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Author Topic: Index of the Lord of the Rings Forum ~ RFP
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The measure of a good index is it's practicality and easiness of use. With over 1600 different threads this hasn't been an easy, nor quick project and hopefully I have accomplished my aims.

This thread is purely an index of all the threads to be found in this forum. To find out how to use this forum be sure to visit ~ The Lord of the Rings - Guidelines and Introduction ~.

I know we already have a 'Search' function and useful as it is it doesn't present threads in an alphabetical order or indeed in subject order.
Below you will find an index of all the threads in this forum in subject sections and alphabetically placed within these sections.

Many of the seven posts that go to make up the Index contain more than one subject section. To indentify which subject section is in which post I have divided the following shortcut links into their relevent posts and numbered them accordingly.
Some of the subject sections are further sub-divided for ease of use.
I hope the index is self-explanatory but if not please feel free to offer advice.

I will now give a brief run down with shortcut links to all of the sections and subjects covered. A full description of all the subject sections can be found by following these links, please read the post descriptions to help yourselves in their use.



~ About the Author and Book ~ This section is divided into two subject sections, The Author and The Book.



~ Peoples & Creatures Vol I ~ This section is divided into questions about Balrogs, Barrow Wights, Dragons, Dwarves, Eagles, Elves, Ents, Gandalf & Other Wizards, Gollum and Hobbits.
The sub-sections on Elves, Gandalf & Other Wizards and Hobbits have also been further divided. Please follow the link to see these divisions.



~ Peoples & Creatures Vol II ~ This section is divided into questions about Men, Nazgûl, Old Man Willow, Orcs, Sauron, Shadowfax, Shelob, The Army of the Dead, The Mouth of Sauron, Tom Bombadil & Goldberry, Trolls, Valar and Other Creatures. The divisions on Men is further divided, please follow the link to see these divisions.



~ Nature in The Lord or the Rings ~ This section deals with the natural things found within Middle Earth like plants, metals and the geography of Tolkein's creation.
~ Wider Questions/Observations Within The Lord of the Rings ~ This section is interested in less pointed questions and has been divided into five sub-sections relating to Persons & Peoples, Places, Objects, Observations and Other Questions.



~ Objects ~ This subject section deals with the many objects found within the pages of 'The Lord of the Rings' and has been further divided into sections on Rings of Power, Seeing Stones, Weapons, Wizards Staffs and Other Objects.
~Structures~ has been divided into areas on Buildings, Towns & Cities, Statues and Other Structures and is fairly self explanitory.



~ Forum Points of Order ~ tells you how to use the Lord of the Rings Forum.
~ Artwork, Poems, Prose & Music ~ contains many works of art and poetry by member of the board as well as there being observations of Tolkien's works in other artists writings and songs.
~ Musings & Reflections ~ are personal thoughts by members on the book and is further divided into sections About Characters in the Book, About Middle Earth, About the Book Itself and Other Musings & Reflections
~ Rewritings ~ is where you can discover how people think they can improve upon the good professor's works.



~ Games ~ 'Odd Man Out', 'Who Said That?' and many other word games, some long forgotten are to be found here.
~ What ifs & Other Speculations ~ Speculate to your heart's content in these threads.
~ Your Favourite or Least Favourite ~ Discuss your favourite or least favourite character or thing within the book. This section is divided into two sub-sections, Favourites and Least Favourite for ease of use.
~ Other ~ is for threads that just didn't seem to fit in anywhere else.


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~ About the Author and Book ~
This section is divided into two subject sections. The first subject section, The Author, deals with questions about JRR Tolkien himself.
The second subject section, The Book, deals with The Lord of the Rings and has such questions as to where inspirations and ideas were drawn from in it's writing as well as some chapter anlyses.

The Author
A question of religion...
Chris Tolkien? Is he taking over LOTR?????
Death of Heroes: Change of Philosophy?
Did Ronny believe?
Did Tolkien Fail?
Did Tolkien really take it seriously
Frodo and Bilbo's birthday - significance of the date?
Has Tolkien made a difference?
Hmm, this might be something
Is Tolkien any good?
J.R.R. Tolkien on Capital Punishment
"Light comedy is not Mr. Tolkien's forte"
New Years Day
Nine rings
Oh no, this can't be !!!
Tolkien and Cavalry Warfare
Tolkien and King Arthur
Tolkien & Nature
Tolkien and the "nerd" nation
Tolkien - Literary Genius....Or Hack Writer?
Tolkien's Birthday
Tolkien's intentions
Tolkien's opinion of his works??, or "Leaf by Niggle"
Tolkien's Strengths
What did Tolkien mean when he claimed to be fascinated by vera historia
Why does Tolkien write this way?

The Book
A question...?
About the title......
All that Glitters
Are the Appendices of RoTK...confusing?
Bamfurlong - Farmer Maggot's Farm
Can yo answer me this...
Chapter Analysis: A Long-expected Party
Chapter Analysis: A Shadow of the Past
Chapter Analysis: In The House of Tom Bombadil
Chronological setting of LOTR?
Did JRRT invent Rangers?
Does Sauron seem scary?
Far fetched? Tolkien's nod to Whitman
First edition LOTR
From LOTR preface, is he referring to the ROTK appendix ?
Happy 50th Anniversary to the "Return of the King"
Is LOTR racist?
Is The Lord of the Ring just a rip off of The Hobbit?
JRR Tolkien or the tale of King Arthur
Long Inappropriates?
Lord of the Hrungs?
Lord of the Rings
Lord of the Rings based on WWII ?
LOTR literary analysis
ME map?????
Minas Tirith = Masada?
Moral of the story.......
Number of LOTR books sold WORLD-WIDE
Possible inspiration of Tolkien's ...
Pronouciation of "smial"?
Scouring of The Shire - what is it good for?
Similarities between LOTR and "The Hobbit"
So many names
Sociological impact of LOTR
The end of Part I, why says Orthanc and *Minas Morgul*?
Tolkien and Hobbits
Tolkien Tricks
Tolkien's concept of heroism and warrior code
Tolkien's Writing Style
What are the names of all other Tolkien books involving Middle_Earth?
What were the defects that JRRT saw in his work?
When does Tolkien's account of Middle-Earth stop?
Where did Orcs start?
Why are dwarves so.....dwarvish?
Why did Tolkien feel the need to create the Third Line?
Why is LOTR so addictive
Why is the Lord of the Rings the greatest novel ever written?
Why "The Lord of the Rings"?
Why was LotR obscure at first, then exploded in popularity?
Why were TTT and ROTK written as two parallel-time books?


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~ Peoples & Creatures Vol I ~
In this section you will find questions asked about Balrogs, Barrow Wights, Dragons, Dwarves, Eagles, Elves, Ents, Gandalf & Other Wizards, Gollum and Hobbits.
The subject sections on Elves, Gandalf & Other Wizards and Hobbits have also been further divided for ease of use. I have tried to keep these further divisions in logical headings based upon how the characters are portrayed within the books. For instance, in the Elves sub-section you will see that I have placed Galadriel and Celeborn together, Elrond and his kin also get their own division as does Legolas. I have done similar divisions in the other two sub-sections mentioned.

Balrog wings
Balrog of Moria?
Balrogs & Dragons??
Do Balrogs Have Fingers? (And Other Conundrums of Moria)
Do Balrogs have tails?
Durin's Bane
How did it take the Balrog a year(!?) to drive the dwarves out of Khazad-dum?
Last Alliance Question
Moria Journeys
On Balrogs Wings...
Possible overlooked evidence towards Balrog wings
The Balrog and the Wise
Was Durin's bane the last Balrog in ME?

Barrow Wights
Barrow Wight's
Barrow Wights?
Did the barrow wight spells last beyond the W-K and Sauron?
The Barrow-wights
What is a Barrow-wight?

Any Dragon's left in Me?
Dragons and Rings.
Dragons versus Balrogs
Last Alliance Question
Size of Dragons?
Smaug the Last

Concerning the Dwarves - Who hates ya baby
Did dwarves fear water?
Do Dwarves have a distinctive relationship with vikings?
Do you think Dwarves are a courageous sort
Dwarf-Lore in the Third Age: Rings, Runes, and Rituals
Dwarven Reincarnation and Afterlife
Dwarven women?
Dwarves and Mockeries
Dwarfs in the 4th Age?
Dwarves in the Ered Nimrais
Female Dwarves
Gimli's Chant in Khazad-dum
Ironfoot & Stonehelm
Of Dwarves
Secret dwarf-tongue
The Iron Hills post-Smaug
What about the Dwarves?
Where were the dwarves when....

