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Author Topic: Index of the Languages of Arda Forum.....v.2.0
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As many of you may know Hidalgo, for personal reasons, has left Minas Tirith.
Before he left he asked me to take over the running and organising of the Index to this forum; a request that after waiting a couple of weeks to see if he will return I have now taken upon myself for him until when and if he does return to take it off of me.
As it is not possible for WGW to give me access to Hidalgo's thread I have no other option but to redo the Index under my name, giving me a cleansweep so to speak in the Index department!
However, I am not a language master and may from time to time ask for help as to which section to put various threads in from the more cunning linguists amongst you! []
I have taken the liberty to give this Index the same look and feel as the other Indexes.
The main difference between this Index and Hidalgo's original is that I have divided it into two posts.
This first post deals with language questions directly relating to the works of JRR Tolkien.
The second post is divided into sections that have more of a 'reference' feel to them.


This thread is purely an index of all the threads to be found in this forum. To understand the use of this forum be sure to visit ~ An Introduction the Languages of Arda Forum ~.

I know we already have a 'Search' function and useful as it is it doesn't present threads in an alphabetical order or indeed in subject order.
Below you will find an index of all the threads in this forum in subject sections and alphabetically placed within these sections.

In this post you will find questions relating to ~ Elvish Languages ~, ~ Names ~ , ~ Other Tolkien Languages ~, ~ Pronunciations ~, ~ Questions Concerning Specific Words ~ and ~ Written Languages ~.
The section on ~ Elvish Languages ~ is further divided into sub-section that include Quenya and Sindarin questions.
After each link in the ~ Pronunciations ~ section I have added the word/ words in question due to nearly all the threads being titled 'Pronounciation'!

In - Post Two - you will find the more 'reference' type of questions as well as works by the citizens of Minas Tirith using the languages created by JRR Tolkien.

~ Elvish Languages ~
Elbereth: Sindarin or Quenya?
Elven tongues
Elvish, anyone?
Elvish is hard....look at this
Elvish is not a language
Elvish language and names - help me!
Elvish lives
Elvish Questions
Elvish that was not subtitled in the films
Favorite Elvish Movie Lines!
Is the Elven language copy written?
J.R.R. Tolkien's elven language... books?
Possible to have a discussion in Elvish?
Questions about the elvish languages
Sam's Elvish
Sauron's Writings
The Avari's Language
The Elvish Linguistic Fellowship
Tribute to Elvish
What did Gimli say in Elvish?
Which elven language was spoken by Legolas?
Which form of elvish...
Wordlisting Elvish

- Quenya -
Abandoned Roots?
basic Quenya conversation guide
Could you please teach me some of the basic words and phrases in Quenya?
Diphthongs or not diphthongs?
"Morgoth" in Quenya...?
Quenya Transliterator
Speaking Quenya....
Tolkien = Arcastar (or Arkastar)
Tolkien Talking Quenya
The Quenya Practice Ground
The Ring Poem in Quenya
What do you think is the hardest part of learning Quenya?

- Sindarin -
Beacon-hills of Gondor
Consonant mutation in Sindarin...how does it work, exactly?
Help with Elvish.
Need some help!
Sindarin for Northmen
Sindarin lesson problem.


~ Names ~
Aragorns last name
Are there any Dwarvish names known?
Do all swords have names?
Elven names
Gondolin's names
Hi, I got a question for you..
Index of names
Last names
Name Connotations
names in elvish
Names of Places
Nazgul's names
Origin of the name Bag End?
Origin of the name "Morgoth
Place Names
Quenya and Sindarin names.
The Names of the dwarfs and the name "Gandalf"
The Name of Sauron Forbidden????
Tolkien and H.P. Lovecraft: name inspirations?
True Middle-earth names thread
What are the names of the Dwarf Rings?
What does my nick mean?
What's in a name?
Why use the Father's name?
Your REAL elven name!


~ Other Tolkien Languages ~
Bombadil's language of "wonder and delight"
Common Speech
Complexity of Human Languages
Forgotten tongue?
Hobbit Language
How many languages did Tolkien create?
Languages in the Wilderlands
Languages of ME
Lost Languages and Songs
What do we know about this "Common Language"
What language did they spoke?
why do they speak english


~ Pronunciations ~
How do you pronounce...? ~ Nellas Elensar.
how do you pronounce it? ~ 'r' and 'oo' in the films and books.
How to pronounce 'Tolkien'
On pronunciation... ~ Ælfwine.
Pronounciations ~ Grishnakh and Gandalf.
Pronouncing Elvish
Pronounciation of Dior
Pronounciations (sp)? ~ Words in general.
Pronunciation ~ The pronounciation of 'dh'.
Pronunciation? ~ Ent.
Pronunciation of 'Fangorn'
Quick question ~ Minas Tirith.
Silmarillion pronounciations ~ 'ä', 'ë', etc.


