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History of Middle-earth (Moderated by: White Gold Wielder)
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    Topic Topic Starter Replies Last Post
Sticky Topic Index of the HoME Forum Wetwang 8
Sticky Topic The History of Middle-earth - Guidelines and Introduction Fingolfin of the Noldor 4
Sticky Topic An Introduction to the History of Middle-Earth Forum Quendil 2
Why only two kingdoms of the Dúnedain? Pages: 1 2 Éomer 28
Celeborn and Galadriel... Pages: 1 2 Eledhsúle 30
Orcs Tilion 13
Argonath Orientation Gabil-burk 17
Gothmog in Children of Hurin Jango 13
Compasses? Andrew of the Guard 10
The trees in the Middle Earth Gabil-burk 11
Red Hair in Elves? Eledhsúle 7
Question regarding Elves The DarkQueen Iauraearien 21
Felagund: Faithful or Selfish? Adulithien 5
Was Andrast part of Gondor? Vardamir Nolimon 4
Why did Isildur bring the Stone of Erech to ME? Miz Lobelia 12
The New Shadow Mahanaxar 16
Brag about how many you've read! White Gold Wielder 23
Aldarion-Erendis, Who was at fault? Beleg 5
Does this matter? Hamfast Gamgee 2
Children of Hurin: version mapping Nuinamarthion 1
How Elves are Named The Prince of Magnets 7
Beleg's Beard? Fingolfin of the Noldor 11
Ulbandi Gollum Gollum 1
Morgoth's Ring Eonwe The Herald 9
The Notion Club Papers Atmospherium 2
Does anyone else have any preferencies on how these books "should be read"? laurelindo 13
Did Tolkien ever make maps of the places from his books? laurelindo 3
The Lay of Leithian in prose Atmospherium 11
How old would Elves be in "human years" when they turn adults? laurelindo 16
Regular books vs. audio books... laurelindo 13
Reply Valar God 4
The Great Debate of the Valar.. I am looking for a quote... Calenlassiel 2
Did Tolkien change his perception of Elves' lifespans? Pages: 1 2 Athene 29
I think the Elves should be officially referred to as "Quendi"... Peter_20 11
Tolkien's histories are true Pages: 1 2 Hopafoot 28
"Winsterhand" Inc' 5
Would you say that Tolkien's characters are all pure good and pure evil? Pages: 1 2 Peter_20 34
Just exactly how great were the senses of the Elves? Peter_20 4
Breeding-place of trolls? Sarah the Good Witch 2
Sauron's other names pi 18
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