?'s about the Eagles and other Creatures
A quicker way??
The Eagles
The Eagles are coming!

~ Elrond, Arwen, Elladan & Elrohir ~
A question about Elrond and Celebrian. Help appreciated.
A question about the Silmarillion...
An unknown reason...
Any info on the sons of Elrond?
Arwen and Undying lands
Arwen & Valinor
Arwen Evenstar
Did Arwen Chose Mortality???
Did Elladan and Elrohir choose mortality?
Do the sons of Elrond fear the Dead?
Elladan and Elrohir's "errand"
Elrond and the Ring
Elrond, did he have the right?
Elrond. Were you impressed in LOTR with his wisdom?
Elrond's Foresight Concerning Pippin
Forgetting Arwen
How old is Elrond?
Son's of Elrond
The nature and consequences of Arwen's decision...???
Was Elrond half human? ....and what about Arwen's choice to be mortal???
What's with the name Evenstar???
Where did Elladan and Elrohir go?
Why couldn't Arwen leave later?

~ Galadriel & Celeborn ~
A query concerning Galadriel
Boromir in peril
Celeborn's fate
Could Celeborn have been different?
"For darkness will flow between us"
Galadriel and ring powers
Galadriel said "I pass the test". What did she do?
Galadriel vs. Sauron
Galadriel's gift to Gimli
Galadriel's hair
Galadriel's Hair?
Galadriel's Powers?
Help me understand Galadriel and Celeborn
Info on Galadriel ????
Of Galadriel and Celeborn
What if Galadriel had taken the Ring?
Why does Galadriel say to Frodo "Do not touch the water" at The Mirror of Galadriel?

~ Legolas ~
Age of Legolas
Did Legolas fight any other wars???
Did Legolas fight in the Battle of Five Armies?
How could Legolas walk on the snow?
Is there a specific reason why Legolas was invited to Elrond's Council?
Legolas lives in Mirkwood?!
Oh dear. . . .
Regarding Legolas
What color was Legolas' hair?
Where do they figure out Legolas' age?
Who is Legolas's mother?
Why Legolas and not Glorfindel?

~ Others Questions about Elves ~
A shadow and a THREAD has been growing in my mind. - Not Legolas
Are Elves inherently flawed
Concerning elves...?
Dark Elves?
Did Elves Sleep?
Did Glorfindel carry a sword?
Do all the Elves have Magical Powers??
Do elves wear shoes?
Does the Dark Power have influence on the Elves?
Elf-race synopsis desired...
Elven Childbirth
Elven Christmas!!!
Elven Family Trees
Elven ship-design
Elves and Immortality
Elves and Men
Elves and Pointy Ears....
Elves and the 3rd Age
Elves of Mirkwood?
Elves were all the same size?
Elvish contraception...
Elvish Immortality
Elvish Invisibility
Fertility of the Elves
Gildor and Finrod
Gildor of the house of Finrod
Glorfindel in the Fellowship
Glorfindel's Fate
Glorfindel vs. Nazgul, and the fate of the Lord of the Nazgul and Balrogs
Haldir - A case of Alzheimers?
Half elven?
How are Elves and Dwarves born?
How does elf eyesight relate to elf hairsize?
How old is Cirdan Shipwright?
I was just wondering
Is anyone else mad that Haldir Dies?
Oldest Elf
Question about Glorfindel
Questions about Elves
Questionable Elven Paradise
Quick Reflexes
Rumil in Lorien
Science of Middle-earth: Elvish Eyesight
Some questions...
Song of war?
The Amroth debate
The Elf/Dwarf feud?
The Elves
The Elves who left Middle Earth...
The Last Ship?
Weed rather not smoke - the Elven view.
Were Elves Vegetarian?
What did Celebrimbor THINK he was making?
What did Elves do all day?
What is the difference between the Eldar and The Edain?
When Did Cirdan Leave
When good elves go bad (mortal)
Who had more impact on the War of the Ring, Elrond or Galadriel?
Who told the Elves to leave Middle Earth?
Who was high king of the Noldor after Gil-Galad was killed?
Why are elves in Middle Earth
Why couldn't Elves walk on water?
Why do Elves like "sixes and twelves"?
Witch King vs Glorfindel II

Concerning Entwives
Did Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli camp beneath Finglas?
Does anyone know if it is the Ent-wives that live near or in the barrowdowns?
Entish Writting
Entwives essay ('The Great Search') under work - feedback welcome
How did Ents . . . well, you know . . . RFP
How Should The Ents look?
I Found the Entwives!
Origin of Ents
Ring of Power and Ents
Skinbark / Fladrif
The discovery of Entwives
The Entwives found! (I think I know, and here it is...)
The Fate of the Entwives...
Theories on the Entwives fate
Treebeard's entings
Tropical Ents
Were Ents the progenitors of trees?
Were the Ents (and Entwives) allowed to Sail into the West?
What an Ent looks like.
What did Treebeard look like?
What happened to the Ent wives?
Where are the Entwives?
Where did Ents come from?
Will the ents wifes ever be discovered???

Gandalf & Other Wizards
~ Gandalf ~
Common Sense
Could Gandalf Save Denethor?
Did Gandalf actually die after killing the Balrog?
Did Gandalf arrive Middle-earth on Cirdan's ship?
Did Gandalf drop the ball?
Did Gandalf ignore Tom Bombadil?
Fasting Gandalf
Frodo on Amon Hen
Gandalf and his Dwellings
Gandalf and Narya
Gandalf and Odin
Gandalf and Sauron
Gandalf at Weathertop
Gandalf is a Steward?
Gandalf, Narya, and Saruman
Gandalf seeing Frodo and Sam
Gandalf the Grey vs. Gandalf the White: A memory issue?
Gandalf the Grey or White?
Gandalf the Torturer?
Gandalf vs Balrog: Did Gandalf Die?
Gandalf vs. Nazgul
Gandalf VS other Istari
Gandalf's death
Gandalf's ears
Gandalf's Final Destination
Gandalf's Final Gamble
Gandalf's Fireworks
Gandalf's Guild
Gandalf's Home?
Gandalf's Letter to Frodo
Gandalf's Longevity
Gandalf's Origin
Gandalf's Pension Plan
Gandalf's Power
Gandalf's previous records.
Gandalf's real identity
Gandalf's rebirth
Gandalf's Reincarnation, new body or not?
Gandalf's Ring???
Gandalf's Ring 2
Gandalf's stragety
Gandalf's staff
Gandalf's terrifying knowledge...
Grey and White
GTW not Mithrandir
How did Gandalf know about The Shire Gates?
How did Gandalf win?
How human was Gandalf's death and rebirth
How Invincible was Gandalf?
How powerful was Gandalf's will
If Gandalf died ...
More info on Moria?
Moria and Gandalf
Naked Gandalf
'Naked I was sent back And naked I lay upon the mountain-top.'
Now is not your time.
[Questions] The Return of Gandalf
Sam: Too great a charge?
"Strove with the dark tower"?
Sword are of no use here
Telepathic Gandalf?
The three elven rings-- is Gandalf really a elf??
Turn Sam into a Toad?
Were Gandalf and Denethor communicating telepathically?
What did Gandalf discuss
What Did Gandalf Mean?
What did Olorin see when he fell at Durins bane?
What is Gandalf refering to in his Verse about Galadriel?
What made Gandalf more powerfull when he was changed to white
What was Gandalf thinking at the Black Gate?
What was Gandalf's job?
What was Gandalf's MO?
Who made Gandalf "White"?
Why did Gandalf pass through Moria??
Why didn't Gandalf............
Why didn't Gandalf accept the terms?
Why didn't Gandalf Go to War?
Why does Gandalf tell Frodo not to use the Ring "again"?
Why doesn't just Gandalf *take* the Ring from Bilbo?
Why was Gandalf Grey?
Wielder of the flame of anor

~ Radagast ~
Passive Radagast
Radagast and Eagles
Radagast and the "Eagle Calvary"
Radagast the brown
The question of Radagast.
Treebeard & Istari
Why Didn´t Radagast Leave With Gandalf?

