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Author Topic: 'Mark Reads' Site
White Gold Wielder
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Just discovered this, so I thought I'd share.


The navigation is a bit wonky on the site if you want to read from beginning to end, but it's well worth the trouble. I love hearing about people's experiences with new things, and this site has more care and detail in sharing the experience than I could have hoped for.

The first entry is here: http://markreads.net/reviews/2011/12/mark-reads-the-fellowship-of-the-ring-chapter-1/

Oh, and he read The Hobbit too and a bunch of other stuff. And there's the 'Mark Watches' and 'Mark Plays' sections as well... whee!

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Roll of Honor Varnafindë
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Great site - thank you for sharing!
There must be stuff in there for many hours of reading ... []
I think that this might be the most surprising project I’ve ever done for Mark Reads, specifically because I believed the notion that this would bore the **** out of me.
Boy, did he get it wrong! []

There are some good comments from his readers as well.

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Agreed WGW, this site is quite good really. Fun to read and surf about.

Let's read along... Fellowship of the Ring: A Long Expected Party

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LyraLuthien Tinuviel
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I read that while he was doing it...so much fun, and so much anticipation, and actual withdrawal feels on the weekends when he wasn't posting. []

I especially love his reviews of TH that are written as if little Christopher was listening to it as a bedtime story and asking The Professor to clarify confuzzling bits! []

Then I went back to Mark Reads Harry Potter, and never did read it all... Mark Reads also did Twilight (oh, the satire), Hunger Games (I read the Mark Reads of that but didn't read the books or see the film(s)) and a few scattered ASoIaF entries. []

Then I ran out of time to do fun stuff on the web because the libraries aren't open enough and there's too much backlogged work at work! []

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And all will turn to silver glass; A light on the water
Grey Ships pass into the West.

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