside the earth?

- Men -
Beorn's Parents and Naked Skinchangers
Dale's Languages
Did Dwarves know any Skinchangers? Or did Skinchangers know any Dwarves?
Laketown and its King
What happened to Beorn?
What was Beorn's race?
Whom was Beorn talking about?

- Orcs -
Goblins and Orcs
Goblins vs Orcs?
The Great Goblin

- Smaug & Dragons -
Are dragons Immortal?
Dragons' relationship to gold
Fire! Fire!
Smaug's Armour
Were-worms in the Last Desert
What did Smaug eat?
What did Smaug eat?
Where did Smaug come from?
What is dragon-sickness?

- Trolls -
Kindly trolls
Modern Trolls
Size of Trolls

- Wizards -
Could Gandalf have died...?
Did Gandalf know Bilbo would get the Ring?
Gandalf and Runes
Gandalf's business
Gandalf's cousin
Gandalf, Fir Trees...Fir Trees, Gandalf
Why did Gandalf take Bilbo along?
Why would Gandalf not grow in size?

- Other Creatures -
Gandalf's Horse
More information on Stone Giants?
The Fox
The Thrush - Just how old?
Wargs = Evil Swedish Wolves
Was the "Lord of the Eagles" Gwahir?
Was the Necromancer actually Sauron?
Who is this Necromancer?
Who was King Bladorthin?


~ Nature in the Hobbit ~
Backward River Flow?
Durin's Day - Astronomical Explanation?
Is there any real-life isolated mountain like Erebor?
Questions about the Carrock
The Black Stream
The stream of enchantment, drowsiness and forgetfulness


~ Structures ~
Beorn's Viking Hall
Goblin-gate of Eyne
Smaug and Laketown's Bridge


~ Wider Questions/Observations Within The Hobbit ~
A Being called Mirkwood?
A Question of Morality - Stealing in The Hobbit
Battle of 5 armies: Why didnt' they use the mountain and its armories?
"Battle Of The Five Armies" vs. "The Last Alliance"
Could Bilbo have understood the Wargs with the Ring?
How did the wise defeat the Necromancer?
How did the White Council "expell" Sauron?
How far it is from Bag End to Minas Tirith?
Measurement in The Hobbit
Midsummer's Day
More detail?
Newsflash: Earthquake hits Erebor! Thousands dead?
No mention of the River Anduin by name?
Riddles in the Dark???
Sailing to other shores
Similarities of Bilbo meeting the Dwarves and Beorn meeting them
Smaug and the Dwarven Ring
Smaug's Gold Cursed?
Some Questions pertaining to The Hobbit
Surviving the Barrel Ride
The Necromancer - the nature of his power
The power of Lorien and Rivendell
The Ring and the Sun
The Trolls and the Frightened Pony
What if Sauron obtained the One from Bilbo?
Where is Dorwinion?
Where was Dorwinion?
Were there barbers in ME?
Who was most resposible for the destruction of Smaug?
Who's the oldest in middle earth?
Why Bilbo?
Why not take the Road?
"Young world" - What did Gandalf mean?


~ Miscellaneous ~

- Citizens Musings -
A Little Something
A Sad Story
All I Really Need to Know I Learned from the Hobbit
Bard...and Turnus of The Aeneid
Bilbo's Poetry Corner
Dark moments?
Favourite Character
Favourite Riddle
Favorite scene in the Hobbit
Hobbits = Rabbits?
Isn't that good anyway......
Just something about the Hobbit
"Keep your peckers up"
References to WWI in The Hobbit?
Re-writing 'The Hobbit'.
Something funny
Terrorism in The Hobbit, (The Professor way ahead of his time.)
The Hobbit Comic
The Hobbit still kicks ass
The Trivia Archives
Things Hobbit characters wouldn't say
Three cheers for The Hobbit
Trying to read the Hobbit for the first time
Were the hobbits preordained for their role in LOTR?
What are the odds?
What do you think of the HOBBIT as a movie
What is your favorite setting to read The Hobbit in?
What would the Hobbit be without Lord of the Rings?
What you see will shock and horrify you...
Who would you prefer?
Who's your favorite dwarf and why?
Would you have killed him?

- Forum Points of Order -
The Hobbit - Guidelines and Introduction
Welcome to the Hobbit forum!

- Other -
1974-5 Hobbit BBC Audio Production
1st Ed. original story
Annotated Hobbit - 16 August
Announcing "The Hobbit" performed!! (SJ CA)
Anyone get confused in the beginning?
Complete On-Line Text of The Hobbit
Concerning the Hobbit and LOTR: Which was written first?
Got my Special Edition Hobbit !
Helping someone who won't read The Hobbit.
Hobbit at my school
Hobbit Movie?
Hobbit report help
Hobbit: The Cartoon
How good is the Hobbit?
Identifying First Editions
Looking for a good summary
Mr. Baggins: The History of the Hobbit
New Hobbit Edition Information !
Online 1st Ed. Text?
Prices of Early Editions
ShrinkLits: The Hobbit
Teacher's guide
The Animated Hobbit
The Hobbit (There and back again) The Play
The Mountain-path
We're Famous!!
Why the Hobbit Comic Book?


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He's at it again! []

[] Another great job, Wetwang!

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The Hobbit Index has been completed [] Well until a new topic is added []
From: West Sussex UK, well on the seafront in Bognor Regis actually! | Registered: Jan 2002  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator
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