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Author Topic: Unpublished texts of Tolkien
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In a Northern thread, I mentionned the fact that some friends of mine were working on a "HoMe XIII", some years ago. I found back some extracts []

The first one was posted in a thread on Legolas walking on (and not in) the snow, at Caradhras :
[Mirkwood Elves] "had two vast shadowlike wings, that could only be seen in a bright snowless sky south of the girdle of the Earth".

Footnote to the text, Tom Bombadil, Memoirs of [a Vala > a Maia >] Eru in the Old Forest.

Then followed this one, my favourite :
Scribbled at furious speed on the reverse of an old unfolded box of disposable pipe-cleaners, the writing of this text is partly indecipherable due to a most irksome stain of grenadine syrup in the upper-left corner. The page has also been largely devoured by the termites of Marquette University, Milwaukee, towards which I am largely in debt for sending photocopies.

The dating of this text is an inextricable pandemonium of dodgy deductions and plain wild guesses. The pinkish colour of the ink suggests that this was written during my father's 'pink period', which closely followed his 'blue period' (1965-66), and so I would tend to assume, most scrupulously and certainly not without any fear of regretting it later, that it was composed in late 1967, shortly before my father dismissed pink altogether as 'too fairyish' (cf. JRR Tolkien's Hitherto Unpublished Letters, HarperCollins Publishers).

Here my father appears to be grappling a new Tale, which tells of the Great Battle to take place before the Great End; unfortunately, the narrative peters out before long. The text is written over an older version jotted down in pencil which was carefeully erased but can be deciphered on a rather worn carbon paper preserved at Leeds (see note 323). I give here the latest version; all further emendations are given in the few Notes.

"As Legolas surveyed the plain where the dark armies of Morgoth now swarmed undefied, a voice rose, clear and bright, in the pale twilight: 'Lo! derry dol, ring a dong dillo!', and the Orcs cowered in fear. Thus came Tom Bombadil in urgent need, and he wore yellow boots, and at his side came his wife [Struck out: Yavanna] Goldberry. And Legolas entranced spread forth his vast elvish wings and flew high above the plain, filling the Orcs with wonder. And waiting at the rearguard the host of Balrogs was dismayed, for they too had long wished to fly. And lo! the voice rose anew, similar and yet deeper, and it said booming: 'I am Eru Ilúvatar. I shall now utter the Doom of Men:"

Here my father stops abruptly. In the margin is scribbled the following: "My kingdom for a drop of Jack Daniels."

And there is this one, on the title of The Two Towers :
My father spent several months choosing the names of the books, or, to be more accurate, waiting for replies from Ray (Rayner Unwin) who had insisted the Story be separated into three so as to ease the eventual movie production into three easily digestable 10-hour pictures.

Ray accepted the names of the first and last books without question but rejected Of what happenned in the middle as title of the second within the first three months. He told my father that it needed to be more descriptive of the content.

My father remembered the trouble he'd gone to constructing a whole new elvish etymology in order not to have to name all the towers in the story "minas something" (which is also responsible for the cool ways in which sindarin pluri-syllables form their plural forms - and the huge number of typesetting errors made in an effort to correct all the amoin muil's into emyn muil).

He then decided to call the book the five towers, but Ray argued that the reader's short term memory stack of 8 objects just wouldn't handle 5 towers plus all the stupid jokes Gimli kept making. As result and to my great relief, my father told Gimli to just be quiet and fall in love with Galadriel.

In characteristic form, "five" was misprinted as "two" in the final publication and my father's symbolic depiction of each of these was chopped off on the cover with little regard for the effort involved.

Curiously enough, the recent movie production chose to reinstate gimli's jokes while keeping the number of towers to two. keep it simple, keep it funny Peter Jackson told me the other day. I just hope my father doesn't find out that Pete has decided to take the ring out of the film on the grounds that people don't like to be presented with sentient beings they cannot account for...

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Bravo! This is a good idea.

Scattered around here and there are various other "quotes" from later volumes of HoME or unpublished texts. They are normally used to defend some idiotic statement or make a poor joke. (And I may be the worst offender.) I'll have to start posting links to them here.

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