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Here you will find links to everything from literary resources to movie information to sites related to Minas Tirith itself. If you would like a link added to this list, feel free to email it to White Gold Wielder and make sure to include any banners you'd like displayed or points you'd like mentioned in the description.

• Avatars •

Fingolfin of the Noldor's Avatars
~ One of our volunteer avatar supply pages provided by the illustrious Fingolfin of the Noldor. TONS of art-based avatars categorized by People, Place, Tolkien's art and Tolkien himself. Updated often, and if the huge choices available here weren't enough, he'll make a custom avatar to your specifications!
Fran's Avatars
~ One of our superb avatar supply pages provided by the magnificent Fran. Hundreds of movie-based avatars that you can browse through or search by keyword. Don't see one you like? Fran has offered to create any avatar you wish. Describe the scene and you'll have it in your greedy little hands in no time!
Minas Tirith's Avatar Gallery
~ Here you will find a gallery of all avatars currently in use by our citizens. Always check here before submitting an avatar request as duplicate avatars are not permitted.

• Tolkien-ology •
Encyclopedia of Arda
~ As the name says, here you will find encyclopedic entries for all things having to do with Tolkien's creation. Search alphabetically or by categories like "Cities & Buildings" or "Songs, Lays & Tales". A great place to learn or to do a quick check of your facts before you post!

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