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Minas Tirith Forums » Minas Tirith Site Announcements » Cyber Bullying and Accountability
Author Topic: Cyber Bullying and Accountability
White Gold Wielder
Steward of Minas Tirith
Citizen # 2

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OK, so I happened to be looking through my spam email folder, when I noticed something that mentioned Minas Tirith and looked to actually be written by a person. After checking it out and following the trail of breadcrumbs, I've made a little discovery.

Apparently, one or more people who claim to have been cyber-bullied at the hands of some of our citizenry have been cutting and pasting comments to that effect far and wide. Google "minas tirith cyber bullying" and witness the work of some idle hands.

Now, anyone who has been here long enough to know my personality knows that the last thing I want to do is encourage confrontation or retaliation. Since it was right out there in the open for anyone to see, I felt I had to go on record with my official statement on the matter, even though the fact that I only found out about this after scanning my spam bin should show you the lack of success in whatever the goals were here. I only draw attention to it since it may 'accidently' be discovered by others.

My statement is this: I've heard a few things about people harassing people in real life. I don't have any details and I wouldn't know what to believe if I did. If it's reported here and it happens here (and if I agree that such words are harassment), then it is dealt with here. There have been cases where allegations have been made, but there has been little evidence to back them up. Honestly, I don't have any special insight into who might be a troll, a sock puppet or someone who just wants to watch the world burn. All I know is what I can see in posts, and I react accordingly. There may have been conversations here that tipped the scales on pointless stupidity, but I have not witnessed cyber bullying. That is not to say that it didn't happen online, through emails or in real life. But it has nothing to do with Minas Tirith.

Now, my opinion on the cyber bullying smear campaign of Minas Tirith is that it's either the misguided attempt by someone to 'get their story out' or 'not let them get away with it' OR it's an attempt to troll and spam misinformation across a wide an area as possible in the hopes that somehow it might hurt the site and thus hurt some specific individuals via osmosis.

The relative success or failure of this is not the issue. It's the fact that Minas Tirith as a site is not responsible for the actions of its members. I can't control people. I can only delete posts that have been brought to my attention and ban those who cause trouble for the site. That's it. Whatever lame attempt to somehow link MinasTirith.com to cyber bullying via high Google ranks is bound to fail, but more importantly is not deserved.

There is a lot more that could be said, and more details will follow, but at least the discussion can begin.

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Maia Olorin
Guard of the Citadel
Citizen # 2354
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Well, that's an eye-opener and no mistake. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds. An anonymous attack on the city, backed up by absolutely no proof, by someone who purports to be 52 years old. The internet can be a pretty rough place, and unless you have the resources and will, the cowards get away with their mischief.
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Guard of the Citadel
Citizen # 3084

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Very surprising. Equally surprising as the baseless charge against the city proper are the individuals mentioned (one of which is a user name out of use for years).

This sort of thing happens far too often these days, not just on the net but in RL as well. People take legit issues, ie: racism, rape or in this case bullying, and exploit the public's sensitivity to those real problems with false or frivolous claims. Far too often, public opinion has a decided 'guilty til proven innocent' bent to it in these cases; look to the Duke University lacrosse team rape accusations as an example. There's a decided PC influence at work, we're programmed to be offended by this stuff in general so the tendancy is for people to get outraged by the claims before determining their validity. Far too many people get offended simply because they think they're supposed to.

Fortunately it doesn't appear this particular false claim is going to gain much traction.

From: northern hemisphere-ish | Registered: Jan 2003  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator
Roll of Honor The DarkQueen Iauraearien
Guard of the Citadel
Citizen # 2041

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Well, I think anyone who knows MT knows it's a load of rubbish, as will anyone who looks around. What a ridiculous thing to try to do. Probably a disenchanted ex-member with nothing better to do, or something equally stupid. []

Tis a shame that orcs will try to damage the White City, but I for one will defend her and her citizens. I've spent many a happy hour within these walls. [] [] []

Then again, I don't think there'll be much need for defence this time, it's just too stupid for words.

[ 08-28-2012, 11:51 AM: Message edited by: The DarkQueen Iauraearien ]

From: Mordor | Registered: Apr 2002  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator
Roll of Honor Athene
Guard of the Citadel
Citizen # 3473

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I am suspicious of so many things about this [] :
  • This 52 year old claimed that they were a teenager only a few years ago
  • They are using a screenname that is long out of date and continues to do so, even though they have been told on this very forum that the name no longer applies
  • The persons named have, to my knowledge, had their controversies but bullying someone for having depression is extremely unlikely as I know at least two of them have struggled themselves in the past
  • Absolutely b*gger all evidence has been presented even when asked for specifics
It's ridiculous [] . One of Thingi's exes, perhaps, driven insane by no longer having access to his magnificence? [] []
From: Hades, UK | Registered: Mar 2003  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator
Roll of Honor Varnafindë
Guard of the Citadel
Citizen # 4097

posted      Profile for Varnafindë   Author's Homepage   New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post 
Also the 52-year old mentioned a member who had stopped posting long before he (or she) joined MT.

Joined with the current user name, that is []

From: Narnia, also connected with Norway | Registered: Dec 2003  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator
Elanor Gamgee
Guard of the Citadel
Citizen # 3219

posted      Profile for Elanor Gamgee   Email Elanor Gamgee   New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post 
When I googled "minas tirith cyber bullying" all I got was a reference to this thread, which suggests that this kind of silly nonsense doesn't hold people's interest for long-they've probably moved on to the next scandal, or are staring at the nudie pics of Prince Harry.
From: Moscow | Registered: Jan 2003  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator
Guard of the Citadel
Citizen # 15

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I'll beat you up with my phone and computer ... or you could defeat me by pushing the off button. []
From: In the Shadows of Annuminas | Registered: Aug 2000  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator
Guard of the Citadel
Citizen # 965

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When I googled "minas tirith cyber bullying" all I got was a reference to this thread...
Google the phrase without the quotes.

I didn’t look at all of the content they presented. Did they cite specific examples, threads, or posts to back up their claims? (I’m at work and don’t go to YouTube on this PC.)

I just read a certain thread on MT with posts from 6/26/2012 - 6/27/2012 by four citizens that refute the claim of bullying. Their comments seemed to contain only calm logical adult behavior. Well, that’s one. Again, where are the examples to substantiate the allegation?

From: Chicago USA | Registered: Oct 2001  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator
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