~ Saruman ~
About Saruman's Death... disagreement!?
Did Saruman Ever Visit Moria?
How did Saruman get it?
Is Saruman really a villain?
Saruman against The Ents
Saruman attacked by Nazgul
Saruman, the White?
Saruman's Death?
Saruman's folly
Saruman's "Grey Ship" Comment
Saruman's Ring
Saruman's Ring
Serpent the White?...Saruman's Second Nature.
The Fate of Saruman
The Istari and Saruman
The Voice of Saruman question
What happened to Saruman?
When DID Saruman the Wise Abandon Reason for Madness?
Why did Saruman allow Gandalf to keep his staff?
Why did Saruman want more power?
Why didn't Saruman despoil Gandalf?

~ The Blue Wizards ~
Alatar and Pallando - What happened to the other two wizards?
Blue Wizards
Blue wizards?
Who are the Blue Wizards?

~ Other Questions about Wizards ~
About the Istari
In Regards to Wizards and Elves
Istari and aging
Istari and Sauron?
New Istari?
Q's about the Wizards of LOTR
The Istari
The rest of the Istari
Two Towers - Aragorn, Gimli, & Legolas' chase
Where did the Istari go?
Who were the Hedge Wizards

Are Smeagol and Deagol Hobbits?
Comparison between Bilbo and Gollum
Gollum - a hero?
Gollum ain't dead!!!
Gollum and Elvish rope.
Gollum and Moria
Gollum and Sauron
GOLLUM: man or hobbit?
Gollum/Sméagol calls Frodo and Sam cute little hobbits
Gollum's Luck
How did Gollum bust in?
How did Gollum get into Moria?
Just how did gollum get into moria without anyone seeing him?
Question about Gollum
Smeagol and Deagol
The Reason for Gollum's change.
This is what Gollum should have done!
Was Gollum evil?
What happened to Smeagol's people?
Would Gollum have been allowed into the grey havens?
What Would Happen to Gollum?
Why Couldn't Gollum Come out of West Gate?
Why couldn't Gollum get out of Moria?
Why did Gollum have to die??
Why didn't Gollum fade?

~ Frodo, Sam & Bilbo ~
9 fingered Frodo
A question
Annual Recurrence of Frodo's Wound?
Bilbo and Frodo - what's they true relationship?
Bilbo's Ticket Across the Sea
Did Bilbo forget about the Silmaril of Earendil?
Did Bilbo grab for the Ring?
Did Frodo develop a "crush" on the Ring?
Did Frodo have a choice?
Did Frodo use the Ring on Gollum?
Did Sam end up going to the Grey Havens and sail West to Valinor?
Did Samwise reach the Gray Havens?
Do u think Sam should have ignored Smeagol's plan to steal the ring?
Does Sam set sail?
Fatty, Sam, and the Ring
Frodo and the Grey Havens
Frodo as "Everyman"
Frodo Baggins
Frodo, The Fool...
FRODO was the choosen one but why???
Frodo's blindness
Frodo's Dream Come True
Frodo's finger
Frodo's parents..??
Frodo's sudden pacifism
Frodo, why he is really the most unlikely hero
How about Bilbo's journey to Rivendell?
'I cannot read the fiery letters . . . '
I'm in control
Is Bilbo's resistance to the Ring stronger than Frodo's?
Length of the Journey
Lor Bless You
Lord Frodo
Not who...but What is Frodo Baggins?
Out of character statement from Frodo?
Psychic powers?
[Refreshing my memory...argh] Were Frodo & Co allowed to set foot upon Valinor?
Sam and Big People
Sam and Gollum
Sam Gamgee
Sam Gamgee: The Slave
Sam never took the ring off!!
Sam the Man
Sam. What was he to Frodo?
Sam's Passage Into the West
Sam's Visions of Frodo and Frodo`s gift of forsight
Samwise Gamgee... Hero of all time?
The Choices of Master Samwise
The Healing of Frodo's Wounds
The Prophecy of Frodo?
Transparent Frodo
Was anyone disappointed when Frodo succumbed to the Ring?
Was Sam right to leave Frodo's "dead" body in Shelob's lair?
What happens to Frodo?
Where did Bilbo get Sting?
When did Frodo Fail?
Why didn't Bilbo....
Why Didn't Bilbo See Super Gandalf?
Why didn't Frodo...
Why didn't Frodo get married?
Why didn't Frodo go to Mt Doom on an eagle?
Why didn't Frodo see all the Rings

~ Merry & Pippin ~
About Pippin....
Did Merry have Children?
Did Pippin wake up the Balrog?
Fighting blood in Pips family?
Merry and the Barrow
Peregrine the Wanderer
Peregrin Took & the Guards of the Citadel
Pippin's Oath
"'So it ends as I guessed it would...' his thought said"
Were Merry and Pippin two of the most important characters in the Lord of the Rings?
When did Pippin get it?

~ Others Questions about Hobbits ~
A Hobbit's Belief in God
A Hobbit is presently how small?
Adventurous Tooks - It's in their Blood
Anarchy in the Shire
Are Hobbits men?
Brandybuck Resistance to The Chief
Class Consciousness in Hobbiton
Concerning Hobbits
Crime in The Shire
Diamond Took...
Did Lotho do it alone? – a conspiracy theory
Has anyone else been wondering.........
Height of hobbits
Hobbit bloodlines
Hobbit feet!!!
Hobbit Genealogy
Hobbit Lawlessness
Hobbit Population
Hobbits and presents.
Hobbits, Elves and Men
Hobbits, Men, and "Addiction"
How did the hobbit race come to the world?
How many Hobbits have speaking parts in LOTR
How much does the hobbits know about Gandalf?
How much would an average hobbit eat in its lifetime?
Important Hobbit Events
King Elessar and the Hobbits
Old Age in the Shire
Other Hobbit Settlements
Real Hobit names
Rosie Cotton
The Adventures of Isengar Took
The hobbits in undying land
The origin of hobbits?
The Shire's political system
The Three Families of Bagshot Row
The Toughness of Hobbits
Was Buckland Founded in a Fit of Pique?
Were Bucklanders Fallohides or Stoors?
What happened to Fatty?
What makes a Hobbit Hobbit?
Where do the Hobbits fit in?
Where Men Fail, Hobbits Succeed
Where's the * ?
Why do Hobbits Fear Water?
Why don't Hobbits use Magic?
Why Faramir Took?
Why the bounty of 1420?


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~ Peoples & Creatures Vol II ~
In this section you will find questions asked about Men, Nazgûl, Old Man Willow, Orcs, Sauron, Shadowfax, Shelob, The Army of the Dead, The Mouth of Sauron, Tom Bombadil & Goldberry, Trolls, Valar and Other Creatures.
The subject section on Men has been further divided for ease of use. Where possible I have placed these further divisions into family groups. So you will find headings dealing with Aragorn, Elendil, Isildur & Anarion together. The same method is used for questions dealing with Boromir, Faramir, Denethor & Finduilas and Théoden, Éomer & Éowyn.
The Other Creatures sub-section has questions in it about such wonders as Oliphants and Púkilmen.

~ Aragorn, Elendil, Isildur & Anarion ~
About Aragorn
Aragorn and Arwen - cousins?
Aragorn and Eowyn... a possible match?
Aragorn in love?
Aragorn in Minas Tirith
Aragorn in Moria?
Aragorn - Nazgul
Aragorn warning Gandalf about entering Moria
Aragorn : when Estel faces Death
Aragorn the Lost Heir
Aragorn's adventures in Rhun and Harad
Aragorn’s Connection with Green Gemstones - Intentional or Coincidence?
Aragorn's healing skill vs Wounds by Nazgul
Aragorn's Identitiy...
Aragorn's knowledge of Future events
Aragorn's names.
Aragorn's Tactics
Aragorn's travels?
Aragorn, the Messiah of the Numenoreans
Defending Aragorn! (help!)
Did Aragorn come back to Middle Earth in Spirit Form?
Did Aragorn ever tell Frodo?
Did Isildur wear the Ring more than once?
"He had suffered much..."
Is Aragorn a Gary Stu?
Isildur and not Elendil
Isildur and the Ring
Isildur's authority: Paths of the Dead, The Ring
Isildur's Heir?
Kings of Gondor - do they get too choose?
Of Aragorn, his son, Elrond and Arwen
Strider the Ranger
The Ancestry of Aragorn and Elendil the Tall
The authority of Isildur
The Children of Aragorn and Arwen
The Return of the King
Was Aragorn an Usher at Denethor's Wedding?
Was Aragorn chaste until his wedding to Arwen?
Was Aragorn fit to be King?
What does Aragorn know about Moria?
Who was Setting Traps for Aragorn?
Who was Thorongil (The Eagle of the Star) ?
Why did Aragorn carry Narsil ?
Why did Isildur not destroy the ring?
Why not Aragorn's ancestors?
Why was Isildur there?

