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Minas Tirith Forums » The Hobbit » More information on Stone Giants? (Page 2)
Author Topic: More information on Stone Giants?
Roll of Honor Snowman of Forochel
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That's exactly the way I feel about the Giants. Which is why they were never a player in any of the the wars on Middle Earth. They were even less involved than the Ents, who did get involved in the War of the Ring. Hobbits, Ents, and Giants were all very similar in the way they preferred isolation over involvement.
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Thingol of Doriath
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Maybe Stone Giants were distant relatives of Beorn?

Beorn was a giant at any rate:

Standing near was a huge man with a thick black beard and' hair, and great bare arms and legs with knotted muscles. He was clothed in a tunic of wool down to his knees, and was leaning on a large axe.
The horses were standing by him with their noses at his shoulder.
"Ugh! here they are!" he said to the horses. "They don't look dangerous. You can be off!" He laughed a great rolling laugh, put down his axe and came forward.
"Who are you and what do you want?" he asked gruffly, standing in front of them and towering tall above Gandalf.
As for Bilbo he could easily have trotted through his legs without ducking his head to miss the fringe of the man's brown tunic.

-"Queer Lodgings" The Hobbit

Italics mine. So Beorn towered over Gandalf. If Bilbo could trot between his legs without hitting the fringe of Beorn's tunic... his hips must have been four to five feet high, putting him at over eight feet at least. At the Battle of Five Armies he is described as being almost giant sized(as a bear, no less):

He came alone, and in bear's shape; and he seemed to have grown almost to giant-size in his wrath.

-"The Return Journey" The Hobbit

Gandalf also gives the Mountains as a possible origin of Beorn:

Some say that he is a bear descended from the great and ancient bears of the mountains that lived there before the giants came. Others say that he is a man descended from the first men who lived before Smaug or the other dragons came into this part of the world, and before the goblins came into the hills out of the North. I cannot say, though I fancy the last is the true tale

-"Queer Lodgings" The Hobbit

Perhaps the truth was a mix of the two possibilities... that he was descended from the giants that came to the mountains?

Maybe Beorn was the friendly giant Gandalf had in mind to block up the Goblin Gate? And perhaps this is where Beorn got his shape-shifting abilities? We know very little about Stone Giants, it could be possible that they were shape-shifters as well...

I'm sure I can't be the first person to come up with this theory...

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Thorin said: "Giants are no metaphor. Bilbo saw and described them:

When he peeped out in the lightning-flashes, he saw that across the valley the stone-giants were out and were hurling rocks at one another for a game, and catching them, and tossing them down into the darkness where they smashed among the trees far below, or splintered into little bits with a bang
"But evil often turns into itself. I can easily imagine Gandalf convincing a giant that if it blocked up the tunnel entrance then it would have less competition with goblins in attacking travellers and gaining booty for itself. Very similar to what Gandalf did to trick the trolls."
That makes the most sense about these mountain giants. I can just picture in my mind Gandalf talking one into doing this!

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Hamfast Gamgee
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The stone-giants where a bit like Tom Bombadil in that way of minding their own business.
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