Thursday, January 24, 2002

And the nominees are...

(A note on reviews: One new review, chosen at random, will be published each weekday.)

Best Tolkien Megasite
They got yer news, they got yer links, they got guides out the wazoo...

Best Site for Beginners
OK, so you haven't read the books. You might want to browse these sites before you see the movie

Best Specialized Site
Sites that pick one aspect of Tolkien culture and scrutinize it to death. Proof that not everybody wants to rule Middle Earth

Best Tolkien-inspired Creativity
Folks who are taking the sacred texts and having some fun with them

Best Tolkien Community Site
Chats and messageboards. All Tolkien, all the time

Best Site for Serious Tolkien Fans
This is what happens when scholarship meets fanaticism