~ Beornings ~
Origins of Beorn?
The Beornings, deserving of a bigger role?
What happened to Beorn?
What is Beorn...?

~ Boromir, Faramir, Denethor & Finduilas ~
A stab at Aragorn by Denethor?
Boromir, Good or Evil?
Boromir's Prophesy?
Boromir's Trial
Boromir was the Youngest
Could lack of information have doomed Boromir?
Death of Boromir
Denethor allied with Saruman
Did Denethor help the hobbits get through Cirith Ungol?
Did Denethor know more about Saruman's betrayal?
Faramir purer blood than Boromir
Faramir rode under the White Tree after Pelennor?
Fate of Finduilas?
"King Denethor"
The Steward and The King
Thoughts on Eowyn and Faramir.
Was Faramir wrong to wed Eowyn?
Were Gandalf and Denethor communicating telepathically?
Why did Denethor snap?
Would Boromir Have Become Invisible?

~ Men of Bree ~
Could Bill Ferny take on Aragorn?
Evil people in Bree
The Men of Bree
Who was Barliman Butterbur?

~ Men of Gondor ~
Elvin blood and Dol Amroth
Gondorian Navy
Mistake of the Dunedain of Gondor
Prince Imrahil??
Queen Berúthiel
Soldiers of Gondor/guard of the citidel
Soldiers of Minas Tirith

~ Numenorians ~
Black Númenorians
Black Numenoreans: unlikely?

Earnur's Reign
Evil Dunedain?
King Atanatar Alcarin
Man versus Maia?
Minalcar as Regent
Numenoreans Challenge the Valor
Purity of Blood Lines as a Red Herring for the Kin-Strife
The dead kings
The Decline and Fall of Arnor
The flight of Arvedui
The Rangers of the North
The return of the Dunedain???
The rightful King
Was Valandil supposed to be the High King of Gondor and Arnor?
Were there Dunedain left in the South Kingdom at the end of the Third Age?
Where did the Dúnedain live?
Who was the King at the Crossroads?

~ Rohirrim ~
Did Rohan pay tribute to Sauron?
Elfwine and Elboron info?
Origins of the Rohirrim and/or similarities to other "horse cultures"?
Rohan during the council
Rohan joining with Mordor
Succession of kings
The Glittering in the Gloom of the Paths of the Dead
"Three parts of the folk of Westfold" = how many?
Was there a real Dernhelm?
Who is Eofor?
Why did Rohan yearly send horses to Mordor?
Why no "representatives" of Rohan at the Council of Elrond?
Why were Rohirrim absent from Council of Elrond?
Wormtongue = Uriah Heap?
Wormtounge- Should we feel pity or hate?

~ Théoden, Éomer & Éowyn ~
Did she look manish?
Does Tolkien go easy on Eowyn because she's a woman?
Éomer vs. Uglûk
Éomer's name
Eowyn killing the Witch King
Èowyn, the White Lady of Rohan, Lady of Ithilien
I'm confused.....Dernhelm aka Ewoyn?
The Tolkien Eowyn...
Theoden v. Saruman - mentions Hama but not Theodred
Thoughts on Eowyn and Faramir.
Was Éomer necessary?
Was Eowyn Heavy?
Was Éowyn right in going to Gondor?

~ Others ~
Beren most underrated character in Arda and Eowyn most overrated
Men of Dorwinion
Middle Men?
Northmen as Enemies of Gondor
Race of the Easterlings?
ROTK: Who were the "heathen kings"?
Shadowfax and Ghost Horses
The Black Ships
The cloaked man outside Fangorn
What happens to humans after death?
Who are the Seven Kings?
Who exactly were the Men of the Vales of Anduin?

9 Kings --> Ringwraiths --> Nazgul...(?)
Another Ringwraith question...
Answer me this..
Aragorn vs. the Nazgul and Gandalf vs. the Witch-King
Aura of the Nazgûl?
Could the Nazgûl use the Ring?
Did the Witch King ride a Horse or a Fell Beast?
Did the Witch-king shoot Snowmane?
"Gilthoniel, O Elbereth!"
How heavy were the Nazgul?
If there were Nine Kings....Which land did they govern?
Kings of men
Nazgûl = US Supreme Court?
Nazgûl Nights
Nazgul play to small a part?
Nazgul Riders
Nazgûl vs. Fire
Nazguls there horses and the dragons they ride upon
Nazguls, Winged Steeds and Fear
Possible Theories
Query about the Nazgul
Ring Wraiths
Suicidal Blackriders...and why?
The mortality of the Ringwraiths
The Nazgûl, who are they?
The Nazgul's Stead
The new new khamul theory (which has definitly been mentioned before)
The Nine
The Witch-king dropped the knife
To Mordor we will take you…
Two Nazgul
What happened to the Nazgûl after the ring was destroyed?
What Realms were the Nazgul from?
Why were the Ringwraiths not drawn to the ring when Sam put it on?
Witchking/Nazgul eyes, vision, and invisibility

Old Man Willow
Is Old Man Willow Entish?
Old Man Willow
What was the Old Willow?

2 questions on orcs
An observation on orcs and goblins
Are Orcs mortal or immortal?
Arguments Among Orcs
Bloody Goblins! (pirates)
Do Orcs have freewill?

Elves...evil orcs?
Exactly how did Orcs some into being?
Female Orcs?
Friendly Orcs
Goblins and Orcs
How are Orcs educated? (and how long do they live?)
How could the Orcs be trusted?
Of Goblins and Orcs
Of orcs and goblins
Orc Medicine
Orcs : In the mockery of elves
Orcs Vs Dwarves
Several ?'s about orcs
Sauron/Melkor Orcs Immortal??
The Hunt for Azog
This disturbs me...
Uruk-hai vs Men
Uruk-hais and Orcs
Were there orcs left in Mordor after the Seige of Gondor?
What did Shagrat tell Sauron?
What if an Orc had found the One Ring?
Where do half-orcs [of Isengard] come from?
Why Make Orcs When One Can Make Uruks?

2nd "one Ring"
A Different Look
A Discrepency In the Power of the Ring
A long Unanswered Question
Amon Hen question.
Could Sauron have created a Second Ring of Power?
Did Sauron know Olorin?
Did Sauron lose the ability to exert some of his strength when he created the Ring?
Did Sauron Travel?
Fate of Sauron?
How could Sauron...
How Could Sauron have the 9?
How did Sauron control the Nazgûl?
Regarding Sauron
Sauron & Mt Doom
Sauron and the destruction of Numenor (maybe a better post for the Silmarillion)
Sauron and The One Ring
Sauron and the Ring
Sauron and the Ring of Power
Sauron-Elvish Contradiction?
Sauron - more menacing, less substantial?
Sauron the...vampire?
Sauron Underestimated
Sauron vs. Er-Murazor vs. Mouth of Sauron
Sauron v. Saruman
Sauron was just a red eye right?
Sauron's Biggest Mistake
Sauron's fatal flaw
Sauron's fault ?
Sauron's Four fingers?
Sauron's might
Sauron's name
Sauron's Ring
Sauron's unlimited resources?
Stretching darkness shadow of Sauron
The Curse of Isildur... foreshadow of Sauron's survival?
The eye of Sauron
The Eye of Sauron
The one Eye
The Problem of Sauron
The Ring of Sauron
Wait a second...
Was Sauron a "stabilizing force" in the ME?
Was Sauron really all that evil?
What did Sauron actually intend to do?
What happened to Sauron?
What was Sauron's objective in the Black Gate parley?
What was Sauron's race?
Where was Sauron, the servant of Morgoth?
Why did Sauron put his strength into The Ring?
Why didn't Sauron know the One Ring was not destroyed?
Why isn't Sauron invisible when he wears the ring?
Why Sauron didn't realise that the only way to kill him was destroying the ring?

A short question
Did Shadowfax go with Gandalf?
Where's Shadowfax??

Does Shelob Perish?
Shelob and Ungoliant
Shelob the orator
What did Shelob's lair smell like?
Why was Shelob still alive at the end of the Third Age?

The Army of the Dead
King of the Undead VS The Lord of the Wraiths
The Army of the Dead
The Paths of the dead...
Were the Dead at Pelennor Fields?

The Mouth of Sauron
Mouth of Sauron is Fuinur?
Of the Mouth of Sauron
The Mouth of Sauron?
The Mouth of Sauron
The Mouth of Sauron
The Mouth of Sauron?
The Mouth of Sauron - Who?
Who is the mouth of Sauron?

