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Library Council of Minas Tirith (Moderated by: White Gold Wielder)
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What is the origin of Orcs? Pages: 1 2 Fingolfin of the Noldor 32
Later generations in Middle-earth Mîrwen Ilúvëanna 8
Could Aragorn's death be the closure of the story of Numenor? Pages: 1 2 Telperion 34
what would be the result if melkor deformed men? Ninj 24
Did Gandalf's eyebrows really stick out further than the brim of his hat? Mandin 17
What were the rules behind Elven immortality? *Tintalle Thúle 23
The Folk of Haleth and the Druedain Fingolfin of the Noldor 8
Question about Aragorn and Arwen The ever young 20
What are the 'nameless things' far under Middle Earth? Fingolfin of the Noldor 13
On Mortality - Elves, Men and otherwise Adulithien 5
What is the origin of the name "Gollum"? Master of Doom 10
Did Orcs have family structures/units within their society? Alexius. 7
What were the specific powers of the 3 Elven Rings? A.H.Black 10
Future Vision for the Library Pages: 1 2 White Gold Wielder 25
Did Radagast ever return to the Undying Lands? Tidus 22
Elves, weaker or stronger than Men? Erendis 12
The Powers of the One Ring Meneldil 4
Orcrist's Origins Lord Ecthelion 17
How large were the palantiri? Nenya, the Ring of Water 10
Where did the "magic" of Galadriel's mirror come from? evenstarofpeople 12
Melkor vs. Sauron Pages: 1 2 Master of Doom 26
What did Gandalf and Bombadil talk about at the end of LotR? Tidus 13
How come Frodo went "blind"? Pages: 1 2 Orome 49
Was Gandalf meant to be portrayed as Christ? The Tenth Nazgul 23
Are hobbits men? Master of Doom 2
Istari, Balrog, Sauron: Equals? Luin Eriol 22
The Elder The Last of the Noldor 13
Maia - Istari Meneldil 13
Trollish Beginnings? Pages: 1 2 Orofacion of the Vanyar 29
Was Tolkien the 'translator' of LotR? Pages: 1 2 Telperion 28
How could the Witch-King have been a great sorceror? Pages: 1 2 Fingolfin of the Noldor 32
Was Grond in LotR actually Morgoth's? Estel 8
In what order where the books written? Earteery-Wizard 10
who were the three elven ring bearers? Haldir of Lorien 11
Inspiration for hobbits... The Mighty Müsnud 8
Was all wind and weather directly controlled by Manwë? Pages: 1 2 White Gold Wielder 32
Is the Ruling Ring Sentient? Pages: 1 2 Grond 38
Did Sauron really worship Melkor? Grond 11
Was Glorfindel reincarnated? Meneldil 21
How does the Elvish aging process work? Celeborn of Lothlórien 13
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