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Library Council of Minas Tirith (Moderated by: White Gold Wielder)
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A Question of Tom Bombadil's Powers Orome 16
How human were the Istari? Deraj the Plaid 17
How was Gandalf able to defeat the Balrog after his staff was broken? Pages: 1 2 3 4 Orome 89
Gandalf the steward? Fëanáro 14
Did Elves have facial hair? Pages: 1 2 Ninj 30
Do Elves still exist today? Lord Sméagol 5
Astronomical References Pages: 1 2 Vens Arna 29
Gandalf's staff after Saruman's betrayal?? Faramir Son of Gondor 6
What were the monetary systems in Middle Earth? Aragorn_croatia 9
Doom = Prophecy ? Telperion 4
Do the Valar live? *Tintalle Thúle 16
Does evil doom itself? Belegurth 18
What if Samwise had taken the ring? Otaku 8
Could any volcano have destroyed the Ring? Pages: 1 2 3 Kosomot 56
The Maiar of Melkor Pages: 1 2 Kosomot 34
Who could destroy the ring? Pages: 1 2 3 Ereinion 64
How much history was foretold by The Music? Tuor 6
Power of the One Ring Perfalaswen 6
What is known about hounds in Middle Earth? Ender 13
Was there full-sized livestock in the Shire? Marcho Blackwood - MSS 12
What might have happened had Saruman captured the One Ring? Berguiss 11
Why couldn't Sauron sense the Ring when Bilbo was in Mirkwood? Warg 20
Could one of the Nazgûl claim the Ring for himself? Mind Undone 14
Why did Gandalf say "Yes, you can call me that." in Fangorn? Pages: 1 2 Jóhnny, the Jester 27
Was Iluvatar openly against Morgoth? silver0163 17
How do you pronounce Tolkien? Aragorn_croatia 7
Why was Gandalf more powerful when he returned in White? Pages: 1 2 willhap 27
1st Library Submission White Gold Wielder 6
Why were the Rings of Power created? Wight Dwarf Star 14
Why couldn't the Wise sense that Bilbo had The One Ring? Mellon 22
What are the relationships between all the 'evil' forces? Estel 11
Who were the Blue Wizards? Shadow Gale 1
Topics about Tolkien himself White Gold Wielder 3
- Status Report - Pages: 1 2 White Gold Wielder 43
Did Shadowfax leave Middle Earth with Gandalf? White Gold Wielder 12
Did Gimli really leave Middle Earth with Legolas? Mithrandir 5
Doing the obvious ones first. White Gold Wielder 2
Question Classifications White Gold Wielder 14
How many issues at a time? White Gold Wielder 7
Library Council opens! White Gold Wielder 0
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