Tom Bombadil & Goldberry
A Shortcut to Bombadil
Asking Tom for help
Bombadil and Goldberry
Did Gandalf ignore Tom Bombadil?
Does Tom Bombadil have any children?
Is Tom evolution?
Pointless Tom Bombadil Discussion
Sam's Troll Song
The Eldest - Bombadil or Treebeard?
Tom Bombadil
Tom Bombadil
Tom Bombadil
Tom Bombadil?
Tom Bombadil, Melian and Canon
Tom Bombadil or Sauron!!!
Tom Bombadil or Sauron!!!
Tom Bombadil's ex-love???
Tom Bombadil's origin
Tom questions......
What would've happened if Goldberry put on the ring?
Who is Tom Bombadil?
Who is Tom Bombadil???
Who or what was Goldberry?
Who/what was Tom Bombadil?
Would Bombadil Have Destroyed the Ring?

Did Bert, Tom and Bill slay Arador?
Regarding Trolls
Trolls to Stone
What do trolls look like?
What happened to the Mountain-trolls on the Pelennor?

Did the Valar doom the Istari?
Illuvatar's powers
Isildurs death, the Valars mercy
Mair and Valar: is there a clear distinction?
Melkor vs Sauron?
The Hand of Ilúvatar in Fellowship
The Hand of Ilúvatar in The Two Towers
The Hand of Ilúvatar in Return of the King
The Valar
The Valar and the Ring
Was Morgoth a double Loki?
Who would win Morgoth or Sauron
Would the Valar have destroyed the Ring?

Other Creatures
About nameless creatures
Balchoth/Dwarves at the Siege of Minas Tirith?
Balin's Fireside Discussion of The Undead
I didn't understand :Road To Isengard
Perplexi Ad Infinitum - the origin of strife between Rohan and Wildmen
So a Maia's fea can't reanimate his hroa's lost appendage?
The Gate Watcher
The itches of wargs
The Nazgul birds
The wolves that were none
What about animals/ fell creatures?
What are the "nameless things" below Moria?
What dogs were mentioned in Middle-earth?


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This section of the Index is divided into two subject sections.
~ Nature in The Lord of the Rings ~ looks at the natural side of Tolkien's creation, dealing with things like trees, metals and geography.
The second subject section is called ~ Wider Questions/Observations Within The Lord of the Rings ~ and has been further divided into five sub-sections looking at wider questions relating to Persons & Peoples, Places, Objects, Observations and Other Questions.

~ Nature in The Lord of the Rings ~
This subject section deals with all things related to the natural nature of Middle Earth from plants through to metals.

A question about the Dead Marshes
A Question Concerning the Sea of Rhûn
Apple Preservation in Gondor
Athelas and Greater Plantain
Caradhras and it's Evil?
Cirith Ungol
Ecosystems of Middle-Earth
Geography of Arda vs. Modern Geography
Hollin's talking stones
How was food produced in ME?
Lines of sight from Middle-Earth high points
Living stone/rock
Morwinyon and Aragorn
Pipe Weed
Question about climate
Rain- why would Tolkien ignore this?
Strange Metal
The biology of Middle Earth
The mallorn-trees
Valinor and Heaven?
What happens to the Void?
What was the fire in Moria?


~ Wider Questions/Observations Within The Lord of the Rings ~
This subject section comes under five broad ranging headings, Peoples & Persons, Places, Objects, Observations and Other Questions.
These divisions, though similar to other subject sections within the Index, are broader in there queries unlike in the other subject sections where the questions tend to be more pointed.

Persons & Peoples
A Different Road?
A Normal Middle-Earth Man?
A shadow and a THREAD has been growing in my mind. - Not Legolas
A wisp of thin cloud?
Aboriginal References in Middle-earth
Accident or purpose
Age 2 Questions
Age of major characters in LoTR
An old chestnut...
Another Hair Topic
Answer Questions for a Newbie Please
Aragorn’s Connection with Green Gemstones - Intentional or Coincidence?
Art in ME
Bombur, Drogo, and Butterbur: Obesity in Middle-earth
Boromir's dream
Bloodiest Battle
Bursting into Song?
Character Ages at Time of War of the Ring
Children's stories
Cold water. So what?
Coming of age to do with crucifiction?
Communism in the Shire
Conversing in thought?
Could Frodo have controlled the Nazgûl with the Ring?
Council's Strength
Curses, Vows and Oaths in Middle-earth
Dale/the northern lands during the Ring-war
Days of the week in Gondor, Fourth Age
Definition of the "Last Alliance"?
Does distance impede ósanwe communication?
Effect of the Ring on Bilbo, Smeagol
Enemies within a day's march of Bree?
Eowyn and the black breath.
Eschatology of Middle Earth; destiny or doom of the races...
Facial hair in Middle-Earth?
Fate in LOTR
Fates of supporting characters.
Fear=greatest weapon of the enemy in LOTR?
Fëar, Hröar and the Ring
Fighting abilities
Fingers, hands and feet
Flame of Anor
Foes of Arnor
Free Will and/or Determinism in LOTR
Friends Of The Elves Council
Frodo and the Ringbearers
Girls in Lord of the Rings
Glorfindel and Gandalf
Gollum and Wormtongue.
Grey Havens
Grey Pilgrim?
Greater power question concerning Pippin...
Hair length in Middle Earth
Hairstyles in Middle Earth
Half dwarven etc.
How Foolish the Wise, How wise the Foolish?
How gullible?...
How many people at the Council of Elrond?
How much impact?
How old are they when??
I have to know!!
If a mortal wore one of the Three
Information through characters
Inter-continental communications
Is it strange not to like hobbits?
Is There Celibacy in Middle-earth?
Is There Martyrdom in LOTR?
Kweh Schen
Last Alliance
Last Alliance of Elves and Men
Level of technology in ME
Lord of The Rings?
Lord of the Rings: About the rise of Men or the fall of the Elves?
Measuring Sleeping Guests
Merry and Pippin
Messianic Character?
Minas Ithil, The Witch King and a numbers game..
More sentient species in Middle-Earth??
Mortal ringbearer
Much praise but little help
Nobility in LotR
Need vs. Greed in Middle-earth
Non stop jogging..?
Not your regular mushrooms....(particularly Farmer Maggot's)
Notes from my latest re-reading of LotR
Of Technology and Time
One's relationship to the Three
Pelennor Fields
Plague, pestilence and all things nice.
Plumbing and other Daily Life Questions
Post crowning coldness among fellowship - what gives?
Powers of the Steward
Prescience in the Istari
Privacy in Middle Earth
Protection of the Shire?
"Pure Evil"
Question about ageing with the ring
Racial Mixing in ME
Racism in middle earth?
Regarding Valinor, maia, and istari...
Responsibility in LOTR
Sail to mordor
Sailing to Valinor and Related Questions
Shagrat and Gorbag and other comedy teams
Shire Guardians - Foreknowledge or Sentimentality?
Significance of this dream
Size of the armies
Size of the Armies in battles
Sniffing Black Rider
Soft Water?
Some Questions on Smaug and Dain
Source of Morality in LOTR?
Species Envy
Sport in ME
Standing silence???
"Strove with the dark tower"?
Tea and Fish and Chips
The Economies of Middle-earth
The End of the Fourth Age/End of the World
"The Fall of Gil-galad"
The flame of Anor
The fourth memeber
The Great Plague of ME
The "Great Signal?"
The Grey Havens
The Importance of Colours
The Ladies.....
The Last Alliance was full of cowards.
The Long Home of Those That Fall in Battle
The Making of Boromir
The Other Reality
The Paths of the Dead: A mystery?
The riddle of death?
The Ring and Sam
The Ring Poem
The S.-B.'s question.
The Secret Fire
The terrors of Morgul Vale
The theme of loss and grief in LotR
The third battle of powers
The true Hero in the War of the Ring?
The Voice?
The White Council
The Wraith World
Timeframes of Middle Earth?
Tolkien and Cavalry Warfare
Travel times, average
Ultimate Goal - Kingdoms in Middle earth
Unusual knowledge..
Voices from within? without?...
What did people do with their dead?
What do they represent?
What do you eat in Moria?
What does this mean?
What happened to Smeagol's people?
What happened to the LEMBAS?
What "Secret Fire" Does Gandalf Serve?
What was the Battle of Five Armies?
When does an AGE begin and end? Who decides?
"When the black breath blows" - dating
Where are all of the Girlfriends?
Who is the "Lord" of the Rings?
Who lived south of the Shire?
Who narrates the appendices?
Who put the ring on its chain?
Who Raided the Prancing Pony?
Who really destroyed the one ring
Who was sent North to find Frodo & Co?
Who was the greater threat? Sauron or Morgoth?
Who's in the White Council?
Why didn't they just leave the ring w/ Tom?
Why fail?
Who would the ring not consume?
Why a fellowship of 9?
Why NOT touch the water?
Wights vs Wraiths
Will Not Work for No Food
Wisdom and the Wise
Would the Fall of Minas Tirith really mattered?
Valar, Maiar, and Mortals: Levels of power

