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New Line Cinema's Lord of the Rings (Moderated by: White Gold Wielder)
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Minas Tirith Forums » New Line Cinema's Lord of the Rings
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    Topic Topic Starter Replies Last Post
Ents Gandalf the White 9
Release date? Mel 9
BOMBADIL Galdor of the Tree 4
Whos gonna do the sound track Midus unknown 4
Just thought you'd like to know Fingolfin of the Noldor 4
New lotr Book set Cover for HMC Fingolfin of the Noldor 4
Isildur, Gil-Galad, Grima and Haldir pics Mithrandir 22
Lightened Aragorn pic KayVee 6
THe lotr trailer: Frame by Frame Fingolfin of the Noldor 1
You don't think...? Fingolfin of the Noldor 6
No Bombadil Miturian 17
Pic anyone dummble 1
pic of Boromir Mithrandir 6
What will Sauron look like? Flick Proudfoot 5
Bree Hill open to travelers Bree Hill Gang 0
Replica of Aragorns Sword...Anyone? Pages: 1 2 Warg 27
LotR trailer and Foxtrot comic gram 2
Cutting the ring from Sauron`s hand? Dúnadan 4
Just saw the the trailer on the internet... amandil 5
Superbore sin LotR gram 3
Newsweek article on the up-coming lotr movie Fingolfin of the Noldor 0
Nice Big versions of the new trailer on-line... amandil 2
The new phone book is here!!! The new phone book is here!!! amandil 8
Awesome new HIDDEN pics! (spoilers) amandil 1
Spoilers! 11 New Line 2001 Calendar images, including Aragorn and Boromir! amandil 6
Premiere of the Trailer! KingRichard 1
They finished filming ?? White Gold Wielder 2
The 2001 New Line LOTR film calendar amandil 2
Has anyone else been following the Ain't-it-cool-news on scene stuff? Jester 3
Interview with Ralph Bakshi KingRichard 1
Tombs of the Kings set pic? (Rath Dinen?) amandil 2
Alan Lee's Minas Tirith amandil 1
The awesome Mumakil photo amandil 2
New pic of Entire Helm's Deep amandil 0
What are you most looking forward to? Udûn 7
D&D trailer Warg 2
ANCANAR????? Warg 2
Movie Location. Warg 3
Movie Ratings? Warg 5
"...errand rider of Gondor. Hirgon was one maybe." amandil 7
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