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Minas Tirith Forums » The Green Dragon » The Green Dragon Inn Renovation of 2011...
Author Topic: The Green Dragon Inn Renovation of 2011...
Green Dragon Innkeeper
Soldier of Gondor
Citizen # 11220
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The Green Dragon Inn... the forum of Minas Tirith where tales are told, be they individual Middle Earth tales written by a single citizen, or in collaborative Role Play writing. As eloquently said by Mandin ... "The purpose of this forum is to provide an outlet for the delightful array of burgeoning imagination belonging to so many of Tolkien’s fans."

The year 2011 has come, and in celebration of more than ten years of the great Minas Tirith standing as a bastion of Tolkien's fine works on the web, it is my hope that this place will again host some great stories and Role Plays. With the blessing of the Steward, this Innkeeper will be tidying up the place a bit. Stools will be set upright, tables wiped of dust, and and hopefully new life can be found for this fine Inn.

Some of the first things that will be done is the updating of the information provided in the two sticky threads that were posted by esteemed citizens Mandin and Aranel Charis. I will be going through all the links provided and review the information for incorporation and where need be, consolidation. If anyone has anything at all they think would be a good resource to add, please do so in this thread. Indexing the tales here will be updated and completed as well.

New stories and RPs are always welcome, and hopefully there will be enough interest shown to be able to build and sustain a fine Story and Role Playing forum.

Any comments and ideas are welcome so feel free to post them here.


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Elora Starsong
Guard of the Citadel
Citizen # 2099

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Consider me, oh Innkeeper, a willing participant. Happy to devise a tale or concept, or participate in the creative work of others.

A suggestion would be for creators of tales to make their approach to role playing as clear as their concept. This would enable others to find people to collaborate with effectively, as there are varying styles of role play. I'm old school, personally, and not above a touch of revision here and there. There are younger folk, however, who have a different approach.

Clarity at the outset would enable citizens to work with birds of a feather, and hopefully avoid undue ruffling of aforementioned avian finery.

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Roll of Honor Varnafindë
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I should at least get my own story going again. Hamfast is probably still willing to play with me, but he's been waiting for my post for a few months now ...

A great endeavour, Innkeeper!

From: Narnia, also connected with Norway | Registered: Dec 2003  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator
Guard of the Citadel
Citizen # 15

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I'm all for it of course, but have to wonder if there is enough individual writers that re that dedicated to keep a forum alive.

Myself, I have a few Middle Earth based mash-ups and 4th age tales to pursue, but whether they're RPs or just stand alone stories I write myself remains to be seen. I would tend to post my tales on Henneth Annun being its a story archive site, but still I would like to see this place come alive again.

From: In the Shadows of Annuminas | Registered: Aug 2000  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator
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A glance at the archives of our fair city will reveal that the number of RPs (many with promising foundational ideas) which have not got off the ground, or ground to a halt for various reasons (such as people leaving or losing interest, or the storyline coming to some impenetrable impasse), are legion.

I (and of course the lovely and talented Varnafindë) remain faithful to 'Theft of Umbar', no matter how slow our progress must seem to some. Nevertheless the failure of RPs to flourish as they shd is a real problem. Unforeseen circumstances (work, children, exams etc) may circumscribe anybody's ability to continue contributing to an ongoing story as they might wish to, but I think it's fair to say that some tale-spinners, initially enthusiastic, fail to go on producing the goods (and therefore supporting their fellow enthusiasts) a little too easily.

It's a problem.

[ 01-20-2011, 10:09 PM: Message edited by: Cernunnos ]

Whereas the light perceives the very heart of the darkness, its own secret has not been discovered.

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