A question about reaching the Undying Lands
A Question of Power
Amon Sul
Arnor vs. Gondor
Distance from Angmar to Harad
Distances. Shire to Rivendell to Mordor
Does Middle Earth Exist?
Dorwinion - Extent of Rhovanion
Empty Eregion
Evil in Lórien
Grey Havens
Help on Last Alliance
How far it is from Bag End to Minas Tirith in miles?
Is Valinor the Gray Havens?
Just Wondering....
Long Lost Landmarks
Mysteries of the Marshes
Paths of the Dead
Question concerning The Havens and beyond
The Power of Amon Hen
The power of The Shire?
Tolkien: Middle Earth = Planet Earth
Were the attacks on Lorien, Erebor, and Mirkwood necessary?
What about the East and the last desert?
What happened to Rivendell and Moria?
What was Rhun?
Where can I find info on Angmar?
Where did the Ring-bearers sail off to?
Where do Frodo, Gandalf and all go at the end of the story?
Where do you think would be Middle Earth in this world?
Where is Dunedain?
Why was Cirith Ungol such a big secret?
Why would Frodo's success cause Lothlorien to fade?

A problem with the poem?
I'm confuffled
"I will have this as a weregild for my father"

Music in Middle Earth
[Speculation] Why didn't Gondor build anything in the 3rd age?
White Tree of Gondor

A Hero's Tale: The Classics vs. LoTR
Hell in Middle-Earth?
LotR: possible inconsistency??
Pity saved Middle-earth, and all free peoples therein
Roman Empire / Gondor Similarities
TOLKIEN’S TRIPLETS ~ Coincidence or design
When Tolkien wrote himself in a hole...

Other Questions
Age of the rings?
Dwimor/Dwimmerlaik (Rohirrimic?)
How is time kept in Middle-earth?
Magic in MiddleEarth?
The Future
The king has got a crown again
The Tale of Eärendil the Mariner
What is the Black Breath?


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This section of the Index is divided into two subject sections. The first subject section is on ~ Objects ~ and has been further divided into five sub-sections dealing with Rings of Power, Seeing Stones, Weapons, Wizards Staffs and Other Objects. This final sub-section contains such items as Aragorn's ring and Galadriel's phial.
The subject section on ~ Structures ~ is divided into four sub-sections on Buildings, Towns & Cities, Statues and Other Structures for ease of use. In the Other Structures sub-section you will find out about the Barrows and the Beacons of Gondor as well as other structures outside of the other sub-sections.

~ Objects ~
This subject section deals with articles made or used by the characters within the books and is split into five divisions on Rings of Power, Seeing Stones, Weapons, Wizards Staffs and Other Objects for ease of use.

Rings of Power
A talking Ring?
Burden for Sauron?
Could I borrow that?
Couldn't it go over the Sea?
Creating a monster
Did Sauron's Ring Speak?
Did the One ring make Sauron Invisible
Did the Ring outsmart itself?
Does the One Ring represent Capitalism?
Elemental nature of the Three Rings
Elven rings and rejecting the One Ring
Frodo and the Three Elven Rings
"Girdle" powers of the Three
"Girdling" power of the Three *Restored*
Invisibility of the Three Rings
Narya - a gift for Annatar?
Is the "One Ring" sentient?
Orkish Rings of Power
Power of the ring.
Powers of the lesser Rings?
Powers of the Nine Rings?
Powers of the One Ring
Question about the inscription on One Ring
Ring Effects on Pregnant Women
Ring invisiblity a side effect?
Ring of Power and Ents
Saruman's Ring
Saruman the ring maker
Secrets of making his own ring?
Seven Rings but Only Five Dwarf Lords
Some questions about the rings
The Dwarven Rings
The Lord of the Wraiths
The nature of the One Ring
The One Ring
The One Ring
The One Ring
The One Ring
The one ring
The One Ring
The One Ring?
The One Ring and Horcruxes
The Power of the Ring
The Powers of the Rings of Men and Dwarves
The Real Power of the Ruling Ring!!??
The Ring...
The Ring Overestimated?
The Rings
The Rings of Power
The rings of power
The Rings of Power...
The Rings of Power Effects upon Time
The Seven Rings
The Three
The Three Rings were never Gifted
Thoughts about the Destruction of the One Ring
Was the one ring the main charater in LOTR?
Where did Sauron keep the Nazgûl's Rings?
What bad things can the Seven and the Three do?
What did the ring actually do?
What ever happened to the other rings.
What happened to the Seven rings of the Dwarves??
What kind of power?
What was Gandalf's Ring's influence?
Who forged the 3,7, & 9 rings?
Why does the ring become so attached to its wearer?
Why Gold, not Mithril
Why Mount Doom?
Why rings?

Seeing Stones
Images stored on the Palantir's HD
Palantir ?
The lost Palantiri
The Palantir
The Palantiri
What happened to the Palantír in Barad-dur?

A Question about Andúril
A shadow and a THREAD has been growing in my mind
About Elven swords
"Aragorn loosened his sword in its sheath..."
Aragorn's Sword
Aragorn's weapon?
Barrow Wight Sword?
Blades of the Barrow-downs
Did you know this about Aragorn's hunting knife?
Different weapons for wizards, elves, dwarves.
Effects of the Morgul-blade
Gil-Galad's armor
Gil-Galad's spear
"Legolas took his bow and bent it...."
Nazgul weapons?
Of Merry and the Westernesse swords....
Ponderings on weapons
Sword and Shield
The Falacy of Elves
The old swords
The Use of Gunpowder
Weapon pix anyone?
Weapons of middle earth
Why did Frodo's sword break at the Ford?

Wizards Staffs
A Wizard's Staff
Gandalf's Staff
Gandalf's staff?
Gandalf's Staff
The importance of Gandalf's staff?
Why staves?
Wizards Staff

Other Objects
A pretty toy for Tom
Aragorn's Ring
Arkenstone vs. Mithril in worth?
Challenge : Identify the title page symbol !
Cloaks in LOTR
Did Frodo's mithril shirt originally belong to...?
Elven-silver rope falling?
Eyesight in Middle Earth
"Magical" things and powers - long list
Octogonal Table
On Bilbo's song about Eärendil...
On head-coverings
Rod of the stewards
Silmaril in LOTR.
Size of the Horn of Gondor
The Beryl and Other Tokens
The Blue Brooch
"The Book of Mazarbul" in any LOTR edition?
The Depths of the Oceans
The Elessar
The Flag of Gondor
The Phial of Galadriel
The Silver Crown
Was miruvor alcoholic?
What did the "black stone" signify?
What happened to the Red Arrow?


~ Structures ~
This subject section is split into four divisions and answers questions about Buildings, Cities & Towns, Statues and Other Structures

About the Kings burial ground of Minas Tirith
About the layout of Great Smials
Inns in Arda
Sorry to Say
The Two Towers...
Towers, towers, towers
What are the Two Towers?
What was Barad Dúr Made of?

Cities & Towns
25,000 people in Minas Tirith
A few questions about the architectal structure of MINAS TIRITH
Arnor and Minas Ithil
Cities in Gondor
Depictions of Minas Tirith
Dol Amroth
Dol Amroth And How It Came To Be
Dol Guldur
Drum Beats?
Durin's Tower
Fate of Khazad-dúm
Forlond & Harlond
Grey Havens
Grey Havens???
Grey Havens - please explain!
History of Moria
How did they destroy Minas Morgul?
How do you get in Moria now??
Minas Ithil / Minas Morgul
Minas Tirith
Question about Bree and the Prancing Pony
The Cities of Gondor
Was the main wall of Minas Tirith black?
Were Minas Tirith and Minas Morgul twin cities?
What do we know about Dol Guldur?
What exactly are the Grey Havens?
What happened to all the rubble?
Whoa! What happened to Minas Anor?

