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Literary Discussion
Lord of the Rings
A Long Expected Party to the Grey Havens.
  The return of the Dunedain???
at by Snöwdog
Eä! Let there be discussion!
  Why were Elves made immortal and humans made mortal?
at by Hamfast Gamgee
The Hobbit
There and Back Again.
  Backward River Flow?
at by Wandering Tuor
History of Middle-earth
All twelve volumes analyzed here.
  Why only two kingdoms of the Dúnedain?
at by Snöwdog
Reference Material
All other Tolkien-related resources analyzed here.
  Rare JRR Tolkien poem The Lay of Aotrou and Itroun to be...
at by Snöwdog
Languages of Arda
Eala Earendel! Enter, friend, and speak.
  Tengwar Calligraphy
at by Snöwdog
Library Council of Minas Tirith
Debate on submissions to the Library of the White Tower.
  Did coffee exist in Middle-earth?
at by Snöwdog
Dramatic Discussion
New Line Cinema's Hobbit
Dazzlingly marvelous or chiefest and greatest of calamities?
  Purist Rage - Chiefest and Greatest of Calamities!
at by Snöwdog
New Line Cinema's Lord of the Rings
Of special magnificence or doomed to the abyss prepared for it?
  Arwens role?
at by Snöwdog
Other Tolkien Productions
Middle-earth on stage, on screen, or in song.
  ~ Middle Earth TV ~
at by Varnafindë
Gaming Discussion
Computer Games
Tips, tricks, and opinions from PC to console.
  Well spank my ass and call me Susan!
at by Snöwdog
Fantasy Games
Middle-earth visions from dice and cards to swords of foam.
  Movies, Swords, all thing Medieval!!!
at by Snöwdog
Inns, Pubs, and Meeting Halls
The Prancing Pony
Talk of any sort from Tolkien-related to strange as news from Bree.
  The Trump Regime
at by Cernunnos
The Green Dragon
The place for all Middle-earth role-playing and storytelling.
  A Short Tale - A Word Aside
at by Inc'
The Golden Perch
Home to ramblings on all things beer.
  Snöwdog's Inn
at by Varnafindë
The Floating Log
Gathering place for all new citizens and new readers of Tolkien.
  I Cuiveyulda Opelë: Láramas Rindë Valdëo
at by Varnafindë
The Ivy Bush
Where veteran readers share their memories and insight.
  When was the last time you read?
at by Aiwrendel
Bag End Auctions
Buy, sell, or talk about your Tolkien treasures or mathoms here.
  Gorgeous, Handmade Arwen Dress CHEAP.
at by Snöwdog
Minas Tirith Site Announcements
News about Minas Tirith will be posted here.
  Last Host Change?
at by Braeden Fireheart
Archives of Minas Tirith
The Prancing Pony Archive
Prancing Pony topics with no replies in a year get put out to pasture here.
Archive: Read-Only Forum

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