~ Questions Concerning Specific Words ~
Aiglos Aeglos?
Elvish word for 'Bliss'?
Elvish Word for Surprise
Elvish words for North, South, East, West
Lazy Lob, Crazy Cob, and Old Tomnoddy??
"Maeglin" in Quenya...?
Need help with names
Numenor and gnome discrepancy
'O Elbereth Gilthoniel'
Origin of "Maia"
Origins of the Word Hobbit
Silmaril = sílima + ril?
The Meaning of "Eriador"
The meaning of Niphredil
Tolkien = Arcastar (or Arkastar)
What does 'Attercop' mean?
What does "olog" mean?
What does Ost-in-Edhil mean?
What does..."Silmarillion" mean, grammatically?
What does this mean?
What language is "Turambar" in?
What's a weskit?
What's the Quenya word for "Mithril"?
Why did Tolkien choose the name Smaug?
Why Middle-earth?


~ Written Languages ~
Tengwar, Runes, etc
Cirth and Tengwar Artwork
Doing accents on Tolkienian names
English Tengwar
help me with my elvish writing
I want to learn Tengwar ...
Is Tengwar written according to the sounds or not?
Runes and Magic
Specific sound in the tengwar
Tengwar and the Arabic Alphabet
Tengwar Butchery
Tengwar Fonts
Tengwar Inscription on Sting!
Tengwar of Rúmil?
Tengwar Punctuation
Transliterate: English---> Quenya, Cirith, etc.
Using Tengwar to Write English
Vocal Y in tengwar
What is the Shibboleth of Feanor?


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In this second post of the Language Index you will find question of a more reference nature as well as language projects and courses run by citizens of Minas Tirith.

This part of the Index is divided into sections on ~ Language Classes and Courses ~, ~ Languages of the World ~, ~ Miscelanea ~, ~ Projects ~ , ~ Reference Threads/Dictionaries ~ , ~ Tolkien's Writing Style ~ and ~ Translations ~ .

~ Language Classes and Courses ~
elvish language sites
Elvish Sounds??
Learning Dwarvish
Learning elvish
Learning Elvish
Learning Elvish
Learning Elvish II
Learning Quenya
Learning Quenya
Learning Sindarin...
The Ardalambion Course...
The Elvish Class
The Quenya Class
Where can i learn?


~ Languages of the World ~
Finnish, Welsh, etc
How many languages did Tolkien speak?
HWÆT! The thread for Anglo-Saxon and Old Norse languages and literature
LOTR and The Welsh Language
Reminiscences from Real Languages
Welsh and Finnish


~ Miscelanea ~
About ents and eorls in Old English texts
Any news on the Quenya lessons?
Elvish Humor
Elvish months = French Revolutionary calendar?
Gollum's language ability
Hebraic interpretations of Tolkien languages
HELP NEEDED......Re: This Forum's Index
Lament for Gandalf
ME numerals - similar to Roman?

Quenya or Sindarin - what language do you prefer?
Songs of Power
The Newt's Linguistic section
The Sayings of Master Samwise
Trolls, Goblins and Orcs! Oh my! - Differences?
New Forum - We need a forum description!
Vocabulary Game
What are Noldor?


~ Projects ~
Bible, Dr Seuss, etc
A Great Work has begun! - LotR in Latin
Dr. Seuss Translation Needed
Elvish Bible Project - Organization
I Yessessë
Silmarillion in the Elven Tongues
Tengwar Calligraphy
The Elvish Bible Project
The Elvish Bible Project - Submissions


~ Reference Threads/Dictionaries ~
A Set-up for a Lang Forum
Elven Dictionary
Elvish resourses
Great Elvish Site
Index to the Languages of Arda Forum. ~ Hidalgo's original Index to this forum.
Just Wondering...
Nice Elven Dictionary!
Parma Eldalamberon 17
Quenya Dictionaries; do you have more??
The Languages of Tolkien's Middle Earth
Tolkien's linguistic cellar


~ Tolkien's Writing Style ~
Alternate names used in The Hobbit
A mistake to use "Fairy-Story" terms?
Common sayings/phrases in Tolkein's Text
Change in writing style
The Use of Archaic Words and Diction
Tolkien's Mastery of Literary Wit/Metaphor/Imagery
Why did Tolkien write this way(the 2nd)?
Word Listing


~ Translations ~
Bad Translations
Crist Poem
Elven translations
Even Google can't find it !
How do you like my Quenya translations?
How many translation?
I Lantë Artanáro
Quenya/Sindarin translations
Quenya-Sindarin Translations
[S], [Q]: Chapters of The Silmarillion
Tolkien Translations: The Good, the Bad and the Funny
Translation please
Translation requests...


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OK, that's this Index reordered; I hope Hidalgo would approve []
If anyone feels I've made any glaring mistakes please inform me.............gently! []

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Well done Wetwang! I think Higalgo would approve, and this deservedly should be stickied!

"I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve."
- Bilbo Baggins

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