Is Argonath still within the border of Gondor?
Living Statues in ME?
The Watchers of Cirith Ungol

Other Structures
Confused about the Barrow-Downs
"Endless Stair" *Stored*
Moria and tomb of Balin
Origins of Gondor's great stone works
Ship-design in LOTR/Arda?
Speculations about the Beacons of Gondor
The Architecture of Middle-Earth?
The "Endless Stair"
The Gate of Cirith Ungol
The Seven Beacon-Hills of Gondor
Um, question.
What is a "high seat"?
Who - and what for - build Steps on Zirak-zigil?


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This section of the Index contains subject sections on ~ Forum Points of Order ~,
~ Artwork, Poems, Prose & Music ~, ~ Musings & Reflections ~
and ~ Rewritings ~.
The subject section on ~ Musings & Reflections ~ has been further divided into four sub-sections About Characters in the Book, About Middle Earth, About the Book Itself and Other Musings & Reflections for ease of use.

~ Forum Points of Order ~
The Lord of the Rings - Guidelines and Introduction


~ Artwork, Poems, Prose & Music ~
This subject section contains poems and pieces of artwork by citizens of The City as well as observations of Tolkien's influence on music.

Artwork of Master Samwise
Audio Version
Awesome Font?
Barad-Dûr - rough sketch
Bob Cately's Middle-earth CD!
Book Covers by Geoff Taylor?
Bored of the Rings (parody!)
Cool piccie of gollum
Dare to try your hand at song writing.
Dol Amroth - my sketch
Edmund Wilson's Essay
Excerpt from 'LOTR'. SOS.
Fall of Amon Sûl - my sketch
"Havens", a song
Heads up Elrond fans!!!
HELP ME!!!!!!!
I could have sworn I posted this last night!
I finally get the whole "Bombadil" thing
Illustrations of Ents?
Imladris - my sketch
L.A. Times LotR article
Led Zepplin
Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin references
Lord of The Ring Poetry
Lord of the rings Showbag?
LotR~the musical
Lord of the Rings manga art!
Lord of the Rings on CD as radioplay
Middle Earth Haiku
Middle Earth reenactment or something like that
Minas Ithil - my sketch
Minas Morgul - Depicted Wrong?
Minas Tirith - my sketch
Please, please help!
Poetry Contest. Tom Bombadillo Judging.
Poetry Help
Publishers Weekly and Tolkien
Question on a Tolkien Drawing...
Rivendell by Rush
Score for LotR
Score for TTT?
Scripts Online
Some Great Parodies
Straight from the Great One's mouth!
The Beatles and LOTR
The Lay of Shadowfax
THE ONE RING, the musical
THE ONE RING, the musical
The Works of J.R.R. Seuss
To all interested in the Eorlingas
Tolkien DVD
TTT Cover art
What's the longest quote that you can blurt out by heart?


~ Musings & Reflections ~
This subject section contains all the personal musings of citizens on Middle Earth and the things found in it. It has been futher divided into four sub-sections for ease of use.

About Characters in the Book
Am I turning into Gollum?!?!
Aragorn in Immortal land
Beowulf and LotR characters
Council of Elrond
Country Colors......
Did elves need dentists?
Did you have any doubts?
Do you ever get the feeling....
Do you like Elves from the Middle Earth?
Does anyone have tattoos of middle earth or characters?
Find the riddle(worths)
Frodo, Bilbo and Gandalf in Valinor... (aftermath of the Lord of the Rings)
Galadriel proves herself
Gandalf- the original rolling stone?
Gollum Gollum, precioussssss
Greatest Mistake
...He he he...
Heroine of FotR???
Hobbit or Halfling?
How do you say it?
In you opinion who has the greater gift? Men or Elves
Legolas GreenLeaf!
Main char of LOTR
Meeting of Sam and Frodo at the UL
Mighty Elves
Mortality or immortality?
Oi you lot...
On Elves
Orc Curses
Pick your favorite Person/creature
Poll:what ME race would you
Poor Bill....grrrr
Real World LOTR
Role of Members of the Fellowship?
Saruman talks to Sauron. What does he say?
"Seen" by a Palantir
Standards of armies and civilisations in ME
The Fellowship of Nine... very unsanitary?
The Hidden Account of Boromir and Faramir
The King and his Love triangle: Opinions?
The Ladies of LotR
The Last Alliance Army.
The true hero
The Ultimate Warrior/Fighter/Killer??
Things Lord of the Rings characters wouldn't say (taken from Tolkien forum)
Things Lord of the Ring characters wouldn't say Part 2
Things Lotr characters wouldn't say...#3
Things You wouldn't hear at The battle of Helms Deep
Things you wouldn't hear at the bridge of kahzad dum
Tolkien's Nazgul and Rowling's Dementors
Tom Bombadil
Tom Bombadil...
Tragic character?
Ultimate Hero - yes again!
Unusual Jobs
War of the Ring
Was the Tom Bombadil part a mistake?
What about Gollum?
What creature would you like to be?
What gifts would the nine walkers give one another?
What is Gimli's PO?
What kind of Dark Lord would Pippin be?
What mortal is the most fierce in battle?
What Race Would You Have Belonged Too
What the fellowship represents
What would Freud say that the Balrog represents?
What would happen???
What would you do?
What would you do if you were Aragorn?
What would you have done if you were Frodo?
What would you have done to Saruman?
What's with the hate towards Haldir?
Which race would you be if you could?
Who do you most represent? (revisited)
Who is better, Dwarves or Elves?
Who is the real hero?
Who is Tom Bombadil?
Who would you be?
Who would you have fallen in love with?
Who would you want to meet?
Who would your companion be?
Why all this hatred for Tom?
Will it last???
Would they have won anyway?
You are Sam, and No Gollum. What would you do?
Your first time reading "The Bridge of Khazad-Dum"

About Middle Earth
?Map of ALL of Arda?!
A Map deserving some views
Do you guys think...
Full Map
Great map of Middle Earth now available
Interesting Middle Earth Dreams?
The trees of middle earth...
Where would you choose to live?
Where would you live?
Where would you live in Middle Earth?
Where would you live in Middle-Earth?
Who believes middle-earth really exists?
Maps of Middle-Earth

About the Book Itself
2nd reading of LotR better than 1st?
50 Years of Influence - LOTR
A coherent whole ?
A word of LotR Advice...
Amazon's categories
Are there any other books?.
Besides a great reading, what does LOTR mean to you?
Can LOTR be improved?
Christian parallels in The Lord of the Rings.
Comparing Lord of the Rings with The Wheel of Time
Connections between lotr and other literature
Does this type of stuff bother you?
Dungeons and Dragons vs. LotR
Fantasy's suicide
First time reading LotR...
For Those Who Don't Think LotR Was Perfect.
Going To War: Tolkien Concepts Applied To Iraq
Harry Potter stealing the thunder?
Has everyone been inpired as I have??
How and why did you get into Tolkien?
How do readers of African descent approach Tolkien's use of the word "Black"?
How long did it take you guys to read the lotr
How long did it take YOU to read the Trilogy?
How Long Is LotR In Your Language?
How Many Times?
How many times have you read LotR?
How many times have you seen the fellowship movie
How often is too often?
How old were you?
How to know you are a Tolkien fanatic.
I finally finished LOTR!!!!!!!!!
I need help with the books
Is Harry Potter a rip-off of LotR?
Is the LOTR a tragedy?
Is there a happily ever after?
JRRT - RotK quick finish?
King Arthur
Lessons learned from Lord of the Rings
Literary Reasons
Lord of the Rings Around the World
Lord of the Rings 10 times better than Harry Potter
LotR, Greatest novel of the Century?
LOTR- How did you start yours?
LoTR in Everyday Life
LOTR vs. Silm
LotR: When it's bad, it's good
Middle-earth - escape from reality
Most Creepy/Violent Part of LOTR
Most Powerful
Most unbelievable aspect of LOTR
My life depends on someone replying...
Myths & Middle Earth
Narnia and Middle Earth
New Things People have fould in LOTR
New Zealand?
No appreciation for the book!
Please help
Plot holes
Probably a stupid question for this board
Reading LotR after the Silmarillion
Really, Now...Does Any Other Trilogy Compare To ~The Lord Of The Rings???~
Religion importance in the LotR...
Sauron = The Crimson King?
Sauron "Regime Change"
Sharkey, Merry, Pippin and Gandhi?
Shire Post News! Did you know of the 5 rings?
Star Wars & LOTR similaritys?
Strange things outside
Strategy: How to conquer Middle Earth
Superimposed worlds
Ten reasons why HP is better than LOTR
The Book changed my life...
The Council of Elrond
The Future of Tolkien
The Greatest Mystery of Middle Earth
The Grey Havens
The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter similarties
The organization of FOTR
The Ring is Destroyed
Things That Made You Laugh
Today was the day!
Tolkien Copy Cats
Tolkien Take-off?
Too short?
Tragedies a-plenty
Was Lord of the Rings all perfect.
What aspect of LOTR influenced you the most?
What book are you on
What do you guys think about where Tolkien got his ideas?
What Happens Next?
What happened after The Lord of the Rings?
What makes Tolkien so good?
What proverb is most applicable to today's time?
What was Tolkien's best piece of writing in LOTR?
When did you like it more? [NOT a rant about the population count!]
Who else has FE?
Why a RING?
Why only facts?
Would any of you...?
Would you have preferred a different ending?

Other Musings & Reflections
About the movie
Austin better than Tolkien?!
Do we have to read all replies?
Lord of the Rings: THE MOVIE!
Would you have gone with the Fellowship?


~ Rewritings ~
Anything you would have done differently in the writing of 'The Lord of the Rings'? Well this is the place to look and see what others would have done differently to the good professor's work.

3 things you would have taken out of LOTR
Alternate endings to chapters/endings in the tolkien books!
Alternative titles?
An Alternate Ending!
Boromir's Death, Okay. But Gollum?
The Lord of the Meeps
My LOTR mod; you write the story
One character to be deleted
Which chapter could you do without?
Who Would You Trust to Write a LOTR Sequel?
Would you "blue-pencil" the LOTR?


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This section of the Index is divided into four subject section, ~ Games ~, ~ What ifs & Other Speculations ~, ~ Your Favourite or Least Favourite ~ and ~ Other ~.
The subject section on ~ Your Favourite or Least Favourite ~ is further divided into two divisions to seperate favourites from least favourites for ease of use.

~ Games ~
Here for all to see: The Pants Game.
Hurt or heal: The men of LotR
Lord of the Rings
LotR death pit
LotR Word game!
Missing Word Game
Odd man out?(all Tolkien)
The Inner Thought....
To WHOM was it spoken? (new trivia topic)...
To WHOM was it spoken?.....II.......
Trivia- On Gondor and Rohan
Trivial Games
WHO are these N?
Whom did s/he kill?
Who or What is this movie/book/TV show?
Who Said That? 8x
WHO said that and to WHOM?
Who said this in FOTR?
Who/What Am I?
Who/what are they talking about?
Word Game


~ What ifs & Other Speculations ~
So what do you think would have happened if Pippin had got control of the Ring? Or if you had been the 5th Hobbit in The Fellowship? If pure speculation is your thing this is the place for you.

A female Frodo
A way to make yourself rich on middle earth!!
A woman in the fellowship
Adventures in Middle Earth
Andruil, Flame of the West
Another "What if?"
Battle of the fellowship
Characters opinions of the internet
Death of the Lord of Angmar
Drinking Competition
Faramir and Eowyn
Frodo Sauron's Master?
Gandalf vs, Elrond - winner vs. Galadriel
How would you have fought the SIege of Gondor?
I want to be a Shire Postman!
I was the 5th hobbit...
If Aragorn got the ring.
If Lord Of the Rings had been written by someone else!?
If they'd all 'done a Bilbo' . . .
If you could have one ......
If you were a Nazgul....
If you were JRRT you would have made Boromir to die or not?
JRR Tolkien existed ?
The dark past of Tom Bombadil
Too many "What If" Threads
What If...........
What if?
What if???
What if???
What if Bilbo had taken the ring to Rivendell?
What if Boromir got the Ring?
What if Boromir had not died?
What if Faramir had been chosen?
What if Gandalf had stayed dead?
What if Gandalf HAD NOT dropped the ball??
What if Gandalf never became "The White"?
What if Gollum did not fall into Mt. Doom?
What if LOTR chars had an e-m@il??
What if LotR had been written today?
What if Merry and Pippin hadn't gone with the Fellowship?
What if Merry or Pippin was the ring bearer?
What if Minas Tirith fell?
What if Pippin wasnt so stupid?
What if Sam had taken the Ring, becoming Samwise the Great ?
What if Saruman didnt become corrupt?
What if Saruman had remained good?
What if the Ring really had been Smeagol's birthday present?
What would be if...
What would Boromir do?
What would Frodo look like?
What would have happened if....
When Orodruin Freezes Over!
Who would win?


~ Your Favourite or Least Favourite ~
Come here to laud or moan about your favourite or least favourite person or thing in Middle Earth.

All time favorite LotR character
Best edition of Lord of the Rings?
Best Fights
Dantes vs. Aragorn
Defend the ME!
Fav battlecry
Favorite Book
Fave LOTR Quotes
Favorite Chapter??
Favorite Chapter in Tolkien
Favorite enemies
Favourite Gandalf Portraits
Favourite Hobbit
Favorite Line
Favorite member of the fellowship
Favourite Moments
Favourite Places of the Lord of the Rings
Favorite strange character?
Favorite supporting character?
From Book to Vision
Great moments in the Two Towers
Greatest Man in Gondor
Greatest quote from LOTR
Legolas vs Gimli
Melkor or Sauron?
Most favored race....
Most Dramatic, wonderful, or part that you love in LOTR and the Silm.
Of the 3 books which one is your favorite?
Poll:Favorite type of weapon
*Sigh*... Faramir
The coolest place for living?
The most exciting battle
The saddest scene
Top 5 mortals
What is your favorite part?
What is your favorite part?
What is your favorite poem
What is your favourite poem from The Lord of The Rings?
What made you choose the your fav character ( and who is he/she?)
What weapon would you use in ME?
What's your dream battle?
What's Your Favorite LotR-related Picture? -- Why?
What's your favorite Tolkien book?
Which character in lotr do you like most? and why?
Which day?
Which Hildebrandt LOTR painting is your favorite?
Which is the best movie
Who was the greatest hero in LOTR?
Yet another thread for discussion of favourites...
Your favourite quote?

Least Favourite
Everyones most annoying character?
Least Favourite Character
Least important fellowship character
Least popular character
Top 10 least favorite characters


~ Other ~
If it didn't fit anywhere else this is where it got put.

A Complete Reference to LOTR
A "TTT" Boycott Might Actually Occur
An unexpected party
Hi guys, I'm new
I'm new
Is anyone not going to see the films?
LOTR merchandice
LotR movie critic
One question only
Other Books
To all LOtR critics...
Tolkien's Eleventyth Birthday: Jan. 3, 02
A novice's plea
Arra Would've been 16 years old on the 24th of September
Bree Hill open to travelers
Christopher Tolkien
E-Book for LotR
E copy of Lord of The Rings
Elf speech
Excellent teacher's guide
Fear ye not good people of Minas Tirith, for I have returned
Fourth Age
Frodo game: It's hysterical!
Funny LotR e-text
Galadriel, Arwen, Eowyn and Gandalf Dolls!
Gandalf's Staff?
Great internet project
Greetings White City!
Help me get a new book!!!!!!
Help! Where is that post
Help with other books related to LotR
Hey ..Are there any Turks here....
Hey everyone!!! Guess who it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey there
Holy Treebeard, Blizzard Entertainment!
Is MT a Tolkien Site, or What?! (previously 'LOTR Text Online?')
Know what edition?
Like quizes?
Lo all, small question
LOL . . eh?
Lotr collections
LotR in 2 hours
LOTR in word?
LotR Previews
LotR Quiz!!
LotR was banned in former communist regime
My books Im writing called Secret Army what do you think?
Need something to read?
New book - LOTR: A Reader's Companion
New LotR Edition Information !
New ThinkGeek T-Shirt: "I Don't Get it!"
Pictures -- LOTR: UK Deluxe Edition
Please Help me find a quote by Gandalf ---thank you
Question for Eorl (or any other speaker of the beautiful Danish language)
Quick Question
Red Leather-bound Lord of the Rings
The Children of Hurin
The Complete Tolkien Guide
The Philosophy of The Lord of the Rings and The Tolkien Compass, books
The Tolkien Companion
This is crazy!!!
Tolkien's Elven
Tolkien For Australians!!
Tom Bombadil
Trivia King
Viewer's Helper?
What is a "Gaffer"?
What is your name?Elven name


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